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March 17, 1983     The Superior Express
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March 17, 1983

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-- ; Thursday, March 17. 1983 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 3A i ,,=d S, wMrs" B,,un,e,,,Wede" " were m e's enter district competition Bible Bowl teams'travel to. Norfolk ame hst week for a Pare Marshall, Hastings, -- went to a team from rehltiv, The Bible B ow_l WCI~ Englewood, Colo. Second place and friends Mr. and Mrs. Barry Marsha , The District 6 VoAg contests will be held in Lincoln April 14 received a team first place Wichita. were held at Aurora High and 15. purple and a plaque. Aksamlt the Su rmr tmurcn m vm~ ,,~nt tn AskAlccm Iowa third School and Nebraska Youth Tom Sorefisen and Bob received a medal and first place traveled to NOrlolg place to Waterloo, Iowa, and Z.Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Jon Brunlng and Karla Leadership Development Mertens won a second placepurple while Wilferd placed in the Nebraska cnrisuan tourmpmcemNormm ........ two days IAst week Grabast are now attending Center. Twenty south central imrple team ribbon in welding, sixth and Smith seventh for bloe C:Iml~gn~ Bibl~y.B:~ Ta~s Membersof the Conquerws r. and Mrs. Charles Central Community College, high schools ~/f~'ing vocatiomd Sorer, sen won tint pkce and a ribbons. Turner received a red from as" far away as T~mpe, team with I0 Wins ann otw and Elizabeth, Joplin, Hastings Campus. Bruning is agriculture in their curriculum medal and purple in arc welding ribbon. Jackson, Hastings, enrolled in the agriculture psrtieiapted in t~_ 12 contests, and Mertens won a sixth place In poultry management, Ariz, and Austin, Minn., w~-e losses were: Shelly Bothwei!, her parents. They program and Grabast in the More than 490 students were in blue in oxygen welding. Darin Ahre , Carl Johnson, in competition. " Steplme Risewiek, Almee bacx and Mrs. Danny accounting program. . . attendance. The state em tect A team, consisting of Arnold and Ryan Mikkelsen, won ...... and Yvonne Sack. Members of Tne tournament an w}ma the Gleaners team with s!x wins Miller, Dave CAXTnan, Robert fourth place as a team and blue 10-game Round-Robm. At . 0e and six losses were J .mlifer mmumvafly. Mrs. John~ Kate and ]JJ.,.,~,j#~|~#~] Brown and Larry Langer, wona ribbons. Ahrens placed eighth eight teams went into n aoume- Bushnell and Jodi Gi[letL sat Weaving' Sarah, Keerney, Mo., were third place purple. Miller won a as an individual, receiving a end of the 10 rounds 3op Allen, Yvonne Boardman, Jeff weekend geusts o/Mr. and Mrs. second place purple in sheep blue ribbon. Johnson won a red elimination competition to Soonsors were Lillian Wilson, a ogzal't.t at Wylie Blair. Mr. andMrs. Blair March l l.-Girl, Sara and management, Brown a sixthribbon. L club meeting visited Mr. and Mrs. Melvin James Welbourn, Superior. place blue in hog management, _ Jerry Grove, Mike Worm,determine the championship, mre ber of the Church of Cl ist, The top eight teanm we . Superior, Mr. and Mrs. John r Alice Corman gave a and Jessica, Rlverton, wy., Kugler Thursday evening and Admissions and Langer a murth place vJue Roger Wilton and Matt Sumvan determined first on wm Gillett, Chester, and Pastor and visited Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur March 9: Connie Myers, in dairy management, placed third as a team, lou records and then, in.c seot Mrs Sherman Sack from the visited Mrs, Wo ka's mother, Bucker Tuesday evening. Superior Mary Brelsford, The entomology team, receiving blue ribbons. Grove a tie, total points earned in the Union Church. Hardy,o riga, "Wheat Mrs. Dan HarboR, and Mr. Superior. " Richard Risewick, Barry was awarded a white, Worm, a 10 games, determined the top . meeting of the Harbor last Wednesday and Mr. and Mrs. Hepry Soukop, March I0: Howard Okon, Blackstone and Bob Boardman, blue, and Johnson, a red, in teams. The next tournament for the Club last Thursday. They visited Mr. b I on' Grace Mtttan won a team blue Risewick won individual competition. Lorene Lanham , ank Shelly Laluk, Mrs. Bo Ne s , , teams will be in Superior April Fourteen mum- er.. Mrs. Fr ill Schiermeyer" and Brian and Superl'er" CoraBrant, S, . uperior,a white individual and Krts Bruning, Todd .HayesThe Superier teams did not 16from9a.m. to 3:30p.m.'The Wonka, aria ms broth , aturday.B '. vl." " lathe March ll.Ma emtt a' W red Stoics. Blackstone and Boardman won and Randy Vader were place in the top eight teams, public is inv/ted to observe Mrs. Corman at- Blue Hill, Friday and ~o~'e"~'t'1~:'~i'~" :I-e~ Su-~rior; Sheets: reds. ,warded red ribbons u a team Mavis Sack, a sponsor for the anytime during the day at the : door prizes were Williams and Elma Ashley Danae Thompson, Soukop, Debbie and Brunt, Nelson; Genevieve McGulre,_ Shon Bin.Jr, Br.~d BiltoR and in soil and wat~ management, team, noted that the Conquerors Church of Christ. ~c. hwas served by ,t~,,,,h+o,.,~,. o.a~ -~+=ve Denver, from Thursday until Nelson;Valdean Hiatt, jerrysmocKrecelveaarea..asa All three won red ribbons in team suffered two major set """~" .................... ed Monday. Superior. . team in aai!ry cattle selecuon, individual eompet/ton, backs because they drew ---l:hursdaYiMarchl~;, 198~ Thompson, .was _baptize March 12: Iva Ackley, Blmr and Bdtoft were awarded The agronomy teem, Jeff quizmasters that were un- The Superior Express, post ;~unoay, March 13, at Be~/lany " n Mrs Superior; Mary Harvanek, red ribbons. Hutchinson, Jeff Combs and familiar with the game. There lice publication (USPS 529 : WO1Tt&rt Lutheran Churcl0, Ruskin. Her . Guests of Mr..and - " Corev Aksamit. Curt Wilford, Jay Ross, received white rib- are 15 sets of questions per Ursem ~. . . subscription rates: $1000 svonsors are Mrs BobIssaeson, aurence z eece umt "rn . .Y ..___,. .,. ona obcrt &re8 hey .-. ........ ;."_'_7 __., o, .... wore their rand n Derrickmarch uu,,y ................... "." born as a team and in- round and in two of Superior year, three years for $2700 pay birthday ~s. rmt ~,:nv~ mm ou~-? -~ .e. .. ' -- ._ e,,,,--,,,,,-. ~.,~.ol, 7.ikmnnd Turner- who entered the dividually, istriet games they only heard half of able in advance in Nebraska and .Sorev;sen.Atte~_.d~tga~nerat A yerS--eanoan A~n~Trea~a~ St~;ri~;' J~mi;'-Lamb'~ht', Sationa]agmechanicscontest, At the contest the1963 Dthe questions before time was Kansas$~20Owryearorm~ec tWene Powell, Edgar, me cnurcn, uy -v ..e. .. - FFA proficiency awards.w e terminated. As a result their years for $33.00 els,-wher. d her 80th birthday Mrs Thompson and Amber, Blacgvurn unzverszty, ~,,w-, - .......... rlinville 111 where bothMarch 14: Errv Dillon, Burr announced. Mertens place total point score was low. The the United States. Twenty., at the Church of the were k'astor ann Mrs. Jinx ~-~ , ", .--., ~.t.. iz...t., r~..#~., e.,,~,.~,,r. ~-=~' ....... -' first and received a plaque for team only lost two games, cents per single copy Secor~ rex. and Mrs. Gordon ........ .nd ..... . ns Mr. and Mrs. are attending pre-mea classeS.and. Y' "a'r emon;%' "Y outse' - ' farm and home betterment.Norfolk, Gold, also lost two class postage paid at Superior, Mr. and Mrs. DaleLyle Sorensen and Steve, Mr. They also visit i Ahrens Sunerior: Eunice Mr. andMrs, DarrellBrandt, Mertens also p la.ced games but because their h/gh Nebraska Published weekly by Bill Thorn Mr parents, mr. anu ' " ' of a mad Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Mrs. . ...psi., ': ............ .I --Fit,geraldGlenvil"Dorothy Deshler, announce the birth . fruit and vegetaote W oauctton total point score they were put the Superior Publishing Com~ rs Phil ~cnott ann Ayers, tesco~, nan., tmu t~.. ~ - ' .-. --,~, -..- ~,~,, 'l~l~e hcsm F b t and M . t =,. , . 28a ofiemncy Both appucatiom ahead of he' to e go pany, Inc.,. at 148 East Third itnd their families at- nd ~eever, ~uperlor, ~ona o , .a ......... Dr " . . . _ Sur_rl~" ill th t_,~ Street, Supermr, Nebraska Shanda. Mrs Olga Soremen,Bruce Ayersfamfly, Courtla .... ........... ,.-o .... Hosnitalwill beforwarded tosmm eight. :htlrch services with her- -- ' n, ~uperler; r tOssle walt, -~ ~',~v- ....... a r , ~renoon. Mr. and Mrs. Val Thompson,They are planmng. ~ visit ~ ~.~rior Bellevdle. A brother, Lee, and a competition. First place in the tournament 68978 "Ison Lisa Brazilrents, yr. ann Mrs. ~on ~q,~ . . also honored her at a Mrs. John. W~ , ,pa . t Bloom- March 15.' Marjone" Rober- roster, Maggm, welcome h~m. Joe Wllson, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ayers, and family a " ' i .... Ends Thursday ] m atthechurchinthe .... "eld Neb a w,v sen, Superior; Floyd O, Grandparents are Mr. andMrs. Beauty )n. Scotta ...................... ...... Johnson, Scandia. Wendell Headrick, . For All Seasons I Man From I guests were Mr. and '~ouat. .. ...... Dismissals Braunfe]s, Texas, and Mr. aria yan Wimers, ~rest- f-l,-,r~to ~,,~,-,.~;VA ~uests ot Mr. ann Mrs. March 9" Melany Whitlock Mrs. Donald Brandt, Rt~kin. ~ Snowy River [ ............ Hartley Petersen, usxin, ondh.hv.n'n MnxineGreat grandparents are A. Personal Color Analysis r, Colo. He is her " E ...... ~ ...... r--- , - " t awards at Blue Sunday were Mr. and Mrs.. Terrill, Burr Oak; Fits West, Sinz and William Brand, [ Starts Friday [ Powell's birthday was . r~ ... . W. Christiansen, Portland, Superior; Joe Doyle, Webber Ruskin, and Mr. and Mrs. Maria Corman. , .,o..o,,oo.. artU aDan q1-1e re. Mr.andMrs.J hnMarch1 . i iamMi er Stan ey tcher Tay r T`as tColor Consultant"____ 11 Eddie Murrayin "]jl, ...... .......... , ..,, ':; =_ ......... Greer teIlSquiltingar meeting Lutheran ldT: ebDabe tPdr2tthei Bl 't{ Feb. 28. . . : . , Phone 402-364-2361, Davenport, Neb. ..... to o,a Byron, Mr. and Mrs. Arid Suoerior; Connie Myers, pounds and l2V4 ounces and was in~i~t'~'~u'~'t'~"stt~'n~le--d"a Petersen, Ruskin, Mr. and Mrs. Su[)erior; Ronald Scbott,19%/nches long. An ll~-mon~l- members and two ....... ", %-=--- -- ..... Nels Nelsen and Ruth Braun, Su ,,ri - old brother, James joseph, covered msn supper, raster r-- . . ew ou ,.,er [artha Stahnke andW,-,~aWnlCf~v,~th~inv~v,~tinn Stiperier. Mr. and Mrs. Nek~. March 12 Delbert Manna, welcomes h~m. He ls_th JR( r, atte dedameeting were honored for the 62rid Su,,erior" Mary Brelsford, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. WC Edgar Woman's tw~s'flver~t~ows,'wl~ile'Scou~ wedding anniversary whieh was Su;rior ' " ~ Ronald Schott, Superior, At Centennial Lutheran Church [ open 7:!5 p.m.. | Puesday. Hostess for Scott Shelburne and JeffMarch 9. March" 13: Mary Harvanek, Beverly Troxel, San..Angelo, I Showtime 7:30 p.m. ~ | reerV" MabelwasPearsOn.guest Low~ry each received their wolf r --------j Nelson; Loretta Feistner, T.e~s,,and Jam~_-wmUnC~,Lottie WhiUock, ThursdaY,s ,v .g ~g~.~March~t 24 ~man presided. --~e~.~" .............. : " I' SCHOOL| Nelson mversme," ~:am. ~reat sru - p.m. e.te nmeo, ,or ero oe .u. 00. h hobby a Free Will Offering evening was the Pinewood ..... .,&'~'~" ............ :'4" ..... ~ I_ Nels~n~ Sara W.elbom~ and Banning., Calii., IAtc~e Brock~ mehad quilted.Shwbd several. ._!~bY, ..... ~vh/ch all |~bo~s, ~ar .... .... Mm,ck21Th~gh Mareb~=. , baby d@~ght~er, : Supbrior," _man, Lawrence a~_...~m~ a~u -- ,,r -:- =fferegivenby,L na ti ipated. The cars i .t Money: Pizza bake, bet- Hm-mon Roe, Superior. Mrs. "rea cnmz, SponsOred by LutheranLay men S League '1983 StaRdaFd m,,,entitled, The thatJUdgedcatagoryfr styling.wereWtnnerSt raigm ter ed__ c n, uesoay: .p ..rS,wm er.vun,Cake, milk.oven ' , , "And Lutheran Brotherhood Branch No. 8093 /._ .Vacation taken from John Shelburne, third, Scott fries, fruit, cookie, milk. , i , ,,,, ie read an article, ,,A Shelburne, second, andNathan W. ednesda, y: @lit; cinnamon ~P~ ..... eJ ~ __a---~ h nl Done" and a poem, Mosier first ron, cracgers, cele=.yanacarrot a~uv- =m bans " ' [Bible oc.o.,: ~ay,.', A solo, "HeIn the races, the winning car stLclm, peaches, rnilk.. _ " -- ,,P l l,I l l l l\ 1 Workshop ,tle Farther For Me,', ~ v Keim while Justin "rainy" ~'ae Man Sand- )~ ~illlll ~B~l~tlld~ : and "Happy Bit- w._ Lann, , - u s sung to all who had TrappandScttLwerytiedfr-wi~-cl~-'la~gr~~bea~'-'applesauce' ~, lllIDillllili~lbllllll~ ~ Thursday i during the month of o....,secndnrauPlace JeffOtherraeersLow - , werejoey a, v, r.rtoay: . ="',...ton,"=' " .-o" ' '"" '" "'"""", """: w" Friday and Saturday March 31 - ~,~7~".:~'~,,,,~.,,.]burne'Le$1ie cheese, baked 'iS", italian ,.,.o.-,. ', '""'" March I u -n -I " reports was the Dannels,~V~'~' o ......... Nathan Mcsier and salad, peanut butter ~mdwich, . "Arlene Rempe 'Susan Peterson ;he judging of the art ........... milk X '.relei".mpson an 9 9:30-11:30 a.m. : ra,s ' { Of our new.she ts for the annual " ". ..-. XBETTY COMBS--OWNER p Commercial Bank:- Saturday. Minnie . .,... ...... ... .-=,- 4.,- .=.. -,,.- ---- --,-- -I=" . I I Community Room i Ceived a blue on her t l SU mOR I oz.-oDDs I Free Refreshments Door Prizes art. Nelson, Neb. ' grade school art " N fCOSM TIC$ " I i._"A FULL SERV.--TOTAL BODY SALON" Stocking Fabrics, Large Hoops Sponsored By . re: Good News Christian Shop rten: Tara Long, I ' y , - ..... " " Candle Wicking Supplies ewhite.Watson, rea; I See What Mary Kay Can Do For You l ' Counted Crosstitch Supplies All Churches Welcome Jason Taylor, Cheri Wilson, 402-879-4424 I Silk Flower Arranging " Erickson, red; } Handmade Items on Consignment white, i LaVeta Blecha, 402-879-3688 Terry Cottom, V Barb Schroeder, 402-879-3326 ! a's 4 ( ~ulln! IR~usse~ii / red; Mark i Independent Beauty Consultants | Charles and Michael Mundt,| Superior, Nebraska . i Rural Courtland. 913-374-4586 J Goodricl , red; V.... ~D..,m~mp ~m..,m...~m..~ ~m--.~P,mm'% 5 Miles North of U.S. 36 on Pawnee Museum Road it..: Philip Griess, " Nuckolls County ! a.m. to 5 p.m. Johnson, red; Sponsored by Ed,gar Lions Club white. Ichlichtman,: KeLly Cot,m,red; ! Farm Bureau ! Lunch Stand "" I Door Prizes All Day grade: "1~ M~erlL Kenley, red; Shani nual Banquet , ~E~M~ ~y ..... YOU ~3[GiN chumm.iyCr'k't i Ruskin CmmunityCenter ' 'blue;Year'lds:John white.Fleck'Susan I Wednesday, March 30 I r , Daace YOUR :?GFr 4t.R ,, .,.,l,,," ,,,,."" Fear-girls: Michelle i 6:3 0 p.m. i n 9' h u I s ,'""""" "" P""'"'" ; .Karen Funk, red; m~d~c w~ur wc(t~lm~ m