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February 24, 1983     The Superior Express
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February 24, 1983

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.4.B THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thursday, February 24, 1983 ~:::7 __:_~=_=~ ----_ ~_.~ billing period, but not less than rural residential and cam- 60 percent of the highest mercial customersoftbeWator i l P hi" Not" ~ demand established durir~( the Department. l,l I C Ice precndingllmonths. First1,000gallonsat$2.53per i ~:~:I~:~_:Y~ ........ _~i ~-_ .............. L- ....... ~ ......... Power Factor Adjustment 1,000 gallerY. ....................... The customer will be ex- Next 15,000 gallons at $,02 per Nc~;ice of meeting posted Feb. at 0.053 cents per KWH pectod to maintain at his ex- 1,000 gallons. 4, !.Lg~, City Auditorium, City All ov~r 500 KWH used per pease a power factor of 90 Next 35,000gallons at 0.67 per Clerk s Office, Superior month at O.0~ cents per KWH percent or bettm'. If the power 1,000 gallons. UtiHtles. : Minimum Bill factor is measured by the Next 50,600 gallons at 0.57 per Superior UtiLities, 7:30 p.m. 83.00 pro" month. All bills Electric Department and found 1,000 gallons. Feb. 7, 1~. rendered net, due and payable to be lower than 90 percent, the Over 100,000 gallons at 0.55 The regular meeting of the on receipt and d~nq~mt if not customer will be required to per 1,000 ha/leas. Board of Public Works was pald by the t~th of the month of cotn~ect the power factor at his MINIMUM BILL called to order by Chairman which the bill is rendered. A ten expeuse or the monthly demand $3.55 per menth. All bills Beaumont with the followL'~ percent delayed payment willbe multiplied by the ratio 90 rendered net, due and payable . present: Beaumont, Groves, penalty will be charged on percent bears to the measured on receipt and delinquent if not Hu'IL and 'Rempe. Absent: delinquent bills. Delinquent power factor." paid by the tonth of the month of MV~Idt. accounts are subject to MUNICIPAL POWER AND which the bill is rendered. A ton The minutes of the last disconnection with proper 8TREETLIGHTING percent delayed payment meeting were read and there notice. Reconnection may be ScheduleD-l: Available to the penalty will be charged on beau[| no objections or had upon payment of a non- City of Superior for Municipal delinquent bills. Delinquent corrections were declared recoverable $15.00 fee. After Street Lighting Services. Ap- accounts are subject to a apDroved as read. hours or on weekends placable to all hight street disconnection with proper The following bills of the City holidays ~ion may ~lighting service (Dusk to notice. Reconnection may he Ut~ty Fund were read: had upon payment of a nou-daylight) from the Electric had upon payment of a non- Salaries, 8,096.17; American recoverable ~.00 fee. Department systems con- recoverable $15.00 fee. After ElEctric Company, supplies, CharaeterofServlee 51.~8; B & S Tire Market, labor When a portion of a ann supplies, 32.20; Bankers residential dwelling is used for Life insurance, contract commercial lmrpeass then the rel, nittance, 827.42; Barco, Commercial Service electrical supplies, 694.g7; Barks rate shall apply provided: Puiblications Inc., books, 13.90; 1. The service is all taken Bill Morris Ford, supplies and through one meter. labor, 621.11; Burroughs, In all other cases, the forming to standard practices hours or on weekends or and allowable investments per holidays reconneetien may he unit oftbeElectric Department. had upon payment of a non- The Electric Department will construct, operate and maintain the complete system and fur- nish such lighting services every night from dusk until recoverable $25.00 fee. WATER RATE SCHEDULE CITY FIRE HYDRANTS AND MUNICIPAL USE Schedule H-l: Fire hydrant daylight. rental to the City of Superior sUvvlies, 52.50; Business Residential and Conunaruial Allelectricalpowerfurnished shall be $1.50 per month per Supply, supplies, 256.72; Service will be separately to municipal departments and hydrant. C~nning Truck Service, freight metered and billed under the facilities will be billed at cost as Municipal water rate and charges, 103.88; C.apitolSupply, applicable rate. When rooms determined by the Board of inter-departmental rate to the supplies, 155.34; City of are rented out, the Residential Public Works. (0.042 cents per City of Superior shall be 0.6,5 S~perior, Surplus fund and rate shall apply to the first two KWH). cents per 1,000 gallons. gQsoline, 9,624.45; City of rooms. Three rooms or more AREA LIGHTING SERVICE SEWER RATE SCHEDULE Superior, Fica-January, shall be comidered an Apart- ScheduleE-l: Available toali Schedule I-1: Available to all 2,~.84, City of Superior, Blue meet use and shall be billed on customers of the Electric customers of the Sewer Cross-Blue Shield, Group In- the Commercial Service Department. Department. Rate Schedule Residential Sewer Users, st|rance, 1,247.10; City of electrical rate, unless each Scperior Combined Utilities apartment or room is metered working cash fund, fund s e p a r a t • 1 y. S p • cia 1 r imbursemont, 722.57; Coast to requirements will be negotiated C ast, supplies, 96.30; "Colonial with the Board of Public Works. Life & Accident, premium, GENERAL COMMERCIAL 102.00; Corner Service, gasoline ELECTRIC SERVICE and oil, 21.70; Schedule B-l: Available to Type of Service metered- $4,00 per month. ranted, rate per month, $3.25 Commercial Sewer. Users each. (Minimum $4.00) equal to water Type of Service, unmetered- billing. owned, rate per month, $4.00 Residential Rural Sewer each. users, $5.00 per month. Type of Service, unmetered- Rural Commercial Sewer merce, membership dues, he charged on delinquent bills. 210.00, Superior-Deshler, Delinquent accounts are subject supplies. 6.04; Superior Ex- to disconnection with proper press, proceedings and sup- notice. Reconnectien may be plies. 138.21; Superior Exw~ss, had upon payment of a non- pr0ceedingsand supplies, 56.53; recoverable $15.00 fee. After Department of Revenue, commercial and non-residentlal rented, rate per month, $5.50 Users (Minimum $5.00) Equal s~ilea and use tax, 1,854.61; customers whose normal each. to water billing D~partment of Revenue, state demand does not exceed 50 KW ALL ELECTRICAL RATES All Industrial Sewer Users, In w~thholding, 585.34; Elmer for lighting, heating or in- ARE SUBJECT TO POWER accordance withOrdinanceNo. Drubs, trash hauling, 10.00; cidenttal power. Single-phase PRODUCTION COSTS. 674, dated February 1978. F|sher Scientific Company, motors or other power or WINTER RATE SCHEDULE Except thereshallbeasewer sdpplies, 176.34; Forslund, heating equipment shall ~nt. RESIDENTIAL & use charge of $4.00 per month stlpplies, 442.26; Fullerten'S exceed 10 HP or 10 KW - COMMERCIAL for schools for the billing of I~pair. labor and parts, 167.44; dividual capacity. All service Schedule F-l: Available to all July, August and September. Gas Service Company, gas shall be taken through one residential and commercial Except that commercial consumption, 67.62; Darold meter and shall not be for re- customers of the Water customers using water con- Hlatt, labor, 049.75; Ideal sale. Any customer whose load Department. suming air conditioners may Market, supplies, 175.09; lace, factor is significantly less than First 2,000 gallons at $2.75 per either install a meter at their sqpplies, 115.69; Jack & Jill, the electric department system 2,000 gallons, expense to measure the amount supplies, 537.66; Kriz-Davis, load factor may he put on an Next 10,000gallons at 0.86 per of unpolluted water diverted sdpplies, 672.92; Januz Industrial Electric Service rate 1,000 gallons, into the sewer system, or pay a Marketing Communications, at the option of the electric Next 18,000 gallons at 0.70 per sewer use charge equal to the sqbscription, 04.80; Bill department for a period of not 1,000 gallons, average water billing of the M~llam, labor, 464.00; less than 12 months. Next 20,000gallons at 0.55 per preceding January, February, McKesson Chemical, supplies, Rate Sehedu.~ 1,000 gallons. March and April. - 410.25; Martens Repair & First 50 KWH used per month Excess. Joe D. Beaumont Salvage, labor and supplies, at 0.120 cents per KWH MINIMUM BILL Chairman 3~88; Mid-Nebraska 011, Next l00 KWH used per menth $2.75 per month. All bills R.J. Rempe g~linetmdofl, 321.33; Mullets, at 0.113 cents per KWH. rendered net, due and payable Secretary sut~pplies, 202.47; NPPD, Next 4M KWH uesd per month on receipt and delinquent if not A motion was made by C~umbus, Mid-Am billing tape, at 0.088 cents per KWH paid by the tenth of the month of Beaumont, and seconded by 29~00; NPPD, Superior, power Excess over 600 KWH used which thebillis rendered. A ten Groves that the meeting ad- percent delayed payment learn. Voting yea: Beaumont, purchased, 1,918.68; Nuckolls per month at 0.044 cents per penalty will be charged on Groves, Hull andRempe. Nay: County Implement, supplies, KWH 16Y)6; MlnimumBUi delinquent bills. Delinquent None. Absent: Mullet. Motion Robinson Conoco, supplies, $5.00 per month, or $5.75 per accounts are subject to carried. 5.72; Sebastian Equipment, HP connected, whichever is disconnection with proper Joe D. Beaumont supplies, 170.15; Second Street higher. All bills rendered net, notice. Reconnection may be Chairman R~ibuilders, supplies, 42.00; due andpayableon receipt and had upon payment of a non- R.J. Rempe" SeCurity National Bank, federal delinquent if not paid by the recoverable $15.00 fee. After Secretary withholding, 3,080.57; Share tenth of the month of which the hours or on weekends or Corporation, supplies, 71.63; bill is rendered. A ten percent holidays reconnection may be ~ ~ and Super'ear Chamber of Cam- delayed payment penalty win had upon payment of a non- church almanacs usually recoverable $25.00. printed saints' days and Superior Motor Parts, supplies, hours or on weekends or 175.65; Superior Plumbing, holidays, reconuection may be supplies, 2 .79; Superior had upon payment of a non- Spbrts Stmck supplies, 12.50; recoverable $25.00 fee. Superior Tire Company, sup- PowerFacterAd astment plies,,15065; Superior U ties, The customer wiLl be ox- s(~,vice, 1,620,30; U.S. Post- n~ter, postage, 121.69; Utlltles v Ition, registration fee, 37.50; lay Building Center, sup- pries. 62.44; Van Nostrand P,~inhold Co., supplies, 30.66; W.alt's Furniture, supplies, 401.03; Wesco, supplies, 7.45; S/eve Williams, water wbrkshop expense, 80.00; Y~llow Springs, Instrument Co., labor, 68.85. pected to maintain at his ex- peme a power factor of 90 percent better. If the power factor is measured and found to be lower than 90 percent, the customer will be required to correct the power factor at his expense or the monthly demand will be multiplied by the ratio 90 percent bears to the measured power factor. INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC SERVICE Schedule C-1: Available to ~A motion was made by R;L-npe and seconded by Hull tl~t the bills he approved and any customer whose normal p~id as read, Voting yea: total demand is 25 KW or more, Beaumont, Groves, Hull and provided the entire l~mpe. Nay: None. Absent: requirements are taken flu'ough Mullet. Motion carried, one., meter; not applicable to motion was made by re.ale, stand-by, temporary, l anmont and seconded by Hull supplemental, auxiliary or that Resolution No. 1-83 be shared service. el)proved. Voting yea: Rate Schedule I aumont, Groves, Hull and First 100 KWH of demand at RGmpe. Nay: None. Absent:0.066 cents per KWH. For all electric use in excess of above M~dlet.. RESOLUTIONM°ti°n carried.143 demand at 0.0398 cents per :BE IT RESOLVED BY THE KWH__ BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS Water pumping rate for City OF THE CITY OF SUPERIOR, of Superior, intec-departmental N] BRASKA: and all munleipal electric rates :That Resolutiuon No, 1-83, shall be at 0.042 cents per KWH. chited February 7, 1983, is MbdmumBllIPerMonth adopted by said Board, estih~ First I00 hours of demand, but o~t the electric, water and not less than 38 KW. All bills sewer rates, provided by the rendered net, due and payable ~perior Utilties Department of on receipt and delinquent if not City of Superior, Nebraska, paid by the tenth of the month of ~nning with February, 19~3 which the bill is rendered. A ten g, due March 1, 1963. percent delayed payment ~ESlDENTIALELECTRIC penalty win be charged on SERVICE delinquent bills. Delinquent Schedule A-l: All Residential accounts are subject to cqstdmers in single-family dlseonnectlon with proper .~einnp for all d~stl¢ uses,netlce. R~on may be i luding lighting, cooking, had upon payment of a non- r frigeration, household up- recoverable $15.00 fee. ARer paances, hot water heatlnS, hours or on weekends or n rs and space heating, holidays, ruemmeeUon may be Ks • Schedule had upon payment of a non- irst K mad per month recoverable $ .00 fee. m less at 0.127 cents per KWH Blilingl maml ~ext 60 KWH used per monthBilling shall be the maximum at 0.06? cent per KWH Intqrated 60 minute kilowatt :Next 400 KWH uesd por month load oecurrlng during the Water Rate Schedule religions holidays in red ink. Rural These holidays became festive Schedule G-I: Available to or "red letter" days. III SUPERIOR LIVESTOCK COMMISSION CO., INC. Starting at 1:00 p.m. Hog prices were steady and cattle sold on a strong market Saturday, • axed pigs, Formosa• 51 Ibs .............. $50.00 per head Mixed pigs, Nora, 61 Ibs ................ $65.00 per head Mixed pigs, Esbon, 27 Ibs ................ $36.00 per head White pigs, Nelson, 63 Ibs ............... $63.00 per head Mixed pigs, Superior. 31 Ibs ............. $36.00 per head White pigs, Lawrence. 94 Ibs ............. $72.00 per head Mixed pigs. Hardy, 106 Ibs .................. " $62.00 cwt. Mixed butchers. Edgar. 242 Ibs ............... $54.10 cwt. Mixed butchers. Red Cloud. 243 Ibs ........... $54.00 cwt. White sows, Hardy, 425 Ibs .................. $4g.25 cwt. Mixed steers, Hardy. 474 Ibs ................. $74.00 cwt. Whiteface steers, Burr Oak. 490 Ibs ........... $6g.75 cwt. Mixed steers. Hardy, 667 Ibs ................. $67,25 cwt, Mixed steers. 6urr Oak, 701 Ibs .............. $67.20 cwt. Black whiteface steers, Nora. 660 Ibs ......... $66.50 cwt, Mixed steers, Byron, 570 Ibs ................. $66.00 cat. Mixed steers, Republic, 640 Ibs .............. $66,00 cwt. Holstein steers, Hardy, 430 Ibs ............... $63.75 cwt. Mixed steers, Oeweese, 859 ibs .............. $63.50 cwt, Mixed steers, Ruskin, 622 Ibs ................ $65.00 cwt, Mixed steers, Ruskin, g23 Ibs ................ $63,00 cwt. Holstein steers, Superior, 811 Ihs ............. $51,00 cat. Olack whiteface heifers, Hardy, 4g5 ibs ...... , $62,25 cwt, Charolais heifers, Durr Oak. 543 Ibs ........... $63.75 cwt. Black heifers, Burr Oak. 655 lbs .............. $60,25 cwt, Mixed heifers• Burr Oak, 498 Ibs ............. $61,25 cwt, Mixed heifers, Deshler, 454 Ibs ............... $61.75 cwt. Mixed heifers, Republic, 731 Ibs .............. $5g.50 cwt. Mixed heifers. Oeweese, 710 Ibs ............. $56.60 cat. Whiteface first calf heifers, Burr Oak .... $445.00 per head Charolais cow, Hardy, !.130 Ibs .............. $39.00 cwt. Holstein cow, Lawrence, 1,550 Ibs ........... $39.25 cwt. Holstein cows, Nelson, !,272 Ibs ............. $39.70 cwt. Next Saturday, Feb. 26, we will be selling for Rempe Farms, 150 SimmentaI-Hereferd steers and heifers 500-550 Ibs. These are green tagged, an outstanding set of cattle. Also consigned from Hansen Cattle Co., 130 cross-bred steers 650-700 Ibs. and 25 Holstein steers 650 Ibs, These are top qualtiy Ioca~ cattle. In order to have your livestock advertised we suggest you call os early with your consign- gents, Barn 402-679-3711 Office 402-879-4761 Dean Jones Gary {Pete) Nielsen 402-225-4281 402-870-4040 I I f ¢ I o kL ,New, i"ndMr'Brucescr°'''n'e'r'me'* Dorothy Hutchinson, Mike Sunday. Carman, Art Swanstrom and Carol Meyer Jarvis and Jay Lautenschlager Ferguson visited • __~ ~vere visitors of John and Artha Thursday after ByMrs.LolaFerpson Ivan Kinsl Edgar, Scro~. Paulsen visited Mr. and Mrs. Brace Serogi0n Mrs. Tom Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ferguson afternoon. visited Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Terry Jensen and Todd Jansen attended a ~ dealers kick-~f Mr. and Mrs. Scroggin Saturday evening, were Sunday dinner guests of dinner and meeting Wednesday celebrated their Lunch guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John Carman to at Hastings. Mr. and Mrs. niversary last Alfred Hanson and daughters help Mr. King celebrate his S~nd Ferguson visited Mr. and Mrs. having a after the Nelson-Shickley birthday and Tom celebrate his MUvern Grumn ert and Juile district flnaisheldatDavenport birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Tuesday evening and again Saturday evening were the Carman, Cams and Brock were Friday after being in Hastings famiLLes of Darrell Harrington, afternoon visitors. Mr. and Mrs. for medical appointments. Kenneth Himmelburg, Arnold John Carman took a birthday Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Essink, Kenneth Hamel, Larch cake to the card room at Edgar Bailey, who were called to Drdunan and Glen Mueller. Thursday for Mr. King to treat Davenport by the death of her Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Jep- his everyday card buddies, sister, Frieda Gerdos, had pesen, Ruskin, visited Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Crouch, supper Saturday with her uncle Mrs. Leonard Scrogsin Sunday Rev. and Mrs. James Wolff, and aunt, Ed and ]D roth_ y afternoon. Davenport, Larch Jenaen, Mr. Troutt. The Balleys returned to their home with Buresh and Mr. and Mrs. Superior, Mr. Lee Ruttman, and Mr. and Ruttman, Nelson. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. H&6 5 Lb. Box 30 LB. PORK BUNDLE 5-Lb. Country Style Ribs 5-Lb. Store Made Sausage 5-Lb. Pork Roast 5lb. Center Rib Chops I value SS3.49 J 5-Lb. Pork Steak 5-Lb. Sliced Slab Bacon 30 LB. ECONOMY -- --BUNDLE- 5-Lb. Ground Ooe"O - 5 Lb. Store Made Sausage 6 Lb. Whole Fryers 5-Lb. Boneless Chuck Roast I Value '41.94 5-Lb. Pork .Butt Roast m,S 4-Lb. Stewmg Beef Sly wv 10-12 Lb, Perch 5-Lb. Box 6ortons Crunchy Gortons Tempara ,le Fresh Water 12 Oz. Box 10 Oz, Box 5Lb. Bag Jack & Jill Stamp Special Butter-to Jack & Jill Stamp Special fith One Filled Jack & Jill Stamp Certificat With On0 Filled Jack & Jilt Stamp This Week Clip These Coupons V-00 With Covip4~ end Product PvrchoJo Limit One Coupo~ ~ Customer Good Only et Jack • Jdl through Feb. 2h. 1983 Subject to State Sales Tez N.F.-61 Corn Flakes I General Foods ! ]~oz./~ O ¢ Box V -/F With CHpen and PredKt Parcpese Llatlt OH Coupoa per Custemey Good 0alv at Jack & Jill through Mar. I, 1983 SIhjact to State Sates Tax I I N.F.-GI Kraft Bacon & Tomato 1 ]6.Oz. 19 1 eottle 1 With CiH~ aH Product Ptnekase Limit OH CacP4a per Customer load Onll it Jaclk & JIM tJerOVlh Mar. I. I OOS i SadJject to State Sales Tax ILF.-GI V -00 V-45 on General Mills FlSll4N With CHPac and Product Pmlfllase Limit ON Cmp4m per GuctBmo~ lilmd Oldil al Jack li Jill tileS| Maw. I. !0113 N.F.-GI I I I I I I I I I