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February 15, 1973     The Superior Express
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February 15, 1973

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he PRIZE / uperior Establish~ in 1900 Bill Blauvelt, Managing Editor Published Weekly by Superior Publishing Company, Inc. 148 East Third St. Superior, Nebraska 68978 Subscription rates f6.00 per year i~yoble In advance In NtbrMkl and Kanils, 16.00 W year elsewhere. Parking Problems Can could well give some thought to improving the parking in the business district. Thursday, February 15, 19"/3 973 Solved Maybe it's time that the subject gets a much more serious discussion, and gly of the Civil Rights Movement TAX There's another side to the Civil Rights Movement and it's MOH~ slowly forcing its way into the national spotlight. The literals don't concede that it's even a problem. But there is a problem. It is "reverse racism," the ugly side of civil ~,. ~ rights. -. Ironically, the protests over the so-called "affirmative ~.. action" hiring quotas are being heard on the hallowed ground of liberalism, the campus. This is because "affirmative action" really means discriminating against whites in favor of blacks .. and other minorities, no matter what its supporters claim. Although the protests are still isolated, more and more campus leaders are strongly distrubed by the Federal Govern- meat's insistence on filling faculty jobs through a thinly disguised quota system based not on merit, but on color or sex. Such liberal groups as the B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation League have been identified among those opposing quotas. Their opposition may be based on the fact that the number of Jewish Ph. Ds and other faculty members far exceeds the Jewish percentage of the population as a whole. The Jewish results in a solution, community has a long and honored history of scholarship and they have earned their places in the academic world through are many times during the The problem starts with the " merit• If hiring professors becomes a matter ofraceor religious when it isn't the easiest thing to businessmen. They need to get "quotas," the Jewish professors are likely to become some of L parking place near the store at together and work out a means of I _ the first victims of reverse discrimination. I i,i l lliH ill There have already been some complaints of both racial and you ,want to shop. getting their cars, and those of their - sex discrimination in faculty hiring. One University of iis isn t a new subject for the employees out of the crucial area. But, Washington student filed suit in federal court because he was imunity. It's apparently been beyond this, they need to work with the denied admission to that university s law school, even though he scored higher on the admission requirements that a score or ssed for at least 20 years and at city. They can teL1 their clerks to keep ikt_ime City Fathers apparently their cars off Main Street, but that may more minority students who were admitted. He won the case. the solution was the erection of Some unions, particularly in the construction trades, also have vigorously opposed "quota hiring systems" based on race, not be the solution for the side street religion or sex• Thus, an unlikely coalition of opposition is ,,l ing meters. , businesses who see all of their spaces a shaping up against quotas, with good reason. parently that didn t work. It maytaken by Main Street business cars. Ifquotas are strictly applied--and if equal treatment means : created parking places, but it also Somewhere along the line, some [ anything, they would have to be--the result would hurt rather ts ed Some feelings, and it wasn'tadditional parking must be found. But, than help the etnic minorities onwhosebehalf these affirmative until the meters were pulled out. action" programs are proposed. the parking problem still exists it's not an impossible job with a little The Federal Government, for example, says 19.6 percent of getting worse. , good discussion, brainstorming and l) its civilian work force are members of minority groups. The t ought with some merit was to cooperation, percentage is much higher in some city and county govern- ments, higher than the minority population in some areas. Some If we don't want to solve this problem black Congressmen even argue that it's okay to discriminate in . lish time limits for parking as awe're making it that much harder for favor of minorities. They say equal treatment is not enough. : sof getting the all day parkers By doing so, they are only hurting the cause of equality of good customers to utilize business opportunity in employment. If ethnic or religious quotas ever crucial area, as well as some services, and we may be inviting the become the yardstick for hiring, the result will not only be clerks and business people. But,development of business away from impossible to administer, it will generate a massive wave of ents against this idea have the present center, t antagonism against the civil rights movement. " Ys prevailed ....... If the "no discrimination" laws now on the books mean 7 Ys . From the Crete News anything, they have to be applied equally for black and white, male and female, Jewish, Protestant and Catholic. The only way Agriculture Marketing Service to assure equality of opportunity is to hire people because they Signs vs. Yellow Stripe • • • . . of the Department of are the most qualified for the job, not because of their race, sex Agriculture, Washington D.C., or religion. e .... Forty Years Ago were fired, none struck Mr. is by Robert Boersma, son of sanY spring, start is _nlanned for a big aid in stetting.__ --o uncoming,__ no With the retirement March .... 1 Roosevelt• Persons standing Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd B~xsma of -------'-- --------- tallatlon of no na~inct ~nn,~ eian~ rm~ina 7nn,~c of Waiter Fall, rural mailnear him were injured. The Superior. Boersma is an already underway to mark the ,__ :, ........ - -Y--':'Y'."...... ~"" ,'".7 ..... ~., , ..... carrier out of Montrose, the would-be assassin was captured agricultural economist in the centennial year. It is proposed;siavlve KeporT ,," ~ cwo-tane nignways riowever, if me teaerai highway route he carries will be con- at once and is held in the county rpose of the solidated with those runmng out ja:l He was thou t to have new signs is to" im- administration seriously wants to ..... • gh Specialty Crops Branch. Fruits there be an avenue of mapleSen. Garv Anderson and Vegetables Division AMS. trees leading from the archway 37th/}istrict ' e jeal'etraffic safetVwarniw. Y: of Webber been demented Personal guard Announcement was made this ----r'y b iving moto.ris reduce the danger of unexpected no- Ed R. Wilson,-51, farmer of President Hoover would be of the cemetery northward up week by H. M. Wilkerson, the main street of Edgar. The State Senator __ g no passing passing zones mey can return m me living near Nora, was ac-doubled as a result of the District Manager of the Central avenue of maples will be named 37thDistrict [~auons. The signs are a reaulred conve-q-- i vall,~w snel whff-~ ,,,~ntm, cidently killed Saturday shooting. Electric & Gas Company, of the "Memory Lane." One of the common questions the Federal Highway Ad. ~,~;,,;.,, ~t..~, ....... `4 ^, ,...~,,,,~mornmg whena .22eahbre rifle Alvernon Doc Lytleleft the appointment of Jerry Butler to The Superior School beardI am asked every week-end q~'- J --"* ot,zz][Jz~t|~ bllCtLwa.~ i.g~.ItU|| b~sJ-£~|l~ ..... he earried was discharged as he state penitentiary, after an the position of loeal manager at voted Monday evening to renew when I go home is "what is a ~ unlzorm slgmng roads with much success, climbed through a barbed wire Illinois man had confessed to Wilber, replacing Sam A. contracts with the presentday in thestatesenate like?"To """ The vresent s,,stem of , intina both fence, the crime for which he was Springer, who retired Feb. 1. school a._d~__~istratjon. • give you some idea of what a e t- j 1"~ ~ • " v " " pennant shade sinus carry blank th .......; ........ ,4 ,.,,,,,,, o,,~,,,,, A disastrous fn.e was a erted conv:cted, the robbing of a Ten Years Ago Larry Hoops, who lives on a typical day at this job is like, I .r ..... , on ~ h--;.-,k* ----~ .......... " ...... ~ "" ~' ................................. " A large barn on the Lynnfarm south of Deshler, hadthought I might simply describe i~kffpr,~-J ~.~, q utt~nt yUllUW yenow serves to contuse the motorists, employees of the Menasha ployed in a Superior cafe at the Garman farm southwest of surgery Saturday night at my daily schedule. , ~ney will be installed on At" a distance the two yellow strii .s Wooden Ware Company time of his arrest. He had Burr Oak burned early Thurs- Bryan Memorial Hospital in The state senator s day of- ~tify~ set[ theSldebe.-:°ftwo-lane...... high" ways. to ..... blena into one. ..... -- onedisc°veredcorner aofsmolderingthe buildingfirejustin sentence.Served two years of a 12,year day morning, Jan. 31. The Lincoln following an accidental ficially begins at 9:00 a.m. when _ t ammg a no-passing A combination of two contrasting before locking up for the Twentv-fiveYearsA~o blaze is thought to have started shooting about 6:20 a.m., when Lieutenant Governor Marsh are retmctorlzed for night colors should be used to mark the no- evening. J Howard Ferguson, ~on of from heat lamps that Mr. a rifle discharged, raps the gavel to start the daily ~,-~ty ......... An attempt on the life of Mr'and Mrs Albert Ferguson Garman was using for small Sharon Gariepy and Rick session of the legislature. otorls" dr1" 1" passing zones ann center nnes ann it Pres]. 'd. ent-elect Roosevelt at " " " e ly l pigs in the barn. The loss in- Johanson kingWere crownedqueen Before that the senatOrSmorningWill r°te ts who have • of Hardy, m the n w e ected eluded 133 pigs and sows. and sweetheart and have tried to read their ,__ . ven n states would cost less than the signs now Mmnu, Fla., on Wednesday nresident of the United States several pieces of farm following the Superior-Sandy mail and perhaps get their files ,,e signs are in use say they are being installed, evening pro.vided one of the Natiobal bank at Denver. machinery. Creek basketball game in order for the bills that will be i~_;., mos[ sensational news flashed "i-ials of the Gas Service ~PlIOI NeWS ..... in months. Although five shots Company are asking for thewonM°rgansecondP°Wellplace ofin theB°Stwickstate Saturday night. Monica Braun discussed on the floor that and Jim Sheets were runners- morning, to a eTB) • • . cooperation of people here in Checker tournament at Fair- up. t t:onttnued p g 1 " gTh • conserving the gas supply. By bury last week. The winner was ~ ]ghtln e Budget Battle A a]n turning the theromstats back to Lloyd Mills, who has had the ~. ~" ~ 70 in Superior homes or bytitle 18 times, seven of them Those tradition • • the su rt of the attorneshutting off a room or two, consecutively. ~~m. _ . al adversanes-4he Legislature and the the law and the senator says he has ppo Y durin ex remel cold weather. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Moore of raor--are fl tin • ener g t y . . The ground gh g the budget battle again, g al. . . i home owners can be a b~g help Oak were honored on their ~h renal" am rules are different this year, thanks to a con- According. to .- .Maryel,. bfie.~gs..conducted earlier th s to the company in keeping gas wedding anniversary with a ...~ endment adopted last fall. sessmn by the legmtatwe fiscal stair did amount to budget ~,,~i]oh~,~ t, ~vm.~.n~ "Ph~ reception at the home of their ......... ~¢ ~onstitution now requires the governor to submit his co ntemplatod by. the law_The ~ .~man ~)usiness" vl'aces"'l~ave"" been daughter, Mrs. Bob Jacobson SUPERIOR BEULAH ~o .ir~ .o.,,~: : 1 L,-T:~-.'~'~ummenoations in the form of a bill, which the says he has naa vernal connrmauon o~ tins opmmn m ...... ,,~ ";,, h,,-, ~t,,, ther (Arlene), and Mr• Jacobson at . , rlrst t aptmt t.,nurcn I mture must ' • " er "~" ................ " Kerormea ~:_ . amend where it wants to make changes, discusstons vath Attorney General Clarence Moy .. mcu~tat~ h~ek tn ~ 27D?.wney, Calif., on Sunday, Jan. . Albert J. Kleinsasser I ~*~"etauvePm~ints the. areas of disa~-e~nent,. ..... between the The byplay's over, who's responsible, for what surfaced last "=,,~:"tT_-_--~-=..:=:...~.,zne ,,-o ..... Presbyterian Church Pastor I ~°t~ . .~a. execut:ve branches and lets the voters know just week when Marvel s committee began Its hearings on the Exon ...-..,."oU'*n ,,,t" ,,,~'ho ,-,,,,:-~ :~.,a ~,--,,~'m"¢* Damage estimated at about 5th and Bloom 6th and Commercial i r~cn S~cle feel b et bill When a canes started appearing before the corn s on separate financ" uestions udg " • g " " home " Before the . . mg q . . • " ' m- , 1426 Commerc:al, $!,000 was caused by a fire at i ~eve _ constitutmnal amendment was put on the ballot, m~ttee to.def.e~.d then" recl.UeSts.and discuss Exon s reco Sunda about 10 a.m., by a fire the Ernest Bridwell home ReD. It. W. Caskey, Pastor Sunday Services ;,,L, j r,a law was enacted which directed the LP~tslature's menaeo at/erations, execuuve budget officers declined to enter ,._, ~YJt. .... • "-n the roof It The Lord's Day Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Sunday forenoon. The fire a[ --~ . mat u.u,,~ ~,,, u • - Worship 11 •00 a m ~'T~. a_tf to prepare budget recommendations, mto the debate. . ...... burned a hole through the roof originated in Mr. Bridwell's Church School ......... I0 a.m ..... • • • ~;:,~ney constitutional ~m~,m~e doesn't affect that law, That led to a "summit meeting" mvotving tap governor, ,h,,~ t,~, i- diameter shop, which is adjacent to the Morning Worsh'p~ .... 11 a.m. Junior Ha'gn 5:00 p.m. ~[n bill :s pending to reveal it Marvel and legislat:ve and executive staffers. They decided, ~..^**.... r o was discovered at hbuse. Evening Worship, 7:30 p.m.Senior High 6:30 p.m. ~" £ue 0 __ • . . ~u~,~. ~lr~ ~ .... ~ vernor says the Legislative branch ought to follow the. _ __ temporarily. . at least, that the administrative. . .sp°kesmen would ,~,o t,,,~,,,,,,,.. .... ,..¢Mrs. C. J. Guhin on Two voun~ doctors, Dr. Paul .. Wednesday .. Bible Study u::~ay ~t ~;;tLsrepealed. He says it wasn't followed this ses~ion, ln wmt until an agency has finished ~ts testimony before the o-~*w;a~otreetwhichburuedaJ. Hallgrimson and Dr. T. C. P',L":'^',e~ ot)'nHast'Sent Budget Committee Chairman Richard D. comm:ttee, before offering their own explanations of the .t...~,,~.,,~ 't'rou'~-, . v,. the. roof, and Kiekhaefer, were looking over rrayer meeung, ';.~u p.m.Prayer 9:30a.m. ...... rags a letter saying- governor s decisions I feel t " • " .... resulted m conmderable water the Superior field Saturday. One ...... .hat the failure to act under that law is about as The alternative, as explained by the admmmtration, would and gmoke damalze Both were of them has definitely decided Catholic Church - -----MER ~:-,_~ a Vmiation of legislative intent as I have ever seen. May be a constant argmnent and debate between the agencies ann ;"~'~",~ t, h~w s"tart~ from ~ to locate here and the other may ~est,t.hat you consi-der dir~,tlna v~"~w ~taff to comolv with the executive branch, preventing Budget Committee members ..... " - Services OUK KI~UP,;I~ t ~ • ------o, ...... chimne s ark. -,~aw.. from getting the information they were seeking. "---oYn?~ment has been come, but has not yet fully ,uarvel doesn't agree with the governor's interpretation of . One example of the problems involved develol~, duringw~, made'.this morning that F. B. decided.Laurie Marie Kennen isFatherW. F. Sladky Lutheran(Lutheran ChurehChUrCh[n nearing on me State Department ol ~; s Dunget. w~ti Roberts of York, Neb. will come winner from Superior High America) nesaes trom me department said time alter time mey com~m *,, ~",~-r to be assistantSchool in the 1963 Betty Crocker Rectory Phone: 879-3735 -astor understand the governor's rationale for changes he has ~-n~er'of the Sw~,~rior St,de ,,,~,,~s~ ,, ~... ~ Search for the American ReD. Kent Morse, P suggested. Shoppe• Homemaker of Tomorrow. St. Joseph's Church 505 Kansas St. They accused him of making "unrealistic and unthinkable" Paul Armstrong is the new Five Years Ago Superior -------- recommendations, meat cutter at the SuperiorThe Christian Church of The next day, administration witnesses had their chance. Mass Se~edul~ Sunday Services They claimed the department had "misrepresented" theSafeway store. He has replaced Nelson observed its 90th an- Saturday ............ 7:00 p.m. Worship ............... 9:30 a.m. Kenneth Hurd, who has beenniversary Sunday, Feb. 11, with Sunday 7:~ am. ' situation in several instances and had been unfair in its promoted to the position of head services morning and af- • ............... Church School .... 10:20 a.m. criticism, of the meat department of the ternoon. Bill Comes Close ................... Another ballot was promised, but on the first try a bill to ask Kearney store. The Jaycee Tape of Dimes .............. Fifteen Years Ago extended from the Ben Franklin Nebraskans whether they want to choose state senators by party Burglers robbed the Citizens Store Corner at Fourth and Church of The Church of Christ labels failed--by one vote. State Bank of Carleton of $1,800 Central to Brown's Shoe Fit At least thirty votes are required to pass proposed con- The Nazarene Meets at ~0 E. 4th St. stitutional amendments--and send them to the ballot booths for in cash and ruined 125 safety Store last Saturday. Kenneth Peterson, Pastor voter oonsideration--and the partiean Legislature bill got just 20 deposit boxes early FridayFive Superior boys, Ron 740East 7th Sunday morning, Amack, Paul Utecht, Dave ReD. Ted Dodd Worship ................ 10:10a.m. when it was offere-d for passage last week. Bureau of Reclamation pinsUtecht, Gary Tordrup and Sunday School 9:30a.m. Speaker Richard F. Proud of Omaha, a longtime advocate and buttons for long service Everett Myers, entered the Sunday Evening Service, 7:30p.m. of a partisan Legislature, changed his supporting vote to a negative so he would be in a parliamentary position to ask that were awarded to 37 employees District Golden Gloves at Grand Sunday School ..... 10:00 a.m. Wednesday last week. Among these wereIsland Monday evening. Morning Service, .11:00 a.m. Prayer and Bible the decision be reconsidered. A ~mator must be on the eight with records of over 20 Orville Beard, head football NYPS .................. 6:00p.m. Study ................ 7:30 p.m. prevailing side to request reconsideration. ~ years, coach at Superior High School, Evening Service, 7:00 p.m. Saturday Proud said the issue will be raised again sometime this The March of Dimes cam- has resigned his position, ef- Wednesday Midweek Youth Meeting .. 7:30 p.m. week. fective at the end of the present Prayer Service .... 7:00 p.m. If the other 29 votes hold solid, the 20th vote is available, paign here netted $1,563.90. EVERYONE WELCOME rvice sure is g0Jflg Senator John Cavanaugh of Omaha, who was absent when the Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Sisson school term. "'1~ Postal ~ ~[[ out original ballot was taken, said he would east a favorable voteon weddingWere honoredanniversaryOn theirsunday,61st UniversityAm°ng degreesth°se inreCeiving1968 are ...... Centennial Lutheran- to Promote thor new LOVE STAMW' the next go-around. Feb. 9. Ronald Polage, Richard Myers United Methodist Nebraska's Legislature has been nonpartisan ever since it Church James Houghton, son of Mr. and Irvin Schlenfer, from this Church (Missouri Synod) Was converted from a bicameral to a one-house body by the and Mrs. Lowell Houghton of area. Grassroots George Says: voters almost four decades ago. The nonpartisan aspect was Superior, received the highest OneYearAgo 448 Kansas Street Ninth and Dakota Streets included in the same issue as the unicameral question and Score of the 28 persons taking an Bob Grfffith, son of Mr. and Superior, Nebraska voters didn't have an opportunity to vote separately on the examination for CertifiedMrs. George Griffith of Nelson, Dale D. Doerr, Pastor ra~J~°°te~ George Says: issues. Public Accountant recently, narrowly escaped death about 3 Rev. Max O. ScCamley :"'-,,r ~,ennedy atten ,eo< out the c ..... cled the Presidential Inaugural to Ever since then, there have been periodic efforts to put the =remOny. He Donald Maxwell, a formerp.m. last Thursday.whennearly ..... 'rangements for ]977 wants to change the seating nonpartisan question on the ballot by itself. Superior boy, was killed in a two tons of irrigation well • Never before, has there been nearly as much strength in the traffic accident Monday near casing fell on him, crushing his Sunday Service Sunday School 9:15 a.m. "------ Legislature to accomplish that objective. Only once before, in Upland, Calif. He was the son of left leg. Church School ...... 9:15 a.m. Bible Classes 9:15 a.m. Women's Lib has now won true equality In the Air Force. tact, has a partisan Letislature bill even reached the floor (the 10:30 Service 10:30 a.m. John Maxwell of this city. This year marks the 100th 'V'~°rship ............ a.m. tom now on, the ladies In the Air Force will pull KP (kitchen others have been killed in committee) and it died on fwst An article in Agriculture anniversary of the founding of Nursery Provided )lice), too. That's a victory? reading. Marketing, a publication of the Edgar and elaborate plans are __ ,