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February 25, 2010     The Superior Express
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February 25, 2010

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10B THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thursday, February 25, 2010 postponed their trip for two weeks Pastor Ken Smith gave opening an- DebbieandDennisGaloway, Derbynouncements and the call to worship, in the sub-district tournament at the Jewell By Robo,a,oldron and Mike Plowman, Omaha, came for reading from Revelations chapter3. Sandy Creek School. The Clay Center theweekendtovisittheirmother, Leota Musicians were Erma Dillon, Lila team defeated the Red Cloud team. Plan to attend the Retirement Open Clawson.TheyleftearlySundaymorn- Smith and Becky'McNichols. Earl i Courthouse News Jewell County Traffic Judy L. Bohe, speeding, $116. Mara L. Engelbert, speeding, $146. Sierra A. Larson, speeding, $140. Harlan E. Whitcomb, failure to wear seatbelt, $30. lives every day? I l Accidents Jan. 29 on Birch Road, one-tour John Parsons and Frank Miller were I l mile east from 250 Road, Larry Randel SundaydinnerguestsofJohnandErma l1 McKinney, Superior, driving a 1993 Dillon. I I Pontiac, was west bound when he lost ~'~'~' I I control in the loose gravel and the Are You a Wordsmith? l/ vehicle flipped over. There was per- You think the English language is ;ii I/ sonalinjury todriverandhispassenger easy? Maybe not. Consider the follow- :::~::~:~: ::: :::i~:~:~: l1 Tymberley Thorn. ing: :!::;:i;:~:: ...... Feb. 22 at approximately 12:05 p.m. The bandage was wound around ~:,:~::i;~ on North High Street at West Mod0c the wound. I I1 Street, Amanda Homeljig, Mankato, The farm was used to produce pro- ~ I / drivinz a 1999 Honda Civic registered duce. ~ to Ala]l Guzik, was drivin_~ south on North High Street when Bruce File, He could lead if he would get the ~ [~ Mankato, driving a 1997 Chevrolet lead out. The soldier decided to desert his ~ 1 ~ Blazer, stopped at stop sign at intersec- tion of Modoc and High Street then dessert in the desert. Rock Hills High School Forensics team brought home 10 number one ratings and three first places at the Tipton made a right turn in front of the HouseforFrankSheltonSaturday, Feb., ing because of the inclement weather, thmr booster meeting Buckley and Kermit Jeffery served as 27 from 2 to 5 at the Jewell Community Cathy Holthaus, Seneca, was a Feb. ushers. Brady Jeffery carried the praise Center. Brad and Tina Shelton, who 14 overnight guest of her morn, Lynell microphone to those participating in .,~::::~:: were married Nov. 12, will be here for Sheahan, and sister, Linda. Monday, the praise time ,John 1:10 through 14 .. ;Uf:)!::5~ the open house. This Will be their first Lynell took Linda to Manhattan for her was Pastor Ken s text for the message, i~. ::~i~ii ;::ii::;;.i~;: return to work and Cathy spent the day asking "How Are You Treating Christ ~:! !:~ ::.'~ ~i::i trip to Jewell. withherdad, RichardSheahan, at Hill- Today? As an intruder? Like a thief?." i:::i:~i:i:~;:': Guy and Bobby Hammond and top Lodge. , Maxine Patak received word of the~ Sherilyn Kadel presented a birth- The pastor taught Jesus comes to give :~ii~::~:;:i::i:::~i death of their sister, Betty Frye, in us abundant life, offering to everyone i~::~i:,::::i:i :~;: day party musical program at Hilltop Hislove.DowetreatHimasaguest,or Nebraska. Lodge. David Kadei presented a part- as one who shares every part of our i Thursday morning geese could be ety show for the Saturday morning heard as they made their way north- coffee time with videos and dog tricks. ward. Maybe they know something Karen and Steve Mclntyre hosted we don't, the Foreign Foods group after they ate , Pat Kemmerer is a patient in the in Beloit. !Long Term Care unit at MitchellNevadaandCliffVetterhaveanew County Hospital. great-granddaughter, Even Louise, Jeanine Seamans visited for a few born to Elwin and 'Janie Dun~tan on days in the Dennis and Cent Grennan Feb. 19. Nancy and Bill Buser are the home in Colutnbus, Neb. She helped paternal grandparents. ' baby sit the grandchildren while their FawnaBarrettreturnedhomeMon- parents went skiing, day after 12 days with David and Marsha Willmeth of Chicago is vis- Natalie Wood and family helping with itin~ her mother, Bettc Willmeth. the new grandson,Evan David. Seleise E)ave and Patti Blackmore are visit- Barrett was there Feb. 11 through 14. , ing in Port Huene, Calif., area. They report Patti's dad, Joe Cross, is now in J~ll][J'l.Or(]Jl~(31. a rest home. By Fawna Barrett Speech and Drama Festival, Feb. 18. Pictured are (back row, from left) Chelsey Greene James Neilson, Beth Homeljig vehicle. Homeljig could not Roberta Holdren hosted the Ladies - On a Cold, snowy day, a flock of 1--, ~ Menhusen, Katie Hesting, Myriah Jacobs, Sara Bauer, Kevin German (front) Alexandria Pierce, Sam Dean, Ky avoid hitting the File vehicle. Card Party on Thursday evening,ducks landed on a pond t.or a late after- ]I sDon Cosand, Chelsi Beam and Allison Thompson. Invitations have been received for noon swim Four were white and the Register of Deeds : the Randall Alumni banquet tobeheld others dark; together they paddled TheVillageCafeinEsbon hasbeen directed by Pat' Grout. Ly]e Dauner both members of this year's team Cynthia R. May to Betty L. May, at the Jewell Community Center on along the outer edge of the pond. Sud- Last Wednesday lone Shipley having 3rd Sunday dinners for many was pianist. Acolyte was Drew Beam. Jeff and Diana Ord, Guide Rock Any or all interest which grantor pos- April 3. denly, two huge white birds came into sas City, Me., and drove to Ft. Knox more by the weather than they were BeS~et~e~ S'unday guests of Wilbur Hebron, Neb., on Saturday evening to sesses or could assert in and to: NEll4 A new baby girl has arrived at the view gliding across the surface of the joined Melva and John Harvey of Ken- yearsand notime werethey challenged Rex and Shirley Fischer and Samand Cliff and Glenny Barnes went to SE1/4 of Section 3, Township 2S, JoeandAmandaKemmererhome. She water. With heads balanced on their Ky., where on Friday they attended this past Sunday. Dwight Frost was y ecker, attend the baptism ceremony lbr their Range 8W. " was born Feb. 15, weighed61bs,and slightly curved necks, they moved like MichaelHarvey'sgraduationfromthe moving snow with his tractor so that it Rock ~Iills l~orensics granddaughter Lilly Barnes, at tae KennethE. LynchandMarilynK. was 20 inches long. Grandparents are royalty having absolutely no interest Army's basic training. Following ba- would be easier walking for cafe cus- students .... Lutheran Church. A supper for family Lynch, transfer on death of both own- Jon and John Kemmerer and Don and in the "common" ducks, sic, Michael will be'-stationed at Ft tomers, quall~ 11"O1" followed the service. Lilly is the al- ers to Mindy S. HowaRoad parts of Deb Sutton, Great-grandparents are Likewise, the ducks ignored them Hood, Texas. Later on Friday, Ione Reports have been received thatstate comnetition most three year old daughter of Darin NEI/4 of Section 21, Township 3S, Bob and Pat Kemmerer, Carol Criner, as if they knew they were considered and the Harveys went to Nashville. ZyrphaFla~in, former Esbon resident ........... ,r .... and Amanda Barnes, Red Cloud. Range 8W. KOCK tams nlgn ~cnoot forensics T ConnieSuttonandWyonaO Connell. "nothings"inthepresenceoftheshowy, Tenn., where they visited Mindyhassufferedastroke. SheisinNewton. ". ,,c , :'," . . "'! om and Louann Harris, Kelly Dale J. Underwood, transfer on Hannah Daniels celebrated her 13 gleaming birds. Shipley. As I continue on the alumni mem- team- orougnt nome ten J rat" ws~: ann' LeakeandJessicaBarneswenttoSmith death of owner to Max M. Underwood, - three first places from ~he Tipton Center on ',~ birthday with a 70s birthday party on Didn't see the large birds land on . . o~rs I know there ~s no way that I can Saturday n%ht to help Ed part of the NI/2 SEI/4 of Section 3, Saturday evening the water; didn't see them leave; their The Esbon Kmg!~ts el ,C.ol~nbus write about e~eryone that you might be Speech andDramaFesuval heldThurs- Bridwell, Gaylord, celebrate his birth- Township 3S, Range 10W, and part of Friday 18 senior citizens and guest species is unknown. However, in that are pJanmng a pancake reed lot >atur- interested in but will hit and mis~ Last day. day. the gEl/4 of Section 3, Township 3S, attended the pot luck dinner held at short spaceofthem, theymade a state- day. This fund raiser will be at the week lmentionedthatJim Rogers was Students quaMying for state were Jessica Barnes visited her nieces Range 10W. noon. Clara Belle Hjany hosted the ment of grandeur! Village Cafe. a zood basketball player~ His dad AlhsonThompsonandKevinGarman, Ariel and Ashlyn Christensen, Oak, James D. Oplinger to Phyllis J. event. Thier next meeting will be Last week lvan and Leta Frost were M~]ton Clas. of1934 also was a good l st place in duet act; Katie Hesting, 1st Neb at the home of Carolyn Barnes Oplinger, all of grantors interest in March 19. InOk!ahomaC,ty.wheredleytookm.a athlete. I lived south of Mankato and p!ace solo act; Beth Menhusen, 1st andJimPursellinSuperioronSunday, andtotheSWl/4ofSection26,Town- Anothersnowy weekend but spring Northbranch ou,, nomg competmon, rrmay ot this one night the family decided to go to ptace ,n mrormat, ve; Katie Hesting "Your Exam in the Wilderness" ship 4S, Range 7W. must be on the way with all the seed week they went to Dall.as_Texas;, to town to see Esbon and Mankato play 2nd p!ace ~n prose; Ky Cosand, 2nd wasthe title of Richard Cox's message Paul Orndorff, successor trustee of . catalogs we are receiving. By Erma Dillon en,joymor.eoluaecontests.lnez~oest football Esbon had this player that ptace m soJoact humorous, attheClaristianChurchonSunday His the Robert A. OrndorffFamilyTrustto Earlier this month Scott and Lori riders in tl~e USA were in the show., once he ,started runn.n,-~ none of his Students. receiving I ratings were. se ected ,scrimurer, was ...... L,t-~ A.;,_,~., Randall By Fawna Barrett Yelken hosted a small group of the Last, Gary and Theresa Shlpley teammates or anyone from the Man- Samt Dean, Kendra Alcorn Kevm which tells of Jesus beth,, tested in the Paul Orndorff, WI/2NWI/4 and the Roberson family at their home. Those went to balina to meet Nathan, Natalie kate team could catch un with him Garman, Allison Thompson and Alex- wilderness bv Satan Eacb~f ,,~ h~ W l/2N l/2SW l /4 of Section 4, Town- attending were Delmax and Virginia andCamern, Sh~pley:alllW'cln!a- The next year we moved to Esbon and andna Pmrce. Other team members o.urown-wil~ernessiestsT,;no'ur~ves~. ship5S, RangeSW. Nochurch servicesin RandalISun- Roberson of Manhattan, Arlen and illi~ey enj,!yeu a Jay o, eat, ng and VlS7 I found out that the speedster was ~at attended. ~e tesuval were Sara These tests come in all varieties a~d Probate Estate of Leonora H. Wheeler, or- day because of icy, snow conditions. Linda Roberson of Wichita, Earl ..roTea~.mewmentKnaptte~3 Milton Roger>. There must be some- ~vlaUe:~2:;~st~eam, Chelsey.,ureen, during these tests we discover who we der of hearing, and affidavit pursuant Two to three inches of snow were Buckley, Mankato; Dawn Kingery, P ~% ', . , , . . thing in the genes as at the present time Y "" naJames~,~e||son, are and what we areabout. Knowing to service members Civil Relief Act. received, though blowing and drifting Keagan and Daegzm of Kansas City, tvmnoay ntgnt a mr~e crowd ~ati~- Jim's ,,randson Miltons ,,reat ~,rand- and understanding what the Bible Criminal made the actual amount difficult to RitaRoberson, rural Northbranch; and ered at the V~llage Care to eat pan- son. Colt Ro~ers, is a football and n,,rr g'~,~l~- .. teaches are key ingredients in passing State of Kansas vs. Ronald Louis measure, the hosts, Scott, Lori,Jarett andJaclyn, cakes, sausage mad scramb}led, eggs; wrestling star at Smith Center High. uu ~JaX~ By Glennys t~arnes ~ our exams in the wilderness. Olivera, charge domestic battery, trial Mike and Jill Ramsey attended a Nicole Zadina was an overnight lney were =vests or ~soon t~ram ann Weston Wa,mer was a Monde- Fertilizer Sharing as hosts were Gnat-' . . ~ . y held and found not guilty. concert in Wichita Saturday featuring guest of her grandparents. Curtis and ". . -~ ~r 1 , Judy Miller, Ruth Ohver, Cody, evening guest ot Cheryl Hdlman and Civil anty State Bank ADMAlhanceNutu lvlanK tO Rent Jess~ca Bames George Strait, Reba Mclntire and Lou Marilyn Jeffery. Her husband, Aaron, , " " - a ta Mattie and Isabella Volker"' " " - s for supper and watch- Kenneth L. Winslow and Susan Ann Womack. Prior to the concert, recently started new employment at a non andUm~d Supp~ers... . . Weston Wagner, Shelli and Courtney ing TV. Winslow vs. Betty May. wmnuay uw~gl~t Plost joined tl~e C tl aadG1 nn they met Stan and Juanita Whitlow fi)r bank in Greensburg, and they moved . ". " ' , . McKenzi~-and Sydney Benoit Kuhlmann, Ranae and Katie Jacobs, ' " e y Barnes accom]sa- 3rd D~stnct Rural Letter Camels at reed Jet and D an supper.They were overnight guests of fromHastingstoGreensburgonSatur- . " " " " "": ' daughters of Dou~ and Michelle Kristi Hillman, Jennie and Chelsea " ":" " a Ord, Guide Rock, Of all one's fancy attire, a smile is the Chad Ramsey family, Sedgwick. day. In order/'or Nicole to complete " " Benoit aremen~bers'0ftheSmithCen- Landreth, Lisa Hornbussel Justice to Grand island on Monday afternoon the most becoming. Sunday guests at. the Ramsey.home her duties in Hastings, she will remain _, TheFebruaryCard Party wdl be at ter Hig't~ School basketball team Last Cummings, Nate, Tessa, Mason and to do some shopping. They had supper were Caleb Ramsey and Ka2ienethere until March 4. ~)ea~S-~n r~a'~?e;~;;aycl~Ci~-inr:~ Tuesday night against the Rock Hills Max McMains all came to the home of out at a Grand Island restaurant to Reportcrimes without, onm "" ~ I fear of retribution]l!]: Bonjour. Pastor Ken and Lila Smith were moo", v.. ~ ~ ~ Ladv~ Grizzlies_ . McKenzie, a sonho-,. Cheryl Hillman on Feb, 17tocelebrate thecelebratev .G emy's birthday. Later in [ CRIME STOPPERS [ Jan and Larry Thornton attended among the Burr Oak Ministerial Alli- " , ..... , , , more scored 12 points and Sydney a Isabella s lourth bmhday, e enmg they attended the Red her mother's 80th birthday party re- ance pastors who had lunch together ab~rtt'~;Y.~?eJi~Ye,t'aear!'c'e'~stwec~ freshman ,cored 5 points The Lacly Cliff and Glenny' Barnes were in Cloud vsClayCenterbasketballgame I . 1.SOO-42~.14~1 ' I cently in Oklahoma. Their grandson, on Thursday at a restaurant in Man- buildin_burned~oon wnere t!ae r!-~st Redmen ~tcteated the Lady Grizzlies Red Cloud on Friday to babysit their " " g years ago. the nl _lit ' o " Larry Thornton, came from South kato.ThiswastheirbelatedValentine's before there had be -- .,.~ 48-41. ,~randdau~,hter Lilly Barnes. During B & B THEATRES Show times for Friday through Thursday Carolina for the party and came home Day luncheon, en an ~uxH a~ .. . "- ~ ' ~ . ' with his grandparents tbr a visit. They Thursday evening the Smiths re- card party upstairs ntheLegionHali n Sunday on the first day el Lent. ~e ev, emng they attended the Red ~ Majestic Theatre Feb. 26 through March 4 not a dance I t~.~,w ,M~ r, ....... ~ .... .~ r'astor Tessa Zerhing's sermon was L.lOUO/Prann||n nasKetball game at the i 229 W S xth Street took him to Kansas City early this turned to the Mankato restaurant to a hostess and af'ter c]'eani'n~,uo~&auck titled "'An Irresistible Invitation." She high school where senior boys were i DowntownConcordla, Kan. week for a tli,.zht back to his base. attend an organizational meeting for and I w ...... p ,e ., said "Each of u, is invited to ,,o with recognized at their last hom~ game of : _ ~ .... reaL 6 j) Avatar ere me last eople to leave the . . ,~ , :: t;oncorata'sA, New brute-or.the- Nevada a,~-d Cliff Verier attended the Mankato branch of the Esbon Li- L. :H._o .... P,- - . . , .- Jesus into the ~ilderness so we can the season. Steffen Barnes and Kasey i Art FourScr~nM'ovle Theatret "3:45;5:55 &10:~p.m. the Post Rock District 4-H Days at the ons Club. . . w~ c,~sc~ tu ~t,u. r, spcc~,u u~-, ~, , . uuuum= oe~ore me ilre started a tow ...... , ........ ,~...~ ,, * .... :_ ~.t,,o~ Ord ~,randsons of the Barnes' were ' " (10 o.m, showing on Friday and Saturday 0nly) Beloit United Methodist Church Sat- Scott and Lori Yelken have returned h2ur]laterandtht~:tstihdeentSo~t~etrced ~;g was given to the baby blankets and __ --- : D~g~:UrSr~rat~"nga'Hoanna~Ct, Pn~CTZS~'~,~ urday. Their grandchildren partici- from a vacation in Cancun, Mexicowo~,Y~nYia ,,,n~y ...... ~,)~;,~..~ prayer sha~ls ~hich will be presented ~]1~1~~ atres)oWalltoWallSfreens.FamilyAmade COp Out pated. JesseVetterdidaTaeKwonDo They report 80 degree weather, with ~, 5" .... 7~"*"g~'F~"',s.~;2','""".~'" for missions al the UMW Assembly --~--~..v . 24-HourMovlelnfotmalionat78~-2434M4 demonstration, Brooke Vetter played Kansas winds! While there, theymade itie2't~siPen:,!n~t:~)e~n~t'2n~S~jenvV'~- The Chancel C aoir sang the anthem ----~ .IS: 1 www.bUt~atre$.eom (2:05);'4:30;7:15&9:45p.m. [] aviolin solo and Abby Vetter playeda several trips to the Old Market where ~ ' P " ' ~ " " Y"'W;"" ~: ''"' " c ,. -.-4. ...., , ..... ~~ W~ Adult after 5:30) $6,50 (before 5:30} $5.50 piano solo. They were in other events you could purchase souvenirs ofevery Frost. o. ,u~, LIlaC o. ol/c]311clu, /~ca(.l us. ~1~1~[~111 WIIV1 n~ Sr. Citizen (62 yrs or older) $5.50 .... ~ . Child (3-11 yrs ) $4 50 with their club. sort. In order to get a"good buy" it was ~ -- * i~asmre tree cwarmg Percy Jackson ....... ..... we accept Visa, a~astert.ard, Discover LinsayAIvordandnewbaby,Emma necessary to bargain with the met- ~:~ Do ]I' ( lflwII]'r l Post hole drzlhn2 . and The Olympians Mae, were feted with a baby shower at chants.' They also visited a Mexican . . ~ and Debit cards I '" [ I~ ~I II~I~I ~" SORRY...NO CHECKS (l:20): *3:55: 6:50 & 9:25 p.m. the Community Church, hosted by WaI-Mart. I MIA R ,s=mte| n General dirt or lot work ~MovieeassesNOTAccepted friends. LaVae and Ruth Glover helped one m..~ WW I I ~1~1~ IIl~l * Denotes matinees on Friday, Snow removal Saturday & Sunday Valentine's Day Charli BatTett is staying a week of their great-granddaughters, Patton i ~i SERVINGTHISAREAFOROVER50YEARS~ ( I DenotesearlyMatinee with Heather and Sean McDonald get- Lewis, celebrate her 3rd birthday on " ting acquainted with their new son, Boone, born Feb. 19. Several from this area attended the play "City of Angels'" in Salina last week. D.D, Bridge Club met with Nevada Vetter and and was hosted by Nancy Buser. Guests were Mary Lou Ander- son and Leota Clawson. Saturday at the Lewis home. Patton is the daughter of Jared and Ashley Lewis and the granddaughter of Elwin and Gwen Lewis, all of rural Red Cloud. There were a lot of vacant pews Sunday at Northbranch Friends, be- cause of the winter weather and road conditions. The guest speakers who were scheduled to come from Havilan, i Are you for a new bank? Friendly Full Service Debit cards Open until 5 p.m. Fridays * Internet banking THAT'S US! of The Jamestown State Bank RANDALL, KAN. 66963 785-739-2212 Grain Bins Eaton GSI Buildings Vacro-Pruden Eauioment 8ukup Hutchinson w Nec0 ' DMC York Legs GSI Dryers Commercial Agricultural * Industrial 795-Tgl-413g 3 . 800-221-4383 604 Wisconsin -P.O. Box 17 * Cawker City, Kan. 67430 Contact Dick Wise or John Senger for estimates. Commercial - Agricultural * Industrial Metal Buildings Grain Storage and Handling * Concrete Sentricon- Colony Elimination System This an Insect- Rodent Control Monthly - Bi-Monthly & Seasonal ServicesAvallable 109 West 5th, Concordia, Ken. 785-243-2554 1-800-748-8184 week's report from the Inc. 12 Holstein steers 7 Holstein steers 6 Black steers 5 Black steers 21 Black steers 13 Black steers 11 Black steers 7 Black steers 28 Black steers 15 Mix steers 15 Mix steers 10 Mix steers 15 Mix steers 13 Black steers 31 Mix steers 22 Mix steers 26 Black steers 40 Mix steers 80 Black steers 53 Mix steers for Friday, Feb. 19 281 83.00 9 Black heifers 431 111.00 418 75.00 8 Mix ne 'ers439 ~ 13.00 443 125.50 10 Black r'eifers 461 112.50 468 122.00 11 Black ,~eifers 484 111.00 534 120.00 33 Black qeifers 548 108.50 538 119.75 9 Black qefers 579 107.75 606 114.00 15 Black qefers 592 105.00 626 110.20 13 Mix heifers654 97.50 655 109.00 15 Black ~e,fers 678 97.20 672 106.00 11 Black heifers 689 96.50 684 102.00 9 Black P, efers 706 94.00 721 106.00 18 Black hefers 734 95.75 726 98.50 6 Black heifers 773 92.00 749 99.50 25 Blac,~hefers 783 93.00 794 98.50 9 Mix heifers874 90.75 799 98.00 16 Black heifers 781 96.85 849 96.10 916 ,.92.75 Bulls. 50-69: 928 95.60 l.t~gh cows, 49-57: 1,036 93.85 LOW COWS 30-48 Consigned for Friday, Feb. 26 100 Black steers and heifers. 500-~00: 80 Black OCV heifers, 600-700- Ayers Ranch: 47 Mix steers and heifers, 600-800:30 Black steers 850-875: 25 Corner hedge post and 75 line he0ge nest Jon Russell, 785-374-4577, Ce//7~5-545-6105 Bill Logan, 785-378-3327, Ce//7,55-545-6784 Scott Greene, 785-428-3533 Co//785-545-8612 Kelly Bouray, 402-879-3051 ~o//,~72-87,9-5567 Andy Montgomery, 402-879-3004 ~//785-545-8366 Neil Bouray, Auctioneer, ~//4D~-87JT-~566 Rodney Payne, 785-545-5141 Brent Beck, 785-545-5427 We check IDs on R-rated movies! 24-Hour Movie Information at 785-243-4544 www.bbtheatre$,com (1:25); *4:05. 7:00 & 9:30 p.m. SATURDAY, MARCH 10:30 A.M. Auction will be held at the School at the South edge of Jewell, Ken. SCHOOL EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES MPC Net Frame 3620 central computer: CPI computer cabinet: 25 Gateway laptop computers; 5 Mac computers; laptop charger cabinets; Graphtec Cutting Pro FC7000-75 Printer with Gateway computer; 2 Sharp fax machines; Deskjet printers: HP Scanjet printer; Kunguru DVD duplicator: Xerox Tektronix copier: Xerox Phaser 8550 copier: Xerox Phaser 8400 copier; HP Laserjet 1200 copier; HT 400 D laminator: GBC 4250 laminator; XLo1200 laminator; LS 1000 3M laminator; 3M overhead projector; Sony 700X camera; Sony HD 2 camera; Nikon D40X camera; P Future adjustable basket ball goal; 8 roll around 2 door storage cabinets; several 2 & 4 drawer file cabinets; DLP projectors; DVD players; tables: metal office desks; school desks; chairs; 4' 8 roll paper holders; rolls 4' paper; paper shredders; Little Tike toys; Maytag portable dishwasher; GE electric range;, GE microwave; Hotpoint range; GE gas range; GE 20 cu refrigerator; Maxim convection oven; 6 Elna Club computer sewing machines; Berette 500 by Bernina ,ewing machine; White 534 Superloc surger; RCA TV; 6 Motorola radios; paper cutters; microscopes; irons; assortment home ec kitchen pots, pans & other; clocks; telephones; fans; art supplies; shipping scale; assortment paper; binder clips; Superstack II baseline switches; speakers; head phones; typewriters; staplers; pencil sharpeners; assortment of other school items. Note: The school closed in May of 2009. Check our web site at for pictures. Viewing will be on Friday, March 5 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. CITY OF JEWELL, Owner Thummel Beloit Auction Conducted By Real Estate & Auction LLC & Concordia, Kan. oo 785-738-5933