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May 13, 1982     Superior Express
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May 13, 1982

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Elective vs. appointive wonder why they make decisions on positions on the ballot. The offices are ballot for historical reasons. It's been Way since the beginning and changes have made. ' . . !better government would be prowded if the re revised, ly we're referring to a few county and YSeelect the officials who serve as county r, sheriff, assessor, district court and surveyor. On the state level we eim/lr offices such as secretary of state, igeneral and auditor, to t question whether it would be better of these offices appointive rather than Yand village level we don t attempt to clerk, city treasurer or city attorney r Years. They are appointed by the council  Inembers whom we elect. boards are able to establish qualifications with them a degree of popularity as opposed to ability. At the same time, dutiful administraiton of certain offices can result in the loss of votes at the polls. Also, there is little that is of partisan political nature in conducting many offices. Republican or democratic principles have little to do with issuing a deed, accepting a tax check, filling out a driver's license or administering books. One problem affects the holder of the office each time the term comes to an end. The incumbent must face reelection which can be a relatively expensive procedure considering the cost of campaigning. Office holders might feel this is burdensome when compared with the compensation paid for the job. It would seem that the order of conducting much of county and state government business would be better served with appointment of certain office holders rather than election. We would still be electing the persons who would be making the ap- pointments. However, there is another side of the coin. You can't beat the responsiveness'inherent in the elec- i i ttm t i i The 00uperior Thursday, May 13, 1982 lEE :  Bill 61auvelt, Managing ditor .,'" ..... , , , ...... C Pubhshed Weekly By ,. NA ,r) , '"" ' Superior Pubhshmg Company fnc - . | V  \\; Superior Nebraska 68978 NwtPP" Emil ! PZEWpIANNING  Subscript,on Rates $1000 per year or three '" .... ]'8[ "" ' years for $2700 Dayable in advance in Nebraska =  and Kansas. elsewhere $1200 per year Or three years for $3300 H t t IHHI ,llJ Is the government worth prayer? As citizens of these United States we enjoy fully, the right to rulers. Last Thursday was a day set apart by proclamation of criticize the government in what it does or, as is often the case, the President as a day of prayer for the nation. At least one what it does not do. This criticism is something we tend to take church in the Superior community scheduled an observance that for granted but in other parts of the world it is either now day, but only nine people were presonttopray. allowed or, ff tolerated, subject to much control. But we have something else we can do, if we would. We have Maybe what we need is a day of prayer for ourselves to get us the privilege of praying for those in authority. We can pray that out of our lethargy and indifference. If we. as citizens of a God would give them the ability to see the right course of action community with many churches, don't think it necessary to to take both domestically and in the community ofnatious, pray for our government, no wonder we have so many Apparently we would rather criticize than pray for our problemsl f H,i [_ ...................... ] ' ..... From Our Early Files i i i i i iHi i Seventy Years Ago D. Bertram, Hardy, became the proprietor of the Superior Hotel today. L. L. Walker has steel stringers" and a new steal One Year Ago tinued as of July 1. deck to the bridge. Children living in the north- Gary Honing received the An emergency army west part of Superior have Jim Conger memorial award as helicopter was called to the been working hard on unused the outstandln.g SHS wrestler  !re SOme assurance that the person selected  of serving. This doesn't imply that elected tion system, hadcharge of the hotel for the Nuckolls County Hospital land to beusedfora ball field, for his sophomore and junior past 18 months. Wednesday afternoon to yeai's. He was ineligible to pr,  are not competent. But there is that It's a question worth considering.--The Crete David S. Simms is transfer NicholDrohman, baby Postmaster Joe Schaaf receive the award until com- Ly and it has happened. Elections can carry News lawyer in town. HIS office is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Loren distributed notices that Sunday ieting his high school com- above the Meyers grocery in the Drohman, Nelson, to St. mail service will he dtscon, petition. ; Hunter Block. Elizabeth's Hospital, Lincoln .... TB f d The Superior National Bank Mrs, John Srpringer, [[" -00tte00s To Ed [ has now installed an Everett Phillipsburg, Fan., the former e power o wor s change maker. It bears only l5 Gwen Leece, was the grand itor characters on the keyboard and prize winner in the Centennial is almost impossible to make a bake-df held last week. , .......... " mistake in making change. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Willcox Editor: es in policy and in in- such as infants, invalids, and those problems can get along if they must able to use words, but fur most of us in order to communicate our ideas, and observations. This means words to our living. Consequently, it is tin- 'Consider all aspects of our use of words friend, quoted the words of the Apostle Paul as recorded in Ephesians, "Speak to the truth in love" to make the point that some people change the wording to "Love to speak the truth" with the result things get said that should not be said or said at the wrong time and under the wrong circumstances. Yet another consideration about words needs to be Several were baptised near have sold their W&W Sporting the lower bridge in the river* Goods'Store to Mr. and Mrs. yesterday by Rev. Kennedy of Allen Atwood. the Christian church. The senior class consists of 20 members. Four years ago when the class entered i'dgh school there were 41. Fifty Years Ago Hve Years Ago Mrs. Rouald Peterson and Mrs. Keith Schultz were elected to fill the two positions on the Brodstone Memorial Hospital hoard of managing trustees. Another successful year has ended for the Cub Scout program. The year would not have been possible without the support of not only the parents but the entire community. We are expecting another exciting scouting program in the fall. Cubmastar, be spoken or written form. made: the way in which something is said. A person Commencement services Inspection and open house of Son Shellhase may be absolutely right in what is said, but dead were held Thursday evening at the Superior Junior High School Den Lenders: ly express ourselves, our choice of wrong in the way it is said. When this happens often Wobber. Manley Huhor is the constructed in 1922 will be Carol Adams. valedictorian and Audrey Monday. The state fire marshal Ruth and Earl Studer, es important. If we do not use the word feelings are hurt and sometimes whole relationships Vavidson salutatorian. Other and state electrical inspector Marvin and "Marietta lat express what we want to say, we find are strained if not severed, members of the class are havelisted many deficiencies in Editr: Smidt . either misunderstand us or perhaps In the book of Exodus, the Lord told Moses he was Clande Graham, Dale Graham, this building, i Frank Herrmann and Clarence An open house in Hardy thank you and your paper nd  at all. Certain words, the ones the one who made man s mouth. We need to Ball. Sunday afternoon will be held for your fine coverage this the 'four letter words", tend to offend remember that fact so, that as far as possible, we A new plan of cooperative honoring Rev. and Mrs. Peter spring concerning the Reduced leasweUassuggostinga weak say what ne)to be said, inaproperanner, with grocery delivery w put into D. Trncano on their retirement. Acreage Program. Many " regard to the cumStances of the time. We need to effect by Stephenson s Market, choice is not the only thing to consider, make sure "our brain is in gear before we put our RedCnsumerand Whites marketstore, andHowardthe ..... Assemblies ,, einto account the timing of the words. A mouth in motion." Bowed is in charge of the C delivery service. Four Of God deliveries a day for each store Tenth and Dakota are maintained as before only ef.4 -Robert L. Itlbin. Pastor i! Statehouse News . by Melvin Paul stickers. Most of the money went to inspection station. paid the state for motor vehicle safety in- struck down by the Nebraska Supreme re{unds? Peterson, state motor vehicles of the portion of the inspection fee be forthcoming pending resolutions of a County. an Omaha woman, Margaret Gessman, has Court suit to settle the issue. program was slated to die July 1, repeal. But the state's  court earlier, declaring parts of the in- applied to the law only since 1980, but attorney is arguing the law was un- mrlier forms, too. Nebraska has collected more than $3 million began. The state gets only a portion of m Nebraskaus have paid for safety Among Ourselves ower it could have been worse. By -t i, :.* = se]f. There's no law against it. a Colummst inn en like the time I ili- "r4l for s .... " y es pc fly, " . w,-ng, and  told it just ke It was, bow the ib,hotA,,s a vengeful, brainless bum who didn't know '@vt]i,C: . =uar than'a hog knows about Sunday, and how I  at a mere 50 miles an hour instead  thaT5 som. "mg" Radar doesn't lie," he told me. It cost me  tinm later the same natrolman caught me again,  tttlike it was, tip; tlawe was only ode way I ,tl had : town smart alec remarked, right.out in ,.. t nee recycling again. I denied it emphatically qp,   onsclence was clear, but to make sure, I ,' sttre enou W ,  _,, gh there was a Sindlarity the only t'L "," ==1 m. That's what is k,o as in- - ok,.. -',*. ewe years have mind since then and I : ",m Rlghts pa " , Peeding or recycling since. ir,.,.=-,..__ .. to be notch they can do to you for l act" tWas ,, tl'dnga you can do. I. GO to court, .ead i[tt"uY a Year uur own attorney, as a Ioeai citizen diu so j. -earl_ or so ago, or = Get elected to the state ii| t, " write a new law as Ede Chambers did. tK,-'Ytor o-- - -- ][t tothe ,|ambers can speed down from his Omaha :"Y  eachCapit' for his dav'a duties and back at night, ! " tlO. And[way: knowing that ff lie does get caught it L what s ten bucits to a senator. The Supreme Court said the safety inspection law was faulty because it allowed special interest exemptions for some vehicles. The justices ruled certain provisions in the law were "so riddled with exceptions for special purposes and special interest groups that its effectiveness and goals are unobtainable." The high court's ruling did not render safety inspections invalid. Instead, it disallowed exemptions for certain vehicles that the justices said should be treated equally with other vehicles. Lawmakers no doubt will review the opinion and consider drafting legislation to meet the court's objections. A number of senators, after all, believe safety inspections are worthwhile and indeed promote ,safety. Whether ipection types_ can find the support to enact a now wogram in a large part will depend on what type of legislation they draft. Another determining factor will be what accident and fatality records reflect during the months when the inspections are not required. Supporters of the program believe lives can be saved and injuries avoided by ha ving.saf.ety inspections. But there no doubt will be considerable lag time emre that fact, if true, shows up in the statistics. In the meantime, eyes will be on the Lancaster County District Court, which is expected to conduct a spring trial on Mrs. Gessman's suit. Christian Schools In Court The legislature's failure to act on the Christian school controversy during the 1982 session has prompted county at- torneys across the state to begin filing court suits against unapproved church schools. Lancaster County Attorney Mike Heavican, for example, recently filed.suit against two tmapproved Christian schook in his county. Lack of state-mandated teacher certification is among the key issues. Perkins County also is seeking an injunction to close a Mennonite school in its boundaries. Again, teacher certification is at issue. A key difference in this case, however, is that Mennonites do not believe "_m .edtcati be.yond the eighth .grade: The oldest case in the CIr.. ttan school controversy is t_ t Ot Faith Baptist and its Christian school in Louisville. And me Faith Baptist case still isn't settled. Cass County District Court Judge Raymond Case recently sentenced the Roy. Everett Sileven, pastor of the chm'ch, which operates the school, hack to jail. Silveven earlier was sentenced to four months in jail for operating an unapproved school in the church basement. He was released after it was deterS, the school was no longer in session. But the school ropened in April, and Silaven was sum- mud back to court earlier this month. Case ordered Sileven to finish his earlier term for illegally reopening Faith Christian School. Beginning Sept. 1, Case said, Sileven will begin a three- mouth, 17-day sentence. Case said the sen .t. We. toPSide w,t__t,_ Pfflr o reopening of the school ts tau. mmouga mffet3..p . .. bond, he Was ordered to turn himself into the shorm wnen ms term is  to begin. Other county attorneys press, in.g unap.prov...schl c. ases in various parts of the state lmve mcucated It might De roll omore their cases go to trial. Considering the precelent set in CaBs Court. ty: .pasto;he other church schools might find tnemsewes m )an too y open their schools in violation of state law. one truck is now necessary. The Flashlight, bi-weekly publication of Superior High School, has received national honor. All-American rating was awarded the publication by the critical service of the National Scholastic Press Association. Forty Years Ago Successfully passing their examinations and in the army now are Elmer Meyer, Karel Meier, Rawley Keim, Melvin Jacobitz, George Seukop and Vernon Snell, Funeral services were held for Glenn Elliott, 52. Paul Harding, Clyde Work, EliDe Johannes and Maxine Webher of the Webber com- munity went on a trip to Salina with the senior class of" Mankato. They were gone two days. Thirty Years Ago Eight families, employed by the Bureau of Reclamation, will move to Superior from Ellis, Kan. They will be working on the pre-eoustructien work. A Superior car, owned by Russell Garber and driven by Gaylord Higer, set a new record for the half mile track for Nebraska hot rods Sunday at Fairbury. Going to Omaha for induction into the armed forces were Milton Ferebee, Kenyard Smith, Keith Hamel, Kenneth Hobelman, Melvin Wilton, Charles Stiles and Carl Shaw. Glen Sbaneyfelt has been elected football and basketball coach for Superior High School. Coach Arnold Leonard has _,td to enter the insurance IIIU. Twenty Years Ago The new location selected by the board of directors of South Central Senior Citizens Inc., just north of the water tower, seems to be satisfactory with the society. The board of directors will meet in Omaha May II. Plans for the new Catholic Church, to be erected in the northwest !tort of Superior, are about ready to be submitted to bidders. Twenty -eight empty sealed oil barrels keep the doulble edeck raft afloat that was built by Champlin Terminal mechanics, and owned by the employees. Ten Years Ago The east river bridge is closed for repairs that will cost nearly L Centennial Lutheran Church, (Missouri Synod) Ninth and Oakota Streets Pastor Paul 0 Tbelss Worship Service 900 am Sunday School I000 a m Bble Class 10:00 am Wednesday Midweek School. ' ', ;, ,', Choir Practice . 7:30pm Worship with us live, each Sunday on KRF$ radio m First United Presbyterian Church Sixth and Central Phone 402.879.3733 Pastor Lynn R. Davis Sunday Church School 945 a m Worship Service 1045 a m I I It Olive Hill Church Phone 075-8608 John James, Pastor Sunday School 930 a m Worship Service 10:30 am Evening Worship .... 7:00 p.m. Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study ......... 7:30 p.m Proclaiming Christ Since tO75 Union Church of Hardy Phone 40-27D.31496 Craig Lawless. Paster Sunday School ..... 9'30 a.m. Worship ........... 10 30 am Youth Fellowship. 6:00 pm. Wednesdays 7:30 p m Bible Study and Prayer Meeting Come Fellowship With Usl Approved PTL Counselor Home Phone 402-879-3973 Church Phone 402-879-4808 Sunday Sunday School 9:45 a m Worship Service 1050 a m. Evening Service. 730 p m Wednesday Evening Serwce. 7:30 pm terpretation of law came about during the sign-up perind and your paper served as a reliable meaus of getting the new in- formation to the area farm producers in a timely manner. Your interest and concern played an important role in the excellent "sign-up" we ex- perienced here in Nuckolls County and our entire staff and county committee are ap- preciative. It is a pleasure working with a newspaper such as The Express. Sincerely yours, Shirley Peterson County Executive Director Nuckolis County ASCS Catholic Church Services St Jnseph's Church Superior. Nebraska Father Frank Machovnc Rectory Phone 402-879.3735 Church Of Christ Dwtis IL Daysslds, Past Phone 40'-879-839D Church 402-870.4007 564 East Fourth St. Sm. Nebraska Transportation Available Free Bus Service Sunday, Worship . 9:30-10:30 a.m Sunday School... 10:30-11:30am. Evenino Service .. 6:30 p.m al it t | Living Faith Fellowship 230 West Fourth Patsy 8usey. Pastor A Char,smahc Church Phone 402-879-3814 Sunday Worship Serwce I0 30 a m Wednesday Intercessary Prayer 7 30pm Thursday Mtdweek Serwce 7 30 p m -! .-,. Reformed [{ Presbyterian 1_' PJI 7 Church ""L" Ftfthand Dlnem Ralph E, Jeeepk Pastor Phone 40.|70-3107 Church: 402.879.3628 Church School ...... 9:30 am Worship. .......... 10:30 am. Bible Teaching and Mass Schedule Daily Masses 7 30 a.m Saturday. 7 00 p m Sunday . 8 00 am Nelson-Sunday 10 O0 a m Church Of The Nazarene 740 East 7th David Radiey, Pastor Office Phone 402-879.3933 Home Phone 402-870-4391 Sunday School 945 a m Morning Service 10 45 am Teen Fellowship 6'00 pm Evening Service 7 O0 p m Wednesday Midweek Prayer Service ..... 700 pm Transportation Available Call 402-870-3729 Lutheran Church In America Phone 402-279-3205 #ev. Ted MclnWre OUB REDEEMER 505 Kansas. Superior Morning Worship, 9:30 am. Sunday School 1030 am ST. PAUL LUTHERAN Hardy. Nebraska Sunday School . 9:30 a m Sunday Worship 1045 a.m i ] Salem Lutheran Church (American Lutheran Church t HighWay 14 North Superior. Nebraska Pastor Oavld Miller Phone 402-225-4207 Listen to "Our Great Heritage" on KRFS Radio, 10:15 a.m., every Sunday. Sunday School 9 15 a m Worship 10 30 a m Fellowship .......... 7:00 p.m. Bethel B,ble Ser,es Wednesdays 6 O0 o m United Methodist The Wesleyan Church Church 346 Dakota Super0or. Nebraska 440 Kansas Sweet James t, Orackett, Pastor Superior. Nesska Home Phone 402 879-3740 Church Phone 402879-4623 Nev. Morion [neell Sunday Sunday School .... 10:00 am, Morning Worship, 11:00 a.m Evening Worship .... 630 p.m. Wednesday Prayer Service ..... ..... 7:00 p.m Sunday Service Church School ..... 9 15 a m Worship 10 30 a m