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May 10, 1973     The Superior Express
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May 10, 1973

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Thursday, May I0, 1973 Superior Estlbilsh4d in 1$90 Bill Biauvelt, Mmmqling Editor Published W~lkty by Sup~'lo Publlshln9 Coml~ny, Inc. 14 East Third St. Superior, Nebraska Sul0~rl~km r~ 16A8 ~ yew" ply~ in a0v~m4m In Netrmke and Kan~ N.M Per yeer eINwhem. 1173 Ban hikes meat prices the Food and Drug Ad- to totally ban the use of (DES) as a growth for cattle and sheep prices higher. the ban will be an ex- time it takes to bring to market weight. beef and mutton will rise. Butz has would bring a beef of three and one-half Some say the prices range up to seven cents Residues of DES have been found in the livers of cattle and sheep. Under federal law, no residues of cancer-causing products, no matter how low, can be permitted. The Food and Drug Administration, which issued the prohibition, em- phasized that the ban "was not based on evidence of any public health hazard." As pointed out by acting FDA Commissioner Sherwin Gardner, the chemical has been used in cattle and sheep for decades "without a single known instance of human harm." ban of DES as a feed for the meat prices. The most aCtion bans the use of the plant. ban is an example of generally sound idea to a been linked to a vaginal whose mothers medicinal doses of the pregnancy. Large found to induce animals. DES residues have never been found in any portion of meat carcass except the liver and then in very minute amounts. The residual level in slaughter animals has probably remained fairly constant but improvements in sen- sitivity of measuring devices have shown more DES in animal livers than had been detected previously. Some of the national furor over the high price of meat should be directed to pressure Congress to modify the law and permit the resumed use of DES. Time passes quickly have time to do that I could but I don't have time with the does time go?" I get the faster time heard those statements and perhaps have used words in answering Time is something that people tend to conform rather than create. As a result the world is chasing itself. In volunteer work today, leaders are discovering more and more that they can't find people with time or with the ability. The old saying of asking a busy person to do the job may not be the answer anymore. Then what is? The answer is simply. "Learning to say No." Say it nicely, and if you can't do that, say it nastily. once. Once it's gone, we But whatever you do, learn to say No. Another interesting is that everyone has the each day. it is what we do with our the difference. There of in the field of One could spend about methods of course then there time left to do the things to do in the first place. priorities must have a world of ours. Too to do too many things, 'Our entire staff is away being questioned right now. How would you like your eggs, Willy?' The Chrlstlan Science bk)ntto bowling score. R was 246. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond ~, # McDowell were honored Forty Years Ago for an elaborate fireworks Saturday evening in observance Nearly 40 men have been display at the Lovewell Lake of their silver wedding an- employed for several weeks in dedication on June 5. niversary. the repair and shipping Beverly Haidsiak of Nelson One YearAgo departments and the finish mill and Roger Mazour of Lawrence Am emergency army at' the Nebraska Cement will represent Nuckolls County helicopter was called to the Company's plant, giving rise to in the District @H speech Nuckolls County Hospital strong hopes that the plant may co~r?t at Hastings. Wednesday afternoon to open in all departments soon. . Floyd Dixon was in- transfer Nichol Drohman, baby The Superior High School stalled as president of Superior daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Loren band made a splendid record at Woman's Club at the May Day Drohman, of Nelson, to St. the state music contest at luncheon meeting Tuesday. Elizabeth s Hospital in Lincoln. Kearney Saturday. They scored Ten Years Ago May 1@21 was proclaimed 100percent in performance, but D.V. Spohn of Superior will nursing home week, in received only a "good" rating be honored at a banquet in conjunction with national nuts- due to lack of uniforms. Lincoln May 16 and his portrait ing home week, by Major Don Edytha Long of Superior was will be hung in the Animal Kronberg on Tuesday. one of two chosen from the Husbandry Hall at the College The east river bridge leading freshman class at the of Agriculture, with other into Superior is closed. Work- University to be an attendant outstanding Nebraskans who men are adding steel stringers upon the Ivy Queen at the an- have excelled in the field of and a new steel deck to the nual Ivy Day ceremonies livestock production, bridge. The work is expected to Thursday. A Superior youngster is be completed sometime next Sigvard Norgaard will leave among seven Nebraskans who week. The repairs will cost comes By Jerry Martin Although the general crime rate shows signs of leveling off, the subject of law enforcement and the protection of society looms large in America today. A recent poll indicates that crime rivals inflation as the No. 1 issue in the minds of the public. Thus. any proposal that offers hope of reducing lawlessness is certain to receive sympathetic consideration. There was hardly a ripple of protest when the late President Johnson launched the Safe Streets Act a few years ago. Because it purported to be an effort to fight crime, there was none of the sustained debate that usually occurs when the federal govern- ment invades a new area of jurisdiction formerly reserved to local and state government. It's too bad no one looked beyond the title of the Safe Streets Act, to see what lay beyond. The Safe Streets Act did nothing to provide law enforcement officers with more realistic authority to crack down on crime. It did nothing to require judges to put hardened criminals in jail rather than on probation. Somehow, when the federal govern- merit gets involved in anything, the only,solution it offers is spending money. Thus, a host of "research projects have been funded by federal money funneled through the Safe Streets Act. There's little evidence so far that any of this has resulted in better law enforcement and less crime. But the nation's major concern should be directed to the question of whether the federal government should be permitted a financial foothold in law enforcement at all. Fifteen years ago, there was a strong body of opinion in America that the federal government should not finance local education. Conservatives feared it would lead to objectionable controls, less effective education and a loss of local sovereignty over a vital area of American life. All of those fears have been realized. Who can honestly say that federal money has resulted in more effective education for the average youngster? The federal government has used the threat of a cutoff of financing to impose its ideas on forced school busing. Worst of all, teachers throughout America now view Washington as their ultimate employer. There is an active lobbying effort to have the federal government finance all public education programs. The debate is no longer whether financing education is a proper federal role. Now the question is simply: how much should Washington provide? There are distressing signs that this same trend will soon become evident in financing law enforcement. Some have suggested that federal money be used to help pay police and local enforcement salaries. If the federal government gets in- volved in financing local police costs, America will be in danger of acquiring something every totalitarian regime in history has always regarded as a top priority: a nationalized police force, financed and accountable not to the people it is supposed to protect, but to the national government which would provide the money. During this distinguished career, the late J. Edgar Hoover fought every attempt to turn the Federal Bureau of In- vestigation into a sort of national police force. Instead, he did everything he could to strengthen local law enforcement as the basic policing authority in America. It's the old story: Those who control the purse strings exercise the ultimate control. First comes the aid, then the controls. If America wants to retain a system of law enforcement answerable to the people it protects at the local level, it will reject every attempt to have Washington subsidize law en- forcement salaries. which, if enacted, will continue effect this would have on our current construction districts having lots of rural projects, make up our budget valuation. This amendment was deficits for this year, pay subsequently dropped when it claims which the state owes and became obvious rural senators provide for a two percent in- could no longer support the bill. come tax cut retroactive to the The chances of a school aid bill first of this year. I plan to passing now appear better than Then begum choosing the things that Monday for a three months' will participate in the National nearly $20,000. support this tax cut because we at any time during the session. you wouldlike to do, for your family, visit with relatives in Denmark. School Safety Lparade at A special mortgage burning now know that state revenues Two of last week's most your church, your community, your Tweaty.flve Years Age Washington, D.C., Saturday, service was held during the are higherthan expected. This important issues involved Patricia Propst was a May 11. ~e is Mona Tremain, worship hour at Salem means that the state is vetoes by Governor Exon. state and even your country. Don't try national winner in the auditions daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lutheran Church Sunday. The collecting more money from Senator Carpenter attempted to to do what everyone else is doing. Be conducted at Hastings last Lawrence 'rremaln. Rev. Paul Kenyoun of Filley, taxpayers than we need this override the veto of LB 179, the yourself, be an individual and don't Thursday by the National Donna Smith of Superior was Nob., was present and par- year, something which I cannot Hiram Scott bill. Veiled hints of Fraternity of Student one of three who will serve as ticipated in the service. He was justify, retaliation were again made, lose sight in helping others. Musicians. Three other ~head juniors during the coming church pastor at the time of the If every family began taking in- Superior pianistswereadmitted academic year at Gallaudet building of the new church. to membership in the fraternity College, the world's only college ventory of the things they do that are at the audition, namely Mary Jo for the deaf, in Washington, LegJ$~tjv@ Ro~r~ not essential, relevant, or part of a Bjorllng, Georgia Carroll and D.C. plan, they would be amazed at the Ardith Propst. Two Superior men spent ~n.Gary~ worthless energy and money that is The Western Union Telegraph several days in the hospital the 3Tth II~trkt company hasmade application past week as a result of spent conforming to society, with the Federal Corn- breathing frumes from corn The legislature is back at Time passes quickly, does your life but I decided that I could not One important part of our vote for a proposal which no one state financial picture is the yet has really proved the State advancement of LB 172, a of Nebraskaneeds. Iamcertain school aid bill which would take the people in the Schottsbluff $20 million of revenue sharing area must feel bitter about this money and divide it among our defeat, and I do hope we will not school districts equally as stop looking at the basic equalization and per pupil aid. proposal for increased health munications Commission to rootworm insecticide, work now aRer its week of This 50-50 split represents a manpower training, but only if they hardly have a really count?--White Bear Press close its office in Superior and Hospitalized were Everett Easter recess. The mood of the compromise whichwasresisted we first identify our actual substitute an agency Lillich and Elwtn Dunbar. legislature has changed too. by senators representing training needs. living. This points up (Minn.) arrangement to serve the Five Years Ago Every issue that comes up predominantly urban con- Governor Ex0n's veto after ~---- . - -- - community Doane F. Kiechel of seems to be surrounded by the stituencies. They first suc- the nassa~e of LB 452, thebillto zuO,O00 mzles oj obsoleze roaa Superior's ninth annual Bethesda, Md., is one of three, mood of tension and urgency corded in adopting an amend- take the-Department of Ad- "~ 200,000 mUes of obsolete, nrovements b v divertin~ highway Rooster Days are scheduled for vicepresidentsrecentlyelect~ ~atsurroundskey:ssues:lam ment which would have ministrative Services out of the I~:,; ....... " ; .... ". _- "" "-" - next weekend with ISc per ny me mare oz mrecmr~ oz pzeasea ~o no~e cna~ the provided for I00 percent C~vernor's control, was swift ~_~""'_ry hi.ways... _ in the vuumng money, to omer uses. ,------nnnnd berne" o offered m" scrivt._, a Booz,. Allen & .Hamilton, in- legislature also. appears, to have equalization aid, a move which I and sure My vote against this American Association of You paid taxes at the gas pump inbonus of 6c per pound, ternational management come back.w a w.ill, to con- opposed because of the punitive ,'(Continued toPage4B) yap Offi,,io ,, faith that it w.uld A total of 3,955 Nuckolls consultants. He wm serve in me strUctaszamezinanciaJpicture :{ : :- .... su ..... -:'-" .... -': --:':. "" County poodle received chest x- Washington, D.C. area.for the state. ouik to eo years improve nlgnways. ongress has taken ra ,s from" the mobile unit, The Ruskin Lions Club was The appropriations com- ~ Peecl hmlts and traffzc your money and putIt m a trust fund under the directmn of the State .recogm...z~ by Ak-Sal" Ben for m:t.tee deczded to coomder tl~.e ere lower Ah.Qgft but the trust will be broken if vnu Department of Health, durmg numanman servlce mong w:m cap tmconstruc_uonmuanawm t 8S -' -.-a-, "." ",.---__ the hast month, the William Wolfe Auxiliary, have it reported to the noor oy , ,,engerous curves, snort ann t speak up -- , r.. " Fifteen Years AgoAmerican Legion Post 91, of the time you read this. They will :es, and antiquated bridges The Ideal Cement Company Osceola, the Town and Country recommend that appropriations i] Catholic Church ~ SuPEmOS BEULAH [ ~eatly to highway deaths Be concerned enough to write your has announcedthe~augura.tion .Clu.b of Wolbach_, the. Omaha be madeo.nly for the first .yeast. I[ Services If Reformed [ ~t~8 ~,,~r.~cmsn tndav and tell him nf oz an annual grant of three tour- vomnteers for tianalcappeo oznewpro]ects, amove.wnmn V;..~ "-~"'~ ....... ~'" "".--::. . - --o--" -- year scholarships to out- children, will make a tax cut more uzeiy, Presbyterian Church .'xortmentalists, public youropposition~otnlsmls-useozyour standing students inthestate Jerome KohlofHardywas although it may he atl~:reX- il ~atherW.F.S~dky It ~.ndBloom ] )COtes, and m~-,, m,-~bers ~,,nev (From the Cornhusker Motor where their plants operate, awarded a large attractive pense of tax increases, a . - ..... .7 ........... J ..... U ed iJ Rectory Phone: 879-$731~ ]( ...... ask " " ] S Would deny needed im- Club News). Contracts have been closed plaque for havmg the highest We now have bills mated c i| ........- ........... 1[ Key. n. w. ~ ey, rassor I il _ . H The Lord's Day | St Joseph's Church h ~| , St. Joseph~ Church[[ Church Sc ool .......... 10 a.m. | ~s,.. Senators rebuff attempt to start again on budget issue i! s=pe.o:, nin, Worsbip .... eL... ,M_mm ~b'J~d~=l.ena .._ " Evening Worship, 7:30 p.m. | ption of legislative activity on the fiscal But they did ,fudge on a. decision to ignore capital con- Warner says his recommendation is based on the assump- ' Wednesday | ~e a decision prior to the Easter Week struction approprl l O : Uze 1973-74 fiscal year. tion that it is this year--calendar year 1973--thatthe taxesare I~'~--'~"''- H~.,., ...,,.. ,:. ,.,. I after adopting an operating budget. Whether they ~ espRably received on the floor or not, higher than necessary. Therefore, he said, it is this year that the an attempt to start all over again on the Budget resum.ed its labors over construction relief should come. . .... ~ * ' ~ " and stick with an unamended version projects. The c0mmlzme w.ouna up deciding to inaugurate--or, He has proposed the lawmakers chop twopercentage _pom~ s recommendations, at least, to recommeno me Legislature inaugurate--a new off the 1973 rate and make it retroactive, then iet the State t#earu Church of The Church of Christ system for financing construction work. of Equalization establish whatever rate is necessary for 1974. Instead of ap.propria "ti~. the full amount of a project, even War~e-r has said the necessary rate would be at least 15 percent The Nazarene though it might take mo~ one year to build, the committee agallt, b 740 East 7th voted to spreaa out me t crag ana make available only as All the talk about tax rate cuts stems from the disclosure y Bey. Ted Dedd much money as would be needed to carry a project through 12 the Exon administration in mid-April that the current rates are Sunday months. The rema~g money would have to be authorized by yielding more cash than had beet expected. -- .... succeeding legislative sesmon~. That, coupled with the availability this time nay ot ~ Sunday School..... 10:00a.q~: Using that format,.the B _udget..Committee up.proved projects million in federal revenue sharing funds, gives, the s~tee~[r: Morning Service, J1:00 a.m. with an ultimate cost.or ~ .m~m.on--~ut reqmring only about money to work with--unless Warner succeeas m a reu-oa,~ NYPS ............. ' .... 6:00 p.m. $10.4 million during me commg nacre year. tax cut or Exonlowers the rate in the coming year. Evening Service, 7:00 p.m. Exert, in his recommen.dati.'ons, had proposed $18 million There will be~ million from Washingtonin ,thelo97n~t~ Wednesday Midweek worth of building projects m ~e commg year. fiscal year ~the federal cnec~ to r m? z~=~ ~ o_ th~ Prayer Service .... 7:00 p,m. Tax Rate Talk on AaU to mat =uu., ~=.- It was complicated bY thestillwUn:~lv.ed question of state was blinked and saved fr usein the cmm'g" ~zsc'~yea-rC"~*'*'~'7~lH-mont~ figure will be $28.8 ~.~ ::3-= ..... ,I-;*- aits state I '" aid to education, but . y last week studying million the federal cash will earn m mce~e~ w,u~= ,, =w spending and you get the $30 mlulon. . United Methodist cash flow projections ana measuring them against the _ But future, legis~!ur_~...__,~...mmatmuchtoworkwithn~uuex~t'~l~)l~eabO-ut$12.,ndlli possibility of an income tax rate cut. ! Church The figures prefer..ed, by thelegislativ.e fiscal staff showed rnerevenueslmrmgmonY ta s ds its i 448 Kansas Street w at means that whatever the s te pen . e will have to be subsidized ' [ Superior, Nebraska g that any tax cut would De ot snor~ otlrauon--one year at the m coming years. Th hereafter if most, unless there was a major .change m spending.patterns. $30 million on this tim The projections indicated ~e ;~7~ei?~h~go in the hole to the same spending level if to be centln.ed--ur unless revenue the tune of $28.5 million by June ~,._. , ten~ percent inc_ome sharingerefundSwas aaretentativeinCreaseddecisinbY CongresS.last week to use m;dho .." " n of "1 tte~. Max O. MCamley tax rate Exert has said m posszme m ex sea tmyond the -- Th - -~--.,-- -,,one,, to aid local scnoom, ttau of me calendar year of 1974. me revenue m.~-,~ -,. ~ ............ Grassroots George Says: If the choice is for a 13 percent income tax rate for this moneywouldbeall a..t .on,a pe _pu !, s a unaOtmoeomernau | Sunday Service year--retroactive to Jan. 1--as Waverly Senator Jerome onthebaslsofalocalaiSmCtspr.p%rtYta ,va',u".'.u:" ....... iChurch School ...... 9:15 a.m. Court outlawed prayer in the schools, Warner has recommended, the rate would haVewould to go bebaCkan uP$11.1to millionThatannually.additinTheWUldprgrambst nasthe stateneen ms.trlDuung~' non. l a la ~tty~ nllulonto'~|1 WorshiPNursery ........... Providedl0:30 a.m. nkey s uncle in the classroom and you the present level of 15 percent for 1974.orthere { a year to the state's pub'hc elementary and secon0ary scnooJs time for rebuttal, million shortageby the end ot June in ]~r/~. Meets at 630 E. 4th St. Kenneth Peterson, Pastor Sunday tevival Fires, TV Channels 4 and 13...8:00 a.~ Sunday School ...... 9:30 a.rr Worship .......... 10:10 a.r~ Evening Worship .... 7: 30 p. rr Wednesday Bible Study, Prayer Youth through Adult 7: 30 p,m Centennial Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) Ninth and Dakota Streets Dale D. Doerr, Pastor Sunday School Bible Classes Service 9:15a.m. 9:15 a.m. 10:30a.m. I,:!