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April 12, 2018     The Superior Express
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April 12, 2018

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5A JEWELL COUNTY RECORD Thursday. April 12. 2018 Public Notices IJ mi r t"a.'~.' Ptfhh~h,:d April 5. 20[~ ,tr /he J,:h~'f~ CmaUl Record/ %olk'e af HearinR in the Court ol' Jewel| County. Kau~as In Jhe Interest of KMifomia Peer Rodd), a minor Case No, ~016.JC-OZ Allyson Peer Rofldy, a minor Cast No. 2016-JC.03 Pu.rsuam to K.S.A. 38.2237 To: Clayton J, Roddy. and all other perkins who ate or may be co~er0ed You are hereby nolified Ihm a petition has been filed in this cuurl alleging that the ~ hildten named above are ('hi Wren in Need of Care. "['h Cuufl nia) lind that the paints are unfit bb' reastm or :onduvl or ~:ondilion whicll r llder.~ the parents unable to care properl) ~or a uhiLd, lie COlVJuut or ~ondititm i~ unlikely to chan~ m Ih I'olx~-',eeable l'uturc, the parental righl~ of the paint should he terminated, and a ix rmaneot cuMottian should be appointed tor t~ children. A hearing on the is .seh~.nd- uled tbr May 24. 2(}18+ ~t 9 o'clt~k a.m. At the hearing the Courl m~:, ,~.sue ordt:r~ relating tu the t.-apx', cu,- It~y and control ol- the children. The h~artng ,~,lll detemune tl the purent, si~mld L'w deprived ~pt the, r parental rtghls arvJ Ihc ~ght hp 4.'ush~ ol tht.' childn.',r "l'ke p;ircntq ,~>, alld ~:ny other person ha~,ing I ~l cu tu ly art: rcquln.'O t~, a['4x'ar be[ore thi.~ Cou~ oq ll'~e date and t,me ~hu v,'n. or 1~ li1 ~our '~ritTt.'ll reslmns tO the petition with the (qcrk of Ihe District Court pri~r tt~ th~tl Itnle. Failare to respond tn Io all, ear bei-o~ the ( 'Out1 at the time shown will not pre~ ~t the Coati from entering judg- ment as re,4~sted in the petition, find- In~ that I1~: children are Childn:n in N~.~.'d of CaJ~. removing tile ~:hitdren litlm th~ ~.'u.~h~y Of went- r~rer~b, ~t any other pre,;enl lega~ cuskalian lintil I-anher order ol' the Ctmn ur finding IIw parent~ ullfit, and enlenng an order i~rmanently terminating Ill " rmrents" parental right An attorney has ~:en aplXmtled ax gu;trdianad litem lbr the children: Katie J. Schr~x.h:r. PO Box 591. Beloit KS 6742O. Ph. 78.5-534-12~i You have the right to appear l~tbre the Ct~url and be heard per.~mally. udher ,~ it It, ~t w i thout an at tuntey -l'lk" C-url will ;,plann! an attorney tbr aiL~ parent ,~ho dc',irc-', all atlol-rie~- 13n| I~ linar~'~ally unable It) hm.' ,no-The ('ot.~t ma) ~ d- h:r one or hdh pal'enlh Io ~y cltdd ~up~,n l)al and tIlnC ~1 Ilearlllg: Ma> 2J. 2(11 ~ al '-} ,If~.'l~,k'k I,nl. 'pL a ~'.oi I'r:arlv,~d : 'L'O, uFIT, 'n.q n. J co, el I t ~Oiitit~ (.'O~.l~]HolP, e. 3q|7 N (-Itilltilet" fiaL Mankatu KS ~Y56. .',itarla Bolt~ Nel,on District Magistral,2 Jlidg /.NF.Z 14.2c f. ~r P.rd:',/r~,/,' .u/ .'t/,eH g 3iLII,S .'. lit, h L, ,q ( ,mrs K~,: :d~ Notice ttf Priniar~ t~llgrli4|ll A PlutiaL', l:.le lhql s~tll I~: hckl All~iJhl 7, 21~I~, ('alidld~tlt.'~ hq t~'l h dl.~ lily ol'l-k'.'~ ~ 'll [": qontmated I~? tilth tx*t*ttcal pan) v,h.I'.'tI h;I~, qmth lied h= part~u,pule in tilt.' |h-ill]ar~ I'],: - Iti.I. (}lie canilidale Ibr United Slates Repre~enlall~ . i ~I District One pair td candidates I'or Go~ct- noltlA (],r~s ernor ( )lie caudidale ior ,~c~tary o1 Stitl*.' ()qe andldai Ior Alt.)rl~.'y (]VU I .ll ()~t Calididalc tor Sta%~: 'lrea~urer t }l~ candid~l.c t~ ('t}llUlli',sl~,Incr ~I I n'qll d)l~. ( )ii~." "~ Jildhl,hir," lor .~I"IIC ~ '[Yi~eh l';- Lfln~c. l,ihlh I)t~.lrl,:t ' hie c,lndldalc l~,r State Repo2~-l. talt~e. ](~tth l)tMriet (}tit." ~.'~lrzJtd:ib." Ior L't|itlnl]~Slt)ller I)i~trl~,'l No. [ ( )rtk1 ~ aqdidLltC t't~t" f'tm rl~Izzp (' Ierk .it each I~I~btll (JlR,' i~k't'illt-t (.'t~llIlllltt ll~';IJ-I t~'l" Vduh rll'~ t'nlCl lron~, t.-a.t.h ~,ilft~ (Jilt' I~IVClIWI {"fqllGlllllt.It-W~ t Inldil IVII'h l)r c Lii~l I ronI C;.L~.'il I).ii'?~ [II J c~,llttIl'lflli, 'li'g, ]Ii,'ii." I- I heret,-,u't ~llllehll ~,'.il l)~q - ,tl lhC CiI,~ ol ~vl,ink;.ittL b.JP,- ls Ili]'~ ";lJth d,I) O1 M,irtlt '~.1) 2111.~ Jc~'ll (',iliil} I k'~t :, t)lli,ll /.NI/ 1-1 3~ tFu'~z PM,h,hvd %.r.ure h 2~. 2018 in 77h' .t('~, t'E (',n,et~ ,Ye,'ord~ N4]tic~ to Ureditors 111 lhc l)l,trlt.-I Court Of Jrv, el] C~,|~,lll[) . Kanxd, lll lh~J M;tltcr td lilt.' |:,stale ol('hntiiu R R~."). I!,Ldds, ,i/~a L'hillOll Re) n~,lds. l)t.x:ca,u'd Case No. 20IS.PR.O00011 The Slate oI K~nsas to all wr~ni~ c(,n,'cmed: You are hercb) noutled thai on March 26, 20i g. a Petillon fur Probak. of Wifl and lss,ance vl' Letter, lesta. .lentary was fired in thi~ C'ouft by Daniel C. Reyntdds, Ex~'utor named in the "', Will and Testament of Cli~ton R. Reynolds," d~cea~.d. All creditors of the decedent are noLi fled to e~th ibil the ir dem~d.s against the [{ste.t~ within the latler or Iour nloaths from the date ot'the tir,r puh- hcata:n> of nolic under K.S.A. 5V- 2236 and a nlelv, Jmenl.~ th ~lO, or it'tlte ,dentity of th*~ credilor is known of n:asunabl:, asoe~a/nah.~e. 3tJda)'sat'te~ acn:al nvlice, given a~ p~vidc'd by lag. altd I1 Ihelr de,hands are not thus exhlhlled, Ihe) shall be Ibr*:ver barred. I)am l C. Re)noids, Petitioner Willia,v l Naris. No. O~lT"tU Atton~y al [.~. llg(t2 M Surer, P.O. Box 460 B ll,:~ tile. Kansa~ 66935 Ph Nt~.: iTV;5j 527-2263 l:a~ No.: qT~S) 52%56.t(1 b-mail: ~ nmax/, I C# Alh)rnv~ for I%'liifftner ZNEZ 13-3c [ ~"ir~t t~,hli~hcd.-Xp,'i/.~, 2016" ~*l zhv t~wctI Crmmv Re(#rd) Notice of lleBrialg It, [I)c I)lslri l Cuurl o1 Je~ell ('tki LiltS K a n h.LI.: In the .tvli.itier i,f I he Estale of Far,ttu k ldrls, dou,:a~.od. ,C:Ise No. 2tI'I*I-PR-12 I hc Slate of Ka,sas I(I all per~cm~ Y,~u are I~cr l~)' notified tllat a ['~,~tl" lion h~s heel= filed in tht~; C0tlrl by Christie t.x'e Hanc~;.~ck-JolleS, as the appoi ntoJ Ad mln i t ral ri x of the ale ol-I.arouk Idri% dc'rd,u'a .;O.I, l~',lk County. 'l'ex as.Ca e Nr~.'. ] .n.~ ~ 7.~1" praying forehe dcLenn,inal~n nl (| .--~elit t.[,f the tol. Io~ iilg des= ril~'d real e~t le in )cwell (. lunly. K:,n~as. to- Wll: Part.', ~,I' Ih -t~outlle~IM QUal-lCr q 5|, I'h~q2 (3 ~ Soulh Range '1 cll~ ]|l,~ V," ~j of the ~flh P,M, d '~;Ibetl ;t> t~olltm-: (.'~,~.Hli lh.'Ut~ at ~l ~.~inl Hl.k~. le;.'l Sutdh and i 60 k' l WCsL tit the StmLil- casi ~.t~r,i i ~,lt],h]-.:k 14.Cuf, oll~,l~,qi: Illencc Sultlh 65 tcet; Ihcnc h~l I ~1 reel; th l,c Sot,lh I{5 I-cOl, Ihenc,: W ~t 225 hx't: ih |tCt" N~rtli 150 t,2el: thence l'];r,t ~5 Icct tu the place of hegnming ,nld ('~M).]l|i~.'ii~,'liib' d,[ iI ~)~nt lIKTg I -let ~1"lilh ~ It rhL" "it,llt h.t,'d.M conli:r~,fl [|?in.'k I-;. lU the lol~Ft ,d l-.q~ll. KaliSa~,: theiI~U ~mlh 125 Joel, thence W~ dnd ('olnn~ llt-ln~ ~t J ~ikql 1133 l~t SOuth .kq' the .~|tllhe.iM ~,mer ;,fBh~ck 14. iil t~I "l'.l.ywn Of I"=~h~'lL Kansas; lheJt~.e St~ulh 125 |~el: thell ~ We~;L '25 Ik'el :. llieliC,L" N~dh 125 I'c" 1; Ihe1,1ce l'a'd 22~ IL~I to II'~" placc ,}I Ix'ginning JraL all .k~her p[operly m Ka.t~as. real al~il ~]cr on01, ot iiff~ ~'e,Is lhc, rc, irl. ~ited. Iby dlC decedcm at II~ lime of I dv-,th Y.m are hereby i'cq.i~d Io t :Ilk" ~lFiil 'lhl tlt~.'l) tlett.'il'~'~, Ill '~LIC'fl P,:li- l|Ip|I ,lli~Ir [~'lott.' lie 271h day ol April. 21~lh. -~ lll:tX~ ~fch~ck a.ln ol ~-'.id ~I~ HI .ald l.'.llrl. In lllt" Clly ul ,M,II~kalo. tit J 'v, ll {,+~lU{il.~, Kansa~;~ at h~ I~ Im,C ,||~d plauc ~,~d cause w ill be llvard. Nll~u1.d )ou I,ti~ Illell [m. judg. 11i' 'ul and de~. |Co % I]] brz cuh.'red ill di~ ~ rLir' e tJl~ltl'h P.dlll:ltql. ~-'hl l',|It.- [-'b't." [ [un~~xk IuIlC~ J ~'Cl;It LU t I~ | IL, rrell J "dflM| .%o ~17(~13 I~( I I~L'X ~'1'~ '.'~" ~ 7.' ~ I 2'~ %lt,~rl|~'~ I, ,i I)~,'tallt,llCL /%} / 14 ~ I. Esbon Glen~y, mt" Das e H a~,ting~,a nd l~ t lainy ~,enl to Red Ckmd Io ha~e lunch v.~th ,Amanda llajny and Merle (;~l'~,i. -~c~- eelebraled Amanda'- birlhday. Nick Mi~ner and Kristin ~ving ~ere nlamed Saturday atlc~m al the fantily farm mlr~h of I- '~bon. At- [' 'l~#JiI~,g Ih w~xtding v-ere Barh and Ray Mizner: Kenny. Shena. Halle and Owen Miz~r" Karen and Marly I.ov- ing: Sci|~t. Amanda aiKI "l'inley Lov- irtg. Tiffany a nd Daniel Culling: and Nicotellc Unruh. PaslOI (JelTV Sharp broti~hl ihe irv,:s.~3g to Ihe Melhl~isI-Chri:,lian Church on Snnday. ]']is .~rn~n WilS tilled '~.'heck It Out'" wilh seriltt~ e from Ihc B~k of .l'ohn. Janet Kriley Wtw ided the special, a nice I]O('ln writ- len by Gary K riley com'eming the I~ commandnlcnt, One joy ,qlar~xt ~a~, Ihe g~l d~.'torh, ~pon I-u~' Charlie F, seher. Julnl f lluwship wilh Lhe Calhulic Church followed lhe worship .~,rvic- . Lila Frost attended Lhe Smith Cen- ter track meet Thursday afternoon, Grandsons, Carler While and Hunlcr Stauffer. 9a~ticipated in the rr~.~t. Rex Fischer, Beloit: Richard Fischer. Pate City; and Chad ie Fibber attended tM reception for N irk Mizner and Kristin Loving hem Saturday. Megan Frost, Long lsland. ,~layed the weekend in the Esbon mea visiting friends and family. Saturday event,s Mesas Fnxx~t and Tyler Duskiejoined Rick and Tberes Sho!tz. Co~ordia, for supper at a local restaurant. Sptegel set for NCK All Star game The Erkenbrack Court at Clond CounLy Community College. Concordia is the site of 1he annual North Central Kansas All-Star games. Sunday. There will be sames played in vol- leyhall as weil as g icls and boys basket- hall. Rl~k Hills High School Grizzlies basketball player Jaoob Spiegel was elected for the boys basketball learn. The boys game is scheduled for 3 ~l m~ Colson claims Utle Rock Hi~,ls Itigh Schotd wrestler Z~n Colson compeled wilh Ihe Beloil ~restling club at the Midwcxt Classic Nalional~ woe.qling touroament held at Ih Buffalo Counl}- Fairgrounck, Salurda)- March 31. W~x.stling in uhe t8 and under 160 pound weighl bracket, Colson opened the even*, with a round onede i~ion. In ro~ltd two, he won h', a fall over Tre~t Tietje n, a Superior l-iig h SchoDI Wild- cat. Colson ~'on his .'~mi-final match by decision. He topped offhischampi- onship run with a win hy decision to claim the top spin. Col~n was a om- 0etitor at the state match, RH music students attend regiomd contest at CC C The R~x'k HilLs High School music department lravcled to ,the ,~gional music contest at C|tmd County Com- murtily College SaLurday, where they performed solos and small ensembles. Tbe sludeats and lheir eat ings were: Bayli Dunslan. timpani solo : Sam Tax, k'fa. French horn .~oLo 2: t~mpet trio: Keeg.~an Wagoer, AshlonOsl, Kalie Reinert 2; Emma ReineM, vocal solo I ; Sara "radefa. vocal solo 2; Tristan THE SUPERIO~ EXPRESS 5B -." / l Students who parti~ipatecl in Regional Music cosiest were (lront row. 1tom ieR) Sara Tadefa, Karrigan Ounstan. Kalie Re, inert. Tristan Schmcllel Jenna Martinez. (back row} Jau~y~ Lemke. Keecj~n Wagner AshtOn Osl. Matth=as Hunter. Sam Underwood. Era|lee Wi~elchol. Emma Re|herr and Oayhe I']ur~stan Schindler. vocal solo 2: Karrigan Dunstan. snare drum solo I : Manhia ~ [[unter, vocal solo 2;/enna Martinez, flute ~lo 2; Matthias Hunter. ~nare drum ~1o 2: Katie Rcir~n. trumpet so$o I : Sam Underwood. baritone ,~x solo 1; saxophone trio: Emile Whelch l. Jauelyn L. mk . Sam Und ~'ood l. Sam Underwood, Katie Reinert. Emma Reincrt. Kardgan Dunsla~, and tt~ ,~xo~one 1rio will be attending 01 slal solo and small en.~mhle con- lest April 28 in Hesston. Mankato I By Bonnie Kohn For you superstitious people. 1o~ mrm~w (Friday) islhe 131h. ~ifthing~ go wrong, guegs you can blame it on the day. Sara and Scott Doberer, Wichita, wen Easter guesls of her mother. Coralyn Kau fman. S~o~t ~'mg with the Harmony United Methtxlis~ Church choir-. Dinner guests aLCoralyn's home v,'ere ion and Rosalie Me~n. Emma Menhu~. Dakota WaiSt. S~ot! and Sara I~berer. Easier Sunday, Wayne al~ Ann Han~n ate d~nner al a local haft.eL Ann said they ,~iatized with t~tbe~ in attendance.'; Monday Wayne and Ann wenl out of towit, Last Wednesday Brem]a Enyeart and Elaine Lippo[d visited Lucil Oznlun and Ella Rae Raffeny at Hill- lop in Belo~.t. Saturday Kaylee Jaeobs celelrrated her seventh binhclay at her home with parents. Don and Tori Jacobs, attof her family and most or her cl~,~smale.~ Cake and lee cream were served to her guests and oulside was a pinala filled wilh gtxx!ies. KayLee also had a friend stay o~ertor the l',i~ ht. Tori aid Kaylee had a big ~.x:ken0 and IoI~ of fun. "f~c last Thursday o1- March. Judy Bingham wenl to Salina to ~lt 'nd the relired wildhl.c a~d park td ricers meet- ing. Jtld~ % ?;,on. Dan Heskel. ;ll';o at- tended Ihe meeting IO gi' up~a'te~. l asl Monday e~enmg ~,he attcndcd Ihe Glear~'o:' annu~,l -.alad supper, Sunday, ~,tsi~ing Mary. Powetl were Nancy and Steve Hilligas, Blue Hill. They brtmght dinner and cdebrated Nil~y's birthday. Ac(mple Sundays agolovisit Kenny and Joann Rhea for a fe~ days v ere Joann's daughler. Tonya and DOUR McDonald. and their three boys, Den- vet'. Colo. Keany and Joa~n went to PoLeau, Okla for Kenny' middle daughter Julie's marriage to Bryan Pickle. Kenny said a nice guy and a goral family, Along with giving tbe bride away. Kenny also sang at 1he wedding and played for 1he ",~edding dance. Kenny's daughter. Sandy Albright, Pretty Prairie. sLopped by for a visil after delivering a puppy. SaLur- day Kcnny played at Sulx'rior for Ar'~]d Rc~s's 85th birtl'aJay lmrty. Easler Sunday Alma Zadina was a dinr~r guest of Marly and Vickie 7~dina and a supper guest of Mike and Pat Zadina. Jean Ann Whitaker went to St,ix. tiln and joined t~.ller family nlembers for l'-~,sler dinner at %he home of Amy Wi~lke. Tomorrow ~ I=ridayl Jean Ann has an eye appoinlmcnl at Salina. I.arl~ m the mttming of March 29, Smart and Nicki Vance. Kole. Eli and Ty along wilh A,~hlon ()st and Janis McDill wax: led to San Aut.nia.Te x a.s. to atlend the Final Four NCAA basket- ball games and join Stuarrs parents. I)tvag and Sue Vano:. Janis .~ill 1hey arTwcd in San Anltmk~ 1iced L"AIL ex- eked, I:.ver~,otu.' ~m~ed in a motel on the River Walk and attended many Final Four activities as wel! as the ihrec basketbal! ga|rms.along w ith vi s- iting 1he Alamo and touting the river walk in a river walk boat. Last Tues- day, everyone &oa0ed up early in the rrmming and drove back to Mankato to arrive ~fe and ~mnd, tired and happy IO be home. Sluart's falher. I~lug Vance. is lhe executive director for CoSida (College Spons ]nforrnation Dircelors of Amertcaland wa~ involved in Ihe media~rvicc ror lhc Final Four. Stuart helped io diree[ing and ~'curing media at all th~'e games aad t xmld he found on Ihe baskethall court as the teams enlered and exiled lhe eonrt. Sunday evening Elaine Smilh nnd Fredrica Murphy allended 1he mtt,~,ie. "'1 Can Only Imagine?" al the Ule The- atre. ELaine mid il was a gt~'~l movie and how nic'~ It Ix h| ha~e the movie theawe to go lo. Visiting Doris Alexander Friday ~flcrnoon were Wiley and Bert Alexander. Kansas Cily. Dmis said they were Oti| al the rarm cutli~g trees ml of|he fence tow. A Jew years ago while working at the sale barn a little old Hereford cow wa~ sold and I was walking her down lhe alley to p.-n her. She was walking along ~eal slow didn't act like she would hun a fly, WhlLIn we gol to Ihe pen she stopped about a rtmt 1013, soon UlX] | conldn'l get the gate shut behind her. $o I pUl my handon her rear It~punh her nn in. Well she kicked the gate hack al me. For son~ unkm~wn reason u haS', call' was pl~'L'-d in the pen with Ih;It t>aw. When 1he per~m who pu~ha~d the calf came 10 ~ake ~ catf home 1 told him you wahl to watch that cow be~au~ she kieks~ l-]e Itx)ked at if:it Little old cow just standing in Ihc pen alL calm and chewit,g her cud. Ihen he fumed mound gave me a funny I(w~k an(! w.'2nl in Ihe pen. Sure enough that cow kicked the hccl~ out of him, The ~ying you can't judge a book by ils cover proved line that day. Last Friday Chuck -~aid she tried to get a jab at a heliunt factory, hat was |m~.q~.-,' sslul because Ihey dMn'l ~ike Ihe tOW," td her ~oice ~S~ ~-r'q,E~r5 'L h~,'13eST Oo~,r~ .],~'~,n thf~ comr,rl j.n][y Trig ,~dd a few Cluallty dea.e, to on- ~et'.'~o~k. Carl II~,qL~ Ku~ler Compiny IN:) Box 17411 I~AI IiI McCook. NabraL~ka 69001 www.k.l~wn~com/np THE LEADER FOR FINANCIAL SUCCESS WEALTH MANAGEMENT &TRUST SERVICES CENTRAl. NATIoNAl BANK JESSE POUNDS Vice President & Trust Off'leer (785) 243-8224 [nvestmcnl Services 1-rust & Estate Planning Family Business Solutions - Retiremenl I~]annil}g Contact me to schedule an appointment today. www.ce n rn If you sospecl a natural g~-~ teal leave the area |mme~l~alely. the~ dial 91 I and Call K,~n~a~, Ga~ Serll|Ce a'~ ]-~,-48,~-495~'. :Do- not U58 an~ electrical 0ewce~. sUCll as a light S'al[Crl or ~lreiess phoRe, in lhe area, If yot~ t'eel unexplained heaOaches, d,zz, ness, e~cess~ve persp~ral,on, fat,gue or nauSea, ~heCk y~u, home's cart)0n mon~lde levels, improper c{~mbustl0n in your tumace o[ waler he~te~ Cart cau~ inc~ea~O levels of carbon frlort0xldei wh=cb can result in ~er~Ou$ inlUrY ~ death II "#~u need ?o d,g, Wne~r what's Uelow. ALwayS cell 8~. ] ~I I*v~r~! lW~ full working ~ays t]efore you d,g, e~cavale, oia~t frees or set fence pes~s. TO report a nalural gas leak. 1-888-482-4950 Call before you dig: 811 For more in!armatlom 1.800-794-4780 Kansas Gas Service,