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May 26, 1983     The Superior Express
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May 26, 1983

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!-'~~uu,.~m ~.~ KansasCity to visither cousins, attended commencement at child home. Mrs. Marvin Crane the Gtx)d Samaritan C~nter and Thursday. May 26, 1983 TH.___ESUPERIO.__~R.EXPRESS3B tt'"WVV'" ~111 Dr..ndMrs. R. V. Hall, and Mankato Sunday evening for and Deanna were evening attended church services in the Superior. Mr..nd Mrs. Harold Car- We - er ~vs attended the graduation of their the graduation of a great niece, callers, afternoon, conducted by Rev. Esther and Elva Mumrna and penter called on Mr. and Mrs. ~ ,=~ _-_ ~ "~ daughter, Laurel, from DeeAnnWarne, anda reception BryanZeigler and Jo[m Moore Jame~ Bush, with coffee after Lila Bruce attended the Eldrick Gru/nmert and Craig Shawnee Mission Northwest Mterward at the home of Mr. were. ,Friday night to $und~y the services. Women's Christian Tern- Wednesday evening, ~Cia~=n~_Jemby the hospital during the w~=ek High School. Mrs. Jennings' and Mrs. Burton Warne. Mrs.afterfioon guests of Mr. and Mr and Mrs. Sam Behrends perance Union annual breakfast wf'~"~r,, is begbeRinni~ng to were Mr. and Mrs. Erwin g r a n d d a u g h t e r, C o g i Steve Ordich, Nichole and Joey Mrs. Roger Kintigh and Jason. and Amber Behrends went to Thursday at the home of Mrs. Hoxtto Engineers, ~:"breken-~-t,c-~d,,-- Sweet, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cor- Shoemaker, is also a member of were Sunday afternoon callers Juliene Zeigler, Li~o]n, visited Grand Island Thursday to visit Richard Markland. ~m=:~.,may. and chilly all the man, Mr. and Mrs. Finer that graduating class, at the Russell home them Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Behrends Elva Mumma attended the Davenport, meet ~~ ~=rmer~ -can't do Hanson, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Mr. and Mrs. Duane Kintigh Mrs. Harold Bothwell at- Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barry a,d Jessica. Sunday afternoon community coordinating 3. ~,th...thi~s kind of Miller, Dwayne Vahl, Keith went to Pleasanton, I~an., tended DAR at the home of Mrs. and sons, Mr. and Mrs. VLgil Mr. and Mrs. Behrends called council meeting at the Good The Home Engineers Ex- ~~o~':on- Lance, Hardy, Ward Gillllian, Thursday to be with Mrs. Doug Kenneth Bowen, Red Cloud, last Hall and Mr. and Mrs Bertat the Steve Behrends home. Samaritan Center Sunday. tension Club met at the home of A"'-M~.~ metr peach trees Portland, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Staton, who had surgery Friday Monday. Don Davis, Diamond enjoyed a cookout Mr. and Mrs. Harold Both- Alda Gerheling and Maude Annie Ficken, Davenport, last ~__'IEd'=Y~. curl so bad and Schleufer and Mr. and Mrs. At Fort Scott. They camehome Manhattan, remained at the with Mr. and Mrs. Roger wNl, attended commencement Grossmanaccompanied Esther Tuesday. The lesson, "What Kintigh and Jason, Bryan a~MankatoSunday, wheretheir Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bothwell home until Tuesday, Mumma to Edger Sunday of- Goes Down, Must Come Up," ~~~h~r: isn't Harold Carpenter, Superior, a co ty_ agen! tel Ray. German and Floyd Reed, Kintigh and Jas~ caned o11 ter the family had been here Zeigler and John Moore Friday grandson. Jim Bothwell, ternoon to make calls while was presented by Donna Ficken .=~,,,~. m spray with the Formoso, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan them Sunday evening,last weekend, night, graduated from the eighth Mrs. Mumma visited her sister, and Darlene Bohling. It was an ~~.t.h~'t:,It's sad Van Meter, Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Walter Todd was in Scott Barry and Matt and Rev. and Mrs. Ted Konvalin, grade. They had coffee after the Rosa Mikkelsen. interesting presentation on how ~~avewaitedforthls Lind=my Van Meter, and Mr. University Hospital, Omaha, Stepbanie Ehlers went with Nebraska City, visited his ~'aduation at the home of Mr. Audrey Reevehasvisitedher to cleancarpetsandfloors. Kirl ~~or'a~ong"tirne. and Mrs. Eddie Van Meter, Thursday, May 12, to Wed- Superior fifth grade on their mother, Ruth Konvalin, from and Mrs. David Bothwell. aunt, Eva Rauaher, of the Good Houtwedwasaguest. Alunch of ks~Weswoke to-s~e-sun- Webber, andRev. LorenSiisby, nssday, May 18, for tests, field trip to Abilene Thursday. May 9 to May 12. Mrs. Sam Ruth Rothchild, Formoso, Samaritan Home, Nelson, sandwiches, chips and relish Belleville. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest An- Thursday evening Mr. and Mrs. Behrends and Betty Reed were had dinner with Mr. and Mrs. several times during the week. was served by the hostess. ca iollBibleSchool Chester Van Meter was dreasen went to Franklin May Richard Barry and Shelly at- callers on Mrs. Konvalin this Delbert Rothchild Sunday.Mr. Reeve visited her Sunday 31 to June 4, ages transferred from the hospital in 15 to visit Mr. andMrs. BillHill. tended the junior high orion- week. Mrs. Konvalinhadcti:mer Daryle Rothchiid, Brian and and Esther Mumma stopped in An orange tree may bear fruit Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lammers, ration at Superior and visited Sunday with Mr. Konvalin at Travis were afternoon visitors, to visit her Friday. grade, 8:30 Belleville Sunday to Aslmry tree 5, 7:30. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Diamond, Adolph Schmidt, Franklin,hospitalized from Sunday until ............ Courter and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dale F.p'icksen, joined tbem for the day. Mr. and Friday at Brodatone Memorial ,~kf and her grand- Randy and SCman and Mr. and Mn. Andreasen accompaniedNuckolls County Hospital. i~t~ L0~ ~/~ and Victoria, Mrs. Curtis Lindberg had Mr. and Mrs. Berwyn Paterson, Mrs. Harlan Ross, Atwood, Tuesday. dinner Sunday in Courtland Ru=Mn, toWaverly, Sunday, to Doug and Darin Ross, St. \-': roads here with Mr. and Mrs. Howard attend the graduation of their Francis, and Wayne Ross, By FalrvlewClub Mrs. Guy Bruce and Elva met Mr. and Appleby. Mr. and Mrs. Jongreat niece, Susan Nelson, Denver, were guests of Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Keith were Mumma were Tuesday evening arran and ConnieAppleby came from Manhattan daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Edwin Ross Saturday and Friday supper guests of Charles dinner guests of Esther and all had in the afternoon. Kenneth Nelson. Oscar Nelson, Sunday. They all attended the Holms. Murnma. Then called on 'Franklin Tatro and Teresa Hastings, attended also. commencement at Superior Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fritzler, Good Samaritan Tatro came from Culver, Kan., Mr. and Mrs. Ily Tickle and Sunday for the graduation of and Helen Shaw were visitors ~roadwater, Nab., came Friday called on Zetta and had dinner with Mr. and Michael, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jay Ross and a reception at the Monday evening of Mr. andfor the weekend with her Mrs.WillardMettlerSunday. ln Kuarr an0 Anmnda, Lilllanhome of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Mrs. Ed Schultz. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mrs. Verne Purcell the afternoon Robert Tatro, Hogue, Jeweil, and Elmer Dean Ross after graduation. Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Petz, arid Mr and Mrs. Keith Saturday to Glasco, and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hogue, Randall, visited Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Joy Doyle and Jeffreys and two sons, l,"r~ley and family, Chester. Steve Merrill Mahaffey, ManhoLe, called. Mrs. Paul Dahi and familyNicholas Elledge had supper Firestone, Colo., arrived for a Sunday they all were guests in Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Ross Sunday. They had a picnic at with Mr. and Mrs. Glenn few days' visit with their O~e Petz borne. Arden Russell caged on friends at nthe Good the lake for Michael Tickle's Bob.rends Saturday. Mr. and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Reeve visited Wilbur were supper Samaritan Center Friday and b~y. Mrs. Sam Behrends were Russell Reeve, and other Wilson while their wives at- for more than I00 years, Great Savings on Adens Mowers and Tractors Walk Behind Mowers )- 2t ~IB ONLY ,t Riding Mowers S100oo OFF Yard Tractors ~- and Mrs. Lee haddinner with Zetta Abelheck. Dale Wagner, Downs, was a evening callers, relatives, tended a meeting at the family, Beloit Saturday they took Mrs. guest of Shelly Purcell, at the Memorial Day services will Mr. and Mrs. Everett Meyer Methodist Church Wednesday S150O0OFF ~ ~l=ld l~rs. Edwin Ross Abelbeck out to dinner in Mr. and Mrs. Jim Purcell home. be at the Webber cemetery at and Eldrick Grummert were evening. Superior. They called on Anna Mr. and Mrs. Don Hurd, 2:00p.m. Monday with coffee at ones from the Fairview Corn- El(trick and Craig G~urm- Belleville Tuesday mumt.'v who attended the mort. attended the machinery ..... "~" " Garden Tractors ~the~lled on Clarence Graham at the hospital inFormoso, were Sunday dinner the church following. The .... Superior both days. guests of Mr, and Mrs. Tom speaker is Dr. Jean Davis, wedding of Linda Jacobitz and st~.~ at K.earney Sund.ay; uptoS400oFF l turda ~ar an~ Mrs ~vere[z Me or, .. ~,zu hospital and then Doris Ballard, Norton, came McKeown. Manhattan. De]bert Hartshorn Sa y ~. Y e~..l~cis Hamilton out Sunday and was an overnight Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Roper Mrs. Brice Tuxhorn and Ryan ,=v,,,~,# ~t .e,~M r~on and Steve ate Sunday . Ross visited with and Brian Rothchild had lunch Mr a Bruce,dimmr with Marie Warneking at NEW HT16 Trstor guest of Mr. and Mrs. Al Jan- had Mr. and Mrs. Glenn .................. ...... nd Mrs. Paul - the ~ ' ' tlt~l~~rs. Loren Silsby nings. Sunday evening .Mrs. Behrends and Crystal as supper with Mr. and Mrs. DelbertSanta Monica~, Calif., Mr. and Go,~.i Samaritan Center, I[ "~' ROSS attended the Jennings and Miss Ballard guests Wednesday. Mr. and Rothchild. The ladies were .r... ----------------------" -- "1$50000OFF( ~r.John Claire Graham ~vlsited with Mr, and Mrs. Mrs. Roper attended the joined by Mrs. Delmar Seth- t Lorna McCutcheon home in Belleville. Edwin Ross. Monday morning graduation for Jeff Combs at child and attended a shower for ; Now m~he hme to SAVE on , ~nKi~.inger, ManhoLe, the ladies caged on Mrs. Oral Superior, Sunday, and a Cheryl Shroyer in the afternoon. ~ Bookkeeping and Tax Service I Peele at the Good Samaritan, reception at the home of Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Rothchild !~ Irene Davidson good whde StOCk and invento~/lasts. ~.~OUry~ l~ternn",1~ms. and Dale Moberly, Burge visit Mart, Nelson. Mr. Lovewell, Miss andBallard Mrs. and went Dwight was to a the and Mr. graduation. Mr=. ,and Dennis Mrs. Kevin Combs Darling after hadP, othchild and Cheryl Shroyer and supper Shannon, at the Brian Delbert and 'rravis Roth- ' ! Small Farmers Businesses Corporahons Pmtnerships ii ,o., Ruskinp~rtlC~l~hlg Arian, . deah~... , I !ii~i ili .~.~:~,~my and Wednesday. Tuesday overnight guest. Carol and Brent, Kearney, and Mr. t PrOfessional Building t Implement '~;~. and Kristopher and Joy, daughters of the late and Mrs. Brian Knoell, Con- 2 13 E, 3rd - Superior, Neb. 68978 . ffriqan Co Xrl~~y_ andthemsunday to Omaha,on had Raycomeand forMinniethe 80thMeyers'birthdaysWho Mr.Cordia'andWeve weekendMrs. LeonardguestSWormf W.D. Wrench ! Office-402-S70-4761 Home- 913-875-4019 | Ruskin, Neb. o e ~..L_Mr. and Mrs. Burge of their uncle and aunt, Milt and Mike. Mark Worm and Joni ............. 4 '~~Mrs. Pen~ and Rhoads and Myrtle Knight.Gates joined them for supper O.D. _ ~ _ _~_ ,, ,, , Sunday. ,~._~y and Mrs. ~and Nathan bad were also guests in the Mart Optometrist l~.2e. Miss Ballard left for Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Russell .and Mrs. Burge . - ....... Professional @ Edwi. bad M & R Vision Care Bookkeeping and Tax Service To Keep You :wasrele.ed ........ Seeing Good ' in Belleville hissuegery /, :: 3rd and Bl m - Box 424. Office Located At ,Mr. and Mrs , - Superior h eb. 68978 ; 356 East Third St. re (n, Mary " :: Phone: 4OffL879-4T64 ..... .i " O Mr. and Mrs. Superior, Nebraska and = Telephone Lipker, 402- 679- 3710 on the Jensbys at Marilyn Peterson Roger Heffelfinger afternoon. Enrolled to Practice before the i.R.S,i For Appointment Mr. Jensby at , _ . .... ~. . . . -- I I I II l~J II I III I I I J I II II II C T I V E W E A R I ' Effective Annual Yield* Annual Interest Rate on Plan II ' Continuously Compounded. "Assuming an interest rate of 8.375% for one year However. this rate can change without , no,'.;ce accordmq to market conditions ..... .,... ' ." . .......................... ~.. Money Market Access lets you make i:;~ ~ ...... ~, LOW N~rllilUm ~a]~nce deposits and withdrawals anytime at your i~ " " " ...... .... " American Charter's Money Market nearby American Charter office. 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