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February 2, 2017     The Superior Express
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February 2, 2017

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(-The Superior Express Pubiish~l each Thunday by Salsa'lot Pabli.~n$ Compmy. l~:. at 148 East Third Su~, RO. Box 408. Sopeti~, N~ 68978 Sub~ril~iOm rates arc $26 per ~ in Nebraska, Bill Blaa~clt, l~blisl~r E-m~ Selc~:tcd ponkms of I~ tlcv,~ll~ available on the web al s~Iz~'~' Thursday. IFcimmry 2, 2017 Page 2B From the Files of The Superior Express " Eighty Years./q[o' tl~ Hasting~ (olden Glove tom- , . . _ A,gu.~ Tmdrup, Superior, en- nament, wi,~ ~Fak, ~a~,7~ ceRts p~r "'Peggy S~ Got Married.)' listed in the Untied States Navy. Baby ehick~, a,~ tut~.e~ l~ nits pounu at Anuerson ~ ,,. orn,:r ,..,r~- Twenty ~rl &go Dr, and Mrs. J, S. Bufler, Supe. wereavailabteatLIoyd'sQuMt) ~er) m Supenur. Roy and Georgia Billoft ce|- riot', celebrated their 50th wed- Hatchery in Superior. "l'he Cre~,t Theaue wa~ play,n$ cheated their 50th wedding armi- dmg anniversaw. The Lyric Theatre wa,, playin8 -4 for Trans." slan'mg t-'rank venm.ry. John Johnston, "/8, died He "The Big Sleep," starring SJrmtraand Dean Martin. Frittering away the funds B~Ed Feutn~ I havegood news folawmak. crs loo~ing to purge w~t~ful spm,Amg from ~ federal bud- ~e~: It' s a target-rich envim~m,nt out there. "r"fr~['S ~ to :say yo*J. won'| etK'ounter pu~back fro m ~cial- interesl groups bent on preserv- ing tl'ir sli~ of the pie. But a quick ,tour of 1he latest "Wa~tebu~" hum Sen.JffFlake I R-Ariz.) shows they don't ha',~ any kind nfcredible defense. Let's sample a few of this year% most egregious examples; Singing Dinosaurs. You've probably nc~r wonde~d if the scaly creatures in "'J massic Park" could wa~0|e a tune. But j~t in case, the answer appears to be they couldn't bare, l~a-~k:i to lit stwJy part)y t'm~k'd by granb from the Natkmal Sci,~r,c ]hamdation totalin~ $450,Lv00. Religious Aliens. Say we find life on an~l~r plmmt. H~w might world's relig~ns p~pond? li~d~s you ~nsider that a gm~d question, but I'm hoping you agxe that NASA's Astrobiology P~gram had no business giving more than $1.1 million to the Center of Theological Inquiry to find an answer. Fish Treadmill Getting yore- self to the gym is hard ennui, bul how about the occup~ts of the ,~lu'est aclua_rimn'? The U.S. National Science Foundation gave $1,5 million to the Univer- sity of Califo~i~-San Diego m find out how long mudskippers ( [-LS4~J with the abilit]t to live out of water for c'rtain periods of time- - ones with fins they use a,"legs") could use a Ixcadmi|l. Hologram Comedy Club, We all enjoy a goodjoke, but taxpay* er$ ppobably won't be amtLsed to learn that the U.S. Commerce ~cpartmcnl gave $1,7 million to the National Comedy Center to build a museum in Jamestown, N.Y.,that will femure hologlams vr dead comics ~fforrning, High-Spo~ Train, The Fed- eril Railroad Administrmion has ~ii,mn California more than $3 bg- on ow.=-r Ike last sm year=to build a 'q~ullet train"between San Fran- ci~o a~d Los Angeles.And that's only adown payment on a pmje~ s]amd to c,o~t t~.arly $100 bi[Imn. Nu~beroftraeks built so.f=:, zorn. Why worry abom red~;ing waste, especially in such a gigan- tic badger, and eve.n mum so wl~m hnge swaths of it am on nero-pilot and tbe,m fore immune to ordinary cuts? For one thing, even mlati~ly small amounts add up. Mo~c im- pormmly, they minfon: the fact that lawmakers should be good stewa.rds ore very taxpayerdoll~. Should people ~ [o pick Editor's Notebook up a few pieces of litt~ because tlmm is ak~ of trash e.]sewhere? somewhere, But t~...;s a bigger picture at work, and it S somlt~ up nkely in The H,'itag Foundalion's "Blueprint for Ba!m~ce: A Federal Budget for 2017, '=Congress should t~r, lh bud- g~ pnace~ to promote fi' eats- pose. limited govcrnree~nt, tradi- tional American values, m-M a strong rmtioeal defense," the edi- tors note. "By reducing ~t~ and lmtting the fi~al house in order, Congress can ~ a smmg economy, a strong society, and a slyong America. T~ bt~t "W~tebook" is 201 pages. L,t'$ hope bwmakrw take the suggested cuts to beJul and help make ,xt year's edition milch shut'to-. Before we put the "'W~tebook" out of print cn~ire[y, that is. CM we do it. Congress? By Bill Blauvelt had been a Superior resident since [$80 and a business owr~t, Fire of unknown origin de- ~lroyed a sl',d on Supedor'sSouth National Street Nmhi~,, ,~ ..,.I,.~ A ~re-pound bag of Airway Coffee was 52 cenls at the Supe- rior Safeway. Tim Lyric Theatre was sMtw- ing "The Last of the Mohicans." .~tffing ~lph ScollandBinuie Barnes. Seventy Years Ago J, C- Norgm~d was electwJ pmsld~nt of Superior's Citi~ns Building Loau and Savings Asso- ciation. The Superior Master Market was rol'~ed when thieves i~aincd entrance t'mm a Sk~l|i]~t. "]'he sate was broken into and an tmdi~ closed amount of money and mer- chandise was token. A wolf hlmt wa~ held south- W~ of Superior. Fifi~-two oy- ~es were kill~ and the pelts were sold al auctmn. Proccc~L~ in the amount of $56 were donated to'l~l~ {~fimtik~ Paralysis fund of jewell a~d Nz~ckolls coantie s. S,,:h~yler Swell, 83, died. He was an Oak resident and a foamer Nuckolls County commi~iouer. D~an Ma~'ke. Superior, won ~e welterweight championship m Humphrey B~-gart and 1,anren B~eall. Sixly Years Ago Dale Mooberw was hm.-'d a~. athllic director and he',vJ t'~Ln bu II coach at Superiur High School. "]'he Nebraska State Cht~ker T~man~'nt was Ix.,ld at the Nc Ison City Auditorium_ Henry Leonald and Joe Sullivan won their Golden Gloves boxing malches and qualified tbr the state tourl~tr~nt at Omaha. The temperature rea,hevJ lgde- grees below zero in Superior. A folding leg t~ssinene was $7,50 at the Superior Penney's store. The Crest Theatre wu.~ show- ing"Towaxd the Unknown," ~lar- ring William l~ltkn and Lloyd Notan. Fifty Years At~ Emil Klawitter, 73. died. He w~ a lifekmg Nelson resident and a Ibm~er Ntm;kolls Ct)unty g1~rit]'. Frank's Care. HaJMy was bur- gtm'i/d. Mechandi~ and a smaU[ amotm[ of cha+~ge was taken_ A diesel tocomoti vc cau ,~t fire at the Ideal Cement (kmlpa~) and wa~ extensively ~m~J. DwmePohlman, 26. ~ ~ I~ Ile~ in art automobile ~.ci6e at. He wa,~ a Byron ~esident. Forty Years Ago 't'~" Id~+d Cement plm~t at Su- perior ~as 'back in operaliou attw tl'~., m',tallat~on ol' pollution coo- trois ~ as ~'omplet*M. Temperature,~ in Superior nmg~xt from ~ever, d~gr~s b~low /eo-~ tu 5 i degre~. Mr. and Mrs. AIb~rl Kette|hut, Ha~dy, cvlebratt~l nut|+ ~Oth ~l ~ - ding Mr. end M~. O. P. Portur, Nelson, eelel~ated their 5(lth wed- ding am~l'~ermxy. A five-pound hag of D) namttc p,olxora w ~ 1$gcents at Sapenor's Ideal Market, The Cp~sl "['heatr~ pi~yu)g "The Omen," ~tarrin~ Gtegor~ Peck and Lee Remit.'k~ TMrty Years Ago V~mdals c~lct~'v,j Oz Sulx'tlor City Auditorium and/,.laus~l ~|g- n i ticant da maze. They ripptM the thennost.~tal fn)m Ihc v, all. (MId air froze expo~d Wlat*2i pipe~ whi~:h then split. Mr. am] Mr,.. E. A. Fgger~, Ruskin, celebrated th~lr fi(}th cling il-I~.l|J'*er,%i.llD, Bessie Hofinetsler "Fzt)udt. 8~, db.'d. She ~a~, a Sal~nor n:~,=~,ut. Olga Wuir Hart~flt. 81~. tired. SK~: vas a S,)ra.'r~ot ~'.~dvnt. "fhCrest Theatre ~as play a|g last month our Northbtanch correspondent. Erma Dillon, included with h~ social items a list of rules that ont~ applied to the day practioe of hangJng clothes on an outside line In dry. My mother must have g~ne to the same washing sclhtyol for ! remember everyone of F.xma's rules, On ttte days I had to help my mother with the wash, my goal was to simply get the clothes dry with the least puss ib le amount of work.That didn't suit my mother who insisted on where and how the clothes had to be hung. Wash day was but one of several days I remember from my childhood including canning days. ironing days, baking days and butler churning days. Not sure why but my least fa,~orite days Welt butler making days. That may have been because my mother preferred making her butter from sour cream, a p~dum not at all tike the sour c-~eam we m)w buyal the grocery store. I thought it [tun ked lx~d. smelled bad and tasted bad but in spite of all thal bad it make delicious butt~.~. Butter making was a multi-any process which started when Dad milked thecow. We shared oneJersey cow with another family. Our milking turn usually came in the morning. '].~c milk wa~ taken 1o the house and a handcranked .separator used [o remove the'c~am from the milk.'].'he skimmed milk was fed to the hogs,dog~ and t'ats. In [Im~ days it wasn't considered fit It+ drink for we always drank whole, One friend even m:lded additional cream to hi,,, milk before drinking= ]'he collected cream was stored tbr days, perhaps weeks in the refrigerator awaiting churning day. Some Limes mold wa+ skimmed off the gallon cans of collected ,our ca.'am before stinting the churning pr(~ss. (_'ream that had bo:n stored for a long time bad tur.,x'd to a thick consistenc~. I beL2g'd t*~ u~thc i)aa,,> Churn st~red m the ba.~lm.lnt but my mother preC,:reed M.-r cl,.'ctn~ ntllV..'i it ~,a~ .~ irte,,,.x Wo~.x's~ atlcl she always ~p[ead old ne'~lxpawrs ozt the 1~O~.fl aL"A:I .L'tIURICr [)p-~ and clipped newspaper ImgCS to the cup~aJd~, m a~ atlenLpt to confine the mess the mixer slung all over the kitchen. We wouldn't have had that pmbk'm '~.ilh the L)ais.~ Churn for ii was a clo+~ecl container. Howevex, it wtluld ha~ e required Sl)lnet)ne. most li~ely me. to turn the handle. Sine,: ! n ~'got to try the Daisy Churn. I can't compare the two processes_ Mother tht)ught c'h uming st re ~cd her elect: I+." mixer st) .~ he unly put a small amount of c'rcam In the ~.)wl. Perhaps. if the mixer had Ix~,n mo~ ix~v, ertul and the I~)wl had Ix,on filled to a grealer depth, the bcatt.,~:~ may m~t have thro~.n ~ much stulf around the kitchen. I got Its help clean-up the mess but Mother never allo~,.c,d me to help w tth [he rest s)t" the prtK'exs. This week I receivt%l the t'c)l|owin~ slur.,, a[x)ut making butter tr, m the Nebxa~,ka Hi.~t~)rk_'al St~.'iety. l~|~ this ~tiler. it brought back m:nlorie., t)t nly vhthlllo~M. 'l~:)ogh I ~,~Hnet+l[~e,~ h~Pl.e a ~ ~ [ ~ll ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ htffn~l'.M)le bullr2r. Jt i-~ ||tit :~lJll]le- thing l ~,ant :o make I" II bake br~-L,d ;Ji|d I.-LKPk iON ,~:[].d help prc~r~ If~it'~ artd '~egtab]t% h)i ht~,r'iq~.'i11Jdt.* I,~-I hom~.'gl~,n arc Ihc L~[ bul I'm v.illing I~, bK~ batter t|~,L'~'~cnlaGe ~.a~ m~t ,21]lt~,n~h [~'tlcr I~= r~)~ be worth all the mes~ "[he I)ar,) Churn ~,a~, ~oLd atte+ the Blau~ell.,. moved to lov.n. I ha're no ide.~ v, hal h~pp.,ned ~:o Ilx- ~,o~Men butter paddle and [he baiter molds and I don'l ~anl In knu~,~, Ior ]'m no[ iOlO cleaning up the b~g kitchen mesas b~ttte) chut nlng t~[cle ~hen I ~ asa youngsler. in ca~, Ihereader~ol ~his colunlil U~a~l ttt kno~ mL)reaix~ut ho~, Area hurch s e zcourage you to atte d the C]lltrCh of your choice The Lighthouse Community L"hu :h of the Nazarene Phone 402,-87'~-4391 or 40~-15~9-O5"IO Paslor ,Jeff Klmberly I"elh~w'Mdp ...................... 10 a.m. Mv*'dlr~ W