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May 24, 1973     The Superior Express
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May 24, 1973

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I j.l |B THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thursday, May 24 1973 ......... : .... ................................... ~ ......... mence.,~:,,~ nonorm~ ~.~. ~o., Randall Cleveland of Webber, Mrs. Frank Martin and The Nora school children and _.-. --- .m. Stan, on his graduation: Mr. Mrs. Nel Fuller, Mr. and Mrs. daughters and Mrs. Ellis Clyde their teacher Mrs. Eugene rl'l~tD ~ 4 o[/"1,I DdlJIC and Mrs. Lloyd Nielsen, David Tom Wilson of Nelson, Harrell were visitors at the Art Gourley Schultz, Mrs. Doug Muehlieh JL |1,1 L .IPl, d I 'I,t t,,w'vo and Karen and Roger Kastrup Roe of Republic and Mr and home the past week. and Mrs. Teresa Wilson went on Ruskin Community Mr. and Mrs. John Hefts and of Blair. Ernest Christensen Mrs. Run Shorey and family. Debra Gharring, Beverly atour May 10. They visited the Presbyterian Church" Rev family and Mr andMrs. Arnold and Jerome Christensen andSupper guests Sunday in the WoernerandCindyWulf are the broom factory at Deshler, the Kenneth Corman home to honor Superior High School graduates green house in Hebron and had Forrest Gr!mm pastor. " Hansen were hosts to 76 gpuwests Alana. St Mark s Lutheran Church. at the Hansen home folio "rig Mr. and Mrs. Donald David on his birthday were Mr. from this community. Paultheir dinner in a cafe. They RevMartinH Juengel, nastor baccalaureate to honor Pat Petersen entertained at aand Mrs. Earl CormanandMr. Bencken, who was formerlywent from Hebron to the Suntiav, Mav27, Sun avschool HoftsandJoyceHansenontheir reception Fridayevening, May and Mrs. FloydBrakhage. Mr. from this community, Pawnee Indian Village at 8'45 aJm - worshin, 10 '00 a m' graduation. 11 honoring their sons, Paul and Mrs. Roger Roe and family graduated from Guide Rock. Republic. Friday evening a "Bethany Luther'an Church" Friday evening following and Mark, on their high school called later in the evening Eighth grade graduates from school picnic was held at the Rev. Edward J, Hiller, pastor commencement Mr and Mrs:and 8th grade graudations, Mrs. Cliff Grove and Jerry this community are Helen schoolhouse which ended the Sunday, May 27, Sunday school Harold Hansen and Tom andrespectively. Mr Petersen attended commencement at KrampandYvonne Meyer fromschool year e ., s , en " 9:30 a.m.; worship, 10:30 a m Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Hans returned to the VA Hospttal m Hardy Wednesday evening for the Bostwick school. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Williams Ruskin Public Library Hours l entertained at a reception Lincoln on May 13. On Tuesday Carla Jensby. They attended a Mr and Mrs. Don Fintel and visited Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rogge Tuesday 2 to 4 n m Sto,'~time honoring Gene Hansen and Paul Petersen entered Thayer cooperative lunch following at family and Mrs. Gus Fintel of Superior Sunday evening at2p ~.'Mrs K~nneth H'ansen Joyce Hansen at the Harold County Memorial Hospital ine the hall in honor of the were visitors at the Kenneth Mrs. CleoThayerwasa coffee librarian. " ' Hansen home. Guests were Hebron and underwent surgery graduates. Wulf home near Guide Rock guest of Mrs. Carol Osier of Mr. and Mrs Arnold Hansen rs: Tneoaore a,g..gert ann for the removal of steel plates Saturday night and SundaySaturday evening. Hastings on Monday of last and Alfred Hansen were Lya m ann mrs.. on tter: from his arm. He returned guests intheBillEricksonhome Saturday evening Mr. and week. In the afternoon she Mother's Day supper guests of meJDracht ann Nancy ol home Friday. On Thursday were Miss Jonita Andersen and Mrs Harold Wilton and Steve, visited Mrs Elmer Bieck of the Don Dunn family in Webber ancroit, mrs.. woourow afternoon Keith, Kevin andDick Meester of Hastings.Mr. and Mrs. DeWayne Barleen Harvard. tioroon ot rremont, mr. ann W The Donald Petersen, T V ............ ayne Schultz, Oscar, Wfllard Mr. and Mrs. Roger Wilton and sons of St. Paul and Mr. and Mrs. Diane Collins of Marian, Kastrup, Glen Schiermeyer, rs. mien aozlzee ann uaro[ and Bruce Christensen came to and family were guests in the Mrs. Roger Wilton and family Ind., arrived Wednesday and tansen ann roommate ot Hartley Petersen and Harold .......... the Petersen home to help Mark Harold Wilton home Sundaywere supper guests of Mr. and has been a house guest of her Hansen families entertained a umana, tar.ann mrs.. mnaro do the discing for Donald and evening followingSteve'sMrs. C. R. Wilton. mother, Mrs. Dorothy An- , a .t a nansen el ttasungs, Mr. ann Paul who were both 7e*c%pt'ion' * "' eth ny Mrs: LipkeLand chil en hospitalized. Mrs. Willard graduation exercises. Mr and Mrs. Bill Kimminau dersen, of Nelson and has been Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Jensen and family and Mr. and Mrs. visiting other relatives. She is a Fellowship Han Tuesday ic aerad u u a-n rk ana rs. Christensen served lunch to the and sons attended tom- Tony Kimminau visited Mr. and sister of Mrs. Bill Lynch. evening following bac- ...... men..Mrs. Alvin Jensen anumencement at Nelson Tuesday Mrs. Alfred Miller and family Dinner guests Sunday in the calaureate to honor Paul a aU inn ana girls 0I Weaver, Marietta Visitedin the Petersen for Craig Follmer. They were Sunday evening. Lynch home in her honor were r'etersen, ...... Start r astrup, Diane Drewa ........... mensen ann teanay home 17. guests later for coffee in the Mr. and Mrs. George Sund Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kulek, Schiermeyer, Arlo Petersen David Mrs. Earl Schaeffer spent the Don Follmer home. and Sharon and Mrs. Verma Steven and David of Guide and Gene Hansen. M ..... ,,. . ..weekend with Mr. and Mrs.Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Sund attended the graduation Rock, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Mr and Mrs. Kenneth Hansen R etmosn, Attrea H anon, t,ua Harry Schaeffer, Clint and Jeff. Erickson were among coffee exercises for Mrs. George Sund, Hailer, Mike, Shawn and Jeff of and Douglas entertained ,,_ orensenana aaruyn ann On SundayClintwasamember guests Sunday at the Leonjr., from the University of Red Cloud, Mr. and Mrs. Tom following baccalaureate and a lalynl;l..rtman" . of a class confirmed. Simonsen home following Nebraska, Lincoln, Saturday Kulek and Troy of Hastings, Mr. commencement honoring hemy : nnerguestsln the Doreas Christensen, daughter Pamsgraduntion afternoon and Mrs. Gary Kubicek of Dennis on his graduation..,.. e el air. ann Mrs: m erwn of Mr and Mrs. Benny Supper guests in the Cliff Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Davenport, Mrs. Dorothy ,1., ..,.a ....... ,o,olnayer ann tamiJy to nonor C ri ten e received the ..... j ........ ............ h s s n, Grove home Sunday were Mr. Gharring of Nampa, Idaho,Andersen and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mr. and Mrs Larry Smith and Jeffrey on his c?nfirmatlon day Lincoln General Hospital and Mrs. Mike Lei ke and came Saturday to visit Mr and Lynch, Brent and Brandon of family, Mr. and Mrs Glenn were Mr. ann rars ttenryMedical Staffawardas the 1973 family. Mrs. Harold Gharring and Nelson mayer ot oesnler, Mr Revelle and Triniti, Miss Mary ....... . outstanding Senior Nursing Following graduation Sunny family and to attend graduation Mrs.' Alfred Meyer, Mrs. Ivlrs Marvln mayer ann Palmer, Howard Brisby, Mr. . .-- ........ student. She was one of 68 evening, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie exercises for their grana- Arthur Moran, Mrs. Nellie Pnint, r aangnterozNelsonanulvlr, ann membersafthe 973vraduatin Erickson and family were daughter, Debra Gharring.Dillon and Mrs Mary Jensen Mrs. Maynard Bohling and class and rec'eiv'ed the award( guests in the Myron Intermill They plantobehereawhileand were in Grancl Island and cn ...... mmily of Longmont, Colo. The nresented hv Stover M D .................. ........ M ........ 1 ftr , ., home in honor of Mark. to visit other relatives and Hastings on business Wed- Even Sykes, Mr. and Mrs. Ednaru Eomlng ta . llychief of the medical staff at Mrs. Earl Corman called on friends in the area. nesday" Schultz, Larry and Pam, Mr. esuay alter .s na] g .e graduation exercises heldMrs Rebecca Corman on Mr. and Mrs. Vat ThompsonMrs Fern Lowerv of Oak was we ena vlsmng m me raervm " -- and Mrs. Roy Campbell and.... . Friday evening, May 18, at St. Monday of last week at the Good and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mohler a visitor Monday of last week of Mrs. Ethel Cook. Friday mayer nome. Paul s Methodist Church in Samaritan Center in Superior. qf Superior had a belatedMr. and Mrs. Herman Hesven. evening guests were Mr. and urent Llpker of Red CloudLincoln. Attending were Mr. ........... _ .... __ surprise birthday dinner at the Tuesday and overnight guests spent me week VlSltng ms Mrs. Chris Hansen of Nelson ....... and Mrs. Doyle Christensen of _ art Gourley home Sunoay were Mrs. Rick Jordan and granaparents, rar ann rats Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hansen ...... : ,- York, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth evening, in honor of Mr. Kimberly and Mrs. Michael r ]mer Lap er ann Mr ann rars and sons of Davenport, Mr. and ..... " Hailer and Jennifer of Lincoln, tlAk/I,t,,l , . , Gourley. Gray and Stephanie of Lincoln Mrs. John Boitnott and son of , rno.m nansen. _. . Mr. ' and Mrs. Benny Mrs. Don Willett, Audra and and Mrs. Arnold Ehlers, Jeffry rams helen "rnompson Hebron, ' Mr. and Mrs. Richard .. _ w kend Christensen, Rogene, Randy Mr and Mrs. John Combs and Darrin of Superior were caners and Amy of Omaha They came Dominy and sons, Mr. and Mrs umana .was.. a eoe .. and Rhonda, Mr. and Mrs. daughter were supper guests of at the Elmer Meyer home last to attend the graduat.ion of " nouseguest in me nome o Howard Malls and dau t ........ ' Oscar Chrmtensen, Mr. andMr. and Mrs. DOn Willett and Monday. Dennis Gebers Tuesday evening Mrs. Lloyd Mills and lrg s.eE i ann .Mrs. . eniermeyer and Mrs. Willard Christensen and family Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Harper at Nelson High School tamuy rrlaay evening Skinner of Superior, Mr and . _ . ,. Mark Mrs. Ray Christiansen The Bostwick last day ofof Albuquerque and Mrs. Annie Mrs Adella Gebers and Mrs. " . louowingcommencement me Mrs. NormanLlpkerandfamlly ...... . . and Arden and Mrs. Vmtor school picnic supper and Brown of Sulpher Springs, Frieda Frahm svent Thursday .... mnnwmg were mncn guests mJud'" Larr-- and David all of trances nansen ...... home to he r y, y , science fair was well attended Texas, were dinner guests of evening with 1Vlr and Mrs. "'r an" "'r .... me cmerrneyer no Ruskin at the Bostwick schoolhouse Mr. and Mrs. Orval Childress Alfred-Gharring of" Nelson. " fa ilye nate a n l bet Za g Diane o on ?er,Hi o SChOhOl RusklnP,biicLibraryNotes Friday night. Monday. Visitors Wednesday of Mrs. il " ........................... R ........... to owing commencement to -""-"- -'1---' .... "1 ""ti"n " M us m runnc tanrary Mrs. Lydia Kottrneyer visited Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Duffy Bessie Adams and Ralland were "o or th ir .... e,m tu aue r tuua o : ,,. . m -- - n n e son, ttoczy, on ms ,,,a, .... u," end Mrs Fred P" ., Tuesaays. hermother, Mrs. MaryMueller, took a niece, Debra Donnivan, Mr. and Mrs. Clare Rausher. graduation Mrs Ova Schultz, ........... d" "'r Summer Reading Program ifi Nelson Friday. to Sterling, Colo., to her Mrs. Don Reed of Courtland Mrs E " " emermeyer, rar. an lw sbe " s ' " . C. H. Renz, Mr. and ...... er and ons" gm May 22. Each child will Mrs. Lee Henry of Guide mother s home over the spent Friday with Mrs. Adams. Mrs. Eugene Schultz and -o ..' read ten books of his level Story Rock died at the Webster weekend. Saturday evening Mr. and m " jonn uemm anu amny, hour " County Hospital in Red Cloud Nell Thompson left Monday Mrs Ricla Calver"of Lincoln Ra ona, Michael E ckman, ,m, ...... r o,,i each week for .............. " ............ r s Friday. Mrs. Henry was Mrs. evening for Wyoming where he called at the Eilert Bargen Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Renz, Tim, Schie ..... o..h um . p e choolers and kin- Dan and Scott, Mr. and Mrs. o,a sa,. U,,utwod sa,,= d gartners will be at 2 p.m. Kenneth Wulf's mother has employment at the home. Wan ....... o ........ ,, "' ..... The y e Schultz and Nancy, V I =" "'r nd "'rs board met at the Library Funeral services were Monday Yellowstone Park, for the Mr and Mrs Albert Bargen M i " er an raussman, ra. a M " Ma 5 a arcaS]monsen, Mr. andMrs. no, u^,t ,An ,,a o,,,q, yl ndMrs.EdSchultzwas in Guide Rock. summer, were" Wednesday evening Ke th Schultz and family, Mr. c,.b,,, J*-e z-,' ere ected chawman. Other of- Last Thursday was the last Mrs. Eulin Ebsen and visitors in the Lyndall Bar en i ~ nd Mrs. Ed Schultz and Pam~ ~.~,, ~,~,= Marsha Tamm~ liners are Mrs. Fred Masch- daY of school suppper at the 2-R children were visitors at the home and to help Mrs. Bargen' Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wemet', '-~:'~4i~"""~,"~,bl'-'~,~n- a~ man~ S~re~:~W~ an~l ~s, bchoolhouse. They had a Fred Molley home in Red cloud celebrate her birthday " - M an'M ......................................... Chnt ann Beta r. u rs .. .... Kenneth Hansen, treasurerprvgrnm m .tmll.gnme. .....dny.. ..................... S turdny ever ing visitors we -e ..... ' .. . . Marietta " Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy HarperMr. and Mrs. Don Fintel and Mr. and Mrs. Rich Calver ot ~ayloro Anuerson, ~ayle ann Mr snd l~Ir~ {~.l,an::- ........... :::::- .... .................. - .......... of Albuquerque and Mrs. Annie family and Mrs. Gus Fintel Lincoln Lynn, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Koe_h ........... Sch]ermeyer and Mr. and Mrs. Brown of Sulphur Springs,attended graduation exercises Mr and Mrs Irvin Schleufer ann tlcnarn, rs.. rrles Donald Petersen were hosts at a uaaams l' [ew Texas, came Saturday night to for Teresa Wulf at Guide Rock Dana" and Daniel attended a e,son, Mrs. aroia J ensen, dinner at Bethany Fellowship ...... an(/ Mrs. uenny Hall hnnnrin Janice Schier-ny Mrs. t, eomacas onevisit Mr. and Mrs. John Harper and a get together in honor of family dinner Sunday evenin Christensen, Rogene, Randy ,an Mr. and Mrs. Roger O'Neal of and family, her at the Legion Hall at Guide at the home of Mr "and ....................... Mr. and Mrs. Dounie llfff and Reck last Monday night. Bryce Rav to honor Nancv Ray and Rhonda, Mr. and Mrs. Roy w,-'e Bentonville, Ark., visited a ............................ family attended the graduation Mr. and Mrs. Wayne anl Pl yllis and Janet C mpbell, Gordon Mmhels, nni ondrtisn a.qohiorrn vor several days the past week m exercises for her niece, Bar- Ferguson of Hardy and Mr and r r - " " Patti Christensen, Mr. andMrs. ' the home of Mr. and Mrs ................ ., Sh oye on thew graduatmn F ed Maschmann and family,And r,, n Mr and lCrod Clarence Simonsen and family, nara om, at Nelson last rars. uonme um ann mmuy that evenin from the Sunerior Mr and Mrs. Rowlan Anderson 'I ferme ,er ""and" Joining them for dinner on Monday night were visitors at the Art Gourley High Sch l Aft c-o oo ..... er __m- and daughters and Mr. and Mrs. and s,ms" Wednesday were Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Combs home Sunday= ..... mencement exercises they were Gary DeWester and daughters. rs' Chris Mortensen and Clayton were supper guests ot Mr. anu Mr. an(/ Mrs. rmtel ann amon uests at a harry for the Sunday dinner guests in the ..... Mortensen. Mrs. O'Neal, whois Mrs. John Combs and baby family, .Dixie Fintel and above mention- ,cl- ra-duates at home of Mr. and Mrs. B.L. a niece of Mrs. Simonsen, is the Thursday.. Jaramie .... and Mrs. Gus Fintel. the Hotel Lesh .:" =" Renzand family to honor their, and l s. Verlan Mussman anti former Ca lyn Mortense i. Mrs Kenneth Studier and attended a pmmc at Desmer --- ... . - - . urn, ....... e,,-da ,inh,- rnfMr and Mrs rs. aaeua Gebers enjoyea son, uarry, wno was comirmea n.,,~,~ Men Allan Visitors : unaay evening in "*" "''"' " ..... """' " ....... dinner ,...n.... _..,. end "" " t and Mrs ou.uoy wlu *,u. .......................... Karl, vmltors Thursday Bill Potthos and Mr ............ at BethanY Ch.ur_ch wereMrs. Houtwed and family, Mrs. the Leo Blackstone home were Mrs Dale Gourley of Superior Lyn Potthost and family of Twin Un eeers,uavaa' teven uva Schultz, Mrs. C. H. Lo,,,'-,m a-a Mr. and Mrs. Norman Stenson"" 's Idaho an ommy and Mrs Loy Bailey of Fall .... ..... "" ""- Mrs .......... ' .............. Kenz, mr. ann . r, elm u,., Chris and family of Hardy. z-,- .... " - ""- Mr and Mrs DOn Fintel andoeann retersen ot t uszm Schultz and faro y,Mr.and ..,,4 M,.= f'hvis Greaor*o- Mrs Kenneth Corman hosted um., vta, =u .m. ,.---=- ..,ht -,,,=st ,,f =o ,, ~,~,u=y overnlr~,~ ~-.. ., er .................. ........ and Mrs. Art Gourley Monday Mrs. Gus Fintel attended a get-, ---:- orvin Mrs Robert W ner and ..... e eter o,, a birthday party m the park for letonM ........................ afternoon together and lunch in honor of .... m . .... children of Car , r. and and w .... several friends of Dawd, who " " f 1 Lewis nome Jerry L,ewas was a ................... a,,u Mr. and Mrs .Steve Kim-Cindy Wul at the Love Wuff - - " *" - " n in Mrs. Ed Schultz, Larry and so,o Mr and Alvin-lenson celebrated hm seventh birthday minau were visitors at the Tony home Sunday evening after her gue ^o . enne ._re eorSme Pam, Mr, and .. . Wayne and Marietta Mr and Saturday afternoon. r a Louis ............ Doering,' ........... Corman schultzandTerrt'ra -andMrs'" Schult and Ramona Wayne Peter- Mr. and Mrs. Earl Kimminau home Tuesday graduation in Superior. u,e ::::::::::::::::::::::: ugene z nun, sen u ....... d S ..... accompanied Mr. and Mrs uill ...... 1 o "" D Renz ..a .......................... Mrs." ..... tievauer of He--oDr n --=::--= ...... - ....... of Mr. ..and, Mrs. ..... Hare dErw:_H fts xv~r. ~,u ~. ,,, : - .. p,u Melton Aftern~n ~uests were t orman, Danny ann erry to and her parents from Colorado. "' e W ............... o ......... were rat ana mrs m sons, Mr and Mrs t;emon Lincoln t to t .... Rev a-a "-o .....a Utile. Sa urday a tendvisited I" nd Mrs C ' R " Oal Flntel, Mr. and Mrs. St ven nd Mrs " "" "'0" "" , and famdy, Mr a Omar Saroh ,,.a .... Danny s graduation from the Mr. a . . . x ,1,,. o,a .....of Bw-on L arsen anu rar. an r~ . 1~,~.1[$ gfi~hbo University. '" .'L~.~.. " ..... ~_~,.~"o ,. . By Mrs Warren Stiles Arnold and Leonard Koester of WintherofMinden, Mrs Ernest ...... Tuesday evening, Mr and wnnam rover upermr nd ' Mrs ....... arold Je-sen ma's. Arnota Ivlcmtosn em- ... - - wos a a; ......"f Mr a-a Mr. a Mrs. Herman Hespen Deshler and Mr. and . Run C Nelson, Mrs 11 n " tertained a la ......... Mrs. t;flff Grove attenaeu visited his sister, Mrs. Anna Hefts and family. ' M -s+ m.,,uP v, . and Rogene Chrlstensen rs at a -o,',- o* ho, h ..... graduatmn exercises at Loontjer, of Deshler Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Walter h tz were "" "" " Werner and Ke]th Sc ul Tuesday aft~rnewm Davenport for Sheda Alderman. . . .. .... "; evening. She is now Schlamann attended the Barr's s nsors " ............ y po _:. . -. Mr andMrs Kenneth Later they attended coffee at rvln nsen were turn t=louu r ........... ir i Mr and Mrs Marvin Tnayer " - -- the home of her n*rents Mr visitors Tuesda,, afternoon recupe atmg at nome aftergrauuatmn ot me n ece, - :" "" " .........ter mr. ann Mrs. unris Z"; .: .......... :- ..... " being in the hospital Sunday Jolene Jensen in Hardy Friday ann lva, Mr ann rats wai Hansen in Nels"n and Mrs. Harlan uonnng. Mrs. ulyae VlSlteo Mrs ere am ~E~er ~ evening. Tuesday Brent was a ...... visited another sister who is in guests of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert and Mike andMr, and Jensen weekend Shuck W -se- "oited afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Hespen evening and later w nag Mrs Dewa ne Houtwed. : Y . and Mrs. Kermeth Hansen and guest of Kenny Lanham in the ...... r ,,w .... the hospital in ConcordiaJensen Bobby, David and Kevm were : " sons attended .... Earl Lanham home at Nora. rar. anu rars o;r,, Al " " " n and tw osts to a lar e number of ........ ,=,*, Po,, Mrs. da Gerbehng attendedMrs. Mary Johnso o g in Davennort and were .... *-;.. Guests this week In thec -me a.--T ...... :"t commencement at the Nelson grandchildren, Diane Johnson uests for lunch at the Corn -- ........ a turaay morning o s . me Thur . " the Donald Hansen home toLeonard ErlcksonhomeareMr. h .....,o ,,a s#,.,, u High School Tuesday evening of Elkhart, Ind., ca s- murat Part Room following ' Y Y honor their son, Wayne fo- and Mrs. Dale Petersen of to honortheir high school gradua on: ..... Tulsa, Okla. They just returned andlater was among guests in day to be house guests part of baccalaureate the home of Mr. and Mrs. the summer of Mrs. Johnson's sons and brothers, ArrloTha er.y, Rev. and Mrs. Edward Hiller from a trip to Washington, D.C. ........... ......... t Ell ........... nham a - exerci.o= ovonin. inRaver ersot emonlnhonor sister, Mrs. Max t,a , na ers and Steven Mark Egg and Sarahentertainedatdinner Phyllis Erickson of Hastings .. .o o of Stun, a nephew of Mrs Mr Lanham Saturday all were : Houtwed. Sunday to honor Rhoda Hiller also visited her parents over the upermr. rar. anu rats. wnmn " " " e "o ' 'od,,otion of Gerbehng. dinner and afternoon gu sts of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C.or- on her confirmation day. Guests weekend. . .... " ............= , Lake ,hi,,h *ho;,- o-a=-n -q e,,o Mr. and Mrs. Andrew An- Mr. and Mrs. Joe and swmi tit a r he de s SeU ln!yi ere Mir am H ller r jma mcn : .......... " ........... n 1 Wiltan o m=mt r th. dersen went to Lincoln Sunday family of Hebro . and Mrs-- Don "-'The''n*rl==-"v'" left-" and were dinner" guests of his Mr. and Mrs. Walter .. .. - . _' .. Liesha and Todd of Omaha and " " " for their h,,-,,o u,m, ..... ststers, Olga and Bertha An- Schlamann attend d the were Mr ......... "" " ion " uraxnage. rs. uraxnage Mr and Mrs Harvey Hansen . and Mrs. Mike . dersen, wedding and recept of his enjoyed telephone calls from Johnson of Lincoln, MrsArthur Mrs Curtis Johnson of The following were coffee Milwaukee and Francis guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. V. Brakhage of Tobias. Kastrup following corn- Senseny of Wood River, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Simonsen and family of Hardy, Mr. and Mrs. Yellow Pages STOCKMENI...Can you afford not to spray for cattle lice? 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Yet, she pushes no more than inches per hour, and hangers prove energies to lift She is friend and protector of all things woebe@ kittens and wounded birds materialize in the shelt arms; butterflies, going under for the last time in a dish, are tearfully rescued and bedded down in a recuperate, a ! Daydreams absorb her. Sitting on her bed, = sunlight rippling across her face, she is a million One knee tucked under her chin and curving her graceful, vulnerable arc, she is a delicate watercol lot.. kisses the tip of her nose, as if in cahoots with the fantsl year-old girls, b Presently, she is head over sneakers in love wire turquioise ring, Sonny and Cher, the telephone, a hoots, John Boy Walton and her dentist. Any of the likely to fade into oblivion by way of a tickled whim. _, As parents, we assist, assure and endure. The called growing up and 10 is a critical condition. nephew, Jesse Jensen, and Caroline Kapperman Saturday , Tel rngn J tr? ' s Mr. and Mrs. Elmer WilliamsReal Estate attended the graduation Rebecca O and exercises, of their son, Robert, Corman to Ralph rom the University of Corman; NEV4, 24-r Agriculture at Lincoln Saturday Rollo E and Doris,= forenoon. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Darrell D. and C. Eiekmann and Merge of ENEV4, 2-4-6. Superior also attended Eugene J. and , ! Saturday evening callers in the Karmazin to I)era Elmer Williams home wereNelva Lynn Mays; argo ickmann, Valeri and 2, North Superior. Butch Reed, Melvin Powell, Evelyn M. Barg Jerry Lynch and Frank Jones. James A. Bargen; IJs Mr. and Mrs. Loren Renz and 5 Interest in I. ts family attended the graduation Block 15, O. T. NelSO exercises at Superior Sunday Edna E Stephe.n evening and later were among E. Stephenson and guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hakanson; wNW , Vaupel in honor of theirE NEV4, 22.4-7: daughter, Terry Jo. Betty and Rober t Mrs Clarence Gebers and Bett and Rober y Mrs. Pearl Clem were dinnerESWV4, 25-1-5. guests Wednesday noon of Mrs. District C Michael Grey, Mrs. Arnold First Federal Sav', Ehlers and Mrs. Rick Jordan at Association of Super= a cafe in Superior. Healey and Bar Mrs. Mac Lynch and Mrs. petition for foreCi Myrtle Woodhead attended Credit Bureau services at the Nelson Robert Montey, Methodist Church Sunday and Lewis release o trg - ' t t~ had dinner together at a cafe. In The CoUP Y. Later they visited Mrs Helen Probate De-artm r r(~, Goodrich and called on Mrs. Estate of F-eU Myrtle Jones at the Good deceased; apPll = Samaritan Home: i .Estate of willia Mr. 'and Mrs! Clarencefinal decree. Gebers entertained the Estate of Johnfo f llowing as guests to honordeceased; order their son, Dennis, on his special administr "graduation Tuesday evening Small Claims cour*., alter commencement at thePaul's Feed k Nelson High School: Mrs. Harry Plaeke; suit Gertrude Marquart and Mr. and Melton-Issler Mrs. Reiner Marquart of Robert Hunter, u Deshler, Mr. and blrs. Rudolph Auto Sales; suit Marquart, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Superior Traffic Marquart, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest State vs. blarquart and family and Mr. speeding, $15.00 snu~ and Mrs. William Ritterling and Traffic Court ,, Arlin of Byron, Mrs. Rick State vs.Susana. Jordan and Mrs. Michael Grey inspection sticker, of Lincoln, Mrs. Arnold Ehlers costs. 'd i of Omaha, Mr. and Mrs. Her- State vs. C er , man Fintel and Ivan of Sutton, speeding, _. I] .Mr. and Mrs. Walster Williams State vs. Carol l~. .and Roger, Mr. and Mrs. Walter inspection sticker, Schlamann and Mrs. Herman costs, p Hesper/. State vs. WaYne Mrs. Leona Andersen of speeding, 5.00 di Hastings was a Friday over- State vs. Larry night guest of Mr. and Mrs. man; speeding, Walter Schlamann. Sunday costs. ,tt] afternoon Mr. and Mrs. S'tate vs. ErneSt Schlamann were among guests speeding, $1S.00 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. State vs. Rona ,, Louis Doering to help her evading the fuel celebrate her birthday, costs. J, State vs. walt The true believer in the merit, driving while i or honor system, will accept $100 00 and costS.., nothing that he hasn't earned. S te vs. Lynn --------- driving while If the price of food goes much $100.00 and cost ! higher, there will really be State vs. Ms something to owning a farm. speeding, $50.00 We've got all klnde of exciting aclivltles for you to enjoy. So at Vscstion Bible School. Come of telling the News end shadng 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 9th Dakota Everyone Welcome/