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February 6, 2003     The Superior Express
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February 6, 2003

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I .o .. ./ !!'ii J IL Price 50 '+,l::|i'|'lq Official NuckoIIs County. . Newspaper Member of Nebraska Press Association and National. Newspaper Association .. 24P ages in l~nals~'~ ~| ! 1y==~r kl,-, ~ " I ISSN 0740-0969 @ 2003 Supedor Publishing,Company, Inc. All Rights Resented ThHroH=u I::--kn mn,-~ "Xtn"~, 111,],. iiiiii_....... v '. 'i supedor, Nebraska 68978 Meth k ;t " " ....... atY, ..... any v, ..vw, iiI ,.. --__.. + __ ,,:' i mI Ig .... " _ - -: Methamphetamineisbecomingthe In, thelabswe vedismanfledmost tions as tho_ .suffered by crack co:, ~| I ~..- r ""~"~' ~ ~ drug of choice in Nebraska. Monday ofthe cooking has been done in Pyrex caineusers.B.otllarugs, anerproxongea , : r ...... evenin ,areaeme ency rsonnelmet baking dishes using wooden utensils;' use, lead to bingein - consuming me ' ill " .: .... ..... .. g rgpe . I!r ,- ..... """~"~--~+~ I ~ at the Superior Public Safety Building Shelton said. , drug continuously ~or three or more | I. i i and reviewed common clandestine Drug Houses days without sleep. The user is then I i i [] ....... - :: : = methamphetamine laboratory chemi- Other indications of ameth lab are driven into a severe depre .uion, f.ol- i q~ ~ ....... CalS' supplies and procedures, charac- strong smells of cat urine, ether, am- lowed by worsening paranoxa, bemg- inll I tensttcs of producers and users and morea and acetone. Freqnently, house-erence and aggressmn, a period known I iiII :" ........ ............ ....... : discussedwhattoexpeetwhendealing hold doors are reinforced and win- ; as tweaking 11 I ii i li': "++-.-.. : with such. dows covered to block out the light. , The high is followed by a severe .... +" < ' . Methamphetamine ..... use is a grow- Trash commonly includes antifreeze crash causing the abuser to sleep up to mg problem m rural Nebraska. Last contamers, starterflmdcans,coldmedi- three days straight only to wake up and ..,r. ~ .~ ~; ....w: : ... ~.+~.:~,+;,;~::+~.~;~,< ........ : ': "'+:" ..r.4:~;?~. '" .... i In m [] ill __ year, 27 methamphetamme labs were cation boxes, lithium battery and repeat the cycle. Sleepless binges can I [ [ i i [] --. - found in Nebraska. Thus far this year, coffee filters. However it is more Jom- last up to 14 days and end with intoler- I n [ i i [] J eight have been found, mon for the residents ofa"dnlghouse" able crashes. ! II lI[] Methamphetamine is commonly to never put the tmsh out. "Methdestroysaperson'sfinemo- I [1 hi::'Y.:: ...... : called meth or crank, buthas maliy Unusual amounts of activity into torskillsandaperson'sabilitytocon- i in I, I [] "" ~+ ~~':';: "::;~;; ~ "' " ~ i slxeet names including crystal, speed, and out of a residence+is often another centrate," Shelton continued. "That's I I I IV [] Ill chalk, glass, ice, zip and others, indicator of a "drug house". Traffic why it is common for them to have I II t111 IV "Related substances have been may be cyclical, increasing in the numerous old cars and why they ex- . ,) , --. . i II ! [] around for a long lame, said Jeffery evening or late at night. It may be pose themselves to highly dangerous !1 I) '! [] ' . il : - Shelton, an investigator for Nebraska minimal for a few days, then intense laboratories. They want to make meth { [] , . - - CLAN Lab Team. Shelton is origi-, for a few days, especially around pay fast." ,, , '(' [] i - - nally from Jewell, and now lives in days or the first of the month. Visitors "Meth users are paranoid. He coq- ' i + Mmden. He was assisted by Royappear to be acquaintances rather than tmued. Often they are loaded with . : Ekhart, fromtheClayConntySheriff's friends; people bring valuables into weapons. They do not want to '!i - department, who also is a member of the home like tools and cameras and new people. They are always o_n the =: - theNebraskaCLANLabTeaminMon- leave empty handed; visitors may sit in lookout tor an uncover agent. liiat's , day evening's presentation, the car for a while after leaving the why it is common for only one pel . n . History residence or may leave one or more to enter a drug ho_use at.a. time aFo" mr - " ' 'q'he Nazis and Japanese used am- persons in the car while the other vis- other occ.upan.t,s, ofa vnsmng vemcle to i ,,,, phetamine(acloselyrelatedchemical) its; regular activity or commotion at walt in ule car. -- " " " " ~ ' to keep their pilots alert in World War extremely late hours is also common. Short term meth use causes in- H," Shelton continuecl, "When it fist (Both cocaine and methamphetamine creased alertness, an intense high, hal- " " .... ....... hit the U S, it was controlled by mo- are stimulants and users tend to stay up lucinations, aggressive violent behav; " , .... - " ior iosso a rite acne or sores se. i .... .......... " torcycle gangs, thus the term bnkers late at mght.) ..... , .... a ^ , . t i,." or~ff~.~ l~nr tr~n~r~n't they wnnltl ~tnr~ Shekon said many 'drug houses mflitated wuunds from removnng hal- '.. " + are rentals If the house has been used lucinatory "crank bugs" from the skin) ~~ :~ That's how it got to he ealled 'crank' " to make meth, it may have to he bumed, aria con,vutsions, l n.eir moons sii It ' "< In the 1950s and60s methamphet as toxic chemicals produced in the suddenly and dramatical!y;Many us- ......... i: -- ....... " ,--,,auction of meth often cannot be ers perform meaningless oenaviorsre- amine was presennea to neLp peopne v*w " " " sto a fast movtn storm T it wa I d col ounts removed and have high probabnhty of peatedly without being able to p ~ .... ' g blasted the area with wind and a small amount of snow. Area schools closed for the day. uesday, " s c oudy an d, lose weight, a trait that partly ace .... ~' ...... ,ft.... t. ..... a ........... ~,,.o= not .be easily be formedinto a good snowball, but these three boys eagerly had some fun as they posed for an Express photographer anyway for its popularity today among young "causing neaim prooiems mr mmre rest- u,=.s ............ ,~ ~ trrom left) are Brett Garver, David Wroughton and Colin Smiley. " women dents. , around them, threatening, assaulting, = ' " As its use sm'ead, so did its abuse. Shelton repeatedly emphasized the andevenkillingpeop.lewhomakethem . J~A~L .... - ' T,~o,;ohnT;.-,~-~,~,.h .... ;=.W,=.~ danger of entering a "drug house," nervous. ~erious mac ellects occur Lff 'uroeK plans ==T. -- 1 r . 1 dismantling a meth lab and of making early. _ . net tottr---ln w ot r, oo nr r parallel to the crack cocaine epidemic meth in general. Many of the chemi- . L.ongteml..effectsot-methusein- t!l~A.- l,~_ = -- It ltlL Ill/'~i~lt ,JLILll~i ,,i.,-m-V~i~.l.lllt,=~ V.i. ,,i. I,.~ Ini~.i..~.m,.~ th~t ~wont thr~nnoh Ami~xi~9's cit- cals used are highly flammable. When ciuoe ratai raaney ano lung aisoroers, --aulr lar. "" ........... a_l. "'--'- ........... = .... " " " " , ur{la combined t ve offto c ases A brain damage, depressmn, hallucma- , Y I . tes m the 1980s. . hey . . g . . . . 'tateSen. EdSchrockwiil r,P tr a f r.r ltrl .i .k "Me alnp!ietaminei#nilideinhulie smallmimmderstandingornustakecia t ton, viole.nt..algrer 'tve.behavior, se- qf Le ~ JL .I.W. :li,,# ,.ll.ili=i. P ~ ~., ~ v.8. ~w---- 8.~ w w v,~- .D--. vere wel t IOSS, tOOth ra or gislative District 3& ' : " l J" auantitiet ml shioned into the U.S. It cau a gigantic explosion, gll !, aaaaaa y y. eeting throughout the dis_ .... ......... ' ..................................... is various colors "bier say the color Even though the aetual time needed black teeth), ota-semzopnrema, )n ' e e ack late PeDru or eatl lviarcn, me wm nl fi Ine enerany nave iuui I~b, J # stituentstoanswernu, ncotosaying tri rooinsar o , ary Y .... - . g - Y .@. o . a .... ...... ..... ,.,,,I ..... to nroduce meth is short, Sheltonsu - aecreaseo socianiiity, poor coping -- - ' ')' " ' " 1 " W anOas lldl 'l'l llillllll ill lWlllllll llXivlr i tlli llllllill lllltl' lvnll r . I term flocks be in to break u It s but nests wire as re as one mg pending legislation spnng has arrived' di'dnt hold,true g - g .... .................. -, it At today's oric=, two and a half gested 0te possibility was high emer- skills, putrid i? l. y,odor, sores =e ". lais w k m ar e llockolroni s nave commontos tmaieroDlnsnrsc ~nen many as six eggs nave tmen =umm. ~ r . ' ' . tr ldI. 3 dlwme,, mgs,,m ned Chamber 07 Com a bit later t eP:elmales will arrive and The young, with heavily spotted pou=nds,, are worth approximately genc,y l c, ed to mandnzSlctva dn 7 otllse n' i?etr r - . . . . .... ._ ..... , __v_._r .... nt, __ __m_,.e, be,-;: merce office in the former Carne ,ie matin and nest building actwmes be- breasts and white spots on their backs, , . > ....... .acetaent s .ne o urmg me cooking tmke and death s,- me nay at /:4a at " nso)- u~ Md i~,: t,,t I~, ..... .., lw,,,H)c, +he , ~ i ~hc m))ual ,:aster ('al][Ll(a [o " ., " WC) Rockin' G Arena meeting The Rockm' (3 Arerla Commitlec lnel .'~tlnday it) I1t+,." (]ttldc Rock (:oln+ nliinll'~ Hall 'l'hcre weic cighl adtllis and three children prcsenl+ Several ideas were discussed t)n how belter Ihe arena could bc used Those prcsenl talked about organi- ;'arums Ihat could hold evcnts in Ihe arewa and l))~a besl 1o approach them. It w'a~ decided lhal a letter would be Stilt IO ;.tlCtl t)[ganlLLittt)rls. The COlll- ll/lllee a]s() wants Io encourage people to use lhe arena. It was suggested a sign pointing out the arqna and welcoming riders should bc put up in the future. The cornnlittee will collcct alumi- num cans every month and use the looney in help purchase cq ulpment for the arena. Cans are to be brought to ihe arena, west of the Guide Rock school building, the first Saturday of every month from 14 am, until 1 I am. Itcms needed tot the arena include bleachers. electric lllner, crtw~" ", nest and storage. The arena is iescrved f~)r local 4-H clubs on Sattlrdav niornings and Wednesday evenings The next ineeung will he 2 p.m.. March 2. in the Guide Rock Commu- nity Hall. All interested in the arena are welcome to attend. :ill{] dependence. It is ch)scly related chellticallx 1o ainp|lelannne bul pro duct, [nc:sSd~(t"~ I(~ the |)r:,tln It) i ire nlc)re dt)patnlno+ ~.1 feel gtxM cheinical Ihai is critical io r)or]llal braiii ltiliclioning, ttour~ allc[ lllgcs llOil, tell receptors bel~lll to turn ofl the i](~,:, (ff dopanalne+ With repeated use the brain undergoes chemical changes which can last a long lime. l.ack oi dopamlne means a cranky, violent per-- son ncapable (ff feeling happlncss o~ havln~ Iurl evcn lnon[hs allcr s[()p- ping meihaml>helannne usage+ The drug's euphoric effects lroni el.~:'hl to 24 hours, hmgcr lhan cocaine accounting for a big part oi its popularity Meth users suffer tim sanic addiction cyclc arid withdrawal reac O s to " Thursday an attempt to stop an au Iomobile for a rouline traffic vh)lation led to the discovery oi a suspecled mclh lab at t:airfield. The lab was totlnd ct)nt.caled tlndci zt tarp on the porch of a lllodern |lolnc lnvesllgator~ said the hih lllitv ilOi have bcen recognizable t>} neighbt~rx l'he ~7.)ear-t4d ntan who hvcd m the house collected scrap metal a~ ,~ prolessum and somet)mes burned the insulation off the metals. This caused a strong smell and may have helped to conceal the smell of "cooking mclh," The man and his 51-year+old fe- male companion apparently painted lncihanip|lctanlitie. ()iic ot I|ic t, oalx ~ ltt inlorili ,iii(1 ed/icale lhe put)hc ah~>lH the dali~,t'f tH Iltclh. ]'ialltilik~ vidot>, l),tni!qilct', tiiltl ;I nlclh~.iiiiptlClalnin~ hothllc ~ I ~,~b;+(+/(',4 4(', ] t)aic dv,tit;tt~)| |YlW~ Ol inl()i+l nation aviiiiabJc llichidt- arca IrCallnClil ;lntl tt)tlilSc, lill~, l+.lCl Ial~,, k n~+\~, Icdg+lblc speakers |\ >l Izlx)u i) Illt'ellll~)~), {lr{'a ]i1~%, el|l()Fccn}clll t ()tt lacl:-, ~ilid pi'llllCd nt,ilell;ll:., i Markets I SlilltTil)l" MarkPl ~'cdnesda~,, I:Ph. 5, 2003 ('orn ....... '. "~b 2 l- Mih> ........ } 5(J? lU S(lybeaii~, ,,. 5 .|(I 4 ')S wl~eit :.i I:;lllheld pt~hct: ~+lll,Lc'l (tl:i] I~ Stop ltiem hli the L/at f lc \ II JtLtl t( )ll ~ t" ~,x, '~ lep~rls mdi~