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April 12, 2018     The Superior Express
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April 12, 2018

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8B THF SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thuf-Jdsy, Apri4 12 2018 HonOred at 1he Randell Alumni Banquet were ~e oldest. ~aduales; Don Barrett (left! and Ocie .Loves~, Miller (oenter) Imm the class of 1939. Nove4f, a Flewe~lMg Trtr:le (r~ht) was honoreo as a meml~r of I1~ 75-yea~ mass or 1943. Randall A~mni honored graduates kern the 50-year class of 1967 were (left) Ron Elnifl, Gloria 8hm'nburg Hanson and Aden Folsom. Randall By Fawna Bar:rctt ii Tuesday anti F-rid~y were'bit- ter ~ith Mrong. n~rth~,-cM, dir~ rolli,+~z wind. Thur,;day ~as ,1 bcant,fu~ day and ;nP, qce~e~ ~cdcd Irt The allemmm, Liner Fr ida). xnow t'K g; n t,ll fall with apPr~xinlalcly t~t.; H,c|lCs ~,]=f ~,'hil stuff. Whm melted 'q) Ihe ce- ment was icy. Saturday was also c~dd Sunday w~s ~ cold. with a hil of rai~ in ll's: rooming. By late afteitKmn, the st[in ca~ out and tcmwrature ro ,~' to a decent level. "fhadd I tinkle a~d Dan Danicls v-ill exchange pulpits Sunday morning. Match 30 through April 3+ Leota Clawstm ~'un in Wichita with D~hhie and r.'.'.~'nz]is (;ah~u ay. Ot~r family ~rlcmbklTS pre~'nt v,er Mike and Linda Phm man ;Ind M;l~+ia K~K'h. Saturday wa,~ a pre-~eddin~ shower for Ryau (J=lo~.a) at hin pan nls" home. .ILp~ Ram*,ey. U;in+linc Ram~v and t"av, na Barrel! alt,:ndcd the fitidal shoe, or f =r Julia Miichcll and Micah D~ni ls al rite Jew ll Cht,sti~n Uhurch .~llnd~ ,y ~ lla McElroy cclehrak, d ~'r binl+. day early with ~-'~+ff~-'c a th,: One Stop Shop. F[er cousin, Naomi Flc~ lhng. v,a.~ among the guests. Friday ~,~s her aCloal Mnhday and she a.x'c i~ cd phone calls from ly, tarly e~.'cry I'~mhcr o'~ her l'~m ilv. Visitors were Marli and Way,c McE]'my and Jenny Flavin. Salurd:~y. Aiya. N -~ and Kane Kciede~'r mt.;'~ CO inlo Ihe h;).Wm~.' rd ~.ff her parcnlx" ~R~.ecr and |hmnic her ~h~lm~ ~mfine N'eck ha, pleled his iYn]fl:,n ~.u'r" loL" a~ut both have jobs in the ar .'~ v, hi~.'l| mill : i;.l~ ~{1~n. Jan McC~dhmgh and stm'~ other wumen allended a pn xl~'tion ol"'l'uck Everlasting'" Saturday in Salina. Marilyn hwrg and Barbat~ Oplin~cr were al.~o at Ihc play. Lasl Tu~ ~lay. ('lilt VclIcI ",'i~itc'~d wilh EiaiRc and Dan J'~:lcrs, Salurday Elain~ accon+p~nied St. John's music .students t(~ the m++vml music Conleml Two stu(~nts qualihc6 for slate, to he hckl April 28. That evening, Elaine, Dan and Nancy Bu~rt~k CliffVetlcr Io a movie. Sunday. Elaine k~ok her (tad to church. They met Dan. I~ke Peters and his Bir|friend Gz.r lunch in Beloil. Dehhie 5colt was an Easier week- end gue.~t of her dad, Alan McMillan. Tbcy attended the alumni banquet Sal- u~ay evening. -l~ur~ lay. Fawna Ban-~tt received a +hone ca!l announc+ng the hinh of a baby boy for I~ r g~at-gramldaughlcr. A,~h~,::c'. in Virginia. Auhrec's mum ~s D~hh, ic Ba~,l Bogerty, the daughter of Bru~ Barrett, who is the proud grcal-grandad, They hadn't nam~I the little tykc wh=n he called+ J Jtorm, z By F'awna ]Barrett Wh~ did thc culendar .say it was Sprhqz'J "flare have I~ '~.n two snows t'nis sprin~ and the we~ll~r changes like kids bohbin~ for al~lcs. From 80~ one day to 15 de~x s thb; ucxt mom- i ~Lt. A~KI)' can~ a~jusl to such fluc- t+,i3t k.;n. "]'he o~tdtm.;rn calln t~: ~al~'l)l,'ll~ and onu' such fellow said his slarb.~.l tO,ll~.l~,| pl.:ml.', had dropwd their heads R+ 1t1 =r,LUi;t.rJ. Olhcr~ fear fur Ihe I~O- nic, xCi+c~- I1+ '~ hod emerged, unle+s ~.ey arc sl;=~l lucked under Ih~ leavc.~ lik~ those at this home. l:rud Irc ~, arc anolher concern. O,~ clcw r IX+~on n;,n',e~ this sea- son. %printc r.+' crcat ilrl~ a- fil'[h scastm. Ah ~,ell, we ~ ill cndurc and it will v,am~ if we can hang t~n [oour hats and p,in I~Ir- .ccE,t~. Burr OakBy Renita Volkcr r l~lcd 4Ochildrcn aRendcd the BurrOak l-'a.qcr c~g hunt held last Saturday. Dais) and H ud ~on [ucker and "]'uff { Y C,)nncr. Tope ka, wC~,~'~-q C r ~ee k - eraJ ,isilor.', of Cody. Rcni~:a, M;aliC arm Bclla Vo]ker. lhc Bun-Oak Fire Dcp;,r~mcne had Ih=~'ir monthly rneetiu~ h, nq W~'dn ,d a.', at Ihe fire h~LL A suRx'r ol~,~cct and hcan~, rchsh tra} and cake v, u~ ,~cd to 15 ~,l~.ntccrs. Atlcadi-ng v, ercJoha Tucker. Gel|;.= I.lmlcrv,(~;-M. J,m l ]arrls, Mike Harris, Tom Han%.C(~t.~ Volkcr. Kurl Warrelmann. Quentin t'ndcr- v,-+x.x[. Tim Wame r. WMI Wilson Dave Beldeo+ Scotl Yclkrn. Sit';e and Tammy Cosand and Chcr~l Hillman. jc~ica Barr~ It[x.;k{'he~ I Hillman and her dog. B(~. to StiT, crI~r tc- cendy where Bt[~+l, had a cl'~,c ku p ~ Ith Ihc w.q. Pas~ur Gcrta' Sharp opeitcd the Unile~ Mc Ih(~3 r,t Church ser~ ~ce Sue+- day nloming w~'lh announcem,'nl', ,'# c ~.mfng cvenI.~. ].nhn '~0 19-.:.I ~a'. ehe scriptu~' rc:' d :,n,d the s~'Jh.I,L'cT Ot Ph me,~sage. Mike l)(+nk.'~ pre~'ntcd a .~lX, clal alwrdl "-(}nd'~ ( ;arden ' Jm, and Co,temp. wcTe g,'ven by IhP ~.c+n~rc~ tion. f=elh=w,;hip wa~, h~+,ted hx Pet And r,~m. Brynicc Mannrn~ %~.a~nah BaRN PHONE 785-378-3283 .rnitnre 49 Yeors of providing YOUIq home fumishlng and flooring needs We C:~C~ ~ 2 mon~. ~o ~ntere, . Vho end Moodoy - Frkk]y 9 o,m. - 5:30 p.m. c;ecl,~" 13;on MmterC~ml ,~c~u~:Im/ 9 a,m+ - I p,m, .+'- ~-E E:',~'~ ~ ) -Aft~ houm by appt.- t[~.t+ 3~5 N. Centrol Ave SuDefior. LNe~ ~2-870-331 b == Warr lmann. Joh, Garman at~ Penny Turner joi~'d Richad Cox for the children's message st 11" Chdstia~ Church Sunday mom:'ng. Richard's mcs~g for tit< adults was "Prayer, Passion and Pmciammion." The ~- le~e~ ~dl~are reading w~ Acts 4: 23-33. We all n~d God's power inour lives. On ear own, w~ just can't make i,t. Them am many mentions in scrip ttb-' of the disciples prayins. Wc are admoni-qled to pray without ccssing. "Fae mo~ we pray, the heifer we get at i+. Ju.m as with art thin+s that am impm'- taut to us. practice at praying becom, s 'belIer ~cr~,p[u.11~ also e~ouragcs us to have a pa,~sion for o~h~r~. When we l~c-m an=that, t~ F~>fcssion of our faith is IrL, . ~O tvMimony prvache a lo'~ tlv a s ~hen we show our tw.c ~ (kvJ ~nl~ e, ds us to do. Pn~laimin~ Io ~he ~,orld d'~." ~;Iory of salvation through jcsu~ L' anolher si~zn t[)f the ~>wer of (]t,J. in our 10,cs. We all ~a~,e acce.~s to that p, sv, e~ and we can plug Jn to it through the I~wer of the tloly Spirit with pra)~'r, passion and pm,L'lama- lion. Ka.~.'y Ord and .S+eff~n B arr~+. Red ('loud. wcrc lunch +costs or- their g~.mdparents. C~;iff and Glenn)' Barnes. at a RL'd Cloud rcslaumn[. On the way home. Cliff ~nd Glc~ny s[opp~.',J for a hncf visil wilh Jell altd Diana Oral and Keller On.l. Eighteen people all.~ftcJer | Ihe first n'.~eling It[) l',c~in p)anning Hu~ ()ak'.s 501h birthday celebration. "]'he meet- ing was Iteld at the community cenlef Su.nday Ta'mmy Co.rid ;tnd'Jcssica Bam~,s conducted tiz+ meeting. It ,~ a~, decided to ha','e the t~'lchratton June 4- 6 in 2(12 I A ~r~at re;m) Mea~ ofactivF l ic~, for Ihece]ehration ~ t~' ',U~ gC',tcd. SOnlr = ~.~.'l,V|tlC~ ",ug~u~,ted u, crc ~ ~k. rad,mft ~nd ~utlq xhom. car ,~hovu, fc~x.l and olher V,L'ndor~ k,ds" a~.-ti~- I~c~. horse sh(~conlesl, mus=c thr,:~u~l+- o~1 Ih day Saturday. beer ~.arden. fun rnn and ~-'slk. heard COl'LIg'Sl. ~"]r 'a mar- k l. II 'P,';I", decided It) ha~,e a ~.'ontest for rcat,tl~ a dc,i~n for T-shi~s. Designs a~ In ~ subntJllcd Io ~ill+ct -I'amn+y ('~s;ind orJcssica Barnes by ntid Otto. l'~'r at Ihc latcsl. Planning meetings wdl he held cvcr~ other momh bcgin- nin~ Jnne I0 at .~ p.m, at the commu- nit) center. A Faccl~ook fmgc callcd l~urr Oak I ~I~hAlongthc W;qitc Rt~k has been created atY J can bc a ccs~d b~ an.vonc imen:slcd in keeping ~p With plans. An),or~ can ~,IIcnd meet. inns help ~ ith z~ planning of t~ns ~lcbro.fion. Aiiv'ndtn~ lhr" n'!.r 'et,l.;g were Penny T~rner. (;Ioria .~'hl.~fll. Edith Ayn~s, Fern Reed. Enn Buyer. Cheryl Hillma.n, Walt and Peggy Wil- sea, Judy Doal y, Sue Tucker, Kun arid Jmlnifcr Warmlmann. R~.-nila and Cody Volkcr, Cliff awJGl~nny Barnes, Jessica Ban'~s a.ra:l Tummy Co, and, CI~'~I Hillma, Cliff and Glenny Barnes atlcadcd the nz~,'i + 1 Can Only Imagine+" at tl'm Uk' Theatre in Mankato Sunday evening. They said it is an cxccllcm film and wa ,; well ~r t~nd~cl ~n tkc evening they went. Je:~'fica Barn~, BrynK"~ Manning. Chei~t Hillmmt and Glenny Barnes attcadcd the spring salad supper host~ by the Mankato Christian Church Gleancr~ last Monday evening. Just a mmirx]cr to all Burr Oak and White Rock alumni that rcservatiom an: now I~ing taken for d'~ 201 $ alumni banq-t~t and can be made hy contact- ing Cheryl Hillmao. Ads have been placed in this newspaper and will con- linr~ toapp~ar a few more limes. Tick- ets am $15 as in past year~. The ban- quet will be held Saturday cvcning, May ~6, l~ginning with a m~oal hour aad r~gi~mti0~ at 5 p.m. a~ the rncal at 6 p,m, The women of the United Met~.mlist C~urch will on~.~ again ~-a- '; r the meal. The committee for the Tho*~t~t A~.t, ~2 2C18 hanqucl this year is Marilyn Jcffery and Vycke Garman. "['tlo.',~ who are #anning [o attend are cw:oura$cd to hriqg a .%%~ ia f mc mory of their days in school to han~. ii i ii ewell .y SSa oT +. , C'owu .tio=~ to last w~k's items: The Palmer Museum commiltee will m ct, April 18, not April "~$, a.s I reported last work. Sorry about the mistake. MkffaGrilleth ncturr~d home from Mitchell County Ho.~ital [ast Wednes- day. Arlela Carlton returned Io Mhcl~ll County Hospital l"hur~day. M~ilyn Griest fell in Mankam last Tue~ay and was taken by ambulae~'c to MitehellC~m nty Hmpilal whe~ she stayed ~ntil FHday afteme, on+ ~,he~ she rammed h~me. A wedding s~v,~r was hem at Ihe Christian Church Sunday afterm~m in honor of Micah Daaiel.~ aad ~t~lia Mitci-,cll. Julia's parents, Bob and Mic~cllc Mitchell, her grandmolher. Micah's parenls. Dan and Gaye Daniels, his grd ndnvother. RuthCunis. Smilh Center, and his sister. Hannah. wcre amon~ the guesls. Jewel! Christian Church hoard will meet Sunday aL I p.m. Vi~itc~ lasl weekend of Marilyu Griest were Ja='~n, Jessie and Jen~n Eden, Sharon Tullar and Marsha SI ate. Trinity Uni| d Metl~alist Ch0~h o:lebmlc~l communion, conficmation and baptism at their regular Sunday worship ~r' ice. Six young I~ePle, David Ulcary. Ashtyn Kni~zht. I u ndy n Knish1. A~hlyn Lt~mi~, Mathew Rice and Ahtx.~y Schleifcr. had I:tken p'atl in a i(l' u.'etk confhrmaLiOn ctas~. Cody Clca~,' Lt~k par[ in lh cl~ ss ['~L wa-s ill and uuablc to a+lCrM the .~cvic~. Fam- ily mcmlx.'r~ were encouraged to lay hands on the y~ulhs as they we~ on- finTCd into Ihe la~er cho~h family. Music wa.~ pmvid~ by Erin Burks. She .~aug"Blcs.-~d Be The Name" and was accomp,~icR hy J an McCullou~h~ Ashlyn Lm~mis r~ad tl~ scripture. Communkm was se~'ed by Matthew Rk'e. Abbey Schlcifer, [andyn Knight and Ash[yn l+~71.1~ ~71.16 $~2.0a9.7~ $I~285.~ ~,336.78 $1,16L88 $t.173.1/ $t.I~.91 $17,56~.35 $14.Bt7 54 '$.14 0(~' 55 *t.337.80 ~o~,~$,~ ~7,~ t~ $~.253.56 $~2~ 56 G,E,~rai Jan St 01.35765 Fel~ $24.814.2t Mat e'~.5.7 ~6 21 P~gt I,l .nall~, Jan $9. ,154g Feb $3,965:03 Mar. ~6.1~6.72 Apptz~.m Jan ~,0~5 31 Feb. ~.~54.02 I~u. $,14,94 & Bn~e Jan. $70,6~.~ Fd~. S45,002- ~0 Mat. ~,8S9.~ t4000~L~ We~ Jan. $1Zt2.~1 Mat, $I.t 10.80 .~ Wa~[~ Jan. $7,6 J7 ~,~. t~ar. $tG.~t ~0 Jan. $11,154,62 FWo. $7,310.90 Mar. ,~ Z79.91 End I~'~1~ Jan St 17.378.00 Feb $ I~. $95,7"/7,7~ ,IWC 9+ 1 Jan. ~.I 14.~'~ F~t+. S1.~L73 Mar gt.1;~0.r~, P~'y'K~ CIt~ Jan $1,466 91 SAFE PK~ ~ $~,16 ~0 Feb S1160~ Arab Eq~l~ Fel). ,~.671.0~ Vend,~j I~ch Jan ,~O.12 Cap Irr~m~ Jan $40.00D 0~ T0ta~ SZ.Z32.?96 36 Coumly ~te~s off