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February 1, 1973     The Superior Express
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February 1, 1973

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2'111 ,qllq.'t~OR | Y, PRI'S~ Thursday February 1 197:; Centennial Lutheran Ladies Don Rust of Geneva. ~a dewell Mrs. ..~h 6B .......... ., . ~ : ........... Mrs. Slella Klawitter at the B~ ,~tlnue¢ ......................................................... Mary l,anning Hospital in came Thursday afternoon to Bostwick Local News... Mr. and Mrs. James Keith Bolh ing Mrs.' Harold HI:' ees f. • • were Saturday dinner guests of s. eroy Beewar, ,vw,_ " ch ~mr onl ( t~) t OCa S * • • ~eek Mrs Klawitter returned pm By Mrs. IA'alt l, Varneking tlarper and family Friday blt" and Mrs. George Covcskv. ' e Melvin and Mrs. ~ .. [ T m Nelson on Frida', afternoon the Ladies • " lSmered Mr and Mrs. Bob Woerner, Q, enmg. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Kosek ........... -" ..... Mr. and Mrs. Basil a01~ator St Bv Mrs. Basil Johnson Deshler. .. • " " o,ectly e( The Town and Country Club Mr. and Mrs. Merlin ~,0"'" " , t,'~J ",A met Friday afternoon at the of Davenport and Mr. andver,s li home of l~IrsRoy Lonsdale Orin Spurling of Nelson Vion-1 . ~. " ' ~ll 1111 Mrs. Carrie '~oig~, Mrs. Cuth- with Mrs. Bonnie FoxW~chwou bert Miller, Mrs. Clariee Row children of Denton, Md, 0/State Mrs. Floyd Row, Mrs. Florence way home they made a ff admi,, Portwood, Mrs. Ivy Keim Mrs the southern states ~--- ':" ' ' ' ~cono Ilarold Grone. Mrs. Howard Mrs. Dean Avers of Grgat m Synder, and iVlrs. Roy Lonsdale Colo., was at the home Obraska were present. " and Mrs. Roy Avers overllethin~, _ . Mr and Mrs. Leroy Beewar Thursday. She" also visit~l,--mg to" " visited Mrs. Frank Musil at the Vic Meyer home. '"~'le Bryan Memorial Hospitalin Mrs. Clarice Cronk of(sv"0en~ , Lincoln Sunday. Island spent the weekend~ev ",~ D nner guests of Mr andMrs Roy Avers and Vic ~{..2: " • - - • prmr: Alvin Lowerv and family homes, ne of Sunday were ir. and Mrs. Don Mr. and Mrs Ke~[illed h, Lonsdale, Mr. and Mrs. Craig Buckles and family and)ne thi Lowery and son of Hastings,Earl Sehaeffer visited tphasiz~ Mr. and Mrs. Walt Meyer andttespen at the St. J0the 37t Wendell of Bertrand and Mr.Hnspital in Coneordia S~lifvfor ~upermr ~s~ted mrs narola Lie K Joe ana tmns ~unoay and Mrs. Ray Karnatz and evening, lr(t i'- !~ Mr.;;~dqudl:.el la~ kstmWThursday wMrS l)ar|'ell Bratldi and l,ee n/ade aft foam animals ill craft, tcust ~aaugnter* ot --~-mr a jr ;rod Beth v siled Mr and~3,1ssmg and family were Mr at:! XI. ~,er~u~ Slone Frida'¢ evening Mr al~d Mrs. Paul ))'althers l.astWeek's News Mr:,~ Fr'mk Mart ~ Cindy "and visitors in the ttarper home ~';p~l~ ~bc w,~eker~.d in l{.[{erI ttarvbx' ,.isiled Ihmrv -t (Mba, Kan.. and Mrs. LauraGood Samaritan Center has a ;' "; ~" ~ * • ' - " " later m the evening t ;.till}' P rltlav £venlng• " -.. ., . .',2 " . ... t'o'ah ~tiar.. !dav evem~ig Hammett and Mrs Freda Ricimrd Sehmidt and family of Verlan Broyles, Friday. Ellis Clyde were visitors in the Mr, and Mrs. George Cowskyfamily, Mr. andMrs. AllenBoss ~nc., hosted more tha~;mit~)~ Mr. and Mi's~ (line SchusterSnyder of Superior Friday Grand Island, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Visiting Mr. Nicholson Friday home of Mrs. Clint Wernecke and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey and family and Mr. and Mrs. ' tiff d Lennox dealers, cted ca]ted o~ Mr ::rod Mrs Joe afternoon. " Barth and family and David were Mrs. Ted Bosserman of Burro ~e(b~esdav evemna Mr and Mrs Ted Kimminau Schmid! of Hastings. Long Beach, Calif., Margaret and family Tuesday evening.Jensen visited Friday evening John Boss of Davenport and Mr and employees at their t~ • Mr. and Mrs. John Combs with Mr. and Mrs. Orville and Mrs. George Loontjer jrdealer meetings. Reprei¢"""~ . Mr ~d Mrs I(i(:hard Me- of Superior were supper guests Mr. and Mrs. J~m~es Keith Bosserman of Omaha, Neb., were supper guests of Mr. and Grummert to heh) Mr Mr. and Mrs. Norman Surge Winebar Plumbing |,~=,.J dimmrCUtche°ngue:~i:.andol Mr.TmrYand wereMrs. OfandMrfamilyand MrS.StmdavBilleveningKimminau OltmansCalled (mSundayMr. andafternoon,Mrs. Glen Mr. and Mrs. Bob Colburn ofMrs. Jerry Combs Wednesday.Grummert celebrate his birth" and family, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Heating, Inc., at Kans~t~, (fail IhMib~.rgh at a caie in ~ " Mr~andMrs. Marvin?ltmansLincoln, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jensenday Doyle and family of Tulsa, took Mr and Mrs Mike Jensen Ed Muetler attended a su r Surge and family and Mr. andwere Mr. and Mrs. Ilil • ' ppe Mrs. Harvey Sorge and familyWinebar. Mrs Mank~i~) :q~mdav menmg. The ..... visited Sharon Ferebee at the Okla., Mr. and Mrs. Richard out for supperFridayevening to and bus'n ..... dimmer wa~. gi~(,,~ by Mr ......... { ess meeting at me of Deshler. It was Ernest Ruski th.:tibm~,,h i~ observa.ce of the "~Ijo'¢. Nursing ttome Sunday af- Doyle, sr., of Wichita and Mr. cetenrate mrs. mine Jensen's "1 ..... ' " " lernoon. - .... ~ue vauey home m nenron Sorge's 65th birthday. On Honor RoJJ 'esbytel t)irlhda~: oi Mrs thuliburgh, v ..... ,.,,,., *. ,,~ v. ,.i Mr. and Mrs. Clarus Whithorn and Mrs. Wayne Gilliland andmrmaay. . ,, Monday evening Mr. and Mrs. Ward Gilliland of Mr. and Mrs, Chester van- • Saturday dinner guests of Mr wrest ( r Mz and Mrs Fred Schmr BradMr a]~dand MrS.Mol{vlitiftBanksBankSwereand Hv~ Mrs.. Fdgar, lsaatson visited Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wayne, Neb. ~ueMeter of Lovewell WeMrse dinnerDon meyer" visited' Mrs Anna" and Mrs, Roy Lonsdale were Academic excellence ,~t~, Feb. guesls oi Mr. [md Mrs. Paul Mrs. Charles Spravberr}. the Harrington Friday evening. Visiting Mrs. Ross Lance o__sts of Mr. and , . Mr. and Mrs. Larry HeinrichsState College was recO~t' Marl Ro ers and famil Thursda Schiermeyer and Henry Witke and family, last Wednesday whe~~. Mart Black:dom~ briday evening, former Roberta G(2rtson, was Mr. and Mrs~ Howard Good Saturday was Mrs. Lena Lewis g Y Y' Mark and Laurie Studier of at the Good Samaritan Center in Mrs. Dale Skinner, chairman students named to the fa~,.day, F Mr. and Vills Paul Pettit ofseriously injured while riding forandMr.KathYand Mrs.attendedKurt aMeyerShOWerat frOmin Nelson.the Good Samaritan Home Superior spent Friday evening Superior Sunday afternoon, of the March of Dimes for the dean s honor roll re~ a.m.; JS¢]dIlk lid ~:,,~ I~ (llnnfl ~tI(SI[S O| ' ; . ~" : '~ g '..". " her horse on Saturday and will with Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Wilton. They later called on Mr. and Davenport precinct for thecertificates at an hono~0 v Y Mr m~d ,Mrs Lvle Mc('ammon be hospitalized several weeks, the city auditorium Sunday Miss Vicki Harvey of Con- ' .- nan Sunday " She lives at Harre, Mont. tter afterno(~n. Mrs. Eulin Ebsen and Mrs. Mads Christensen. fourth year. The following vocation. One of the student~ ' .Edw cordia was a Saturday visitor of children visited at the Fred Mr. and Mrs. Loren Baileyladies will assist her with the receive a certificate urclay, Mr "and :Mrs (?late Schuster ~randmother Mrs Roy Youn~ Mr. and Mrs. Bud Ferebeeher aunts, Mrs. Frank Elliott Molley home in Red Cloud visited Thursday with Mr. and collecting: Mrs. Lloyd Holsten, Barbara Shroyer, daugia#sses, ~. ('al ('d ,m Mr and Mrs It. A"-" ' _, " " . .--- were Stmday supper guests of and Mrs. Cecila Albertson. , : . ,. ; ' and MarRaret Gertson, resMe m Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Jones. Bro,,b,~,~ ,,, Mal,ka~o l uesaav ~. ....... 7 Mrs. Helen Nelson and Mrs. Frl~asV Lydia Kottmeyer, Mr. Mrs. Lawrence Wjlhams and Mrs. Allen Boss, Mrs. Marvin Mr. and Mrs. Donald SlaviC..Sun, M) a d ,M~s' William~ An- "'~!).'al~",.olinar~ e t~ and sson of Mrs, Frank Harris, Mrs. Mae Grove visited Sunday with and Mrs. Childre~ .and Sunday dinner guests at the Holtzen, Mrs. Frank Johnson, of Superior. The awardS~°~,l, 9 drews and Ldtv were ~uests of ...... i i'e'' r arents MrBertha Portwood and Mrs. Isa Mrs. Magdalena Jensby. Forrest Chddress v~s~tedEverett Me-er horn" "ere M-- Mrs. Mark Bergt, Mrs. Roy presented at the ¢0,o~ a.m M d '&s w~,.,o. ~.,~.~,.~ p . ",. . . . .~ y e~ ~. Avers, Mrs. Carl Flagle, Mrs. auditorium Ruskinl ...... ~ ~ ..... ~ ................. McCutehan visited Mrs. E.G.Mrs. George Hansen came Tuesday evening m the John and iam~{v Sunday afh~rnoon, and Mrs, lloward E. Patrick,Wroughton this past week. . . ....... Irene Oltman and Cindy and ' ~dnesd~ ' ~ ~ from Tuesday until Friday. Saturday to get her mother, harper home to neap ~neneyMrs Marie W r - - ' . a nemng i Ed 1 .... M~ ~(~ Mv.~ fi' a~ Roe and ,,,ey"+ ...... ,,,,n v~q,a,o, ,~,, ,;n th~',, ...... j,, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Mrs. Davidson, for the celebrate her birthday. Mrs Earl ~,~ ..... ',' ~,, o,.a Mr. a Mr a.d M~ %, Johr~ (,ales. had, ,,~,,.,,.ue~ ,.H.,a: ,,,,,,,~.~' ....... ,~ .¢"""~'~'a..,,.,,...,.,,." Adamson visited Mrs, Wilma weekend. Sunday they attended Yvonne. ........ Meyer was a supperJan 16 ano'on-":"weanesaay'7" .... ?" ":'*she lummer dram, ,l~I~'d i(:;i~ parents, Mr and ])|~,~r~t" V1P~IJ' and Mrs. Clyde Washington of friend of the Perry family, gave days. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Holms ltardy came and showed their a $30 memorial to the GoodMr. and Mrs, John Combs and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Meyer Mr l~a.~ph l)ve over lhe .~ **,..,.,~o,~**,.. -- ..... pictures of their trip to Europe. Samaritan Center, to be used were guests of Mr. and Mrs. attended a family dinner and week~ ~.:i. " Hv llome Improvement Club ...................... ~, ......... Mr~ ;rod Mrs Mitchie .~,;tr. and Mrs. Bill Mazour and After the pictures were shown, where needed. It was given in Arnold Smith Sunday evening to hridM ~hn~r h.... ina Mr. ~,nd • M,~. ,~u,~ *,*a'e-~ u~ ,J=,,=~a. la Hereford cows, 7 years old, pasture bred, ca{ve in s~{~ariet~. W,'wrner ~ ,J family Mr andn , "s" Mr and Mrs cake andieecream were served memory ofSilas Perry, his son, help them to celebrate their ... ,z, .., ~,[ ..... ,, ,-, ..... ..... fa ,iI~ vLfled , . ;.'; "~ ...... mrs. tw.verslsmetormer Jamee ]5 head 500-lb, Hereford steer and heifer calves ROdney Mrs. Arihur and Marvin Rueha and family and ~noyed by all the residents. E. G• Perry, and son-inqaw, bwthdays .......... &mire d Burr ~)ak a~,d Mrs. S~mdav eveni~, ~ - Mrs( Bertha Lyne died at the Ralph Briggs. This money was mr. ano mrs. r.a ~vmnson ....." ..... an~ Mrs Mamie (: ~ckroft were dinner" .. " ~., .. ~' .. "ol " en (?ent(r Saturday morning, added to the latest project, a visited Mrs. Oliver Mearns and ' ' " MACHINERY ~ign-Ur! , . ,~ , IVlF. anc1 Mrs. lgon rl ste . movie projector, which all Mfred Friday morning..... 1968r Dempster 6-row 30-inch lister, hydr. markers, rO~ti" spend g~e~s ~i Mr arm x.-s r, ncn ....... coln visited Monday Mr. and Mrs. John residents can enjoy, when Mrs. Kenneth Studier of LJ¢ ~t~- boa ds, acraplant, edge drop 3-point insecticides boxes; .'th his [ .) .... f" ~. , , * ~ ". . ancl bnal, na oi Ldn ' d t (mwr -~ ~vmnKam 5unaavill ......... Hiatt came to visit several Superior visited Mrs. C. R. -- ...... " I.H.C. No. ,t7, 6 row Godig, 3-pt. 30.inch; 1968 Dempster/r~l'. V. Kat " over me wee~enu m me t/ene enough money is donated. Wilton Tuesday afternoon. -,-//A~d hiller, rotary hiller, 30-inch rows; 1969 Servis 3-row sk~r. an, hon(w ~t liw bwthdays of Mrs.. , ...... residents at the home. . ,, " ; , ,, ~,~ -. IIolsteen nome wnue tnere Steve Clydeof Superior was kl~/l~ :wmar ~ ,(:Kro~ at,,~ mrs. ' , Mrs. James Jacobs of the Memorials from Hardy friends, givenin memoryof Silas Perry, an overnight guest of his ~/~II shredder, heavy duty; 1970 .I.D. 18-ft. tandem, dual WI~ d dau Woerm,rMr md Mr:~. l),x ltansen, theYHoisteen,seelebratedbirthday andDennlSalso homeCentertoday.Will be returning to her were used to purchase a large grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. P'~m"7 fold gangs, 20-inch blade; 1971 Field disc harrow, 20~_e~ last e K ' , r rents Shamm~ and Brooke were Shanna s hrst bwthday. Activities at the center the iron skillet for the kitchen. Ellis Clyde, Saturday . .. -_ . Sped ing 6 ' 46' auger; 1969 8-ft. Mohawk blade, 3-pt." | , : dimmer :,,~ests oi M~ and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. }larry past week are as follows: Mrs. Alvira Rogers, Bill Im+allafion ot 2a-ft. drag harrow and transport; 196a Springtooth, 16"ff e.p_~en (}sc;a~ lla~lsen of Superior HarTington visited Mr. andMrs• Baptist ladies played bingo, Rogers and Mike and Mrs. All Kinds pt.; 2110gallon plastic tanks, pump, hoses andsaddle;b Mrs. B, S~mdav John tteltenberg of Ayr Sunday Monda'¢. The way to a man's heart is Elmer Rempe were visitors 4-bottom 16" plow, 3-pt; 12-ft. J.D. Rod weeder; Mr~ and Mrs. Bill Kimminau afternoon. " Oliver side rake on rubber; Oliver 8-16 drill, and S~aniey were guesls of Mr. arm M~s, John Bergman of l.nia Tuesday evening M~, ar.d Mrs Roger Roe were supper w,{es*s of Mr. and Mrs. Wa{{CT Wibon and son Saturday evening. Mr :rod Mrs. Bill Kimminau arid tmmly visited Mr. and Mrs. Tony Kimmmau of Guide Rock F~ iday evening. Ml a~(i Mrs. I)onald Brandt, Cbe~yt and Roberta, Leslie B~andt, JoeHa l,arson and Mr. and Mrs. Wendell tlea&'ick w(qe dbm(~ Ruests of Mr. and Mr. and Mrs, Craig Oltmans were Sunday dinner guests in the Marvin Oltmans home. Mr, and Mrs Clifford Adamson and Mr and Mrs. Ctmrles llohns were Saiurday supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Itarry Harrington in honor of Mr and Mrs. Adamson's an- niversary. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hamel and daughters visited Mr. and Mrs. Glen Ollmans Friday eveninR. Mrs. Marvin Oltmans visited Mrs. Arnold Simonsen came still through his stomach,Thursday at the Don Fintel Phone 46 -3 O to have Bible study with the reminds the Nebraska Hearthome• residents on Tuesday. Association, but the old saying Mr. and Mrs. E. Monson, Mr.]~tinq~ i~l~lLly$ Wednesday two movies, hastaken on a second meaning : and Mrs. Orval Childress and Aluminum. Inc. "Grand Canyon" and "Colorful the food you eat can endanger Forrest Childress were supper925 We~t 2nd St. Portugal" were enjoy"a. vo,,- heart, or protect it. guests of Mr. and Mrs. John, , Horses, cars, furniture, boats, farm implements, services.., just tachment; Case 7-ft. mower, 3-pt.; 110-gal. weed trailer; 4-wheel trailer box and hoist; Above good has been shedded and ready to go. COMBINE 1966 Gleaner, 2-A cab, 13At. bar, variable adi. dividual brakes, 18-4 tires; No. F-330 Corn head, three-rOW inch MISCELLANEOUS Heat Unit, portable 500,000 B.T.U.; 1,000-gallon tank, 100-gallon propane tank on trailer; 2 300-gai. fueJ and stand; Pickup tank, 110-galJon and pump; Welder ~80-amp.; Stock tanks, 4and6ft.; 4", 12' Eiectr h. Aug ; Steel post, electric and wire; Electric Loadim hute; Grindstone; Table bench; Implement Air Compressor; Used lumber~ Cattle oiler; tin; 4 V bells irrigation pump; 300-gallon feed bunks, ]6-ft. on skids; 30 Gal. No. 30 oil, standard; tools, bolts, scoops, etc. and ofher articles. HOUSEHOLD GOODS Dearborn Window air conditioner; 30,000 B.T.U., Thomas Edison humidifier; Toastmaster automatic Antique wardrobe; Antique combination dresser and robe; 2 single beds with springs and mattresses;