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May 9, 2013     The Superior Express
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May 9, 2013

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Guide Rock By Sandy Larkey i i We managed to dodge the latest predicted snow storm. What a thing - - a major snowstorm predicted for May, of all times. I wouldn&apos;t have been too surprised at such a prediction in Minnesota, but Nebraska? Oh, well, we did get some rain out of it, at least. Gale Portenier asked me to insert the following in my column for everybody's information. The Eckley High School graduating class of 1953 has made arrangements to meet at the Guide Rock Baptist Church May 25 at I p.m. We will have lunch together and have the afternoon together before at- tending the Guide Rock-Eckley ban- quet. We are inviting anyone who would like to visit with these graduates to stop by anytime after 2 p.m. Duane Lienemann, the University of Nebraska agricu!ture extension agent for Webster County, hosted a meeting in Guide Rock on May !. I had planned to attend the meeting, in my capacity as Guide Rock reporter, but somehow managed to get the date fixed in my mind as May 10, not May I. So I phoned Duane later and discussed the meeting with him. Pheasants Forever, NRD, Game and Parks and the university were all co- sponsors: Unfortunately, only eight people attended, from Guide Rock, Red Cloud, Franklin and Hastings. The meeting was to promote retention of habitat for small game by encouraging farmers to grow more milo and leave (after harvesting) milo and.wheat stubble at least 14 inches tall to provide more shelter and food/'or small game, pheasants in particular. Farmers who do so are eligible for a $10 an acre payment, if they leave that much stubble and contract to leave the field unworked until May 2()14. An additional $3 per acre is available if they also allow hunters on those fields. Bob Klein was on hand to explain some of the benefits of leaving the taller stubble, including increased soil moisture retention. Nebraska has lost a lot of pheasant population from loss of habitat, because of changes in farm- ing practices, i||cluding the reduction of weeds in the fields, larger fiekls, no fence rows for the pheasants to hide or nest in, encroachment of cedar trees in the pastures and right-of-ways. Duane said Guide Rock used to be a hub for pheasant hunters, and could be again. There are many reasons mile is no longer such a favored crop, in- cluding the fact that there is no "Round- up ready" mile, so the fields need more cultivation to keep weeds down. A lot of people refer to mile as "itch berry," so that is another reason it's no longer planted as much. However, it is a lot more drought resistant than corn, so while it doesn't yield as great in a good year, it yields better in a bad one, like we had last year. Duane also told me cattle.prefer to , graze'on mile stubble rather than corn; they seem to like the taste of it better. and they get more nutrition from it. Also mile made into flour is gluten- free, so people with celiac disease can use it. Anybody warning more infor- mation can contact Duane at the court- house in Red Cloud. Because of the nasty cold drizzly weather, there were only fo'ur people at the senior center's coffee last Wednesday. Arlene Anderson brought a raspberry coffee ring, Lee Douglunan brought a couple kinds of cookies. I didn't attend again: Dave and I had to go to Red Cloud to retrieve our com- puter -- we got hit by a spyware pro- gram and were experiencing trouble accessing Some progranls. And darn it. I had two kinds at mini-cupcakes to take to coffee. So Dave ate "era. Well. I helped. Not Intlch news fronl the elevators this time around, but that's because they are too busy to talk to 11112. Spray- ing fields, phmthlg, some shipment of last year's gram is about all the infor- mation I got fiom lhenl, l've seen Sev- eral of the "'dragonflies" (sprayer ve- hicles) running past the house, so I know they're getting out and about. CJ's Eatery and Bar had a crowd of vehicles parked in front of the restau- rant Sunday, for their turkey dinner. I wasn't aware (and why didn't I know it'? Oblivious. I guessl they are now open from I I a.m. to 2 (./11 Stln- days. Roast beef is on the menu tar next Sunday. and the Mother's Day special will be a fried chicken and hanl buffet. Good to have a restaurant in town again, and even better to see they seem to be doing well -- at least well enough to stay in business. I have some fond memories of Barcelona Restaurant fronl when they were up and running. When Dave and ! first moved here. the house had no kitchen appliances. We bought a re- frigerator right off. but I was being fussy about a kitchen range, so we were eating out a lot. The first time we went to Barcelona was after tile morn- ing rush, so Jan had plenty of time to talk to us and "'pick our brains" about our past. The next time we came in was dur- ing the morning coffee hour, and Jan came to our table and said. "'I don't remember where you folks said you were from." So we went through the whole deal all over again. And then she turned to the crowd and said, "Folks, I d like you to meet...'" along with a full rundown of who we were. where we came from, what we'd been doing the past years, and...well, just the whole shot. Several people stopped by our table and introduced themselves, in- cluding one man who remembered my uncle Dallen. He said Dallen taught him to drink coffee; evidently they drove a truck together, and' he said Dallen had to stop somewhere every couple of hours to drink some coffee My in-laws from Minnesota came to visit one tinle; brother-in-law Mark is an avid birder and had always dreamed of coming to Nebraska to see the sandhill cranes go through. We took them to Barcelona for the St. Patrick's Day buffet and they were totally flabbergasted by the low price and the "all you can eat" aspect of it. Dave' s Mom still talks about how good the food was and how impressed she was by the experience. This is not to compare Barcelona and CJ's unfavor- ably either way; it would be like com- paring apples and oranges--both good, but nothing in common except food. I miss Barcelona, I like CJ's and am glad they are here. Oh, apologies in advance if there isn't'a column for the issue of May 22; Elite has an appointment at K-State veterinarian teaching hospital in Man- hattan. She has a condition similar to Bell's Palsy, and her poor tongue doesn't work right. Drinking is hrd for her and so is eating a lot of foods. If there is anything we can do to make her life easier, we will. But since she has this appointment on May 16, I may not get my column written. Andspeaking of my column, I can't come up with any other news, so... As always a box at the post office, email diaspar3, snail mail to P. O. Box 93, or phone me at 257-2037. Oh, a bit from the U.S. government; they are once again talking about dimi- nating pennies. The reasoning behind this is a penny actually costs 2.41 cents to make -- the government is losing money on them. The U. S. military has already eliminated them on bases, re- quiring retailers to either round up or down to the nearest nickleor dime. We all know how that's going to work; retailers will universally round up. It also adds about two seconds to each cash transaction as people scramble to dig out that penny. I have no firm opinion about whether or not pennies should be eliminated; they are a nuisance, but removing tllem from circulation would mean increased prices. A penny doesn't sound like much, but if you add a penny to every transaction you make during the year. it adds up! Don't let them do it- they'll just nickel and dime us to death without the lowly penny. Republic By Betty Bouray Dennis and Carol Jean Uric returned Monday frmn a visit to Dennis' home-' town of Lakin. They visited relatives and friends while there and assisted a close friend. Wanda Stebbins, with some cleaning. Much to their surprise they came home with boxes of toys l'ronl tile 5()s as well as numerous items for the bed and breakfast they own in Republic. They had fun with Dennis" daughter. Keysha. and husband. Nick. riding tour-wheelers on the Arkansas River on Sunday. May 1. there was knocking and running in tile town of Republic as three children and three adults deliv- ered 60 May Day baskets to everyone in town its well its a few )11 the out skirts of town. The nasty weather did not dampen their entht|siasm as they did this. The May Day haskets were made during three story hot,rs at the Rae Hobson Memorial Library. Marilyn and Jaren Aurand attended the Wings and Wetlands Festival which is a biennial event, held in late April or early May. It was hekl at Cheyenne Bottonls and Quivira Nit- tional Wildlife Refuge. Brodstone Memorial llospital Annual Meeting Monday, May 20 6p.m. Nest conference room at hospital I Agenda items include: Election of two board members I lospital Financial Report Auxiliary Report Public is welcome. Mark and Loisangt Brown, Miranda and Adam Smith, Kar Brown, and Morgan Sandell attended the wedding of Brook and Jennifer Havens in To- peka. Brook is the son of Karla Tuley Edminston and the grandson of Iona Tuley and the late Kenneth Tuley. Kent and Betty Bouray visited Arlene Ahrens, Superior, as well as her sister, Barb Kimminau, who was visit- ing her that day. KI Bouray was a Sunday night supper guest of his parents, Kent and Betty Bouray. I Oak By Phyllis Schmitt tt ':: Donna Fishel picked up Donna Gillan last Monday so Donna G. could visit with the quilters. Phyllis Schmitt went to Hebron last Tuesday night to attned the Thayer Central band concert in which Peyton Schmitt participated. Gaylen and Jackie Cox went to Blue Hill last Tuesday night to attend the spririg program in which granddaugh- ters, Alayna and Olivia, participated. Playing cards at the home of Pat Brusseau last Wednesday night were Cloma Corman, Doris Ahrens and Sharon Anderson. Donna Gillan attended Bible Study last Wednesday, and then went with Muriel Follmer to the coffee shop for lunch. Thursday, Donna and Terri Oltnlans went to Hastings where they met Betty Struss and Jackie Miller. They had coffee and suppcrout. While Terri attended the baseball game be- twccn ttastings and Doane, the rest of them visited l:'lunl Nelly, whe,c Che,'yl Jcnsen works. Terri brought Donna home from there. Friday. Donna again went with Muriel tar coffee at the coffee shop. After babysitting Mollcy Droh|nan twice last week, Phyllis Schmittjoined others tar Bible Study at the Oak Church on Friday. F'hyllis brought the hmch. Others in attendance were Pat Brusscau, l)oris Ahrens, Lynda B rich, and Jackie Cox. The next meeting will bc on May 17. Plans are to finish the study of James. l.ola Biltoft had doctor's appoint- nlcnts in ltastings on Friday. She also visited Alberta White at the hospital. Dick Lowery and Pat Brusseau ate supper in Hastings Satt,rday night and attended the ltastings Conmtunity The- atcr play, "'Leading l.adies." Phyllis Schmitt and Ermalec Scorggin went with other Nelson Ru- bies It) Sunol) on Saturday lor hmch and a program at the Legion club spon- sored by the Sutton Red 11 mcmbcz;. They report having an enjoyable time. Upon their return from Sutton. Phyllis accompauicd Dixie l)rohman and Mollcy l)rohman to Super- ior Stmday afternoon, Jerry, Kelly. l tannah and Lalltlon Schmitt visited in Phyllis" home. , l)on na'G il laa,ioincd :oiltc,r, Wt'macn fo h n;'!l i 1 St p_c}jgr oil Siid@. The Ruskin American l.cgum Aux- iliary met last Mouday |nornmg with six m attendance. Among those altend- ing wcrc Phyllis Schmitt and Jancll 1 lanson. Willa Sorcnsen was hostc,.,,. The ulain business was election el at- ricers and planning the new year book. as well its preparing crosses for Memo- rial Day. Keep your eyes open forl 1 Charlotte Walters JJl 95th III Birthday Ill  Celebration ill !',! L.: Open Ill House[ J) ," Don't forget morn on ' t,. i :- ,,,,,,. Sunday, May 12 , "t *1 "i, , ,l;r I -;JZ[;t,,."XS v t' Choose from our wide var ety of gift 0eas: . ..,,#.i.:._'t-./.," Fresh Affangements & Vases, Green & Blooming P/ants, "4?.( ' :: Outdoor Patio & Hanging Baskets, Abda#oh Candies, h Carson Wind Chimes & Music Boxes, Gf Certificates & More/ Main Street Floral 305 N. Central Ave.. Superior. Neb.... Phone: 1-402-879-8444 Carnie Kroeger. Owner "lL'lcl'h,a SUPERIOR ALUMNI BANQUET Saturday, May 25 6:30 p.m. Group pictures of honored classes 5:30 p.m. Superior High School 601 W. Eighth, Superior, Neb. Tickets: $13 individuals or $15 at the door Deadline for tickets will be Monday, May 20 Tickets may be purchased from Jan Diehl at the Superior City Office, 402-879-4713 . Thursday, May 9, 2013 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 3A Superior School's April Students of the Month (left) Mac McCutcheon, grade 11, Industrial Arts student, Morgan Kroeger, grade 11, Tyler B ackstone, grade , eight, Taylor Jensby, grade nine, and Makenna Jensen, grade seven: (not pictured) Katelyn Brown, grade 10. Junior Reed, grade 12,-and Faith Gilligan, grade seven, Industrial Arts student. I Nora ay Helen Oebers Rhea Thomsen acco0panied Melba Lynch to attend the May Break- fast held at the Superior United Meth- odist Church Saturday morning. Roger and Sue Williams were last Monday supper guests of Lance and Katie Williams and family. They cel- ebrated Katie's birthday. Melba l:ynch attended the meeting of the Nora Methodist Women at the holne of Helen Marie Ericksen near Superior. Six women attended. Virginia Lewis attended the Friday evening. Jamie Gebers, Grand Island, was a weekend visitor of her parents, Steve a|ld Diane Gebers. Saturday evening guests df Helen Gebers were Ramona Wulf of Guide Rock and Warren and Jeannie Smith of Superior. Melba Lynch accompanied Soren and Rhea Thomsen to Hastings Sun- day noon where they were droner guests of'l'onl and Peggy Kulek. Monday morning Virginia Lewis and Helen Gebers attended Ruskin American Legion Auxiliary meeting. I Brodstone Memorial Hospial Auxli- Highl d ary's spring salad supper held at the all Presbyterian Church in Superior htst By ivalee Jacobitz Tuesday evening. Marvin and Virginia Lewis were present for the graduation of Jordan tlonlan from the University of Ne- braska College of Medicine in Omaha. Jordan is the son of Paul and Jcannic tloman of Lexington. Mike and Karen Thayer went to Lincoln Saturday where they met Jerry and Shelly Bring. They all attended the wedding aT Shawn Tordrup and Shauna England at A View West in Omaha. Several attended the athletic ban- quet at Lawrence-Nelson High School I III I Please consider a tax deductible donation and reopening the Superior city Auditorium. (.hecks shou d be made payaNe,to: Nuckolls County Foundation, Auditorium Fund, and mailed to 213 East 3rd Street Superior, Neb. 68978 .. i i i i i Mrs. Darrell Jensen and Mrs. George Jensen were last Monday cof- fee guests of Muriel Folhner. Muriel and Donna Gillan joined other women at the coffee shop Friday. Mr.and Mrs. Ran Porter, DauB Por- ter, Don Cassell and Norbert Fleck met Jerome Fleck and Ix)rain Faimon of Lincoln in Grand Island Thursday. The men toured the Case plant where Richard Porter works. The women shopped. Mr. and Mrs. 1)on Cassell were Stmday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. PRAIRIE FIRE BBQ CONTEST Saturday, May 25 Mooking for people who love to grill and people who love It) cat Please Call 402-879-5567 FRONT PORCH ANTIQUES 132 E. 3rd, Superior, Neb. 402-87%5567 Ran Porter. lvalee Jacobitz visited Terre Jacobitz, Evan and Emily last Tuesday afternoon. Thursday afternoon Ivalee visited Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Will- Jams. Evan and Emily were supper guests Saturday and overnight guests of their grandrna. They returned home Sunday afternoon, lvalee attended the open house honoring Susan Sitdcr Stmday aflernool} at tile conllntmily cenlel'. Muriel l:ollmer accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Folhner to Gitrhmd Sunday afternoon to attend the open house celebrating the 90th birthday of Clara Kreiser. Mr. and Mrs. l)on Cassell attended the dance recital last Tuesday at Clay Center. Mr. and Mrs. Duslin Cassell's daughter, Addison participated. Danielle Cassell was home for the weekend Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ostdiek visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hoeltmg. Mr. and Mrs. Josh Jacobitz left Thursday on a trip to Virginia to attend the wedding of James O' Rorke, a class- mate of Josh's. They plan to return Tuesday. lvalee Jacobitz accompanied Willa Sorcnsen to Hastings Sunday after- noon. They visited with llelen K()hmetscher and her husband at tile Eagles Club. Markcc and Jaycee Jacobitz have returned home for the smmner. Markee graduated froln college at Maryville, Me. I School Menus Superior Public Schools Breakfast May 13 to May 17 Monday: Pancakes or cereal, juice and fruit, milk. Tuesday: Long Jolln or cereal,juice and fruit, milk. Wednesday: Breakfast pizza or ce- real, juice and fruit, milk. Thursday: Scrambled eggs or ce- real, juice and fi't, it, milk. Friday: Yogurt parfait or cereal, juice and fruit, ntilk. lAlnch May 13 to May 17 Monday: Pig in blanket or ham and cheese with bun, onion rings. , Tuesday: Chicken and noodles, or beef and noodles, mashed potatoes, rolls. Wednesday: Chicken nuggets or burrito, green beans, brownie, Student Choice. Thursday: Spaghetti. or PB and J. green beans, French bread. Friday: Tacos or dcli sandwich, rice. Join us... Z , i *' '' " ' "'i ; , " ........ qr a p'resefitation by the Andrew Miller Family at the Union Church of ] [ardy of their visit to Israel. The presentation will include a slideshow of their visit to Jerusalem, Bethlehem and .... Other fascinating locations. Sunday, May 12 Beginning at 10:30 a.m: J FISCHER FAMILY DENTISTRY L 1050 Washington, Superior, Neb. Emergency and new patients of ALL ages welcome! Comprel'mnsive and .bsrnetic Dentistry Invisalign and Traditional Braces Sedation 13entistry Wisdom Teeth Removal TV and Headphones Digital X-rays for Less Radiation ExpostJre Medicaid Provider for Nebraska and Kansas In Hospital Provider Insurance Filed Financing Available Call llO' tO schedule an appointment JOSEPH FISCHER, D.D.S. 402-879-1355 i ,7" etirement Celebration! Please join us in celebrating the teaching cm of Fred Meyers Rhonda Myers Vicki Sweet Tuesday, May 21 3:30 p.m. in the Superior High School Library Thank You The Superior High SchoolAthletic Department would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for the donations of items and monetary gifts for the Athletic Banquet Silent Auction. Also, a big thank you to the Red Caps for their support and Gale Mikkelsen /,r --- for auctioneering. The continued support >< , from the community is greatly, appreciated: w.," ,h_'.,J}k" Dr. and Mrs. Blecha Kitty Rose ' "". A2:d / Solutions-Susan Peterson Walt's Furniture , Agrex Superior Tour & Travel KRFS-Cory Kopsa Edward Jones-James Sulliva'n Price Funeral Home Teresa Sullivan & Chesapeake Energy Mikkelsen Real Estate Kevin & Juliane Miller Creative Living Class-Elaine Miller Superior Outdoor Power Superior Implement Dairy Queen Superior Country Club-Jay Nielsen Matt & Teresa Sullivan Williams Funeral Home Ideal Market Eggers Motor Service Pizza Hut Linda Simonsen Waves-Pat Crockett Dave's Place Crazy Woman's Lodge- John & Clara Price Tall Pine Ag Animal Hospital Mikkelsen Farm & Lumber Fred Meyers Tammy Gehle Superior Pharmacy Farmers & Merchants Bank Gary Thompson Agency Mel Rempe Jim & Donna Miller Zero Pantry Luke & Randi Chadwell Scott TV & Appliance New Horizons-Sandy Tietjen Tastefully Simple-Cindy Rhoads Downing & Alexander Lofts Sporting Goods "Petal Patch-Cheryl Christensen Crop Production Services Horizon Bank Simply Chic Superior House of Beauty ' .Andrew & Kristin Miller Lia Sophia Jewelry-Jani Cook Superior Vision Charles Isom Kile Vet Clinic ' Superior Ace Hardware Alfred & Janell Hanson John & Marlice Sullivan Arnold & Dayna Miller Ga!e & Nancy Mikkelsen Tom & Norma Blackburn Howard & Elaine Miller k It