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June 8, 2017     The Superior Express
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June 8, 2017

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6A THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Thursday. June 8, 201;' Public Notices ( Puhli.Thed May ZS, 20t7 hi The Superior Ecpre. sj Notk-e of Bids The City of Sttperior seeks bids to rect~t 11", west primary clanfier at the Waslewater Treatment Rant Co,tact City offieesal(402) 879471 I t'or coat. ing specificalions, The winmng u)n- tractor shah saadblasl all melai sur- taces otthedMifie t hack t.har ilielal. caulk lO fill any exposed seams and retool wilh layers oi Tnenlec paint. I-hr the hid, prosper'tire ~onlraclors shall submit an overall 1Dial pn e, prtx+f of bonding, and liability, wc~,tittn's comprehensive and pollution liability imurat]ce. Conlracl sire dale i.~ neGo- liable but laterthan I O~.'t2017 and the wmk shall h.=complele hy I May 201 ~. Bids are due 1"~ 2:IX) p.m June 30. 2017 at the City OMces at 135 W 4th St Superior NE 6897g. The City of Superior reserves the right to reject any and all bids. ZNFI 21~e fP, bh~hed Jalie 8. 2017 i, The Snperior F.~pressJ N~ice 1"o Wht,m 11 May Camera: I certify thai the Real Prt)perly As- ses.~menl Roll has been compleled Ior tile lax year 2017. Susan M. RoGer.~ NI,ckol]s Ccmnty As~s~,r ZNEZ 23-1c Publishcd June t ~ 3;17 ht The .hqzerior t',:rpre.~'~ j Notit'e To Wlitm~ It Mq '~mcern: Valuatten noli 'es wcr ~, nl b)' firsl class mail Io uwners of record of real pm.l~tty thai had a change in valualkm Imtn the pri,r value, Pmtesls may be flied ~x ilk the Ctiunty Cierk IYilnt June I. "~}17 Ihroug.h June Y,), 2ol7. "l%e Nm.'ko]ls Col,uly Hoard of Fqualita- t.m will convene lor the pltrl~r~e uf ic~ic~iilt.' and deciding written pro- lcq~ k't~een ()6-26-21117 aud on or I~'1ol12 117-11l-2tll 7. Ihc Ic~ t,'l ol ~alue tor the cla,~s of pri=r~'rt3 lur Ihe la.~, yca~2(I 17 i~ prinled lltt l|tv IP.t!1 , Sizsaii M. Rogern NudolJs (.'liUllt} As~'~g+r ZNf-Z 73-le tqd,ti~'hd .hale ~. 2017 i. '/Tr' Siq~,rl.r Eq~r(s.~'t City or Superbr (7.civil Minutes I Iloutine Bmint.~s A ntcClltlg in" Iht' Ma)or aud Coun- cil of Superior. Nebrask:i v,a.~ mn- ~ i'ed in oF:n arid pnblie ~ ssimt on the 221xl day tit Mab ~tll7 iu flie { 'l+nfl renct- tt~titn tit the Cil),/Ulil ily ].hlilding al 7:3l) p.m. I~rr:~enl ,ai re l'l=titit,-il lu,:ulht~ i~ l :ill Jensby. l)tsueb I-t.dc Paterson, I.elnh' Absenl: ~uil,Nolic of It ' nle llng ~t a-~ gi~,cll III ,l~.halh-'c th~'r,:~il h) rllOSltltg in tin," t-~l~ ('lerk'~ Ollk-;. Mnm iI'ml I.ibrar) ~,iui Ihiblk ~ild) ttuJhllng- the de, in. nJl~-d tnt-ltlt~d ,at ell tn. Ilnlk "u iil titllhl) ill lttc prlx cditiC'~ ticru itlCl ~hot~n t~=l', lakcli ~liilc the c.ii~ lwd rilC lliil~ '~ a~.ll~'i: Io the IXthlic. Mayor S valve which would be $21 .IJ6:5 'i2 ftir water line projct't. 4. Conn i) by majonty vote ap- proved signing the Letter of Intern with AEP f==r the ~laf project, City ,%'ction: I, (.~mncil by niajorily vole ap pnwtd the Midland Area Agezzcy an. nual ~:tmtra:'l for $15.2(KI.(X). 2- Council l xlk ra~ el'latin of urine: stik'~l prolx.rlies with 11~ nuisance abatement program a.s requested b)' Shanm Html'lle. SCEDD, 3. Council Imlk 0o a*:tion on re- -,~indinG pmperti=s with the nuisam'e ahalemenl program as l~quested hy Shanm Hudtle with SCF:I)D. 4. (:.imcil by majority vote de- dared the r~x.scnled properties nni- ~nees ex~pl for ease.s 61173.6113 and 61t!2, ~. ('otlnci~ by iZlajofil) vole ap- pmvo.tpUSlptluemenl r~lUCSlS for ~ [ and 6(11 I. 6. Ctmncil by majorily vote ap- proved paymenl Io SL"EDD in the amount of $2.555.(K) t'or general ad- ministraiitm ~crvices tor the 21116 NAITrr granl ~rojc l. 7 ('Ouncil by nlajOfily vote ap proved the request ftir NAHTF fnnds drawdt~wn No. 1. V Cou~'il by majorit? yule up- prosed Re~olution 2017-14 adtipting Ihe dtmntown revilalization program guiflefin ~ liar Ihe Sttperior Downtown Revttali~aliu,t Program tlmplementa- lionl. 9. Cmmcil b)' majont ' vole ap- proved fix: omlraet with SouthCenlral l~'onmiiie IX.'s ek~pmenl DislriCl to pru- vide general adnnnislralive servi,e.s I'~=r ihc D~m'ni~ma Revitalizaliim Pr.j~.'~,t IlL Coutrt:il hy majorily vo~e ap- rn.lned ~aivi,iG the thn-x,-reading rule uii Ord,ialice 1193 and approvt~d Or- dinanct: I i93 Unaulhorized l-nlr) Into Minor Vehicle: to ha rn~mitewilh ~ial la~: II, relX:al conll,ct,ag nalinanccs aud ~,eCll u*," lO I'l,rr~, ide an efteclive date aud t~rdered in he pnblished in pgiml~hlel hlrul. II. ('m,Y;,I b)" nlaj,rity vote ap- pt~,~ t~l tl aP.illl~ lilt.' Ihree-readinr~ nile I I ~--- --- NOTICE OF MOSQUITO SPRAYING The City of Superior will be spraying for mosquitoes this summer as weather permits. Spraying times will be two hours before sunset and one hour after sunset. You can help by eliminating breeding places for the mosquitoes, such as getting rid of stagnant water. Jan Diehl, City Clerk Walnut AMVETS Wants Yogi! 351h Annum Walnut Antiques Show June 16th- 18th, 2017 Walnut AMVETS'S Post #45 PO Box 74~, Walnut, Iowa, 51677 i Free Parkm9 712-784-37t0 Free Adm~ssion~l 300+ QUAUTY DEALERS 17 Ciw BLOCKS Located about 50 miles easlof Omaha. NE and 90 miles west of Des Moinos. IA. at exit 46 of Inlerslato B0. wve~.walnutantiq NEW REPORT FOR NATURE-TOURISM PROVIDERS IN NEBRASKA "Rural Landowner Liability for Recreational Activities" BY A~ociate Professor of Low An~ho~,v Sct~.ur~ University of Nebraska Co#age of Lo.+ -fill, row free report outli,leS the siund~rds that govern liabili,y for private landowners i,t mini Nebraska who allms' people onto their hnd Ion ilature-ba~d lourism activities. 1he report discusses polcntial vulne"abilit)" to liability claiins, laws Ihal protect landowners from sonic liabilily+ and whm landowners can do to reduce ihcir remaining liahiliiy. DOWNLOAD OR REQUESI k COPY TO BE MAILED GO UNLE[)U/ECOTGURJSM (~) THE CEIiIEI! FOR ,~w ur~ m+'m,m GREAT PLAINS IlUglB 47m~? University of Nebr~ 1~,5 0 St t,r~in sf utt Oid:natlte I t94 ~ apprm d Oi- ~mance I I~)-1 1.uttering and Trespa,s- ilig; Windo,~ Peeping as Evidem--e. To haffnonlze with ,qal laW'. Io repeal conliletill g ordirlal~ S and S~t ions; It> provide ari eff~'tiv date and ordered to ~" Imhtished in pamphlet form. t2. Council hy majority ~ot ap- proved Resolution 2017- 12 regard=ng the I nter. Iax'a I C ~l~ nltiv o,A g rwment Between the Cily of Saperlor and Hardy. Nebraska fur amhulanc ~r- vice. 13. Council by maJority vote ap- proved Re~lutmn 21)17-13 regarding the Inter-Local C~ ~perati~e Agreement Bet wt, t~n the City ut'S UFrKn'. Nebraxka and Hard? Rural tor ambulance ser- V ice 14. Couucil hy nlalpnty vote ap- pmvc/l: Federal Deposal. wLthliolding~, 3,663.95: lan Dichl. petty cash, starl up c~ sh-dumpsters, 21K) |l(l: NE State WilhdrawaL SIT payable-April, 779.43; Cit~ nf Sulx~- rlor. ,rostra vehicle sales ta~, 2.93 I. 12: Ctt} of Superior Sales Tax A coual. munlhl) obligation and additional fur J:itl: JX'pl.-hou~s. 10,]66.67: Stipe- r~or De,~elopmen| Corporatiort. monthly obliGalion, 6.250.00: Gary Th- onT~n Agency. ins. on n~w~ .2 1 .tK~: Heahh Plan Services, denlnt-vision, .~3.O.k Si~nd~d lnsunlnce, dis-bility ira, Y)5,99; Steel Pool Comraiiiy.pool repairs, I.t,342.(,10: Verizon Wireless. cell phones, 249.55: Cily of Superior. transtcr for IxxJl repairs, 21,326.(10: Salaries, 13,127.99. A complete texl of the Minutes, ReSOIUltOUS and Ordinant~s are on file in flte City Clerk' s Office and are avail- able fur public impeclitln during regu- lar husiness llou.rx. ZNEZ23-1c I P.b/i.~hrd .fu,e d, 2017 i:~ The Srtperior Erpressl Notit' As per Nehras ka Law' No. 39- L 811: Weed Mowi,lg ]t shall he the duly of ll'ie landown- er.~ in ltlti~ stale Io mo~ all wl."eds that can be mowed with the nrdirmr), farm mower Io the middle ofal~ publit" roads and drai,lage dilches running along Ih ir lands al leasl twice each year. nan,ely, ~'furl: Jul). 15. :ur Ihe Iirsi time and alton:lime in Angust fi+r lhe sectmd lime. /.NEZ 23- It' PE~:' ~.I, I-%~iMl PATIIV,~.tS .hd~ 2# Irl;u: ,r', lhSEg~l.I. DOLBLE PL L'~ R,~ h ~. ~l,t.~ ,~. l'l+dttr, k4t" 2-J Nov.t S O~a & PR4NCE [O'.v~.#~- ISLA'~O. &'i~, tJ-5~ C~LiFOR~i,~ 7ff PII II R .~-~./.~-.2q NEW ENGU~Nn ALmL'.MS .'+ ,/,t ~t4k.t. I. %?t 23.(k't 4 ;~|iSSi~iPPI RIVFJl CaUI~E. & (TR~NtlERRI COUNTRT Ya./~. 2~ 29 IIL.'SgFJt$ ~$, h,LINOIs PLC. (',~Dtl~,~LS ~s. (-Lts ClDbDIRA DO R .liI L'(i i JlsP~ T#~IL~ .%?~t 2~.( h t ~j~ F~ceeoo~.~oMtA LeieDTT NEw E~icLa~o F~LL ( 'O1.O# BL R ST '.h ,- 7-.~. t."~/' /.rr" %% ,ISIII~;GTI)N. ~,(', & li(~ Ih.~tmur I-'. X~T r A t 'J-2/l Ga~nn C~n~o~ m R~IL BR,~$O,~,:,S,%, dtt /2-tJ SMOKY .MOU NI"~I~S ttmr h' t .m<~ P~'avi~- a L tD;2 20t'/Cmtisr'~i,s Totrs /.IrooSt#l. ,q [#ltdl" dl, ~. .~IP ,'IttR#llo % ,i'.~,ili'i'llrir~' Allied Tour & Travel ( "all in" ["RAE t- tr ( ', r;d,~' ##0-6 72-/t~9 - l l/ied 1-E. com 81ackslone. Zikmund amJ Chn~ten.~n all volcd a)'e, I~ voted nay. Moti=m carried Clerk uf the D, sJri l ('t+url Royt' Gon,'alc~, ,:xplained l~) Ih hmnl that he did m~t <;rdcr d, mnent Iole,~ I~. the COUfl dtt'u un2 nLs due Io lack ell .pac'e In Ih 'dll~il, ilStilllr~ ql, lrage vault. (hm/alt'~ .-.aid liml hc Mt the ,~aliug at lhc ~ atitl lia~ I'xx'n ~ufflcienl Ihus far, Jndd Allen ~ ilh NAt.'<+ hixllrill~e vi.~it~ wilh lhe bnaid aboul ~,lnl~r:lllh NACo I~ cum:nlly offering ill insur- allt-X.' h.'netils. A motion wa~ made h)' 7,*kmu~d io approve Ille Sati:ty Committee Min- ,ires as stihnlilleg Seconded by B}~'kslone. Bla~:kslone. 7.ikulnnd aud Chi-istcn-,~l all vtiled aye. () wiled nay. Molion rattled. Chairman Zikmtind r ce i~ed the regular Board Meeting ul 11);3t) to enter l')mrd t~l i-qt,ali/ation meeting. Cilairinan Ziktnund rct~mvened lit+ ' I]tiurd of Conimis~im|t.'rs in ,~ling al 11):33 a.m. Jo Swn|ger with SASA requested 2(117 Annual l-uudiltG allocution. Zikmund cxp/aiRed lhal the, Ix.rand had dl:clded to ~u ~lw' tile COUllly'.~, bud- gel faired het't~r granlirtG ?early fund- inG reql~sl~, and the), wuuld let her kuo~i in the near fitture. Paul Moycr with I1~ Depadment of Agricutlur presented Nuch:lls Counly's Yearl? 1,speelion~, Surve~ Report Mo~er explained Nuekoils Counly is oree of 33 cmtnties in lhe dklrict lh~t J~e ~r-ves Nuukolls st'tired well, infestaliun wus nol a big issue bttl cmlld us( tittle work on the dtx'ume nt- inn alad reporting aspecls oltl~ repurt. The hoard had a di.~msion about returning to four meelings a month. Bl~ckslone ex Ixess 'd he fdt Ihe board had a 1ol on their p]ate.s at the currenl iime and having iwo w eks I~iwt',un meetings a month, il was really easy tt) tbrGel tlteir objec'ti~,'es. A molion was made hy Blacksttme Ihal Slat[iztg in hue. the hmrd agreed to return to luar mceting~ a month. S c~mdcd by Zikmund. lllacksilm and Zikmuud voted A)e. Chrislen~:n ~oted Nay. Motion carried. Clerk Miller will pre.'~nl a ttci~ Btl4.1rd ol ConlnilsSio;I.- era clx, d ule l~r apim~vat the Iir~.l meet inn in June. Fur file ltuiidings and (irminds di~- I.'LI SSiOn CO n%.'eFngd Ih Calla rth#,lu~ll,~ leic- phtmL', rum damage of the c h~.'k to~ er aud advertising hid, l:or l.-a,~rcnl pfojCt'ls. Biackstmie ntak'd that he ~xa~ coinnninicali,g with (ilcnwt],t~J akml replacing th ,~ r~, ~ce Mard do~ nsiair~, lo the pkme sysienl. Gl ilwm~l would hi," r.Jl udul~ him all csllmale alld rx~ss~.- hi)-gixiug the ount). Ihecun'enl phone, in u~. Clerk Miller explained ~idt waiting ori esiimate~ for repair of the clock u~wer. The h~:ird ,tll agr~xd thai the) slxluld start i,th the 141K} amp eleclrical panel for proj cls and *mild be adverh~illG fi+r bids I11 the i~ 'al paper. There Ix'ing no Iu rter ht,si~less the mcehng was recessed at 2:2[) p.m Ull- til Monday. June 5. 2(II 7. 'hmolhv Zikmund. Chaim+an l~y, Carrie Miller+ Couniy t,:lrrk FoP Ihe monl5 of M.v, 24117 General (l:~nd 11i411 $ 73. 15.(11 I-~ro:nt; Price-Rclaled l)ith:r- i:iihal: II 14.6.% IXn--cnl. A ~srd ~,dllellt ~,lalisiic~ I~r - ('OlU i~ ief- cial. IlK) pt'rt'i.'rll; ('~.>tiicient ~1 I)iv i~,~ii+l+. 14 81 percent; l~t~'c Rclated Dill~rviiliai~ Itt.~3 ~2r~ciil :41,~4St'~,xilit 'ilt qatl lic,~ lt~[; ~igfl~.'liP Ilttrld,and; ,~is~,i2Vqll,~qll Rill'gt. 73 ~er- cl:ul; (.'i~-I|l l 'l+l lit I)l~;p t-~i~in. ~,-i. ?-I. pl 'rce|ll " lhrc.Rdal.2d l)illere*~lial. 112.47 pt'rce~l. ~li'qiU M, Rl~gl.'r~ ~u~'kliib, ('ttllllt % ,lt.o,t.'v~ol ZNI'./. 23 tc f t+ilbli.~h(d Jnn E. 2fl/7 ,', The S,l~,ri.r l:: pn ~' ~) Noiki or Meeilnl NO']IC)~ IS HEREBY GiVEN.that a inceling t il' ilia l"k'iai"d tit f :dliealiOli ~,1' Ihe .~-hm+l District t>l Stip lior in the {'ounlic,~ ~il Nnl.'koll.~. Websler. and "lha)'cr, in Ihc ,~lille of Nebta~,ki= bluckolls CilU+ll) Sclt~.+l l)islrict No. III 1. will he held at 7r ~:'o'clt~k p.m t,n JiUie i2.2Oi7, in Ih,d ~'ulor High I.ibrar? m lhc l)islrict. This tact:tang ts tii~'ll tl, i II1 public The agenda, whidl ~hall be kcpl conlinn~h, cun- nl, is readily availahlc for public illegal:lion al Ih~ ~llpt lilll ildenf s ttlfice t~f ~;ul~- ri<,r 14igh Sclrt d during normal bti.~l- lieS~ tltiU~, 7 Nr-7 23. It." SE/IID.JUNE 1248, 2017 L I:MCOI'H THE BEST LAWN IN Yqur h,:al cltrii~l ~ K.[l:/Wl"l tJ4 lhr I| lull), rmi.l:l Io ft~l ~ I~ bltl I~ i, ~,m ~r ira priamO, b,~n chemi ol~ ond do,a ~km~ hn,ltllri will ~=l# i~ur i~wn Ih~ +f ol oW m,ghbo~oo~. ht MO,' don't ha~,~-a K,L~ d~kt m lmur Olin, and ft~! d~oleri to ou~ n~-.~k. Col ~l ~y al ~100q45-9116, or fi+rt ui o~i/n4 IOdOy Ol wv,~ Io ~rn the f,ll ~uC-. PO ~ 17411 Mt .odk, Ndmk~ ~1 ",aw'w.~~ Klawn ~li~/&" .~ ; ' ~ / ~! . " ; . illlili/ilvdtl fFirst Pabtiihed Ji,le ~. 20# ? itl The Si. CI ] 6-32, againsl exh tar yon and tithers, the t+bj t and pra) r of which is It+ ii+re. dose a Tax Sales Ccriificale. "i'mi. anti each of yot are rettmn.>d to ans'ger ',aid Ail~ctldo.J cuniplainl on or 1~fo: th,: da) of .hi). 24. 21117. Equis~:sl I'i.m.~-m], I.t.(.'. Plumttft, J~): Robi n S. I irmin. No 17941 Ba~lor. fhnen ('urtl.~, (;rlmlt & W.It, i t P Welb Furg(i [' litL'r 4412.475 11~75 r.[al~lli~l ~"l-i~) kirc~ ih:ll oln ZNI=Z 23,3c t l~,',r"'' Pubh.~tt ,t Jim, 8. 21tl7 .J 17t( h(q~o/,r AVt. +J ~ilJlil.X' uf Bid-],ettinl~ Fear %ppraisai Maintenanre ~r r ~ let -%1~ r tl nlelil i t~ ,ill mlcr ~k'd p~ill~t'~ ~1 olI ,lie hclcb.x ~]~,cn n~tllCe Ihal Iht' Nmk-lk {'i.illP, lid,rot in ('Onl- llil.~lOllCP, o, III ,~,lrd ~l ~ullli,~d hvan .i~,pr:irql Ill,llnl~'lhlllfC ~i.'V, kv Ior all pri~pt>rll ~ Ir| NILu'k~.~lls ('lILllit 'i. Net bra~.k,l. -,%,JJ h~d~ tmN be ~eaied and hbdcd Mamicsianc .%r~tce Agn.'e- r~lei, il and ',llhlmlk'd Io th.e Nuckolls ('mint', (.'lerk. p.o. Box 366. Nel.~m. NI- 6~)61 hx illl]e 16. 21117 al 4;IK} p,m. 1t4d Sl~.'t'ilit'atl~tn~ uia) k" ob- t;iined Ir~ ml Ihl.> Nllt'kllll ( lunl) ('lark. /'he bitl~ wtll Ix. al I II- 1(} ,-'t M . Jti~le 19.2(117 in tile I'll,oral t+l (, 'onllur,;- ~tnller~ l~k~ting R~mnl al lbe Nlickllll, ('at,ill) ('o trlh~ll~C !.~tt .~ Main. Ne i'-~ ill. Neblah k a trllf i~l I ." It1 N,i~ k, ~11 ('mini) lhmrd re~enes Ilia ril:hl Io rclccl ail~ or all hiS, t,~EAI.I t'~lrric 1. ,%him N,l< b ~11~ ('minib Clerk ZN1-Z 23-2c Home Federal Bank has the Answers