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April 22, 1993     The Superior Express
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April 22, 1993

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t vels or junior varsity ~:~_'sty place(1 fifth " " " ~~fir POints. The f.~.~01.uli~inFffth.Franklingirls!i~ill sca~" ~oys title with 251.5 this corn could become engulfed Rock in the grain and suffocate. ~lthe girls' win- T,oo often, farmers ~ink "it .5 team points, won t happen to me' when first for the working in a grain bin, but it :m the 100 hurdles does. Never work in a grain bin in a time of alone and never when anything mechanical is running in it. A1- his12:11.9 ways wear a safety harness the 3,200. Jake when entering a bin. Always in the pole vault have extra helpers on the outside Tracy of the bin in case you need help. the triple The weight of grain is so great 1'6.75. Duncan that even if someone is in it up ~with to their waist, the individual can't be pulled out by just one 5'0 in person. take fouth place. Dormant Pruning of fifth in the Trees and Shrubs of 33'7• Late winter usually has a few Hughes spring-like days. Take advan- tage of these warm days and Fro- team of Duncan, ish up your pruning chores. and Miller ran Pruning deciduous trees fifth place,while they're dormant allows medals at you to see the plants' structure , unobscured by leaf cover. the distance A few trees such as birch, ran the 3,200 in maple, and walnut will "bleed" excessively if pruned during the ,600 by finish- winter or early spring, and Hiatt was should be pruned only in full hurdles with a leaf. The time to prune flowering shrubs is determined by the time of bloom. Spring flowering track shrubs such as forsythia and es 3rd spirea bloom on wood grown the previous season. Prune these girls shrubs immediately after bloom- m action at theing. al last Sua~u'ner or. fall flowering away shrubs such as buddleia, hydran- with 101 pointsgea and beautyberry bloom on was in a tie current seasons' wood and can ending be praned either after flowering or in early spring before new alley team had one growth. and Alfalfa Variety Selection show- The alfalfa variety will affect broke the production throughout the life of Her the stand. Since more than 200 to break alfalfa varieties are on the mar- ll.5set ket, today's selection is more i: / Six-year-old Lisa Moody receives a big kiss from her four-year-old brother Paul. Born prematurely, Lisa was not expected expected to live. Though faced With many health problems she had developed into an active youngster. @ Thursday, April 22, 1993 Lisa's brain• The tissue was caus- ing spastic electrical impulses to ably never be a ballerina, or con- be sent to muscle receptors and cert pianist or baskethall play:r those impulses were not able to be but that is just reality for Lisa." correctly processed into move- That's not to say Lisa doesn't do ments. The neurological testing her best to keep up with her peers. confirmed the diagnosis of Cere- Herfavorite school activity isplay- brat Palsy. ing in the house,where she throws Four teams of doctors deter- "radical parties and invites the mined the youngster was a good entire class. "I play morn and candidate for an experimental and cook and clean", Lisa said. She THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 5A have been institutionalized be- cause it Was believed those~with Cerebral Palsy were rct~ded. Today she is able to live a normal life," Mr. Moody said as Li sasom- ersaulted through the living t~m asking everyone towatch her new-- est trick• The Moodys are thank- ful advances in medical tec!mol- ogy will allow doctors tO better risky procedure known as aLower enjoys getting dressed up mad put- treat Lisa arid others With Cere- Lumbar Rhizotomy. Doctors ting on make up for her parties, brat Palsy, i. o : would open up Lisa's spinal col- After school, Lisa likes to play The M0ody~s moged t'rom umn and cut out hyper message in the park across the street from Sutton to Superior l~t,summ~r receivers leaving the good ones to the Moodyhome withotherneigh- when Mr. M~xly becznne the c fire correctly. Lisa would have borhood children, ementary principal for the Supc- better control of her muscles but Though small for her age tests riot Public Schools. Mrs. Mood, the surgery would force her to shownodamagetoherbonestruc- has retained herjoh in the Sut:on relearn even basic movements• All lure. The family hopes "she will school system and commutes of her spinal column was affected take off and grow." She ha.5 just daily. The Moodys have three by the surgery, leamed to put her teg braces on by other children; Jessica 11, Mel- This surgery was not some- her self which was a big accom- issa 10 and Paul four. thing the Moodys entered into plishrnentaccordingtohermother. blindly. "Wecarefullyresearched "She is very proud of that," Mrs. the procedure," Mrs. Moody said. Moody said. Franchis.~ng Week Proceeding with the Rhizotomy The Moodys agree raising a April 19 through 26 is bci~g was a tough decision to make be- handicapped child has been a chal- observed as national franchisi cause of the dangers of paralysis lenge. "You just get over one week•Therearenow550,000fran- and death. Following the surgery, hurdle and you think its going to chise outlets in this ,country ~d a "she had no strength", according be smooth sailing and then all of a new one opening every ,1,6 m3~- tO Mrs. Moody," she had to start sudden there is another one," Mr. utes. One of those franctfise own- fromscratch."Withtherapytwice Moody said. Legal battles with ers, Bobl~rapp, Superior, said, a week and daily exercise at home, insurance companies, quarrels "Franchisi:~g offeredme easy en- Lisawassoonabletogainstrength with health care providers, nu- try into business ownership. 1 which enabled her to sit up, crawl merous trips to Omaha and Hast- didn't have to start from scratcl~ [o andeventuallystandandwalkwith ingsfortreatments,andjusttrying buikl my ownbusines,s." the aid of a walker• to carry on a normal household Since the Lower Lumar and job while caring for Lisa's special needs has proven to be time consuming for the Moody family but it has been a challenge they are happy they took on. "Twenty years ago, Lisa would Rhizotomy was such a risky and experimental procedure at the time, the Moody's insurance com- pany refused to pay for the Lisa's surgery. The family filed a law- suit against their insurance com- pany the day of the surgery and it is still in litigation. The Moodys expect the case will soon be re- solved. The Rhizotomy cost the Moodys $14,000 and it would have been more if Lisa had not made a quick recovery and left the hospi- tal sooner than expected. The Moodys agree that Lisa was one of the lucky ones• Her thought processes were unaffected when the oxygen loss left scar tissue on her brain. Although she can't walk long distances without failing and has a limp, she is doing well in her kindergarten class and has a good attitude• Mr. Moody said his daughter Folks who think they must always speak the tr, uth, overlook another good choice-- silence., ' ' boys' individual seed price and service from your her to deliver her children before Lisa's care. The doctor has cared jump-2, dealer. mderson, And what about the higher reaching a full-term pregnancy, for her ever since. When Lisa was Lisa was born at 28 weeks gesta- well enough to come home, her quality or multiple leaf claims in tion rather than the normal 40 at first outfit was a Cabbage Patch rag-l, Anderson, some advertisements? Alfalfa Methodist Hospital, Omaha, and Kid doll dress, tter father remem- DeJoyia ,, , . ,,. 103'2;6, varieties do differ in quality. Ke- rushed to near by Children's Hos- bets, she s~amm ~t. put-5,search at the University of Ne- pital. ' Lisa's next battle came at the braska and other states prove At2poundsl0ouncesandll a~e of three months when she was that. But dKferences in crude mrdles-2, protein, digestibility, fiber con- inches in length, less than the diagnosed with colitis. A length of a ruler, Lisa's life hung eolonoscophyrevealedhugesores Anderson, tent or relative feed value among in the balance. On her first night in the baby's intestines. Those ldblade,'team°f complexToday ~ans topSeVeralalfalfaYearSvarietiesag°• Lisa Moody was born Thanks-' had to be surgically inserted to had so many medical probll~ms is ahard worker andhas had to gOthrough a great deal of pain to ~" ~