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May 19, 2016     The Superior Express
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May 19, 2016

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? TaneilePeroutekandEnamaReinert Thursday May 19.._2, 2016 THE SUPERIOR EXPRES~ 3._B~ Mankato City Library ............ r had a crossword and Emma reported arry t, men, UAA onserve haw -, m b= o ....,;... vo,;o vo;.o. will host book reading Temperatures ta kd "* *' ...... .... meets at Pine Haven gather in Esbon : y " Hlgn for me week ......... csu ...... : :. Mankato City Library will be hold- Julene ........ aoom ous safety ~am .... " .............. 39 t~noerwooanaaademonstration al~out TheMankatoGardenClubheldtheir The second Tuesday of May came ing a children's book reading Satur- Sullivan, would love to have you join Low ror mel~e~.pi~a~on. ............ woodworking and also talked about meeting at the Pine Haven meeting and it was remembered that it was day, May 21 The morning will start them in the celebration of 50 years of 1 42 the cutting board he made at school room because the weather was too Odessa Homemakers Day by the nine .,. with an activity at 10 a.m., followedby marriage. An open house is planned This week " " the' reading of the book, Hazel the for, Sunday, May 22, 2 to 4 p.m., " " ................................. Sam and Jacob Underwood talked chilly tomeetattheMankatoCityPark members who gathered at the Village .Hippo, 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 ann., con- Superior Estates Winery, 200 W. 15th J Year .............. u about foods, Emily Cox talked about as planned. Cafe in Esbon. ~ ducted by author Staci J. Allen. The St. Superior, Nob. 19-2c 1 May" 1" l" ua,y rams ..... ou'~ .~c ~ all_ ,the projects. _she is taking to the fair Roll call was answered by telling First came the flag salute. Next, book, a rhyming picture book for chil- Frasler alnong CCC May 12 / ' , ,~ , .................................. -0 44; arm Tanefle r'eroutek talked about "what we had brought for the plant cards were prepared and signed by all .................................. 71 45 sneep care prayed the piano for auction to be held later in the meeting." members so they could be mailed to .................................. 39 music.ThePeroutekfamilyhadagame The previous months minutes were Norene Dietz, Nola Bess Atwood, dren, delivers the important message tLwlgs graduates May 13 ,. , that all children and adults are perfect .... y .................................... ~ 40 onhow wellmembersknewtheirmoth read, the treasurer s report was given Veronica Marihugh and Shirley just the way they are. Central Community College- .May .15. .................... ............. 41 ers - and both approved Marihugh, who all are members of the Staci is the former Staci Duffey, Hastings honored 432 graduating stu- .................................. 46 The next meeting will be at 3 p.m. Tuesday Happenings at Long Term chib. One of the members, NolaBess, who grew up in Formoso. She gradu- dents during its annual commence- 1 Y .................................. on June 5 at the Mankato City Park or Careforentertainmentday willbeMay is at this time staying at the Golden ated from Mankato High School in ment ceremonies. 1 - in the UMC basement 24. Various ideas were exchanged. It Living Center in Downs. 1983,andmarriedhusband, RickAllen, Among the students listed for gradu- 1 More reservations VFW Auxili*,',, .T..-.-..aa was,decided- on making "May Bas- Roll call was answered by "telfing ~. whogrew up in Courtland.,She works ation is Nicole M. Frasier, Burr Oak, l ..... ~ " .uauum..,, ,I, ..,~w~lut Lets to share with the residents. Jane of something you have on your 16ucket i:,. for Summit Church in Lee s Summit, with a degree in business administra- 1 zor ivmngato, KOCK County ~z---..-...I _ . mL ,,avaauAt, Pahls will make the baskets and we list. Mentioned were a hopeful trip, to ".. Mo., where she has more than l 5 years tion. / ~ Illunlni reunion will meet in the front lobby of Jewell live life to the fullest and the h0pes of ~ experience teaching and working with Jewell A- llary I More reservations have been re- honors ......... teachers County Hospital to assemble the bas- waking up the next morniffg. Also .......... lne ,~uxiuary to rest No 7830, Lets. mentioned were when they got to drive celvea ior me upcommg ManKatO ann .......... , preschoolersstaci,s book was published March plans for Poppy Day 1 ........ JeweuLounty aemonaLmetMay ioIn discussion for the June meeting of a tractor or combine, which were not KOCK finis reumon" "h ...... " 28 ofthis year. Jewell American Legion and Aux- I ........ ; ....... emJerrery, presioent, called me going to Concordia, it was decided the hopesforthefuturebuthappythoughts iliary met last Wednesday. Karen l~qD t)on warner; 1~4~ Alma .. . ........ ........... meenng to oruer at o p m w~m lo club possibly would go to the Nazereth of the past. Also hopes of attend'rag a ,i Fnendshlo Meals ................. memoers present ~Juest was marsna Motherhouse in the morning, then eat granddaughters graduation and afu- .... , Boden conducted the business m.~t- Ortman zaama; w,~ L~ariene k/ueen .... " " . . WalKer, ~urt wame; l~3U Koseua LaR " "~ " " ..... ing Veda Roe led the devotions, In .... !i~ ......... osn, UsDorne, past restrict pres~- lunch. After lunch go to the Cloud ture Seattle trip. , .-. ~i Lagergren L~amon; l~3z lviarvln .............. County Museum followed by shop- Zambia children s pictures were JU SpLrmg others." Plans were completed ................... oent, WhO attenueu ror mstauauon Mcum; ~ya3Jerryvaoer; tvaoreggy new officers ;' - May 23-27 for the Poppy Day dinner May 28. MalsburyVader, DarleneWamerBur- - .,. . ........ ping if there is time Meeting at the passed around and some were takefl so ,' Monday - meatloaf, mashed pota- Alexys Meier will be attending Girls . Last. week, R.o.berta ..H. oldro.n oess" lO57 Jnhni W..... lOgR t;m UXluarypresenteapamoucgooam Mankato Christian Church 9 a.m will Christmaspackagescanbesenttothem. toes, spinach, fruit salad State in June. oresseo up to cemorate, t.;inco oe ............. b gsforstudentsforLoyaltyDay, May be our starting place. Virginia Alexander had thelesson. wneicnet. Myra vrye tSolt, tsaroara 1 took Ma Da bask "-'~ " Tuesday - pork chops, sweet pota- Snacks were served following the Mayo at. the Scoop in Jewell on McCammon Thomas; 1959 Susan ... y. y sKe ts tO LIL; I.or Refreshments were served followed She read poetry on many flowers and toes, mixed vegetables, apple crisp, meeting.Thenext meeting willbe Sept. weonesoay .................. resluents ann nonorea teacners wire by the plant auction, as she did so she placed that type of r~ugnes ulenl; I~OU Kicnaro tSOlSOn, .......... Wednesday - hamburgers, lettuce, 14. ,,, , ~. _ .............. cottee cake ror leacner ,'~ppreclanon flower into her vase. There were m~ barry ~enson; t~o~ ~argaret ~Jnmes Week Armed Forces Da ..... . ...... peonies, tulips and mums, ending up tomato, onions, baked beans, peaches. KOe receives naena Colson, Leota Claycamp McCarthy, serv : ..... y w~n ae oo- ea ~amraay from to I l a m at tiarmony umtea with a bouquet. ' ' . Thursday- beef and noodles, pick- Letters to the Editor of education' award 1966J .Freeman, BobHowland;1969 me2 E ost.ome .. , Curtis Rafferty; 1965 Fxlwm Dunstan; , V .... " " led beets, pears. Cl ul h celebrates Betty Voborii was the hostess ana " Friday - oven fried chicken, pota- . Keith Roe has been selected for the .................. i ne t~oy ~couts ana/4-1-1 memoers had the table decorated with spring '. toes, gravy, broccoli, fruit. EdRor, . 2016 Friends of Education Recogni- JohnKlCnaraweltmer~Jan l~enson;BeverlyiwtlConnn~J~m Kyan,~ob_ wiu" ............ oe neipmg put out me ~_rnencan ~[lity Suxlday items, which included a bouquefoflris :_i Meals delivered by the Catholic years,EVenmallClOUS"thugh'Itslies anabe~n a!most, twOmlsmlms Keep tion by the Confidence in KansasPub-n ert Walker, iVlike ~tdina, Katl~l~n flagsa ataM~Unt Hope Ceme~ry nextHarmon- United Church celebrated picked from LucilleClark's huge area church, lic Education Task Force. He is o e of . y I p m wmmonal ray ser- ..~ ,, y ........... t of that flower. oncoming Accordingtothefrontpage 4 v lun rs e Kinsey Jeffery; 1973 Sherry Conner ....= ". ....... Irinity aunuay May ~3. r~wao os ......... 5 o tee across Kansas - t-'~...n.rh- 10"/q|;caK/,~icang'L'wvlha.~r vices, May .~0, WIU oegm at ~ a.m. at fact-fiction "story" of the Burr Oak nized for this honor ~,vnette' "~iradr~ck''I~"aich,'~I~r;' the courthouse, followed by auxiliary began the serv~cew~th,r.ea~mlgnt~hes?n sharw;nv~th t~enUmmeent ~rp~gmtgiavn~ ,~ l!br..a(yonMay 12, the library board AttheSeniorDayawardspresenta- ,~Y ................. Y services at Mount Hope, and then cof- nouncements, r~osane ..... -la" ed"O Jesus, I Have Promised" for to the umt by the actiwty director of the Dispatch y ch dWha . uecidedtormuanewiocauonoecause, tion held recenflv at Rock Hills Jr -Sr Komcnlia; lvv,~t_nns freeman, l~vu ......... e. ......... Jewell County Hospital. This was for ....... ........ lee anu snacks win oe served at the acolyte Joshua Davis was honored n re~ng.~t~YhioUtSsaaygaPsPea~TSg- The budding was begmnmg to dete- High School, Superintendent Nadine nanna rmmsmger freeman. VFW Post Home Uae organ preluae, Mum ost servexa as .......... : GreetersSundaywereRayandGin- riorate. Broken windows and theSmith recognized Keith for his dedica- ww Discussed was the Biking Across with a card and small gift as an eighth gr2,,, h,, l:n ghinl v The '[ ger DeBey, Marry and Beth Christian building's crumbling facade created a ti ntoexDan"d" a" n f . o . m. theeduc leo o Rock 1' 1 ewe Kansas fundraiser and the concession grade graduate. Several children re- m" finffacliom-n i'wi h-the"p(a asof " family, commumty eyesore. The,, toilet was Hills students beyond the classroom stand for the all-star basketball and sponded with answers to Pastor Sharp s g ~ '. Passage Sunday morning was Luke again out of commission, and athletic venues ,, meeting again m June , 9:23-36. Theme Sunday morning was The truth if it were to be known is Through Keith's'versistent workas The Mankato Eager Beavers 4-H volleyball games Auxiliary agreed to question, what are some things that " " " " i . ,: "How Do You Figure." Passage Sun- that, despite receiving more than 4,000 mem " w'-- club had an April and May combined help with packing and delivering food go in a circle?" during the children's a bur of Gro mg JeweU County meeting. President Emily Cox called for the Meals for Kids and made a sermon. He asked if we go around in a 111e business of , dayeveningwasPsahn 13;themeSun- square feet of space for free (this al- Through Entrepreneurship and Youth the meeting to order The 4-H pledge donation to this program The auxil- circlewheredoweendup?Backwhere ~. o - .' day evening was "Trusting ln The One ways remains conveniently ur .men- Attraction, he encourages students to and flag salute were led by Faith iary also made a donation to the VFW we started. He encouraged the children 81 nglS Doommg '~ WeDavidBlame."Rozema, Kearuey, lead decided that is was time for thelibrarytmned)' I, the owner of the bulldmg thinkideas bigAsacandmmunitv leahave confidenceK in ith'their Reinert, AaronandNelsonUnderwood. Post to help on the new flooring that to not just go in circles, ending up As America grows older, the busi- o _ der, e Is Roll call was answered by '"rell what willbeinstalledattheVFWPostHome ": morning and service and elder Bob to move after calling law enforcement an examvle of one who makes time to our middle name is and name a lant after June 6 Other donations made where they started, but to reach out to ness of aging grows bigger, according - Y P " include new friends and new chal- to the Association of Mature Ameri- ': Koops lead evening services, on. me, because, my dog was in the make a difference for youth. He truly is or crop." Eleven members, three par- were to the Wounded Warrior picnic :, Dustin Pahls and AlisaRotman were library with me. a fri'end of education, ents, three leaders and one guest were that will be held at Tuttle Creek in lenges. The scripture reading was John can Citizens. Pharmaceutical compa- ,: married yesterday. The space that the library was using P " " Pastor Sharp described each of the tisers on television. Shop-abhome , Happy birthday Ryan DeBey May was not crumbling and did not have Clay ,Aurand ~lles for resent Manhattan Aug 27, summer youth16: 12-15.InhissermonontheTrinity, nies are now among the biggest'adver- 81 Ben Boersman May 11, Ray DeBey any broken windows. Unless youcount ...... Lesa Peroutek, leader, thanked all program. Boy Scouts, 4-H, Pine Ha- three forms of God: God the Father, medical suppliers offering everything , and Jennifer Herredsberg May 12, the concrete in front of the library that seat m/tan. ouse those who donated and helped with yen and Veterans Voice subscription God the Son (Jesus), and the Holy from canes, reading glasses and cath- David Herredsberg May 13. was salted for years by library staff. Clay Aurand, former house major- Family Fun Night in March and those was renewed. who donated and hel at the s aAfter discussion on changing the Spirit, then discussed how these three eters are racking up big sales, nation- ( " Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Vaverka and But the insinuation is that the entire ityleader, hasfiledforthe 106thHouse ped P - - . are one, and have always been. Joys wide. ~ family, Pella, Iowa, stayed the week- building (45,000 square feet) was re- of Representatives seat. The seat is ghetti feed last week. The club will mght of meetings and time, ~t was and concerns were shared, including Meanwhile, the at-home senior care help put the memorial flags up at the decided to leave the meeting night as two members who will be great-grand- sector has joined the ranks of the fast- ', end with Mr. and Mrs. Russellquired to be maintained to their stan- currently held by Representative cemetery. Congratulations to Katie the second Tuesday of the month, but mothers again. The congregation left estgrowing industries in America with . Groenendyk. dards even though they were getting Sharon Schwartz, who is not seeking Reinert and Sam Underwood for 8th starting time will be 5:30 p.m. Next the sanctuary to "Amazing Grace" sales said to be approaching the $40 Marriane Schlatter's brothers were the space for free. It's also very insult- reelection. in church with her. ing to suggest that I was responsib!e "I am filing for the House of Repre- grade promotion and Emily Cox and meeting will be July 12, at5:30 p.m at played on the piano, billion level. Waude Underwood for their high Pine Haven for audit purposes and any for the toilet when it was the library s sentatives to help ensure that any new school graduation, other new business to be discussed. guests that plugged it. That l should be school finance legislation treats rural ~~~:~:~ .... ~~ responsible for the repair even though schools equitably. The state needs to ~l~i~ii~!i~::~ ~~ I/" ~G - i ~ Courtland Arts .............. :" ..... ............................................. .......... ..... Center will'" host the library was not paying any sort of ensure continuation of a quality K- 12 * II rent. The library board abused my hoe-education system that prepares our kids i .... re K!aS , ,~,,.!S r,~ "t,~ D Y' " ~.,baseball bake-off' pitality, got two years worth of free for college, career and life;" Aurand ~ Ly n qnslow: 28 : '" :,Tik~:V:al~l,y Summer Baseball in- rent andhas spent a great deal ofen .... said.,':Astheformerchaitofth, house - , willbeObserv g his ........ q SatU a|r, May ~; vires you, to their 4th,annual baseball ergy maligningthevahieofthathozpi .... education committeeand cagrent Re- n ' ;i i ':' ..... ' ~ * " ' r ' " " bake-off and sale from 8:30 a.m. to tality. I have never seen a better ex- public County School Board member, /X,~l noononSaturday at the Courtland Arts ample of cutting your nose to spite 1 have experience tackling the chal- ,4 t t a.m. to 2 pnm.:" Center" All mney raised will g t the yur face' in my life" 'lenges rural districts face n a daily liP 80thBi ay t Pike Valley summer youth baseball Congratulationsonthelibrary snew basis I look forward to once again ~'be~,~x~ ? . xe" " d, program to help pay for equipment, location They should have started the servingthepeopleofnorthcentralKan- rthgt Open to all children ". ~. field maintenance and their expenses process when they found out that the sas by making it the best place in the ., ~, t0 attend the College World Series in school district was consolidating, ln- country to live, work and raise a fam- ~ Friday, May 27 Em.=on Omaha in June. Anyone is welcome to stead they chose the path of least resis- ily." donate items to be sold in the bake sale tance which was freerent until they Aurand served in the Kansas House ~;) Cards maybe sent O . Jewell, Kan. or to enter the bake-off competition, decided they were going to make con- forl8years.Heisalifelongresidentof ~. 102 Walnut St. Equipment Provided! There will be five divisions of com- ditions on the owner for giving them Republic County and a fourth genera- petitin: ckies r bars' cakes' pies' free rent" And nw the public knws tin family farmer" He earned a~incerelv from Kansas State University. He and ~ breads andcandies or snacks. There "the rest of the story." bachelor's degree in political science Lebanon; Kan. 66952 Herring cookout at noon will als0 be an assortment of prizes to ,-, "" ' Burr "ak hiswife, Gina, havefourchildren~They .......... ..... Sponsored byKansas State Wildlife and Parks Comm., " " Jewell Chamber and Jewell Grocery , be won. Juy ualey, v . ' The best of show will be chosen '~ ..................... :~:~ ........... ~ ................ ' from the first place winners in each :- , , division. The best of show prize is a I-_ 60thwuug"'e zn-" y nnzversar" - ,Oln jo,n us emona, vvee eno me ,]'-------''-----''''"-'--'-'"- restaurant tour of northcentral Kansas, including gift certificates for the areas best eateries. Delbert and ESBON COMMUNITY CENT Items can be dropped off between 8 2 and 8:30 a.m. Saturday at the Courtland i ' .. Ma a.m,Arts BakedCenter'goodsJUdgingmayWillbe donatedbegin at 9for i::~,i Patrlcla Bird Saturday, y 8, 7 a.m.- 10 a.m. the sale and not be entered into the i/ will celebrate their B/scv/ts and Gra andCOffeo : ;Anniversary unda May 2 . 7' a.m.: mema#e C/,,amo, Ro//saad Coffee, May 27 " eaandNoo /os, Hamand II ( A Fhey were married in the Ash Creek United Brethren Church aa#DessedBa/;Homemade Baked Steak d Potatoes and Gravy, I I BOB'S INN ND ..... in Jewell County May 27,1956 Sa/i~ Ro//s and Drink i 1 HUNT BROTHERS PlZZA 1 A reception hosted by theirchildren, RexBird ,MondaY, May30 " CLOSE D._ and Ramona Tiemeyer will be held _ S r--Will be Sunday, May 29,2 to 4 p.m. acred HeartAItar Society Northbranch Friends Church Fellowship Hall .7 a.m.. Hom madeOhTnamon Ro//s and Coffee ' 1 Saturday, May21 1 Northbranch, Kan. 1 Luneh Sca//op dPotatoes, ' II I 0n T, tart I I Saturday, May 28 AND Sunday, May29 ] Cards maybe sent to 319 Z Road, Esbon, KS 66941 ...... . Bee anS,sa/adandDessedBarHOmemadeBread,andDrink o,o IJ , Friday, SaturdayandSunday ' IBon s INN I 100 " hday '-S day kfa I May20, 21 and 22 I I th Btrt " ~" " I : TM I ~od's Not Dead 2 I A., un Morning Brea st | Ahigh-schoolteacher(MelissaJoanHart)|~.|HUNT BROTHERS PIZZA '1 .Open House S d y, M y 29 I fights for the right to discuss Jesus in her I _ 119 E. Jefferson, Mankato, Kan. 785-378-3201 | public classroom. The sequel to the 2014 | un a a | faith-based box office hit God's Not Dead. | for Ceha Norton Klncheloe .-- _am s ace 1' PG-13(forsomet ma,c emen s.) , _ ' P1 7 a.m.-11 a.m. " I~,, Mankato, Kan. 785-378-~17' , g will be held r . Ma; 2t8,rdlYa, m, "! SCHOOL REUNION will be open Saturday, May 21, Rock Hills Jr. - St. H gh School 2 - 4:30 p.m. Mankato, Kan. " POTLUCK DINNER Saturday, May 28, sS: v ntgti, [ Methodist Church Annex, Ionia, Kan. Menu P g Biscuits and Gravy, 11 c= m Garlic Bread IONIA-ATHENS ,,.**.,.1 ,,, . and Salad Friends and relatives are invited to attend Sausage, Eggs, in addition to it s regular hours for for some conversation, cake and ice cream -..__ /Hashbrowns, Pancakes, ----- k, I lwehave' Toast, Danish, Fruit Salad, " i Sunday,,_ May 29 Memorial Wee nd No gifts please Celia turned 100 on May 11 Coffe and Juice 12:30p.m. "The gang's all here Ifrench fries I I __. I and onion rings I | Cards may be sent to Free will donation Ionia U.M. Annex am's l'lac I ,ll 2679 Dadisman St., Sponsored by Rock Hills FBLA Students who qualified for the Service Furnished! .. .lll 511 Grand re., Esbon, Ken. Laramie, WY 82070-6506 National FBLA Competition in Atlanta, GA, June 29-July 2