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February 24, 1983     The Superior Express
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February 24, 1983

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C. federal government has its way, a new layer be in place by July 1. That is the date Revenue Service begins giving with one taking away with another. tax cut is scheduled to take affect that is also the date the federal govern- requiring financial institutions to withhold 10 percent of the interest on savings accounts and other investments. have said the new "withholding at the " legislation is intended to frustrate income who don't report interest and dividend on their tax returns. efforts to catch tax evaders but the already has in place a regulation which ffinancial institutions to annually file the 1099 J. This system gets almost 90 percent corn- and with just slight modification would I00 percent compliance. financial institutions to withhold taxes and dividends is the same as giving the an interest free loan on the national the action will cost the taxpayers a con- The 41 b~ Sen. Edward Zorinsky also voted against the tax bill and for an amendment that would have killed the withholding. He received 22,000 cards and letters urging him to support repeal. Zorinsky had hired an additional aid to help with the matter. Rep. Virginia Smith, has called for congressional hearings to reconsider the issue. She has received between 5,000 and 6,000 letters on the subject. Frustrated by the expense and manpower in- volved in answering the marl on this issue, Mrs. Smith, last week ordered her staff to "terminate the increasingly costly efforts to answer each message received." She said she will continue to respond to every handwritten and typewritten letter on the subject but she would have been forced to hire new aides to answer all the preprinted coupons and postcards on the issue. I I i II I S U p e r i O r= Thursday, February 24, 1983 [~ Anniversary ( Though great numbers of people are speaking in degrees. op, position to the legislation, House Speaker Tip O Neill said last week there is no chance congress Another myth that has arisen is that state- will repeal the withholding provision, controlled education is the best way to go. This myth It appears that Speaker O'Neill and his cronies assumes several things, it assumes the state has the Bill Biauvelt, Publisher Published Weekly By " EL~=._ _ __ _. Superior Publishing Company, Inc t 48 East Third Street Sul3erior, Nebraska 68978 Subscription Rates: $1000 0ar year or three NATIONAL NIEWSPAPE]R yePrs for $27,00 payable in advance in Nebraska "ASSOC~TION and Ksrsas. elsewhere St 2.00 per year or three years for $33,00. I I I III I I III I I I I I at surroun Almost every area of life has some myths which are regarded as true even if there is little or no evidence to support them. Such is true in education. One such myth is the assumption that certified teachers produce educated children. To be sure, certification requires teachers to have taken and passed certain course work at the college and perhaps post-graduate level, but that does not mean they know how to live, how their subject matter integrates with the other academic disciplines or how the particular subject relates to real life. Vea Often the best teachers are those with a heap of practical experience, not necessarily those with a parental responsibility. It is patently false to assume anyone or can be neutral. We take our presupositions assumptions into everything that we do. Therefore if we believe in the innate goodness of the human race and its ability to accomplish anytime it wants to as a basic belief, we are going to interprete subject matter and even historial data in that light and bypass or minnimise any other viewpoint. Scientific observation has found that nature abhors a vacuum and that is as true in education as anywhere else. Finally it is also false to assume that graduates of any school supported by the state are educated. Recent revelations that one could graduate from one of Nebraska's ranking universities and still not read beyond the sixth grade would support that plus the observations of college professors that there are fewer and fewer students who know how to use have forgotten they were elected to represent the right to be in education, that state-controlled grammar or possess a decent vocabulary. people and the people want this legislation over- education can be neutral and state-controlled We need to recognize the value our American sum of money and reduction of savings, turned, education produces a curriculum that guarantees public school system has been and can continue to will lose the money they would have .... educated students. We have enjoyed state-sponsored be. We also need to realize the public system is not so on the 10 percent through compounding. ( Ed ] education for quite some years and over those Years perfect that we vracticallv idolize it by assuming: new regulations are creating an ad- Letter To The itor many good teachers have faithfully taught well. any other school system is faulty just because some ghtmar, for tl e financial institutions. That is not the point; rather who is responsible to see things are not available in that system though: experts have estimated the cost for .... the students are educated? We suggest it is basically for public education. -h " ' - had room in their hearts and _ the necessary computer software could e :~uperlor ~-xDress hnm~fnr ~ grandmother $5 billion. The regulation will add alp welcomes the letters to the editor "-:-anlfath~:" =" rely 115 to the cost of maintaining each ac- but anonymous contributions are Branmau . , .... U ..... never printed, Tt~e Express must . I r.ern .emBer mm uu..IJm~B n w tO chUrCh each mmuay mu==- k o the names and addresses .... ,__., .~ .... legislation does provide fo/" exemptions, of writers. Nora de plume are trig. t~=ne wotuo lead, ur~ wl~ ,kthe persons exempt from the provisions are occasionally permitted but, carrying the littlest tot. Veima Seventy YearsAgo Drew and Oran King in the owner d.the snookerparlor and Scott Duncan was won a four: preference is given writers who " followed with the next youngest. The new Ready-to.Wear Store leads; Lillian Fisher, Mary barber snop at 319 Cemral. year re.gen scnomrsnip. no did not have to file income tax returns last permit their names to be pub- The other youn@ters marched waz opened at the corner of4th Smith, Ruth Andrews, Mabel More than 1,000 l~.ople .at- Aswlmmmgpoolhea.terfun. d 'who paid less than ~ on an individual or lished. All letters critical of to their seats like quiet little and Central by Messrs. Henry Gourlay, Even Kleven, Brooks tended the R EAannuaJmeeung nap. Been ,, st.a.rtea ...Oy me 'najoL'Rreturn, and those who are 65 or older individuals must be signed, soldiers. Their hair was Mosiman and F. H. Scheck of ,]ones, Ward Shafer, Arid at the uooster Ha, in Nelson. lc.gerooome Home :xtension Single initia/ signatures are not brushed and shoes shinning. Falls City. Mr. Mosiman will Montgomery, Elva Ramseir, Twenty Y cars Ago . ub: .Ml's. P ressley / llier Ld less than 111,500 on an individual return or acceptable Use either first and Grandmother and Grandfather move here and conduct the Raymond Bird and Eldon A new mouern motto is presment ana Mrs. orman on a joint return. Those people who are last names or two given initials brought up the rear. establishment himself. LeMay, auured for Superior and Smith, s_ecre~ry. . : : must file an exemption certificate to avoid and last name. The Ex0ressO11 Sunday afternoons we Tony Datum has purchased Forty Years Ago built as soon as possible after FlveearsAgo : Ldi~. . reserves the right to condense always took a ride and when we and edit letters, drove by the Sullivan farm, two lots in Abdal on which he Fred Hornbusseli, Superior, the Buccessful bidder is Mank.ato water users have Lnpopularity of the measure can be measured Gene and the kids would be out will build. Ralph Huffman and and Vernon Hoelting, selected. , been usmg supplemental water e volume of mail sent to our senators and Editor: in the big front year playing family moved to their new farm Lawrence, have been reported Equipment of the 200-bed from their new wells east of -'ntatlves. After looking back through baseball, l ,,minded me of the east of Abdal. missing in action in the emergency hospital was in-Webber. cted last w Local pohce re rt drwm J. J. Exon, who voted against the $99 billion my old TV Guide magazines, I old saying, pray togemer, play Monday aftcrnoon as August European area. ape eek. Assisting in . .. ' . .Ix) ," ".g l that contains the withholding clause, has have concluded many good together." Barflmecht and Adam Troudt The government's new point checkingH C Hannthe items were Mrs. siower:supenormelt m ghtPas teWbe becauseWeeKs programs have fallen by theI wonder fit he children have and his two sisters, Mrs.rationing program will assure . . a, Civil Defeme , - ..... Charles Cole and Mrs. Katie everyone of getting his fair director, Frank Swaim, devutv me county s new sopnisdca e more than 40,000 letters urging him to wayside, returned to Velma all the Crowl, were coming home from share of canned and processed director, and Mayor Georg'e radar equipment t repeal of the withholding provision. The Everyone remembers the she gave them. They were S .e ual to two-thirds of the total mail hewaltons. It was a great show raised with so much Fairfield, they had an upset at foods. Lawson. Mrs. Larry Brazil will replace last year. Exon is a co-sponsor of and it always r4mind4d me and love is no doub they bridge M Raymond Amack enlisted inNebraska's brand new tallest Mrs. Kenneth Fausch as the Gene Sullivan family, have returned it. NelSon. None w~ I~n'iouslythe navy and is now in TV tower is now operating. It's assmtant Aging Activities van ties that would repeal the withholding this What a beautiful family. Katherine Hunaskm injured. Australia. 1,17 feet and will enable driver. Besides all their children, they Lincoln, Fifty Years Ago Thirty Years Ago you to watch ABC progran~ om One Year Ago As a further effort towardA head-on automobile crash 15, KHOL-TV. High school principal has lessening chances of successful on highway 6 east of Hastings Ten Years Ago cancelled dances due to student daylight holdup, .the banks will took the life of Mrs. J.E. The parking meters in drinking at last dance held. ' " ' ' ' ' ' not be open during noon hour Ingrain, wife of, well known Superior will be uncovered and The Assembly of God have after March I. Nuckolis county physician, returned to service March I. moved to a new location at Melv ~[~'~I ~ --t~ll~O~pl~lul~a ;e ~ w ,,~e supericr Draflla Lea,, The four-act production by Fred A]exander, 57, fatherof Bethany Lathern Church, Tenth and Dakota, the former ' Under Cover," will he given at Superior, died in Oklahoma. mortgage burning ceremony Mid-America Dairymen the Junior High Auditorium. Otis Norris has bought out and thank offar/ng service disclosed the acquisition of the The cast includes Lorraine Ralph Heflin and is now sole Sunday. Ravenna Cheese Company. ~ ~ I II I I II III - I III I I I ~ I III I ill ] which have gone unca,hed. Catholic Lut Y0no who has eveYB struggled to balance a c~_.b~ She said her office identified the uneeshed check= from I .... ; Church Services an Church' I " w ha, ta~oodfeslingltistocometothesuddenrealizatiou handwritten records that were maintained prior to corn- ~x~,.~~ ~ ItJsseli'll~lllll~ ( ssouriSynod) a little bit more money in the account than you puterization in May 1978. J,; S ,111111111111 a. Bai ta athlete ; State checks are hon~ed for up to two years from their I ~lll?ll]lll~ ~ll ~ m i Paster Pad S. Tlmiss __e mg like that happened to the appropriations corn- issuance, she said. ...... = /I | IFtthol' Freak ISStlIIN ~ Worship Service... 9:00 a.m. u~( week. I Rectory Phone 402-879-3735 Sunday School .... 10:00 am,~ t te Try. ma-er Ira Orr tald the committee she was able in Since taking office in June lml, Orr has routinely written- I =ram smmmm ........ : . . ' ................ Bible Class 10 00 a m Y m P_tOmcr~ulethestatoganeralbalanceby$1.5mfllion. offthnseuncashedcheckswhicharerecerdedentheccnlputec - _ _ "~ [~[~ t'~i~1 ! OailyMasses ....... 7:30a.m. WlihIIl~ Ule~l ~x;.Y noullh tolead thestate outofit $ fiscal problems, thetW yearsgeneralafterfundiseu~nee,by $5=5,748.She said that practice has lncrensed ~. ~i~ 11 '..~] Saturday 7'00 pm Midweek School... 3 15 Pm ./////~~\x. i ~: ~ ~ ~ i Sunday ........... 8:00 e'm" Choir Practice . 7 30 D m r told the committee the increase in the general fund The actioo last wesk was the result .o, fa length , examination . ._ _. ................. ew, thorestfltof her canceliingokl state.issued checks of the old handwritten records by Orr. staff. , TM I ~~Inmm , Nelson-Sunday .... I0:00 am. WwShip with us live, ssch Anyone who holds a state check which is more than ,two , e ' Sunda~ on gflFS Radio. Amo.~ O,r,e~ve~ ' -~,._,-.,,, ~.o,.~ ' .... yenrs old may apply to the state daims board for compeosauon, unurcn Ot ' Church Of F'--" ....... C.,r, t .= .,r= on,.,o .... in their celk and more time on work details under a variety of azarene Baptist Church Presbyterian proposals being considered by the 1963 Legislature. . genne Most ambitious d thebill$ dealing with inmate id]enese ls I Ckwcb40~-e7S-4BS7 0ave n~k~ r~ssw ISO .smms lll Church : [ Beliwood Sen. Loren Schmit's LB 500, which would appropriate i Home 402-179-31 IS Psstel'S RSSN SUp0fl . Nebraska $500,000 to the correctione] services department for expansion of 604 Fast Fourth St. Office Phone 4Ol-I7S-14ll . _ _ its program under which teams of 12 to 14inmates perform wort ~-=--~, '=-=,,,=,,ks ........ RlInl iilifllsaes, Pastel $1xtll sad Central ' ' -=w,,,-,.. -,,---- ~unaay ~cnool ...... 9:4b a.m. Ph e 4 rnin Servl 1 4 on 02 879 3786 Phone 402 B79 3795 e age of Puberty is whe y , for state agencies and local governments, hmla~ Ms g ce... O: 5 am. " " " " mand to teli you whare he $ going. Two other bilb, Grand Island'Sen. Howard Peterson'$ LB Worship 930- 0"30 a m Teen Fellowship .... 6:00 p.m. Church 402-879-3534 180 and Imperial Sen. Rex herman's S, address i ^ _ " ........ Evening Service .... ]tmg r _ .,l le these They have just Settee rcund idleness in city and eoun Ja.tb" Th.e tw differ sngnu]( m ..... 10:30-11:30 a.m. Midweek p rseyed r Snmla, SvMaV g~rauon of New Year's Day. Last Suoday was the first their apwcaches, but both I]IlB/~ ~ goal 0/" .putting local ]aft Evening Service .... 6:30 p.m. Service ........... :. 7:00 p.m.Church at Study .... 9:30 am. Sunday School ..... 9:30 a.m. ! t,,Ye _or' the.Pig. The year that had Just ended was the inmates to work on community improvement IxoJecm. _ Tm =lNmati lnllaMe T~.._II~_A~_~M Worship ........... 11:00 a.m. WOrsb p . 10 45 a.m. "= after the pig will come the year of the Schmit, whose bill had eneotmtered opposition from II=r r __x Pmvld l , J . , , , ! , ,, ,, ,, ," labor, dev_ ol , bm _L onsu]taUo, n Living Faith Lutheran Church Olive Hill Church i.,. Reformed ,t .t t ie snow StOrm that paralyzed the east coast Corrections Director clmrles enson ana ame aria raru Commission Director Gene Maboney. The Game and Parks Fellowship In America + /, I Presbyter,anl ago, came a bright and cheerful note. A Commission has been the largest user of prison labor among lib West Festa, Phene 401-17e-StOl / . , 7 ,--- - mu zrom a seven stm'y New York City apart- state agencies, putting inmate, to work at Fort Rob/seen, the Patsy Suney. Pester BeY Ted lcln~o P.....7 ..... \'