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May 20, 2010     The Superior Express
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May 20, 2010

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Io- Thursday, May 20, 2010 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 3A Superior Class of 2010 ano, Visitors during the service were ond birthday a[ the homc ofhcr parents 4-H members to Jan and Dick Miller, Tecumseh. Den- and sister. Jerry, Michelle and Kennedy His andBarb Smith, Oregon. theiraunt, travel across U,S. Gerald and Jac ueline Boy es at ps alld i~ Ann, andcousin, Florence. Pensacola, Cool. q . _ - ,:~.::~= ,. l~orty-five 4-H members and five ,~. ""-" Fla. ' tended the su er and reception hon ~ : ~ .... .... Lacey Ward was valedictorian of Pp _- - :~ :::; ~ adults will be travehng across the Alyson Ahrens: Cloud Community arshlp, Brodstone Memonal Hosp,tal ....... - .... Ovri2gLacey Ward at Superior Friday :::: ~1 United States from May 25 to June 5. ............ ner semor class at me bupenor mgn e ..,. s. 4-H members from Clay, Fillmore, College; Kim Squires Memorial Art urant, uoane Louege rresmenttal ........... . Scholarshi Doane Colle e Theatre bcnoo~ ana aeuvereo me vammctory Scholarship, Rena Clingman Memo- .. .... p, " g "" W" orationatcommencement.Laceyplans -- DeeRoss was transferred backto :?:l Nuckolls, Webster and Thayer coun- =~ rial Scholarship. ~cnolarsmp, warren aria etaa n .... me t~roastone rvlemonat nospnat, ~u- ~::ii~ ties have been raising money for the son Scholarshi , Nuckolls Count to attend Fort Hays State Unlverslty m perior Friday Visiting her on Sunday ...... ~ trin fo thr~ vonr~ ' " r u u.r ...... a .... . Christopher Carter: Navy; Wes .... p " Y thefallandmajorinelementaryeduca- were. Lola Noble and. Do a Pettit. , S - ~Ji)!:!~: .... Members plan to travel through Sumpter Memorial Scholarship. rounoat)on. . . .. - ._, . Brock Christensen: University of .-, AuSt~aP?iole:.~e?at~almCcO~mU~tuy t'~F~nrs~gay,~UnS~t?i~iSutchinson, Sandi penor, Patty Whltten; Grade Rock, ~i;~ Chicagototakeinabroadwayplayand NEatLincoln;WarrenandVeldaWil- onege . )g.s, ~.-~ ,~ ,)pp . - Maciejewski Doniphan VioletLipker, carry Kut.n Hale, jumata..uee is ~ NavyPier. Thetripwillthentakethem son Scholarship, Nuckolls County mty ~cnomrsmp eLL, rreso) tenan,-. , . , .., . , , _ . slowly.lmprovmgsmcerractunngtwo ~ to the College Football Hall of Fame Church Scholarshi- KUSKIn, went to t~tmr where they at- Foundation, Roy and Velma ..... p;., ..... tended the funeral for a cousin Veola oonesmnermgmarauatneraupenor ~ andthecampusofNotreDameinSouth Schiermeyer-Rorabaugh,Bossemeyer bamanma rnce: wayne atate Lo~- . , w~anor apartment. ~ Bend, Ind. The group will cross into Family Scholarship. lege; Leadership Award Wayne State, na~se;. Tuesda James Love was Rosemarie and Rosemary ~ Canada to see Niagara Falls. From Stacey Farris:'University of NE at Knights of Columbus Scholarship ., . y' . ..... Hasemeyer were Sunday eveningvlsi- ~ Buffalo, N.Y., travelers will visit New Lincoln; Susan Buffet Scholarship, MarkUtechtScholarship, Elk'sSchol- ~m???rv;nherStUmtn~~un~PPYr;~moc] torsofJo Ann Rog.ers,.Supenor. , . ~ ............... rior York City and the StatUe of Liberty. Carl O.Dalgren Scholarship, Nuckolls arship, Carl O. Dahlgren Scholarship. ~,~~,, t~m.~., ~t~ ,h,~ ~,,o; raut~noLmdM-lutcmnson attenaedGary James is the new commanaer or v ..... t- w ~ost No :~bb m ~upe Thev will _be~in,~ ___.the ........... return trin,. ..... we~t by County Foundation, Warren and Velda Community ServiceClubScholarship. den/s"~ater'hi~" "_~reat";ran~l'mothe~ the high school graduation, reception" Pictured at an installation ceremony are state commander Roger Broeker, VlSltlno''< ~' Ph,ladel,~hla" n " an..dCn_..n~titntion .......... Wilson Scholarship, UNL Academic Austin Shipman" Cloud Commu- _ . ..... g -g .... , honoring her great-nephew. Quin Grow Dalton and Gary James. Hall and visit an Amish settlement on ....... " ........ Lama wnton accompameo me stu- Scholarship, Arthur and Mildred mtyLouege'lnunoermroacnomrsnlp ...... ' ..... Mlinar, Doniphan, Saturday afternoon, to participate in a regional tennis meet the way to the battlefields of "Cloud Communit " dents and mmr teachers to a aupenor Saturday Allison Thompson at- ~ 11 withtheRepublicCountyHigh School Gettysburg. LarsOnstaciaGebers:SCholarshiP.salutatorian,Top 10 t taura" leacnworm:" " Y)" naremg LOl-" .... .cafe. for.,_Dizza. ...... Later James was a visi- tended the broiler contest at the Nuck- KepuDIlC team. ~ InWashington,D.C.,thegroupwill ....... aunt Foundation tar m me walton name. olls County Fair Grounds, Nelson. By Mrs Alvin Petersen . Glenn and,,~5-yllis 1,-J_qftsattended visit the Pentagon, theLibrary of Con- percent, University of NE at Omaha; rage" r~ucKons t~ y ,. ' ............ ' Robert Alama Ashlyn and Jordan .... ~ .~ .... Dorothy Vorderstrasse Huge Scholar- t, mn st.-rod LarJ u. ualgren,~,cnomr,- ,-, ' , _ :' , . Rmhard and Gloria Schlaefll were ............ the American Vete~n s Travehng gress, the Smrthsoman Museum, Ar- ..... =" "cholarshi Hardin t~rown attenaed the graauauon recep- Sunday dinner guests of her. parents, vnyms Lamam remfnec[,lrom Her Tribute at Concordia. lington Cemetery, Lincoln Memorial, ship, Home Flederal Savings and Loan stop ub vt~u b p g ....... h lay 'hi tion honoring Lacey Ward on Friday Gerald and Jacqueline Boyles, at a extended hospaal stay last t-naay.. Gwydotta Ukens, Concordia, ac- Jefferson Memorial, the Wliite House, Scholarship, BRAN Scholarship, War- t..onege Acaaemlc bc o s p ....... ren and Velda Wilson Scholarship, ROSr~iU!ev~rhat;eNnebnr~tSvk;12~lY;n e7721ngn~htUrnd2yt~eYd~ten~d~It~e Superior cafe. 8-12 Bridge Club was hosted last companied Judy Erkenbrack to Man- thelnternational Spy Museum and the DonnaHastm s ClavCenterNeb Tuesday afternoon by V~rgmma UNO Athletic Scholarship, Nuckolls Un "---'"-'"-"-"----------'-------- " g ...... ' " " " hattan where they treated BlakeHolocaust Mhseum. Members are , , , Y' _ "., , ...... Gebers and Allison Kintigh. Lynsday resident of the Dahlsten Truck Line Petersen County Foundation, Fastline Publica- bcnomrsmp, z-xrmur an(] ~vntarea ........ -, p " " " , .. .... ErkenbracktolunchandvisitedLyndra hoping to attend a Washington Na- tionsFFAScholarship, UNODean's LarsonScholarship, NuckollsCounty ,~q~is2a~jY~ ~,rete ~is attenaea was a Friday visitor of Haroid Wilton. Weekend guests at tlae uana (Ukens) Sextro, Gwydotta'sdaughter tionals baseball game. An aThom son Manhattan was aJohnsons were Wa,yne Johnson Amy le Scholarship, UNO Alumni Scholar- Foundation Fredstrom Scholarship. ~, .g ~. P " .-.. y P , . , , at OgdenE mentary where sheis the The trip will be completed with Nebraska 'Wesle an Wesle an Lewrmmlng, rormoso, wasarn-Saturday visitor of her parents and Adee and Howard and Leslie Ann ,, ~mo~,.,,h,,-t:,,r~,~,,,~,n~,,, ship, Aurora Co-op Scholarslaip, Sa- - , , . Y t, . , '~Y. dav evening visitor in the home of , hbranan, stovsa ............... ~ .... ~ ....... - lem Lutheran Church Scholarship, rounaer's ann Legacy bcnomrsmps ,-, - ...... . .,., sister, Darren, Jessicaand Allison Th- Fogm. , Mother' s Day dinnerguestsofBob isville Slugger Museum before head- c'~ ,, . . , ' uarren JeSslca ann ~mson ~nomp-ompson.Intheevening, TaylorFinnell, James and Elaine Spafford were and Shirley Gunn were Chick Gunn ing to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Susan Buffet Scholarship, KRFS Red ps Sch larsh~p L~on s Club Scholarship Farmers and Merchants ..... ' ......... Burr Oak, was a visitor in the Thomp- weekend guests of Oleta Hobson. On and Pat Barnett. Jason Spitler was a Scholarship, Red Caps Scholarship, "~- . " ' - son. .... ,... ,' .. lWllaLOOl ionya, walKer, bKylar Roy Dugan Memorial Scholarship. " t~anK ~cnomrsmp ' . son home Anya returned to Manhat- Saturday evening they all were among Saturda,, ,,uest ..... ;, ....... and Teagan Cool and M~ke Weimer, tan Sunday evening, the relatives at the home of the David "KentjB~ettyandDillonBouraywere Hardy Jared Hass: Fort Hays State Uni- cacey ware: vammctonan, ~op . r n "" rt Ha s State Universit Superior attended the high school versity;CarlO. DalgrenScholarship, pece t, ro y y. , . ' ....... Jo Ann and John Rogers Travis Spaffords. CliffandSueHobsonwere cafe dinner ~uests with Lawrence and ..... F undati n Nuckolls .graauanon reception nononngr~atsna Rogers, Hastings. Jerry Hasemeyer, Sunday guests of Oleta, James and Estaline Bouray to celebrate Mother's St Paul's Lutheran Church will Hays City Silver Award, FHSU Aca- r~UCKOUS~ounty o o " .... ' ,-.. Alexander at the home of her step- Webber Oakle,~ Ward Gary Elaine Day " " - demic Opportunity in Chemistry.Lounty. .-.vneasantso .rrever._,' ueita,, oranaparents .......... t~oya ana Juay L.OOl " ' ' . " ~ - , meet at 9 a.m. Sunday for the morning Reed Hafts: Southeast Community r,.appa ~Jamma ~oclety t~K'S Most ~ . ., ....... t Rosemarie and Rosemary Hasemeyer V~da Boman attendee a bndm Carol Levendofsky and Virginia w,~hi ...... i,.o A f'ollcv, x:~hin tim,= ......... ', ,, . ralrmont. Natsna naa graauatea ear ........... v .................... College; Warren and Velda Wilson vamame 5tuaent ,~wara w~onsanto,. .......... attended the graduauonrocepuon and shower last Saturday mornlng to honor Petersen visited Dean and Viola...:,, ,-.., ..... . v ~ .... "-" ' n toA Sch la'rshi Harr ller in me aay irom IvICLOOI Junction ~ . . - . w~ ~u~ow. ~n w~emorlal uay Scholarship, Little Blue Natural Re- Lomm~tme t g " o p y . ............ supper honorin~ Lacey Ward. Megan Derow~tsh, bride-elect atMcGowan on Thursday. mmembers of t~e c,m,,roo.~tin, ,~, t ...... . .... :. o., reign bcnool. ~ne is me aaugnter or . "~ ' .... = ........... source District, Gerald Mueller Me- t~ bweet bcnolarsmp, nays L:ty ~u- . ......... Jess~ca and Alhson Thompson at Mmhael Love V~da was a Mother s MNO Bridge Club met last Manarti ...... ~ . ....... ~ . ...-. r~ennanar~arenLooL tended the Sunday morning worship Day guest ofPaul and Vickie Osborne. day evening with Ly,n Stenson. Pled~-~eTn~nat~)~tetS;~v~CeteS~h;da~ i morial Scholarship, MillerCommuni- ver.Awara, r~au.,~caaem~,cuppor- Linda Hutchinson went to aschool service at the Superior First Baptist Guests of Jack and Ethlvn SmithBill and Connie Smith Tim and --- -" ",.. " cation Scholarship, Jake Kleen Me- tumtyAwara KoyW gquauacnomr- .......... , ~ , t~yron ann a ~u am service at tlae " ,. ,,. ' .. , " .... near mcKman wnere sne attenaed me Church were Allison served as pianist Mother s Day weekend were Marl n Dale Smith and thmily had Mother's ...... "--',; morial Scholarship. stop rmneer nyorms investment " .......... ent and Jea S " h , naray t.ommumty ha, ' . ' . . Kmaergarten graauanon exeroses tar KendraHolcomb:CentraICommu- Scholarship Bossemever Family ...... -- Jo Ann and John Rogers, Travis and Judy Smith. K _ n rmt . Day dinner together at acafe. " ' ..... - ~, ,,.~ .... Her granason Lannon LyncH. rnaay. Rogers and McKenzie Scarrow, Having a cafe dinner together on The Republic United Methodist Union Church of Hardy. Lance nity College Hastings; Education Op- ~cnomrsnlp, r~oy ano ~vmareo Moore .-. ...... .......... ~annon ~s me son or t~ranaon ana Hastings, Jerry Hasemeyer, Webber, Mother's Day were Mark and Loisann Women met last Tuesday afternoon Sharer, pastor. Sunday school i0 a.m., portunity Scholarship CCC, Nuckolls Memonm ~cnomrsmp. Tanya Lynch County Foundation. Norma Smith, Central City. and OakleyWard, Gary, Sherry, Brown, Gle,nna. Brown, Iona Tuley: for their May meriting. Betty Bouray morning worship 10:30 a.m. Ushers andRosemar Haseme erattendedthe w~emme ana t:nn nansen r~orm ana ave a lesson assisted b themembers are Nicki and Laci Kirchhoff Sunda Ashlee Johnson: Cloud Commu- . . Don Wolf, Clay Center, Neb., were Y ~ '- g "~ ' Y " . - " Y commencement exercises for Lacey Deb Hanshaw, Carla Edm~ston, Cot- Hostesses were Bonnie Elliott and schoolchildren will sing. WCU meets . nity College; Cloud Community Presi- K-~l,,~r,,, l[--l,ll Monday afternoon visitors of Harold Ward at the Sunerior Hioh School tonwood Falls and Mark and KrisMar~,e Sevbold " Thursday 2 p m dential Scholarship. ~.~11v~ 1 1111 " and Lorna Wilton. Saturda afternoon Welch Jack and Charles KansasC~ty - Allison Kintigh: Kansas State Uni- By Rosemary Hasemeyer Darren and Jessica Thompson at- Y .... " -- Callers this past week at theDean and Deanna Hobelmann at- ~- ~,.,-'-: .-'77- ~ -- lne famuy of versity;KSU4yearFoundationSchol-, tended the track meet in Mankato Hasemeyer home have been Larry tended the Three-I Farm Show at Great arship, Nuckolls County Foundation, " Hymns sung during the Sunday Thursday.Theirdaughter, Allison, par- Havens, Superior, Janice, Lacey, Me- Bend. Orin Dillon ROYRorabaugh.and Velma Schiermeyer-, HillmrningchurchWrshiPwere service,,Day byatDaythe .... OliVeHe ticipated.,1,. .... . ........ lissa and Tye Ward and Dakota Mother's Day dinner guests at the , LukcKramp:SterlingCollege(Ster- Leadeth Me .... Th" Lovin,, Hands" ~wuaLooLlonya.wamer.~Kvmr Johnmeyer. homeofJamesandCarolLevendofsky will host a ling, Ken.); Sterling Academic Schol .... " ~- ~, ,-,, and Tea~,an Cool and Mike Weirner, Jo Ann Rogers, Superior, brought were Virginia Petersen and the Daryl ann "l wm ~erve ~nee" wnn ~tona ,. . ~ ...... pizza to the Hasemeyer home Monday Rieke family. 90th Birthday Open I arship ....... Aaron Le'ibel: Doane College; S;hnl?nfli~eCCam?dnBYm4tr~e?ngt?2~ ~ul~e~(~t w::~?ol~c[e~brS'a~te~;raYetc- noon. Dillon Bourne was in Kansas City House P " Y : "- - ,~ ~ ! Donne Community Academic Schof song leader. Pastor David Wetters l_J.,,,,,,_ _ sT a.,.., ..^. I New Superior Oayeare I arship, Superior Teacher's Associa- brught the children's Bible stry and ] '~l~t~ I .... I ;M-,,rdav Ma gq tion Scholarship. message. Ushers were Roger Wilton ] -. _ II upenln9 ioon.l I "- i ........ :,, .... .r -- , MercedesMcClure:FortHaysState and Dwight Frost. Gloria and Beverly I [ I I , 2-4 p m I University; Hays City Bronze Award, sang a duet for the special music w~th I $ .U I I $2 per hour with a multiple child I ] "I ~ " " i I discount of $1.25 per hour I ] Crustal Bonin & Codv Wyatt Edgar Church of the Plains FHSU Academic Opportunity Schol- Gloria accompanying them on the pi- I ~ ~ ~ s ,; arship, VFW Auxiliary Scholarship, I '~ /I o,,,antnon-schoo, agedamschoo,[ I WeC/C//n'May22,20"/O. ~. Theonl,/giftrequestedisvotrpresence. ~" " V ":~ !'" "" Carl O. Dahlgren Scholarship. 1 HOURS: '- Brock Melton: Southeast Commu- aged spots available ~ ~ ....... . I . evious a reex n I ]324N. CentralSuperi0r, Neb...~l~l.J.~/~,~ Lards n~LyFeaLrl." Him at.. Memorialnity Collegescholarship,Beatrice; JasonwaynePOOle Wednesday and Friday I I yea pene co I 4028795640 /'~_ ,~_~'~"~ VU bOX 24 ~ r~,~ , Tipton's Scholarship. 1:30-5:30 p.m. ,~l / " " ~,~" .... , P/ease call AsNey Clark at I i Edgar, Neb.,68935 Sidney Meyer: Central CommunityThursday, 3-7 p.m. ~ ,'/" I / I 785-259-2734 I [ L/['t~'Cu~bard ~ ' Saturday ~ I t I'~ t0sentrJpanapp0intment I k Antiques and Giftsd _ ,,~ . College Hastings; Masonic Temple tvU rr / Scholarship. ;:== / ,oan. ,o, Kara Peterson: Top 10 percent, Nif b ant - Donne College; Dorothy Vorderstrasse -Thrift I Y Huge Scholarship, Harry B. Sweet ty o A I t~1 ~" "The Nature of Home: A creative nonfiction workshop Scholarship, Carl O. Dalt~gren Schol- S h O p I Nkx,.,w~, ~ C,,-e~ / -- r~ ~ focused on the power of place' with .John Price ........ I Aur,rr ~_,~ Aur,rr B.e, oo~.E / 4 t~t~~ f-~--~410 1,2 N Central Superior Neb.,. .......... . ~' . a.~ ~.~,X~A Sr~_w a.~ ~A Sr~_w ] ,~0~,~ N,*,NCY "CRZ..~'N, /~~--- -- " ~-J7 -'-- - --- ' Readings and reception on May 23--3pln-spm-FreeKerw Grombacher Concert--May 3o at 2pm--$8 . ~. ~~ 5~ ~ddg~Q-~~'/,J~/,~g_j i ARTT.~T dt F~ SUPERIoRrrE ,,ithJin, Hager book-siglfinga, lpm--Free , wdl JOin other vendors at the ,, Ca, rd P_J'/wav ' " ' Searching for the Real Nebraska: A, The Victorian Festival Day Craft Show Photo Essay on the Great Recession' :( __ I Don & ,,,,arlyeen Hibbs Saturday, Moy 29 8"30 O m 2"30 p rn Exhibit--Now showing through June C0dy Wy(:ltt & Friday, May 28 Su oerior Elks Lodge 230 N. Central, Superior, Neb.55th Annual Conference-June 3q5 ' Join us for our spring events! Crystal Bonin Send cards to: Don and Marlyeen Hibbs "Food and Drink in Willa Cather's Writing" .. May 22- Wedding Couffney Tietjen & Austin Farnstrom June 12 - Wedding T. J. Sibert & Jerred Ehlers June 26- Wedding Willa Cather Foundation Red Cloud Opera House For ticket and registration information call 866.731.73o4 or log on to Over the river...One mile south of Superior on Hwy. 14 & one mile west on the south side of the road BUSINESS: 402-879-4440. HOME: 402-879-4906 OMeN TUESDAY-FRIDAY 11 A.M.-8 P.M, SA~t.JRDAY it 10 A.M,-~ P,M, 1412 N. Kansas Superior, Neb., 68978 Front Kids Eo o,,To a , .~ '~/" ).~.. EI1VO[[ b~fol'~ JLIII~ 1SJ]' Lt I-~c,~iv~ r" a FREE Happy Time T-shir't- H py Time Preschool Enroll your three and four yea=" olAs now / ,tC'" L I forthe2010-2011 schoolyeal- ( I Contact Karla Blackstone 7 -: -Yl )]" I 402-879-5263 ' " ]' ; I (Group pictures 7 p.m. 5:30 p.m.) Superior High School 601 W. Eighth, Superior, Neb. Tickets may be purchased from Jan Diehl at the Superior city office, 402-879-4713 ER 1 Nancy Crispin 402-498-2854 A Retirement Card Shower is requested for Teresa Christensen Superior High School music instructor from 1980 to 2010 Please help us celebrate her retirement with memories and stories from the past 30 years. Cards and well wishes may be sent to her at: 1349 N. Kansas Superior, Neb., 68978 ALUMNI BANQUET 6:30 p.m. Tickets available at the Guide Rock State Bank or The Country Corner Purchase tickets and reserve your seat by Saturday, May 15 or call 402-469-8127 Featuring: Susie Thorny Band--June 3 at 8pm--$~5 --Wine Tasting--June 4 at 7pm--$fo --Mike Adams Concert at the Depot--June 4 at 9pm--$1o Barn Dance & Smith Family Band--June 5--$20 (Advance reservations are required for the barn dance and supper.) Please call 866.73~.73o4 or log on to x~'w.Willa( for more oonference ilfforlnation. Exploritas-June 7-n "Red Cloud: Willa Cather's Window to the World" Instructor, Robert Thacker (Exploritas is formerly known as Eldcrhostcl.) Miles from Dublin Concert--June 9 at 7pm--$~o Sunday through Wednesday May 23-26 & Pup Sunday: 5-7 p.m. (registration at 4:30 p.m.) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 7-9 p.m. (registration at 6:30 p.m.) 51 Aal Dc Sch ia r er t I%