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January 28, 1993     The Superior Express
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January 28, 1993

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/ ) 2- i-i lJsed Trucks FOUR-BEDROOM home with THE FAMILY of Wanda Amackof a waste reduction-recycling 8. The City Clerk of Superior tion at the office of the Nuckolls Thursday, January 28, 1993 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 7A two-ear garage in Superior. Call wishes to thank her friends, fam- center, or his deputy shall be the person County Superintendent of First Published Jan 14, 1993 in Salaries, 14,951.19; Alex" ETI_CE: WE buy used trucks 402-879-4071 24-4-1cily, V.FW Auxiliary and the Bap- Motion by Sullivan, seconded in charge of administering grant Schools The Superior F..xpress ander Motors, parts and labor, fist Church for all the prayers, by Jonson to pass the following funds and shall also be the con- By: Jeane Ruth Epley NOTICE 215.25; American Family Life, "'~(~'Kups, runningornot. Have In the County Court of Nuck- premium, 197.94; Blue Cross- ~ltruckparts ShuckAutoand 31=Insurance phone calls, visits, cards, flow- resolution. Sullivan, aye; Jonson, tact posen for said grant, if re- Nuckolls County Committee ors, memorials, the noon meal aye; Pohlmeier, aye. Motion car- coined For the Reorganization oils County, Nebraska. Blue Shield, premium, 6,914.48; Jruek Salvage. Phone 402-224- IF YOUR health insurance has and thefood broughttothe home ried. 9. This agreement may be ex- of School Districtslc Estate of Zena Anderson, De- Business Supply, supplies, ceased. 20.95; Chamber of Commerce, 3735. 23e-41-ffc goneuporyouwouldlikeacom- Also thanks to Doctors Howe, A RESOLUTION SUP- ecuted in counterparts, each ~ EstateNo. 5493 dues, 525.00; City Clerk, surplus parison between yours and a Blecha and Nicholson and the PORTING THE JOINT APPLI- being an original, all of which ca0, 4x4, air and V-8, duel tanks, number of other companies, call nulses at Mary Lanning for the CATION FROM THE CITY OF constitute one in the same docu- PUBLIC MEETING Notice is hereby given that a fund, 11,70034; City of Superi- ~, pb, 402-879-4287 Ray s or write Steven Headrick, PO wonderful care. A specialthanks SUPERIOR AND THE COUN- mont. The completed a~ p'e.n'nent The Joint Nuckolls-Webster final account and report of ad- or, fund reimbursement, 23-2:1p Box 66, Superior, Nob. 68978. to Pastors Norman Prather and TY OF NUCKOLLS TO THE shall be filed in the offi ce af the County Committee for the Reor- ministration and a Petition for 1,729.07; Cooperative Business, -- An independent health and life LewisBaptistfortheircomforting DEPARTMENT OF ENVI- CountyclerkofNucko]lsq;oun- ganization of School Districts complete settlement, probate of gas, 7.40; Country Store, pro- will, determination of heirs, and 23d-R insurance agent.31-50-,c pane, 18.80; Crown Life Iusur- will meet on the 8th ,d,ay of Feb- words. God bless you all.RONMENTALQUAL1TYFOR tyandtheCityClerko;Saperi- ruary, 1993, at 4:30 o clock p.m. determination of inheritance tax ance, prernium,432,50;Deptof Raymond Amack, Ron and FUNDS TO ESTABLISH A or. HARLEY DAVIDSON golf cart, 3de-Roofing AltheaAmack, Steve and Friday WASTE REDUCTION-RECY- at the Schoolhouse of Nuckolls have been filed and are set for Revenue, state withholding, 1980, 4-wheel, electric Phone Dated this 20th day of Janu- County School District 0502 hearing in the County Court of 1,325.53; Deuel Pharmacy, sup- ..... 3 -4-2p BOYER ROOFING Amack, RogerandPennyAmack CLING CENTER THROUGH ary, 1993. and Neal and Mary Utter and THE WASTE REDUCTION Joe Sullivan (commonly known as District 2- Nuckolls County, Nebraska, lo- plies, 18.66; Ditch Witch of air COMPANY families. 36-4-1p AND RECYCLING INCEN- Don Pohlmeier R and located on Hwy. 136 East cated at Courthouse Nelson, No- Nob., supplies, 55.94; John All Types Roofing Iw--W-o-~D like to thank eve~ TIVE GRANT PROGRAM AS Jesse H. Jonson of Guide Rock). The Committee braska 68961, on Feb. 10, 1993 Druba, trash hauling, 68.00; ALLOCATED FROM THE Nuckolls County will consider a petition to affili- at or after 11:45 o'clock a.m. Eakes, supplies, 13.73; Edward Fast and Expert Commerical and Residential for all the prayers, cards, flow- STATE OF NEBRASKA BY Commissioners ate Nuckolls County School (Seal) John A WheelandD. Jones, pension, 3,804.18; All Work Guaranteed ors, gifts, phone calls, visits and LB 163 and LB 1257. Brent Meyer, County Weed District 0502 with Nuekolls Clerk of the Court Elvin Safety Supply, supplies, FLAT TIRE . Free Estimates all the food while I was in WHEREAS, sound solid Control Officer, met with the County School District 0011 Downing&Alexander 80,30; ERC Communications, Dr'DAIrnlk,r', Phone g13-527-2687 Brodstone Memorial Nuckolls waste management practices board in regard to weed depart- (SuperiorPublic Schools), PO Box 185 batteries, 168.01; Gas Product County Hospital and since re- , tt...rP~ll-tll~l~.~ Belleville, Kans~a 2 tfc 1-28-2-3e I-Iach Co, chloride, 119.20; help protect Nebraska's natural merit concerns. Nuckolls County School District Superior, NE68978Sales, gas supplies, 2,637.31; Truck-Traelor-Auto turning home. Also thanks to Dr. rseourCes; and Motion by sullivan, seconded 0015 (Nelson Public Schools) Anderson, Dr. Blecha and allthe WHEREAS, the County andby Jonson to acccept the bid of and Wesbter County School ~ Halsen Products, marking paint, ---------- 36-Thank YOu nurses who gave me excellent local municipal governments of $1,806 received from Howard L. District 501 (Guide Rock PublicNOTICE OF 76.02; [3 & S ~ care God bless everyone. Joan Nebraska have a responsibility Miller for a 1987 Ford 4 dr. Schools). The committee will M'I~'.I~.TIN~ Ioeal Market, supplies, 38.49; -,-,---- THE FAMILY of Elleen and Gale :'-'--'-.7"'-" ...,.. Island Supply Welding, sup- /IHE MARKET Tegley would like to thank all Hoins. 36-4-1pto implement a plan for solid Crown Victoria vehicle (S No. take all action necessary to ap- aregularmeeungolmeuis- li "4 ......... ,,-;~..~ ~.h..,-.t h,-,,~,.,4 ,.,m ~,~ p es. 5 .LK); JaCK & Jill, sup- Su-e .... who contributed food, flowers, ~ waste management as mandated 2FABP72F5HX198810) per at- prove or disapprove the petition .................... o~ lies ........... p , 33 14; Kamen wtpmg p nor, NebrasKa memorials, cards and calls for one who came and helped us by the Integrated Solid Waste vertised sale of county surplus An agenda for the meeting, kept held Tuesday, Feb. 2, 1993 at Materi-s " " ...... al, supplies, lJ~ 30; 23e-18-ffc the loss of our loved ones. We celebrate our birthdays The Management Act passed by the property. Sullivan, aye; Jonson, continuously current, is avail- 7:30 p.m. at the school house Kriz " v ....... "" . . -oa is, supplies, z,oz~ uo; able for inspection at the officesAgenaa . ' ,_ certainly appreciate the tender cards, gifts, help and thoughtful- State of Nebraska, July 15, aye; Pohlmeier, aye. Motion of the Nuckolls and Wesbster ...... Arlen Mmkelsen, rent, 40000; q- -- ioving care and assistance given ness are all appreciated and will 1992, with goals established for carried. ~" ~PP~aaiccrle~.~tl~nMid-West Meter Co., pipe l~a- ,o . withholdin , 5,252 18" Share ;~ .............. "~''"nu--"" iv... v... ...... mother. The cards, memorials cycling projects; and Mental Health, Alcoholism and ary, 1993 at 5:00 o'clock p.m. at Sealed bids will be received .. g. ".' ~1/ ~nt~l.:-- Jr. I~1~. IRflllll fiUtUll=~=l. " ' t:orp, supplies, 620 13 . --~,,me aJmr noon 36-4-1candvisitswereverymuchappre-WHEREAS, the County Drug Abuse Program. Sullivan, the Schoolhouse of Nuckolls by the Mayor and City Council ..~ ... ~ . . ......~ ... ....... .._ .,._ ~ arp ~nop, later, ~z ~3; ~=- - - ciated. Carol and Doug Page. Board of Commissioners of aye; Pohlrneier, aye; Jonson, County School District 0502 oI ~upenor, ~eorasKa fo= me dies su lies 19"-2 S" " construction of the Storm Sewer A '*" pP ' 3.o.. ; u~nor NuckoUs County, Nebraska, aye. Motion earned. (commonly known as District 2- __ ......... ce taaraware, supplies, t33 n~; _ 38-4-1o pledges to support the develop- COUnt,,, i=,.. ........ .. ....Blecha and the hospital staff for Motion by Sullivan, seconded R and located on Hwy 136 East tmprovements ivv_~-I locateo at Su rior Motor Parts su -ties and ran~"~ wan m,s a~,ea~t, the fine care I had while I was a I WANT to thank everyone who ment and use of the Nuckolls by Pohkneier to pass the follow- of Guide Rock). The Committee Superior, Nebraska ...per .. . , ..pp~ , .... ....... oo; superior uumoor m patient in the hospital A specia90thsent birthday.Cards andDoraflOwerSHashage.for my County Waste Reduction-Recy- ign resolution. Sullivan, aye; will consider a petition to affili- uescnpuon, oI. worK'.Powre, suppl'les, v"4 ..... upen- K'ilehenan .. , ~ thanks to Mark Butler and 36-4.1p cling Center to reduce the vol- Pohhneier, aye; Jonson, aye ate Nuckolls County School project shall consist of the fol- or Publishin ir --in rnstal machmed'utd=ty'AIshaslargebuddmg and low Amandafortakingmetothehos-. ume of waste transferred on to Motion carried. District 0045 (commonly known lowing_.., major items or process ov.ut; ...... ~upenorg' utiiities,'P~eea ser-gS' taxes. Ca, 402 879 4904 pital. Thanks to all who have ~ the County's designated landfill RESOLUTION RE- as Cadams Public School) with um~s,~bor .... vice, 2,797.98; The Garbage .... 24 2 ffc called, visited and sent cards, and to promote local recycling; CLASSIFING ROAD Nuckolls County School District La ana t~qmpment ior Co service 220 00 .... ....... , , ; lutues ~,,... .-.,-.--t,,~ flowers, balloons and food. NOW, THEREFORE, BE 1T PROJECT 0011 (Superior Public Schools) trenching an~ laying (,no match- ~,~v~.,~,h m,,,,, ~t.~ o~o ~a. MUST SELL because of health Thanks to Pastor Smith for the RESOLVED BY THE COLIN- WTIEREAS, Nuckolls Coun- and Nuckolls County. School at)" U S Postmaster, postage, ;-P'easnable nrice includes build" visits in the hospital and home First Published Jan. 21, 1993 in TY BOARD OF COMMIS- ty entered into an tagreement District 0015 (Nelson Commu- 450 If of 60-inch corrugated .:....." .......... tel-:-- lq.O.U/; Valley l~Ull(llng t=enter, ~a~ land an~t invento,,, Quick Also, thanks for m)t family for The Superior Express SIONERS OF NUCKOLLS with the Nebraska Department nity Schools). The committee me . r,,t~ p '~" 7" .......... supphes, 51 46; Water Products C,22 oss~ble 90K. Call 'Fay at their sul:g~ort and Iov)ng care. It)s NOTICE TO COUNTY, NEBRASKA THAT of Roads to construct a Federal will take all action necessary to i each oi ~u-mcn t Mv " . --- of Nob., supphes, 135.38;Way ;L'?~ersLastStand'Lisc'Neb'"~''~'~'.~'~ Dixon.allgreatlyappreciated'Katherine36-4-1p CONTRACTORS the application be prepared and Aid project beginning at the approve or disapprove the peti- mu4ngeach of 18 inchCMP Solid Waste, disposal, 8.00; Sealed bids will be received jointly submitted by the City of west edge of Superior approxi- tion. An agenda for the meeting ..... - Wesco, supplies, 695.85; West- !:01:1~ ~ by the Nebraska Department of Superior and the County of rnately0.1 mile north of Nebras- kept continuously current, is mt~ngach of 60 inch CMP end em Uniforms, uniforms, 542.96; ~*P~.rtments~- SALE: Seven-unitwith laundrmtel or THANKus calebrateYOUourt all25thWhOweddinghelped Roads in Room 104 at the Con- Nuckolls to the Department of ka Highway 14 and extending available for inspection at the - , office of the Nuckolls County sec~dOtSrial for this project was .. A motion was. made by ~n_l kitehenette~ Locatey anniversa withcards iftsand tralOfficeBuildingatl500Ne- Environmental Quality for the ,.~13 mile north to Eighth street; -. Wheelerssupphes, 70.44. ~go~ater, hunti~ area, Or- well wish~s. Orlyn ang Paula braska Hwy. 2 at Lincoln, until Waste Reduction and Recycling Superintendent of Schools. Kempe and seconoea oy ~roves ,;,,"_", Mormon Trail Priced rea- Renz. 36-4-1p10:00 a.m. on Feb. 18, 1993. At Incentive Grant funds to develop WHEREAS, said project wasBy: Jeane Ruth Epley purchased from Ace-Eaton Met- . ......... to approve and pay the bills as als in r~eamey ano is aireaoy at r__~ V ....... ~ly.8.282.1Kraupie,s15 Real Estate, ~1 WOULD like to thank the liclythat time,openedthe bidsandwillreadbe pub-for duction-Recyclingthe Nuckolls CountYcenter.Waste Re- surveyedNuckolls Countyand engineeredwas authorizedand NuckollSfor the ReorganizationCunty Committeeof s'' :'- for the Storm Sewer Ira- CNa~lStl~ncy'eau" tung MulletYea: uroves,and Rempe.Umnl' 0 or 308-783-2383 .......... LANDSCAPING, BITUMI- PASSED AND APPROVED to acquire right-of-way; and School Districts. lc provements ti993-1, will be re- tion carried" : " " 24-4-1- uroostone nursing man, ur.uut- ay one ADscntNone MO F.~-'~~ ler, ambulance crew and espe- NOUS and incidental work on THIS 20th DAY OF JANU- WHEREAS, the cost of ob- ~n ceived until 4:00 p.m. local Amotion wasmade b =.-a -E: 160 acres pasture, cially Father Maehovec. and all the SUPERIOR NORTH Feder- ARY, 1993. mining utility agreements was The Superior Express Toa,~.~. cropland in Vicksburg whommomberedmewhile!was al Aid Project NO. STP-14- Joe Sullivan deemed to be ~ohibitive; and time, on Feb 22. 1.993 at the ... - Y ~"~ dewetl C, ounty, Kan- int hos aL tal eeiat it all 1(115) in Nuckolls County. DonPohlmeier .... WHEREA.~, Nuckolis Coma- NOTICE " ; ~roves anti seconded by ~empe In the County Court of Nuck- FCituYrthUti. ty?p Idrml e 3rSas a?aStt lOpUstt : ena tCse oCha ge on past -" "one 913,739-242g.ven/much, EmmaKathman. This project is located-on N- JesseH.Jensen ty has since paved the project ollsCounty, Nebraska , er accounts :' 24-3-2c 36-4-1p 14 be]ginning near 9th Street in Nuckolls County Supertor and extending north. Estate of Augusta Frey, De- ATrEsTBOard of Commissioners with county funding; now, ot~Cehdtim(~ rthey ~liolLd~.. ~u~yc~y receivable, not concerning utili- r The length of the proposed tl~fr~l" RSOLVED that the ceased" ".- ...... ,. " ....~Y" ty billing Voting yea" Groves, THE $OPERIOR EXPRESS ceivexl alter mis .mae Will not oe ..... :'. 7"; .. . work is 8.4 miles. SelmaFerguson foregoing road project be reclas- Estate No. 5518. ac - ulem, tmnsuancv, MUllet ana PROPOSAL FORMS FOR Nuckolls County Clerk sifted and dropped from federal Notice is hereby given that ~e~ork shall be started Recmpe" Nay: 1~one Absent: Phone 402-879-3291 THIS WORK WILL BE IS- Motion by Pohlmeier, sec- and statefunding, on Jan. 8, 1993, in the County within Thirty (30)calendar days one. ,. ...... CLASSIFIED RATES SUED ONLY TO CONTRAC- onded by Jensen to approve and Item me oar, u~ uw ~uuu~tuh TORS WHO ARE QUALIFIED sign the following Interlocal Co- Dated and passed this 20th Court of Nuckolls County, Ne .......... ,, .I._ .......~ne t~oaraneloolscussionon day of January, 1993 braska, Ann Battaglia whose ad .............. the Gas Department employee an(] me work snaai oe compieteuj.ob descriptions No action" was ,(~1. EWEEK, perword .................. 12 FOR BITUMINOUS. operation Agreement. Pohimei- Joe Sullivan dressis 104 Debra Lane, Water- by April 30, 1993, unless ex- . . " THIS PROJECT CONTAINS or, aye; Jonson, aye; Sullivan, Don Pohlmeier leo, Ill. 62298 was informally tended due to weather taxon. . ~tnimum charge ......... iiiiiiiiii ......................................... $2.00 A $50,000 DBE GOAL. aye. Motion carded, appointed by the Registrar as Each bidder shall submit, Christianc and seconded b ~,w.~WEEKS, perword ..................................... 21 The price range of this INTERLOCAL JesseH.J~,on " motion was made oy 'nREE WEEKS, per wet(t" ........... . ....................... 30 project is between $1,000,000 COOPERATION Board of County Personal Representative of the with his Bid, a certified check or .... Y . . Y and $2.000,000 with 60 work- AGREEMENT Commissioners Estate. .. ....... mullet to go into executive sos- C-,--- For additional weeks, add 9 cants per word ~l~inn~ a~nPo~una;enoS~s Sso~na~ ~?ovlv~r: C~j~ OF THANKS, per word ........ : ................................. 12 ing days beginning June 1, 1993. RE: APPLICATION FOR A'IWEST: (Seal) John A. Wheeland :hyde 8:450P1~~. todi:sc Phms and specifications may WASTE REDUCTION AND Selma Ferguson Clerk of County Court than five percent (5 percent) of Di "" """ " " ~ ] ='; "" u : the total amount of his Base Bid... -. ~ __ _~SIFIED DISPLAY, per inch ................................... $2.75 be seen at the Lincoln Central RECYCLING INCENTIVE County Clerk Box 372 era, ISD.rlStlanC , Mullet, ana No Bidder may wathdraw his None iVlotion'carried 8U~S,e..bSequent issues (minimum four), perinch ............ $2.40 Office beginning January 26, GRANTFUNDS The board set Feb. 17, 1993 Nelson, Nob.68961 . ~empe P~ay" P~one. Aosent: n~eu~ADVERTIsEMENTS-Advertisemants running blindunder the 1993, or at the,G_rand Island Dis- Nuckolls,Cmes h,~_.iz~t'ternw the Countyreferred Ofto andat 11:30 a.m. for the county Onesix year road improvement Wa)'neL. Ganison No. 11443Garrison & Garrison (~,spo~erfLats:t~tu]~Y]o~O) ;~ Board came out of ex- ~ted~_me Express must be answered b)~ letter. Answers must be Nelson, Nob. 68961 " y ....... ";" zg ecutivesession9"00pm ume Ior me receipt oi I~IOS.'A A motion was "made b" cha;~.Within l0 days alter lhe last inseftion. Them is an addilionaI trict Engineers Office begin- as"County andthe CityofSu- plan public hearing. ~" ~' ~l .00 more than the cost of the ad for this form. ningFebruary 1, 1993. perior, hereinafter referred to as Road Department personnel, - - - c 100 percent Performance Bond R ........ Y .............. empe ana seconaea Dy Mullet Mi-: HOW TO KNOW WHAT YOUR AD WILL COST Prequalifieation for bidding "City," being both political sub- C. Ardell Talkington, Bernard First Published Jan. 14, 1993 in snaJt oe turmsnea wzmm tu - m v th n x .... to o e e e t meeung to n~u_m Charge for any ad is ....................................... $2.00 is required by Nebraska Revised divlsions of the State of Nebras- Ostdiek and Dawn Miller met The Superior Express days of the Nouce of Award by "e- J 1" 1 .... ,h ....... ~., ~,.,~,~o. lu stay, an. y, vy.~ oecause with the board for review of up- NOTICE ..... ,.,~o ......... f li "n " - n . o the he day bei g observed. ~.%~_j~niti~ornumberasawo~,indudingyournameandaddam. Statute39-1351-R.R.S. 1943. ka, and hereby agree as follows, coming road projects. In the County Court of Nuck- o ..... mth En " " tu~ y~: uu ~, ~ , , ~'~'~'~'~'~'~ ads ere peyable in advance by ei~her Mas~r Charge or V'm. A Department of Roads' Bid to-wit: t=ontract aocume ts may oe Votln- "- "r-v-- Di-hl Bond form for 5 percent of the 1. The County and City here- Moron by Pohlmeier, see- olis County, Nebraska . - t.nns an y, u e an pc. ~lbeaS0-centcha~ "blli~ell~ncommermlads. bid must be submitted with the by utilize the tx~,__er granted to ended by Jonson to approve and ' Nay: none. Absent; None. Mo- C Engineering Co, 118 1/2 ~of Augusta Frey,omanea ~ro e grocer, I "" " ti e M 11 t d Rein '~ until 4 p.m. Tueaday~ Pr~e successful bidder must each pursuant to 5ction 13-807 place on file the Clerk of Dis- East Sixth St. No. 10-11, P. O. tion carried. tot Publication in Issue of the following day. et seq. Nob. Rev. Stat., as trier Court December report and Estate No. 5518 Box 832, North Platte, Nebraska A motion was made by Mul- furnish bond for 100 percent of amended, known as the Interlo- the annual report filed by the _ Notice is hereby given that a 69103, Plaone~ (308.534-9245) let and seconded by Diehl to ad- ;governing classified advertising classification: the contract, cai Cooperation ACL This agree- Extension Service. Pohlmeier, Petition for Authority to sell real on payment of a non-refundable joum the meeting. Voting yea: Press reserves the dght to classify all advertisements ' Minority-owned businesses meat sets forth an administrative aye; Jonson, aye; Sullivan, aye. property of said decedent has deposit of Thirty Dollas ($30). Groves, Diehl, C'nristiancy, its own rules of classification, will not be diseriminaed against, means to provide solid waste Motion carried, been filed and is set for hearing The Owner may require any Mullet and R~. Nay: None. Contractors must meet the management and does not create The following claims were in the County Court of Nuckolls Bidder to submit to the Engi- Absent: None. Motion carded. CLASSIFIED INDEX provisions of the Fair Labor a separate legal entity, allowed: County, Nebraska located at ricer, prior to the date of the Bid W.E. Groves r advertisement under any of the following headings: Standards Act of 1938 (52 Slat. 2. "Ibis agreement shall begin General Nelson, Nebraska on Febr. 10, opening, a properly executed Chairman For Sale 26-Notice 1060) as amended, upon the dale of signing by both. Salaries, employee's 1993 at 11:30 o'clock aan. Contractor's Qualification State- Karen Chfisfiancy 17-Eleetronies27-Ferlilizer 17a-Memorials 27a-Chemicals The Secretary of Labor has parties. The agreement shaft be salaries .................... 15,311.49 Arm Battaglie ment, AIA Document A305. Secretary 18-Household Goods 28-Farm Loans determined minimum wage rates renewable on an annual basis. Road Personal Representative The Owner reserves the fight 18a-~,ntiques L~-Boelddan for this projecL Either party may terminate its Salaries, employees' 104 Debra Lane to reject any or all Bids and to 'Rent 20-Poullry 29a-Wekfing This contract is subject to the membership in this agreement salaries .................... 30,931.20 Waterloo, Ill62298 waive informalities in Bids re- Ernest Alber's 21-Feed and Seed 30-[~aulieian Work Hours Act of 1962, P.L. by notifying the other party in Civil Defense Wayne L. Garrison No. 11443 ceived. The Owner reserves the 2 la-lrngation 30a-Musical Instruments 22-Vans 31-Insurance 87-851 and implementing regu- writing at least thirty days prior Salary, employee's Garrison & Garrison ri t to accept that bid, with or gerviceg Saturday 23-Used Cars 31a-Auclioneer lations, to termination, salary ........................ 1,460.00 Nelson, Neb. 68961 wzthout aitemates, which the ErnestC.Alber,79,ofOelwein, 23a-Motor, s 32-Re~geratio? This project is subject to the 3. The County and the City Weed District 1-28-2-3c Owner deems most beneficial to Iowa, died last Tuesday at his 23b-Auto Service 33-Prom~iona~ provisions of the utilization of are obligated by the Integrated Salary, employee's ----'-- the City of Superior, Nebraska. home. Services were Saturday at 2:~t-Reerealio~a123e'Ur~:l Trucks 3~Plumbing&3a'L~esMinority Business Enterprises. Solid Waste Management Act salary ...... , .............. ... 1,385.00 First ThepublishedSuperiorJan'Express21' 1993 in ATTEST: the Bufler-Volland Funeral Home 23e-Trm Repair 34a-Roofing THE RIGHT IS RESERVED (LB 125"7, 1992) to implement a The Board recessed until Feb. City of Superior, Nebraska chapel, Hastings, with the Rev. 24-Real Estate 36-ThankYou TO WAIVE ALL TECHNI- plata for solid waste manage. I and2, 1993. NOTICE (owner) 24a-MobileHomes 37-1nMemodum CALITIES AND REJECTANY meat. Jo~Sullivlm, In The County Court of Mayor 2-18-4-3c David Larsen officiating. Burial 24b-Rent, Buildings 40-Contractors OR ALL BIDS. 4. The Nebraska ~ ~rman Nuckolls County, Nebraska was in Rosedale Cemetery inrural Hall Country. 25-Land For Rent DEPARTMENT OF ROADS of Environmental ~ty is so- By: Selma Feguson eea.~A~Esta.te of Eugene Oinn, De- Mr. Alber was born Jan. 20, WRITE A GOOD CLASSIFIED AD: Allan L. Abbott, licitin~, applications from politi- Cotmty Clerk No. 5520' PROCEEDINGS OF 1913, at Guide Rock. He married ~.m~omdmomquid~e~dlavoml~/whm~enmmpleleor Director-StateEngineer cad subdivisions to assist them ~ Notice is hereby given that SUPERIOR CITY Loretta Viola Schroeder. He lived V. Charles McC.ann, with the cost of solid waste NOTICE OF on Jan. 19, 1993, in the County UTILITIES in Nebraska until moving to Iowa reader-lxospectloremhyou.Forbestmul~,~ysinwl DistrietEngineer 2-4-3-3c managementaetivities. PUBLIC MEETING Court of Nuckolls County, No- Notice of meeting posted in 1940. He lived in the Fayette, Jm0ero0mldetew~tharmmde, yourname.andoomldetemail~ 5. The develolmmnt and use The Nuckolls County Corn- braska, the Registrar issued a Dec. 31, 1992, City Auditoirum, Hawkeye and Oelwin areas from )nothaveregularho~t, givealx-elerred~nelohaVelm~oem of a waste redaction-recyeli mittee for the Reorganization of written statement of Informal City Safety Building, Superior 1940-62. He returned to Nebraska center to reduce the volume of SehoolDistricts wiUmeetontbe Probate of the Will of said De- Utilities. in 1962. His wife died Sept. 12, h~'~nm~spmitio~end,,~kyoumaf*~tyouwouldlil~lo PROCEEDINGS OF waste transferred on to the de.- 8th day of Febvaary, 1993, at Superior Utilities, Jan. 4, 1963.HereturnedtoIowaifi1978. cedent and that Lyla Kruse and ~'lei~ bring =a~faetio~ do =o, not~roughledtofreade~hip' NUCKOLLS COUNTY ignated ]andt"dl and to promote 4:00 o'cloek p.m., at the school- Survivors are one son, Alien, :~to~teJnemughlnformalio~togetprompt=ction. COMMISSIONERS local recycling appears to be in house of Nuckolls County Leon Ginn whose address are 1993. The Nuckolls County Board the best interest of residents of Sehool District 0502 (commonly Neb. 68516 end Box 144, Trum- Board of Public Works was ters, DarleneAlber, North Bridge, AI"rENTION can be secured for your edvertisment by 5430 Stonecliff Dr., Lincoln, The regular meeting of the Independence, Iowa; fourdaugh- ~eir~e,ions Yoom~o~yo~adintheeve~totresd~end of Commissioners met on Jan. tbeCountyardCity, known as District 2-R and locat- bulLNeb. 68980 were informal- called tO order by Chairman NJ., GloriaFey. Shelby, Mont.. the times ~ 'peb nd. ~erewe eJso ram I~ ~ 20, 1993 at the Nuckolls County 6. The County and City have ed on Hwy. 136 Guide ly appointed by the Registrar as uroves with the following Barbara Montgomery, Marion, H ~fkae0ingth~aamerllerbel~thelmbliee~w/va~lt Commissioner's Boardroom in agreed to submit a joint applica, Rock). The CommiRed will con- Co-Personal Representatives of present: Groves, Diehl, Chris- Iowa, andDianeDrabek, Keaney; the Courthouse, Nelson, Nebras- don to the Department of Envi- sider and act upon a tP.,tition to the Estate. tiancy, Mullet and Rernpe. Ab- one brother, Floyd, Fayette; two OWTo PLACE YOUR CLASSIFIED AD ka as per recess of Jan. 12, 1993. ronmental Quality for the Waste affiliateNuekolis County School Phone402,879.3291 or913-378-3705 Roll call: Sullivan, Poldmder, Reduction andRecyclinglneen- District 0502 with Nuckolls orc~ailto PO BOX 408, SUPERIOR, NEB. 68978 Creditors of this Estate must sent: None. sisters, Gertrude S~ Hast- file their claims with this Court ,. A motion was made by ings, and Lena Duesterlaoff, Or- Jensen present. Agenda of said five Grant funds to develop the h,... ' uo0-359.2120 to place an advertissment and meeting was posted in thecoun- NuckollsCounty Waste Reduc- County School District 0011 on or before March 22, 1993 or ~-empe ana seconded by Groves ange, Caiif.;16grandchil~and -ve itchar (Superior Public Schools), be forever barred, to accept the minutes of the last 15 great-grandehil~. Class,,'. _ ged to your Visa or gasterCard card. ty Clerk's office and remitted to don-Reeydin$ Center. Nuekolis County School District meeting. Voting yea: Groves, 8 a.ra t. iee Hours are: Monday through Friday board members in advance of 7. The Chairman of the John A. Wheeland Receives Honor the meeting. Nucknlis Counw Board of Corn- 0015 (Nelson Community Clerk of the County Court DieM, Christiancy, Mullet and Army Spec. Re,end Villa- Schools) and Webster County Sullivan Law Office Rempe. Nay: None. Absent: viencio has received the Human. " < noon and 1-5 p.m.; Saturday, 8:30 a.m.-noon boardDebraregardingHamen metapplicationWith the authorizedmissine~s toshallexecutebe theallPerson.docu. School District 501 (Guide Rock Attorneys None. Motion carried, itartan Se~ce Medal~ He is a Public Schools). An agenda for Box 5 The following bills of the missile syst~ mecf~c, His requirements for Recycling In- meats necessary to prepare and centive Grant Program funds ~t said application for grant the meeting, kept continuously Clay Center, Neb. 68933_3.3c City Utility Fund were ap- wife, Connie, is the daugMer of pertaining to the establishment . eurmat, is available for inspec- proved: Jane Tucker, M~o, K~an.