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January 28, 1993     The Superior Express
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January 28, 1993

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./ Change is sweeping rural America as we adjust smaller populations and new technology. Though may not like all of the changes, we can't stop Rather than opposing change and struggling preserve institutions that will inevitably fail, we explore all opportunities with the hope we can ways to improve our current position. One of the biggest challenges we face today in- g our rural quality of life while adjust- to the changes over which we have no control. may long for the days when a family lived quarter section and frequently on 80s and and our schools were filled with pupils, we t return to those days. Thus the challenge for today is how can we adapt onal systems to provide a quality education t an affordable price. In some instances our only choice will be the of two or more schools into one. But in s changes in the traditional school struc- permit the continued operation of community schools. In the last issue of this newspaper, a story reported on an electronic classroom link planned for several schools including ones at Davenport, Deshler and Chester. David Watters, superintendent of the Daven- port school said the new system will allow the expan- sion of his school's course offering. Our schools can't afford to hire a teacher for a few students but with the two-way television system now u tader development one teacher will instruct a class meeting in several locations. For several years our districts have successfully entered into cooperative agreements with regional pro- viders of specialized teachers. This year the Guide Rock and Red Cloud districts axe sharing one superin- tendent When o ties for change present themselves, before agreeing to continue with the way it has always been done, we need to consider other alternatives. Fre- quently we suspect there are new ways as effective and perhaps even better than the traditional way. f The Su PRIZE WINNING NEWSPAPER ~ebrMka Prem .J~mci~ion THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 3B Thta'~. Janura~ 28, 2993 r ........ 1- perior 3B Put)gshed Wlmkly By ~ .~'lflJvef~mry ( Supodor!Publllhln0 ~, k~. I~N 0740-00~1 sul~am' Publ~. Inc. P~6ox ,~e. Seped~. NE eatT0-otmKarmm S.euateem w~e to ~J AAT~WSPAPER P.O. Box 258, Wet~ef, Kamum 6e870-0258 S~ raN: $12 per year ot thrN yea~ for $3~ payab~ In adv~ Sixty-four Years Ago the local agency for Graham afternoon as a rseult of an OPA Harkins, John Wilbeck, Oliver Johnston Core, 36, came to Paige Automobiles and will en- request for a 72-hour week for VanMeter and Mrs. Marinus his death in an unavoidable acci- gage in other business, filling stations. The following Jensen. dent on the highway in front of A. S. Berry, owner and stations will be affected: Vader Gordon Hansen has acce?ted his home a mile south of Ruskin publisher of the Superior Journal Service, Towers Service, Jens- work on a ranch in California when he was hit by a car. was the highest bidder on the en's Standard, Monty's Sinclair, and quit his job at the Farmers Sire Ballard was relinquished building between Second and Crouch's Service, Ellsworth Union. Bill Rogers started to Third Street on Central sold at Service and Hill's Super. work there Monday. auction for $3,185. It belonged Forty Years Ago Twenty Years Ago to the Duerr estate. William Zimmerman, 55, With the start of the second There were 87 carloads of Guide Rock, was killed in a two semester, school enrollment is hogs shipped by the Wilson truck accident near Milford. In- Superior dipped to 880. That is stock company, which is a jured was George Albin" Guide down 14. record for the number of cars Rock. Nancy Ebsen, an elementary shipped in one week. Inducted into the armed fore- school teacher, went on a study J. A. Waldon" Burr Oak, is es Jan. 14 were Robert Kinni- trip to the holy land during the here to take over the manage- son, John Lowery, Lee Keldsen, Christmas vacation. Editor: ment of the Cross 3mplement Vernon Kathman, Dennis Na- Mrs. Marvin Bockholdt and Art for arts sake! Nobody has Shop. The family will move gengast, Darrel Thayer, Dean Mrs. Vernon Kaldahl enrolled in any quarrel with that. So why here next week. Kettenring, Wayne Welbourn, the Practical Nursing pro grmn at are all the disgruntled citizens Fifty Years Ago Dwight Brant and Dale Larson. Fairbury in September. They re- asking, "Why spend all that . The Farme S.t,.a.te .Ba Twin boys were born to Mr. ceived their caps Sunday. money. -..(re'anted money_) no _Dun rmmy,, was. purenasen oy me ie.. and Mrs. Robert Meyer, Superi- Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Jens- intended, to oaint a mural on a cunty Nattonal Bank of Supen- or by celebrated their 39th wedding " "that i's "vatel owned or Paul Schmelin is presld"ent By David Bargen dual presidency. What we do and yet she now has her own remains: Amerk'.a did not elect building tm y . ,. Anne Newhouse and Mr. and anniversary as breakfast guests virtue of a divided elec- hold sacred is a single executive, desk in the White House! her president, and the United Shouldn't that money, matched of the Security Nauoual Bank. Mrs. O. P. Porter became own- of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Diamond. " be b the -o le here. A party was given at the Bon- Ten Years Ago an unusual election elected by the people. Mrs. Clinton may indeed pos- States does not have a mortar- as tt, ls to y pe p. . ers of the Casey Wolverton In- me rmanbnce Ton for Pvt Berness Mtller, by Carmen Bruening was in- I Clinton and A1 GoreSome of the major news sess great law skills and may be chy. Queen Hillary, its time to buy so pe . surance Agency, Nelson, this . havethe Superior Sales Barn force, stalled the first woman president eted with a plurality commentary about Hillary's a very good organizer, the fact abdicate your throne! the'Murals'nl you bebetsuretheYthat the Pvt Miller" stauoned" at Camp week. ___tr ,. ace. Just ". Donald Moore, Horton, Kan., of the Superior Chamber of ity) to the executive power-sharing image has cen- _, .... :,, . .... .i ,... Dawes, N C, and had sold more has purchased the Livingood Commerce. idency.)t the presidenCYLet me say,thatand Clintontered alSOselectedarOUndhisthecabinet.Way BillRe. .... ht of sora-' cans of v"aim in than 200 head cattle, at the. local Jewelry from Mont Livingood,Ashley Gravitt was the first sale barn before going into the owner of the store since 1944. the hands otg e u'responsthle. . baby born in 1983 at the Brod- 11 Clinton and AI Gore portedly, it was Hillary who in- Years ago, Belleville, had a so, Ice... ....... Thirty Years Ago stone Memorial Nuckolls Coun- :ted tothe executive of- sisted that Bill put as many " " "r tam t oyo, Joy joroan, t um mural painted on the mteno ..... Gerald Marquart, Byron, ty Hospital. now hold. So what in women and minorities in the toall ,, th,." ;, ,,.w ,~ taont~'ger and Bill Mct room, broke his leg the basketball Dr. Sandra Longeneeker, I is Hillary up to? cabinet as he did. The qualifica ............... r.-Stoffice. It ......... a rmgtcmal cene of the Re- starring wlm me mgn senooi game between Byron and Endi- daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Lyle ast week, it was an- tions for the powerful presiden- By Sen. W. Owen Elmer mended taxing health care pro- i. ..... choruses Under the direction of cott. Ellis, Mankato, is now associ- that Hillary Clinton tial cabinet positions no longer At the beginning of the first viders, such as nursing homes .... .~ v ....... -., Gertrude Traeger, will present Norris Hinton is the newated with her father in the Ellis >laced in charge of for- were ability, experience and ex- regular session of any biennium, and hospitals for money for m'c,wt~r~.t~ ;~"~%a~,~'~r,. a coma- the operetta "Oh Doctor." president of the Superior Chain- Chiropractic Clinic. this nation s heal~pertise. They became color, mi- we are always blessed with new medicaid. This has the effect of easy w'-av' f~ the"~"-~mli-tie-ians m Town service stations will he ber of Commerce. Jack Quackenbush, 74, died e y. Wait a minute! Isn t ssue that Bill r,o(le to nority status and gender. What a members of the legislature. The increasing the cost of medical - - -- te House9 Wasn t Bill frightening thought: Clinton 93rd Legislature is starting with care for thsoe who can afford Washington to show benevo- closed eveumg and Sunday Deaths lised were A. H. (Ek) (Continued to Page 911) 14 new members. I am im- care or health insurance and lence to their district taxpayers. ; name on the ballot? (pressed by Hillary), in his rush pressed both with the number driving up the already extremely But with the national debt what '.n, can Hillary be put in to create a cabinet that actually and quality of our new senators, high cost of health care. it is, how wise is it to hand out Catholic i )f formulating the con- does not look like America (con- '. Policy of the Clinton trarY to his intentions), has con- As always, in the first regular This all might seem to be that kind of money. As we hear Lutheran Church Church Services session, we start with the elec- nice, but the bottom line is this: it, it is use it or lose it... And ~Mt, m~ srr~ so, spend it wisely, Permance.. me, 8t. Jouph's Church ration? Just who did wefyingStructedminoritiesa cabinet bentand oninterestsaris- tion of our internal leadership Gov. Nelson is asking the legis- benefit. Before we put our 4m.n Lw Superior, Neb. rehirnselfh _ lmitted gi'o Jps with only secondary.. .. re- positions and for the first 10 lature to balance our state bud- money (tax-payers money) into alw e imm lhtth l'rmakihohovN days prepare and introduce leg- get problem on the backs of or onto a privately owned build- Family ........................ 7 p.m. Rectory Phone 402-879-3735 ;now third'in command, gard for talent ann aoitity, isIative bills Also, as part of the property and sick people. doesn't mind taking Clinton himself admitted that to Hillary (not much Zoo Baird, his choice for attor- regular session, our governor I, for one, feel we can cut in8, let's look aromld. How aatunl much employment will this Wm.ahlp .......... , ............... 6:3Op.m. Ma Oehedule wisdom for a vice ney general, was hastily chosen delivers his address to inform us state spending through personnel grant insure How about the in- ^. because she was a woman, and of his opinion of the state's reduction from top to bottom -- "-- 9 """q" .... ................. Dally , ...... 7:30am. a people corn- her background or expertise problems,.priorities, and needed and balance our budget without tenor waas ot me Smd Sah bteCUm,, ZO ,,-n, Saturday ................. 6 p.m. Are there no choices to spend tat w m et, Sunday ................... 8 a.m. :Dan Quayle!) The were not investigated. Look legislation, increasing taxes. If that abso- it, if spend we must? And aren t , lary having almost where that got him (and her). This year as has been well lutely cannot be done, I feel we Nelson-Sunday ...... 10 a.m. than even the duly publicized by newspapers and should removeexemptionsfrom matching funds (spending of "l"~t'~~~'" president has goneOne of the most bafflingtelevision, we have the problem sales tax to make up what we as them, that is) desewing of pages of editorials things to me is that the dominant of spending outnmning revenue, a body can't seem to cut. At the study? , First Mankato's First Our Redeemer of commentary. At news media actually applauds due mainly to entitlement pro- same time by removing exemp Walls, you may recall, have a inauguration balls last Hillary's de facto vice presiden- grams such as ADC and medic- tions, sales tax becomes more way of tumbling down. Baptist Church Lutheran Church announcer presented tial position. Whether its Tom aldin fair and the tax burden is more Art Lover but Church SouthernBaptlstConventlon lgvmq lleal Imthm ident of the United Brokaw's praising of having a his address, the governor evenly shared. Please, governor, Cautious with cash W tth and N Central lllghway gut 86 Church In America . Clinton, and the Vice "working woman" in the White advocated making up lost reve- not higher property tax. Enough, Editor: Mamkat , Kan. N Kanmm First Lady, Hill- House or John Chancellor's de- nue by reducing state aid to cit- already! Phone 402-87 -37 # I Jameh 91S- IS-S ;8 ulmrlor, Nob. " How fitting, I light at the utilization of her ies, NRDs, and schools. The I would like your input on the I feel constrained to respond Home 91S-STS- I I and how sad. This is *"professionall skills," none seem main blow to school budgets issues that concern you. My of- to the recent letter from Ron Roy. Jm'rF Dean, l mtor Michael O berg, pastor Our Founding Fathers to remember that our constitu- would be his request that a pox- rice phone number is 402-471- Meyer in which the writer ac- Rev. O. lgverl t when they craft- don calls for a single executive tion of the money provided by 2805. You can write to me at the cused The Express of proclaim- Stmday 8unda 8unda Mornlng Worship.. 8:45 a.m. We do not aided" by the vice president, LB 1059 to operate schools be following address: Sen. W. hag a phony religion. I do this Sunday School ..... 9:30a.m. Sunday School ..... ...10a.m. SundayS=chool ..... 9:45a.m. with a kingWhy even have a vice president, used solely to increase the pay Owen Elmer, State Capitol, Lin- because I probably wrote most Worship Service.. 11:00 a.m. Morning Worship ..... 11 a.m. nor do we have anow? We didn't elect Hillary, for teachers. He has also recom- cob3, Nab. 68509. mind.f the editorials Meyer has in It should be made clear at the First Community Church Of Chm'eh of Christ outset the undergirding principle Church The Nazarene of all that has been said is that 740 gut 7th Jesus Christ is Lord not only of Oak, Neb. itev. Lels Smith aPhnelhdrbmther,40g'S79"40 minis ' individuals and churches but na- Oomtthaa Brobston, Om._ 40a-879-4 1 byBill Blouvelt tional life as well-even though Phone 4Og-ggB-2~14 W~y Night we may refuse to recognize that 11ws y 'outh and Mult Study ..... of downtown Superior's interesting architectural fen- identical. , Lordship. Suml Sunday School ......... 9:.30 a.m. Bmulay i Sunday School ......... 10:40a.m.Momlngscrvlce ..... 10:50a.m.WorshlpServlce ......... 9:30a.m. been the tin man who appears to be climbing Lambrecht repoxts all the hardware fox his sister s home was '['11~ proclamation of the MomingWorsh/p ....... 9:30An~ EvenlngServlce ............. 6p.r~ Sunday School .............. lla.m. of the building which now houses the J C. Penney purchased from the Sears catalog and he expects throughout their Lordship of Christ must of ne- cessity lead to the application of ~ Wedamulay ~venlng Service .......... 6:30 p.m. lifetime the owne relied on Sears for many of their supplies. The this principle to the various as- Midweek Blb,.e StudmtAdult Bible Study and The man who Imee to published several stories speculadng on house was constructed in 1899 and 1900. For many years the pects of life. Thus we believe allde eQtm .................. 7p.m, Several ideas have been but theowners operated a large catfle feeding operati0n. Theirsonshad abortion and euthanasia to be No~lo~omdln~tlomd ~t~le~w~lll~ can stat~ up to anythl~, I1 tppearedtohavebeenlosttohistory.Butnotany ranches in the Sandhills. The cattle were driven from the ranches to wrong because it violates the aUnionPadficstockTaads, tmnsported part of the way by rail and Biblical command not to mur- Salem Webber United Little Blue Bill Anderson brought to this newspaper a solid then driven to the feedyards near Bladen. Once ready for market, def. We believe it is right to par- Lutheran Church Methodist Church Christian One evening several years ago, after 600 head or so of fat cattle were each year driven to Inavale fox don those who may he guilty be- ~ WeMmr, Kma. the tin man, Anderson brought his loading on the Burlington and shipment to the packers in Kansas cause we have experienced for- Imc FeIlowship give~ss through Jesus Christ.Phone 4102-22~-4207 .-- ~ 918-~11-aO64 Old lPlemmnt View School story about . daU h: y,R- whilet Seereadingthe mana homef'Wst'hand'decorating magazine, one of City. For generations the Sears catalog supplied rural AmericawaysAt therememberSame time,sin WecausesmUStmenal- IllghWaYsupm4or,14Neb,NOrth 11[ Ihm F llighway at theNo.Jtmetloa14 andfNo, 4 Worth/p ..... , ............. 9:30 a.m. Mm. David ueCora i' s was drawn to one of the photographs. A wall with items not available in our lcal stores. The catalog also hell e , _, _ to refuse to accept Biblical prin- Michael Odmrg, pastor riot? Caught her attention. Where had she seen that decora- keep us posted on current styles and new products. Thecompany s ciples and do immoral and ille- Sunday School ......... 8:15 Worsh/p Serv/ce. Sunday1Oa.m. UMW annonncementlhis week that it plans to ntinue publication of gal things. The fault is not with Suaday and Third WedneedayEarly Prayer, Monday 6:30 a.m. she remembered the tin man in downtown Superior. its big catalog has stunned the company s customers in rural the principle but with those who Sunday School ..... 9:30 a.m. Of Each Month Bible Study, refuse obedience to the_l aciple M,a' m.mdkfa Wedneaday .............. 7:30 p.m. eXCeption of being brightly painted, the magazine's tin Amexica. and its application. This iap Worship ............. 10:45 a.m. Chlkiren's Btble Study, to the one in downtown Superior. The What will we do without Sears? Today the catalog is particu- proach, I suggest, is true fal . Second Saturda#' of the Month Wednesday ........ 7:30p.m. forTi HeadquartetsHard- larly impoxtant to older penple who often are unable to travel to Phony religion is the perfor- ' ........ stmes in the larger communities, maz of outward deeds without Living Faith Olive Hill base. the Superiox tin man once also advertised fro" the anYs to the accusations against Fellowship Church company. Perhaps a company agent we l ch,- Pastor Lester 8nyder those accused in the Iran-Coutra szs c..t.d Phone 402-879-4480 111 . [I el"teo. in the building at Third and CentraL issue, it would be well forPatsy ISmmy, we need to learn more about Headquane Hardware 402-@75P-4 14 Meyer to read carefully the 8tmdsy Phone 4oa-a7 .saos area did the company serve, whatdiditoffex cle in the January issue ot =zd r ................ ZO. 0 san. Sunday School .... 9:30 a.m. ST. PAUL ~ ~ the company? Reader's Digest which focnes ehtldren'sChunda .......... lO:30aan. Worship ............ 10:30a.m. , be the man to discover the answers to those on the tactics of special pro cu- Wmhtp ....................... S pan. Hardy. eb. , tm Lawrence Walsh. It should k m'sChurch ................. 5pan. Lo~tedflv~mii~muthmad WalterLaughlht, lmstor: attended Superior's antique tmct show not escape his notice that fox all two mac, or s,penor attest, Anderson has a large collectim of antique the money spent and time in- t, outhRap ............................. 7pan. l Chrl tdlln t 18"re SundayWorshiPsunday School and ........... 9a;m.!.. vested, Walsh has not obtained a Multmble udy .................. 7pan. , a *n,nthZ V Cher h FdiowshlpHour ...... 10a4n." . A mechanic, specializes in single conviction which stuck. Cl~aldren's Blble Bta~ly ........... ? p.m. m of antique tractors. In recent years The Express At the same time we must re- ' i! has prepared custom calendar for those On member the principle of Ameri. UI1ion Church First , list. Each year the calendar features traetors .can justice that the accmmt is . Though Anderson gives the calendars to mnoe~t unt proven .ilty-an HardY Baptist Church we have received requests f of any left ove cx indictment is not a convtciton!Meyer should also realize Neb. .NComme la] It seems many people enjoy the lractor that much of the guilt which he t Dale 448 N Street Suimrior. Neb. assun' should be laid at the Phone 8atpeglor, Nob. Lambrecht brought a plmtograph to The doorstep of President:Reagon or Ile . Lmd Baptlst ! t sister's President Bush must credited W lm lay Roy. Jerry Heydenlmrk ' abollt wlxlden snow to the c~llgress. It shouid also be Afuw School doy Club ..... 4:~0 p,m. Sears, Roebuck and Company he had won- ~ politlcill~; cannot BibleStudy ..................... 8uildoy8411~ 8ultd~ wooden shovel was fox. "rtm ad'.abdng Klinthk ma azlne be held ble fox the greed Church School ..... 9:30 ..m. Church at Study.g:30 exception of the -D- handle, his sister's shovel and to the okl sign whteh long hung on the rear l a ownto of individuals in business. 11:00 in the l902 edition of the calalog appear to be stoobulding. Ralph E. Joseph Wmlhtp.,.,,.................... 10:30a.m. Worship ............. 10:45a.m. Worship, ...........