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March 3, 1983     The Superior Express
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March 3, 1983

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Thursday March 3. 1983 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 3B - " ~ Konvalin at the Good Samritan guests of Mr. and Mrs.were hostesses. Sunday and attended the ...... |~ | "k T [[ Center and stayed for the dance Lawrence Williams and Donald. Thursday Mrs. Evelyn Corvette show at the Grand Bowling tournament at Norfolk and Mark, Nora, Mr. and Mn I/I/PDDPt" I' lPU/q [I in the evening. SundayMr. and Mrs. Lawrence Honeycutt visited Mrs. Glenn Island mall. Saturday and Sunday. Darrell Jensen, Cadams~ anc j) Mr. ana mrs. ttoger ttmugn vv mama, uonam and ~mpnenOltmans and Mrs. Dorothy Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Don Follmer visited Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Nelson, were last Saturds visited Nola Doyle, Dorothy B ...... and Jason had supper at the ~K~se. ?user guests of Mr,,and Moss at the Superior hospital. o ~y Kim Penry Weekend visitors in the home home of Mr. and Mrs; Robert . _ o.~n B alle.y. Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Low Nelson and Moss and Ernest Brid@ell at Oltmans and Mr. and Mrs. evening visitors of Mr and Mr ~u mrs. Glenn Bailey c~ Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Web~h~_r = 7~]m, ,,,~ ~--'-~='i=.-~r: mrs. uauey and Mrs. Williams Bill Taylor were Sunday af- Brodstone Memorial Nnckolis Gerald Whiteley Saturday Dennis Follmer after th Graham went to were Maraaret HardlNL ~,-~tai~ Bryan's-birth- and Donald visited Mrs. Dora ternoon visitors of Mr. and Mrs. County Hosp/tal Friday. morning. Nelson-Shickley tournamen~ afternoon to Kan., Mr. and Mrs. ~lea day. Hllda Jonson, Sunder, Helns, Superior. Ivan Jacobitz and family. Mr and Mrs. Dale Uhr- Mr. and Mrs. Dale Uhr- game. Poulger, Fremont, Mr. andwas also aguest. Thursday evening guests of reacher and family were macher and family and Bob Harley Sl~erwood has been Mr. and ~s. Mrs. Virgil Norwood, Salina, The Lovewell Service ClubMr. and Mrs. Frederick Pastor Henry KnoLLs an4 Saturday evening visitors of UhrmacherandVerna Janssen, released from the Hebron called on Mr. and and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Werz- met Thursday at the home of Grueher were Dr. and Mrs. Jim dau~hter, Leslie, were Thurs- Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Uhrmacher Hastings, were Sunday dinner hesvital andis now back in Park Blair Superiorbather, Sabetha. Eleanor Iva Marie Rothchild. There Dederding and Jaymie, day afternoon visitors of Mrs. and family, and supper guests of Mr. and View Haven Home, Deshler. at theCrispin visited Mr. and Mrs. were seven in attendance.D~_ i~tm, N.C. Marie Troudt Sunday visitors Mr. and Mrs. Dale Adamson, Mrs. Harold Uhrmacher and Mr and Mrs. Mark Bergt included Webber Sunday Several members of the M~. Evelyn Honeycutt and of Mrs Troudt were Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Oltmans, Shirley. attended the Nebraska Sand, Glean Behrends Weekend visitors in the home Lovewell Library Club hadMrs. Floy Porter attended the George Jensen and Janae, Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harris and Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Wilson Gravel and Ready Mix Concrete , Mr. and Mrs. Steve c/ Mr. and Mrs Ivan Warren supper in Superior Sunday. Rebekah Kennsington Wed- Don Follmer, Mrs. DarrellMr. and Mrs Dick Wroughton visited Mri and Mrs Jack Association Convention in and Amber and Judy were Troy Warr~ Betty Dean, Sunday dinner guests ~ Mr. neaday evening Mrs. Wilford Jensen, Mrs Paul Knehans and attended the Legion State Wilson Sunday afternoon.Grand Island last Thursday and Omaha Tony and Eric ' Warren and and Mrs. Delbert Roper were Stineman and Mrs. Vic Neilsen John Oltman. ~ i i / = L__:_,~ .................... ~.'I Friday. " ~Id Bothwell at- I.~lie Conaway, all of Superior. Mr. and Mrs. Delmis Medley r ..... -- .... \' ; ~ ....................... -~I Mr. and Mrs Doug Buckles, DAR meeting inMr" and Mrs" Warren called on and Jeanifer' Tampa' Kan" Fr I I Fai ....... -"ii ' IN Omaha, were last Sunday and dayMr, andMrs. Mr and Mrs. Lawrence supper they were Joined by Mr. r.,i,.., In,.,1 7klo,,,c Davenport Loca ews i Monda. y visitors of his par.ents ~1 Eunice Taylor Bouray, Hardy. Mr. Bouray had and Mrs. Glenn Behrends and I[ s,, v~t. vt. x.Ju, t~ ~ ~vs,,.~ i ~/ , , .... ~ __~ )j and oromer, Mr. an~ ~rs. Wilson in the just returned from the hospital Crystal. Tuesday evening Mr. ~ ....... J J '" ............. ..................... - -- i Kenneth Buckles and Jay. Wednesday in Belleville where he had had and Mrs. Roper called on Mr. -- By Mrs. Calvin Meets reorder and Jennifer, Lincoln, Sunday they all attended the the Superior surgery, and Mrs. Lloyd Discs, Hp'dy. By Falrvtew Club Meyer included ~ Mildred World Day of Prayer will be were Friday and Saturday first birthday party for their r. Mr. and Mrs. Duane KlnUghVera Dye called on Mr. and Mrs. Eldrick Grummert Zimmerman,. Norms Osburn Friday, at 2 p.m,, at Christ's guests of her parents, Mr. and granddaughter and niece, Diamond was a went to Pleasantou Wednesday Mrs. Albert. Wyatt Sunday attended a coffee Monday and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Meyer. Lutheran Church. The service Mrs. Raymond Ficken. Alexia Bates, at the home of her ~uest lathe Bert and visited'Mr, and Mrs. afternoon. Another visitor that morning at the home of Doris Callers of Elva Mumma since will be conducted by the ladiea Mrs. Esther Brase was a parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rick Dine. Mr and Mrs. Douglas SUtton, Jennifer and day was Lores Wyatt, Superior. ' Christensen lnSuperior to make she has returned ,/rom the of Christ Lutheran Church weekend guest of her brother, Bates, Superior. and Ashley were Sara. They returned home Albert Wyatt returned home plans for the World Day of hospital include Esther assisted the by United Marvin Riese, Konesaw. TheyAaron and Blake Virchow Sunday and took Saturday. Sunday dinner guests one day this week from the Prayer. Mumma, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Methodist ladies, were joined by their brother-in- ~tayedwith their grandparents, ~e. were Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kin- hospitelin Sunerior where he Eldrick GrMmmert helped Bruce, Bess Reeve, Mr. and Rothfuss and tigh, Tony and Brutane. had surgerv. Ml'. and Mrs. Toby Helen lliff and family move to Mrs. James Keith, Buelah Mr. andMrs. MarvinMeaier,law and sIster, Mr. and Mrs. Gay and Frances Gowen, last Mr. and Mrs. Art Sykes, Mr. Paul NolLe, Fairmont, Minn. week while Delbert and Deb : guests in the Ruth Konvalin and Margaret Frt'~layWyatt' Calams', were callers SuperiorMr. andtheMrs.pastHayWeek'snyder and Crandall,Kuper' ElsiejuliaGrummert,Norwood,Fern and Mrs. Herb Heinricha and Sunday they all attended the went skiing at Jackson Hole, Dine Wednesday Harvey, Superior, had dinner Ruby Bulge wont to Mankato Elya Mumma were Sunday Gertrude Skinner, Mrs. David Mr. and Mrs!~ Don Miller 90th birthday anniversary for Wyo. Enroute home they visited .andMrs. Halltook last Saturday with Joe Konyalin returned home Feb. 14 after their aunt, Anna Kuehn, at a Dallas and Mary Virchow, a..jrs. Richard Barry at the Good Samaritan Center. on Friday to get the lesson for gu~ of Esther Mum ma.. Moeller and son and Alda vacationing five weeks incooperative noon meal with Casper, Wyo., a few days. . -u tm's. Roger Kintigh the uncomin~ Extension ~:smer mumma cauea ~ on ~erbeling. Arizona. many nieces, nephews and close ,,,,_ i ._ ~cafe in Mankato After dinner they attended the Homem~ke nit tin Opal Stahl, Freda Hamel, MrMr and Mrs Fred Schier ...... "~ Rock and Roll Jamboree. H a rs U mee g .... Mr and Mrs. Gary Folhner, friends at St. Pauls Lutheran ~ v .... )A . daY evening. Callers at the Konvalin home Monday, March 14. It will he and, Mrs. Harry Weekley, Mr. meyer called on Dora Hashage, Rod and Tracy, Superior, were Church, Kenesaw. Open home | | U [1~ ld at the he e of te Fa and Mrs Earl Schufeldt and Anna Christensen, Andrew last Sunday guests of Mr. and was from 2 to 4 p.m. | nARss4F mlnn~ Mrs Russell Lunge last Wednesday afternoon were he m AI y Roper Eva Rausher the past week. Gembler and others at the Good earth birthday party Rev. Jim Bush, Lorene Mr. and Mrs. Dale Burlze and Ola Meyer and Mr. and Mrs. Samaritan Home Sunday af-Mrs Dennis Follmer. l UU|lUt as u~ ,~ m, Levi, Saturday Behrends and Amber, and Mr. Jim Hoyt, Culhertson, was a MauriceMlller, K.ea.rneY, was I 328 Central | M~- --- d Ralph Meyer were Wednesday ternoon ~ests included Mr. and Mrs Ron Konyalin. Mr. and o.-. and Mrs. John Pem'y an last Monday overnight guest of a Saturday overnight guest ot g ~. , .... ~ ~_ ~.u ' herw . lastsupper geustsof Mildred Mrs Ivan Jacobitz .was a Mr. andMrs. DarreUKeim. He Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Bower| ~uperlor, ~u. | ~ryan Simms, MrMrs. Eynner Andersen, Kristop eat to St. Paul_. : .... Sunday They had dinner at the zmunerman Saturday afternoon vmzmr ot was enroute home from being Sunday he went to Beatrice to | Winter Hours: I ~las Diamond, Mr. Superior, called on her in the ..... . ...... r a M home of Mr and Mrs Wayne M . nd rs. GeraldWhiteley Mrs. Everett Meyer. with Mrs Hoyt, who had visit his mother, Mrs. Cordie | 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. | Jeanings, Virginia evening. Friday afternoon ~4awe p~n ~,,4 n~,lamin and Reba Harrington were Mr. and Mrs James Keith surgery in the ClarksonMiller, and Mr. and Mrs. Willie |Tuesdav through Sat,rday| Joyce David, Mr. visitors were Lorene Behrenda n"lmrs /aintn~ ~rn-w~e Mr" Saturday supper guests of Mr. and John Haidsiak visited Mr. Iill Lunge and Mr. and Ruby Burge. Ron and Ruth ~u~d ~fs_ "-Da'ala~-'l~.hlers an(i and Mrs. Ralph Meyer. and Mrs. Clarence Wurtz, Hospital, Omaha. Williams. .| Phone 402-879-99!_I | Raymond Lunge. Konvalin called on Daisy Nathan, Superior, Mr and Mrs Sunday dinner guests of Ola Bellevilie Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. I.~-oy Brenn- Mr. and Mrs. Michael Thayer " sm, mm,m mt to a cafe forGibson, Superior, TuesdayRodney Bruge an! Jamiel -------~"~ "" ' - ' ' ' ' met at the Lungeafternoon. rcls. Supper guest of Mr. and Mrs. Hastings, Mr. and Mrs. Charles I f~ _ -- " ~ nnings and Mrs. Ron Konvalin'and family N--,Ayr, andMr, andMrs. ]~wL cal New~J ,rid went to Clay Monday, Thursday and Cliff Dillenburg and AriD, Mr. . 0 on a business trip Saturday was Ruth Konyalln. and Mrs. Elmer Howe and Mr. k,~ ....... -------~J oon. Wade Konvalinwas home from and Mrs. Richard Howe and~ on accompaniedManhattan for the weekendTrisha, all of St. Paul. _ By Mrs. Ward Stansbury visited Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur nd and Dolly with his parents. Guests in the Dale Burge Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mazonr Wilson Monday afternoon. lahorna Saturday Keith Hahlfs and Mr. and home for dinner Sunday we~. were Tuesday evening visitors Mr. and Mrs. Gone Holsteen t a pickup for Mrs. Kenneth Petersen, Blair, Mr. and Mrs. Ro~.yBurg e ass of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Ruhga. visited Dennis in Grand Island rid They stayed had dinner Sunday with B~uth Jamie, Hastings, Mr. am Mrs. Beulah Kuper was a Friday to visit Mr. and Konvalin. Sunday afternoon Dalune Ehlers and Nathan,supper guest of Mrs. Elsie and sons. Margaret Ha,rvey, Superior~ Superior, and Mr. and Mrs. Mueller. and Avisand Mrs. Konvalin called on Joe John Peary and Kristopher. Mrs. Reba Harrington and the a committee Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Whiteley hme of DOris II HighI t /e Iiwere supper guests Of Mr" and Superior,. Monday Mrs. Ralph Meyer Saturday. .,. ,.. ,o, and Local ws Mr. and Mrs. Gus Runge, ~y( r at the Hastings, visited blr. and Mrs. in Superior Randy Koehler and family and Wetlnesday were taught by Pete Petersen Superior Department Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. By ltighlud Club famfly and Mr. and Mrs. Doug Dan Mazour and Linda super with Mr. and Mrs. Bill Riley Porter and Mathew were ~ula;Omaha, were weekend visited with Mrs. Evelyn Saturday dianer guests of Mr. guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jerome all visitedHoneycutt Monday. and Mrs. Phillip,Wehrman and Mazour and Donald. Mary and Eleanor Mrs. Guy Bruce, M~. ~ Niehei~. :The~ m~me ~ all -}V~umur Joined therefor Sunday hospital. They Troudt, MrL Velma ~ had supper at the home of Mr. dinner. friends in the and Mrs. Floy Porter We~ and Mrs. Porter. ~ Sue Ruhga, Grand Isiand, Center. coffee guests of O. P. Pm'ter Phfllip Wehrman and Dong was Saturday guest o( Mr. and were held at the Thm'sday afternoon. Port~ were in Kansas City on Mrs. Marvin Ruhga. Monday, Mr. and Mrs, Guy Bruce business Tuesday through Glen MueUer and Nathan area com- Charlie Russell Sunday to visit Mr. Russell's attended the Order of Eastetm Star at the Methodist Church Thursday evening. Mr.. and Mrs. Ron Porter visited Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Follmer and children were Sunday supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Don Follmer. Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Jen~n and Mr. and Mrs. Don Follmer Delmar Roth- attended the community nnon, Smith theatre at Davenport Saturday r. and Mrs. evening. Wednesday evening ld, Superior, Mr. and Mrs. Clee Doggett gues~ Sunday ofcalled on Mr. and Mrs~ Follmer. uelbert Roth- Coffee guests of Mrs. Paul Kathy and Knehans Tuesday for her b/rth- Superior, were day were Mrs. Don FoUmer, callers. Mr. Mrs. Darrell JonSOn and Mrs. Crane and Marie Troudt. Wednesday Saturday coffee guests were Mrs. Guy n Rothchild, Bruce, Mrs. Velma McKevitt, arrived at the Mrs. Follmer, Mrs. O. P. Porter evening and Mrs. Troudt. ~. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Randy Porter on were Saturday supper gu~..ts Formoso, Mr. and Mrs. Don Casseu aria Ruth is days at Gaylord is not returned after a few days Salina, treat- arts. daughters. Mr. and Mrs. Ron Porter, Pam and Richard and Mr, and Mrs. Doug Porter and Mathe~ were Sunday dinner geusts ~ Mr. and Mrs. Don casseu ana daughters. Floy Porter was an afternoon visitor. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sore and WhOle Lif( Insurance 7.50 Per Month Pay Only 12 Years!l! 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