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January 23, 2003     The Superior Express
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January 23, 2003

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a r/ e • • / An annual analysis of Nebraska's state aid to schools formula shows recent legislative session cuts have aggravated and expanded the inequities already experienced by rural school systems reports the Center for Rural Affairs The Center for Rural Al[alr~,; released lhe analysis of Nebraska • Department of Education data in the report, Big Trouble for Small Schools IV. Arid as with the previous three reports on the school aid formula (LB 806 and LB 1114), the analysis shows there are clear losers and winners in the state aid game. For the f'wst time since the enactment of LB 806 and LB 1114, the state faced a budget crisis that required a deduction in the amount of funds in the state formula. This policy decision compounded the deductions caused by the formula for many rural schools. In previous reports, schools suffering the largest decrease in state aid were larger, educational res,hs generally worsen and the acadenlic, social and communal advantages of smaller schools are lost. It concludes it makes little sense for the long-term best interest of communities aud society to adopt public olicy that weakens the achievement and outcomes for schools and children. The Center for Rural Affairs proposes that the Nebraska Legis- lature should consider the following changes to school, finance policy: • The state aid distribution formula should reinstate a system of cost groupings based on school size and should incorporate the actual cost of providing an adequate education for each d ist riot rather than average expeuditures based primarily on the largest systems in tile state. • The state aid distribution formula should include factors that mostly rural and close in proximity to each other. While that is still can be shown to impact the cost of providing an adequate education generally the case, larger schools are now beginning to experience to all students, including number of students, distance, construction similar finance issues, costs, school readiness, learning ability, aud other special education Jon Bailey, co-author of the report and director of the rural needs. research and analysis program at the center, noted the formula's placement of burden places an incentive on school closure, unifica- tion or consolidation. "These are not attractive options to rural Nebraskans-- options that threaten both the equity and adequacy of education for Nebraska's small schools,' said Bailey. A further inequity aggravation and developing irony was also identified in the analysis according to Bailey, Even as the total number of school systems over the past four years has decreased from 284 to 261, the largest three categories el'schools, using activity classes, had more schools on the "l~ig Trot~ble" list this year then ever before. "Unification and consolidatiom although being the direct results of the formula policy, in no way assure that a school system can escape the annual loss of state aid," he said. "However, 57 percent of schools in 'Big Trouble' are class D schools, the smallest in the state. Small rural schools are still hit the hardest by the state aid formula." The center's report asserts that public policy that pressures small schools into consolidation or closing through underftmding and incentives is counterproductive. It states that as schools get • The state aid distribution formula should incorporate the local capacity of a schools system's property owners to pay the levied property taxes and not base funding solely on the taxable property wealth of the system. • The Nebraska school finance system should promote resource stability arid predictability. • The Nebraska school finance system and state education policy should support the achievement of high level educational outcomes and recognize that community.based schools, whether in small or large systems, are the best option for meeting the educa- tional goals of the community and the educational standards of the state. The entire report, Big Trouble for Small Schools IV, can be found on the Center for Rural Affairs website at Or, call the center at 402-846-5428. Established in 1973, the Center for Rural Affairs is a private, non-profit organization working to strengthen small businesses, family farms and ranches, and rural communities through action oriented programs addressing social, economic, and environmental issues. Letter to • t~ • all God's creation because man Interestingly enough Norma Jan. 19 to 25 is Sanctity of Editor: wascreatedinGod'simage(Gen- McCorvey, the Jane Doe of Roe Human Life Week, a special time Please ponder the following, esis 1:27). Each of you is alive to vs. Wade, and Sandra Cane, the to consider your own life as a gift, "Before anything else existed, read this because all of you are Mary Doe of Doe vs. Bolton as well as help bring attention to there was Christ, with God. He the product ofconception, socon- (Roe's companion case) have theongoinglegalizedslaughterof has always been alive and is Him- ception is foundational to eve - become pro-life Christians. They innocent human life and the fact self God. He created everything thing else that any one of us is are asking the U. S. Supreme Court that 30 years later, the entirety of there is---nothing exists that He allowedtobecome.Millionsupon to rehear their cases and make it was based on lies. The internet didn'tmake.EtemallifeisinHim millions of human beings have known that they were used as address for the "Ultimate Pro-life andthislifegiveslighttoallman- been deprived of becoming what pawns of the radical feminist Resource List' is www.prolifein kind. His life is the light that shines they were conceived to be, due to movement, since their cases were thr .... h darkness (John 1:1-5). the legalization of abortion in based on incredibly deceptive, Thank you. i ind was the pinnacle of 1973. bitigiotls practice• Carolyn Simms By Gloria Garman-Schlaefli Member Nebraska Press Association PRIZE WlNNWG NEWSPAPER Thursday, 2B MEMBER Superior Publishing.Company, Inc• 148 East Third Street, PO Box 408, Supenor, Nebraska 68978 W~ W A L~IOI1N.¢~fl ~wk~qm~olma.~ o~ Bill Blauvelt ASSOCIATION Subscription rates: $20 per year or three years for $54 payab~= in advance in Nebraska. Kansas $21.26 per year or three years for $57.40 (includes sales tax) Other states $28 per year or three years for $75. Seventy Years Ago Twin boys were born to Mr. Those interested in a and Mrs. Robert Meyer, Supe- Kittenball League are to meet at tier. The Express office Monday at 7 Donald Moore, Herren, Kan., p.m. has purchased the Livingood Jew- Thieves entered the building elry fromMont Livingood, owner of the Bowman Seed Companyof the store since 1944. and made away with 52 sacks of Anne Newhouse and Mr• and alfalfa seed, about 130 bushels Mrs.. O. P. Porter became own- and valued at $1,000. ors of the Casey Wolverton In- DorotheaUnderwoodplanned surance Agency, Nelson. a surprise party for AlbertaEpley Supt• Ross Bonham has been at the Epley home for 24 guests, in Superior 11 years and his con- Dr. D. V. Thomas a 47 yeartract was renewed for another resident of Nelson died. He came three years. to Nelson as superintendent of Forty Years Ago schools and took up the study of Norris Hinton is the new presi- medicine and had a large prac- dent of the Superior Chamber of rice. Commerce. A reduction in gasoline tax is Gerald Marquart, Byron, a threat to cement plant. The 1- broke his leg in the basketball cent a gallon tax is the l cent that game between Byron and has been spent for concrete, the Endicott• only permanent road construe- Gordon Hanson has accepte.d tion done in the state• If tax is workonaranchinCalifomiaand removed, it will mean a shut down quit his job at the Farmers Union. of the plant. Bill Rogers started to work there George Sibert was injured Monday. when he miscalculated the fall of Deaths listed were A. H. (Ek) the tree he was cutting. Harkins, John Wilbeck, Oliver Fifty Years Ago VanMeter and Mrs. Marinus Inducted into the armed forces Jensen. Jan. 14 were Robert Kinnison, Thirty Years Ago John Lowery, Lee Keldsen, Mrs. Marvin Bockholdt and Vernon Kathman, Dennis Mrs. Vemon Kaldahl enrolled in Nagengast, DarrellThayer, Dean the Practical Nursing program at Kettenring, Wayne Welbourn, Fairbury in September. They re- Dwight Brant and Dale Larson. ceived their caps Sunday. United Methodist Churches With the start of the second semester, school enrollment in Superior dipped to 880 down 14. Nancy Ebsen, an elementary school teacher, went on a study trip to the Holy Land during the Christmas vacation. Twenty Years Ago Dr. Sandra Longenecker, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Lyle Ellis, Mankato, is now associated with her father in the Ellis heart transplant. Last Friday's cattle sale new ery, owner and Company, when 1, sold, 200 more than the 13 years of his Five Years Ago A semi-trailer truck Brenda Carpenter left the and ended in Chiropractic Clinic. east of Superior. The truck Jack Quackenbush, 74, died loaded with com. The in Beatrice. He was a former not inj Nuckolls County ExtensionDr. Philip'Maynard will Agent. see patients in Hastings as Carmen.Bruening was in- DanaCole and Co. stalled as the first woman presi- dent of the Superior Chamber of been seeing patients• Commerce. Ashley Gravitt was the first Funerals wen baby born in 1983 at Brodstone Hanson, Dale Small, Memorial Nuckolls County Hos- Wroughton, Hazel pital. Edwin Hoops and Ten Years Ago Kuhlmann. Lynette Higer, Ruth Pearce, One Year Ago JeanSchusterandLynetteBartley The medical center were pictured clogging at the an- patients in Nelson has nualChamberofCommerceban-toahousejusteast quet. Good Samaritan Center. Sears and Roebuck announced this week they plan to close the ors discussed naming Sears Catalog Store managed by throughout Nuckolls Steve Ordich. ease emergency response. Darrell Pahl, 53, returned Betty Hobelman and home from BryanMemorial Hos- Hatfield are em pital. He is recovering from a ell County Extension Office. Evangelical Lutheran Church Webber United Church of Do you watch what you say? I know several persons who do creeks have not done much work this year." Methodist Church not and I admit that I sometimes fail to watch what I say; I recently read about the origins of many common sayings. Schedules for Sunday Schools Webber0 Kan. I have a friend who often includes many "sayings' in her The saying "It's raining cats and dogs" came about during the and Worship Service 201 South Center Mankato Harmony: Worship, 11 am.Mankato, Kan. [~ -" Office 785-361-2664 118 S. Commercial conversation. For example, she often uses 'every little whip 1500s when houses had thatched roofs. Oftendogs, cats and other Sun. Sch,9:45am. Church 785-378-3308 Res. 78S-stx-ao70 Mankato. Kan. stitch." Exactly what is a whipstitch ~ what does it mean when. small animals made theit,'h~ya~ in thaleh: When it rained, the ~o,~: Worship, 9:30 a.m. IRes. 785-378-3768 785-378-3707 included in conversation? . anim,a!s sometimes,fell through the roof, hence the saying. Sun Sch, 10:30amSteve Little, Pastor Sunday School ...... 9:15 aJ ' My husband surprised me the other day when he was inspect- Upper crust came about when the bread Was divided Odessa: Worship, 8:15a.m, Sunday Sun. Sch.,9:30a.m ""51 ": Worship ................... 9:30 a.m.Morning Worship. 10:30 a.~ ins a fence and said, "That post is as crooked as a dog's hind leg." according to status. Workers got the burnt bottom of the loaf, the a.,boa: Wo, hip, 8: 5 am Sunday Sunday• School ...... 10:30 a.m. Thaddeus J. Hinkle Minlst¢ I couldn't hold it back. I began to laugh. Surprised helooked at me family got the middle and the guests got the top or upper crust. S,n S h, 9: ,m Worship .................. 9:OO a.m. Pastor Joyce Beam 785-378-3938 and asked, "Haven t you ever heard of that before?, , Three sayings originated in England when burial space was au, O k: W h p, 9:30a.m. Sunday School ....... 10:30 a.m. , I frequently have "stuck my foot in my mouth,' 'jumped the in short supply. Graves were being opened, the oldest coffins First Baptist gun" and been been "stubborn as a mule." I've told my boys, "You removed and the bones taken to a bonehouse and the graves reused. Jewell County Calvary Bible .4- NorthbranclJ can yell until the cows come home, but you're not gettingthat. When the coffins were opened, it was discovered about one in Catholic Churches Free Church "~' Friends i Now I realize most of the sayings we hear today were started every 25 were found to h ve scratch marks on the inside. They Church ,9 w. peltrl, j u, i 11. years ago and have been passed from generation to generation, realized some persons were buried alive. To prevent this in the E. Hwy 36 Mankato Sacred Heart, Esbon 7ss-4as- 40 Ill[llll Church i Saturday on first, third and Iimni Reading newspaper files I have learned how some of the future it was decided to tie a string on the wrist of the corpse, lead 785-378-3655 fifth weekend ............... 6:30 p.m. L Wayne Feigal. Pastor Phone 785-64%884! sayings may have begun. The language used by the local editors the string through the coffin and tie it to a bell. Someone would sit Neolin Taylor, PastorSunday on second and Located eight miles northof was often colorful. An editor writing about a Jewell County through the night in the graveyard and listen for the bell to ring. Sunday Services fourth weekend ............... 10 a.m. Wednesday Burr Oak and two mileswest.~ drought 100 years ago reported. "The creeks have not done much This practice led to several common sayings mcludmg the St. Theresa Youth Group ............. 7 p.m. Sunday work this year.' This year as I drive over the country roads, I gravey,,ard shift." "listen fOr thebell,""saved by the bell" and"dead Sunday School ........ . 10 a.m. Worship ................... 11 a.m. 320 N. Commercial, Mankato Sunday Sunday School .............. 10 a. Sunday School ..... 9:30 a.m.Worship ......................... 11 a.~ observe the dry creekbeds filled with leaves, and think, The ringer. Bible Study ................ 7 p.m. 785-378-3939 Sunday Worship Service Wednesday Sunday ......................... ~ ...... 8 a.m. 10:45 a.m. Kenneth Smith, Pastor Discipleship Training 6 p.m. Fr. Allen Scheer, Pastor Family Bible Hour ..... 7 p.m. A/flllmled w'llh tl~ E'ea~llcal ~ Chunch o~ ~1~ ~ Tho Son Al~ Shi~ " Olive Hill Centennial Church of Christ Grace Communit[ nmgel/cal Free Church ol i ByBill Blauvelt Church Lutheran Church 564 E. Fomrth 8trot Superior (Missouri Synod} Superior, Neb. 423 Ig. Fl/th Street, Superior, .~ • 858 N. D@kota Street. Superior, Neb. r Saturda aLeaders " in thebasement. , David Wattel ao, saturday402-8"/9.-3137 W~P~N~Po~tOI"J lPt StoJ otacePast°r4o2-sT -41 iJim Gaar :i • 'She hadeontrol ofthethermostatanddidn tturn the furnace near Sunday Worship ........ ~,d~ ...... 6:30 p.m. Youth and Adult Bible Study 7 p.m. %1~" Home, 4024170-41 ~, high enough. Though the basement bedroom thermometer registered Sunday School 9:30 a.m.Worship Service ..................... 9a.m, llDd y Wednesday ii Grace Place Children's Bible ~J 84 degrees and I was nearly smothered under three blankets, heavy Worship 10:30 a.m.Sunday School-Bible Worship Service ............. 9 a.m. Club ......... S.;~.y. ........... 7 socks, long underwear T-shirt and sweatshirt, I couldn't get warm. Class ............................... l0 a.m. Sunday School ........ 10:15 a.m.' In case of an accident, I made certain not to leave any clothes or Located five miles south Paul Albrecht. Pastor Evening Service ......... 6;30 p.m. Sunday School ............... : ....... 9 4 and two miles west worsh~ toith t~ u~a {(oe broadcast valued magazines on the floor near my bed. A trash can was my of Superior each ,Su,~ay on KP, FS Radio A/ot~ yOU 01 Morning Worship .................. 10~ Prayer TWne ............................ 6~ constant companion. -o lalminu ChrlBt Sitte~ 1878 Please colt for addtt~ual worship and We much appreciated a friend who checked on our welfare and Bible stu~ oppor~a",es,good standing w/t.h God.~a.t~,~t,, .,, ev~,.:~ F,~ o,.,~, .~ offered'to bring us anything we might need. She said, "We have a car, First Community Church Of Little Blue Catholic that's what it is for." And I'm sure she was sincere for when Mr. Influenza called at Church The Nazarene Christian Fellowship Church s,ervic '! her home, her husband lost 12 pounds of weight in two days. Oak, Neh. 740 E. Seventh Office Phone 402-879-4391 Old Pleasant View SchoolSt. Joseph s Church ! • Perhaps we should have put in an order for spoons. For before we Phone 402-225-2284 , Sunday 7 miles No. of Nelson Superior, Neb. . Sunday School ........ 9:30 a.m. Rectory Phone 402-879-3739t were well enough to want to do dishes, we were out of spoons. WithSunday Morning Service ..... 10:45 a.m. ' Sunday the dishes all washed and disinfected with chlorine bleach, we felt Sunday School .............. 9 a.m. Mass ~hedtlle 1 quite accomplished. We decided to celebrate the accomplishment MorningWorshlp ......... 10 a.m, Evening Service ............ 6 p.m. Worship Service ............ tO a.m. Children's Program ....... 6 p.m. Dally Masses ...... 7:30 aft.:,1 with a few sips of apple juice. The juice went down easily and we Sunday Prayer Wednesday Wednesday decided to have some more but which glasses had we used. Was my MeeUng ................ 6:00 p.m. Dinner............................... 6 p.m. Adult Bible Study•.. ...........7 p.m.Saturday ................ 6 glassontopoftherefrigeratorandRita'sonthecounterorwasRita's Jim Dresser, Pastor PrayerMeeUng. Chfldren'sMlnlsLryanc Children's Bible Study ...... 7 p.m.Sunday ................... .8 a.~j~ Youth Group Meeting .......... 7 p.m, Nel n-Sunday. .... 10 a. on the refrigerator and mine on the counter. Neither of us could Bible Centered Denis Payne, Pastor Pastor and Mrs. Davld Sellers s; remember. Before the just washed dishes were dry, we hind four dirty Nondenominatl~n~l Transportation and Nm' ry ather Philip Luthef glasses. It was obvious we best get out of the kitchen. First J We have both tried to work this week, but it hasn't necessarily Salem First Presbyterian Evangelical Baptist ChurO] bee fun. When possible we have tried to do our work remotely. Lutheran Church Church Lutheran By Tuesday Rita felt well enough to check the home health tips tEtC "J] bboks the county extension staff suggested she buy in the 1970s. mghway 14 Ndrth, Superior, Neb. Sixth and N. Central Church 558 N. CoHImer~:l The instructions we didn't closely follow suggested putting Superior, Nob. in America Superior, Nob. 1 stomach to rest and consuming only clear liquids the first 24 hours. Sunday Phone 402-879-3733 ST. PAUL LUTHERAN Church 402"87~3534~iI In addition we were to get bed rest and reduce activity. By the second Sunday School ..... 9:30 a.m. Sunday School ........... 9:15 a,m. Hardy, Neb. day we were to eat only mild foods. WorShip ............. 10:45 a.m. Fellowship Coffee ...... 10:30 a.m. Phone 402-279-3205 Pastor Los Warne " From the health tips it appears yogurt and bran were bad food Rev. Dan/el Hays Worship ........................ 11 a.m. or 402-236-8825 Sunday ~! Sunday Worship ........... 9 a,m. choices• My nearly 30 hours of continuous sleep was probably a wise ° Rev. Mark Dlehl, Sunday School and KRFS aM and FM way to reduce activity. . Lutheran Vespers. KR~. 7:30 o,m. Fellowship Hohr ...... 10 a.m.ChurchatStudy ......... 9:30~ Perhaps we should have accepted an offer to share a supply t-lol Commun or JO'standthOU Pastor Rev. Howard Schroeder Worship ........ 10:45 - 11: Pedialite or.we should have placed an order for a product contained Living Faith United Jewell Trinity untt psyllium. Pedialite is given babies to combat the effects of Our Redeemer dehydration and for a few hours both this editor and his wife were big Fellowship Lutheran Church Methodist Metho list babies. Psyllium products help the body draw water and for a gel, and word of lqdth Church ! aas .. cenma. 4o -sr - 4EvangeUcal Lutheran Church Montrose United that we needed. Suday Church in America 448 N. Kanmm Street Metho, ist :! Nexttimclentcrtai, a 102 degree fever, I want to have with me WorshtpServlce ............ 10:30a.m. 505N. l~mus TerryMayhe#,,pastor i at least Chapstick dispenser. This time, the three in my office desk Evening{exceptSexvlce4thand ................... 5th Sundays)5p:m. Superior, Neb. Superior, Nob. Jewell Trinity were not helpful, w tm =r Slmday Sullday ~lt~ce Sunday School .................. 9:15 a~ Morning Worship ........... 10:30 a. • As wecontinue our recovery, Rita and I are both thankful the flu Christian Development Night Morning Worship 8:30 a.m. Kids for Christ-, .# Adults and Children .......... 7 p.m. Sunday School ..... 9:45 a.m.Church School ..... 9:30 a.m. Wednesday.....~ .................. 3:45 P shots we took early this winter helped us have only mild bouts with Rock Solid Youth Group ...... 7 p.m. Mr. Influenza. We certainly, don't want a full-scale fight and we adio Program, KWS AM Worship ............. 10:45 a.m. Montrose Sunday Morning .......... 8:30 a.m. - Rev. Daniel Hays Mornin, Wo/~hip ....... ..9 a." aren't asking for a Patsy Busey, Pastor Rev. Dorthea Fairbanks Fellowsl~i,[ l Jour.................. "