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May 7, 2015     The Superior Express
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May 7, 2015

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The Week of May 4, 2015 The Leader Page 3 Slimming down: Look no further than the B3 Doroth.~ Rosby A nother da.', : auother dunlb ,any u) Io~,e weight. The season of scantier clothing is upon us, and if ~oure look- mg for era/\ \~.Lt\S It) Sliln do'a n quickl.\ or die tr',.in- \ou need look lit) fuftJler lhall tile 1 nterl)et. T h a t s ~heIe I read about the ex ...... tlemely svehe "Freelee. the Banamt Girl,'" whose diet plan consists mainly of fruit. with a special emphasis on -- you guessed it -- bananas. 1 read it on the internet, st) it must be true Freelee eats 20 or 30 bananas a day, and she thinks we should too. before the ten-day cleanse is over, which is a mixture of coconut and again. And,ondayeight,they prob- The people at her grocery store they can use it to marinate their palm oil. Blend the mixture until ably down an entire meatloafand a nmstthinkshekeepsachilnpinher pork ribs. it's frothy and tar your driveway quart of rocky road. backyard. The HCG Diet is a very low- with it. l'm joking! Supposedly Of the current crop of dumb l also learned about ear stapling calorie plan (500 to 800 calories bulletproof coffee not only helps diets, the Breatharian Diet takes lee weight loss. There's no scien- per day) supplemented with injec- you lose weight, it also boosts cog- the cake. Or it would if cake were lit'it e\idence that suggests having lions of the pregnancy hormone, nitive performance. My cognitive allowed on the Breatharian Diet, a staple in your ear for a couple of human chorionic gonadotropin perlormance could use a boost, but which it is not. Neither is anything inonths will help you lose v, eight, (HCG). It seems to me the only Idon'tcare forcoffee. Iamfondof else. l'mnotmakingthisup.There but I'm sure it works well enough time one should have to deal with butter though, are people who believe they can w hen you Colnbme it with heahhy pregnancy hormones is when one Contrary to reports, the seven- live on air and sunshine alone, and eating and lots of exercise. If you is pregnant. And, eating so few day Cabbage Soup Diet is not rec- they probably can, but not for very don't: a staple on tile lips might cahmes cannot be healthy tbr any- ommended by the American Heart long. Fortbem, diet starts with die w ork better, one, especially the people who li ve Association though it may be rec- -- and ends that way too. I do envy Cleanses have dieters drinking with the dieter., ommended by the American Cab-their will power -- and their gee- quarts of salt ~ater first thing in the Bulletproof coffee is made with bage Growers Association. This cery bill, but I would never accept inoming and downing herbal laxa- black coffee -- but not just any diet consists of fat-free cabbage a dinner invitation from them. live teas at night. I don't know coffee. Bulletproofcoffee is made soup, eatentwoorthreetimesaday (DorothyRosbyistheauthorof about weight, but l bet they do lose with "'upgraded" coffee beans, with a few other foods assigned the humorbook, l Used to Think l sleep. During the day. cleansers ~,hateverthoseare. Addbutter. but each day. Dieters do lose weight Was Not That Bad and Then l Got drink a brew of squeezed lemons, not just any butter. Use only un- while they're on this diet, but Ibet to Know Me Better. Contact maple syrup, and cayenne pepper', salted butter from grass-ted cows. after a week of cabbage soup, they drosby or see If they get tired of the concoction Add to that "'brain octane oil," never want to look at a cabbage By Sandra Foote, hand,ariting specialist This is the time fl)r thinking abt)ut our aptitudes. When gradua- approaching, inost of lion lime is the ques- lions thal are asked ha\e It) do w it h : ~'hal are vou going to do? Are yotl ~o11)7 to college? ~IV h;.it will;: you study ~ ~ *-- for in col- lege? Are you going it) a tech schoor? To ans~aer these questions easik ~e need It) think of our aptitudes. (g'hal are w e naturally good at'? What do e e n.ioy doing? Are ~e creative or are we practical in nature? We can look at our ~riting to determine what our strengths and challenges are. If ~e think in a creative, methodical and logical inanl)er we Ilia)' en.ioy working ~ ill) conl flule fs and nuinbers. ]'o decide if.\'our Ihoughl processes are cre- ali~ e. ineihodical alld logical, lake a look al \our leller "'ll)"and "n". If lhe\. are i:ou!}tted at the iop and the tlo~ n s!rokes of file lellers "ni"and "'11"" are relrai.-ed then VOI.I Ila\ e tills Tree removal, Trimming and Stump Removal Licensed Arborist- :i7 "Insured ,2/'! : Reasonable rates \ ([~ Free estimates / "-> J~&.. _ ...... Phone 402-879-3608 Rubber Roofing Specialist Modified Hot Tar Shingling 1-800-365-8677 Approved Installer No. 4565-3 of Triumph EPDM Membrane lw Firestone Building Products Up to 20-vear warrant, Olson Roofing York, Neb. 402-362-4825 Insurance Claims Welcome capability or aptitude. An educa- iCv'orkingwithotherswillbeachal- lion in business will be quite help- lenge for you unless you are dis- ful for the vocation of business cussing facts and analytical sub- nlanagement or an office manager, jects. Last week 1 spoke with a few If you have the creative, me- young ladies and asked them what thodical and logical thinking with they want to do in the next five the education to back it up you can years. One of then) said they want easily excel in the office environ- to go into a child education pro- ment. If your writing is small then gram. According to her writing she you will be best suited for working is well suited forthis vocation. Her in a quid cubical because you will writing is large and rounded. She not like It} be interrupted by cus- hwes to be around people and she understands children, so this is a tomers or patients in a reception perfect vocation for her. area. Another young lady was hesi- If your writing is large then you rant to say because her chosen vo- will do well in meeting and greet- cation had to do with the sciences ing people. Being able to meet and and analytical subjects. When I told greet people is an aptitude. It is her she would probably be happy very important to know this about in a lab doing research she readily yourpersonalaptitudes.lfyouhave told me thai is what she wants to a lot of straight strokes in your do.There are many vocations and writing or printirlg then you will jobs to do, e~en in small lowrls like prefer it) do projects on your own. Superior, 1-ebron or Geneva. We The city of Bridgeport, NE, seeks a full- time Police Officer. NE Law enforcement certifi- cation preferred but not mandatory. Salary negotiable depending on experience. Applicants must be at least 21 years old; a U.S. citizen; never been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanors; have good moral character; possess a valid driver's license and a HS diploma or GED. Signing bonus available depending on qualifications. For application and description, call (308) 262-1623 or visit Equal Opportunity Employer. When you place a recruitment ad in this newspaper, you qualify for a FREE job posting on, an employment job site owned and operated by Nebraska's newspapers. Now, recruiting on a regional or statewide basis is as easy as placing an ad in this newspaper. I I II Your online source for II Iii I I ' ~ .- .-. Nebraska jobs, L rL~ II enm owned and operated by , ,vv, Nebraska'snewspapers. Sunday, May .10 .! 1 1:31 a.m. 1.3.1 I Breasted Chicken, Barbecued .... Meatballs, Deep Fried I Smoked Cobb Ham Call 402-282-7311 for reservations! GARY'S 255Washington Ave 402-282-7311 Grafton; have the opportunities to try our uct that we create we can work in hand at so many jobs. We can work the publishing companies that put in retail and learn the people skills newsletters, fair books and calen- and work ethic and being of ser- dars together for customers. I can't vice to the community. We can leave out our agricultural jobs, which also need the clerks, truck work at the hospital or nursinghome too! drivers and office m~nagers. There What if we don't want to be a are so many jobs and vocations in nurse or health care provider? Then just a small town imagigUwhat our we can learn to be a lab technician can do to bring a new idea to our or work in the custodial and main- small town. It is a great thing to be tenance department. We can also able to contribute to our world, be be a computer tech with the right it a small town or a larger commu- education and aptitudes. We can nity. Wecanbeabigfishina small pond or a small fish in an ocean. learn with education how to be an The choice is ours if we look at our office clerk. We can write articles strengths and challenges in our forthenewspapers.lfwethinkina handwriting. That should be our creative, methodical manner or in first step before making a decision an analytical, critical manner then on our, vocational decisions. our articles will have different If you have questions or com- ixfints of view for the reader to ments contact: Write Facts LLC, read. Office assistants are needed 356 E. 3rd St. Suite No. 3, Supe- in publishing companies too. riot, Neb., 68978 or If we like seeing a finished prod- Sandra @ writefacts.comSincerely. AgMax Crop insurance is great for America's farmers. See !]ow our federal crop, crophail and federaHivestock options can benefit your ' busiOess, Matt Sullivan 427 Highway 14 .-suo,,o,. Ne Crop Insurance 402-879-3002 www.AgMaxCrop,com Gateway Dermatology, P.C. has moved to a new location! LEGACY SQUARE OFFICE BUILDING 8101 "O" St, Suite $11 ] Lincoln, NE 68510 (402) 467-4361 or (800) 659-1147 STILL OFFERING ALL THE SAME GREAT SERVICES General Dermatology Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery >. ............. . +0" Siteel .! ...................... David A Bigler M.D. .~ Cl-lrjstinR.~ .. iromDlnO, ~J .~.-L. Bead ~ i~ Derrnatao~ Felow-Amencan Soeety f~ Board CerlJfied Physician Mobs Society Dermatologic Surgery Assistant De#r&'aog~ ~utge~ Cosmetic Dermatology Laser Hair Removal