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March 29, 1973     The Superior Express
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March 29, 1973

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6 "TtlE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thursday, March 29, 1973 everyone, because there are It's past lime for the parents, , - some thai really do, but if you ~l~t, principal leaders of our i LETTER eous de, .)u,-self one o, these..,,u,h . takes renewed ask yourself, what are you iercsl in our community's doing to encourage others to education. Attend the Board of take an interestin our Educalion meetings, I'm not I TO fhe Editor cducali,,n, l,'ying to find fault with the PTA disbanding is only oneelders in Ibis community, but Editor: .... arc saying,.. "let's quit and do reason why I think that parents Ihen again 1 wasn't looking for a S, lhePTAisgoingtodmoana somelhing else on this one aren't caring anymore. Thereason lo spend a lot of my time a let" this )'ear, or more ac- M(,ndav evenin each month " lligh School Studenl Council when I decided Io write this curalely, "rest" for a while, as This- really" makes our surwyed 143 parents on a very leller indicated in a recent article of eomm " v o ' iml~)rlant issue lhis year. At the D,m'l throw this Parent- uml., of Suermr look expense of lhe Council, The Express. go~: 81 per cent don't even ~ionnaires were mailed out.Teacher organization out the I've heard a h)t of excuses for want a community action window. If there's something not having our organizations organization, but still 19 .,t~_r Only about 86 out of 143 cared wrongwithit...lct'stakealook and programs continued in the ccnl do. I certainly hope they re enough Io see thai they were al it. If you have a complaint, school, this year particularly, lhc supposed leaders of our serCturned Io the school. Con-f attend the school board like "l,ack of time and community. 1 see a lot of pie- s quently, the Boa4id o meetings. Even if you don't ... facilities' for an intramural lures in lhe Express of our Education denied the privilege take aninterest, lt's amazingto " " s" -f even trying something new in know thal the school board program, "lack of money for"Service orgamzatmn but books", "lack of space in the high school because the tax- payers probably wouldn't have wanted to have a better high school because of the cost seven years ago. Lack of interest in the community is I think, the reason for so much apathy in our schools, especially the high school. There's so much of it in the homes towards education, that I certainly wouldn't expoet very many of our students coming with a brighter outlook on learning. Consequently, it gets a little sickening to hear about apathy at school and have so many people be so blind to the cause of it. This is my purl )se for writing, not because I care what the parents of our community do for themselves, but instead, what they do for my fellow youth, those who are supposed to grow up and be the leaders of our world. In the survey that was published The Express failed to say who was polled. If I turned on the television the morning after the national elections, and saw (hat "my man" didn't win the presidency, I would cer- tainly take a look at who elected him. We all do. We know who voted, and usually, magazines carry information on just what kinds of people voted. The poll actually was a questionnaire sent out to the parents of students through junior high age. Only 75 per cent of the parents cared to fill out and return it. Many of them weren't even members of PTA. The survey showed that, of the total number of parents supposedly concerned with their children's educational welfare, 60 per cent of these )n't care to be actively in- volved in the coming year in the wfice of our educational system. Forty per cent don---'-(-tfifnk- they will, but they might make a meeting or two. Eighty-three per cent of those parents don't attend the monthly meetings, Seventeen per cent do attend;, bul the results of the survey didn'l say how often. At a recent meeting of the PTA, six parents were present, . . less than the number of students who had taken time to prepare a program under teacher supervision. At another recent meeting, after the future position of the PTA was related, none of those in attendance had any comments or feelings on the matter. But, there is a spark of hope left. Sixty-seven per cent of those people do feel that PTA is effective. When I say those people; ask yourself, are you one of them? Thirty-three per cent don't think it is effective but, .57 per cent want PTA for the future. The other 43 per cent very few of them are aiding -ur school, this being one of the education. Sometimes it's hard reasons. for me to. see that they're doing O.K. You say, "what if PTA a service for anybody! Not disbands; so what." Well, I tell always, sometimes. The only you what. For one thing, the service organization left for students of our town lose one education in Superior is now more of their very few social quitting. The parents are going functions that they still have-- lo quit the kids of our cam- The PTA Carnival--good clean reunify. We can sure meet to fun. What about the annual bike find out if there should be rodeo, or the school safety parking meters, but when it programs carried out by the comes to education, well, PTA, or the sixth grade field "leave it up to so and so." trips, or the Junior and Senior PTA is the only means of high dances, etc. The PTA communicationlefl between the Carnival is one of the very few parents and teachers. What things that our youth have to happened to the people who h)ok forward to in having good warned a little say in the way fun, besides attaining the age of lhings were being run? If you're 18, just to be able to drive to a citizen of this community, ask Mankato, Kan. On weekends, yourself, how many school there's bowling and the shows. tx)ard meetings have you at- Even these have to be shared tended this year. This is a public with the adults. Nothing wrong meeting. You don't have to say with this as long as our young anything while you're there, people can share the adults' I understnad when you good life "after hours" also. It complain about .the way a would be interesting to see how teacher is treating your son or many kids really would. daughter, you risk putting the The article in The Express poor kid in jeapordy of his peers indicated that some of these or his teacher being down on him for a long time. I've seen people do it though, some were hurt, and some of them were not. You don't necessarily have to be a doctor, lawyer, dentist, a store owner, elected official, or even a citizen here. These are meetings for everyone. If they lurn you away because of some "technical reason", return some other time. In order to speak at one of these meetings, I understand you have to be on the agenda. If you're not going to speak, all you have to do is show up. No, it's no wonder to me why there's so much talk about apathy in the schools today, especially in our high school. It's no wonder why teachers tell me that many of their fellow collegues have quit our school, or even retired from the teaching profession, and that they themselves are con- sidering it. It's no wonder why it's getting harder and harder for our school board to get good teachers to come to Superior. These aren'l my opinions that I've just stated. They're solid facts. When I speak of parents not caring though, I'm not saying projects would be carried on by the District (School Board), but, just which ones? Who is supposed to carry them on in the future anyway? Will somebody have to be hired to look over these old PTA concerns. You know as well as I do that many of them will be suspectable_to losing a lot of ground. Besides, the purpose of the PTA isn't just to be another social club. Maybe lhat's why it doesn't have the same interest that some of our other service organizations do. I think the School Board already have enough on their hands and that this should stick to the parents. Concerned parents... not paid decision makers. The Youth Center doesn't offer much more than most of us can find on our own bloek--a basketball goal or a ping-pong table. If we throw away the Carnival too, it will mean just , another night of riding around doing nothing. I think, youth should have a chance to have a good time on the weekends and I don'i think they should have to wait for a kegger to do it, just so they can worry about it being raided, or just so they'll have something to brag about the next Monday in class. meels every so often on Mon- day_s until late at night, and Tonight at 7:00 p.m. KHTL-TV CH. 4 FoatwJng: RICHARD ROBERTS PATTI ROBERTS a . The Wodd Act~ Singers * ORU~; Concert Ct~ The Ra~q Carmichael Orchestra Excit,"~l Student Musical Groups Walch "Ora/Robert8 Preeents" a ~ hart/~r twogcam many times between meetings and that ~he minutes that ap- pear in the Express are only a coltlmll ]()llk~ in some cases. I Ihink the school board members w(mld welcome an)~)ne to the nweiing with ()pen arms, to kt,)w tirol someone who has oleeted lhem has come to see .jusl h.w ood of a tab they're dtfing If I ever have the doctor opel'ale on me at my expense, using my body, I want to know h.w good he's been doing. No doubt by now, if you've read this fat', you're asking 3ourself, "Who's this radical, two bit kid who's putting down the system again?" I'm just another student. I'm not an hmmr student, but in a way, I feel a cerain honor to have been olected president of the student I.~dy' by m3 high school peers last year. If I'm not representing ~hem as person wilh Ro~Kt citizenship right now, discredited I stand on trial r~ow. 1 care what you think, if you care to tell me. If we don't start aftending some of these lifts without talking with people who are directly concerned. Another reason for writing to Ihe Express is that 1 wouldn't ex[)ccl this to be published in the sludenl paper, the Flashlight, since the governing imlicy is that nothing can be printed against administrative p~)licies. Democracy? Representatives of the PTA must have their news stories for the Express censored by the school administration. Democracy? Let's open up these lines of communication. If what I've said in this letter as opinion is wrong, then I'm the one who should be n,) doubt I'll be recalled at our ncxl met~ing this Monday. And, nexl week in the Express, you'll t,r~hably see a letter from one ~,f them disagreeing with me. I do hal have administrative powers. They aren't mine in the first place. They're not my resl~msibility either. The reason I am writing to the Express enncerning this matter is because I'm concerned about al)alhy. Most important, why we have it. Maybe we don't. Maybe the administrators, leachers andstudents have been leadingme astray. I wouldn't ever believe this, I know lop much for myself. Basics. I've been for ll':~ ,'ears. lhings said mv feelintt, but l meetings instead al~ml how far we'll walk because of a parking meter, ,ff our community stand a chance in the progress. I'm for Maybe I'm an old fo taking an interest the problem of education, but I'd anolher "Harper right here in regardless of the but that's the looking now. I hope been a waste of decide for yourself. listening. Dou ,O We will sell at public auction the assigned property 1 miles east of Fairfield on Highway or 6 miles south and 1 miles west of Clay Center, starting at 12:00 o'clock, on Lunch on Ground= Electric cord, 150 ft. 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