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March 18, 1993     Superior Express
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March 18, 1993

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+ @ • • • • r pRIZE WINNING NEWSPAPER ~ebrmka Press Association Thursday, March 18, 1993---~ Bm Blauvotl, Publisher Published W.h/By 93~ Anfliversal~/( Supeaor Put~h~ng Corrlmny, Inc. 148 East Third Street, Superior, Netnska 68978 m,,t, Sand Chang~ to St~edor PUblishing ~,otr~ny, Inc. P.O.Box 408, Superior, NE 68978-0408 Kansas Subscdbe~ write to NATIONAL NEW'SPAPlLR P.O. Box 2S8, WeU:~, Kansas ~70-02'58 ASSOCIATION ~¢m~riptk:m ra~:$12 per year ~ three yeus re" $33 payabk) in adv~x:e aska and _nstm. ebewhere $18 per ,,year or lt~ree yearn tor ll50,Ka , _ / - , I the United States of America, the more American food and agriculture system is much more raillion men and women who provide the diverse than that." From Our Early Files fiber Americans depend on every day areFor example, Nelson said the food and agricul- during the 20th Anniversary of Na- ture industry represents nearly 16 percent of the ........... now through Saturday. Gross National Product and an estimated 21 million Sixty.tour Years Ago colonel was announced Monday Farmers Union Coop Creamery , L. Roy Lash returned from in Denver. He is assigned to Company at a meedng in Grand The Lawrence Panthers won, the Class-D state basketball a national observance, it is too easy to jobs (or 17 percent of the total national work force). St. Louis where he was the guest Rocky Mountain Arsenal. Island. crown. role the American f,,o i and agri- Yet, approximately 90 percent of the industry's jobs eacher of the Gibson Heights John Erickson was the high Bob Schooler is the new Since the charter of the Supe- plays in our daily lives, said Keith are off the farm. According to Webster, this means United Presbyterian congrega- bidder for 80 acres of land three owner of the East Side Trailer riot Elks Lodge in the 1960-61 tion for the past two Sundays. miles north and three miles east Court. He bought the property lodge year, it has grown from chairman of the Agriculture Council of that Americans don't have to live on a farm to have Born to Mr. and Mrs. T. D. of Superior, formerly owned by from Randall Cleveland. the original membership of 245 Coordinator of the nationwide celebration, their livelihood tied to agriculture. Wilford, an eight and one-half Mary Corman heirs. The price John Miller and Karen Hamel to more than 1,000. to take for granted the very industry that In fact, a large segment of the population de- pound boy. He was named Elvin was $1,200. have been chosen as Superior's EldonWilford. Pvt. Soren Thomsen is at representatives to Boys and our table, clothes on our backs and shel- Our heads each day. National Agriculture an opportunity for all Americans to mOment and reflect upon the many ways agri- their lives." Day (Saturday) and Na- Week coincide with the beginning pends on agriculture, but have never been on a farm: from the assembly worker building farm ma- chinery to the people in food processing and retail- ing, railroads and other transportation, to veterinari- ans and scientists continuously working to develop new agricultural technologies. "Many people are unaware of the connection--- Mr. and Mrs. Vern Hicks Morningside College, taking a Girls State. were called to Concordia by the course in army air force instruc- Twenty Years Ago death of his mother, tion for five months before his Main farm activities continue Emanuel J. Miller, former appointment as an aviation cadet to be livestock care and geuing resident of this community died in the army air forces. "unstuck." Lots and driveways Five Years Ago Fire destroyed Faye's Tavern and Care, Deweese. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Thurber purchased, at auction, a three- bedroom home for $6,600 from the Henry Beck estate. of erysipilas at his home in Kan- Forty Years Ago are rivers of the muck. Funerals were held for Joe sas City. The funeral and burial Vai Helm will serve as play- Pictured leaving the state Wyatt, Arthur Estep, Vemie will be here. er-manager of the Superior capitol after presenting their ar- Dye, Orfa Gaskill, Gladys Shaw, Fifty Years Ago Knights for the coming season, guments favoring fluordiation of Joel Rogers and Mildred Steier. and agriculture industry. . they know is employed by the food and agriculture required in the armed forces and have returned to civilian life. ten many Americans hear the word agricul- industry. Many people fail to realize that, in addition About 50 attended the 23rd Y think of farms, cows, pigs, and a field of to their daily sustenance, they also depend on agri- birthday anniversary of the + said Nelson. "The fact is, though, that the ctdture for their economic well-being," Nelson says. dishAmericandinnerLegi°nand party.With aElizabethCovered E Marshall was the champion in the "spelling down" eon~st. ! Th d I,• of Marshall Stubbs to the ~nk of , e an er ; anar, ~vid Bargen all that happened during the Los of underprivileged blacks and the fact that unless we are at a ~ ed, people who had Angeles riots was immaturity Hispanics and how these riots trial to hear all the proceedings, ~1~ ~ and bludgeoned coupled with opportunity,were a rational release of social we are in no place to judge ~13-~ Saops were looted,The immaturity of those who -ki • . tension. ' whatsoever. I have no idea y SteveMelvin ~ lied. Confuston participated in the nots was ex- Hogwash! whether those police officers are Agricultural Employer s iaugs swept through pressed through their wantonThese riots were the result of guilty or not and I have no de- = rig, destroying, and disresoect for the law and their a disgusting display of immatu- sire to judge one way of the • Issues ~i~ ~ all in their path. selfisliness to grab media atten- A couple of things I would rity that, when given this upper- other. But one example of how uer had utter') col- tion, along with a few TVs and tunity, erupted into animal-like trial proceedings allow truth to like to bring to your attention re- l!~l,tI VCRs (a little political shop- behavior which recited in mas- prevail over hasty rhetoric islatiug to ag employers or a ~ ts not an illustration ping" as Robin Williams put it sive property damage, injuries borne, out in a recent article in change in tax laws and few safe- ~ . war in the Dark last spring). Agricultural producers who [A %hat occurred inI watched Nighdine the night and deaths. The riots were noth- the March 12 edition of the ty issues. M i Angeles, the the riots broke out and began es- ing short of a social temper-tan- Christian Science Monitor,employ farm workers should he trum thrown when a lawful ver- .. ~,;-~, ,,.u, ,,r information that is aware of changes in the =mount ~i ;S of America, fol- calming during their broadcast. I diet did not go the way many c'o'n~r~r~';owhat~the tmblic has ~ verdict in the first felt sick, then angry--very angry. • ---j r- .......... bee, ~u tu o~ ~ .... ~ deposits required by the Internal ~i ~ trial, On that day, Where was the law? Why was wanted tt to. The case can also - '---' .-- t-,,li-ve. " Rodne,, and timing ofemploymem tax tm mane mat me nots mem- Kin- admitted Wednesda" to r was quickly fleet- this allowed to continue? What selves were racially motivated l~'~rradleti~n~_ and ~a~ea'~ Revenue Service. Y Ushered in toright did the perpetrators feel ..... gwenthebiasedamo " unt Of dam- ................... ,v, nf ina he was not" .... Basically, the new rote boils ~ri arrival became the they had to openly defy the law? age that Korean-owned proper- ,-r.~-, --------- .= ."m down to this:' if, in 1992, you ~t~ lose who happened Instead of condemning the • . . too sure about his earher elal withheld from your employee ~'~ ~ south central Los riots and asking the same ques- ues sustamea. .~ . police had taunted him with ra- more than $500 of federal era- Many argue me setting oz me ..... fateful day tions I was concerning the ab ..... cmi sturs. first U'tal was unfair: Stmt Val- .. ...... ployment taxes, you should de- . happen i? What sence of law enforcement or with *n *~1 white ;u,'~ This lake everymtng me mentaposit all employee federal with- ; .... ....... - however says about the second Rodney holdings on a monthly basis in Y who live in what even the National Guard, the ....... " the most civilized media and pundits, as well as .......... ...... " .... v;,.,, ¢ ..... ;,,o wor,h m ...... ngnt oI me cons"tutionalu de- . ................... _ . 1993. WOrld to revert to black leaders around the nation, mand that defendants (in this sUnPo~nYe uoes ~r%~it~es aWaol~utt For 1993, agricultural em- lit I~ ~0~brute force and absurdly justified this rape of ci- case, the four white police offic- anyo ._ says ..... ployers fall into two dePOSit eat- root cause of vility with anecdotes of the state ers) receive a trial in front of a me mat .excep.tmy egodes. If they reported $50,000 • • " - No contradictions nrm oct|ever m me taea mat n or less of employment taxes for jury oz peers." ihe're no tampering with the judge or 1991, they are classified as a ' comment on Jury has °ccurred for any trial' mouthly depoSitor" If they re" what' e i" last spring is be- then justice will he served. Our ported more than $50,000, they ,-m,~. ,h,,r~ i~ ~ chance of it oc- justice system is designed to he are classified as a semiweekly ...... ! ........ ns ""~ "" e a--:- Alread-', anonoumy morougn aria pat - depositor. Before the new rule ~; -.._ By Donn~M. Chrlstensen /I curnng one gum. y ! ! " went into effect, employment !~t ~ many black leaders and city offi- tak!ng y s ow to achieve thattax deposits were required of li r been a big fan of seat belts. I've been opposed to cials warn that if another "not ena. guilty verdict is handed down:. ,The day we sanction barbaricemployers only whea they had ~ .mdatory to wear them. But my voice was among the more riots could cceur--ano rum and violence as a justified accumulated a $500 liability. is a law They are hot and uncomfortable. They that's where man stop No con-reslxmse to a legal verdict, the Now, someone defined as a 'clothing on a long drive. If you make several short Y " " detonation, no picas for adher- day we encourage the d|gressiou monthly depositor, and who still l a, they are an aggravation getting into and out of. It ence to law and order, just warn- of civilization by refusing to act owes move than $500 by year's ~! ~ to be just someone's ploy to instigate another rule to h~gs of possible impending dan- swiftly against that digress!on,, end, must detx)sit all payrolltax ~. ~Y life and create more stress ~11' dly, however, I do hear re'iris of horrendous acci- ger. mat is the day we cease to live and tax withholding within 15 Many who see the video tape as a people and start to exist at days of the end of the mouth in !~! .h the occupants came out nearly unscathed because of Rodney King being beaten on once as little more man an en- which there is a wage payment. ~ earing their seat belts. Even minor events involving television and who hear the case oangerea species. The uldmateregardless of the mnount. A l:i to home were aided by the new contraption. Be- tried over and over again in the breach of civility was not that semiweekly depositor must do !obligation, as a Christian,, media feel they have enough in- social dis.en .cla.anm3ent fostered so semiweekly. ~1~ : ~nt more about how this applies spiritua|ly, i oecioed formatioutoplayjudgeandjury theL.A;nots,.tmt.matthelawof The$500rniestillappliesfor ~tt .~Y People who think going to church and professing concerning the trial. True, the .me jungm.receaveo more support those owing $500 or less of em- ~ tst to save them is not necessary. Many feel tape appears convincing and the than me law of the land. The ployment taxes for the calendar [ or it will hamper their style of riving, nut tor me the tax when filing for Form 943 ~ ey find in God's promises is worth the effort, media stories of a racially moil'- veraict of this trial will see jus- year. Such employers may pay ~! men my seat belt was troublesome at first, but vated attack seem to lend to an lice. served, and we as a mature (Annual Tax Return for Agrieul- open-and-shut case of guilt, uauon must.accept that verdict ! used to the idea. In the same way, making a Yet if we are to have anyno matter what our own, based rural Employees) which is due on Jan. 31 after the calendar 7~ i may be hard to push yourself into, but the faith in our legal system, and we on incomplete information, may year. Farmers expecting to owe soon convince you of its worth, must, then we must also accept oe. more than $500 for the year are The annual observance is designed to di- they see themselves as totally removed from agri- Lee Sage and Roy Marshall Inducted into the armed forc- Nebraska water systems were tO the important contributions made by culture: Chances are, however, that they or someone are of the age group no longer es and leaving March 17 were Tom Beckler, Harold Lewis, Dale Larson, Max Tracy, Glen Sam Scever and Gaylord Boiles- Andreasen, Lendall Meyer, en, president of the Nebraska Lindley Meyer, Richard Him- Jaycees. melberg, Richard Friend, Jackie Dave Meyer, Fairbury, driver Lemke, Arlen Schlueter and for the Canning Truck Service, Donald Edwards. was 'honored at a surprise lun- Sale of defense stamps in the cheon at Hotel Leslie Saturday Superior schools reached a new noon by business men of Superi- high when a total of $90 worth or. Meyer made his last trip he- or stamps were sold in one day. tween Fairbury and Superior for The American Legion Auxiliary McKay and Canning truck members are at the schools lines. every Tuesday. Ten Years Ago Thirty Years Ago The newest diagnostic tool in Burton Kugler, who will use at the Brodstone Memorial graduate from Dubuque Thee- Nuckolls County Hospital is the logical Seminary, has been ultrasound machine. called to the United Presbyterian Glenda Thayer has been Church at Dix. named executive manager of the Howard Larsen, Bostwick, Superior Chamber of Corn- was elected president of the merce. ' Centennial " Lutheran Church "lr" I[ =trot. II U II Phmm ~157 u U Paul AJbreeht, pastor , Area----, Fmnily Night ~;~; ......... p.m. ,,,. J,.8. .......................... ....... I-,., ...... . ..... Worship Servtce ..................... 9 a.m. '~,~'J..L t,,KJL ~,,/J.J. Sunday School-Bible Chum .. 10 a.m. Warth~ u,~h us t~,a au~ bmadmst "r~ ? _ _ _ J • tudu o~oaunt~s " w ! First Mankato's First Presbyterian Baptist Church Church I Southern Baptlst ConventlonI Slxth and N Central ~ Hlghway East 36 Mankato, Kan. ! Phone 402-879-3733 /~' _1 ~ Church 913-378-3655 Home 913 378-3622 Rev, Jerry Dean, p~tor ~ Rev. Ca/roll G. Everlst ! Sunday Sunday i Sunday School ..... 9:30 a.m. Sunday School ........ 10 a.m. ] Worshtp Service.. 11:00 a.m. Morning Worship ..... 11 a.m. I II i .| | First Community Church Of Church The Nazarene Oak, Neb 740 ]Cut 7th • Rev. Lebmd 8mlth Jonathan Rrol~ton, pastor O/Mce Phone 402-879 4391 Phone 402-225-2284 Sunday " Sunday I Sunday School ......... 9:30 a.m. Sunday School ......... 10:40 a.m. Morrdng Servlce ..... 10:50 a.m.~ Morn/ng Worship ....... 9:30 a.m. i Evenlng Servlce ............. 6 p.m. Mldwee Wednesday k Bible Studies Adult Bible Study and Bible Centered K~ ...... Wumm'.8 .................. t p.m. NondenomlnaU?nai l~msportatlon a~dl Nurse~ Salem Webber United Lutheran Church Methodist Church l~l W~blmr, W=n, enco. urased to make monthly de- Earned Income Credlt A fma ial windfall may be available to about 18,000 Kan. sm families who are unawm they may qualify for a refund- able tax credit from the IRS. Earned income credit (EIC) is a tax credit for working families who had an income otleas thim $22,370 in 1992 and at least one child living at home for more than six months. Joyce Jones, extensian family financial managem~t specialist at KSU, explains this credit is available to numried aad slngle pertmts and families who qualify for both basic EIC and the extra credits can receive up toa maxi- mum of $2,211 for 1992. To re- ceive the ERT., eligible families must file a federal income tax return aad they mast also i'de a tax form called "Sched-Je EIC" Current Science editors said obviously, many of the suggestions are not solutious and should not be triM, However, the editors said, they show amazing creative thinking on the part of students. For example, Michaela Miller, a seventh-grade student at Akok Middle School in Greensboro, N.C., said her favorite hiccup cure is "when you stick out your tongue, then swallow, blink your eyes twice, then hop once and hit your foot_." Other suggestions: swallowing as much ketchup as possible and turning 100 times; putting a pencil in your mouth across your teeth, biting down on it and then drinking water;, squeezing the juice of grapes into your mouth. Emily Burge, a science teacher at Marengo Academy in Linden, Ala., takes this approach: "I f'mrnly place two of my fingers on the sternum (breastbone) and ask the person to breathe slowly." "The students first thought I had a new cure f(x hiccups," Mrs. Burge said. "Actually, I was checking to see if a student really had the hiccups." She was surprised when 80 percent of the students stopped hiccuping within four breaths. Though I enjoyed reading about the youngsters' hiccup cures, the best laugh came out of New York. When questioned about whether he had seen a van or suspicious activity in the garage below the World Trade Center prk to the recent bombing, a man blurted to FBI agents that he had never seen a van in his life. The man, identified only as an out-of-state residem, was contacted by the FBI after off' rs B +ed a motor vehicle license plate from the garage to him. with their income tax return. Eligible families also may file for retroactive EIC pay- ra=r from the last three years if they have not already filed in- come mx mamas for those years. A family's FIe paym(mts do not count as income in determining the students school began receiving a science paper in Reader newspapers. forgotten about the science paper until I story which reported on an article Weekly Reader company's Current Science published by Weekly Reader. As science paper was fdled with stories about this ;pace exploration. As I read neWspapers, ldreamedofsomedaybecomingarocket is not so popular with the current interest. A recent issue reported on a posed to a number of school students. do you get rid of hiccups," did not seem until I remembered the last time I 'had the I would have tried most any suggestiou to rid came up with a variety of suggestions. Some were much more offbeat. was holding your breath and drinking POpular solutions included having the hiccuping person and breathe into a paper bag. also an outpouring of truly wacky suggestions. The public assistance benefits, Phone 402.225-4207 Highway 14 North Superior, N b. Michael Oalmrg, pastor Sunday Sunday School ..... 9:30 a.m. Worship ............. 10:45 a.m. I I Living Faith Word of lqdth Church $1S N C~tnd l~t~y ~sey. Imtor , Phol~ 402479-8814 S d.y Adult Womhlp ................ 10:30 a.m. Children's Church .......... 10"210 aan. Adult Womhtp ....................... 5 p.m. ChLMren's Chumh ................. 5 p.m. WedM~, Youth Rap ............................. 7 p.m. Adult Bible Study .................. 7 p.m. ~hlldren's Bible Study. .......... 7 pan. I Union Church of Hardy Hardy, Neb. Pastor Dale Bu~d~ler Phmm 40'2-279-S495 .,.. OIMce 913-361-2664 Craig Rt , l stor Worship ................... 9:.30 a.m. Sunday School ....... 10:.30 a.m. UMW Flrst and Third Wednesday Of Each Month I II OHve Hill Church Pastor Lurer 8nkyder Phone 402-879-4480 Sunday Sunday School .... 9:30 a.m, Worship ............ 10:30 a.m. Located five mtkm south and two miles west of Superior ~ahn/ne chr/~t ~ ~STe .~aiatton ~mth E~ PRe elmreh In tmmem United Methodist Mildred Jensen was honored as employee of the quarter at the Brodstone Memorial Nuckolls County Hospital. One Year Ago Mr. and Mrs. Willard Mc--~ Cutcheon were honored on their 40th anniversary at a surprise pork barbecue at the Hardy Community Hall. The Superior schools will spend $50,000 for a computer laboratory. Brock Gone, a Davenport seventh grader, has qualified to compete in the state level of the National Geography Bee. Run and Terry Lemke were pictured taking up forms around the newly poured edge of the, long jump pit at the south side of the new Superior High Schtol. track. • - Catholic Church Services St. Joseph a Church Superior, Neb. Father Frank ~chmmc Rectory Phone 402-879-3735 ~ ~hedul~ Dally Masses ....... 7:30 am. Saturday ................. 6 p.m. Sunday ................... 8 a.m. Nelson-Sunday ...... 10 a.m. L Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Evangelleal Lutheran Church in America 1505 N Kansas 8uper/or, Neb. Michael Osberg, pastor Sunday Mornlng Worshlp.. 8:45 a.m. Sunday School ..... 9:45 a.m. Church of Christ 564 Fast Fourth ~tr-~t Phon~ 402-879-4067 Fen Falrbrother, minister + Wedne~la~ Night Youd~ a~d Adult Bible Study ..... 7:3(3 8tmday Worship ,Service ......... 9:30 a.m. Sunday School .............. 11 a.rr~ Eventng Service .......... 6:30 p.m. The man who knee/s to Oax/ stard up to ar a,tng. LitUe Blue + Christian Fellowship Old Plea, rant Vlew School at the Jtmetion of Highways No. 14 and No.4 l~mtor mad i~m. David Seller8 Worship Servlee, Sunday I0 a.rm Early Prayer, Monday 6:30 a.m. Biblc Study. Wednesday .............. 7:30 p.m. Children's Bible Study, + Wednesday ........ 7:30 p.m. in America ! Phone 402.279-3205 ST. PAUL Hardy, Neb. Waiter l~uilhl~, lamto= ~ ~ Sunday Worship ........... 9 a.m. Sun da~, School and FeH6wshlp Hour ...... 10 a,fr~ III I First Wedn eday ARer Sdmol J~/Club ..... 4"~0 p.m. Bible Study ..................... 7:30 p,m. hndar Sunday School ................ 9:30 a.m. Worshlp ........................ 10:30 a.m. Rev. aerrl, Herdanl~dt 8ud.~ scrvt~ Churda School .... 9::30 a.m. Worship ............. 10:45 a.m. ltrdt 402.879-3634 Sunday Church at Study. 9:30 a.m. Worship ............ 11:00 a m. • N