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February 1, 1973     The Superior Express
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February 1, 1973

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y l__ • Thursday, February 1, 1973 of the ne ::iu p e r i {31-- -- • III . erry.artln Newspaper editors and publishers throughout America ...... ~. Established t, have taken up the cause of a number of newsmen jailed in recent s~zm[~, Bill 61aural,, Managing Editor ~ ~l months for refusing to disclose their confidential sources of (W~PAPERI ,..., Po=,sh. W.k,yb. r/ information. ffi. " Superior Publishing Company, Inc• ( ( The most famous case involves William Farr, now of the Los ~'~N 1~ East Third St. \ ] Angeles Times. Farr was jailed more than a month on a con- ~q ~ Superior, Nebraska 68978 ~~~ tempt charge stemming from his refusal to tell a judge the Nr=m'.L... %, 1972 ~VU N~ 'U=.~ lg73 s ¢ satoSc ,l.oN' Sut cr,= rate= =5.0o per y,r ,,.me ,, source of an article he wrote while he was covering the trial of odvimce in tmmra = arid Kan~s, ~.00 per year the "Manson Family." At the time, Farr was employed by the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner. - v v -. The subject matter of the article is incidental. There really The Next Step ~ isnourgentpublicinterestinknowingmoreofthesordiddetaiis of the bizarre Manson, cult or its plans. But the principle at stake represents a vital public interest. Earing just implemented a costly a full,time basis at a proposed salary of Farr s right to withhold the identity of his source, without fear of o' imprisonment himself, is a fundamental issue. ! somewhat questionable im- $20,000 a year. • .w It's not merely cause for concern by newspaper editors or ement in the state's judicial Perhaps the proposal has some merit newsmenPUblishers" It may not matter to the average citizen how manYare jailed for upholding a long-recognized right of a edures with the creation of a new in sparsely-populated counties of reporter to protect the identity of his sources. 1era of county courts, the Nebraska Nebraska. Some of these counties have But if reporters are denied this right, it is the average |islature now is ready to take the only one resident attorney and he must ; citizen and his collective rights to information that will suffer. i_,it step .... in the grand nlan of con-take the j'ob of county attorney whether theFreed°mfacts, of the press really means the peoples' right to know oatton. he wants the post or not. i This is particularly important in articles involving scandal :ms would be the establishment of a However, in districts such as the one or impropriety in government. If newsmen are forced to Rem of district attorneys over the encompassing Nuckolls, Thayer, disclose the sources of confidential tips, the possibility of rooting out scandal is sharply diminished. Without the information often to replace the present county Fillmore and Saline, the area is provided by a source or sources who choose to remain : eys. physically to large for only one county anonymous, many stories about improper activity by public officials would go unreported and thus, uncorrected. This aerr LB26, introduced by Sen. attorney. Some form of deputy or r Y arpenter, a district attorney assistant district attorneys plus the • doesn't mean giving newspapermen any special privileges. tIS Newspapers already are subject to the laws of libel for what iOld be elected in each of the state's retention of attorneys for each county's That Time of Year .-PapilllonTimes they print. . . _ Jo ia, be woo, e"-eve,o m *or io .o r co.o.c.m., publicized, a day in court is not an attractive prospect. It's far officers and would handle all In the end, the taxpayer would be r'r,L at easier to conceal scandal by imposing a "gag rule" on newsmen [rn!nal matters within their paying moreforserviceonlyslightly ] [[, S Washington Tuesday, the • • • • • . . through the implied threat of jail for reporters who protect a tlsmctions County boards would be improved. Fort • Nelson Housing Authomty confidential source-even at the risk of their own imprisonment. or!zed to retain outside legal Abetter solution would be to pass ha i:oi Y: d geyL e.lmcSe!!i or practically so, and this seems assured of financial On thisissue, the public again is far ahead of the eourts. A rannSel for their own assistance and legislation enabling the counties to community is thereby given an assistance to the extent of national poll indicates that 57 percent of the American people all-weather connection to both $300,000 for their proposed favor giving newsmen immunity from such harrassment by east and south, housing project which will offering reporters the kind of confidential privilege now legally ]a: Y civil matters in which they may voluntarily affiliate and combine the tags until the legislature an- Twenty-five Years Agoprovide 20 one-bedroom low- accorded to communications between physicians and their nvo!v.ed.. attorney posts as deemed best by the nounces their decision on the Miss Verna Jane Shumakerrent apartments for the elderly, patients or attorneys and their clients. district attorneys would serve on local people.. . year.Sideringfee" At presents cut fortheYthearecurrentC°n" haSKnownPurchasedas me . aena ' e .b-usineSSueauty• LaSeni°rverne MasterE. SchiermeSergeantyer, tweenThelawyerf°rCedanddiScl°sureclient is wrong°f a priviligedand shouldc°mmunicati°nnot be allowed. Yet be" i The Attack on Famthes Thieves broke into theShoppe from Miss Edith .King, Carswell AFB, Forth Worth, this probably would affect only a single individual and his who willopen a new shop m the Texas, recently retired after 20 rights. of the far-out trends which universities. Nor can the far-outs be warehouse of J. Jackobson at uumey note! nun.rang., .years service, including four Forcing newsmen to disclose their confidential sources Formosa, presumably Saturday lue aupermr woman,s cmv m years in the navy and two years hurts every citizen who cherishes free speech. It can be a tool to tens to brin,z about the decline fired--the teachers havewhat amounts night, Jan. 24, and stole ap- sponsoring a sor|es at orange with Oki A" " • the shams Natmnal deny the public the right to know information it must have to fall of the UniX'eel States as a crest to a teachers' union to frustrate college proximately $400 worth of hnd pmoclde parties in the Guard properly evaluate the actions of government or government choice alfalfa seed which had homes, for the .benefit of the Mr." and Mrs. Paul A. is the attack fa authority and protect their jobs officials. * °n n e Blackstone, whose farm is five This threat will never be eliminated until every state has a a o th m y by been re-cleaned and made Infantile Parity. sls fun. d. Mrs. reddy for shipment. ern-day students and the far-out As a result, weirdo professors .Robert Dema.. y m chairman.of miles southwest of Superior, law guaranteeing newsmen immunity from contempt charges ment of college faculties, an continue to erode the basic strength of Harry Schmitt, Jewell county me .committee arranging me were among those honored at for refusing to disclose confidential sources of information. engineer, has announced that . . the annual meeting of the partms -______ Fment" entrenched at most in- the nation, the family unit, by teaching work will soon be started on The silver .w.edd!ng an- Jewell County Soil Conservation roans of higher le _.arnin it This outdated obsolete and inadequate. Kansas highway number 14, niversaryo :merutanamrs, w. District in Mankato, Jan. 17. community mental health75 which updages township [n an inte-----: ....... ough the family system may not north of U.S. highway 36. L. Willcox of Nelson was ob- Mr. and Mrs. Blackstone program throughout the state, government laws, also received subjeet: g s.erl .es O I article8 on be perfect, it nevertheless represents Chester Cooper, Norfolk, who served recently. A party ia their received the Bankers Award for Almost all of us are still favorable committee con- formerly owned and operated a honor at the Reformed outstanding conservation on holding more bills than our sideration. , ginning m me January be .... the st solution man has found in cafein Superior, has decided to Presbyterian cnurcn in their farm. individual I0 bill limits will One of the biggest vaDr goueS:, Lester Velie in.-thousands of years for successful living re-enter the field here and is Superior, was attended by 31 The amount of $243 85 has allow us to introduce, which frustrations of our legislature so uests ons proxessors wing ,eacn and the rearing of children. The having the Hafner building, g . been reported as the newones might be attached to other far has been our inability to get next to the Safeway store, The dedication of the new proceeds of the Wildlife supper bills as amendments and which any of the important bills Une':- • n w way ox various experimental systems now remodeled for his use. The new $125,000St. Stephenschurcn ann on Jan. 14, sponsored by the bills will have to be set aside, moving. Each day we spend in u g, tree love style riving, _. being offered are untried, over- eating place is expected to be rectory has been scheduled for local Fraternal Order ofThree of my own bills came session counts against our r, __ :vvmS, e c. simplied and too often lead to tragedy ready for opening within a short Jan: 29 with Most R.ev. Bishop. Eagles. This amount will be up for_, public hearings last ninety-day limit even if we only week. Tne nearing on LB 198, meet for an hour to consider two time. LOres B. Kucera oflmmung reported at the state convention which eliminatesthe or three bills on General File most COUntries of the world, whereand ruined lives. Vd . rds are generally accepted by Nevertheless, the assault on the Mrs. Joe StouUmore of the the ceremony, in June and will go to the Boys requirement that the This frustration created whai relief committee announces the Acar owned by Albert Farver Ranch of Nebraska at Alliance. registration of voters who did was probably our most spirited :J majority because of tradition, family as an institution continues and need for warm wearing a~rel of Nelson caught fire about One Year Ago I g.. Pr.actice in living and a solid poll percentages show more and more for the needy, as the supply ismidnight Saturday between For the second time this year generain°t ine eczionsOne of themuszlast t V. One spentdisagreement20 minutesyet trvingWhen Weto Nelson and Superior, and was and the second time in the past base, such courses would not students are beginning to believe the about exhausted. The Lyric smashed into by another car 25 years, the Superior High purged, attracted a large decide whether or not to meet theatre donated the proceeds of traveling at high speed. It was Wildcats have won a tour- crowd. Onl.y one person t .tified on Friday. Many of us felt it uowy robe taught impressionable newly-taught, immoral hokum about a benefit show last Wednesday, agams =¢, nowever, ann n was would be foolish to waste completely wrecked and bur- nament trophy. This time the advanced from committee to another day when we should be :rs. But in America, with its free sex and male-female relationships which netted $12.85 for the ned, while the occupants went Wildcats took top honors at the General File 0. saving these days to give us ice, diversity, lack of any single (natural enough, in that it is taught cause. At last Superior can feel for help. The four young men Mid-Nebraska Conference other runs, LB 74 which more time to consider im- Standard or culture, a them at college). Nothing can lead to assured that it will not be from Edgar, in thesocondcar, Tournament playedlast week at raises minimum salaries for portant bills when the com- lion not homogenous, prac- the demise of this great country stranded" in wet weather witll were hospitalized. Grand Island Northwest. elected county officials, and LB (Centtauedtopage 7B) Petitions signed by 80 percent The transfer of Sy Schmanski, anYthing goes. Any nut can quicker than a continuation of this only one highway outlet. The of the land owners have been manager of the Superior plant sanding of No. 3-,5 between Nor can the far-outs be inexcusable, reckless folly. Hardy and Byron is complete, filed at Red Cloud for an of Mid-America Dairymen, to election on the proposedone of the firm's Minnesota News ..... s Committee Hearings Assure Fireworks death penalty, repeal it or restore it...lot- ...Omaha's city council and school Amendment. the issues which have emerged during the the 1973 Legislature to go along with subjects such and the budget. and death penalty issues are tied to recent authorized abortion could be imposed only under special Sen. John DeCamp is seeking to rewrite Nebraska's so it coincides, as he sees it, with the instructions by the court. several views on the death penalty. Omaha Sen. Sea wonts it abolished, while Sen. Dennis tin is sponsoring legislation to make kid- murder subject to capital A proposed revision of the state's criminal code also names certain crimes-kidnaping and murder-which would carry execution as a possible penalty. DeCamp says his state lottery bill would generate about $15 million in revenue• The money, he says,could be used to finance prison and rehabilitation programs. The partisan Legislature issue--a traditional question-was sent to the floor for debate by the Constitutional Revision Committee. If it clears the Legislature, which it never has Bostwick Irrigation district in plans was announced Wed- Nebraska, dealing with the part nesday mornig. John Wagner of the districtlyingin assumed the management of Nebraska. the plant here Wednesday. Fifteen Years Ago There was excitement for a Roger Wilton is in a Hastings while at the Albert Ahrens home "YOURS ?" Grassroots George Says: Speeding is profitable on!y for the undertakers. hospital with a bullet wound in of rural Nelson on Sunday. They his hip from a rifle accidently had been having sewer troubles discharged by the boys in the back seat of the car he was driving. The Superior Boating Club was organized here this week with Dr. W. H. Upton elected president. Harry Hanna left by air for New York today and will take a before, the matter would be put before the voters in 1974. Omaha's city council and school board have been monopolizing a lot of legislative time this year. There are bills to have members of the two governmental units elected by 19-day cruise on the "Empress districts instead of at-large. The proposals aren't popular with of England" through the the current councilmen and school board members. Carribbean area. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Madsen of Superior were hosts at a dance Saturday evening, Jan. 25, in the Hardy community hall, in observance of their 40th wed- ding anniversary. and decided to dig out the end the drainage. To their surprise they dug out a nest of snakes. They killed 15 snakes and others were still in the hole. The Nuckolls County High- way Department has completed the installation of two-way radio communication equipment, The radios now provide constant communication with the road crews working in various parts of the county. According to Ronald Polage, county engineer, the radios will be of great help during snow removal. Hebron High School will Not many people are as smart as t-"-~hey think they are. t's always easy to find in hard work an excuse for delay g . [, The nicest Peo le r bout ~! us. P a • those who say the nicest things--a Fireworks seem assured when the Legialture's Government Committee holds a hearing sometime in February on a resolution to withdraw Nebraska's 1972 ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Women, especially, have been outspoken on both sides of the e%ue flooding the sponsors-Speaker Richard Proud of Omaha, • w. H. Hasebroock of West Point and Sen. Irving Wiltse of Falls City--with mail. Some say the amendment only seeks to assure women of equal treatment under the laws, while others claim it would require that women be drafted and even that public bathroom facilities be used in common. A full house is expected for the hearing. Sen. Terry Car- penter of Scottsbluff even predicted the crowd would be so large that loud speakers may be needed on the Capitol lawn. Delivers Address Governor J. J.Exon unveiled his budget recommendations delivered his state of the state address recently, c nding state government can be financed without increasing tax rates (although school aid increases would force a rate boost) and that the state of the state is excellent. "Nebraskans have a right to be proud as never before of their accomplishments," the governor said. "Anyone not 'bullish' on Nebraska is uninformed.,, He went on to say: 'We are showing a steady growth rate in population, economy, jobs, tourism and last year set a new record in the establishment of new industries. "We have reversed the previous outmigration trend. Our No. 1 industry, agriculture, is currently receiving relatively good prices for its products. With all this good news, we are assured future progress and further expansion of 'Nebraska and the Good Life.'" In addition to detailing his budget recommendations, Exon outlined a series of legislative stands. Among them: --Opposition to school aid which would push the sales tax up more than one percentage peg (to 3% percent) and five percent for the income tax (to 20 percent of federal liability). --A balanced mental retardation program which includes more funds for community programs and upgrading of the Beatrice State Home. --A crackdown on drug pushers. --Adoption of a "workable" no-fault insurance measure. .-Election financing reforms limiting campaign ex- penditures. --Edpanded programs for the elderly. --A series of traffic safety proposals. Chester Stuck has been establish a memorial plaque for named State Sales Manager of Jim Cavanaugh. The plaque southeast Nebraska by the will be mounted in a prominent lVloorman Manufacturing CO., of Quincy, Ill. The family will move back to Superior from Kiawatha, Kin. Ten Years Ago Miss Bonnie Headrick is one of a group from Donne College who will leave this week for Copenhagen where she will be a student in the University there during the next semester. Henry Hansmire, 72, spot at the High School, and each year the inspirational player, will have his name added to the plaque. The plaque • will be inscribed: "In memory otJi Cavanaugh, radio voice of the Bears, 1987-1971." Legislative Report Sen. Gary Anderson 37th District president of the Farmers Union This past week saw the ad- Coop Creamery Company of dition of fewer than 50 bills to Nebraska, died in Bryan our so-far surprisingly small Memorial Hospital at Lincoln list of bills that have been in- on Tuesday of last week• ,reduced in the Legislature. All Burglars were active in his of us still expect a last minute area again last week, making push which will probably double spots last Thursday night at the 300 plus bills we had last Lawrence, Deweese and Ong. week. The twentieth daY of this The largest haul was at session, the last day on which Deweese where about $900 individual senators may m- worth of whiskey was stolen traduce bills is today (Thurs- from the Herbek Liquor Store. day). Rev. John Hart, who has Even though only a few bills served the First Presbyterian were introduced this past week, Church at O'Neill, Neb., and the there were several potentially Bethany Church near Cham- controversial bills. These in- bets the past 4% years, is cluded Senator Warner's bill to leaving O'Neill to become reform campaign practices and program director of youth and espenses, a bill to reinstate the m ~ ' " ° en s act|v|t]es at the Peoria, death penalty by Senator Ill., Friendship House of Rasmussen, Senator DeCamp's Christian Service. bill permitting abortion and two Five YearsAgo committee bills which would With approval by the establish a state housing Department of -Housing and authority and a comprehensive SUPERIOR BEULAH Reformed Presbyterian Church 5th and Bloom Rev. R. W. Caskey, Pastor The Lord's Day Church School .......... 10 a.m, Morning Worship .... 11 a.m. Evening Worship. 7:30 p.m. Wednesday Prayer Meeting, 7:30 p.m. Catholic Church Services Father W. F. Sladky Rectory Phone: 879-37&$ St. Joseph's Church Superior Mm 8 hedule Saturday ............ ~:00 p.m. Sunday ................ 7:00 , i Church of The Nazarene 740 East 7th Rev. 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