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March 7, 2013     The Superior Express
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March 7, 2013

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' "" ~"'~"'~'" ~'~"~ " "~".. ,~..~,. L,vo,,.u., .,. ,~' 130 treasurer s p 6A THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thursday, March 7, 2013 .............. ...... ,, punncan raver t.ompact, lne restrict Neb, the tract of land known as Sun ......... . _ .. memoers LemKe, lipton, roote, 14,754.36; SD Fertilizer, 38.34; Mail claims for $57,709.28 minus the . i - proposes that any irrigator pumping rise Second Subdivision as more tully Peterso ....... . n, Jensoy. :resent: fox r o- Finance, 179.28; Northeast Commu- $25,000 deductable and received ye- n 11 11 ' "~ T = more than 105 inches per acre for the described herein directing the same to ........ : . be recorded by the NucKous ounty ance t .......... :: ["1113'11C INI Otl( 2013 irrigation season will be charged , . lice ot me meeting was given in an- airy College, 14.14; Olsson Associ- imbursement of $27,156.18. The in- . . . v nereot oy posung m me city ales, 12,31915; Standard Insurance surance company denied $5,553.10 in :' .... , , three (3) times any amount pumped Register of Deeds; to provide service ..... ...... benefits thereto; to provlde tor the re- Puhllt .qafatvFluildlno KansasPaymentCenter,233.15;Sala- submittedthathavenotbeenreviewed " " (FirstpUblfshed Feb 28 2013 in room. over the 10.5 inches, which will then .... clerk s ornce, mumclpal nDrary ann Co, 628.79;VerizonWireless, 135.73; claims. There are additional claims P g . . method of glwng notice. Availability ries, 17,754.71. yet by the insurance company in the " The Superior Express) Trave! ap.p.roval pmC~arn%eSdwlle~t be deducted from such irrigators re- eal of conflictin ordinances or see- - .......... .~ .'7 ....... P ....... ".'~"."-'" ' ? ' Notice discussed with proposeu . maining allocation for the 2013-2017 lions; to provide for the effective date nf the nroceedinp. he.reafter ~hn,azn February City Claims amount of $2,399. Two additional ' In 'the County Court of Nuckolls to be presented at.the next m tmg- allocation period, thereof; and order the nublication of -- --, "----.-,--:;"- ........ "7 the nonce ot taxame st ,- . was taKenwnuemeconveneameetm American Family Life, 511.14; claims have been submitted to the ........... ;k _ wasopentothepubhc. MayorSchmldt Eggers Motor Service, 368.96; Gary county for payment which wili need to County, Neb .. The next l eung W la ethn: li " . :,Notl, celsalsog 'venthatthedls l the ordinance in pamphlet torm " Estate Of Edward D Jacobv, Jr, tvtarcn t,*, ,,, -,,y.... wmnumapuut, , m., u,t, sa,, wnereas, arterivnKetJayann ecKy notedthatacopyoftheOpenMeetings ThompsonAgency,35.00;JohnDmba, be submitted to the insurance com- ...... -, , , ." .-.', ; eetinv adjourned at 1 :zu p.m. date, time, and olace to consider pro- Gay as owners of the property submit ................... . a/ a tmwaro aacony, Jr., a/K/a/ r_.,o.... ~ ...... t ..... &ct was posted on me west wau ann 100.00; NE Dept of Health & Human pany for payment in the amount of " Ward JaCoby;deceased. posed amendments to the Rule 6. AI! ted a plat of Sunrise Second Subdlvl- available for nubile review Svc, 80.00;NuckollsCountyRezister- $1,475.65. However the reimburse- ": " Estate No PR 12 7 . interested persons may appear at the sion in addition to the City of Superior -t-vv-ot" annrnv, a Deeds, 32.00; Overhead l)oor-Com- ment money will only be deposited in ior approval ann nas agreed mat me ^ _t. ...... C..v "-'NOtice is hereb; given that a Final (First published Feb. 28, 2013 m hearing and present testimony or pro- ............ n .... ..... .... the au~m.~ L,~ ~'u^. pany, 840.00; Pierce Electronics the general fund and not the jail fund. " ' " ..... ministra ~ne oupenor ~.xpress) vide other evidence relevant to the streets andpubhc ways shown thereon II lInfin| hed Rnlina 586 10; The EZ Street Command' The jai fund is included in the total shall be freely and voluntarily dedi- - ...................... " . r one. 1,204.00; Federal Deposit, 3,100.69; general fund, b tg is not allowed, to City of Superior 2 498 20" City of separate to individual funds. The jad and _ None. Sul erior Sales Tax,'4,166.67"; Supe- fund was reviewed and it was deter- Whereas, the Annexation Compo- .. .... , IV Cu. m,t riorDevelo-mentCom,6 250 00" Blue mined to have an additional $25,000 nent ot the Comprehensive Develop ............ r -r ..... , ........... i. approverenruaryuuntyctalms. Cross Blue Shield, 9,921.04; Credit put Into this fund from the general ment vlan toy me t..lty ot buperlor 2 Annroverninnte~frnrn 17t=hr.arv requires that owners of property pro- I I ......... Management, 69.97; Environmental miscellaneous fund. Previously .............. 2_1 .... n_ll m ..... =. Services,4,732 00;PosterComoliance $50,000 was transferred to help with posen toy suomwslon, adjacent to .me. ......... pprove reoruary city claims. 69.00; Standarcl Insurance, 346".61 US. , themedical claims however the amount. Uu: S to!e e i ara a n fute M lw4is i t 2as corporate li .m,ts submit such subdlvl-Council by majority vote approved Dent of Education 104 96. Verizon did not reflect on the budget correctly ..... . ........... ,t uu,t. Wireless, 209.13; Salaries,10,747.66. andwillneedtorevisetheprocedureto whereas, according to NK55 l 1- . Re,,ular A,,enda A complete text of the minutes, have it properly documented A mo- ..... umitles aecuon: resolutions and,ordinances are on file lion was made by Brown and seconded None. in the city clerk s office and are avail- by Combs to adjust the budget to re- ..... "s o .uun: able for public inspection during regu- fleet the $50,000 transaction. Combs, lar business hours. ZNEZ 10-1c Brown and Corman all voted aye, 0 ormnance, ann i . proved the chamber requests for the -- voted nay. Motion carried. A motion Whereas the planning commission , . . . 22nd annual Vlctonan Festival ................. was made by Brown and seconded by and the city council of the City. Ot Z. ......... ouncu consensus ior t ul< to (ru tsnea 7arcn/, ZUl m Combs to add additional funds of Superior each held a public hearing - . . move forward on the dirt work project ., ne .upe tor xpress) - $25,000to the jail budget from the gen- regarding the approval of said final _ for the ball field in Lincoln Park corur e; angs r U.eK.O,s eral miscellaneous fund, Combs, plat and annexation ot property ac .... " .. 3. Councd by major ty vote tabled u oa o o ommlssmners Brown and Corman all voted aye, 0 rea,, z , voted nay Motion carried. Discussion Whereas, the city council of the .. Com iss oCerOltmSet ,lUnntYa t aro held regarding the possibility of bill- City of Superior, Neb, has c6ncur nancy authorizing and approving the ' . - issuance of a not to exceed $5,000,000 ........... Y' o. !3, ingNewMexicoforthehousingoftwo nrlnclnal amount or neatmcare rev-utne somn e mg r?ratctense inmates related to a murder case there nexation of the Sunrise Second Subdi- r .^A ..... .... U..o .... "... X' . "'p before their extradition to that state vlsionlegallyuescriDe(lasrollowsan(1 n'ta PrcdPot RariP 9f)lq anrwnvin Otl eO. IV, ZOI . t.omos, t rown and This will be looked into snown on ~xnlblt A CO:n anpre nt for the meetm.g. The Plans were submitted to the county , ccount and r eport or P,u - " " e of A ointment of and to annex into the City of Superior g . s meet ngwas mlttedto from Verizon Wireless for plans to ,uz z, ........ a, ;,:nee o/.day _ , -install equipment to update the exist- g p t e county c erK s office and on the count we' it ingtowerlocatedat4003RDY, Edgar, t.omos announced the open Meet ...................... ............. lngs , ct Law as posted in me corn .... uon, reunon'" for p lete S ttlement r oticn "ePP resentativei issues being considered. " ' " wlthPrVepledgeKeSmtlnthelr full2013-02support regaroingendorse. ' " " " i n bf Intestac have rersana] K p ThedistrictproposestoamendRule cared to the public for Its use forever; III Public Hearing . an(] ujualcat o ' y, "' been filed and are set for hearing in the In the County Court of Nuckolls 6 on flow meters to provide that begin- ': Count" Court'of Nuckoils Count,,, County, Neb. ning May 15,2013, all flow meters 5ee8fli ' Eh' ils 8n9c !i!ii! ief4 .ii p 5edS Udnyi Yelri o5 !N Y in a:pt , . ......... ! EstateofOliverL.Farver, deceased, required to be install&i on any wells r et , |ocaten at r ucKous t.ounty .....o PR 13 11 "-""" N I on Neb 68961 on r. mte , - located within the district shall be a ": e20'l 9 30a m Notice is hereby given that on Feb. mechanical flow meter. Non-mechani- Debra.RuthCollier, " " 25, 20!3_in the County Court of calflowmetersshallnotbeallowedon ; s altRepr: nt tlve Y;d lvli ttmendv rth: sinus as addmons to the city; and ............ a. This stbdltyThe Eibert CO 8 )106 probateofthe ' " hearing and ha e disab" " y - 7"0 thatWayne L. Garrison whose address quest auxiliary aids and service neces- 405 the City of Superior can upon ........... a z-cr, -vt, u ....... is 155 S Main, Nelson, Neb. 68961, sary for participation by contacting the petitionotUaepropertyowner(s) ofthe -. RandailAlexander la O "" 11 a intedb there is - Downin Alexander & Wood was imorma y ppo y g - district by March 7, 2013. Testimony property contiguous and adjacent to C-"- ..... ..... 8 tray as personal representative of me or other evidence relevant to the pro- the city hmltsannex said property by 1. Cohncil by majority vote ap- t ommerclal, ru i " Su eri0r NE 68978 estate, posed amendment may also be submit- " 3cCreditors of this estate must file ted in writing to the Lower Republican : theirclaimswiththiscourtonorbefore Natural Resources District, 30 North ................................... authorize Chairman Combs to sign the April 30, 2013, or be forever barred John xe phlet form --,,,,: ............ e .... ......... - Budget Making Au h ttvofV ........ n " Street," PO Box 618, Alma, NE (Publishea arcn / zu J l Diana Wehrman " " s .... 68920 ) Clerk of the County Court Shi'rlee Poyser : . , .......... Nuckolls County Court Administrative Assistant- cording to NRSS 19-5001; and . action on Ordinance 1158 - An ordi- r~once is nereoy given mat a meet- ' P O Box 372 Bookkeeper ing of the Board ,of Education of the .... n Nelson, NE 68961 PO Box 618 SchoolDistrlctofSuperiormthecou - 2 71 ............. er 402-225- 3 Alma, NE 68920 rently approved the final plat and an .......... :: ties or I IUCKOIIS, weoster an(] tnay , . in the State of Nebraska--Nuckolls Wayne L.pamson 11443 (308) 928-2182 or (800Q 353-1297 .... "" ..... """ will ~arrlson ~ ~arrlson LI~I~Z, ~-.~c ....... r1--1 ---~avv-, ........... ; -rr ...... ,,, ~.ounty bcnoo1191strlctlNO. Ul 1~ 1 O ~.:~,~ ]l~r~v Qt85 --~ l.ld d. lylalll " ~JUA ,~" be held at 300 p.m. on March 6, 2013, Nelson NE 68961 (Pubhshed March 7, 2013 in : . . and authorizing the execution and de- .... hvery a loan agreement, a tax com- in the senior, high library in the Dis- ~n,, o' At 7M~.7 O-3c The Superior Express) A tract of land located in the west - pliancy agreement and closing docu- , trier. The board will be meeting with ......... Notice of Meeting half of the northeast quarter ot the . northwest quarter of Section 25, Town ..... Marcia Herring from Nebraska School . Notice is hereby given, that a meet- . .. _. mentatlon, delegatmg, authonzlng and ship 1 North, Range 7 West ot the bth .... .-. , _ _ e. NE 68935 for 4G Network. Verizon is Rnarcl~ " " n ZNEZ 10 Ic (rirst publishedFeb 21 2013 in in of the Board of Education of the ............ , directing the mayor to exercise his ...... Assoclatlo . - " ' g " ." . . own independent discretion and judg ...... ..... - requesting the county to approve this The Superior Express) SchoolDistrictofSuperiorinthecoun- r M, r UCKOUS t ounty, r eo, more .... (Published March 7, 2013 in Notice of Public Hearing ties of Nuckolls, Webster and Thayer, partlculardescrlbed as follows: Begin- m nt in delerminin and finMiTino the, ..... construction. A motion was made by The Superior Express) The Lower Republican NaturaI Re- in the State of Nebraska--Nuckolis ningatthenortheastcomerofLot lof. .. . . terms," provisions," " torm ann" contents" . ....... missioners t)oaro meeting room ann t_orman ............... and seconueu oy row, to .: - Proceedings of the Superior sources District ( district' ),gives no- County School District No. 01 l--will Quy Third Addltton to the City oI of each of such document nannouts are avanao e .... Superior Nuckolls County, Neb . . . tneooarureconveneaatvoi a m " tiona rovalletterforthe ro ! Develoament Corporation Meeting lice pursuant to the District s Ground be held at 7:30 o'clockp.m, on, March , , . "' 4. Councd by maJority vote tabled " " " construe pp p - ..... the hiring of Gall Shorts for seasonal and the Feb. 19, 2013 minutes as sub- .posed. 4.(_i tecnnmogy eqmp!nenton i i "February'28, 2013 Water Management Rules and Regu- I l, 2013, in the senior high library in thence $89"2Y36 'W on the north line . . . ChalrmanCombsapprovedtheAgenda ._ , , . of said Lot l thence N00 17 53 W Combs, Brown and Corman all oted i Meeting called to order by Price at lations ( rules ) and Integrated Man- the district. This meeting is open to the ; " part time park-cemetery help until the mitred the existing tower |ocaten at 40o3 Ku ',12:10 p.m. Minutes of the February agement Plan that it will hold a public public. The agenda, which shall be (and assumed bearing), a distance ot rnP tino w ..... .......... ; .... Y, Edgar, Neb., (Nuckolls County). .14 meeting were approved, hearing on March 14, 2013 at 1:30 kept continually current, is readily ' ; . " ---'T. ....... . : "' . - dent and Cindy Buescher, executive ........ .,,. Bills to Kniep for travel and meal to p.m.,, in the offices of the district In- available for public inspection at the secretary met with the board to update aye, u vo!en nay. Iv.iotloncarrleo. _ . meetings in Harvard totaling $57.29 cared at 30 North John Street, Alma, superintendent's office of Superior them on the current activities of the r assenaumnotlr!ed the ooard t at were app' roved. Action on the sale of a Neb., for the purpose, of taking testi- High School during normal business leer;^ thence $89"27"00'Wq, a distance" " ................ and approve the final plat of Sunrise county road denartment. Warren .... uo-t- Lontryman & Associates nave suomlt- Iot in the industrial park was referred to mony and written comments on the hours ZNEZ 10-1c , , aeconn bUOOlVlSlOn; to extend me mitred a man from the Nebraska De ted the Nuckolls County 2011-2012 ....... of 129 59 feet" thence $89"12 06 'W, a ............. ,h .... count a dif to the state as required by < the business development committee, district s proposal to impose a one- ~ .. " ' . .. . oounnarlesana mcmoewlmm mecor- ~" ~'~ne Hawley and Janet E~ers were year pumping hmltatlon of 10.5 inches ............... distance of 60 22 feet to the east line or ........... v .................................. ty ..... ....... . . , ,, porate limits or, anQ to annex into the comer of'he ..... ..... law r asset aum also gave t0e t oara a "- . . (k'ublisnea marcn/,m said Lot 1; thence N00"I9 24 W, a t courmouse regarnln me " . ....... - .. .. City ofSupenor, Neb., the tract of land ...... r. copy ot the rlentage rngnway-t yway v anc=esontheSu e er acre on round water durln the approved to flll ac " p - P g g ..... preummary plans a new nanmcap .... re ort for Feb 8 2013 , i ne ~upertor t xpress) !i rior Development Corporation Board. 20 i 3 irrigation season. The Nebraska . distance of 951 13 feet on said east line - ......... . . ." ..... Known as uurlse econn unnlvlslon accessible ramp and sidewalk along ...... atus from to the point ot beginning, containing Action on the planning commission Department of Natural Resources has _ .0rdmance. 1156 as more fully described herein; direct- Highway 14.The state willbedoing all ..... i proposal was referred to the business declared 2013 a Ca!k .... ommance ot the lty or .pe- 2.71 acres. the work for this ro'ect Warr n county assessor mr the ground that the . ..... becauseofdrou. htCofid:;: ..=-..'.k : ri0"r, r eb, to accept ann approve the Be it ordained by the mayor and ing the same to be recorded by the p ,J . e n s- development committee, lUUil UllUl.l] ll- "~ ...." g~ ...... I" " ,....nell of the Clt: of Sure , eb., ....... , ;" n .......... r- out the Re"ublican Basin and as a nna plat oi unrlse econn UDOlVl .... " 'v - rior N Nuckolls county Register Deeds" to cussed a correspondenCe letter from county owns andleases.out for.fym sented by McCord and Biauvelt.t usmess opportumty euer WaSTour_ p result" the dlstrl'V "ct "Is' required to make stun,', ." to extend .... the boundaries" and In' - as follows" readlngprvlae service demerits thereto, 3rd thetr NDORt re-arding g- the addingo'ri'r,....nge theNW: grounn, KnOWl/4 of Sectton 25, T3N-as tart. ot t0e ast R /Z7Wor. , necessa a ustments t elude within the corporate limits of, !;i ismcommitteewillmeetonMondayat ry dj ogroundwater .... Section l.Theabove-describedreal ' . s uc ure C006504205P tv u,, ............ 6 Councd by majority vote ap andSix Year Brid ePlan Warren did (r elsonrrecmct).Uiscusslonwasnem i;i 6:00 p.m. at the hospital conference use to ensure compliance with the Re- , estate shall be known as Sunrise Sec- ' " " - rmrt ~.hd' i~'n c~ "v n proved Ordinance 1157- An ordinance note the bridge wason the One and Six regarding the letter for the - " ' .._.. .... lV.Jvn the CIL of Su,.e- i: . . .... , .:... ,-, ..... co:a to amend the annexation section, the Year Plan The project will be referred urora t.o-op proj t in upenor an(] . " ] s [ u ] , oa,u ....... ' " d " " also the proposed t roastone lvlemo- I' i CI Y AI3[9M' iI ruture land use plan and the tuture land proper proceuure toy t . : estate is urban or suburban in character . tu rtojcct o.9 ), locate In ec- . ........ f use map (Figure 9) of the comprehen ,- , OStWlCK l're- . . i and is contiguous or adjacent to the . , - lion 14 TIN R8W (B .... hal rlosplta onu. slve develo at plan lZ.flaeCtty of cinct), project has.qualified for .. t r with corporate limits of said city; and . , -" P.E"ii" i STA TING AT c' n incor Superior, Neb samil eing Ordi- local bud' ge selection for On Fed Aid . nslgn .... any oonza es methoneconversaagam = : Se_tion 2. The attached a d .... . S stem Brid e n h ........ me ooard to discuss a p - porated final plat of Sunnse Second . . . for federal funds accordin-- to ND'-'R tmn w th ueann rtaetrner ot the r e- ii $' $& i i 99! - nance No 1073, to amend said plan to y g saasoulaoeenglme ........ - ,,, R.hd" i~'o "~ nn v " vldentifyareaforpotentlaldevelopment .... lv.J~n L a~.,~roved b~ the Cit ................. g ~ " braskaDepartmentofRevenue and the ana annexation, znu reanlng i i J TE NET . ![ Council of the City of Superior, . warren notch mat mey are maKing " he transfer of :: i ............. ........ i b an 7 Council by majority vote ap- repairs to machinery and the #43 trac- ....... !- . i Nuckolls County, Ne., d the bound- " ' .... toy, in the Nelson sho- this week The mnns. lne transter is aumonzeu wltn arms of the Clty of Superlor be and are . . v " bud et authority as long as no addi- ! I i fTHOUT GETTING i i il ......h~rehv., ........... Pxt ncl d to Include .... w thm the theCityCouncil. . of Superiordoeshere- flat bed trader is ready to be painted . g ......... corporate limits of said city the con- ' - corn leted for .......... The transfer between individual funds !i: I i i !] and also the sewer lines have been tlonal aouars are dying transterren. tlgUuu~-" " .... a,u auJa . .t .............. ua .t u,c'""am.u ,u-'" ment, and cooperation for participa- -rooamp ro'ect Tthle rha lYto Pl atto with in the general fund is allowed. "-': ] i i i[ .... tion in the Nebraska Department of cated within the boundaries described , p j . !y pe ..... Jim Marr, county sheriff met briefly [ [ I 1 - - Economic Development s Leadership pour cemenlnextweeK Jneorlnge ............ I i above; ann ...... crew has been "ulled from Pro:eel C65 with the board to mscuss the jail Iunu i ............ t Sunrise Second ! R r.tirm Tha " Commumty Certification by City of ......... v ..... - -- and also the possibility of billing New Sub .... v Supenor; to harmonize with state law; u' e son rrecmct) due to me . . i': [ 1 I / 1 i ! ! !] .... C'i, ---dlvlslon IS hereb annexed to the of Surerlor, " Nuckolls Counbvtrepealcnfllctmgreslutmnsand'' " weather Warren announced that he Mex'c fr the reimbursement fhus- 0 I ~t. __.~ o~:a ,_...~ o...~ .I. ........ sections; to provide an ettecUve date would be at a meeting in Grand Island !ng and,transportation.on.inmates be- mg nela ~vlarr noted this ~s not a pos i ! [ SI 'NEI"- [ !] th_r and territory included on Wednesday for a required class in . . . "a su. w a,e,, u, cu eu t.c uu uu .. , - ann ornered to de punllsnea in pam i : i i thereon shall thereafter by subject to - Erosion Control and Buescher will be .,., " .......... i allmles regulations, ordinances, ta s ---e ---t o ........ e " ine oarn recessen at I l :uu a.m. to i : ' " 8 Council by majority vote ap- gun par me day on w unesnay ........... and all other burdens and benefits of =,_.. .... .... -_.,. .,._ L_ _h go into ooara ot equalization nalr- . i t o e n proved Ordinance 1160, an ordinance bo tt e o e a"a t - .. man Combs reconvenea into regumr ;' ~k i Requl~s 24-moatll ~kgreemen| and $'lOtmo. equipme~ ,ease fo~ 1 1 _ ~ersons . . within the City of Superior, Neb., and ..... ~' ~.. i Com~ ...... "~. ~t},-~.~. I j .... creating street improvement District a u n sn w r mov it s weeK, rte sessional 11 03am ..... r~o 2013-1 m the City Of Superior, feltit went very well considering all ..... : ", ." ..... ,,: i Secnon 4. That the signed and ap- . . lne budget maKing aumonty met ,i n " n " Neb ; ordering the construction of street At 9:15 a.m. the board held a public ............. :i [ 5 01 .roved final .lat of Sunrise Second . 'lmprovementstherem,. ordering' pubh hearin" to hear-ublic comments re again wltht0e noard to alscuss me jan = m Q Subdivisionandacertifiedcopyofthis- " '- -. ..... ...... - fund and the future needs for this fund. ordinance shall be recorded in the Of cation otnotice; establishing an effec- garmng me zul anu xear ......... rice of the Register of Deeds of ". . Sales / Install erviGe CO ! ! - live date, 1st reading Plan No public attended the hearing OetUrtner ueclston was maue at this 9 Council by majority vote ap ' New Location: 505 E. 15th St., Superior, Neb. Nuckolls County, Neb., and indexed - The board discussed withWarrensome ......... lnere nemg no mrmer ouslness me 138 E. Eourth, Superior, Neb. AUTHORIZED RETAILER against the tracts of land; and proved special designated license for ideas for projects next year. No con]- . i~r p- |. |- $* I1" i" | IL $, |, $- P I" ~,. I" ! | 12 I" I" I* I I' P. i: I- 7~ ff I! ff I= ~2 t; L V f. p, r" ff S er ~'~c,~ is ~ ava~al~-a i~ P,~-.~t e Rico. and i~ I:mit~d ~ ~a$ et ~da si,~. N~,, dat d aa~a~at~ may !e~lt L'~ ~dd~uo~val ,-~r ;Je. ]axez ~:~1 ra~y ~v~e t~. a~y..:.~ Pr=cos ,t~ kales ra~ci