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February 5, 2015     The Superior Express
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February 5, 2015

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as Innovative Wide-Area Shopping and Feature News Adams Clay This Leader published the week of February 2, 2015 part of the Jewell County Record, Hebron Journal-Register, Clay County News, Nebraska Signal and The Superior Express. The next Leader will be published the week of February 16, 2015. More Saline Jefferson Than 30,000 Readers By Dorothy Rosby My dishwasher sounds like it's trying to take flight, but it can't quite get off the ground. Too bad flying isn't the only thing it's no good at. It's also started leav- ing food be- hind. That means I have to do the dishes alter it does the dishes. If my dishwasher needs me to do the dishes, what do I need my dishwasher for? Besides storing dishes, I mean. I suspect I may be experiencing Appliance Grief, and the first sta~ ages working. Plus, I'm not that good at keeping New Year's resolutions, and no one else in the family made the same one. Stage 2: Coping. I will wash, but I will not dry. That's what air is for: I believe in saving energy ... mine. And I have a fine dish drainer, though I wish it was bigger. It" s full before I've finished all the dishes. So I go off to do something else, fully intending to come back, empty it, and do another load as soon as the air has done its work. It does. I don't. That explains why there are al- ways some clean dishes in the drainer, some dirty ones soaking in the sink, and some more sitting on the counter waiting their turn. They're going to need soaking by the time I get back to them. My is denial, counter looks like an assembly line humidifier, vacuum cleaner, ga- Stage I -Who needs it? My little with all the workerson lunch break, rage door opener, three cell phones, family should be able to get by I hope they don't dirty too many and four landlines. What's going without a dishwasher. I grew up in dishes, on here? Have we angered the ap- a family of twelve, and we didn't Stage 3: Shock and dismay. Ipliance and electronics gods? The have one. Of course, my parents hadnoideahowmuchlsnackuntil onlygizmosolderthanafewyears believed they had ten dishwashers, the evidence started taking up my in our house are our refrigerator though on most days, we weren't kitchen counter f or days. I dirty an and my hair dryer. any more efficient than my dish- astoundingnumberofdisheswhenStage 5: Acceptance. Clearly, washer is. We were about as noisy, I cook, too. Good thing I don't we will not survive without a dish- too. And we couldn't fly either, cook more. washer. I can't imagine how our Anyway, I can hear my kitchen And I'm ashamed at my behav-ancestorsdidit.Adishwasherisn't radio better without the dam thing, ior. I catch myself eating directly a luxury; it's a necessity just like a I won't even miss it. out of the ice cream carton to save a smart phone, a television, and food I make a New Year's resolution bowl. I argue with my family about and water. Hey! Keep that glass! to do every dish as I dirty it. I vow what is and what is not finger food. You only used it for water. that our sink will be empty and our And I scold them for their dish use. (Dorothy Rosby is the author of counter will be clear. Even as I'm "We could all use the same butter the humor book, ! Used to Think I saying it, I realize how foolish that knife if you didn't lick it!" Was Not That Badand Then I Got sounds, consideringwedidn'tkeep Stage 4: Why me? Over the last to Know Me Better. Contact the sink empty and the counter twoyears, we' ve had to replace our or see clear when the dishwasher was washingmachine, stove, computer, Geologists find engagement, wedding " gs interesting By Dr. E. Kirsten Peters and the marriage was celebrated and wedding rings are made of als are mixed, they create alloys. A Recently I had the pleasure of with a ring, as is the custom here. "white gold." What, you may ask, wide variety of alloys are available going to the wedding celebration Engagement and wedding ringsis "white gold" when gold -- the in jewelry. Here are theingredients of my assistant at work-- whom I interest geologists from atechnical metal itself -- is known for its ofjusttwotypesofgold alloysyou count as a point of view. Long ago, I did geo- warm yellow color? may see in stores: good friend - . ~:~ logic research related to gold min- The answer depends, in part, on "Red gold" can be a mixture of - and her new ~ ing. My Ph.D. thesis was on gold- understanding that gold in jewelry gold and copper. h u s b a n d. ~ bearing hot springs in California is an alloy, a mixture of gold and "Green gold" can be an alloy of Theirs is an and the associated gold-mercury othermetalsthathavevariousprop- gold and copper, possibly with international ore in the ground. Gold has been a erties. In the jewelry biz, the purest some silver, and a little bit of cad- marriage: the precious metal since time imme- gold is called 24 karat. It's 99.7 mium. bride was mortal. Its warm color and the fact percent gold. Eighteen karat gold It makes sense that higher karat born and it doesn't tarnish made it a favorite is 75 percent gold. Fourteen karat gold tends to be more golden in raised in this ~ ~:i~ forjewelrylongago.Soeventhough gold is about 58 percent gold. color -- it's the addition of other country, the the hot springs stankofsulthr, they Why not use pure gold in jew- metalsthatmakesavarietyofother groom born '::: :~: ~ smelled like gold to me. elrysincethecolorandvalueofthe colors possible. and raised in The wedding I went to featured metal are so high? Twenty-tourTo get back to the white gold China. The wedding celebration a traditional gold ring with a dia- karat gold is too soft to be used in that's in fashion for wedding rings had elements of traditions from mondsolitaire.Apparently,itbucks jewelry that gets worn every day. these days: it can be a mixture of both the U.S. and China: the bride the trend of what's in fashion these Other metals added to the gold gold and palladium, nickel, man- wore red, as is the custom in China, days -- when many engagementmake it more durable. When met- ganese, copper, silver or zinc. The color of white gold doesn't come from the alloys in the ring itself. Rather, white gold jewelry has a coating of a metal called rhodium. It's the rhodium that makes white gold rings white in color. Personally, I' m glad my friends went with a traditional golden band. It is, to my old mind, "as good as gold" -- as I hope their interna- tional relationship will be for the decades to come. Dr. E. Kirsten Peters, a native of the rural Northwest, was trained as a geologist at Princeton and Harvard. This column is a service of the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sci- ences at Washington State Univer- sity. By Sandra Foote, handwriting specialist Being a good listener and com- passionate go hand in hand. Anytime can be a stressful time of year and any given day can also be the busiest time for just about everyone. Most people are busy with all the usual activi- gramsties'tiveshObbies.Even rela-Pr-andand friends visit- ing and the ~!!!ili::~ ..... s h o p p i n g ~ goes with the ......... +~:::'*'+ company even if you are expecting them to come in advance. Every- thing I have mentioned so far is nothing new! So why should I even mention it? The reason is because this is at these times we also try to show compassion and part of be- ing compassionate is to be a good listener. How do we find out if we have compassion within our handwrit- ing? How do we find out if we are a good listener within our hand- writing? Take out a blank sheet of paper and write the list of your family and friends that you are thinking of. Maybe you will be buying them a gilt or taking some cookies to them. Maybe you're going to send these people a card. Now look at the handwriting to see if it is large or small. Look at your writing to see if you have a slant to the right or to the left. Maybe the slant is a combination of left and right. Now look to see if you have a lot of curved strokes or if you com it is made obvious to you, but since ~..)g 7,,/f~ .~i ~/ g/" ~.,,~~ you may feel that you have to man- age things on your own another's plight may not be evident to you. Take a look at your handwriting list again. To see if you are a good ~/~ ~~,.. listener and that you pay attention to others in conversation, take a ~-&.......~ look at the lower case letter "e". If the lower case letter "e" looks like a lower case "c" then you may not be paying close attention to what is have a majority of straight lines in compassion for them. being said to you. If your lower your writing. With just these ob- If your writing slants toward case "e" is round and the loop is servations you will be able to see if the right then you may actively visible then you will most likely you have the ability to have corn- reach out to those in need. You pay attention to every word that is passion, may empathize with people in gen- spoken. If your handwriting is medium eral. Then you may feel the need to You may have a combination of to large in size the ability to have help them, especially if your writ- these strokes in your handwriting. some compassion is evident. You ing is medium or large in size. If If this is true for you then you most will be aware of those around you your writing slants to the left, then likely have the ability to feel corn- and you may see when these people your motivation for caring will be passion forothers.Duringthestress are in need of some assistance. If based on past events in your life. of everyday living we may often you have small writing you can If the size of your writing is forget to pay attention and to be still havecompassionbutthepeople small as well as slanted to the left caring and have compassion for that you have feelings ofcompas- then you will have a strong motiva- family members as well as friends sion for are your focus. They are tiontohelpothersduetopastexpe- or even the stranger you meet on not the people you may meet at riences, the street or in the stores. So check large like in the grocery store oron If you handwriting is made of a lot your handwriting to see where your the sidewalk down town. For in- of straight strokes in it then you compassion lies. stance, if you are a caregiver and will fee! that you must dothings on If you have questions or com- you have small writing then the yourownandyoumaynotbeaware ments, contact, Write Facts LLC, person you are caring for is your of the need that other people have. 356E3rd St.. SuiteNo. 3, Superior, focus and therefore you may have, Youmay understandtheneedwhen ,or 8andra@writefacts.eom.