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January 28, 1993     The Superior Express
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January 28, 1993

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f scholarships County Family Commu- ,, formerly , will again a scholarship for a ) to an adult of 1993. scholarships are in of $100 with applica- ~" to the extension office 26. scholarships will be to Jewell County resi- plan a career which human health. Any senior nmy pick up Rock cOunselors. arship will be to a returning college ! Thursday, January 2S, 1993 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 7B Present 'Caught settes and books on tape-total, Ionia Local News e, .g Good' 8WIrd8 34.Numberofchildren'svidcos-8 added. Number of film su'ips- At aFriday morning assembly 14. Number of books from Book at the Mankato Elementary Van-l,709. By Janice Henningsen Mr. and Mrs. Larry Phillips, Schoolthefollowingawardswere Story Hour was Wednesday. Dorothea Phillips visited with Norman, Okla., visited Mr. and presented: Forgiveness Day is Friday Jean Boden Monday afternoon. Mrs.GarmttPhillipsSaturdayand Kindergarten a.m.-Meghan duringregular library hours. Thursday Karen Mo~er fell at Sunday. From there they were Warne, good student, coopera- The Athena Club met in the the Glen Elder Senior Center on going to visit Mr. Phillip's five and good helper, p.m.-Sara library Saturday evening. ice in the back room and broke brother, R. J., and family at Litfle Christie, good student and will- Kansas will be 132 years old her wrist. She has her left arm in River. in worker. Friday. Points of interest are at a cast for six weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Reiter, First Grade-Aaron Zadina, el- Atchison, AmeliaEarhart's birth- Dorothy Borger and Janice Mankato, visited Mr. and Mrs. wayswiilingtohelp, brightsmile, place; Athol, "Home on the HenningsenwereguestsofJohan Bud Boden this week. excellent student; Reba Liggett, Range" cabin; Lebanon, geo- Menhusen in Saline from Tucs- Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Colson always willing to work and do her graphical center of the contigu- day night tbrough Thursday. Mrs. have hunters visiting them this best. us United States; Lindsbor~, Borger had eye surgeryWednes- week from St. Louis. SecondGrade-AngelaJensen, Coronado Heights, and Lucas, day. Beulah Brinkworth, Mankato, super worker and good listener; Garden of Eden. Harold and Neva Shoemaker fell at her home this week break- Chase Warnc, shows interest and visitedHelcnStitesSundaymom- ing her leg. She is in St. John's concern in school work; Moriah ing and attended the American Hospital in Saline. Wagner, shows enthusiasm to- 4-H News Legion pancake ,feed in Jewell at SheliKuhlmarmhostedaparty wardsschoolandparticipateswell "--'-'-- ----'--'-'- noon. at a local cafe Friday. in class. The Formso Willing Work- Mr. and Mrs. Richard Diers, Debbie Elkins and daughters ThirdGradc-BryanStuder, al- ers 4-H Club annual parents' Concordia, visited Mr. and Mrs. went home after a week with her ways adding positive comments meeting was Sunday evening at Extension Don Sutton Sunday. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Boden. in class discussion; Abby st, the Senior Center. The club's Don Baker, Leon Boden, Ionia Administrative Council bringing "sunshine on cloudy foods project members prepared students with Wendell Meyer and Tom meeting will be Feb. 3 at the Tom days," positive room influence, aspaghettidirmer.NancyDunstan upon higher educe- Whoolery helped with the Ameri- Miles home. Fourth Grade-VictoriaGillett, provided the blessing. Krisme Beck, Russell Hendrich, Elaine Watson, president, Announcement of canLegionpancakefeedinJewell Jewell County Tanner Imler, all work well both called the meeting to order with will be made by early Sunday. independently and in a group situ- 19 members and 25 parents, lead- Karen Meyer and Dehra HospttR1 news ation, ers and guests attending. Bob Bohnert and Damon acerope- at o Grade Greta Thomas, Loreita Dunstan and Barb Thomas deliver 70 "Happy Birthday" balloons to nied Shirley Remus to Manlaat- Admissions Fifth Grade-Megan Thomas Howland led the flag salute and and Chris Liggett, good math stu- 4-H Pledge. Theresa Bouray, sec- Sheryl Thomas at her beauty shop in Mankato. Later they were picked up by John and Sheryl tan Saturday. Jan. 18 to LTC-Etta Nees, dent; Kristen Coil and Dustin retary, called the roll which was )l holD.or roll Fog, Jennifer and Jason and taken to Orpah Fallis in Belleville to celebrate her birthday. Loretta Ault visited Dorothy Mankato. Nine Week Straight BorgerFridav. Jan. 18 to LTC-Marvin Boley, good class leader,answered by "who will win the A's Ost, Lucas Simon, DennisWebb, ~ lhnnn~- ~-~1| ~ ~ Eberhart. Sixth Grade-Kevin Bouska, Super Bowl?" The Cowboys out fade: Brian Freeman. Amanda Zadina. ,, ,,~. ,,~,,,u,,,,, ,v=.~ ~ ~ Dismissals improvement shown in school numbered the Bills! Thank yous Grade: Tiffany Jensen, Fourth Grade: ChristopherMembers of the White Rock II Northbra,,~ }~dyl~l,,t., [| Jan. 18fromAcute-EttaNees, work and conduct; Christina were received from the Kansas 4- gnerBrandyBurkhart. ~Alcorn, Brady Alexander, Kristen Middle School honor roll for the II z o'm ,4~,o,~ M,~,t,,m,, z rv,3 IIMankato. Medina, trying hard and doing H Foundation, Jewell County "acle: Janel Bowersx, Beck, Scott Brown, Ashley Die- second nine weeks are Amanda ~ ~ Jan. 23 from LTC-Kermeth her best almost all the time. Food Pantry and the Tuesday ~ Tmbev, Mankato Library helpers, Grade5-Sean Happening committee. lunstan, Katherine mend, Tonia Dose, Victoria Diehl, HollieStone, HeidiVoboril B R " McDonald and Mandi Smith, help Soil and Water Conservation , Gillett, Adam Harris, Russell (eighthgrade),JodiBunnell,Nick y uth Glover .The fire_ department was~ put away books in the library, scholarships are available for Jrade: Joy Jensen. Hendrich, Tanner Imler, Jeff Cole, Gavin German, Claire Church attendance was nor- canea out Friaay evening to Band, Grade 5-Jaci Dewey and Discovery Days. The Jewell fade: Dustin Boley, Mizner. Mohlman, Ben Packard (4.0), mal Sunday morning with 52 in fight a fire in the ham at the JessieaBehrends, goodself-con- County4-HAlumni-Boostersare )il, Jennifer Dauner, FifthGrade:JessicaBehrends, ChadSimmelink(seventhgrade), Sunday. school. Special music home of Kenny and.l.~.ri Vobo- trol, attention to the director and sponsoring a soup supper and inez, SeanMcDonald, Jaci Dewey, Elwin Dunstan, Laci Clark (4.0), Skylar Frasier, avlohnsolo by Becky Me- rn_ iney tostscveratplgs m me Jewell Gemstones met Jan.good exarnple for others,carnival Feb. 20 at Mankato. Pro- )mas. Mindy Dunstan, Emily Ernst, TravisHatfield, ScottJeffery(4.0), ~icnois wim Kosetta Jenery at ttre. 10 in the Salem United Method- Band, Grade 6-Kelli ceeds will help provide county Grade: Michelle Adam Flavin, Deborah Garst, Nicole Mohlman (4.0), Rachel the piano. Guests were Mr. and .. Sever_el of the Warner f...ami- i_st Church basement. Darey VanMeter, Brett Osborne, Mich- camp and senior scholarships for Steelst. David Gillett, Carlee Jensen, Moluf (4.0), Virginia Whelchel Mrs. Warren H.endershot~Phil nesmet Lucy S nep.ncw, Gi!bert Dempsey called the meeting to elle Bowersox and Jennifer Jewell County 4-H members. ~lonorRoll Christopher Liggett, CareandHaleyWilson,(eighthgrade). Hendershott, :saline, ann uavid ana.r~ay l~rown, m Man,to order. The roll call was "The Burkhart'playingChristmasmu- County 4-H Day is Feb. 27. The Grade: Cortn~y Murray, Sarah Pumphrey, Honorable mention has gone Hendershott and sons, Jewell. ~unoay ann nm ainner togemer. Best Thing You Got for Christ- sic for students' lunch room en- club will present a model meet- Wesley Andrews, Amanda Smith, Christy Snapp, to Zach Kindler (eighth grade), several families brought in their Present were Wilbur and Lucy mas." It was answered by 10 joyment, hag. The club is saving labels. ~ElizabethBohnert, JustinUtt. Deidra Boyles, Kenny Mizner dinner and had a fellowship time Wamer, Norman and Vehna Lee members, one leader and two Specialprincipal'saward:Jake Linda Strnad, vice president, ox, Jerma Bleecker, 6th Grade: Sarah Harris, (seventh grade), Kristal Kindler with the Hendershotts in the af- Smuck, Glen and Patsy Warner guests. Jennifer Bolte gave the Latta, SixthGrade-Friendly, kina announced the program. Nancy tan, Brett Ernst,Charanna Martinez, Moriahand Craig Underwood (sixth ternon.' andTari, TimandWandaWam- reporters report. Josh Bohnert and helpful to staff members. Dunstanled~esingingof"Home ~rdon-Carns, Ryan Miller, Bret Osborne, Raela grade). Sunday evening a largeer and clarissa and Mr. andMrs, gavc the treasurer's report. Formso Library on the Range. ' Sandy Jensen gave cole Jeffery, Reba Reames, Codi Rhea, LinseyThe first semester honor roll crowd attended the Singspiration James Page. ,Peggy Bohnett gave the lead- a talk about the 4-H reading ka Melby, AndrewSimon, Matt Stewart, Kelli includes Amanda Diehl Hollie at Northbranch church spon- Justin and Pat Volker ander s report. She reported the ex- 1992 Statistical Report project. Nancy Howell demon- Shawna Robbins, VanMeter, Hilary Watson, Stone (4.0), Heidi Voboril (4.0) sored by the Ministerial Associ- sons, Rockport' Me., visited her tension office wants to change Number of books owned- strated how,to make a "Beery Greg Zadina. Jeremiah Webb. (eighth grade), Nick Cole, Gavin ation. Six churches were repre- parents, Glenn and Betty Wal- the place for the County Club 4,100, 21 donated, 50 purchased Good Snack. AnitaSwitzergave Garrnan, Claire Mohlman (4.0), sented and brought special musi- lace, and her aunt' Evelyn Her- Days. The club advised it should with grant money, 71added. Cir- a famous talk about "wbo are the Beth Ben Packard (4.0), Chad cal numbers. Attending were ris, Sunday. They also visited stay in Mankato because it's culation, books checked out-chil- famous?" Nancy Higbee pre- Imler, Angela Simmelink (seventh grade), Laci Burr Oak United Methodist' some of the Volker relatives in been in Mankato for ~veral dren, 239; adult' 553. Other li- sented a club project talk about Jensen, Jake Whitemound Builders 4-H Clark(4.0),SkylarFrasier, Travis Nazarene and Christian Church- the Burr Oak area. years. Also 4-H members brarymaterial loaned, nine. Inter health. Recreation, "pass the Lawrence, Bethany ClubmetSunday, Dec. 13.Thirty- Hatfield, Scott Jeffery (4.0), es, Olive Hill Church, the Union Glen and Patsy Warner and wouldn't be asking where the library loan, 12. Total circula- toothpick" relay, was led by Nina Moser, Casey fourfruitbasketswereassembled Nicole Mohlman (4.0), Rachel Chapel Church and Northbranch foster daughter, Taft Tomae, art- rooms are. As Mankato is cen- tion, 822. Uglow. "Happy Birthday" was ason Stewart, Chase and taken to elderly persons in Moluf (4.0), Craig Underwood, church members. Refreshments neded the home show in trally located, clubs wouldn't Number of persons who used sung to those with January birth- Burr Oak and Esbon. The fruit VirginiaWhelchel(4.0)andHaley were served in the fellowship Hastings Saturday at the 4-H have to travelsfar, the library and-or checked out days. Grade: Jennifer Ander- and canned goods were donated Wilson (4.0) (sixth grade), hall after the service, building. Jermfier Bolte led the flag sa- books-l,040. Average number of A photography judging con- Bartholomew, by each member of the club. Receiving honorable mention John and Erma Dillon went LeVee and Ruth Glover visit- lute and 4-H pledge. Daey gave persons each week, 20. Number Becker, Carrie Members discussed having a for the semester are Scott Boyles, to Wichita last week where Mrs. ed in the Elwin Lewis home a project talk about music appre- of registered borrowers--rural Kevin Boley, Shane Family Fun Night. Zach Kindler, Chad Moseley Dillon had surgery to repair a Sunday afternoon and viewed ciation. Maria led recreation, a area, 76; city, 67. Periodicals- Callaway, Guthrie Danyel Davis played the pi- (eighthgrade),DeidraBoyles, Jodi heart valve at Wesley Medical the condition of their metal game called "Simon Says." paid subscriptions, 11; three do- Jarrett an and Levi Shipley showed Bunnell, Kenny Mizner (seventh Center. The surg.ery went well building that collapsed Friday The next meeting is Feb. 8 at hated;total, 14.Eleven children's Chrissic membersbowtomakewinterbird grade) and Kristal Kindler (sixth and she is recover|ng satisfacto- evening because of snow on the 7 p.m., in the Salem United talking books added. Nickloy, Abigail feeders, grade), rily at this time. roof. ~ Methodist Church basement. Eleven audio materials, cas- test preceded the meeting. Stacy Nickloy was the junior winner, Javenia Peters, senior winner, and Shelly Guzik, adult winner. Club leaders and club advi- sory were hosts. The next meet- ing is the Valentine party Feb. 8. I Wildcats Hillcrest Jif-E-Stop Highway 14, Jewell, Kan. 913-428-3431 ,O Jewell vs. Hillcrest O Beat Hillcrest 314 Delaware, Jewell, Kan. 913-428-3288 1 Steal It! It! eve It Down The Floor Go Jewell Wildcats Highway 14, Jewell, Kan. 913-428-3227 Credit Union , Mankato.Beloit-Lincoln t02 N Commercial, Mankato, Karl. 913-378-3134 J The Jewell High School Basketball homecoming royalty are(back row, from loft) Chad Griffeth, Bryan Rathbun, Sam Bowles, (front), Melissa Nulty, Kory Oplinger and Lisa Sievert. 0000000000000000000000000000@00 e i : Wildcats! : O BeatHillcrest,,:. @ O Rt. 1, Jewell, Kan. 913-328-3421 0 O O O oOOqlJOOOOOO00000O OOOO00 O0 O0 O O BEAT HIL L CRES T t 105 S Custer Jewell, Kan. 913-428-3261 Jewell Lumber Company 120 Delaware, Jowell, Kan. 9113 4~5 ,3231 Max's Repair 610 Main, Jewell, Ken. 91: f i i i i i i i i i i i i i llllln I Illl II~. | O | O @ | O O O O O O | | | O O | O O | O O | O | @ O @ O O O 'l',!r,,, .Four, We Wont A Bclsket ! S i ll!|ht I WANT 2 king Mighty Fin Are Loo e I WHO DO WE APPRECIATE! I We nt A Bosket SURE WE DOI ',. You Can BEAT The Mustangs . S , GoWildcat Go I : ANY OLD TIME! i I I I I %-- l n n i I IIIll.lll | Illl III Illl III I [son, 116 W Jefferson, Mankato, Kan. 913-378-3006 IIIIII im UlIB ImB lUlgl Illll i I I I I Pumbing and Heating Jewell Kan. 913-428-4365 O OO0 OOOOqlJOOOOOOOOOOOOOO