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June 8, 2017     The Superior Express
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June 8, 2017

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25th NRCA tour takes. Superior rest break The sLreets of Superior were a time capsule of aulomOliV hisa:er~ Satur- day morning. The Nebraska Rod and Custom AssociMion's 251h a~mualTour Nebraska 600 made a pit slop in lawn. More than 480 motor vehicles, each of which was al East 30 y .m's old Lined s eral Superior sa~'fs alan8 with ram'e ehaJn I .CO0 occupants The well- organized stop began wl-, a the first wave of 240 vehicles amved, shoaly after 9 a.m. The cars were marshalled into position on East Fifth SRcel from t he Crest Tbeah'c east to Dattota Street. The ~econd wave arrived approxi- mately 30 minutes later. They were forced Io take grave] road ~tour at Utica wlten a BNSF freigh~ ~rain en- countered mechanical difficullies altd blocked [he crossings in town. When the complete cavalcade reached Supe- rim'only one vehicle of the4gl which slmled OUt that morning had retired because of mechanical issues. The NCRA had sappoa'vehicles following each wave. A video of a portion of the vehicles leaving Superior is available on our website at A completely unsc icnti tic observe- clan by this reporter noted that at least 80 per cent of the vehicles appeared to be Chewotets or mher General Mo4ors matques. Ford v,~t a distant second. Nash and American Motors, Triumphs and MG s ~Morns u=,e~,- were spelled in the lxai| mix, Them was a smattering of tracks. The ",~- in anne a~nc from just hicles ranged w~a~ floor in 1962 m having bern in the barn tot 44) ye, m-s, Superior A~ilodum Committee bad one each eaampte fitting on a lrailer whe~ it was open for inspe lion to potential bidders. The car was a 1953 Clmvrolet Bet Atr which had Last b cn driven in 1975 and was donated by die Kin:hhoff family of Haniy, The vehicle, with a little coaxing, started up. The unique entry oflhe tom" wasa rat md pickup frock owned ant driven by Jocy Haebner. Grand Island. TEe emck began life as a t950 Chcvrol l 3100. The vehicle was lovingly re- stored to original conclitioa. Two years ago, while driving m Keamey fore car show, a driver ran a stop light and ~ restoration into a junk pile, Huehne~ looked at the remains and decided 1o pay homage to the wr~ck ir w~ rcbem as a rat t~l wncckcr, complete with ral and gas filler l' a~]e hanging oul of 1]~ facl cap. ~ [rock had the origin,at gasoline engine placed with a diesel engine. Tour participants wet~ from Ne- braska and several sunmu-)ding states. group returned to Superior this year for aa cxten&~ slop after being imp~ssed with the number of specta.- tars who mnmd out last year to watch the group pass through Supeticq', The group departed Sul~ri~ in the same manner as it had arrived, in two waves. The gwup hcad~ east on Highway 8 to their lunch slop at Fairbury. The sun wax shining and those dri ring convert- ibles had a perf l rag top day~ One convertible was observed pulling a 1960 ski boat. This group was pre- pared f~ any evemtmlily, eva'a, sorn water-skiing. With a 90 minute rest break in Superior Satueday morning, padicipants in ~e NRCA sponsored tour had an oppoaLmi~, to stretch their legs. vLsg with other pailicipants and spectalora and avail Wemselves of rofmshrnents. .- J Ky~e Jansen (left) and his lion, Riley, were pa,q of ~ Ne4Ucaska Rod and Custom Associalion Tour 600 v~ich isited Superior, Saturday~ The J~nsens, Mlrglen tesidenls+ were In a 1955 Ford Ranch Wagon. tt was Riley's first tour. Riley brou~ along a period 1nil-gate picnic table+ R|ley asked visitors to sign their names on the lab~ as a -m~ne~t0 of his trio, I I II I Price 50 Midtal'lds E~511o~ 16 Pages Tw~ Secuo~ Offlclsl Nuckolls County Newspaper. Member of Nlflxaska Press AssoclaUon and National Newspaper AssoclaUon Nal/gma~ ~ 16 Pagl~ in Two Secilens IS,SH D740-0969 2017 ,S~l:~rio Publisl-/ag Company. lee. All Righlg Rase~ved Our 118th Year, No. 23 ~pe~or, Ns~msga OSOTa Thursday, June 8, 2017 Lien holder offers only bid for fomer nursing home Questionssurmu.Mthelatestchap- Tharsa~ypart of[hestotyfc~'the other taxes. So Adair began the fore+ sl~clatOrs [eft. Occasionally a c0ttrl- ~er in the Nelson nursing home story, owner repeatedly objected to the taxes closure pro~ss, bouseemployceorvisitorwoukich k The story began in the 1960s when assessed on the property. Ob~ctions At 1 p.m. Monday, near the cast on the proceedings bat when file sale lee people of Nelson jolted with the didn*t stop at the local coanty revel but entrance 1otheNackollsCoumyCourb closed at 2 p.m, only ~e slmriffand a C axx:lSamarilanSocietytoestablished were taken to the gate. ~ county house. Sheriff Brad Baker held a newspaperrcporterremaincd. a nursing homcjtlst noah of Harbia boaglcepeatedly ask dfor p 'rmission ,sheriff's ,sale, "]'be sale was not well It now appears Adair will be the Park+ to inspect the property ~t all requests auended, next owgter of the property. If the de= The home was nestled among the were d~nied. Present were three people associ- linqu, ent taxes are no{ paid, the sheriff uees on lEe flat plain along Elk Creek The owne[ said the facility was atedwiththeNelsoncizygovemment, will return to the courthouse hallway in an area which years bcfom had heen being ~,ed f~ religious purposes and Sandra Schendt. Ch~ck Tattle and for another auction in 201g. At that tee general ~ of the Rock Island that people were at times living in the Aden Drudik, Susan Rogers. county time it will be a tax forecZosure auction railroad's Nelson yard. fa~ihty, assessor, Vicki Ensign. county trea- to ck~ lee county's claim. Acklitio~nal houses were to be Io- Nelsonresidentsk cpingwatchon surer and this newspaper's reporter. Shouldthe high hid be lessthan the card in tee are& Nelson High School the fa ili,y believe t]',ey saw property The top flea" of tee courthouse was tax amount, the balaJv:e owed will be was just up the road and the cesidenls being moved in or out of the building much busier as coon was in session, wiped away and the bid a meant will by could waLch activity in thc park and on asre~ ntly as the past weekend, ShedffBaketrcaddmnodceofsale distrihulcd to Lhe verb)us taxing au- lhehighschoolfootba|lfieldlmdtr~k. When the property taxes were am which included the property's legal thorities having a ctaim on the la'op~ In the early years the home pros- paid, state law was followed and the description and explained the ~erms of erty. pared but a declining population and coumy pm the taxes up for sale. the sale, To obtain clear lille to the Conversation in the courthouse changes in the way the eldedy ate Nebraska law allows investors to rmNx~ay, a bayer would bave to pay to Mondayafteraooncenmredonth ~ cared for affected ~ home. purchase delinquent taxes and collect Nuckolls County the delinquent taxes IMI Adair wou Id allow po~ntiaf buy- A lot of what happened new is not a higher than market ram of interest+ plus interest, advent sing fees+ a sale ere to inspect Ihe interior of the pmp- known fot surc but arca residents who That happened to the nursing and~mpliOaf whichwasexpe led eny. Imv watched the nursing home opera- home's taxes. An investor known as to cxcted $ [3 507 pl~ whate cr the Many questions surround the prop= lion have speculated. Adair Asset Management irmrehased a high bid Was for Adair Asset's <:]aim. any. What ig thec-nditionofthe build. Afferacap was ptaced on the num- portion ofd~ delinquent taxes, hwasestirnated to obmin clear tit[e at ing'?h is kn/~n there was awa~ertine brr of nursing home beds allowed in Such companies am generally st- this time. a pu~haser would spend breakinsidcthebnildingsincethcnurs. Nebraska, the bed at~thorizmion ap lecuive in what taxes they pumlmse, more than $31.507. inglmmecl.sed, lsthcnx~fleaking?lf ~tly was mo~ valuabt than [he C-encrally 1axes sold al tltc county tax The slmfiffexplaine, d state law ~. so, has the interior been damaged'? Is ty and the homc was closcd and sa~e are for propenies the investor bc- quiredthesaletoremainopcnforone there rmfld in 11~ building'? Can the the ~y sold at auction. At that iieves the owner will tither redeem by hoar and that the sal would ant be interior arrangement be m glified or auclionthepropeaysold for less than paying the tax aM intcrestorpmper- finalized by lee couf~ entil 30 days arc the roorns divided by load bearing what was being collected annually in ties that can Ix- foreclosed upon and after tl~ sale date. walls" Whalifa~yequipment fmmth real estate taxes, sold for more than the amount of 11",c As he opened, the sale Baker ~id nmsing home days ~mains in a usable A~toul-.Of-lown investor bought~ taxes. It is assumed Adai[ exp.'ted to he had a bid of S l 8.000 fcom Adair condition'? property and from that polo [ on the follow this plan when i~ying taxes Assets and asked if anytm wan ted to Tl~ N ls~m nursing homestory im'~ building has been closed to visitors associated with tee former home. mist that bid. The room was siknt, finished. We expect lo publish mo~ iuclucling the county valuation board, But the owner did not pay Adair Mr As the clock ticked forward, the Chal~ers =is the story develops- ~,+ A few blooming flowem in unlende~ flower beds scaRered aboLrl the unkepl go)uncle of the Iormer Nelson reel home are teslimony to a p~ior Wna when the o~e~ and staff cared abou! ~ property and lhe quality el cam Offered to about 40 pati~tls who In their last days called the facility home. The fa0il/ly's future ~rnains undmtr aitera lien holder forced the I~ucttolls County sheriff tO ~ a sale Moee~y. The lien bugler offered tire only bid but it will talm aboet 30 days tot the legal process to ~ out actual ownership at thlS lime, Yet to be set~od is several yeats worth o[ u~paid laxea, which may force another sale, : " ~ q, , ,~ -." ~.~ -,~ ~ ~ ~ :~,~ - ~ ~ ~.~: ~. : p, t ' . .~ ~ . I + " ,~" ' ' I,: " " ~,' :. . '~. :. .:;. - /4~ :','.~ ?' ~;~ '" "~'~,t-~.~' ~ ,'r ' " :,' "~ '- :+ ~ ;,~g.l J "'"~-+-" .~'~'" " Ztl,ii~-' ~ 4.+Ul'"/a,4. ae,ta;h L = ." " : ~ ~L-'.'~'~ '~,' "--~' "*'.~'~I ve~etallon )r, pj m.I v o.~,a aoom me proporP/liKe ~ p l~O m3~kg$ In me p~ure at upper right. While the properly has an unkept look, llghlS were blazing a hole in the e~n sun, hJsl as riley have for several yearn. Sexual assault suspect arrested in Kansas lu Mar-h. the Superior Police De- partment began an inveMigalion inn allegatmns era .wxual assault in gape- not. Ttle Stlsr].L=~ct in [he case lived in cenlml Kansas. but was in Superior ovemight when 1he atleged incident ,g'curred. according to Perry Fn'eman. Superior IXdice chief~ Approximately 36 hours aRer the suspect became aware the inc id,enl had be~n n~pened to the police, M made afll=dnggng~ i~, io a-avel t'6' plane m Loub siana, hb.bioktgical mother lives. W it h tbecca~peralion t+fthe Hoisington Police Department. SUl'~rittr officers interviewed a number of the suspeet'~ family members and associ asesin Kan- sas. The Hoisington Police Depa.~- meat obtained a sea.~h warrant for tee hou e pn~viously ~cupiecl by [he sus- ~=1. The warra~l was issued for the possible recovery ofDNA evide'ace 1o tie the suspect lo the Superior crime On May 25. ~ Seperior-Policat Deparl meat obtained an ernst w~u'ram for Brayden i. Clark, an Ig-y .at.old while male. The warranl chaTged xual as~ult-fowible, first degree, a Class 2 felony The warrant also charged strangu[ation, a C]a,~s 3A felony. The warren was forwarded Io Kansas at~thorities as the susf, e~t had returned 1o the Hohingma area after a short stay in Louisiana. Clark was ar- rested on Thursday by Kansas au|kori- ties related to the Superior Police De. p.~mmenl arrest warrant. His bond was get at $[00,000. He now awaits an extradition hearing and witleventually be h-ought to N~kotls Coanty to face the charges. Weather Su perio r O~rvatkms for CoCoRa~; Predpm=l~a This week :,:, 0.04 This month 0,04 Precipitation this year ] 1.94 Temperature Rq~'t High Tcmlxfature this week 94 Low Tcml~ralm~ this week 62 Markets Superier Grain Market Tuesday Close C,ta'n~i Pnee I,a~ Wcse Corn 3.41 3.3:5 Mile 2.9J 2.81 Wheat 3.68 3.33 Soybeuns 8.32 8.20 Fischer staff to have local office hours in Superior, Red Cloud RcpregCalatV : oPU S Sen. D~b Fi ~'her t R-Nab, } w~ll/add local office hmx.~ in Nuckolk and Web,4er coun- licsnn Thursday. June i5. The~+,ffice hours strut a.s an apix~nunity for con- stitucnls to raeei Fi ~'her's staff to re- cei~ help with ca=~work and other issues al the federal Lev l. J'ulie Brooker. Fischer's central Nebraska ditcher of constituenl ser- vies, will beholding local office hours al the followinlz limes and leonidas- Thursday, June ] 5, Vestey Center, Superior. I1| m ]i a.m.; Thursday. June I % WehMer County Courthouse. Red Cloud, 1:30 to 2::'kO p.m+ Recent Superior ,aghUa Wotmbb, not a hedgehog With two Superior residenl~ reilo~- inl~ what they believe 1o be hedgehog sighfi.ngs m:ently, we Ihought a little ~:~'a~ch was probably in order. The hedgehog i.~ thoughl Io be among the t~hlexl mammals on carlh. with e,4mmles dating the animal back al ~ea~.l 15 million years, o~t whch hm they arc believed to have changed ~er~ In|It. The hedgehog is found pre- dom,nanlly ,n Eulx~pe. Asia and Af- r,ca. hut has bern intlxg[uced artifi- cially mt~ New Zea]and. Theyam noc+ tumal. "['hcze am thought to he ]6 diF ferent sp~tcs of lg'dgchog, bul none are indigenou~ lo e+thcr N~zth America or Au,~lralia. African pygmy hedgehogs have now been domesticated and are l~pa- lar pe~s. howeve~ they ale much tcm small lob the animal reporled in Sn- penor. Be sure to check this newspaper's web pages at supcrivrr~. 10m for pit- tunes and stories no1 publislted in the prin~d edition.