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March 3, 1983     The Superior Express
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March 3, 1983

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:/ / Action was taken Monday evening by Superior Mayor Gerald Barnes and members of the city council naming a new city clerk and police chief. Dewayne Aherg will assume the duties of city clerk Monday advise and mist the new chief pany Wlfl be employed to seal for two months, the joints. The mayor said he was The council voted to join the making the appointment on a South Central Nebraska 90-day probationary period to Development District. Glen evaluate Allgood's handling of Bowleg, a representative of the the position, district, was present to explain morning. Aberg recently Before naming an acting the voluntary association of returned to his home town of chief, Barnes said he con. cities and counties within a 13- Superior following retirement sidarod either promoting one of county area. Currently the from federal government the present Officers or bringing district has 31 members. The service, someone in from outside the organization is making He will replace Larry daparment. However, he said available technical expertise to Whitney who has served as he felt it beat to promote the various members. Block clerk since 1960. Aberg was whenever possible, grant applications are being selected from eight applicants The mayor and council written for Guide Rock, Red for the position. His salary for discussed general city and Cloud, Hardy, Ruskin, Neken the full-time position of .city police department attitudes and Superior. clerk and treasurer was set at toward law enforcement. El- The council directed block $800 per month, fective immediately, the police grant applications be prepared Effective Monday, the city department is to begin the for two areas of Superior. The clerk's office will he located in equitable enforcement of all applications are to request the Public Utilities Department city ordinances, funds for additional gap paving office building. The telephone Among the ordinances which in South Superior and paving, razmher for the city clerk will be will be enforced are those sewer main construction and the same as that now used by associated with parking and water main improvement along ! 'l ~~P~ ~ ~'~~ "%: .... i, ~ ~'i'~+, ~ ~: the utility departments, dogs. The possibility of pur- north Park Street. If the grants Whitney agreed to advisechasing additional used parking are approved, construction ..... Aberg as needed and to serve as meters was discussed but it was work will probably not begin assistant clerk during thedecided to not do so at this time. until late 1983 or early 1984. : regulations how require the city the present meters be placed in manager of The Gas Service I ~:i. "~:~:' :::::::::::::::::::::::: = ~;i: :i~ ,~ clerk attend various training operation as possible. Company was present for the . -: ;:" .... . ........... ........ ' ...... sessions. Because of his length The possibility of formulating second reading of the ordinance of servlce,Whitney was exempt a new downtown parking policy revising the gas distribution fee ; :' if ' ! ....... from attending the training was discussedaswas obtaining schedule. The mayor's appointment of The eonncfl's swimming pool were happening within the gas , | J I I II Aherg received f ll council repair committee reported on a industry which should result in approval. ' meeting with the park board, lower consumer rates. He LO- g as extensive but the drver pp y p y . Robert Aligood was appointed Meeting together two advised his company was Dams e w ~ a arentl esca ed w~th' onl a sechon' the [,~r Scratch when his semi-truck collided with a steer about 5 a.m. At midmorning Wednesday, large wreckers from Superior and Hast- acting police chief for a three groups decided to establish contacting large industrial ~nesday ings were being used to remove the wreckage, month probation period el-priorities for pool repair. As the customers requesting they not [The driver Joseph Buman 53 Milford told Deputy Sheriff James The truck's cargo of block salt was dumped in the ditch but effortsfective Tuesday morning, first step, it was decided to convert to other energy sources ~r~_that.he was westbound on Highway ~] when the 1977 Kenworth were underway Wednesday to salvage much of the cargo. March 1. remove the bevel edge from the at this time. , ~,~tor struck a steer. The truck left the road and came to rest in the ditch The driver said he purchased the truck just a few days before the Mayor Barnes explained poolbottom, sandblast, recaulk, It was reported that several reasons for the action, acid wash and then paint the Cablevision was planning a rate ~"'~ southeeast corner of the Highway 8 and Hardy mpin street inter- accident. --Photo by Jim MHler Emery Martin, who has served pool, The pool drainwll] then be increase. Price 25 Midlands Edition 16 Pages in Two Sections Plus supplements Thursday, March 3, 1983 as police chief for many years, has announced plans to retire from the department on April 30, Barnes said he wanted to implement some changes in the department operation but felt the chief's position should be filled first. By appointing a chief at this time, Barnes said Martin would be available to plugged and the pool filled. The council is hopeful this methods will determine if the leaks have been near the concrete bevel as now suspected or ff the drain lines are leaking. As much local help, including volunteers will be used in the pool work as possible but a professional pool repair corn- The council reviewed two bills pending in the Nebraska legislature which would give Nebraska cities permiuion to own and operate cable televlaon systems. The council passed a resolution supporting the legislation. Mayor Barnes agreed to testify in support of the bills at a legislative bearing. IIshal Edition [Pages in Two Sections Is supplement 84th Year, No. 9 e erlor =on receives Several persons visit the refreshment stand during their stroll among the numerous items that were offered for sale during the annual Lions Club radio auction held Saturday in the Superior City Auditorium Mort~ than $2.000 was raised to be split between the birthing bed project of the Superior Jayceettes and two $250 scholarships that will be awarded at the scholarship banquet in May to two Superior High School seniors. -- Ex Dress Photo 1983 Superior Publishing Company, Inc All Rights Reserved Superior. Nebraska 68978 A new Jaws of Life was delivered to the Nelson Fire Department Saturday. Ac- cording to a spold man from the department, the project was realized through funds raised by a number of Nelson businesses and organizations. The VFW and the American Legion Auxiliaries spearheaded the fund drive last summer. The monies were raised through donations, bake sales, can drives, memorial gifts and other fundraising events. Contributions are still being accepted and will he used to purchase more equipment for future use, Don McCartney is Nelson's fire chief. Meyer remains the Braun vehicle or the 1974 Richard ~U~erior Volunteer Firemen were called to the James Smith residence at 1108hospitalized at Brodstone Plymouth, driven by Mrs. [ A ~al When the house filled with smoke Saturday afternoon.' Memorial Nuckolls County Warncking. . Hospital as a result of an ac- Slu tly after starting wor on ~Ch, '.'u was burning, in the firenlace and firemen suspected chimney fire However, cld~t at his farm east of theSt~periorstreetaWedmmday Withadonetioncf~,000from projects entailing a great deal tributions from numerous |~1P~ ,nat"'e~ ................. Leo Zadin~ .~id th,~v w~"~ ,nable to locate a fire and concluded ihe strong Superior Friday a~. morning, Glenn P]att, driving a the Superior Lions Club as a ef time and labor already in organizations, clubs and in- fefire,=~mrmefi'='mrnncausedadowndraftand filled the huse with sm oke from the fire- While working to get corn city truck engaged inpatch result of the auctien held tn the progass, the necessary in-dividuais. Itwas announced'in --Express Photore" through an anger below the bin, work, backed into a parked 1962 stallatton of the equipment late January that Superior City Auditorium his left hand become caught in Chevrolet pickup belc .ing to Saturday, the birthing bed would probably not he done representing slightly over half the anger. The middle finger Rotmld Ericksen on Second ,project spearheaded by before April. the amount needed for the bed, was cut off and his index flngar Street just to the east of Com. me upermr dayceettes is , Besides providing con- had been raised. badly injured. . mercial. Miflor damage was within a $I,000 of the amount venience for both the patient Vonia Hanse n, Jayceette Although he is p wll l reported to the pickup but none needed to pay for the equipment and the physician hn-ing labor president, told The Express the satisfactorily, he will to the city truck, and near enough for the corn- and delivery, a young mother company had decided to drop hospitalized several more days. recently told an Express the price on the bed from "the vehicles. ter she had had childrenoriginally quoted figure of nsmg both the traditional way apl)roximately $6,400 to an even and the birthing bed metholplus shipping. and found the birthin8 bed ven though the equipment much better, partly because it expected Thursday, Jim made use of natural law of Wilson, hospital administrator gravity, indicated that due to other ecmpesed of are available for examination Dorothy Rust, fourth grade; Several vehieukw accident, , none involving injuries and School per. at the North Ward Elementary Mrs. Carol Warneking, third none very serious, have School. grade; Mrs. Ruth Giger, grades reported by area law en- In addition to List, the K-2,WesSumpter, junior-senior forcement authorities recently. in the committee memhers are: high school and non-staff with aLaura Corman, sixth gra e; members, Steve Henk and Mrs. Superior police reported that a 1979 Mercury Capri, drive recom-Don Wassom, fifth grade; Mrs. Pam Corman. Shari Lerew, Superior, struck board l~e rear of a 1968 Ford, driven =""- Chamber directors continue Sullm'i.,by Jeff Tumble n,as Tumblel ai ofw-- , weat elementary attempting to turn from Bloom a number C Street onto Eighth street ." i = ,,itha, search for exec. se retary Saturday afternoon. Both the Pr ent vehicles, headed north at the Sng viewed The directors of the Superior work with / qz-esentatives of time, suffered minm', danmge. ; Northwest Central Pip, the and are operated by the Amoco cubic feet of gas priced at an tudenta and week that it will rofuse to aecept action is being taken under the cubic feet. Estimated aroma] He further Chamber of Commerce the Superior city government in Later the same afternoon, Corporation announced last Production Company. The average of $5.93 per thousand reviewed application= day attempt to . cure.addi .tlonal police were called to the scene . ,. s lnthefleld noon for the assoclat|on s 0~.trnet parking. Alternauvea of an accident. Fifth street ~EdG~-r-Ov-~-'-~'-'eTerd~r~~:: daliverial of natural gas from applicable gas- "COO-reduction in rate will be aI~ and it isezecutiv secretary portion to the preaent meter system will just west d Bloom. According 150 wells becale the gas from tracts which provide that proximately $85 million tmittee will will be vacated wt the also be eons ... to the accident report, these we/is does not meetNorthwest Central may refuse resulting in a saving to the eetions by ofLsrrywNge. Dates for the annual m Magdalena Warneking, qualityspecLqcatiom, to take the production if quallty average household user of about htl rs will havenow directors found several Show have been set forSulz ioc, was making "U" turn . WamsuttsrThe wells areaare locatedof Wyoming in the deestmts determinednot meet pipelinethat thestan.gas t44 per year. The savings will I l u,ls, qualified had applied. =4 and in the Superi ty in the street and tin-ned in front Total for week Trace commence beginning in May, Personal interviews with Auditorium. Committee of a 1974 Chewoiet El Camino, Totalthlamenth Trace dards. Recent testS have ten- I 0rthwest Central is the Committee several of the applicants have .reprt that evee driven by Harold Braun, To datein 1983 1.40 SUPERIOR MARKETS firmed this to be the case and wholesale supplier of natural ? COmments been scheduled. - ngam aft msme spaces na Superior. Braun told police he To datein 19@2 1.17 Wednesday, March Z, 11183 Northwest Central has so in- gas to Superior more than 500 Other in- The ' downtown parking been rented and attempts are wns urmble to stop in time to Totalsnowfall" 19.9Wheat $3.75formed Amoco. other communities in Kanlas, Sevaluatiooproblem was also new.....heing made. avoid the accident. Little Nornu I for March 1.47Cor 2.76 Annual productloo from these Missiouri, Oklahoma, Texas curriculum chamber represenmuvm wm tmD m oumme me mmmng, damage was reported to eitherNormalto April I 2.91Mllo 4.65wellsis approximately 17 billion and Nebraska. C sideration