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February 2, 2017     The Superior Express
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February 2, 2017

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"rhur'r~tay. Februsry 2, 2017 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 7A Letter to the 381h Di,m=t Obitu ies By Sea. John Kuehn, Nebraska Leltislatu~ U ne m p]oyrrmm msuram:e is an ira- put'lent safety net for individuals who become unemployed through no fauk of lbeir own. Nebrask~ employers p~y in'm Ihe unemployment insurumce trust fmtd through a combined tax rite I,l fund benefits for up to 26 weeks for individuals who Io~ their job. Addi- tlonally, in Nel~aska people who vof untarily quit their j0h a.r at.~! el}- pihle to re,:eive up m 13 weeks of ~ef~t~- Although the weekly benefil amoum is not large, i( pn~','ides ~mll~lr- tent support Io help workers .',,v,J t'ami- lie~ thm=gh fir, a~ial challenges when unemplc, yed. The long. term sustainahility of safety neL systems like unemployrnent insurance-can be jeopardized when the system is abused beyond its original pt~rlm~. Nehraska al lows an ir, d~,vidual to rcapply for er~rraployment b'aefits afle~ voluntarily leav/ng a job a -~'ond 6me M'ter oldy one week of work. A r~l'.,~n could chm1~ to quit their joh. c~ll~'t 13 weeks of unemployment benefils, gobaek to work forone week, thca vuluntarHy quit again and co11cl another [3 weeks ofbe'nefits. Ahu~ t~[ lh ~y.qeJn in this way cost~ employers higher contril~lion ralcs to the unem- ployment insurance trust fund, as well as incentivizes a revolving door prac- li~ of some individuals, h al~ b~- den.l' I;:dgar. Nob., and B nmks Merrill ok ]1'llin,>-n ( ",ty. Tenn,: nicc-~ mid I;.aliili~,. Kr;.i_~ and hus- band, David Fi,'ke. ~,i lilcas..inl Dale Neh.. Calhy and husband. Gary Hidlblint. ttl' M~lct)lin, Jean S0muleson of Snlid~. ('oio.. Amy Wooley of Ct)iorulh~. Itm~ll|ll,~." GIx'g Saylor ant[ Ty Samule,i,on t)f Salida, Colo. Her funeral was bold on To~..sday. .lan. 3 I. 2(117, at I(ia.m. froniil'~ t'hxl Chri~ia n Chu rch in Grand b, land, Ncb, with Rolx.n Kipper ~l'i'ii~xling. Mu,~ic was >'Mansion on the Hill- top". "q'he Old Rugged Cros.~'" and "'Wind Benealh My Wings." ~ hh l.inda |'~cke Us 1he pi;ini.~. Vishation was hem nn Monday. Jan. 30. 2(117. from 4 tO 8 p_ln..~|1 Ilie funeral la,ne. Pallbearers ~ere 7:m'h ~_ikiiiund. M i k c Mcm ~I. (;~g Sayinr. Troy Fi eke. Du~ti n Ficke aim Ant hoi~,y Hc idl br[n k. ~ttnonil-y p:ilil~earer.~ were Rtln Adalns lilld (]err)' }-|;nlsoll. llllqr-u1cnl i~..i~ 1tl __., on "l'ue~- day. Ja~. 3 I. 2(}( 7, itL Ih~ Nl.'~llll ('L'ln- 1r) al Nql,'~,nl. Neb. MeillOriais are .~uggs!d hS go to Ihl: I;uni[y or Ihe church. {]~'Ondl)lelli2e~. 1117)- ~ ~,~1 lo Kk~iiicr-Pri~ t;uneral lionie. 44{1 South Main St.+ Nelson+ Nt,'b,. ~Sght or ~ wl~ .pl-ii-'funeralhnni~,~'onl, Klawittcr-Pric Funeral Hllillt' I~l: Nclstln. Neb.. was in c'h;lrg ~q thr arrangements. ~1. Stephen Emott Stephen L. Elliot( 6tl. died S.~aturday. He was a devoled falher. builder and Ide-kmg suplx:rter of the Boy ~-outs. He wus h~rn in Okla- homa, grew up in Ncb~a_,,ka lhen ~ Ilk~l in Birminghum. Ala.+ witere hc ra,~ed his famiIy. He wa.~ the .~m ol' ('~'il and LIoyda Jean Dliott and the ward of Bob and Dorothy .tensby. He issurvive0 by id~lhmechild~n. Boh Eilion. Ton1 E.Iholi and l_aitra Carl~m, ]:unetal is 3 p.m- Ionlor~Y,.,+' I Fr~dav~ at McCalla Ft, nrral i{,~lile. Craig Redeker Craig. James Rcdcker..'i8. dtcd/an 19 al hi,, honle m Red Coud. "the son ,~l Mabel I-. qRickardl aml Aruulf C Rcdeker.h wu~ born Jnne It I. 195~. in Red ('iond Craig gi'ew up in Red Cloud and r~ivcd Ili~ education al Red ('Im,d .~ht~ gs and the University of Nebr~ ka at Lincoln. He ix-nluilied in [.ntcl,hl where he was empinyed h)' V,alctllii~ I" ~. He mov'xl In Des Moiae',. Io~a. f,t a time Ix'tnre retunting to I.hlc'~*In. In 2(}(11, Crate returned IO }ta0d f.'lolid to live and ~.a-'., enlph)yed by G~l~ill liitmqiMrie~ 111 Haslings. In his leisn[e lline Craig ~a- an e x~ellcilt I-xmk and i n In,~ yn1'ing r yearn enj1~ycd playing tennis. He had ~i large ~'~dl~'llon o[ tea cu~ and hb:d ~n)- thing thal ~'-i~ "'rl~f" in uatn~. I--xfL'.ceding hint in tk'alh were tii'~ parent,~: a sister. Tnldie Tucllg.el: and IWO br,>ther.,,. Ronnie and Riehi M&R Bookkeeping and Tax Service, LLC 454 N. 81~ St~ P.O. Box 424 Super, Neb. ~'97B, 40~-879.4764 mrbkk~l~ng@h0fmail.~ Kristin Sunday, E.A. Marilyn Peters0n FILE CABINETS Ho.n Vertical Files Hi.oh ,/mdit.i with t,, k. 1'4,~]ti't [-ml'#1 ilt.t,'~ ~I drt;u Iral 2-Drawer Letter 1188.00 4 Drawer Letter *259.00 11 t.ltLx ~l~lli c' llLkk'i. ~1 k3~ II tIJ k t~l%'i dill d| 71111 d|411~Ib hltdl ,|ll,t lock 2" .~.i, l]ik'it ('olnl I~ llUlL.~ Stop by and pick up yours today ! Superior Expr'c. Sherry Ann Brown Sllern. Ann Brown, 7 I. died'Limr~- day al .~t- AIpllon~u~ Ho, pilai in Nanipa. idallt~. Silo ~an born in Slipl~'rior litl Dec. 2(I. 19,15. She moved Io N;inipa to atlend, l~ ~-o1- lege in 15'64 atler grathmling ffOlll Siipvnnr H~gh ."k%~,l. She inel hei fillurc hu~bai~d. Ken. and she worked al Ihc Nampa Slinph~t Ix~tal, ~d i~arlialncnlx actor., lhc ~,iilitr~ ,llX~l Ittlt ~tlb h~ 12rdnl.]~-lnlthl.-tl_ l, rli ~lJl~dl~'l~ Ihlql htlb- hies,. [.431 IIIdn) ) caP, "~ I'~' "@.,.i~ in,till 't.i.I in Ih Mtlo.~,- 1_,Mt2 Slierr) wa~ ~tl_%_l_~l~d in death h) her parenh. Rt,~q ~iid ()l~e Morriv MMt' |_nile Kax Moiety,_ blothel .Tiff% Mon'J~. ~, qi. Ste'~en BIo~ n, ,i~d duu~l{- Icl. -%h~'H,~ Kay I-ttO~ll Site Is ,,urll,,ed b.~ her hub, band. K..'rl. v,h.t~ ,,hr.' tnalll,,.'d iH Naltl[la t~.i[ April 2"~.!')65 dlmg}llt. Mix. Dale Smnh r Allgela lot Narnlxl: Ihre gzai+d- clnldix.n, one ~_reat-~lJndchlkl hit yOling!~ t~ Ln %L',icI'%. l.ilhan Johiix si' N,it~ipa lld _%It'~. riot'1SheJ Iha~cl Lflhet of t;ene~a: Ill.i]|'il illei2c.,, iiephc~. t't3U~,ln~, auT]l~ ;i]Bi i111~$1', Her funciai ~ i[[ hi_. loniqlrt-lw, I I.r~- da)l al Ab, ip and Ik't~m~ l-nneral Chapel wllh Jerl3' ('hri~tcn,~i.'n t~ft-ici- ~ting- lntcnneni will [ollow at Kohler [~lwn Celnel~. _ Dean Nichoismi Dean Nichol~on. a 14-tlK'd .,uhl~,d teacher, coach. WW (I ~i-'trr:ui and Sttpt:rior ]|igh Scll1'~fl graduate- died Oct. 18 at Sander. Cahl. Hi~ ltiJtcrdl was held iit Ihc ~-Itil. Hc gradualcd from Superior High S~:h~l hi 194 I. e~xcllmg in tu:ad~inics. ~pon.~ and mu- Dean worked at die colh:ge librao' where he fi~t ~t hi.,, si~hr~ ~,u hi~ ill[ur ',vile I~ Tay Ior an~ sald+'"L'hi i~ the mo~i t~aulit'ul woman in Ih~" world. I'ni L2.tmna tnarlr.~, thai gal.'- .-Xiid hedid in 1948. H*: ~n.'el~.'d ~m lnaMcr'., dl~TLl"e in 1952 fnlin Colol',~0~ _~t,ltC Universily. His can.',:r ',il Sangt l|lgh Scllo0| from 1951 t1'~ I~tO#. ~t;i~ nl aJdllm*l lo ltai:liiug iit I;rc-n,, Cil) Ctdlege. 1960-2(ItiIL StU-~,ivt>rs ii~'hidu" I'=t,, ~i1. 3coin la) luf Nillolsu11; aild Iv~ n .~inl~_ I~ob. crl and ltnn. Fat crash test dummies tested A nlll.'Fn,'il i1,~ ,iTiz i~'~4?r~4,'!,Ehl ,itltl ~t~ %? 4.'11n11.=~, Lt~ ~'I,I ~,lillql'~l" IIhll d.Li|a Mli,d[t2~'% ,Iri,' ,,I,irllli .~ In U',L" ~ I~C',~L' ~, J[, I.i,]~ ~]~iHi linl.',~, r~.'F~.~ll,~ fhP .,'%,,-~,~.]dlL, ql ,~[ .~il.i ItlIL" ~lll1'-"tlt-aH ( "11 l/%ll- "l-taUnl,i ',-liT~CIlII "~IL'~>.,Lll ~,ll,ill:,L'. .%11) ,a)- il ,- .~mpIc I,,._.i, "~ , ~.-All'l lalk dl~,~u~ IIIDI[Wn ;It illl,.,:l I.,l~- Illg J[lilllt thr t~..l.Lnl ir - ,l,,l,. ,.'.~.~,. ~[l~LHehlltl ],,rltliT, i .... ,. ' ,h,i[K'ol dn illl.]l,, IL[IJ,II '. [i ...,.I .ll'-,. ,i ldHI II1 Ilill,% ,=i,'%,=';i,' ]ll,-'i! Illl1!-'11,'- .11." r[ (IIW nldlllL[.3~lt4rl'l ,-r ..i,il .1:.1% :r~ ",>:~'. r.. -%: '.~ ,.~K'I .i.,..q,li,i: ~- i'. How to get rid of old electronic equipment ~l,'.~-ll, ll|~IIql ]il'i'~| 'L'-r:[l I ii.,iF%'l[i I.c,l|llx rvl=.'rlel~ ~,lk't~',l ,,['., '.~, I~[,. tl'll ~,'. h,IT r,, ,Lo -I1]1 JJ] tll~,~t, . .]l; k']l.'~ [rtHlA i.]t-%[i.~.'x ~.~t ~t tx't':l ~,dk,.llllk." ll,itil,ii~i ~I+llllTt' %,Jlic'ili,lll{. Itl[c'il~ "tl,n Uil~hl ~1~, %11111,,2' lh111 oli _,ltllliltllf~ Ol uB,o,. ~hc .,mid lit, I ~HI mill11 xi+itnl I,~ IIL~ii.flL" 14it'~li h~ ,i x~ ~ q'lll', i'll,lfit~.. /lind. il k~,',d la~,~', dlqit .lllolx ) ou Io ptil lh~'mii tn wIIb .'i4Jllr li -'l',h..x o1.1 :rue_% h;ive IO ~%'y'.,:le th~.'m .tl ~.hlteS -ni.'h il'~ Bell Buy thai oll'r I~.'t')llng 4~pl|ttiiN lit al fin aulh0ri.,ed I-,[l%'lnllllt" recycliug i.'utcr. Superior care for every member of your family! [ ;lllllhc', lU 111~ Ntil~.'l'ltq dr4~';I ~llrl,' tt)lllltl,lli." lii bu ~.'r~i.'~l I*", a h.',liil i.ll I~iniil.', Liil~" pro'o% Lilcr~, I~ lio ot Icr t'~%lll~!t-'i~,',l~.%'li-=LIt'_ llndv~Qonal 4.',lit- IlOnl tll..ix}Killi~ Io }.21~.';iL | | ~. ~l'aih IMl'~'~il . Ilicx~" ,l~"~ll~';i[~-Ii ilidll IdW,l[- ~il'ilc hi IIt~'1 ~.'~,t'l'.X ,ni~'