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April 12, 2018     The Superior Express
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April 12, 2018

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8A t~ SuPERrO~ EXPRESS Thursday, AVe,+ ,2.2o18 Superior chapter members celebrate NaUonal FFA Week The Supcr~o~ PTA chapter has been im,olv=d in many aetivitms and com- petitions in recem month.s+ Nmiona[ FFA Week was Feb. 18-'~4+ During National FFA W~k, sludenls par~ici- I~ted in lunchtime aetivid .~ and dross up days. The class with the most point~ at the end of the week was awarded fi~t at lunch for the lZ',~th of March. On Mamh 7, thecha~er atmad~ CD-F~ at Hastings Cm'nmtm/ly College. The members t~wli, cipaled i n individual team COnlesls al the district [owl. CDE results FtorieultuLm - This year. t~r were two flo icullure t~ms thai competed al CDF s. The' first team was Emma Sehnakeaberg, Trisha Hayes, 'late Rothehild and Madily0 Humphfics. The ~'c or~ flor'2:u[tum team comisted of Tia Hunter, Jetta Sunday, Sierra B~kbum and Teshan Sullivan, Far lhe competilion, Ihe students had to l~k a general knt~wledge exam fol- lowed by an identifiealion exam. '~ey a|~ had t(~ work as a team Io p~parv a Iloml anangemcnt for a ~tn~r party ceale~iecc. The teams used fl~we~ and pla~l~ provided Io correlate an a,~angement in 30 minutes. After Ihal was cr~mp]eled, the student~ had to perform a-'.~x ual prul'~ga- zion andanswerquestiomdealing with that -~uh~et. Overall. the fir~ learn placeti 51h and the ~" ond team pJa(.'cd I Ith. I "1 ; Trenton Thois, Supmtor, won lir~ place in loud science ~)mpeliti0r~ at tho stale FFA Com, enfio~. Agronomy. Thi~ year's agronomy team was Ben Price, Adin Leihel. Braden Fm~iet and Todd Kuifer. The contr~l~.tion consisled of a test over i~mifying various plants, plant dis- ea~s and di ~de~, ms~t~ anti.quip- menl. Alon~ with identifying they ako had IO determine a ~iven plant or insc~ct's life eyeh what cauls Ihe d i-~a .~ or di~rdcr and w hal the d i fl'c r- ent equipment is u~ ,J for. Vet ~:ience - 3'he vet ~tem'e cnn- sisted of ~Our member~, Dani Free- man+ Cas~idy Fray. Jedd Whitmore and "Froan Zoltenko. The com r~filion L'oo d~;ted of fwo idenlification 1eats, parasite and bret,'d, wh ~ the individu- als went through a slide slvaw and answered wilh what they believed to be the ~<~ff~'ct answer. The team then 1 .[ r-," '~' I I +;".I~ ii ' ,:1I ".i~ I i,',~++ "i t pamcJpated m an equipment ickntifi- CalLorJ t'c''.l '~ h l-e they had m kEmify 2 :~ pzece.',uf ~ elerinary equipment. end ol 1he c~m~petition were the pra,:l,'um.', ore was how to lie a horse tail tie, and I1"~ ~ll'~r how to fill pr - ~.-rilxions. The team did no1 make it to ~,tate. F xad scierv.: - This yeac the food science team indud~l Miller. Natalie MeM~n, M.~Iod Graham. and Trenleu Theis.This t am 11~q been al- lending weekly p'acl.ices wilk Mall Sullivan. lheir coach, ~i~c October. food scim)o o0mp lition omistcd of four different parts. First, each per- son took an individual wrille n lest cm'z- lainisg 50 mullipk choice questions. NexL there were 10 different aromas thai each pm~on had to identify indi- vidually. After that, the comestants hadto idemify the food ha.z',ud that was present in food safety pietu~ s. Finally. tt~ Ieam was allow=M to work together For the practicum, In this pan of the competition, each team bar.[ to state what ingnMi~nLs they would tt~e in a trail mi~ to fit ~rtain criteria, They al~ ha~ to dcaw ~hat their fund laN.'l would I~k ]ikc. After ~:umplel inn. the q~tirc contest, the Su[~rior tram re- ceived gee first place plaque earning them a spot at state con;cation, Mcat~ ["bi~, ~rcar'n rru=al~, learn c'(+n.dsted of tv, o indi~.d~tals. Em~.t~ Tietjezl and Anhlyn Brown. They trav- eled with Superior FFA chapter to CDF.s al CCC In Hastin~zs. They ~,cre asked to i~nt~fy 30 different cuts of meat and had to take a 50 question test u~in~ tMir general km+wl, -~ge aMmt meat. They al~ were asked to calcu- late the yield grade of different meats. Both girls finished in the middle ol- ~hc . . Seth Going. Superior High $d'~oO1 Future Farmers of America Chapter adviser, stands with mis year's $~te Degree reCipmnts. [from leftI Neki KirC1"lhof~, Ivlakenna Jonson and John Sullivan+ Jared IMe~n, not pictured, was also awarded his Sta, t@ De~'L~- pack=Emily llntsru. 'd in +2 ~ pmce and Ashiyn fini@~d in 31 ~t pl;,~- Natural re~urce~,- Surnc ~ulx-r,~t FFA members competed m I he +,ataral resourccseomlx'tilional the FFA C'Of-s at CCC-Hasliags. land Dres,mar~, H outer Healey. Adorn Baker and (-tKly M~ler were amon8 tht;-~.e represent- ing the Superior FFA ehaph.'r for thi.s eve~l. For this coml~tition, Iht.-y firsl were ~quired to complete a 25 ques- lion written test. Next. they ,'ere in- strutted ~o identify plants, animals, birds, maciti lifei insects and tools, l! was r~po~xed they all did well and are going to compete in the :~tat omp~qi- lion in Lincoln. Letter to the 38t.h Legislative District By Sen, John Kuehn. Nebraska ~ld.~ul ure Whe~ I nln fi)r dx:= legislature four years ago, property taxe.~ were |he top issue with voters. ,As we approach the firml days of my fourth yea[. substan- t i ve policy changes Io addn~ the ptx+p- coy tax burden hm,'e yet to he adopted. l,ik most ~axpayers. l am fmsiralcxJ by lhc inability of the let.islature Io sub- stantivety address such a widely ~ . ognized and commonly d ~ ~'u s~'d pmh- Itm II is my belief the legislmure is not able to ac~.'mnplish the major policy ove~aul needed to conrct't the prop- oily la~, p~blcm during a regulm" ~s- ainu. The politics involved in complev i,g the duties ofa Jcgislalive m.~sion get in the way of pn~luctive, th.oughtful policy di.~u.~sions that rveees ~t'y In reform ~he system. Thus. [ asse~t a special session for the sW- eiF~: purpo~e of I~t~perty tax reform is t~e only oplion for crafting a meaning- ful solution. A mp.ntar ~ssion r=qui~s focus on a number of issues ItL,~e.~ ;ar~ tO ke~p stale government running. The top of the lisl is ",v.h~iing a state budget. Hav- ing ~rved on the appropFialions com- mittee for the past roar years, I have swat five ~a.~'s per week in committee in the deveh~pment of the state budget. Swnding (tecision ~. by their shouM take top prkwity. "t'beze am necessary late 3djust- v~ms in n:spun.~e to ever changing fede mt policy, including rc vc nue. edu- cation, transportation and ng, lu~at tc- s~mrees, lh~se immediate eoncem~ take pn~ccdenee over the compreben. sive appro~:h needed for restructuring the property tax ~ystem. Propertylax reform requ+res a frank and ~ont~ di~u.~,;ion a~x~ut a number oflopic~lhal are often dc~ n' d "'meted cows." Properly taxes fund many of the n'K)Sl vi,~ibtc and direr .wrviees taxpayer~ experience every day: edu- cation+ local govemmenl and emer- gency a4~rl~r~S= T~ d~xi- si~m.~ am made I~al|y, by our neigh- bors. Policy di.~ussic~s, rather than focusi.g on facts and a ~lmtegy for the future, art taken ~rs[mall~. The sp~ ial in(crest groups that rcp. ncmnl ,:,x'h oft hose constituent ie, h a',e a tried and tru~ formula For pr~t'c~t mg t~ir '~p~ifie piece of the, Each year property tax r~form bdls begin tM ir debate on the floor late in the legislative .~ssion, Despite the fact all bills must t~ introduced in the first I0 days of the ~rssior lobbyists "run nut the c Iock"a.s a negtxiat inn |~'li . Rather Lhan working Lo find compromise and bring 111 bill for floor ~bate early in the ~ssion, interest groutx~ stab and drag their feet. Once the deadline looms, each group tries In fo~x: ~na- b~'~ inloa "lake it or leave if' .~rmriv. ha we have seen, this approach does txlt ~ad tu pru#rc',s Given the I[Tt~Oltdr)~ c" an~ 111~l.~111- ludeofthepto[~n> "a .',~c r~ringing bills to ilv ' rl~[ l t)[ ~ it>idt:t'3li,t.~n. ~t"- bale, and CUmpl[{ '11' ~." aN ,ddl'!,~ ,=,Ln [~.)5- sihlc wouJd IX" rh~ Ix ~ ~ ,a~.'g) ins achieving trfonl] ~ c yeur at~cr .) :at' the hflls are. ~t:,li d m =atom=cite and sion. Of the n),tn) iOca-~ tnttt~ut.'L',d, few a~ allov 'd full d.~'u~,~=on by the entire legislature With all vl Ih~ |h~ue~. ix'tug ad- dn~s~d in u r~:g y2 Salon,every sena- tor and group ha-, Ihc~r ~P.',n prigrilies and intew~,ts Vok" Ir, zJingamtmg ~na- mr~ (,n tax hills is rampant. Inter.';1 8roup~ I~mi.~ to support or withdraw ~positton ofunrda0.'d issueslo lever- ag,: d~ir ~rgaining power. ~ .~- q~cncc of unr laled hills on the flo~)r h~ more influence on the Sl.K: Uss of a pt~l~xty taw bill then the policy it-'~lL Ho~c~ly and candor are ra~ com- modities in political d iscouts,A prop- erty tax solution that works for all Nel'maskalx,~ -- honlco~ner~, I'armer~, eommemial property int ~ls -- ~- qui~s everyone to set their par~h=al inlereslS and short term ocelots a ~tde and work coll clively for tl'~ g~t of the state. PRESERVE RURAL NEBRASKA IS ASKING FOR YOUR INPUT PRN is opposed In development ol" any industrial wind turbine projccl in Nuckolls County wilhout regulations for long term protection oFthe County and the residents, Please help us by giving us your opinion, Circle all numlxtrs that appt), I. I agree with the Commissioner's 30 month moratorium to study issues and develop a comprehensive plan with appropriate zoning regulations. My agreement is contingent upon a common sense agricaltu rc friendly and non-bureaucratic plan, 2. I oppose the proje l and would prefer ordinances to prohibit it completely, 3. I would like to join PRN (at no cost), and am willing to work towards lung lerm prolection. 4. I would like to join PRN but do not have available time to work on pro~ecls rigbl now, 5. I would like to make the following suggestion/comment: Print Name: Address: Phone: Email: Check here if you prefer confidential membership Thank you very much for your response. Please mail to: PRN, P.O. Box 184, Nelson, NE 68961 mmm m mmm~ m m mmmlm m mmmm m ~l= ~ ~ ~i~ mm ~ m,J Prairie Spirit Wind: H ealth Benefits More than 52,000 wind turbines are in operation in the United States today, safely generating electricity for our nation. Wind energy is one of the healthiest forms of energy generation in the world because it releases no greenhouse gases, soot, or carbon into the atmosphere. Apex wind projects are built in full compliance with local, state, and federal safety regulations to protect the health and welfare of landowners, maintenance teams, and others. Prairie Spirit Wind is a wind project in Nuckolls County that can power up to 110,000 homes. This project will generate $1.3 million in tax revenue each year for the county that can be used for schools and improving infrastructure. If you would like to schedule a meeting with the team, please visit www.prairiespiritwind.corn. PRAI RI E SPl RIT WIND-