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March 15, 1973     The Superior Express
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March 15, 1973

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: I L_ ~ . Thursday, March 15, 1973 I tie :: upe rl or - " (IF" != E .. -il ---- ., ) ' Energy Crisis i '~' ~1 *'" Eil.bliih~ n ,. "'," 1 / By Jerry Martin ll --- t. Pmzt ,, . Suddenly the nergy cnsm is discovered to be a major lcr Btll BlauveN, Managing Editor -" L~ , . , Wi..,~G~ ,0'~~ *~ , problem for Amer,ca Shortages of natural gas, oil and elec- ;t 19f:t s bl shedWeeky y t ..... IIIclly became a reality thin past winter, along wzth higher , :ul~ n a rT : [ i " Y~K "~ making a long time. It s the inevitable result of some of the !l : D us t nes s ,a s us u a t 2 11 unrealistic policies and attitudes of the past 15 years or so. The ~1 ty Y. lStered. n~rhnn'- ..__ L_, _, ___ _.~ L ................ .t. :;::i ~ J k. ~r/~ energy oullook won't get better until some of these policies are lo r lh,_ -." t, cz. p uznuoiueneu, oy , sstst CllStrlct engineer In oeter- i ~"4[ ~ ~/ :~' reversed or greatly modified. !! tor g fallen heir'to a multi-million-mining staff requirements; ~:' J[ [] [ ~r~'f-~ The environmental extremists have helped to create I .. publicity bonanza (on the Resvonsibilitv for assignment of i] lii-[ [ l| I ~,. !~ America's energy crisis Protests by the environmental lobby ~l :n:st Jeraor,s salary, i. ..... , ..... '-.., .._a :_._: ..... :/4~'i| [ l| I ~ blocked development of ~aska's huge North Slope oil reserves. ! ttin~ than ,~'~,~..Y,, ".. t.a. t azzu.iu e~zao~utcz .anu equipment; .... / } | k .J [~J~_O In Ihe name of protecting the environment, plans for nuclear il "'x[' zn nzs namej, Jim ,~ssmt m developing operational ~] ~ [,,}J ~ ~.,~ power plants along our coasts and elsewhere have been th- ~l ; floing business as usual at the policies and vrocedures ~ ~ ~" ~ waried or subjected to prolonged delays. Mining coal and other rrtch mansion narcelina out All this an~t mar,= ;o ..'........,i..A .. ,t.,., ~t" :[!~t[ "- I ~ minerals, always an important economic activity, is portrayed il orcn i z \ --,ut~ozu , r ~ ~ ...... ~ to ~.~.~t.t~t.t oz ctsc IL::|II r X'~.2"ffi' "S " " .... " '' *t..,, l..-,~ .... ~1 , t~t:ll . . . . . ::: ::: . , a a la/blc ut t~t~ ilsit~lli.i~. , P l s. __ man fllhng the new roads job, lfhe/s to : The liberal attack on the proflt motiveand taxes in general I w ,r_ecently, hisstate roads earn the $I3,aH starting salary, ha e aided in p..r uing this. new crisis: For almost a ! 1 " ' ][ 'ttrlerlt craatod ..m, ..,h .......... ...... . t: :: generation, the oil aepletion attowance has been me zavorite 0 :l reaS?cl ...... ..... . ..... ..u w, a ..aui u ,u ,.in "v'":Mk : whinDing boy of liberals in Coneress They not onl see evil in ! e aha district office The new job position9 .... .... ..... " - Y r maha district t ........ ;: ...... ::!:i someone making a profit, they see no need to encourage people i es . ,i _,' pectable $13,811 tostart, with Only a fellow named Lou Lambertv , :ii:i.i: ~ ~ !!i!~ Io risk ihe capital necessary to assure all exploration ~l t " J) " "::':':' :: !' :; :'"' -':. ' [ , . , t t0 $14.497 after six mon s or ........ : ........ : .... : So the 27 % percent depletion allowance was reduced to22 : __- fi lrSel 4"497, a fJ, ................ :i:::: : i:::L percent and many hberals want to scrap it enhrely. Forgotten m 'l , - , th and f merly a chemical engineer with ........... :::: .... ::.: . too,, uz r ortnern r atural uo ~,~_ Wi~-~.:~_~_~ .... : :: ::i : :(i ~';~ ~ ~ ::::iii!!i;: all the fuss is the reason the depletion allowance was enacted. It ne '- i u t.ranging duties include: The job description partially listed !ii:: : !i>ii>iij !! ....... takes a lot of money to drill for oil and nine out of 10 wells ][ Jst the clistrict en'~neer wi" above .,.,~.:,.1.. ....... 4...-,~- .., lllll....1.'.~__ :]!:ii]!i :i:: ; !iii:!i!! ~ :: .- drilled turn out to be dry holes. The depletion allowance was iI -- [a ~1 I,ll llll~llt i:l.pp~l JU~l, cl llttlg ttllt~n :::::::::: ::":: :+: v a t " - il . 1 S .......... ::::: : ' ...... :::: ii:i gr n ed to encourage drilling, by providing a return on sue- ii lo" SUpe -i-s in'. dwectmn and to the talents of a chemmal engineer, i::: :: ::: ~, ...... )' cessful oil discoveries that hel makeu for the ca ital lost i~ t, at!on .of highway con- But, of course, Lamberty has :::: ........ : ......... drilling dry holes, pad p p II ,o [:tjon and maintenance; ' another, apparently more significant. "A gentleman is here to ask about a fried chicken franchise when you The result: oil companies began hunting for new reserves i:~l jew proiect ,. .... a ..... );;......... t.... it. ..... :_,_.^_, " (,rih Veiinam 'overseas and liberals in Congress eagerly encouraged the U.S. "_ *.-v-,*,.., ..... ,,o, ,~-,~,,,,,~a,,,,, l~ e,.c apksutt~l,~slcllt/ " ......... to import more and more off As this vattern develoved, there i~l and status;- He was on Senator George lincolnJournal, has been less and letm off ~tl~illing in'the US, fewer job oP-. ili and recommend permit McGovern's payroll as co-chairman in ___ _ portunities for our oil field workers and a growing dependence !~ll . ce on ub " " . 5, property from Randall on foreign oil to supply the United States p hc rlghts-of-way; Nebraska during the 1972 residential I .... . , ublic' .... P om The Ides..... Cleveland.This greater rehance on oll imports aggravates America s anct revmw nnai corn- campaign. John Miller, son of Mr. and balanceof trade deficits, eats into our gold reserves and exports !~i an.d construction estimates, Yes, it's business as usual at Jim Forty Yearsngo A new model Chevrolet, Mrs. Wayne Mullet, and Karen. johsin the oil.industry, overseas. . _. . ii ;,,i[. tlfflelv n~-'--':--': .....-I ~..__,_ i_ .....m .......... The service station of the called the Standara o .......... uamei, aaughter of ~r ana lne ii~eram never teJt us anout these resuks of the policies !~ J J llV~OLlilltlOlllb itnll E~XUll s hOUSe --from me valroury u otx, w~nt on " . .)um~lap~t~]-.~.j- tt~ ,r~....~.a. ru, ,- ........ + '~';'d a;"'a ........... Mrs A G Hamel, have been they favor But it should concern every American, even those . daq~r'~atlOII nf t"hana~ r~,rla..~. Y~,,,.,,.,~I xr .... ~ .,u., ~ ,.,,, ,~o.q~,,~ .,.... u,~p, y at tee mosser ~otor .... - - .,,..~,~ u.u.~lo, r~cwo chosen s ' chines ~ :~ott4 ......... -- " and Central, which has been in comvanv ~ara~e last wrla~,,, ~ a Superior s who think of oil companies as bloated money ma " i~ char-e of Flo-'d Smalley for a The "car isclaime'd-~/ ",'~"7/" representatives to Boys and The fact that we must now import part of our oil supply ii~ ;l t~ Y , " ~0 De tile .... Sho" A t Home ,,mb~r of years, was taken world s lar-estrice- Girls States, to be held at poses massive new problems for American diplomats In the !~ At lw g p a six ! " " "' ;< itt~V~l'v ,,,,-.-: ......... over last week by Roy cvlinder clogod ear Pri .... # Lmco n next summer, past, America has been able to follow a dlplomahc policy 11[ - C loe .... .................... , a oz tins community L, iKewlse, contributions to good Ellsworth and Joe Jefferies f hc factory ran,,o [ram ~tAr, tr, Mrs. Harold Wilson, 53, of favorable to Israel because this country was not dependent on i~l[ ja[.f ze in its future, an obligation causes deser,,i-a ,,n,-,,-tHnntoe Manv relatives of Superior $475 -" r,-~ ............ Wichita is in Brodstone Hospital Middle Eastern oil. If we do become dependent on Arab oil, ~ With ..... lh hree broken ribs and could such an rode dent hey survive. Not hkel Britain s others m makm i residents have wrRten regard- Twent -bye Years A o pen po y. . ee g t abetter charltms, youth and educatmnal Y ' - g ............ ' "[~l~i!.h.,Others in. in,, ,he recent terrif,,in- Mr and Mrs L M Andersen poss.ble internal ln3urles as a pohcy in the Middle East has long been dominated by the s,mple / Which to live. programs, are best made here at e~rthnuakes they have:ex~ observed their" silver ~,e,lm,,~ resuli of an automobile accident facl that it must have Arabian oil to fuel its industries. .!ll .{ t' h" .eonnection, dollars spent at home,, where results can be seen andperienced in California the past anniversary at the Community fi>ur and one-half miles n.o.r. of But there)s an,even more compelling, reason for America to ~ye auperlor Tuesaay mrs wilson re-examine IL$ llCleS towara aomesuc Oll ex loratlon We a tendency torecirculateinappreciated and which benefit h week. Center in Ruskin, Saturday, . . . . po . p " . atenden, . . , t e S-ecia, services corn- Feb 28 was thrown out of the car, as It could find ourselves m a dangerously vulnerable position if the , / o'7""mntY' to De. spent, ann en- community, me~oratinat, the 57th an- Ca-rainy C ............ ] c..a.., skidded off the icy pavement U.S. allows .itself to become. , too itependent. _ on energy source .' 'ji -"_aY other local Cltlzens Dollars Civic nride and c, , roq,,,, a niversar,, of the foundina of the Nebraska Safer,, Patrol an and down a steep embankment located outrode America s boundaries. Western Europe learned ut 0 .... " " al lhe west side of the road. Mr. thai in the Suez crisis in the 1950 s , [ out of the commumtv seldom c~tizon~,~fth,,~,.,,-,~,,-;e--,,,-~.~A ,.,ill Olive Hdl church were heldnounced Monday that traffic ............ ~il. - - __,_[".~ ..... 7 ".':. ...... ~'~a'-~',-. "-~ --~Sunday evening, accidents have taken 36 lives Wilson was no~ nurt in me ac- America must adopt more realistic policies. We must en- i~ J J lliaKp mlS a oetter place to live 111. Five first class modern thus far in 1948 This figure oocnl. . courage development of energy sources at home. We need i~l~ I '| e'~/ ~ l l em _ anartments are bein,~ made at denotes a 21 ,,ercent decrease Burton Kugler, who will be a Alaska's North slope oil and we can tap it without great ,,4~ne etepnone yrant t~e corner of Nationa['and Third when compare~ with the 461ives June graduate at Dubuque damage to the environment. Our economic and tax policies must ] "/IPhetete . in a reconstruction j'ob by Jess h)st in" trat" "f'm acciaents .... over one Theological Seminary, recognize this urgent need for oil, for all the fuels that could be I( _.:el .Phone, unquestionably one of make a purchase often finds himself Verbeck. They are to be known same neriod last year Dubuque, Iowa, has been called vital to our national defense. It's time for more reason and less ~ - ~ " (o the worl , United Presb terlan emotion : . orld's tzreat modern con- interru"~edb'the cha.. st*tin-a~ ~^-'.-~. as the California apartments, The natural gas situation in .... ni ...... ~ ". " i t,^ ,, a .... m ....... .... ," " and are the latest style copies Superior is again critical due to L[nurcnat uix, n.imDau uounty, ] ilrlillt i=' a u=umutunt umnlg um mepnone. umy one ox ten from California ar,,hit, ,.t ............ hu .... a .....,.; NeorasKa ...... / ........ ,. .... ~ .... ,~a.uo o,..t. ,.. ,,~.~, anomer one scneaulea in the modern home and l , Five Years A o highly controversml personal the m~ c erks and salesmen are polite enough Superior s two banks opened and all users have been .... g - The controvers= sur ............ ---~ viity pigs are living happily ~ - views on memai neaim ann me to refuse a telephone conversatmn Wednesday after being closed requested to set thermostats ,()"etner ........... inn .......... r" u-,.., roundin,,t, Dr. Anderson's ,reu,mem ........... oz mcononsm ....... mmnt'" tr for 1 s 18 -mc )t~W~ld~s:~ntexY:;:~e~r~hl~o~n [n leaving .,the in-the-store c.stomer feder0a?ys U~aderkthe s~t~i~nd b~:ke:::dd~gr~eg/:eb?ln~hhSe a! lhe.Paul Feet}& Grinding ~PlPt~am:nt0h~sC;~eesaobnUi cCker~tOdVbo~u~mS they are con- I That transaltes c " 'a tsD e nswer in homes is, of d;cl:raftirns~):nd::: dwec:~r~ hPu~l~s' ~h7:sn;:ehc:S%eand ; TarSi:eemmn!FedHm :7: e CmimsP:: nrCend ychadtris:d; bJoh?V,e,,l~ead greAndl~I?p;~ / awakened in the middle of course .... ...... 1.:..,_ _.._ reslrietions, an enviable con- cancelled . . - f ........ , . 1 , _ . , ....... wmcu cau .................. " ..... location and another 50 oecause ot a lac o eaan top-out, and i must / uY a wrong numoer ring, a be switched off The answer in mtwn nut expenenceu oy many ._JACK naersen, t ancy xon, m rkers move in " "" qualifications, but becau of admit that it has given me some [t someone at a swinging party is for cl ,,.t.o ....,....... ~y,,~___.,~,_,~-~ oinks: .......... _.~nym.s veoersen ann uiane rAn attitude" survey of (he fears which many peopm in cause for concern too. lamsure / /[[~ ~WI) a.rrl ...... ~x a~o aUU i~t~,l~Dlli~II LU ~ [r~IN~[] ,~UgU.St ~nome was elec~Lmwning Will represent c ..... ;.... ;... I.-..i..... L2..'..~....~ and out of the Delmrtment oz this issue will malt@ ~v~n m.~-,~ ' "'~ " " chief of ri "re " ~,m~,=-,~,-, ,- --,~- u,= e,=,~ ,,, .......................... to a k the Supe or Fl Superior m the district i s have over what his i,7"?" s callers to wait while store ............. . . Superior andsurroundin~ area Insti(ut'on " (Conti,ued'To~B, OUsin . aepartment, replacing 1Mu cleciamatory contest vy virtue . o usinesses and offices, the customers who amved first are ser- ,,, ,,,,..,... ;..._ ,....., ,.,..,. w,ll have the opportunity to .... / d -" who ctr,ves a mile or so