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February 14, 2013     Superior Express
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February 14, 2013

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4B THESUPERIOR EXPRESS Thursday, February 14, 2013 I "El' ; " ;ll; i = = Publit00 Notices (First published Feb. 14, 2013, in the Jewell County Record) Ill'the District Court of Jewell County, Kansas. In the Matter of the Estate of Jack L. Higbee, deceased. Case 2013-PR-03 Notice of Hearing The State of Kansas to all persons concerned: You are hereby notified that a peti- tion has been filed in said court by Nancy A, Higbee, an heir and an owner of an interest in the herein described property, asking the court to determine the heirs of the decedent and to det&- minethe descent of the following de- scribed real property in Jewell County, Kansas: An Undivided One-Half Interest in: West 100 acres of Southeast Quarter (SEI/4) of Section Thirty-three (33), Township Three (3) South, Range Six (6) West; and of all other property, real and personal, and interests therein owried by the abox, e named decedent in the State of Kansas at the tim6 of his death, and asking the court to assign the same to the persons entitled thereto, as of the date of death of the decedent, subject to any lawful disposition thereof heretofore made; You ar.e hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before March 8,2.0!3 at.10:00 a.m. of said day in the district court room in the courthouse in the City of Mankato, Kansas, at which time and place said cause will be heard. Should you fail therein, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon said peti- tion. Nancy A. Higbee, petitioner Attest: John L. Bingham (Seal) District Magistrate Judge Weltmer-Phillips Law office P. o. Box. 303 Mankato, Kansas 66956-0303 Phone: (785) 378-,31.12 Fax: (785) 378-3203 Attorneys for Petitioner ZNEZ 7-3c (Publis'hed Jan. 31, 2013 in the Jewell County Record) Public To J&H Service Burr Oak, Kansas Regarding rent of property located in the 600 S Block of Kansas Street. Were J&H.Service ,ha s bulk anhydrous plant and bulk fuel plant. I, RickMcEntee, gave J&H Service hand delivered 30 day notice on 12- ! I - 2012. of iacrease.of rent from $700 annually to $1,500 annually starting l- 10,2013 ,tO 1-9:2014. This notice was ignored, so on 1-7- 20131 sent a registered letter by mail of rent. increase again.. If rent notice was ignored by due date of l- 10-2013. J&H Service was givjn notice in the regis- tered letter they had 90 days to vacate Farmway Credit Union Mankat0 2 7 : Sports Preview Monday, Feb. 18- Saturday, Feb. 23 t'eb. 22 High school basketball at Chase 4 p.m.; State wres- tlihg',a't Hays Moll.ey Orers, Official Checks, 'Credit Lift? ifisUrala(e; Credit Disability Insur- ince, Photocopies, Fax Service, Check Cashing, ATM Cards, 1 FCU ATM's in Beloit, Savings Bonds, Night Deposi- tory, Direct Deposits and Deductions, layroll Deposits and Deductions, No- tary rvice, Share Certificates, Loans, Credit Counseling, Life Savings Insur- once, Driv e Thrtl in Beloit, Voice Re- ber Access,' AM and Debit Caid )\\;vailabie. ational Credit Union Administration, U.S. Governmem A ' property. I, Rick McEntee, want J&H Ser- vice to vacate property on or before 4- 10-2013. If not vacated by 4-10-2013 rent will be $30 a day until vacated. Signed Rick McEntee Burr Oak, KS ZNEZ 5-3p (First published Feb. 14, 2013 in the Jewell County Record) Notice of Annual Meeting of the Jewell County Conservation District To all qualified electors residing within the boundaries of the Jewell County Conservation District, notice is hereby given that pursuant to K.S.A. 2-1907, as amended, on the 27th day of February, 2013, at 6:30 p.m. an annual meeting of the Jewell Cotty Conser- vation District will be held at the Com- munity Building at 214 North High, Mankato, Kan. 66956. The meeting agenda shall include the following business items: One: The supervisors Of the Jewell County Conservation District shall make full and due report of their activi- ties and financial affairs since the last annual meeting. Two: They shall conduct an elec- tion by secret ballot of qualified elec- tors, there present, of one supervisor to serve for a term of three years from date of said meeting. The term of Kelly Griffeth is expir- ing. All' in the County of Jewell in the State of Kansas. By Nathan Greene, Chairperson Jewell County Conservation District Attest: Janet Boyles Manager-Secretary ZNEZ 7-2c (Published Feb. 14, 2013, in the Jewell County Record) City of Burr Oak Ordinance No. 314 An ordinance requiring the regis- tration and licensure of sci'ap metal dealers; establishing an application process and registration fee; and, pro- iding for the suspension or revoca- tion of the registration. Be it ordained by the Governing Body of Burr Oak, Kansas: Section I. Scrap metal dealers; reg- istration .required. On and after the effective date of this ordinance, it shall be unlawful for any business to pur- chase any regulated scrap metal with- out having first registered each place of business with the city as herein provided. Section 2. Same; definitions The words and phrases listed below when used in this ordinance shall have the following meanings: (a) Scrap metal dealer means any person that operates a business out of a fixed location, and that is also either: (I) Engaged in the business of buying and dealing in regulated scrap metal; (2) Purchasing, gathering, collecting, soliciting or procuring regulated scrap metal; or (3) Operating, carrying on, conducting or maintaiqing a regulated scrap metal yard or place where regu- lated scrap metal is gathered together and stored or kept for shipment, sale or transfer. (b) Regulated scrap metal yard means any yard, plot, space, enclo- sure, building or any other place where regulated scrap metal is collected, gath- ered together and stored or kept for shipment, sale or transfer. (c) Regulated scrap metal shall mean wire, cable, bars, ingots, wire scraps, pieces, pellets, clamps, aircraft parts, junk vehicles, vehicle parts, pipes or connectors made from aluminum; cata- lytic converters containing platinum, palladium or rhodium; and copper, ti- tanium, tangsten, stainless steel and nickel in any form; for which the pur- chase price described in K.S.A. 2010 Supp. 50-6, 110 and 50-6, I I I, and amendments thereto, was primarily based on the content therein of alumi- num, copper, titanium, tungsten, nickel, platinum, palladium, stainless steel or THE RIGHTEOUS THE CELTIC TENORS Thur.. Mar. 14, 7:30pro -----"---nnuan,N:" THE DOOBIE BROTHERS BILL MEDLEY Tues., Apr. 9. 8pro JUDY COLLINS Sun., Feb. 17, 7:30pm Thur., Apr. 11. 8pro LEWIS BLACK MAVIS STAPLES Fri.. Apr. 12. 8pm DAVID SEDARIS Sat., Feb. 23, 8pro Fa., Apr. 19, am- rhodium; any item composed in whole or in part of any nonferrous metal other than an item composed of tin, that is purchased or otherwise acquired for the purpose of recycling or storage for later recycling. Aluminum shall not include food or beverage containers. (d) Bales of regulated metal means regulated scrap metal properly pro- cessed with professional recycling equipment by compression, shearing or shredding, to a form in which it may be sold by a scrap metal dealer consis- tent with industry standards. (e) Ferrous metal means a metal that contains iron or steel. (f) Junk vehicle means a vehicle not requiring a title as provided in chapter 8 of the Kansas Statutes Annotated, and amendments thereto, aircraft, boat, farming implement, industrial equip- ment, trailer or any other conveyance used on the highways and roadways, which has no use or resale value except as scrap. (g) Nonferrous metal means a metal that does not contain iron or steel, including but no limited to copper, brass, aluminum, bronze, lead, zinc, nickel and their alloys. (h) Tin means a metal consisting predominantly of light sheet metal fer- rous scrap, including large and small household appliances, construction sid- ing and construction roofing. (j) Vehicle part means the front clip consisting of the two front fenders, hood, grill and front bumper of an automobile assembled as one unit; or the rear clip consisting of those body parts behind the rear edge of the back doors, including both rear quarter pan- els, the rear window, trunk lid, trunk floor panel and rear bumper, assembled as one unit; or any other vehicle part, Section 3. Same; Registration; Ap- plication; Fees; Penalty. (a) Application for registration for a scrap metal dealer shall be verified and made upon a form furnished by the city and approved by the attorney gen- eral and shall contain: (I) The name and residence of the applicant; (2) The length of time that the applicant has resided within the state of Kansas and a list of all residences outside the state of Kansas during the previous 10years; (3) The particular place of business of which a registration is desired; (4) The name of the owner of the premises upon which the place of business is located; and (5) The applicant shall disclose any prior convictions within 10 years immediately preceding the date of making the registration for theft, as defined in K.S.A. 21-3701, prior to its repeal, or section 87 of chapter 136 of the 2010 Session Laws of Kansas, theft of property lost, mislaid or deliv- ered by mistake, as defined in K.S.A. 21-3703, prior to its repeal, or.section 88 of chapter 136 of the 2010 Session Laws of Kansas, theft of services, as defined in K.S.A. 21-3704, prior to its repeal, criminal deprivation of prop- erty, as defined in K.S.A. 21-3705, prior to its repeal, or section 89 of chapter 136 of he 2010 Session Laws of Kansas, or any other crimednvolv-. ing possession of stolen property. (6) In addition to the information required in subsection ( I ) (5), above, the appli- cant shall also disclose any prior con- victions within 10 years immediately preceding the date of making the appli- cation for registration for any federal or local crime or offense similar to those stated in subsection (I) (5), to include, but not be limited to, sections 6.1, theft, 6.3, theft of lost or mislaid property, and 6.5, criminal deprivation of property, and amendments thereto, of the Uniform Public Offense Code for Kansas Cities. (b) Each registration for a scrap metal dealer to purchase regulated scran metal shall be accompanied by a fee of $400.00 (not less than $100 nor more than $400). (c) The city clerk shall provide the chief of police written notice of the filing of registration by a scrap metal dealer within 10 days of registration or renewal. Section 4. Same; Issuance of Reg- istration; Renewal; Renewal Fees. (a) Upon receipt of the application for registration, the applicant fee and verifying the information contained in the registration application that the applicant is qualified, the city clerk shall forward the application to the governing body, or its designee. The governing body, or its designee, shall accept a registration for a scrap metal dealer as otherwise provided for herein, from any scrap metal dealer engaged in business in the city and qualified to file such registration, to purchase regu- lated scrap metals. (b) Registrations issued hereunder, unless revoked as herein provided, shall be effective for a period of 10 years. (c) If an original registration is ac- cepted, the governing body, or its des- ignee, shall grant and issue renewals thereof upon application of the regis- tration holder, if the registration holder is qualified to receive the same and the registration has not been revoked as provided by law. The registration fee for such renewal, which shall be in addition to the fee provided by section 3, shall be $50.00 (not less than $25 nor more than $50). (d) No registration or renewal is- sued hereunder shall be transferable. Section 5. Same; Penalty. Viola- tion of section 1 is a class A violation and punishable by a fine of not more than $2,500 or imprisonment in jail for not more than 12 months or by both such fine and imprisonment. Section 6. Same; Exception. This ordinance shall not apply to a business licensed under the provisions of K.S.A. 8-2404, and amendments thereto, un- less such business buys or recycles regulated scrap metal that are not mo- tor vehicle components. Section 7. Same; Issuance; Disquali- fication. (a) After examining the informa- tion contained in a filing for a scrap metal dealer registration and determin- ing the registration meets the statutory requirement for such registration, the governing body, or its designee, shall accept such filing and the scrap metal dealer shall be deemed to be properly registered. (b) No scrap metalregistration shall be accepted for: (!) A person who is under 18 years of age and whose par- ents or legal guardians have been con- victed of a felony or other crime which would disqualify a person from regis- tration under this section and such crime was committed during the time that such parents or legal guardians held a registration under this ordinance. (2) A person who, within five years immedi- ately preceding the date of filing, has pied guilty to, been convicted of, re- leased from incarceration for or re- leased from probation or parole for committing, attempting to commit or conspiring to commit a violation of article 37 of chapter 21 of the Kansas Statues Annotated, prior to their re- peal, or section 87 through 125 and subsection (a)(6) of section 223 of chap- ter 136 of the 2010 Session Laws of Kansas, perjury, K.S.A. 21-3805, prior to its repeal, or section 128 of chapter 136 of the 2010 Session Laws of Kan- sas, compounding a crime, K.S.A. 21- 3807, prior to its repeal, obstructing legal process or official duty, K.S.A. 21-3808, prior to its repeal, falsely reporting a crime, K.S.A. 21-3818, prior to its repeal, interference with lav enforcement, section 129 of chap- ter 136 of the 2010 Session Laws of Kansas, interference w.ithjudicial pro- cess, section 130 of chapter 136 of the 2010 Session Laws of Kansas, or any crime involving moral turpitude. (3) A person who, within the five years im- mediately preceding the date of regis- tration, has pied guilty to, been found guilty of, or entered a diversion agree- ment for violating the provision of section I, and amendments thereto, K.S.A. 50-6, 109 et seq., and amend- ments thereto, the laws of another state comparable to such provisions or laws of any county or city regulating the sale or purchase of regulated scrap metal three or more times. (4) A person who within the three years immedi- ately preceding the date of registration held a scrap metal dealer registration which was revoked, or managed a fa- cility for a scrap metal dealer whose registration was revoked, or was an employee whose conduct let to or con- tributed to the revocation of such reg- istration. (5) A person who makes a materially false statement on the regis- tration application or has made a mate- rially false statement on a registration or similar filing within the last three years. (b) A partnership or limited li- ability company, unless all members of the partnership or limited liability company are otherwise qualified to file a registration. (7) A corporation, if any manger, officer or director thereof, or any stockholder owning in the ag- gregate more than 25% of the stock for such corporation, would be ineligible CHICAGO . CHRIS YOUNG -o..Ap,,,.e,m ::,, Thur., Mar. 7, 8pro EASTON CORBIN - Fri., Ma The :.],':]Z ' The best tax preparation stie00l The most money back Theatre ........................... The best customer service Call H&R Block Beloit: 785-738-5801 113 N Mill Beloit, Kansas . Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. H&R BLOCK" Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. NEVER $[rTtE FOR LESS" Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. .Join a credit union and discover your power as an owner. My credit union is not-for-profit, so earnings come right back to me through better loan rates and k:)wer fees. (800) 362-2076 KANSAS CREDIT UNIONS The pou,er ol one can make a differe,,. i NOTICE Jewell County Offices w/t/be c/osed Monday, Feb. 18 in observance of Presidents' day The commissioners will meet Tuesday, Feb. 19 Ely Reed (35), Maci Hancock (42) and Shiann Schoenrock (10) await an inbound pass during the Rock Hills Lady Grizzlies 49-29 loss to the Pike Valley Panthers Friday at Mankato. to receive a license hereunder for any reason. (8) A person whose place of business is conducted by a manager or agent unless the manager or agent pos- sesses all of the qualifications for reg- istration. (9) A person whose spouse has been convicted of a felony or other crime which would disqualify a person from registration, under this section and such crime was committed during the time that the spouse held a registra- tion under this ordinance. Section 8. Same; Suspension or Revocation of Registration. (a) The governing body, upon five days notice to the persons holding a registration, may suspend the scrap metal dealer's registration for up to 30 days for any one of the following rea- sons: (1) The registrant has been con- victed of violating any of the provi- sions of the K.S.A. 50-6, 109 et seq., and amendments thereto, or any simi- lar ordinance or code provisions adopted by the city; (2) The employ- ment or continuation in employment of a person if the registered scrap metal dealer knows such person has, within the 24 months prior to the notice of suspension or revocation action, been convicted of violating any of the provi- stons of K.S.A. 50-6, 109 et seq., and amendments thereto, or the laws of another state comparable to such pro- visions, or any city ordinance, or regu- lation controlling scrap metal sale or purchase in Kansas or any other state; or (3) Permitting any criminal activity under the Kansas criminal code, or similar ordinance adopted by the city in or upon the registrants place of busi- ness. (b) The governing body may re- voke the registration of a scrap metal dealer who has had its registration sus- pended three or more times within a 24 month period. (c) The governing body, upon five day's notice to the person holding the registration, shall revoke or suspend the registration for any one of the fol- lowing reasons: (I) The registrant has fraudulently registered by knowingly giving materially false information on the registration form; (2) The regis- trant has become ineligible to obtain a registration under this ordinance; (3) The nonpayment of any registration fees after receiving written notice that such registration fees are more than 30 days past due: or (4) Within 20 days after the order of the governing body denying, revoking or suspending any registration, the registrant may appeal to the district court and the district court shall proceed to hear such appeal as though the court had original juris- diction of the matter. Upon request by the registrant, the district court may enjoin the revocation or suspension of a registration until final disposition of any action brought under this ordi- nance. (d) Any action brought under sub- sections (a), (b) or (c) shall be brought individually against a single registrant' s site and not against any other scrap metal sites or l.ocations registered by the same individual, company or busi- ness entity. Section 9. Publication; Effective Date: This ordinance shall be pub- lished one time in the official city news= paper, February 14, 2013, and shall take effect and be in force from and after said publication. Passed by the city council this 5th day of February, 2013, and signed by the mayor on the 5th day of February, 2013. Mike Harris, mayor Attest: Debbie Patak, city clerk Seal ZNEZ 7- I c Grizzlies continue winning streak The Rock Hills High School Griz- zlies continued their march towards post-season play with two wins for their past two games. The Grizzlies downed a tenacious Thunder Ridge Longhorn team 49-34 last Tuesday at Kensington. The Rock Hills team played host to the Pike Valley Panthers in a Northern Plains League game Fri- day and emerged with a 42-32 win. The Thunder Ridge game was a closely played affair from the begin- ning. The Grizzlies crept out to a 14- I 0 first quarter lead but were unable to extend the lead in the second period and the had arrived with Rock Hills holding a slim 25-21 lead. The third period gave the Grizzlies a slight bit of breathing room as they added three points to their lead and led 36-29. Thun- der Ridge stayed in the game with accurate three point shooting while the Grizzlies established an inside game that allowed them to control the tempo of the game. The fourth quarter went in favor of the Longhorns by a point and the Grizzlies held on to take a hard earned 49-43 win home with them. Zach Duffy and Wyatt Flinn each accounted for 17 points. Micah Daniels tossed in seven while Chance Copple and Jordan Walter each scored four. The Grizzlies jumped out ahead of the Panthers 12'-2 at the end of the first quarter to establish a lead they were never in any danger of losing. Pike Valley came to life in the second pe- riod but the Grizzlies matched them point for point and held a 25-15 lead at the half. The third period was slow scoring one as the Grizzlies hit lor seven and the Panthers managed six. The fourth quarter was about even and the Grizzlies maintained their unde- feated I !-0 record in Northern Plains League play. Flinn and Daniels were the top" scorers with 14 points apiece. Walter hit for six points. Duffy chipped in tour points and Devon Freeman was good for three points. Joel Broeckelman sank a free throw for a point. The Grizzlies put their 15-2 record on the line, Tuesday, as they took on the Lakeside Knights Tuesday Game results were unavailable at press time. In honor of Presidents Day, we will not be open Monday, Feb. 18 208 E. South . IllJl=lHlil Mankato, Kan. ..=. i mqE;Ul 785-378-3162 I%J00 National Bank FDIG 100/1 I " ............... :':11 Remember your speeial Valentine! "Thir d Thursday Thing" special guests, snacks and drinks 10% OFF store wide Possibilities .,, for your life and Tlour: Mor.--F'ri. 10 am 1o 6 pm Salurdacl, I0 am to 5 pm FLORAL STUDIO 119 llgN COMMliRCIAI, MANKATO, KANSAS 785.378.8282 Fresh flowers and plants I tOL[RS: Mon.Fri. 8:30 am to 5:30 pnt Saturday 8:30 am to 4 pm The junior varsity team was also victorious in both games, downing Thunder Ridge 34-21 and defeating Pike Valley in a come-from-behind 31-30 win. The JV squad now sports a 9-4 record for the season Varsity Lady Gdzzlles endure rough stretch The past week was not kind to the Lady Grizzlies. The Thunder ,Ridge Longhorns hosted Rock Hills last Tues- day at Kensington and left the Rock Hills team feeling they been victims of a stampede as they fell 57-20. Things did not improve as the Pike Valley Panthers prowled into Mankato Friday and inflicted a 49-29 loss on the Lady Grizzlies. The Rock Hills girls ran into a fired up Thunder Ridge team that gave no quarter. It was fast and furious from the outset and the Lady Grizzlies never got into the tempo of the game. When the dust finally settles the score was 57-20 and the Lady Grizzlies began preparing for their next game. Kelly Jeffery and Hannah Daniels each had eightpoints and two rebounds. Darica Bohnert had an off night with three points and two rebounds. Shiann Schoenrock sank a free throw and grabbed two rebounds. Maci Hancock pulled down five rebounds, Emily Reed accounted for one rebound, Lizzie Cox totaled three rebounds while Brooke and Brennan Williams both saw play- ing minutes The Lady Grizzlies met up with the Pike Valley Panthers Friday and en- dured another rough outing. The Pan- thers started out fast, staking them- selves to a 20-6 first quarter lead. Their offensive show slowed in the second quarter, only producing eight points but Rock Hills could only manage to score three and the Lady Grizzlies trailed 28-9 as the first half ended. The last two quarters saw the teams almost evenly matched in scoring but that was far from enough to bail out the Lady Grizzlies and they were looking at a 49-29 loss when the game ended. Bohnert bounced back to lead the scoring with 10 points. Jeffery tossed in seven, Daniels hit for five, Hancock and Cox each dropped in three points with Brennan Williams sinking a free throw for a point to close out the scor- ing. After Friday's game, the team's season record was 2-7 in Northern Plains League play and 5-12 overall. The Lady Grizzlies took on the Lakeside Knights at Mankato Tuesday but game results were unavailable at press time. Sen. Moran to offer summer internships U.S. Senator Jerry Moran is accept- ing applications for congressional in- ternships in his Washington, D.C., and Kansas offices tbr summer 2013. "Congressional internships offer Kansas students an opportunity to learn about Congress and the legislative pro- cess," Sen. Moran said. "l hope to give Kansans an opportunity similar to the one ! had serving m a Congressional office years ago." An internship in Senator Moran's office provides an opportunity to work closely with Senate staff on behalf of the state of Kansas. The program is open to qualified undergraduate and gradtate students who have strong interest in public ser- vice and government and have achieved academic excellence. The application deadline is March 1. Application forms may be obtained under the "Services" section of Sen. Moran's website at www.moran. Now Offering PEDICURES Gift Certificat, available. Make your appointment to, 785-412-019 GYPSY Dc Mankato, Kan. ."4 ,"4 i .",1 i