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March 29, 1973     The Superior Express
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March 29, 1973

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t Thursday, March 29, 1973 , = uperlor of the I C JJ Jl E Shades of Gray ; Ler .ca',, J " . r Estsbi; in By Jerry Martin Nl.,.;z[,~ Bill O~suvelt, ~nagiag Editor ..~v ~ ~ The return of America s prisoners of war from Southeast i ,~ , Pu I shed Week y by /aT.-,...... ~ Asia has been the healthiest boost for the nation's spirit in a II L.~" Superior Publishing Compeny, Inc.{ ( ~ ~.Z~ ~ decade. l~ F'~ 1~ East Third St. \ \g,,~,,4r,~,~,x,~j After 10 years of breast-beating, riots and dissension, a II 1 Superior, Nehcaska ~d197S ~ NE~P~ .j:/ burst of genuine patriotism is sweeping the land. No more do we J ~s,, mf)~m--q~N~'~--~l hear and see angry, bearded demonstrators on TV shouting. III ,~a Sub~:r|l~ioa rot~ $,5.00 INr ~ pay.Me in ,~llP/ "Hell No, we Won t Go. Instead, on television screens across ,v,u~ .Im,~re. " " America, there is the quiet dignity of a few hundred men who served their country gallantly. Their sacrifices in the line of dut y make the petty disputes at home seem small indeed. erior T Seat Belts Suddenly, a nation hungry for heroes is reminded of the old- ies:] he Paradoxical Use of ma ~ i fashiohed virtues that built America and kept it free for 200 1-0 S m, if ever, do airline safety belt provides almost 100 percent years. Thetriumphant return of the POW s symbolizes the sort of welcome home most Americans would have liked to give gets Complain when required to protection against being killed in every man returning from honorable service in Vietnam. th t belts during take-offs, crashes at speeds less than 60 mph. The individualPOWstoriesaretalesofrarehumancourage ! IIand turbulent weather. Then compare that with your survival andinspiringSaCrifiCedemonstrationand the mannerof faith.f their return, in dignity, is an La.reeent survey conducted by chances in a 50-ton airplane plunging For some, the return from captivity is an individual per- "ahUsker Motor Club, showed from hundreds or thousands of feet at sonal tragedy. One young Army warrant officer discovered he ~'~J l~ was a widower with a five-year-old son. His wife died while he rcent support for a law speeds of 150 miles an hour up. was in a Communist prison camp. Lnag ag that auto lap belt use by , " me old Several others, divorced by their wives during the long [atry.. A proposal requiring It s probably that sa.. ,,.~ years they were away, face the task of rebuilding a personallife . [_.lap and shoulder belts drew reasoning we ve heard so siren-- !t shattered not hy war, but by the other kinds of wounds from only 32 percent of the can t happen to me." 56,700 people sometimes inflictedbywartime separation. J,- ~ But for most of the POW's their return is a happy one. One J" . thought so last year., but they were Navy flier's fiancee waited faithfully for him for seven years e reasoning when various dead wrong.--From the Cornhusker and now they are married. Many of the POW wives raised their r have shown that a three-point Motor Club News. - children alone while their men were gone. In a way, these young wives and mothers are the true heroines, of the Vietnam war. Their hopes never wavered. Despite the many agonizing ~'Ii~ ~ false reports of imminent peace. Their faith did not falter. High w a y Fu n d R o b b e r v There is no way to measure the impact of the POW's return | Pr ident Nixon has refused to In addition, the president has said he on the conscience of America. What can anyone say to men who have endured the hardships of a Communist prison camp for already appropriated for will submit a companion highway bill i five, six, seven and even eight years? It is impossible to ,. alerica, he is now advocating which would call for a $3-billion in- % adequately compensate them for those lost years. IId[l ' r_ass permit state and localcrease in federal funding for mass ~ But there is something the nation can and must do to assure that their sacrifice is not turned into a cruel mockery. Those who have it within their power to do so must totally discard the to rob $3.5 billion of transit capital grants bringing a i}"y Way funds during the next spending authority for such programs deserters.SUggestin of a general amnesty for the draft evaders and :L to improve mass transit to $6 1 billion ~ " To do otherwise would double-standard that started when : ~" " " - the first troop train was stopped by the first demonstrators in [! ately this means that a It appears the president doesn't have the early days of the Vietnam war, a double-standard that many me funds paid by midwestern much of an awareness of the country's feel threatens to reward cowardice and penalize courage. USers will be spent on "mass real need for highway improvement. I'~ The young soldiers on those troop trains and all the other ~t - " " men who went to Vietnam were obeying the law, serving their dozen of the country's His emphasis is focused upon the need :tvvYeY ine [ j W ahAS FeSa sn ii country when theywere caliedon to do so. Manyweredraftees, ~j"m C|ti en route to a battle zone where many died and many others were es-if Congress approves, of a few cities, wounded, some maimed for life. The demonstrators who stopped the trains were violating the law, but nothing was done Creation about it. Because Vietnam remained an undeclared war, the legal sanctions that should have been applied against these demonstrations of disloyalty were never implemented. famous monkey trial in Tennessee has gain of six and one-half pounds will take possession on April 1, Dudley Tuesday. The meeting Legal technicalities must not be permitted to allow the draft features about the in America is that in Ithe theory of evolution has and generally accepted in per pupil in the North Ward meant little. Of current interest, School and four pounds per however, is the effort of some ac- pupil in the South Ward School cepting the biblical theoryin California during the Woman's Club with Merle Ritterhouse con- tinuing as manager. The Nuckolls County Chapter of the March of Dimes an- nounces the recent campaign was sponsored by the Nuckolls County Sheep and Wool Association, the Agricultural College, the Midwest Wool Marketing Co-op and the evaders to return home in smirking triumph, without penalty. To do so would be an insult to the POW's and to all the brave men who sacrificied so much in Vietnam. Those who fled to Canada or Sweden to evade military service must not escape the con- sequences of their action. century, despite biblical to obtain equal classroom treatment of sponsored free lunch program for undernourished children netted $2,099.46 in the county. Nuckolls County Extension They made their choice. Now they must live with it. .about the creation, stilltheir faith concept with that of the which ends this week. Lt. and Mrs. T. W. Vorr and Service. churches and Sunday scientists in California schools. The TrebleClefclub, directed baby are moving to Alaska. Rosemary Felt and Dick ever conclusively reduceduseful value out of the tour- and_ in some church colleges. The State Board of Education' m" atbY theMrS'FifthH" C.DistriHanna,. conWillentioSing Mrs. Dorr and baby are visiting Beckius were crowned queen homicide rates and, to myderer's life. It is obvious that I~ . cc v n at the home of her parents, Mr. and king of the annual PTA surprise, some of these studies the death penalty does not ,_ ilosophers dwell on the Sacramento recently decided to ease of Woman's Clubs at Holdrege and Mrs. Vilas Spohn, before Carnival which grossed $721. even demonstrated reducedreplace the loss suffered by the in speeches or nrint certain dogmatic assertions in Tuesday. baking the trip. "Five YearsAgo occurences of murders of victim and also that it really le kS f ...... .,_" .L- .... h..,.., *,~,,t,~.., but refused, to John H. Mullison was elected Danny Bellus, business Superior is to be a Thursday policemen, for example, in non- does not prevent further . ..... pr oz e unam~er o~ manager of Station KXXX, night town, beginning on April 4 death penalty states, murders. ._, 18 consider seriously the include the biblical theory ill text, Commerce at the annual Colby, Kan., will address the according to a decision made by This was evidence which I This means that the only of a six day creation, books. (The decision is important meeting thisweek. ElwoodW. Nuckolls County Teachers the retail committee of the simply could not ignore if I was reason for capital punishment ls eVe they are teaching fac~ because California buys ten percent of JotS.n, v!cepresident and E. C: association Monday, explaining Chamber of Commerce. to make a decision based on revenge, but this is a concept ~ltl~l .... ena i 's " s is washington was re-elecceu UNESCO, which he helped toSaturday nights in Superior are honest rather than purely which I feel should be totally ,~ that there as a scientific th t on textbooks, thus It dec ion secretarv organize in Kansas, the first no longer what they used to be political considerations. In foreign to the Judeo-Christian me theory of evolution, will influence textbooks., bought by rwemy-nve- ~" ..... xears ago state to adopt the program, when the town was titled until 10 dealing with a convicted heritage of our people. I do then, the verdict in theother states and distrmts.) Sale of the SuPerior Milling F.C. Meyers of Portland, o'clock or later. "Gunsmoke" murderer, our responsibility is believe strongly, however, that ' Seh sol Aid Pst Bubbl es"- sin Colo., has arrived in Superior to and some of the other big first to the victim, second to our need to punish the murderer QW$ . replace Gayle N. Davis as Saturday evening Television prevent further murders and and to protect society can be ' superintendent of the Ideal attractions have changed all third to attempt to reaeem some(Continued to Page 7B) .,Ie Cement plant, that and the decision to dose ~a About 125 applicants for cabin Nelson voters approved a ~ ~ ~.hool aid r~t beaan to bubble again m the The Exon plan was unve!led after the Legislature's sites at the Lovewell Lake at- .$425,000 bond issue to build a ~.~t Week "-- = Educanon t;ommittee naa held two clays of hearings on tire tended the drawing at the new junior-senior high school i~ ~" J' Facon held a "'~o ,.onference to reveal the details state aid proposals sponsored by senators. Lovewell School house Tuesday building last Friday. Of the 498 ~LOr aiding ~c~oo~'~and reducing the burden on Education Chairman Jerome Warner of Waverly, who is evening. Fifty-four drew votescast, only 45 were against ~i~he']~Pa~ers. . . . __ . sponsoring one of the proposals pending in the Legisla~re, said leases and will receive leases the issue. The present high ~-.'~ Plan, while it would have a net reduction oz aoom he would try to get the Exon measures aavanced to me tioor soon. . school will be used as a grade SUPRRIOR J Iz~_~eording to his figures, on the property taxes paia intact. He also has said he would try to have the committee A good sized crowd was onschool and the grade school BEULAH I I I I~ i~.aers and farmers,~ould reauire the state sales tax amalgamate the other bills into a single entry for floor con- hand Tuesday night for the razed. - - Reformed I I" I r,~to~ to three and one-half percent and the state in- sideration, picking the strong points from each. , opening of bids for construction Meals on Wheels, a project ol IT~ ctirab to 21 narc~nt Warner wasn't very complimentary about the governor s of Superior's new sewagethe Office of Aging Activities in Presbyterian Church J I ...... I L~ ~t~?ndabe 40 l~e~['h~es in the state taxes, which proposal. He found a lot of holes in it, he ~id, and wasn't at al! disposal plant. The bids weren't SuPerior has started. The meals 5th und Bloom I I Sth and Commerlul J ~. ~- ,mu one-half percent on sales and 15 percent on sure'It would pass constitutional" " muster_ with. Attorney.General opened, however, for there were will be served to the han- Lr~one,.. one pore,,., ~. .... ... . Clarence Meyer whohas ,been asked bY ~xon mreviewic, the nOcarlbids Svendsen,t open. a long-t/mevalescents.dicapped' Theaged'priceris $" l~v. R.TheW.Lord,sC~akey, Pastor I I _ . Sunday_Servieee [ L~X~ra[a~,L:7.,, uu~c in the state sales tax wouicl nave meThe attorney general s report wasn t in last week, but Day I I ~tu) _daySchool .9:~a.m. ] i~,$ me levy on sales in Omaha and Lincoln. --. to.rotor governor said he was confident his proposal wouldn't conflict resident of the Hardy com- OneYearAgo Church School ......... 10 a.m. I I ,".Y~mP., l_l:0_a'm" I r ~"~pe~ent because those two cities each assess me~r with the Constitution., ....... munity died atthe Superior Nearly 80 supporters of aMorning Worship .... 11 a.m. J ] ~umorn.~_~ 5!~p.m. ] | - ~ oI one nere~nt l~.xon said he didn t Know st any specific' area in wnicn i~ hospital after a long illness. Nuckolls County museum met Evening Worship, 7:80 p.m. I J ~mur ra~ as.. ~:~up.m. j might get into legal trouble, but Warner said he had in rain Other deaths were of Herman in Nelson Tuesday evening and Wedneeday I J Bible Study~m'd--' I discrimination in the governor s proposal to limit property tax Warneking, a Nuckolls county decided to conduct a fund drive Prayer Meeting, 7:80 p.m. relief to homeowners and farmers. Landlords, business and resident nearly all his life, who for a museum building. [ Pray " 9:30a.m, I 't rtml te in the Exon plan for direct industries wouldn pa " "pa " died Monday, March 17; and While precipitation has been :=: , r ? resident of Superior, who died in the annual operating plan just ~ ~ Under his proposal, homeowners and farmers could ask the Mrs. Floyd Lyman, a long-time below normal this past winter, J Catholic.Church I I - : l ~ ~ A/ ~ -- state for refunds of half of what they pay in property taxes for amorning.Hebron hospital early this releasedReclamationbY forecaststhe BureaUthereOf Services Olive ]Bill Chorea school operating expenses. Another portion of the Exon package calls fr the state t workingErneStnorthBridwell'of town MondayWhile theWill be sufficient water in hothHarlan County and Lovewell ] FatherW. F. Sladky II RuralSuperior I furnish 25 percent of ~e total school.operatmgbudgets: About14 morning, saw five Whooping reservoirs to furnish irrigation li Rectory Phone- s79 9~ I I Rev. Mark Pecl~hum' Pastor I [, I I I x ~ .ffi ,..,i ,~ ..... ~'at cost alreaay is coming ouc ot me ~m~e treasury ...... ----- through the present state aid plan, so the governor is talking Cranes, about one-sixth of the water to the farms served by [l ~ I Worship 10:30a.m. [ [ ~ 1 ~ about increasing the state ante by about 11 percent,entire whooper population of the the Bostwick Irrigation District I St. Joseph's Church ~ I Junior Youth 6:30 p.m. J Thi , he said, would require another $32 million--to go along world. with the $35 million in the present program. The total would be Superior is losing another of inBostwickNebraskairrigationand the District' IKansas" I .MuaSuperir , I! II Evening WednesdayService 7:30 p.m. |[ its long time manufacturing More than 400 people I ~laturday ........... '/:00 p.m. I | Prayer Service 7:30p.m. I . - " The direct taxpayer relief portion and a renter aid concerns, the Superior Ice registered for the free prizes Sunday ........ , ...... ~ 7"00-,11~ [ .... m,,m-sal in which credits would be allowed on the basis of a Cream Company. Keith Eiel,given each hour during the EVERYONE WELCOME ,--~r-. "- . _L .... ~ ...... vinas' he would have had if owner, has announced that the grand opening of the newly , . : ..... ! renter's income to nm~v u~ ,,,- ~-.. ~ ........ , ...... I l~'-"--- ~ he owned his home--would arc?nut ior .m.e rem.alnaer ox me ~ Nebraska Dairy Products Co., relocated Seever s Specialty 6. Warnersaid the constitutional flaws--and other deficiencies Foods Company have pur- Church of The Church oF Christ he said found in the Exon proposals--were known to the chasedbusiness wasthe startedcabinetS'by G.TheR. Legislative Report I The Nazarene I Meet at aS0 E. 4th St. I Yes Ma'm ! d" . governor and the senator claimed the whole effort was designed Dodds about 50 years ago. Sen. Gary Anderson I 740 East 7P" i Kenneth Peteraon, Pastor ] Id-whefl letter carrier to avoid any action this legislative session on the school aid " Sunday Dr. J. A. Trowbridge s reader 37th District [ Rev Ted Dodd J W" -" - J I ~,, I Sunday School 9"30a m ,I issue. . Express this week for the first Legislative Newletter[[Sunday School ..... 10:00 a.m. !. : P.. / C, Jones gets bitten, Th~ is how Warner put it: ......... finds advertisement is out of The ~ " orsmp ................ 10:10a.m. / II~L~Rr p,~-- ,,---L__~ , ,,,m. ........ r's statement that if toe aurney genera~ ..... time in 35 years. The doctor is By Senator Gary Anderson ....... ~ Evening Service~" 7"30 'm' ..... vmlll$l nmu~ t~, Jones n.. ~'..~.~'..~'..~! he will not advance any general relict m.n ' Wednesday IN ...... Y ana ~ime , ,row .... -,~ e-,,P, .... but ~sstand but is trying to slow up a newsletter, I announced that I j.zro .................. ~:w p.m. Study ................ 7:80 p.m. t bites back[" this session ean only mean ~at he programats~ln,~ real still in business at the same old Two weeks ago in my [Morning Service, 11:00 a.~. Pra er .... ] only offering yet another oemying ~,cuc m accu-w,,~ ~ little, had decided to vote against the [r~vening Service, 7:00 p.m. Saturday i Grassr " - and meaningful property tax relief. ' Ten Years Ago death penalty. This has in- j Wednesday Midweek Youth Meeting .. 7:30 p.m. If iu~t OOI~ ( eorge Says- xon s opinion of his package: ,, Wilbur Edgar Allen, 45,volved quite a switch in thinking " "'" : ' EVERYONE WELCOME nly Mt ice is to me " 'The fairest and best proposal by far. Prayer Ser~nce7 00 p m pleaded guilty to a charge of for me because I had always J riso~ ~r every draft :n anything, amnesty should be granted e Office Bill Passes murder in the first degree at believed in capital punishment J Th Legislature last week gave 47-0 approval to a bill Mankato Monday. His before. I thought it was a Xile as _ vade.r Serves the same length of time in Ion -discussed state office budding a arraingment was before deterrent which could be I United Methodist Centenmal Lutheran the Io ............ dos med to make the g -~v~--.- n~, .... =.u ~mer~can POW---SV~ years, reality. . ...... :u be District Judge Donald P. justified because it would help JChurch Church ~t~t=~' Euron~ ....... ~ Under terms of the measure, cigarette tax money w,.,, ~,,'neUs /.?';7" ~aunrr~es decide to "floet" their currencv n~dtnnatir~lmnd~t.em~dbvth CitvofLlncoln[orfinancmga, Magaw of Osborne. He was prevent other murders. .... "~r " "'~J,,ar Sti ...................... ,_e _ " " na arrested in Florida last This change in my thinking | 448 Kansas Str*o* (Missouri Synod) ishe~omi,...~ ,. p ped of all the double-talk, that means central office structure costing a maximum of $20 mflhon a December as a suspect in the has been a good example to me J ~" Ninth and Dakota Streets ',~* u nTwe, t i , be ond 1980 (,,o_ g gh n international finance, designed to serve the state s space needs y ' , _~n ~SSn~n ~., - ~_ .'-~ Statea~enies now renting offices throughout Linc~n wu'u murder of John Maxwell, a of why it is so important for[J ,~Superir' Nebraska Dateu.uoerr, vasmr tp*n~w=,netsni...~'".' ~cnerele of Iowa reports a broken I'~t.,anbmlid~tadinth~n~,whnildin~ Stateaovernmentlongag local filling station operator, political leaders to keep their [ nev. MaxO.MeCamley =~'~ ou - ',=~ -s cont -~ ........................ -~" -~ Allen was sentenced to life minds open to new evidence and ~. t to be s-- - ents at the Des Moines Post Office outgrew the confines of the Capitol.. . . ! Postal S r S= of r~ e v;ce ham t t cau P ariel mail "ar .... " 'P pie s ailing people The City of Lincoln would have to issue the bends .De. ~^~., imprisonment, ideas. During the past few ~" ~-=,~ securel Into u~uc ~t~ --------- Y" constitutional prohibitions against the state goiqg . . . Dr. James Allen Trowbridge,' weeks, I have been pouring over J Sunday Service Sunday School 9:15 a.m. ~cli~g ,"Land taxes ar ............ Lincoln's credit has been used for other state building projects, well known Superior physician pages of data on the deterrent | Church School ...... 9:15 a.m. Bible Classes 9:15a.m. | Worship ............ 10:30 a.m. Service 10:30a.m. ;r~ =n / me onl inevlt DI t t e oIilce ~ .,. block twic- " .Y. " ! a hmgs. So is The cigarette tax money would be diverted to h .. for more than 50 years, died at effect of capital punishment, l Nursery Provided ~up in ahea,~ ~, .~0r a para:,ng ptace, only to have project as soon as the new University of Nebraska fieldhouse ;s Brodstone Hospital Thursday. None of these studies show that . v, yau. paid for. A Superior native is this the use of the death penalty has