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April 12, 2018     The Superior Express
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April 12, 2018

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Ground broken for SHS conditioning center Tl~e ground breaking ceremony' tar tile Brmn Miller Memorial Strength anti Condilioning Can. tar was held at StJperior High Scl~ool, Saturday. Present at the ceremony were (from left) Kevin Miller, Superior High School athletic@rector, Dane Milller, Reid Miller, Mall Sullivan, school board pros{den1, Ricllard Nelson, Central National Bank president. -I-anger Miller, Donna Miller and Jim MINer. Nelson, an behalf of the Central National Bank, Svperi0~, presented a CheCk for $10,000 tC " |? . " the Superior Public Schools Foundation on behalf o/the Brian Miller Memorial. The facility will be connected to llle Junior Hig~ School Gymnasium. It will house the weigt~t training and wrestling practice areas as well as other amenities Conslmction is expected to get underway in the near future. Donations to the memorial fund are still being solicited. i q'he SuperSof ~7~ os<-~g Price 50 Official Nuckolls County MidLands 16 PaN Two Seclkx~ Plus Supplements Membe of Net)rosin Press Association and National Newspaper Association ISSN 0740-0969 2018 Superior Publis~ng Company. Ire. All Righls Reservecl Our 11911"1 Year, No, 15 .~upetior. Nebraska 6~.78 Nalkxlal C--clilk~ 16 Pages in Two press Thursday,/~t 12, 2018 Superior's solar array project 30 days ahead of schedule Monday evening ntember~ of the Superior CiLy Cou,~il v,t're updated ~m the prog~s.g or the utility deparhne~t's yea]lure into altel'~ative en,erg y ~t)u~ s. Work onstrucdng the solar collec- [t}r array near the wastewattr Lrtat= w,~nlplant w hh.'h is [o~algd offHartR*y Street i,~ nearly a month ah~ ofsched- ale, h now appears the colleclor may be ready for use about May I. The eitctrical (r,~nsmission line which wil~ CO;IIIC,the array to lhe city' ~d~stn b'a fi~a system is completed aod ~lar panel.~ are now being in- xtalled. A Iranston]~er needed tO ~:un- t,ect the new IX}wer sa~urce wittn |he xir4ing ,y~[enlt is Oll order and ex- Wcted to arrive later Lifts nmnth. Th collectors are located near the fom~ r landfill on land that was ~mghL R rbut never tt~'d by{he landfill. When i egulatiOllS gowrllin~ lat|dfdl opera- lions (:hanged, Superior chc~e ~o .qfip the commm~ity'g waste elsewhere rather than complying wilh the nte~ requiFez~n]~ |hr agorot{rig landlills. In other a,:tion Monday night lhc council declared a properly at g64 Earl ['lt~rd St0~'et to be a public ,~olice. it relx~rled the owner had appanrmly ig,mn d other mqgeslslo bringllle prop eny inn compliance with city regula- tions. With the action taken Monday night the owner will have 30 days tO bring the pmpe~y imo ~ompliaac . If it ~till nt~.i complying with city mle~ after 30 day,the city may proceed to have the work done by a contractor and flw c,~t~ %iLk J'~t.'Oll'~ a ~i ll attaehcd Io ,he property. The council approved sell{n8 a sur- pla~, huckel ~mck ft~tmerly u~'d b v electric depart~nl t~Glenw~lTele- phone fi~r $37.501 The repIacement truck ct>~t v,a~ apprt~xnlnale~y $117.000. Rather than buy a ne~ pump nhe council d~'ided to repair a digesller ~.'in.'ulatiog pump u.' ed at the w a~tev a- ttr tzeain~'r~t plant. In) the digester l~+r- lion of lla.' plant. ~,olid wasle is pal~, er- ized and then ~par-ated at the clarifier~ into a thin sluro,', The slurry is pumped m the dnge~ter~ when: il i~, circulated. heated aud allowed to conlpo~t. The estimated repaircost of $5,200 i~ ah~mt one-fifth fig, cast of a ne~ pump. Tl~ council selected the JEO con- suiting group to prepare a plan for the inspection and possible ~epair of scc- tionsot'~e wastewater l~atrntm plant. While no action w~ take~ Monday night, the council did discuss at length a rtqt~st from the annh.ulanc squad. Cltrr nlly lh,~ squ~d i5 providing ntm- tr~n~lx~rt tili a~sist at nu charge. How- c'~et' M;kLt' "l-u.le% r,L'C~ui'r a :~ul'l 'tr~- page docurt~m Ix' contplett-'d and ~ul'r- mired after each such call in addition 10 the tithe ~uad n~.'ntbers are in- ~.~dved ,n the actual call. Squad mem- I'~rs ~ugge,ted ti~e fit~ three calls loan addre '~ould be answered al no char~ e. Add,i~nat lift assi~ calls with- OU1 tran,',pon would ~ charged $50 each. lea palienn {,wan ~ported, o:gul~ alnbUlaltte call rates ~ o aid apply. Such tr-anslx~r~ cal~s would be hilled al the rate ~f $.450 and plus SI 2 per mile. It was reported the squad had ~- sponded us nnany as 14 times in one n~mlh to as~is~ the game person. No action 'as taken but the ques- tion was lahled for future di~ussion and possible action. Superior team places first The .Supcrn~r It~h School Fulure Famlcr~ of America {Ff:A] alltended t~;~4.~ Mate cot2tcfllit:,n ill l.itk'oln last Wednesday. Thursday and Friday. Four ltapter members were awarded thor state degree, the higkest lector given to a ,~late FFA member. Jarcd Dressman. Makenua Jonson. NickiKuchhoffand JohaSullb anwere Wt'~ented wilh Iheir degree:. [he Food S4.'ieatcc lcautt ,c,f-lrtnten T'h l Malt~riGrab:l,4. Noc IIc MtMeen .'l:gld Megan ,Miller earned t Lr~,l place hont~r~. The.~ quahllcd lop a Irlp it+ the national ccm cnllic+'0 m Im$ianal~li'~. The team i~ coached bx M:nt Su]hv~ll Thei~ ttmk the top mdi'~ rdual ~,ifiott. -lbeis fin,~hed in first place m the indi- vidu;d calegv~. The Faml Basir~ ~, Management team of M- Jen~n, John Sullivan. Brenden Jtnscn and N,~ILe McMten fmish,:d in seventh peace "[t~e Nmural re ources team Dre~sman. Wyalt Schuster. Haley Wesl and ~de Han.~n finished 37oh in a field of 109 team~. "l'l)e Agronom) team ,~1 Ben Price, Adin I.eibd'. t~radent Frowner .'nnd "l'{~d Keifer also compeled al I~e Stale con- v itlion. M ~mh Go!ncj (1~1), 8t.~.dor High ~.C .1~OI F~:ure t=arn~,r$ Of America (FFA) Chapler Aavisar. stands wflh Mag~'~ mar, Nata, e MO'dtNm i~r'la Mmori ~ al:)ast ator~ w~th coach. Matt Sullivan. as they display ll'~ plaque awarded fat their first place fini~ in the ~ood science e~em at t~e s~aTe FFA con~antion in Lincoln. Tha team qualilied to competa ~mn~ eonv~n~n ++.L~ ~ll +Lm. held a+t a ate, d~e m Indianapolis+ T+n~n Tl~is. not pi~ur~l, was alP,o a mtmr or mu team arm wahine ms{ prace .m,wouan ,n Food Soence at the Nal~asRa Slate FFA Convention Monday evening's agenda incl uded thelX~ssible awarding of a bid fordowa- Iowa ~vitalizadon work agsociated with the replacement of sidewalks and curbs along Central Avenue in the downtown business district. It was reported only one firm submitted ~ hid and negotiations with the bkkter were conlinuil~g. Hospital schedules blood draws for annual health fair The ~'hedtd for health fair hltx:xJ draw date.~ hm, I~',e fl ~t for 201 g- B lo~xJ drav,s at ca .h tc~alion are Front 7 to I0 a.m. Brodsmne Memorial Hospital. Suwrior, datcsare April IlL ! 3 and 19. IHca~ Dra~ s ;in Nel~m Fantily Medi- cal ( 'enter a~ April 17 and Edgar Medical Clinic on April 12. Call 402. 879-4781 to make appoh,mtnts for any of l~ ha:ations. 8eeau.~" of lhc nu mber or patrons who take advantage of Ihe H'~'ial pricing, the pro ,s $.~ quicker and smoother for pali. mts us- i++g an ap~intmcnt system. The only teslsdone with the sp.v:ial Sr45 pricing are chemi.str~ profile and lipid panel, CBC and thyroid stimulat- ing hormone and hemoglobin A1C ~d iabetes scn.'e ning). The blood draws reqt, i~ 12 hour faming. Water and pnesc6ht.d medical{ensure allowed. A pm.~ate specilie antigen ~ PSA t is avail- able for an addllicuml $ IO. This llcs( is rccommelx:led for men ages .55 to 69 )'earx of age. Payrncnl for Ihege tests is d~t' when the hlm~ is drawn, cash or ch-'ck truly I~ nm take Biotin for Iwo days prior. Free colon ,r 'cr screening kits may be picked up during the M~d dra'~ ime~ Ior ages 50 to 74 years. BIt~KI draws are by appointmem onl.y. No add{litter lefts will be done during thi-', time Thiscanr~t be submitted to your insurarg'e, oat even wellness. Resulls may h,e picked up at the N uckoll-~ Coumy ltealth and Wellness lair tm April 21, 9 a.m. to noon at Superior High School. ']'he resu ks wi|l al~ appear on the patient pennis. A breakfast cf muffins, fruit, juice and coffee will be available for a free will donation lo Ihe I+ighthotts Chris- lion Daycare. |nformmion willab;obe available if you are interested in sign- ing ~p for a patient portaL. Markets p Su1~flor Grain Market Tuc~,d~y Cl~s~ Wflh Ilhe President lalking afoot embargoes the grain markets are an- settled :rod prod ~ rs are worried about the long term affect if the e~Imrt mar- keLs a~r closed to Arnericart grown grains. Ctm~u Pn~ I.m 'Wt'~ Corn 3,61 3.57 Wheat 4.52 4,15 ~,yhean~ 9.55 9.43 JaeoO Sunday, a Superior High St~01 art sludent, pairded this r~l:~ica plaque of the 8uper~r Wi~lcat mascot w~ic~ once oceupmgv was im bect~me a time hore~red uadition at the school. Upon hi~ gradualkm. Harig enli,ted ia tb United Stale Anuuv. Ite I'n.'cante ant Army aviator. Harig v, as killed in action in Vietnam, at Iheange of 22. tan April 17, 197{) TI~ Wildcat logo rentained as hh legacy. When the gymnasium tl~t~r was damaged by v.aner intrusion. 1he Wildcat logo was rtmm.ctl.'l'h Io~s of the logo left many in the t-'~mntunil), ~ith a .~n.~ of Ios,~. Under the direction of Mc~ R~:mpe. an ins+mczor for lhe Superior -'~h<~d syslcm, and others, extensive re,earth ~'a~; undertaken. Aa image of the IvgCou.ncilhas gain ~: n - y ' ; . .e hired South ('entral Economic I)eveb du[npsters will be [ocate, a at I~ st)urn opmeatD,~mctandthe ,ty~,mo',ir~g end oi' Central Street from Ma~ 2 fol~atd with the Na,~nce Abatement through May 19. Program 1his ~prmg. Residents ar~ The hum pfl localtd north of the em:ouragedtoclcan upnui~anceu.~as, tbrmeri~nland Height~school isnov~ Within the ne~ t ~/v.o '~-eeks another open them I to 0 p.m, on Mondays an4 0 ~,~ ',~n',~ nt will I1 ~.-~ ~nducled and II'~35e residents requiring properly clean-up v, ill be nolifi~d. A dtvelopm, ent dis- Iri l represented sa~d "'As residentx of the city. you can ass{s1 with this c lear~- up. Plta ~ lake a le,Jk at yaur property and perha~, ask your fciends and r~igh- h~rs to k~, k all'our pmpe ny. Ask them it, point ou! what they think needs lobe cleaned up and help o~ another." ~.lme of ,he item~ considered to be a nut.nee are u.alictnst~ vehicles (in- cluding yard and I~mt trail ~), auto pans. white gmxls, dead trees, trash and te~use. If anyone has a question on what may be a nais,an~e, cataract the city of lice or a city cour~il member. Tl~ only people winh knowledge of a.y courte.~y Ituers arc South Central Economic Development District and che pml~+rly owner. "l-'ne only iovolv . meat with ily govemrrmtt is when prop cty o~vners hil tt>comply and tke d I/ .lopm nt d islricl el-rite rope ns Lhal facc If the m+ideltts of Superior wiF, clear their properly of nuisances, the cost~ |o the City will be kept minimal. The oiLy w~,il again provide dumpsltrs Wednesdays a-raJ from L0 a.m. to noon and I ~o4 p.m. onSazurdays. The bum pit is for tnees, brunches shrubs, gm s clippings and vegeL~ion only. No oiber items may be left at the burn pit. The cement hours will b observed through September 30. ~um pit and dumpstc r se~ ices ate provide only to Superior resid=nt~. The ag~essrnent area will affect all wards within the city. The areas from the p&~t year that have hoen assessed and cleared a.~ continuously moni. tared. Property owners will be notifi d ifa property is not in eamp|ian wi'.h the ordinance. Questions, may ~ di- r~led to the 'ityoff'~e or a city coune/I member. Program o~ieials say the program is not for cosmetic I:mrlm~S but loT tl'~ heakh am+ safety of oil resident Mayor Santa Schnlidl ~id. "'We v.azll a ~fe pnd healthy communnt~ as ~ art C t- tain ~,t+u do as ~,ell. Superior has{dents have done a greau.uh, thl~ p~[ year st~ let's all pitch in and see ~ through so weean be p~ud lasher, our gutst~and future re~idents v, hat makes Superior. supedc~r "" SHS reinstates early grad policy Mcmbers cf LI'I~ Stt~'.'tior Board of assvi| the sludent ill parttt'lpallltg in I~uta~ionapprovcdmm-eenifiedstaff di.~tric L cnmt:u~'unr andextracurrl nta? awl principal wage im'reases for lke non-coo{tried staff Mtmday evening daring regular se~sioa, Other acLion items in=ladud appearing March ex- pond{turns from tl~ general fund ia the amount of $494,240. l"]wy also ac- copter the resignation ,1 aNne Karl. She has taught upptx I v ! math Ihis year and has acceple(t a posilion IO leach math at I~h~ter which cuts ker om- mute lime in half. In 'addition they approved hiring Couam:y Beacom as a kindergarten through sixth gradcsl~. cial cdw:atioa instructor. Supl. lstiln ~id, "Beacon plans o och~.'ated in Sul~rior?' A|i rnembe~ ul ~he txmrd v,e~e pre ~nl, except for Jamy Sullivan. Wage increases were as I-otto, s: nurse wages wcrc increa.',icd oi'l~ dLfllat per hoLT, van dri~ wages increancd hy 30 cents per hour, administrative secret{tries 50 cents Per hour,transpor- tation di~'ctor- Iwo pcroeut iacrea.~e; kilcken and custodial staff 30 cents per hour, t'nL,'a etluea~ors 60 cents per hoar, activity d~vers 30 coals per hoar. t3.s d~s'crs 70 cents per mute ,rod principal:/, $2,(gYd per scht~d year. Di.~ltssion icenls t~'~t'd on plait- eics and administralive reports. The beard has been walking toward ~dt~pt- ing a new policy ntamml m tunic, ln- clmk'd in tim manual wdl be a I~licy addressing early llradualion, an <~pliolll which has n~ b,~'a available Io .~tu- dents for sevcrat years. The catlicxl the), would be ab[e to gradnalc From lugh ~-'ht~)l would be eke enid of the First so,nester vf their senior year. If theyc hon~e Itl graduat o they would bc considered an alumni awJ would nol be able io pattie ipate in scniorlrip~, ~c hool extra c umcula a~'livitn~s ~r march d~r- ing comnlenecnwnl exert t~,~. 1here v i|l alst~ ~ a I~licy address- ing pregnant or parenting Mudent~ in Ihe n~w/x~:~ n]anual, A, wnth rniu~y polk+,~es, it is I'm.~'d on Icgishlm: ac- lion lake by the Nebraska Unh:amcral. Sludents Who anticipale de~'iatan~s tram their regular sclu~fl experience or accrue ahscnces because vf preg- nancy or parenting should m~til'y their building principal as early as IX~ssible to discuss their edw.:atiuaal program. ming.'l'l~ buildingprnncnpal wall wor~, with the student to deveiop a plan to Clt- -widle garage sales eomingApri128 Superiar's annual spring garage salt ~te is just more than two w~ks away and ~e deadline for advertising isjusl ~re than a week away. The an nua l eve nt i ~ he Id t w ice each year, cm the fourth Saltnrday of April and ~be ~cond Saturday of Au~,~st. Ft~r ~ April sale. p:L~icipants ant asked Io regislcr Iheir sale a~ t~ffic of The Superior Express by 5 p.m. Fri- day. April 20. A description of tl~ir salt {Ictus and Itx.'alion will then be printed ill ih April 2b is.~ue of zhe paper and posled o~ the i~temet al w. w ~- ~tt pe ruom ~.~m. Rtgislered l'htrlicipants w+ll al.~,~ receive a sign showing their sale is an official partieipanc As the Nebraska Press Association annual meeting is sckeduled for April 20 and 21 in Lincoln, The Exfn'ess of ~.' will I~ dosed oa Salurday, Apt'/I 2]. The office is normally open on Saturdays from 9 a.m, Io noon. But April 21 will be on~ of the few ascap- lions when the offi~ will not be open. Aprtl 2Z The Superior Express offic~ will be c'lo~d on Saturday, April 2[, to allow staff members to attend lhe annual meeling of the Nebraska Press Asso- ciation. Regular hours of 9 a,m. Io a~mn will return on April 28. activilies. "H~ plan may Inth.0J ulld on the ~-h~ml's v,~ebsile in the policy nnanua~ under ~'~ul I~lnl. Bolh Bob C~k, j unnur-.seni~r high pri~ipal, and D~g Hoin~. elcmen. tary principal di~us:ied tesning. They agreed this year's technical asl~'Cts of Letting are going smo~lhly, a much we|comcd change from pn~vious test. ing ycar~, Mar~ h 28teachers were loyal red in SRP(slaadal-d 0eSl'r.mse protocol)train. ing. The goal is to prepat~ 11~m to protect students in crisis siluaiions us- ing standanltcrmmology, socveryon unde~sta~ds wka! to do, Mouthers of Ihe h~'al volunteer (ire d~'lYa, as- sislcd with the dri|l. Bob Ctmk reported that $3 I 27 wotiid plJn:~ase aw'~ banners for lxdh 1he ek:mentary gy mnasi am and Ihe Itigh scht d gynnia ,~ium> so lb b nite+,~ in ~flh would be ~ame. |:triune cost,i ;nag exl~'Cttd to be app, ,xinlale]y S~I~ tm'h time a pair of ban nets art. added I~1 recognize a ~.lal championship, Ctx)k c~mplemealed inembcrs of lh junior class who completed the ACT text, April 3. He ~id, they were required to be at lhc Superior Escapes w inery curly ~e day afler spring break to take the test. All members at' the class wcre prc~nt on timc the day after vacaiion, Their rewanl was pizza ft~r lunch and the afternoon oul of ~'ht~)l, Up.'oming a livitics include prom on Friday. ]"IRA banquel April 26 and the athletic banquet, April 27. The meet{ ng adjourned alga30 p.nt~ pumu con tions raise germination concerns +'During the pasl nlonlh. ! ha~ h~t conver,atmns and received calls ~ g;irding cold germ{nation ~'vd tests, Perhap~ snow or~ the ground. Ih~ weaffa r forecast and low .~fi I temp ra- lurch, hm, e increased con~'erns abet .~pring planting conditions. Your seed dealers and agronomists an: a g~al ,~tn~v of inlbmtalion fi~r speci~c gt'- n.etics.'" ;aid Jenny RC, L~ UNL Exncn- SLOII edu 'alor. Traditional cold germ lesls txp(x~e ~ed to 50t: For ~ven days followed by expo.gure to around 77F for ar~ther ,~ven days. Some labs have additional options beyond the Iradititmal cold germ.'l~e~ options can include more .~11tlraled conditions durin~ Ihc cold tog air an exte nded cold geml-test where tile .'~2ed is kept ai 50t: for t4 days followed by the ,~ven day wanner period+ Around n~," pound of ~L'd should be pm~idt'd Io~ the odd germ ttSl. according It'~ Roe