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April 13, 2017     The Superior Express
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April 13, 2017

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M~,nds E~On 16 Pa, g~ Two Seclio~ Plus Supplements Our 118th Year, No. 15 Mayor opposes expansion of cityhall Monday evening members of the Superior Cky Council ruled in pro- teed with a s~immed down city office building renovation plan, But thedeci- st, on did not come quickly nor before Mayor Son.ia S-chmidt threatened to veto a propose expatiation nf the cur- rent building. The mayor totd tke council il is not prudent nor necessary to enlarge the building and pledged to fight a pro- Posed expansion every slep of the way Beforethe meeting adjourned mem- bers of the council voted unanimously to proceed with a plan to make the current bathrooms in the city office building compliant with federal acces- sibility rules and to adapt a current store room to be used as an office tbra proposed economic development di- rector. The store room located near the front oflh building will have a door and window added. Mike" sComtructionexpccts toslart on the remodelling work in earl)' Jure. The project cos! is exr,~cted to be less than $30,000. The remodelled bath- :x>oms will at~o qualify as sate rooms for ~he buiiding's oceul0~nts at times when a tornado is possible. Atan earlierctranei| meeting Mike's Construction was asked about the .cos[ of ex pa riding the building.Those prices were not available Monday. I n other action., the cot,tneJ~ approved a request from Sure/or Pharmacy to add an awning Io the building m 348 Central. Before granting permission, council members asked, "'h, it Victo- rian?" Permissi, on was granted with the stil~llalion that the awing have a Victorian appearance in kL~ping with the dt~wntow~'s historical charaeler, Before adjourning Monday, the council was told the contracto~ re- sponsible for this summer's ~,~er slip lining and the replaeemem o[ a water line plan to begin moving material and equipment in on Monday, The Superior Express Member of Nebraska Press Association and Nalional Newspaper Association Official Nuckolls County Newspaper Ill I I tSSN 0740-0969 O 2017 Supedor Publishing Company. Inc, All Rights Reserved Superior. Nebraska 68978 ........ Karen RoIhloSS. a member of the Superior Parks and Cemetery Board, petals tO a place where the Lincoln Park l.agoon'S slaoreline .is eteding into the pond, The eroding shortline has redu(;~c~ the pond's depth and reduced ~he pond's su=tabilqy as a, li$1~m~) spol for Supenor youngsters. This week Christians around the world are celebrating not only the crucifision of Jesu_~ on what has come to be known asG~3d Friday but histriumphal resurrection the following Sunny. Of all the world's religions= only the Christian religion i~tmi!!.amu Wl. tke ~..rreeiion of i!s principal leader and teacher. Open Bibles. crosses and palm branches have all come o symtxmz me unit,st,an values sis nation was foumled upon. Most area churches will be or hLave held special ~rviees to. mark the Easter Holiday. Several. will hotd sum'ise services Sunday morning. Price 50 Natiolal 16 Pages in Two Sections 1 Thursday, April 13, 2017 Superior schools will add summer feeding program Monday evening, the Superior Board of Education conducted buff- ne~ with four board members la'e~nt: Jason Jettsen, Matt Sulli,~an. Matt Barges and ~[amy Sullivan. '~ey ac- cepted the immediate resignation of Danx:n Wilier. whohas n'mvedto Texas and Peggy Meyer wax abser,. Within the next 45 days. the board expects to appoint someone to filJ Willet's Ixrsi- lion. Matt Sullivan. president of the board, said the budget and finance eom- mittee would serve as a search com- mittee for a new board member= Supt, Chades lsom reposed the school phns Io establish a summer feeding program. Any youngster be- tween the a~esof I and ~' 8 years of age may come Iv the school tonal between 1:45 am=and I p.m. Monday through Thursday at no charge. If adults want to eel. they will be ~:h0-rgcd the current adult meal charge. Plans ace to start the feeding_ program June 5. "We wanlto try the pr0g~tmY Supt, l~nt said. "We think we need it. Ph*s it will ue into the summer ,~'hool pro- gram. It will m~lly fund i~lf. We get rimhu~ed $3.80 per meal, My big- nest concern is we will not have enough participation. We have to stay within the Federal fkaxt Guidelines for ~'hool lunch, but it doe~ not require uxtooffer a choice bet~.een two emcees during Ilk' sumrm.'T like wc du during I he ~ht~l year. During Ihe meeting. Jason Jen ~n.a board meinher, reporled he has Ihre,e beef animals scheduled to go to the pr~.'essing planl on Ju~y 10. In addi= lion to the tlttitaled animals. S8.3~) ha.,, been donated by area res:=dents to prig- vide Ideally rai.~d and fed beef for school lunch. To be eligible, the beef for school lunch committee want,; the animals to he grain feed For ~0 days and they have requesled the seltt~+l t~t boi,t the beef+ Matt Barges, also a board member+ said, "We have had a good v.~.'cption from :he community," lenses added. "We are gmleful to the c~mmunity members for their~;up- porl. During pt=blic pan ic ipatiuv. J a~tte board. She reported she has three daughters who atte~ Superior public schools. She said she haddisc assed her concerns with Bob Cook, pnncipal. She prai_%'~ Cook as ~n administralo{-. However, she referred toschool policy and asked it he followed or removed. She referred to a situat.~on where a girl hk another in the face. The ir01iey -'*talL'~ that b~th girls would be sus- pended+ b.owever only one thai hit tJ'l~ other was s~pended. The incidem wax captured on video. Brennaman said. "'What the video did nol sho~ wa_s vic;im picking o~ the other girl for day~; prior to the event nor did it shay, her bragging thai she did not get sus- penred after the e~'em.'" "'It i~, Mghly un]ikel~ a girl will slug aitother in Ihe face withont heing pro- ~'ukcd.'" B~nnaman .~id. "My daughter did t~ot ,ant mc tu ~,peak h) the board of edncalitm ah=ut this matter. She said. +Mont. it won't du any grand. They won'l dv anything and all thai v.ilt hap,pen ix thai v.e ~x ill get another I--clan:. I am son3. ,~he fc'cb, Ihi~, u, ay." "q do nt)l ha~,e _,,oMtion, bu~ ant .,impl) asking ~ polio} be folh)wed. I ~ant the bo;Inl lu think a~Jt.I h.'" 1-~ I'e nl I;llnalt t:on hyJed_ Buslne~,_'~ during the int._~ting ill. iutlcd approving- March expenditures of b4",r|l.'4_~ ] _42 from the gencnll fowl A bid I/'oln Nexq'ex of 558,8L~5 was ;ippm,,ed Ior the mstalhuitm of v, ire- ~dl be pro~ ided v, ith federal fund~|ap In ~JLSll ix=r sludenl}= The _~'hool is ;i,,kmg I or 8 1 acres.-, F~i~ts. The principals" reFn~rts oriln;~ril.~ fix:used t~tt (Nebraska St;tie Accounl- ahilit3 ~ NcSA ]-esti,lg. [he [cstin~ x~. 111110,,,, nm~, Imm .March _.2(2 throt,gh .Ma,, 5. ~t~.ldc~'lts m ~riide~ thn.x~ through ,:i~lt~ ,~ ill I,;ikc wading :twl math tes~. Grader, tL~.e and eight ~ ill Vailicipate in th,L' .",K.'icnce le>t~,. A mock tornado dv.ll was held March 29. All lemcmarv stunt qty, awJ stall'can into a fortified ~mt n,:ar the e le,nentary gy m ha.sin m wh ich d~ s not have windows. Junior and ~,enior high students primarily ~_o int(~ t ar,ou~ tit the theatre. Supt. |sos will ~vcrsee the sum- rrv2~" driver's education training. Some of the training will be dor~ by simula- tion in Keamey. He i~ certified to teach zhc course and w i~1 SUl2~F"-rise student dn~ inn. sortie of which he plans to do .t Kearne.~ on the illl,,.,~laI and in tb.. c,~ ',, tr,tffic. Bob (.~xtk. junior a~d ~enior high ~clk,,t print=pal, retained the student ouncd had ~'ai.sed "3406.32 w =th a coin ~ar The ,none? v.i]] av, i..I ~'=tdirlg a Neh,"4~,ka 'v't111a~ Vctdrazl on an Honor Fhght I~ Washm~ton, D.C. in Juz$c. C~mmutev n." ~,,n- v,,:n., shun. The ,-~,l]i~.~ric;J, iil~tll f,Dlnl]]lllec v, ab ti) Ineet Illlllleditr, tt~.'1~ t'oIIt',~ mg ll~' b'L~':ffd metq- inn. The hulldglg'., ,lI~-~ ~rtmntl,~ ~mt- itlilte I'e-':td .a hm.,2 h'4L ol nem'~ beinp dtnl~ah.,rcd :[(q' ~.ulttlller pro]~2fls. Tub Drohmma sells his Massy Harris tractor collection.' Nuckulb, CoLmty h:e, one ]c's'; tour- ~t attractkm kxla). Tub l)rohman's ont,4andqng col [eel u)=~,~:IM as~e} .Har- ris tractor*, and an, sorted memorabilia v=a~ ,~oM this u=ek al public auctitr~. -M~re them ~)tr~ctor~ litled the Ruskin .~l:lilt Slrect as the auction begun Sat- urda~. B'idder~ came from ;1~, 1',3r ww;t) as (.'aoada. In n.-ccnt ,,ea~ ~,isitorr,; from all m cr the I:nited State~ and other counties. Itad been making the tr,p to Ruskin to ~ee Drohman's collection a hich he had be~:n willing to show. The coth.~'tion was hound i~ ~,veral Ruskin buildings including the former John IX-ere dealership huiding which had I~:n painted and decocaled to ~.'- ,,:ndqe a Mas.~y dealership from the 1050~. The collection included many umque items. Drohman has been rec- ognized by collectors as an authority on Ma~.,,ey Harris tractors. Druhman aml mem'r, ers of his family attended the ;it=orion and vialled with the coitec- tor~ attending_ ,nan~ of which have Brennaman. addrcs.~od the school restl~y..l:01 and It~.'kr" rt~nl'~ |u ;idditlt~n ~,tterl hi.. I riend~ Ihnt~:ghout, Ihe .~ears. Park pond again Nelson Club presents original filling with mud Iltc -~Ulx'rior Parks and Cemetery. Board cunlmues In struggle with what to dr:, ~, its ~ hat Ion.ned3 wasa swampy area. acros.~ the road nocLh of Lincoln Park-, pin} ground. 'fh,: I~.txm hi Linc,oln Park was