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May 5, 1983     The Superior Express
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May 5, 1983

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2C THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thursday. May 5, 1983 13 Popular Sizes Big car, small car, or inter- mediate Chances are your size is sale priced, and it's a whitewall. rain: You'll appreciate the confidence this steel belted radial delivers .. ,nile after mile after mile. Custom Polysteel Radial has earned its reputation as the tire that "keeps its feet even in the Put a set on your car, and save with number one -- Goodyear. Fits many models o! Cheveue Colt Omni ESCC3Tt | vnx HOIIZOIt 1-1 (R}O Dat sun ttonda Renault loota Vulksw a~len P155/80R 1:3 Whitewall plus $1 ~:,0 FE.I. r',o trade ne(~de~A P205/75R 14 $61.00 P215/75R 14 $64.00 P225/75R14 $67.00 .... P205-/-75Ri 5 $65 .~ P215/75R 15 $66.00 P225/75R 15 $69.00 P235/75R 15 $74.00 Plus $1 .%0 to $2 % t:E T. no trade nt-.~:ded Sole Ends Soturdoy, April 30 Every Wrangler All-Season Radial Now In Stock On Sate 3r hrough,,~alurday, April 30 All Se~ason. All Terrain, All Wheel Position, All Goodyear. For you Pick-up & Van, Inspect aM IOU! thes. collect a#l p~essme - ~ o~ Peal wheel casth~, catnip, ar~ toe to I~oge~ al~t * |it~(',ct Susl!~ltslo,~ ~ st~tMllt~J 5ystlBtl~s Most U.S C~s and tmpo~s with adlustaJole su~gton Includes ltO01 Wlle*et d~Ve ~tt~. ~ t~UCkS al~ Cal~S ,e- QUNInQ MacPhef~ StIU! 13,olzrl}cltO41 extla. Part:-; ariel tlolonal se~loes exUa II IIIB~(jI~ LIFETIME ALIGNMENT $48 WARRANTF-[} FOR AS LONG AS YOU OWN ]HE CAR //d~TI~S AINIID ~qFtEOClr "rlE~IMS. AUTO SEIRIVIK~E~ IN~T ~V~IL~IILIE ~,~ IrrAJ~RE D LIDC~k'r l~@4 B Camber and in Setting) Installed Drum Brakes P I 10-40W Major Brand Installed all Superior, Nebraska 402-879-4771 Hebron, Nebraska 402-768-6204 Minden, Nebraska 308-832-1880 Deshler Tire 402-365-7635 t o Door ob i THE q (! H /'C t "%-= Nuck[}lls County Home Extension Agent =-_ )lt/t/] ~'cE-'Az~lnstituteof Agriculture and NaruraI Resource$--- ~ ~-- I Q. HOW big 1~ =.. e..: " have to be befot'e pay 'qzheritance A. There are Sewing Sleeves When we think of sleeves when sewing, we usually think of set-in sleeves. However, there are three basic types the homesewer may work with: kimono, raglan, and set-in. The raglan sleeve, popular Lecanse of its easy fit, is often considered to be a type of set-in sleeve. The raglan sleeve is created by a diagonal seam that goes from the underarm to the neckline. The shoulder curve is part of the sleeve shape and is created by a dart, seam or gathers. Shoulder shaping must remain smooth and natural for best appearance. For the best fit, stitch un- derarm seams of the sleeve and bodice. Then, set the raglan sleeve into the garment. Reinforce the underarm with a second row of machine stitches one-fourth inch away from the first row in the underarm sleeve allowance, between the notches (double stitiching can extend to neckline). Clip the seam allowance at the notches and press the seam open to the neck. Trim the seam allowance between the notches to three- eighths inch, then overcast or zigzag by machine. Stress May Cause Physical Ailments Stress is the body's reaction the mind's message that there is a threat or challenge. Stress might be caused by something as serious as the death of a spouse or fear of losing a job to something as common as a fussing baby. Whatever the stress, your body prepares for "fight or flight." taxes which upon a perl 's A series of hormonal and The first i st he physical reactions a~ set off. Tax, which is a The body automatically puts up total estate. all its defenses so the person could fight or flee. speaking, a return must be Our bodies work the same total taxable way except instead of prehistoric stresses such as facing a ferocious animal, our stresses might be a letter from IRS, a pink slip in the paycheck saying you're laid off work, a disagreement with a spouse, or a worry about a youngster having trouble in school. The trouble comes when, instead of turning off the body's alarm system by running a fighting, the "keyed up state" persists for days, weeks or even years. This can damage both mental and physical health. Obviously not everyone reacts the same to stress. Some people can 'run it off' or vent their frustrations in a hard tennis match. Others immerse themselves in work; still others may withdraw. Our bodies also have a wide range of individual differences. Doctors suspect that if there is a damaged body organ, or a particularly vulnerable body part--such as a stomach that by heredity produces too much acid--these body parts "give out" under stress. While this sounds grim, there is good news. We can learn to recognize personal alarm systems and calm down our own engines and work to improve our own body maintenance. We can even control or avoid some idgh stress events. of Sz75,s2s. viving spouse additional available. There is aisO Inheritance Tax, upon the that the heir amount of tax the the deceased the inheritance. exemption to members number of inherit. Basically, relationship the exemption. Children $10,000 free inheritance tax. after that is one percent. the same personal Generally, the the relationship heir and the exemption and percentage of the State of Q. In 1960 we make out our be has been wills still A. The, was disbarred were drawn effect on the validl Mother's Day Only With The Purchase Of 0pc Of The Same .... KURLY lONE ...... ;o~Norm ~tnd Darlerm Smith : 333'/~ East Third-Superior, Nebraska time they were. However, been over 20 were drawn is you may ha~ changes in and in the property, it idea to have to make still applicable and personal have also been changes in estate since II which your estate. How to have a successful garage The key to a great garage sale is lots of browsers and You'll attract plenty of them to your sale with a Garage the classified section of The Superior Express. ;' By planning your Garage Sale in advance, you can take tage of The Superior Express large circulation area. Ad Express Classifieds is Tuesday at 4:00 p.m., so call or bring yoUr in early. Here are some other tips to help you "clean up" with your 1. Put price tags on everything you're selling. 2. Cover or separate items you're not selling. 3. Be sure to have enough change. 4. Put a sign in your yard and others near main roads your neighborhood directing shoppers to your house, you receive signs FREE when you advertise your garage sale in The Superior Express. For a successful sale, advertise it with a want The E;uperior m