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February 1, 1973     The Superior Express
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February 1, 1973

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I~|#~: P, Anntl=v I~nr custom tailoring service at her department stores . in Thursday, February 1, 1973 THE SUPERIOR EXPRI~bA *-,---- ,-,-,.,--/ ---- Sa "r " " ....... I ..... home. Shewasa memberof the c amento and zinlsned | LlOya ~. bargen Methodist Church and the college by taking evening I II I ; A life time Nuckolls County Washington State Association classes the last semester. He. is | | - "-r ,k.. r~....f a 1956 graduate of Suverlor A~l~O~lg Ol~rs~lves I resident, Lloyd E. Bargen, died ~u t,c ,.L~,? . . ...... Temperature Hioh School -- I unexpectedly at his home in .~zn aom.tlon to nusoanu, High during week 61 ~"" " ,~lmer, sne is survlveu vy tWO Low " " By H. M. CHilly ,, ~,.. Nelson Friday, Jan. 26, at the ........... t r dWlngweek 9 Awards Given ~i ~v~t t'ublished in the Superior (First Published in the Superior age of 66 years, 3 months and 9 aaugmers, Mrs. Maxle ~oue , " Precipitation -r..__~_...v-_ .. ~ ~_xpress January 25, 1973) Express, January 18, 1973) days ~orval~s, urea, ana ..~rs Total this month 0 83/U~:sud y /u ..... - r e'~NOTICE OF HEARING ON NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT Funeral services were con- lneoa rceiner, u rlana, t~m~; To date in1973 0183 Cub Scouts FOR LICENSE Estate No ,3 1 of LeVy ducted from the Klawitter To date in 032 The monthly Cub Pack Nuckolls County Historical Society may have set its , ,'~u ~ELL REAL ESTATE Tr0udt, deceased; In the County Funeral Home at Nelson ~,~=.~uu~,...~ .,~..n .... ~,o..' Total snowfall 2 36 " w ' sights too low, in its fund drive for a new museum. A town not far )l~s, THECOUNTYC URT F nt ~e/levue; ,,,,~ o,~l,,,,,,,~ ...... " meeting as held in the ~' ~.~.. _ O O Court of Nuekolls Cou y, Monday afternoon. Clergyman ......... Normal for Jan 0 61 ~m..,t.^n;.., C~...r^L. I. ...... , from here and about the size of Superior has a museum project t;l~O Mrs Lmnna dacons, t~o llS IVlVtIIUUI~t IIU ,.ll ua~,~l~l~t Cr~.._. L L S C 0 U N T Y, Nebraska. was the Rev. V~ctor Schwarz D.._-~. o~ ..... .,..~.~,~...-.P~o. Normal to Feb. 1 0 61 Tuesday evenimz A number of under way, with a goal of $200,000.00. That seems to me a more . ~/:'~x,~a~lA.IN RE- The State of Nebraska, ss.: and interment was in the Nelson ~,~=,-?; -,~ s, ?2~.72 ....... :-- " ...... - .... :- ..... .~ ._~ realistic figure than the $60,000.00 we have been aiming at. As ~)es'~...A~IANSHIP NO. 4367 OF All persons interested in said Cemetery. great granac.nllaren, six SUPERIOR MARKETS v~u$~ w~,~ p:~,~:~,~-u r~?? long as we are at it, we might as well have a building that we can .... x~.Att p " "" O~a~g ste ranucniiuren, ne M~ilria iii rar~ v'u'~"'u ~' ..... ...... be proud of and large enough to house the many valuable items .._ OPPE AND estate take notice of the fihng LID d E. Bar en was born at Pg Wednes-' ........... ' ali "ti YLc'e :h eE'tYg 'e ta ( a d t D e i 'w'ra . k t. 17d l" fieSs t a :lw gsi=qhiled' ?amn: t ""Y oa" i Pvre ioen ':ic:: nwgi :td ::r::: that are already in sight fr the museum'" g . '~so.ns interested in said praying for final settlement, His entire lifetime was inFuneral services were on J!m Pouos:. o!f; D?uglas The announcement came over the networks on Inauguratlon la .qardian~p that a vetition has n~=t.~h,,tlnn ~nfl dischar=e, and Nm-knll.~ t~mfv whor~ h~ wsa Friday at Evenson unapei with ..... ~trlggow, WOlZ; Jim r'eterson, Day 'Inaul~pPr:::~parade.;'-'l~ha(was-a-lil~eiand a sl-ancler.tUth3~Ua?dh3::rdeti~rtm~?th:tand almoStV:~ra:~ef coie~ filed bv Clari's Samsula :'h'Y :Z.'.ZZ;ionof-the eirsof :.:.-..::;.h-,:-,:.:~.-.::'=:'~.,'LS: Reverend Alvin Lustion of- uperlor, Nelson bear; Larry aayers, Dear; ~rdianof Gaylar PODDe ancl ==u~==,='"~:'~=~w"h'ich had been ~~=~a~=~-~r"~=,.:,,,=='~"~,~,~,~,=,-='t,== ficiating. Burial followed at D,~h,-.b-,h ~t~fir,~r~ Kenneth Campbell, bear., enough to make one wish that he had voted for McGovern. Had ,, , ryl Poppe, for a license to t for hearin in this Court on h ne High Valley Memorial Garden. o Marvin Platt, gold arrow, Kelth se .. In t..e Inde,._n_..nc_ sch__ n__ ~ ~,a . the call gone out, there would have been ten thousand of the old ] po the followm , . , . =,,=He=, =~u ,~u . rtogers, golaanu Silver arrows, lo ~l~ .... g described real February 5, 1973, at 10 o clocl~, his parents home and m Nelson _ w=,n, e,.h,,,, ,,~,,~,,,~, ~=nel, vets there, ready and willing, and they would have kept in step ~.. .... .g .g to said mmo~, a.m., when you may appear anu High School. Iowa Rites For A Joint installation service for ,~or o.a .... , ..... tro;th and held their place in the parade without a hitch. The whole ........ one-thirtieth contest the same. He served m the Un~ted States ^l;,,,~ A~:=#in,~ members of the Superior and ],,h ...... ,.~ ...... ,;,,==,. thing was ridiculous. --~'~!n Lots 7 and 8, Block Dated January 10, 1973 Army during World War II. ~,,,.~; e.~,~ ...... Nelson Rebekah Locl~es was~:'~"~;~!~..".~;:=~ "~:fi~" ll=~r~,gmm Town of Ruskin, (SEAL) LeeWall, Nov. 28,1947, he was united in Funeral services were held at held Jan 18 at the Superior :~ .... ~n~'t~'~,~"-~'~ You can never turn back the clock, but there is always the I .... ,,~. t;ounty, Nebraska,Associate County Judge marriage to Evelyn Gingrich at Council Bluffs, Iowa, lastI O 0 F I~Iall Mrs Glenn Hutt [,"~%'^'~^"" ^_~'"~,'..'.."L-"~_..-=-- right to speculate on what might have been. Had Barry Gold- l 4~d~[ .... un.div~dea one-mlrtlem W.E. Garrison, Aurora. They made thmr home Thursday for Alice Bell district denutv and staff were ....~,-.-~ ..... ,~ .... ,~ an .... . . ...... ~.,~" ~,u ~ ~au,=[ water, instead of Lyndon Johnson, been elected president of the ~,~t _~n the Northwest Attorney 3-3cin Nelson. Agastine, who was born at in char e ~f (he installation a"~ ........ ~' .............. United States in 1964, would the United States have been plunged ~-,=- uz ~ection 11 and the _ -- Mr Ba enw samember f g thete into a third world war, or would it have been all over in a matter mthwes ~m,~ ,,~ e,~,~,,., = . : r~. a . .-...o Belwdere June 23, 1876. . Officers installed for the local The Blue and Gold banquet is (First Published the Superior the american t, r'.ost m. A member of the Bell famfly Rebekahs were: Mrs. Sara being planned for Monday ofmonths, as most military experts agree it could have been? It ~t o~ *~,.- ~.,: "~'-~" "---~"~" " Express Jan. 18, 1973)NeJson ana was just electea for whom the town of Belvidere Snyder, noble grand; Mrs. W.L. evenin~ Feb 19 It will be held could have been done at half the cost in money and in human - om r Tna er "' ~tv ~^~- ~ " " Y NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT commander of the Post He was was named, Mrs Augustine Willcox, vice noble grand; Mrs. at the city audi~rium and will lives and North Vietnam would have been so thoroughly beaten I ~l-I-~.'~-~asz.a" . ...... Estate No. 4334 of Elsie C. a member of the Elks Lodge in was a second cousin of Mrs. Eph Carl Langer, secretary; Mrs be a coonerative dinner at 6"15 that it never again would have entertained ideas of invading a ! ~el.,~ un sala peuuon WlU Cannon, deceased; In the Superior and the Chamber of Jantz of Superior. Glen Lan~er, treasurer; Mrs, The b~auet will comnlete "the neighbor state. ~kol'~s"~C~a~nt~,U~teYbr?s~at 3zt County Court of Nuckolls Co mmerce!nNelson.. _ Before her m.arri.age some G0 Kester Jol-mson, warder; Mrs. activities of Cub Scou(week. ~son, Neb,.~-o .,. ,~ ,~,~, County, Nebraska. . lus parents preceaea nnn m years ago, me Dusmess people Velma Wilson, conductor; Mrs. =e~,- ~...~-~.~..~tte There would always have been the chance of the Soviet ty o~,z,-X-=:- ......... ~ "'~ The State of Nebraska, ss,: aeath, of Council Bluffs voted her the Harry Sorensen, flag bearer; ~r ~!l~,,,~,,-~ Union or the People's Republie of China, orboth, getting into the .......~ ~uruary, 1973 at 2:ou All versons interested in said Those who survive are hismost popular old maid in that Mrs'J. . B. Wilton, musician; Install Officers fight, but that was not very likely, for the two communist giants ~,, estate take notice of the filing wlfe, Evelyn; then" daughter, city. Mrs. Carl Davison, chaplain; .- oo __ o ....~__ had already broken off their love affair and were facing each ~lr_m~_s.Samsula' herein by the administrator, of Mrs. Marvin Banks (Sally) of Mrs Jantz and Cindy of Mrs Merle Colgrove, right lne O~Zlcers oz ~orK ~sn- other with million-man armies on the North China border. The ~u~man ot . ~. ~._^, ....... ., ....... , ..~ ~.~. Superior; two brothers, Chester Superior and Mrs. Gene supporter to noble grand; Mrs. campment, ~o. 32, ana~uperior Goldwat-e-r plan was t~t straight at Hanoi with everything in ~aymr~'oppe ana ,,.~.,p,..~pu:.~ .... ,~.~,;u~,~ y:...,o and James, Nelson; two sisters, Gerritzon were among thoseEldon Momber~, left supporter ~ncampment, r~o. ~, were our arsenal, except o~ nuclear might, which would have been ._ ~aryl ~oppe a~nmlstratlon aria a..peuuon Mrs Herbert Yost (Ruth) ofattendin~ the funeral *- noble ,,rand. Mrs Jack installed at the I.O.O.F. Hall in held in reserve in case the big Communist states got any ~_ Minors praying ~or finax setuement, ~....~... ~.. ~..= ~.- t-~.~,,,, " ~-" ? ' : Su,~oriorlastThursda,,evening ideas. ,,,~ ~, ........... ~. ,_ ......~ .,up, u,, ,,.u., ,~ ,vuo. ,~,,u~. ttorton lett SUDZ~rter to vice~"~ a . . : ~..~. I~:. ~.~arrlSOn, (ltStrIouu0n anu mscnarge, anu u:..~... ~r~.....,t...~ ..~. .... ra" " .... ~ .... ~ ' - ~'---; -o - Frank Swaim was district . . . rusuy ~,,a:u,~,$~ u: ~,mu , twv noble rana" Mrs iV1 d ttorney 4-3c for determination of the hen's of .~an~h~m,-~ ~ .... e,~o,~ I (~ ~ ~ PT~ ~ ]~ ~ M ~At C I ... . g .. ' ": " -" denut,, -rand patriarch and the I was in Vietnam for about a week in 1961, which made me =o~,~ no,,oo=,~,~ ,,,h~,,~, ~,ovo ,,=o,, e,- _ --~ ....... ; ..... ~-- I ~-u o~ ~ i ~J u J;. :~[: ~ .) I rmoaus, right supporter to me . ..a. v ........... ............ ' ............ and three nieces |.~.. ....... ~_ ...... -- ........ ,~,:,,^-.~ mstamng omcer mr restrict ~ somewhat of an authority on the Indochina war, then about ~irst ~ set for hearing in this Court on . " . "~m ...... vice gran.~, =v~r~ . ,~,=.==u~u which is comprised of York, ready to get underway. We had no combat forces in the country .~ bhshedmtheSupermr Feb ~ 197 at 10.3o o'clock Obltuary--Lowdermllk Young, Inside guardian, and o~ ~x r " -' ....... e F=.rmont, Hastings and then, but you could see American soldiers in uniform wherever p ess January 25, 1973) Real Estate Transfers Mrs Noel E. Slmpkins, outmd . . NOTICE n~ M=,* .... ,~ a.m., when you may appear and Funeral services were Jan. 8 ............... .,,~.. Superior. Falrmont and you went. If we were not at war, what were they doing there? .... ,~r,,~u contest the same r~'ances urumx, et aL, ~u~u==u~=,,. " 1 ~Estate No 4.~mn ,,~ f,,,,o ~ .... at 2 p.m., m the Chapel ofo,~....= o ..,~ n^,.,,~h,, ~fio~r~ in~talled for Nelson Hastings members were unab e m.^_ ~ .... "-~'- .....L~atea January 16, 1973 ~;],.o~,~,,~r,= w~m~P~l I-lamp_ nf zt=~aaa~u *~.. =,,~ ~,~.v~.# ........... ,; ---- _ .: *,, t,o n.o=o.~ Anyway it seems to be all over now, and we should all thank ~-, ueceased-, In the County Wall- "~ ..................... Skalka,. N NW4, 12 -4-8 ..... were" Mrs Jim Lyncn, noble"" ~ ~ ....... }urt o (Seal) Lee West Monroe, La., for Gilland . . , Officers installed for York the Good Lord for that, but I still think that Goldwater had the . f Nuckolls Count, - Gordon E and Catherine L grand, Fredo Bergman, wce ~tbraska Y Assocmte County Judge Lowdermilk, 44, of Monroe. The .. - -" ..... ~,,,~:: ar~nd ~'-- Via,tar ~Ji~le~n Encampment were: John Slot, right idea. : " Geor e F. Jonnson, r., uarper m l-,onaia t~. ana ~,,,~ ~, ..... , ,,u~ ............. , . . . m ~e State of Nebraska ss" -,:g .... J ~ o_Rev. Joe Mon~e officiat.el and M .~m,,],=. P~,-, ,,~t~ ~ ~ntl ~ secretary; Mrs. Floyd Meyer, grand patriarch, Ray Hastings, _.~llpersonsin,.~.o.,~.~ ~..'~;~ atwr.vy .-o~ burial was In t'rovluence "_'~" .'~"_'~':';:':~: ....., ....... ~.Mr. J.k,~C~h~nm~,~ scriDe; .~dpnonse r'oote, ,lrst!s~~~,DI ---'----''--" -'---''' AL "='~atetakenotice:,~_.~_ ".~:~ Memorial Cemetery at Delhi. t.OCZ ;~, ~:ast bupe~or. _ ' watch. Installed for Superior ~. t. .... c u]at a petltlOn ............... ~,__ eranK ana mary ,~. c.~p ; "~'~ ' - ^r^ Harr'" ^r^nsen ""and =ffi ~t~'entiledfornrntmt~nfth~LOUIS P. HOIST ~nauveott~en mtuer, ~un.,~^m..~.. ,,, ~ ve o,,,.o,,,o, i,mior hast noble ~rand we ~ s ~x, ~ , s, ~st will and --~--~ .--'_T"I-:: ....... Mr Lowdermilk was an .~ '~.'=~.~'.=? .."~...'; ~"~'"_' "'-L.., ..'-^:... No'-'le Grand patriarch; Wallace Lambrecht, 1~ appumtmem ox ules ,-agar " ~ot, Block l, u. x Lawrence. uu-$u,.$ u , . ~na C McN,,Itv ....... ,,q.. engineer for Ford, Bacon and. ,~ ._., f,,....,;.A u ..... ,,., M=,.a,~,.,~t Kendall wassemor warden; Frank Swmm, __ ~u estate which . uavm. tie was a memm:r u, " e nteda ewellb Mrs Hutt "'~. ~"'~_~, ":~J.~. ....... ' I~vnforhearin.~,.pasbeens~ LoumF;H.o!st:sonofErnstH. Central Baptist Church. Leroy F~.and 2ern]ce~ A. pr~ .%r~:ior Re~kahs were scribe; Tom Mohier, junior ~bruary 13, l~3.'at'10~:,~l~oc~ ana erieua lvi. riomt.was nora Mr. I.~wdermilk died Jan. G at; .L~.'c'har:~-of the coffee hour warden; Kester Johnson, reside I Wednesday, February 7, 1973 ~t'~s~hth~eYOUmay appearand ~neb.a' ~Iaym3, ~ aDn~V~li.n~ G~s~oodHsp' .tal after a short Vl.'+t~daP'~j:~arsous to Gladys which f~'llowed ~?~li~el;sea?deHoward Larsen, | ( Cattle sell) same L Wilton, et al, Lot 10, Block i ~LDated January'22 l~n~ Edgar on Jan; 22 at.the age of 70 S~---v'ivors include his widow, ~ ~ ,I, 0,,~.: ...... Grand Scribe Harry Gordon I Thursday, February8, 1973 ~peal) Leewall~ ..... years, monmsandl8days. Hi's Mrs. Sue R. Lowdermiik-ot- et a' to r Ollege uegree /o and Grand Secretary Virgil ~Associateco~tvJnd~o entireome was spent on meMonroe;asister, Mrs. IvaDean m~'~._s~,~'~"a;,,,~.,~"'= Harold Baumbach Carter, both of York, were I (M~ehinerysells) ..... " same tarm =,u,.=*= ................... t" I 251 -- HOLSTEINS--251 E. Garrmon, .... Pearce of Denver; and his . .. . . present for the mee rag. . ~At~rney ~o He was bapt:Ized In infancy m parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jason Sorensen, SE, 7 1 5. A former Superlor.,reslde.nt, Lunch and a social evenmg I [ =-o.. the Lutheran taith ^, e .... rior ...... Harola tsaumDacn, wm receive followed 1 131 Matured cows, many are 3 and 4 year olds; 32 First calf . wwu,:= ===u~ u= OUl, m . In The t;OunCy t;OlII'~ ' ee " Mr. Hoist attended the little Probate De-artment his bachelor of science degr . | springers; 44 Bred beifers; 15 Yearling open heifers; 14 JprstPublished'mre .Fel l .l.9 . .theSunerior, ,,,, , ,,,,, country school near Sedan. He ........... J~Ar 1 / Lvn .-. ~uarumn~m~-~'-"- of Gaylar in business .... administration from Pioneer Wrestling I Coming yearlings; 15 Heifer calves ExpressFeb 1, 1973) was a member of the Masomc I~;~,, ~,,...4~ p .... =.~ ~,~,,] p.nn~ the Cahfornm State University Conference At EXPNoTICEOF---" Lodge of Davenport for many "_':7 at Sacramento this week. He ,._,,.._.z_.. I Bulk of the matured cows are mated to "Olsondahl Maid minors, order zor neannM on FI an honor uaven orl :)~lUrUdy S~INAL'SE~I~L~IF~NT years, "ITle funeral service for Mrs. i!... ....... will also receive P I Comre" No. 1578738, a son of "Pabst Leader Comre", Ex. 92 ........ uuon xor nceuse m seu rein .. ~--o'f"'~'~,~t~,,ll= Preceding him in death were J. L. Lyne (Bertha) was held pc! ........ degree because of hm pomtmn ........ I Gold Medal. His dam "Maid B King", Ex. 90 - 285 D., 17,070 - - ..... - ........... estate ana nearlng set tor ~'eD , The t'ioneer wrestung ~ty, Nebr~ka.~" E'state "o~ his parents, a sister and a Monday afternoon at the ........ " on the dean s list. _ ............. | M., 3.7 634 Fat. This is a high producing young herd with good ~nitred M b~]rvrnn|~= brother. Montgomery-Williams Funeral ~.~,~'~'...o u w~n,~ A son of Delos Baumbach of ~on~erence wu~ ~ n ma a~.tne I udder health. ~eased, No 4~.q ___~...~._v, Survivors are two sisters, Home. She died Jan. 27 at the _,~?~_," .~.~,'"_"~:,.,'f"'~" Superior, he is also an honor uavenport scnoo~ ~aturaay, | Financing available, State Securities Company, -- ue~$e~ Wlll~ CDtltlUll It#l- -- m "lT=e '~e State of l~e(~raska t,, ~|| Emma of the home and Mrs. age of 91 years, 11 months and 2 __..=. .... ; ...... p=t ^_.=__ ,^. graduate from American River Feb. 3, starting at z p.. | Lincoln, Nebraska ~cerned: Notice= ~ t,~.~-,:h,~ Carroll Lietsch (Edna) of days after living her entire life pruu=~] u= w~,. ~ u~u~:,~,~ College in Sacramento with an finals will be a! 6:30..p.m; | Interstate Health Papers en ........... : ........ ~ ...... " ........... Schools re resentea wm De I DAIRY EQUIPMENT ~v~ that a n~tition ho~ ~o-, Edgar, and many otherm thin locality. .. _. AA degree in electromcs P .... 1600gallonDeLavalbulktank; 6 unit ]DeLaval pipeline milker for " "-- .......... rn Feb 25 ='"'" " " l Cla Center, Friend, Desmer, final sett]~m~.~ h=,-=;, relatives and friends. Mrs. Lyne was bo , ~,.,.,. ^~ o,,,,=,. ~ o,,,~ communication techno ogy. _. Y ....... ~terrnination--~"-~,'~.~.'~'~.~'~' 1881, in RepublicCounty, ~a.~'^'~.~'o~.~" Baumbach is advertisingMerla~an, uorcnester anu I 61-- STOCK CATTLE--61 remissions dis' """~" .... Mrs. uurr ules Stineman ........................ =.= ~e and a' r trlbutlon of d r Colo. On Feb 25, 1902,she was will annexed, bond of ad | 10 Angus-Holstein bred heifers, start calving April 1st. Bred pp oval of final At Boul e , " " - L e To ministrator and letters of ad- [ | to Murray Grey bull; 22 Angus-Holstein yearling open t and dischar married m jesse ,.. yn ..... Generation After Generat o II heifers ;Holstein cross bred light weight steers;8 Angus-Holstein coming yearlings ;1Murray Grey20 AnguS-2year ge, which mmlstrahon. " / n i~Fl~-, fr bearing in this Court Mrs. Dana Burr (Blanche) of this union were., born one Estate of Mary D. Svoboda, ' I old bull i~re" 20, 1973 at 10 o'clock Boulder, Colo., died seturday at daughter, ma ttam u,ton, oz deceased; order adjusting and I Farm Machinery sells 11 A.M. ~/~" ,, Boulder. She was an aunt to ~uperior ana one son, tilenn, oz barring claims. _,\ ~-~uj Wayne and Albert Ferguson of Gothenburg, Neb. . Estate of Anna Pavelka, TO Mean Somethinn / Thursday, February 8th... ~) ~eeWall Hardy, being the youngest Besides her daughter ana son, a .... ,,~rl. inventory r-~H~ ~,v,,~,,,~ ~ laSSciate County Jua,,= sister of Albert Ferguson, sr. she is survived by two grand- ~' ......... "" I 1970 - 8000 Ford tractor, 23 tires, M&Wturbocharger; 1968- ~Wning & Downi~,, ....... ~ "~" She broke her hip five years ago sons, Minor Lyne of North Traffic Denartment 1 5000 Ford row crop tractor, M&Wturbocharger; 1967 -3000. tto~eys~Attorneys "~ 5-,'5-3c cbmrin a .fall,since. and haSthenbeenThm, inwee.ka wheelsh e ofPlatte'BrokenNeb'Bow," andNeb.Vaughn; five greatLyne imStateroper VSparking,James$10Ehlers;00 and TO Eac h 0 t h e,rII Fordfront,~eSelgoodtractor;; 1968 -1953FordW'D'plow,Allis4-16,Chalmers3 pt. mounted;tractr' wide1965 fell out of her wheelchaw and .-- .L~. .......... P " i~i!i~~i ._ ...... f _ r,~anu~uoren; anu a host uz costs NUCKOLI=~ ~a~ t~,~ broke ner Diner nip Tne unerm other relatives an.= ~,, " ..... ,,_....,., .... _.~ .~...,,.,,. = . ,,. =z z~u,,,,~. ~ VS. Jum~ ,.. vul~zt; z~ i .._ NOTICEOF was MondaYi~sBoulder. Her.She was weceded in death by inspection sticker, $10.00 andThat Is Why There Is Such A Thing PUBLI nus~ana surv O- C HEARING " her husband in 1949 and a costs i~--- N THE PROPOSED _ . grandson, Gregory Hamilton, in State vs James Poulos; pRANoDvSLX YEARROAD Here For Funeral 19~.. .... improper parking, $10.00 and ~.. t~ ...... I O,.,,,,,;t,,-, ~+~ .... V~MENT PLANS Mrs. byne is me last sur-costs P~ rU.~la, o~, ,,~,~. I Dickey John monitor; 1965 P K Sway ', P , ~ ~'umlC notice, as r uired b Out-of town friends and viving child of 11 children State vs Clarence E Farver, I gallon; 2" - 2 row Cultivators, 3 pt.; I,H.C. Subs oiler; 1970 ~eci~3~22~9, R.S. supeq. 1969 (~ relatives attending the funeral TheRev. MaxO. McCamley, no inspection sticker, $10.00 and ..... =- ~l==~== | Alliedloader, 8000mts.,3pt.; 19695tonDononoelmpflement ~..~ .~ne Nuckolls County nesday were Mr. and Mrs. Church, officiated. Interment Statevs CraigL Grummert; /J ~,,~=~mrn!ssiners will meeaa t on the Kenneth Olsen .... and Gary, was in Evergreen Cemetery. speedi'ng, "$25.00 and. costs Y of February, 1973Trenton, Mich.; Mrs. VLrgmm State vs. Jacque Shipman; JI I II summg at 1 00 m Simmons, Clarence Stmmons ~ar meetm:g P'th'e a~ot~he and Mr and Mrs Steve Obituary--Seth s p~ti.'ng, $15.~and C~Sn~avel._ I mmBB I Ford mountings3 pt. .... ;~tate VS. L~onn Y; /~ / HARVESTING EQUIPMENT i~ )m.m the County Courthouse Mosqueda and daughters, Mrs. Bessie E. Seth, 79, died speeding, $25.00 and costs. / I 1 1969 - 1160 Case combine 303 corn head; 1971 - 8 row Hesston ~_ ~emon, Nebraska for the Camarillo, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Monday at a nursimz home State vs Kenneth L Brown; )~___~. of hearing ' support, Galen Baird and c hi!dren, where she had lived for't~he past speeding, ~() 00 and c~ts. Ill r ~~ I headers ; New Idea corn picker 30", extra clean BiN ' ,+EO position S uennm ~lom anu f --~-P~. " , and recom- Kearney; Mr " - seven months. Statevs.Ar~urHarig; trying ~II~ : ll'J~endations relatin~ to tbe children; Mr. and Mrs. N:, r. She was born July 5, 1893, at to defraud an inn k r, $86.67 I FORAGE AND FEED EQUIPMENT ~I~rordPs~e_d One-and ~ix-Year Brittin, Wood River; Mrs. Ruskin, Neb. She was and costs, eepe I FEED l000 ton Corn Silage :d,m~',~ ..~mprovement Plans for Rachel Timmons .an a umrence graduated from the School for State vs. Paul S. Weber; IIIlI I~ l!sections1966 Geh18,,188pipe;2-30"1968row(3)Chopper;Ford Big1968BlueGehlforageblOWerwagons, 3and 13 t..~lnr County, Nichols, . Grand Ismn.a;l PUS" ~Smr the Deaf, Omaha, and attended speeding, $25.00 and costs. . Nora Wehrman Hazel Nichols, __Cp um._~,-d" Gallaudet College for the Deaf' Marriage Department /~++~ ~'+~l | axles, flotation tires; 1967 S & H power wagon on Gehl gears; t:ountyClerk lcand Mrs. Art Way, em~..a~, , at Washington, D.C., the only Lonnie Gene Haba, 20, and IV.'~ ~l~ 1 1968-U7OwatannaGrinderhnixer;,1 1.NewH and br l ~~ ~/ [ [ ~ I 1956Bale-Vator T.S.C.; 1951St. Je ale laaer; ~mz~ ~ ~ ~Oili~!~~aSnHdi~ ~sd I side rake; 1953 Ford mounted crimper; 2 Mineral feeders' I 150 bu. feed bin, 20 feed b~kks~l~ge self=feeders. I 1969- 307 Chev. !on Pickup P.S. 26,000 miles; .19~_ ~:V. C60 forward cab, 18 hoist - 2 speed, 327 engine, 34,ooo m es, ;:d I Omaha Standard fold down, "clean"; 1956 Ford 292,, 113; nd family of O.,~..~A.. Fairfield; " .. . " y y red . ; disso ution of marriag . I~ dINI ~ II /++I I box hoist; 1952 Jeep 4x4 station wagon new motor ; ~ prl ~ . ,-~,,,,~ouv . " le" Mr +++ ngs, to Se-,-=~,,, ..... neth Fischer, Bellevti , ... I l~ll[ l~+'I I Honda trail 70 tst week ,- ..:?w,.,,,. ~uw~, 3rid Mrs Walter Fischer, Mr: t .............. ' - ' I I IRRIGATION EQUIPMENT -~rvi ~for~era~t3~ertUneral andl~4~rs.',Mr~,,,an.d I -- i i _ _. ~ 40 . 50 ft. . 6 inch Gated pipe and 45 and go elbows ;22-30ft." I aw , uscar e an(:[ Mrs P.Able ~ ~:~ ::' s 7 Mrs. Vic Harv y m ,.~ '~ .+ ere ;l.~..Funeral services Noble, Republic ; Mr. andM-r_s" I or An ADDOlntmenl +++ + I I 6inchHighpressurepipe;72"20ft''6inchhighpressure ria+ -:'~ vrlaay at Searsboro M~P.,i. Thaver and family,I " --= , ~ pipe;. 22"30ft'Volume" 6 inch Suction pipe;guns on skids; Pipe ltrailer;- 50 ft. 360" 8inchFordSuctionmotor =i~a~ ~alhwas at .G.riunel" She ~]o"ra~'" Mrs'-',~u~Y Hofts _and I With Trained Courteous | ~1 t l~pe, ted with 6 inch Borldey pump "propane"; 430, Ford [rs paume wlth Mr. and Alfed, Byron; Mrs. Kay I ..... . ~J~ll&~::~ I ~ ~ M3~o: mounted with 6 inch Berkley pump "propane'. ~mi~ _ , Lawson and Christiansen, Ruskin; and Mr. I Memorial I;ounselors q | Forney 250 amp. welder; Large Westinghouse air. com_- ~ ' Colorado Springs. and Mrs. james Keith, Nelson. I Who Can Take Care of Every i~~ I ~ 1 | MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS -- I Monumental Need I I pressor; 5 Electric motors, lh.p., 2 h.p., + n.p., ano tWO+ I h.p.; 2 McCullough chain saws; 2 Fuel barrels, 300 gallon; _ [ La rge or SmaII 1 ~li 1 Knipoo F120 space heater; Parts washer, parts bins, bearing .... ..... I presS 12 ton jack, veterinary supplies, head gate and I roll of Surer, I Cnntact I ~ wire rope " YII ,GI 'Ii"1 ,o o, I HARRY SEITZ ESTATE, owner I Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Ludwig = I Beatrice, Nebraska A, I Phone 627-3~45 Shickley, Neb. " I Paul W. Rolfsmeier, Art Leitner, .......... Herndon, Kansas, DAYS I Representina I ~lle ~anaser I Seward, Nebraska Delmer Jurgens. Wymore, I Palmers BroTners Granite co. 1 1r I Phone 402-643-6143 & J.R Thimm, Beatrice, I und~?Legs~'mN:~ a n a gem e nt John Price | Auctioneers