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March 18, 1993     Superior Express
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March 18, 1993

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/. at 109 E. Main, Mankato, Kansas 66935 mail at Webber, Kansas and Superior, Nebraska A feature of The Superior Express SendSUbscripti°nKansasratesubscriptionin KansasOrders$12.71toPerp. Thursday, March 18, 1993 Price 35¢ year, $12.00 in Nebraska, Other states $18.00 O. Box 258, Webber, Kansas 66970 ~f • • of the and Elaine Thomas, news media. Roads in Jewell County con- saturday morning Richard E. said he immediately applied the accident. He complained abou~ residents tinue to be a problem and Rosie Thaut, Hastings, was traveling brakes. His vehicle skidded ap- thepoorsidevisibilityofthetr,~c appointmentCaldwell, Northbranch, asked east of the Webber Cemetery proximately 60 feet before col- and said a driver can't see on- about repairs to the road to her when the vehicle he was driving liding with the train, coming trains until almost at the commis- home to permitting get out in collided with a Sanata Fe rail- The train, which pulled the crossing because ofdirt embank- recommend to the times of emergency, road train, vehicle sideways, had only a few merits. Neither Thaut nor his pas- Department It was decided to review on JeweU County Sheriff's re- cars and was running a sweep senger heard the train whistle as for appointment: July 6, what action has been taken ports indicates Thaut's 1985 between Superior and Abilene to they approached the tracks. ; Direc- from Jewell County departments Nisson pickup was approaching pick up railroad cars. Apparendy there no injuries. chairman; in reference to a finance memo- the railroad tracks at 30-40 miles The driver, panicked by the Damage to the train was limited vice chairman; randum mailed to all department per hour. When he saw the south situation, drove to the Country to scratches to the rear steps on Alcom, heads March 11. This memoran- bound train approaching, Thaut Comer in Webber to report the the front engine and front steps Barrett; dum was a recommendation pro-, of the second engine. Director cedures from Mapes and Miller. ~,hols,auditors for Jewell County. The Esbon council considers Last Tuesday afternoon at approximately 2:10, Lalana Nurse Shirley commissiones said action will be Ambulance Di- taken if the recommendation has Herschner investment plan northTrimble'on K-Clyd¢'I, highwayWaS whentravelingshc not been acted on. Engineer Appraiser Carla Waugh dis- At the March meeting of the accept if written in. Sheila was unable to avoid a deer in thc ato Fire cussed her sales ratio study and Esbon City Council last Tues- Fischer, LorenaPateandTamara roadway. Though her vehicle Mankato maintenance plan. She was to day, Mayor Windmueller re- Finn¢ll are interested, collided with the deer Trimble, )r Don meet with representatives of the ported a Green Thumb enrollee, Mizner reported the school who was traveling alone, was T~ot Well Fire Chief state property valuation depart- Lorena Pate, had begun work. owns the playground equipment injured. ~a :ilityOpera- mentTuesday. . on Before working at the senior ccn- north of the old school building. g ~ss, Jewell The part-time p- ter a smoke detector must be in- She also reported the White Rock Administrator crating the 4-whe, ler and spray- -~ ' ~ stalled and a first aid kit must be School Board will seU the land at • : "~ "" available. Both will be purchased, the tennis court area to the city Principal Kelth y Person ing along the railroads this spring .... ieGravc will be paid $5.35 per hour. ~ - .~,~ :. ~ One of Pate's projects will be to for $1. Council members voted 9p~ out Representatives of several departments discnssed personnel. Though today's weather may be more like winter than spring, Jonah Stafford and acquire school annuals for each to purchasethe iand if offered at year. Several are needed and do- that price. A storage place is Mankato Elementary School Theambulancemade50rtmsthis Joel Kernmerer are eagerly awaiting the arrival of more spring-like weather, une re- nations willbe appreciated, needed for the chain link fence PrincipaiNancyKeithisremind- year. cent day when the weather moderated, the two boys were searching a Jewell garden Buck RogersofWinkelWaste which is to be used for the ball ing all parents to watchfor items SheriffEdOwenpresentedafor fish worms, has reported to the mayor that field dug out. theschoolmayuse.Studentsneed roof rough draft of his department's Esbon has approximately 3,000 Mowing bids were discussed, donations of discarded colored morning Earl operation manual for the corn- pounds of trash per week. The possibility of a blanket pencils, scissors, rulers, glue, • • Jim Love will do the grading policy for all city insurance will usedclrayons, compassesandpro- Burr Oak busi-masstonerstorcview.Vameyhad • from the roof of a papers for the commissioners to this summer and has been doing be investigated, tractors. at the Kenny approveforageneralhealthgrant the snow grading this winter so The items will be used in the two miles east of mone#. McNichols had a con- art room to help relieve parents' The accident hap- tract for Kansas Department of The Burr Oak City Council Five Burr Oak residents have for drivers and there are enough fortherebids.Will not be a posted notice Weather budgets for supplies. The parent Transportation to be signed by met in regular session last Tues- indicated an interest in taking qualifiedpeersons to provide 24- CouncilwomanFrostreported Hi Lo group ordered 72 new boxes of 1 a.m. work the commissioners with regard day evening with Councilman EMT training. Cheryl Cosand, hour service, the 1987 Ford am- the Herschner Account bad a U. March 8 56 29 crayons with the soup labels. The the building he is to labor and equipment rental for Cliff Barnes presiding. Jewell LisaHombusselandVemMorrisbulance will be stationed in Burr S.Treasurynotemature.Thereis March9 54 29 crayons will be kept in the art to )lace thetreatment of state highways, CountyAmbulanceDirectorDan are enrolled in a class. Whenthe Oak. room. ;rde- which was approved and signed. Switzerdiscussed to possibility three have completed the course Switzer commended Council- more than $25,000 to re-invest. March 10 61 29 The city clerk will investigate March 11 43 22 The principal requests party Custodian RogerThelander is of basing an ambulance in Burr and state boards, they will join man Steve Cosand for being in- interest rates and investment pc- March 12 33 20 invitations not be sent to school ac-checking with vendors for cup Oak within the next six to eight Diane Abel in manning a Burr strumental in getting the program riods. March 13 35 06 unless everyonereceives one. By dispensers to be in compliance months. This ambulance would Oak based ambulance, started, using the mail or hand delivery • If others are interested in tak- Frasier Trucking will be con- Possible candidates for city March 14 33 10 landing on hiswith the Americans Disabilities coverBurrOakandthesurround- ing the "first responder training tacted about a load of rock from council were discussed. Dwight Moisture for week-.06 after school, many problems can Fell his back.Act. ing area. a quarry near Lincoln to fill the Frost and Barb Mizner agreed to Moisture year to date-4.26 be eliminated. Parent-teacher conferences Voboril were ..... • potholes, wiU be from 5 to g p.m., Thurs- ih~ Bucldey Help was secured to move the day and 8 to noon Friday. Keith s aid. community museum to the new requests conferences be kept at a randTracieDiehl • • • locationinthecityhaU, maximum of 15 minutes. r to Brodstone Hos- The extent of his this time, TheJewell-MitclmllCoopera- Thomas Mehl, president of hasservedontheJeweil-Mitchell he sustained tive ElectricCompany, headquar- board of trustees, reported the board of trustees since 1968. I ) tered in Mankato, will seek re- board decided Feb. 23 to take the Theelectionwillbeconducted been in the con- lease from the jurisdiction of the proposal for deregulation to the by mail ballot. There will be an : than Kansas Corporation Commis- cooperative'smembership. Mehl area meeting for cooperative By Gloria Garman placed on the market. He also good condition," shares Beam. sales, or trading with his friends. sion. lives on a farm near Hunter. He members at which the deregula- Most fifth grade boys enjoy can tell which ones are the he- He adds, "My morn collects He also receives the figures for tionissuewillbediscussed.State playing with their G.I. Joe.s but roes, the villains, which ones are things, so I guess that's what got Christmas and his birthdays. He law permits the membership of a Benn Blackmore, Jewell, enjoys members of a group or set, and me interested in collecting states, "I bought someone else's which ones are more valuable, these." G.I. Joe collection and in it distribution electric cooperative collecting them. with less than 15,000 members Benn is serious about hi~ G.I. The collection totals 400 G.I. Berm's mother gave him his were some I already have, so I to remove their cooperative from Joe figure collection. The walls Joe figures and 100 G.I. Joe re- first G. I. Joe figure when he use those to trade or sell for ones the jurisdiction of the KCC. The of his room have the figures dis- hicles. "I used to play with all of was just a year old. In recent I don't have." laws took effect July 1, 1992. played on peg bo~ds. He can them, but now I just play with years, Berm has been finding the "Thelarger 12-inchG. I. Joes Mehl cited several reasons for name each colorful character the figures I have more than one figures he needs, for his collec- were mostly made in the 1960s the board s action. Among the and tell you what year they were of. I want to keep the others in tion. at flea markets, private and some are now worth in the ' thousands of dollars, but that reasons are local control, greater ~,~ was before my time, so I don't ...... ~ have any of the older ones," flexibility in addressing issues ~ ,~ ~ • affecting the cooperative and eco- ~ ~ "~ ~ :~ ~ ¢~ ~ Benn shares, A brochure outlining the pro- .. " |t ~ ~ ~''< collection The only are12" thed°lls Hall inofBenn's Fame posal is being sent to all the mere- Series. bers. ~ The smaller G. I. Joes, like In order for the cooperative to NF Benn collects, started appearing beremovedfromthejurisdiction "~ on the market in 1982. Every oftheKCC, theproposalmustbe ~ ~ ~ i~ ~ year since then new ones are approved by a majority of coop- made." The years 1985-89, wer_e erative members voting via mail "'" ..: ? the most popular years for the O. ballot. :~t I. Joe figures. If the company Jewell-Mitchell was incorpo. | i . had a popular G. I, Joe character rated in April of 1937, and has ~ one year, the figure would be .,.. always been under the juristic ..... *'" ~ '~,~ ~:~ ,~ made the next year. with a uni- tion of the Kansas Corporation ~ .~. , ~ ~ ~L~, : ~I$I'~ fornl change." ' themembersaretheowner-users . ~ ~ "I like the oMer ones (fig- , , ures) the best. They used to be and elect an eight-member board dressed more army and military. ~.~ of trustees. Now the figures are m more • ". The results of theelection will " weird uniforms," Benn said. be announced at the annual meet- He does have a few recedent " " ing of the cooperative in Cawker ;J favorite fig ' eall r," "Musk- ' °" " . "~;~'*~- City April 23. " ......... rate (1988), Mere (1987) and the "Ninga, Dice" (t 991), :' . i ~ "The girl O. I. Joe figures are ? % .. ~ Name Rick =~ of the hardest tO find, be- " • . cause boys usually don't buy " new Burr Oak ......... those. The "Cover Girl" and highway department workers utiiize b)'eaks the weather to repair ...... .......... "Baroness"are the most popular the Highway 14 over Lovewell Lake, travel i restricted to one lane. and sought after figures." Included in the collection are )r the deterioration of the concrete used to construct the bridge deck Derek "Rick" Dully, has ac- battery operated four talking G. Years ago. cepted the position as postmas- I. Joe figures. ter of the Burr Oak post office. Each figure comes with indi- • • • March 22 he will begin the post- vidual weatxms. B~n places the master dudes. ... weapons for each figure in a Dully is the son of Mr. and plastic bag that is marked for • Mrs. Dallas Dully, Guide Rock. ~, easy referral and match. "Some Following graduation from figures I have bought, I leave Guide Rock High School, he . unopened in the box, as that amemberoftheKansasAssocia- KPERS,fringebenefitsmanager served five years in the Navy. :.: makes them worth more." tionofSchoolBusinessOfficials, and environmental and hazard- He has served as a letter carrier, The G. I. Joe vehicles collec- July I.whereheservedaspresidentdur- ous waste administrator, clerk, and for the past year and a tion consists of helicopters, air- an assistant ing 1989 and 1990; Kansas As- the last 15 sociation of School Administra= He was one ofthecommittee 15 school reP-that ry,half'Neb.the postmaster at St. Libo- tot's, Kansas Associationof Edu- resentativeson Duffy cational Negotiators, and the AS- developed the Kansas Account- , his wife, Jolene, and their daughters, Kayla, age 6, • , Jewell with his parents, Dave sociation of School Business Of- ing Handbook that now regulates and Rachacl, age 4, plan on and Patti Blackmore. He has two planes, boats and Jeeps, the fig- ures can ride in." Beam lives on a farm west of ficials, the financial accounting proce- making their home in the rural older sisters, Cristi and Stacy. Satanta Dietzhasbeenresponsiblefor dures for all school districts in Burr Oak area. Benn also has several G. I. food service administration, Kansas. He also served on the Wanda Frasier has been Joe comics, tapes and cards. "I State transportation administration, pupil weighting committeecom- serving as Officer in Charge in mainly just decided to collect facilitiesandmaintenanceadmin- posed oflegislators, school teach- the Burr Oak Post Office ana ~ " " the (3. L Joe figures. It s fun and of science istration, federal programs ad- ers, school administrators, citi- will resume her previous posi- I plan on keep adding to my col- educa- ministration, classified person- zens, representatives, don as postmaster relief, lectin. I guess when I get older, nel administration and manage- Dietz and wife, Judy, have Dully said, "I'm looking for- School "mentofschooldistrict'slongand twosons, Joha, 15, and David, 9. ward to my new position andBenn Blackmore, Oewell, is an avid collector of G.I. doe figures and vehicles. A I'll either sell tl'uml for a lot of ~'(das short-term investment porffolio. They are members of the United I'm glad to get back to this com- collection started with his first G.I. Joe when he was only one year old now includes money or I'll give them to my He is also He was designated agent for Methodist Church. munity." 400 figures and 100 vehicles, children."