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June 8, 2017     The Superior Express
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June 8, 2017

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8A THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS "rhurs0ay, June 8, 2OI7 Jenny's REESources FieldPea FteldDays with Nebraska E xlen~,zon are ~.'hedmled lot June 16 in Bl~en. Jm 19 in N~lh Platte and June 21) in Gram. in +onju~lion with Neb:aska Winter Wheat Field Days. Dl~-uons to lhe research plots aml dctmlcd at~et.;la Ior e~h Io 'ation can be round at http:ficropwatch.u.nt+cd~ 21) 17/field-pea- field- days+ Pan ici~nts ~ ill ~ iew d life,a= field I'~a var~i ~, and learn n~re about ro- tational ]'lene[-tt.~ ,lJld agrommlJc pray+ tiles 1o profitably grow field peas im their cropping ~yslems, The Ju~ 16 fiekiday will i~lud a tt~ofGavilo#~, field pea grain pro~es~ing facility in H~tings and i.ndt~r se~.~ions featuring tt~pics such as wheatlege I~uction I~rim" to corn silage, t.x+ver c-tops after wheat, planting and harvesting field peas. herbicide ca.n-yover in field pea production, wheat and field pea fa, n- duction in l~m~s and practices to in- crease wheat grain protein. Field Pea Field Days are SlX~soTed by the SARE t Sustainahk Agriculture u.wJ Research Educatio~l and are fee. Ltmch and refreshments will he served at each I~ation. Pre-rceimcr by June L4 by calling Perkins County Extens/on Of. rice or email to Strahinja Stepanovic al sstepanovic2 @ Weed Management and Cover Crol~, Field Day: During pesticide trainings last winter. I shared research on palmer amaramh and other weeds. Some ~mk~ ir ~ were my field days 1o view a~d ~.xam~ e herbk+ide program activity on weed control+ One of the belier oppol~unitLes to do this is on June 28 at the South Cenlral Agrit'-~lttwal Labofatot"y near Clay Ceatter. There is nocharg, e for the field day with ~gi~vationbeginnin at x a m. ~ field day from 8 '3~ a.m. to 12"151"~.m. Lunch will he ~rved which will then he followed by a co'~er crop field day t'~+m I In 3 p.m. The weed management field day will inelnde~m- silt demonslrations of herbicides for weed L'ontnfl i~ cunl, p~pcnm, and soybean as well a a ~iew Eft tmgoiztg ctwer crop re.~arch. An carl) m~rnlng demonstration w,H t~u t m weed om- Ind-in ~oylx'an~, fttlhw'.' ~ h.'v a demon. ~tration {d pr.j~x'ts fi;r v=c' d conffol in com. I~+Pt'om and ~nrghullL One, ire demon,~tratitul +d cover cn~p re~arc-h will highhght the altent+eld mill aim= h: ti;s. cus.~'d ('tilt t ted ( "r,+p Ath I~,+!,C('A l ou- IlnllM[2 t%]u~atllt to a bill. "I'll i]'tu~,trale, a in ~,~ge ,era Io mmly taxpayer~, b ' Iohby ~roups ~a, that LB 461. the tax n~thnn N.IL 'pro~ tdc~l Sit) ill monroe lax reliel Ior e~ery $1 of I~:~'~ert) tax IL'|lel," "[~|1111~, daim relted Ul'Km a ~eries of ashUil|plions 1hat v, ere unknowable and high]) nnprobable. The int.'nine lax n und-~:r ~ as t~,xcd on tl~' mtrealis- , alty opt~m ist Ic a~, ~unlption that ~tale I~ '*,cnuc VlC'~ th would e~ceetl Ihe rate rcqi,ired I~= tngg~ lh~ int.'tlr~,l~ t~-X t'al~ red~ct ion every st ngtc year [or Icn oon- ~c im~ e year The Faoperty tax nun1- her as~u n~d relat I~ e ly stable increu~es it~ a~' I;.Llig I"~opc?'t~ Yah.L*.", oxer the ,Jlnt.' [Jnle rl~?i-itl~ t ,it the ~a]uathm growth cap ~ould apl~or to ha~e htde I IoIP-. ;I i [~,lt II~J ~ ~ne I-I~ urn and tll'.&+t~,ilnt. liL~' IJle olJlel, the CO:lll]'l~J.rL~ll| ~-a, not I%~ all~ ~.dtd. "[he d,ltu w~ ~k ~cd Io Inak the I~,i~|l ol t]tc paid -~lX~.'ia] lilti.;lt.'~l~ ~tiltl at-t.ttuipJl~L1;t tJleH agellda. iI~t provide ~it't%ll~le llllorln~ith~u IO x n~er~ ;.Ill enIp111;g t~ ~ ol~j~.~.'t i+ e Ly evai u- ,~zc the k-~:rda~ion. UntL ~, H~'~'ilLcatl~ k,Ld aiM'q|[ the delalix ol Ihe methodology t~xed In drr~t" ill the TIUlll"t'l~r~, %~1~e[~, ~allnOt make an utlm~Icd d i~,um ba~,d ~t aCt.'LLrat i[l[twinallttn. L)ll Illa~ aXsLinle d.lla I~ pre~ent~ to )OLI h) spe- cial Ird l~"d grou[1,~ ID ;An ~lbjt%'tix e aad I nlhl a',t~tt tllall~ r. Thal l'~ nm 1heir pur- pt>~e, l"lw.~ are pa.d :o achieve a politb cal re',ull. A ~ay~nt2 freqi~enlly anrih- tit ~t IO M.lrk [~:lllL "'FIt2tlrt~ don't fie. hut liar, can Fig,re." i~ partleu!-arJy Insure against declining prices. I-G Contact me today to learn more about Livestock Risk Protection. I can help protect your bottom line with The Power of AgMax.~ MaR Qdlhmn 427 I lighw~y 14 AgMax" (40li 8r~.3~02 Crop Insurance www.~MaxCaip.olxll C~ IT'~r~ tl~lrr4~ ~ ~l~ ~l~ll~,r~ tl:~t~=~e [~J~l[~. m ~-~&~ [~]~'~t' ~ retevant when evaluating I~dilical messages. When a.~,ked m s Jim an oahne pelt- iion+ cut-and-paste or loJ-~ard anemail or peJ'tk'ipate in palch+thruugh calls senerated by purcha sed ,:'all lists, ask for ~ source of the data and evaluate it critically. Misinformation and bad dala can go viral almost instantaneously via email, Twitter ~ olha/sc ial me- dia p]atfiyrn~s, I~ is Rot ~ncommon for my offiL~e to ~2eive ~evemt huad~d identical t-ot-m emaits abe, at a ~opic. all with the same inaccurate information end~pe~ieJ intetesl talking points. The seaders arc all well intentioned and acting based on informalion 1hey think is [a~iual. F~q~n|ly il is Rot, Voters alu~ must di.scem between editorial content and raClmd reponing+ Editm'ials are nm intended in he unhi- as~, ~mr do they represem objective, facl-ba.qM reporting. Few clearly idon- tify the nan-J~ of lheir authors. State- meres widu3ut evidence are mere opin- ions. In my experiem'e as a state ~nw toe, far too much policy is '*eminence based" rather than "+evidence based.'" [n other words, who makes 0re state- ment is~iven greater weight than fact~, History is litte. ~d with examples of eminent ir, dividuals h~mg t~a~ly wrong, from science and medicme through ~li,:y and business, when their repL'- tation was given grimacer value than the evidenoe we~ntL~ From the first day of the ~ssion to the last. lbeories about coalitions, po- lilical pressure' and p~rtixanship wen rampant in m~ctia coverage and Ihe polit ica[ gossip mill. k was baso~ pronely tm specu|alioo and sensalionalized on- spkacy theories. ]n reality, the nnique circumstances of this ~ssion ~r~ pretty basic and not c|anclessin . Stria- tory, talked to each other. ~ught objec- live facts outside of special interests and ]ohhyists, intentionally C~ml~ra~ed lo achieve common intents| ;" and ac- lively listened to constii~nls outside of 111 e~l c-hamhel of the capitol environment. ]I is what 'we ere snp pmied to do. I encourage vol ~ to do the same. Olive Hill By Rosemary Ha~emeyer Hymns sung during the Olive Hilt Church Sunday school hour and wor- ship .~rvi~ wen "'He Has Made Me Glad,'"1 B,elieve ina Hill Ualted Moent Calvary 7 "'Spirit of the Li~ing Caxlf' "'We at Calk'dlo be Gtxls Purple" a~ "Snnshi~ Soul" with Lynn Koesl~ uc'conlpan ying 111 ~:ong0egatioa on ihe piano. Rita Blauvelt was ~ng leader. Danny Jack~m lxoughl the 'hildr~'s slory and ~g,U~hl.ff'~ wc-,~ Dwight Frost aral Br~' Chapman. Friday evening.there will bea pot- luuk appret.'ialirm sup fro to thtmk David Wallets for )3 years of minish-y al the ()l,~c Ht[l Church. All an~ welcome Io gather ut 6:30 p,m at the Lincoln Park. Sul~rior. "['wil~ Ctx)J ac~'omlYanied Tonya, Sky]at and Tea fan Cool and Mike Weimer. Superio[, to Lin olr, Neb-. Satmday nloming w~t 1hey ~ltended a barl'~-u at lh home of Ryan and Jrun (;teen, Laler+ a baby shower was )mid at the Green home for tcnn and Ryan. the new t'~rtmts-lo-be with 60 friend~ aqd n:latives attending terry. Michelin. Kennedy. Ke[rigan and Kannon Ctxd. Strut and (.'ado Green albo ullen~ed 111 event. 1 .ind,a iiild Paul Hnlchin~m altended Ihe Ha~eu fumiLy unnual ~ampoul, Wetl~e~.k0 throug h Sunday at I he G len Elder I.ake. l.inda's three sisters I',n+il~ r, L.inda'.~ l'~o daughters, nie~.'~.~ and nephew~ were p~ ~cnl, "['~ ila Ccad ~a~ a Salurday over- Inght aud Sunday gu sL'; in 113 hom~ of Jen-b Michcllc. K illn.%l). Kclvigan arid l~allliOli t*ot~l. York. ( '~ala Green was .41' a Sunday visitor in the Cool home. Satun~ay u fiemo,r, ln. Tonya, S kyl~ and Teagan Coal and Mike Weimer wen1 on to Omaha were they allended a haskethall irav ling tournamem. Mike's daughter. Hadley W im r, McCoo! J ur~'t ion, plays With the team. Later in the day, Suaday.'ronya, Skytat. Teagan and Mike mlumed to the Jrny Cool hometo get Twi|a who accom pa- nied them hack home. Sherry Hasemmeyer spenl Satur- day in H~lings. Last Wt~lt Hymns sung during the Olive Hi)l Chu~h Sumtay school hoor and wor- ship service were "America the Beau- tiful,'+ "'Battle Hymn of the Republic." "Spirit of the Living Gtv, J,'+ "'C~ of Our Fathers," and "We Gather To- gelher" with Gk~ria Schlaefli accom. partying theeongregaliontm Ihc piano Linda Hutchinson was song leader. Pa stor Dav~ Wetters bevughl the me,- sage. Special Music was ~ Gloria Schlaefli who played the piano and sang "God Bless America" the fitvor- ite hymn of her father. Gerald Boyles. childish' ~ story wa~ told by Tonya Blackslone. "I'I~ congregation wcl- comL, d r~w members. Bruce "drM Ro ~ Marie Chapman, Ushers we~ ])wight Frost and Paul Hutchinson. The Olive Hill Church had a floa! litled "'Fishing for Souls" in the Lady Ves[ey P~trad . Saturday morning in Superior. Wyatt Schuster pulled the boat made in 1958 with his 1955 Ford pickup. )ason Jense'o cleaned the boa( thai hadn'l k~n t~utside fur 40 years and Camden and Kylar Boyles rode in Ihe boil blowing bubbles. The Olive Hill ladies n'~eting and BiMe study wilt be held 'rfurwJay af- tcmoon. June 8. at the church, Lyon K~acr is 1he leader for the Bible study. Gloria S,:h|a fli will I~wi&" the rc- tmshments. Eightee~ people gathered at the Olive Hill Church Thursday evening to work on d~e basenmnt. M~t of the drywall and ceiling tile am up. Loma Wilton met Dewayne and Colleen Barlecu, St. Patti. for luach logether aL a Superior care. Patti e~d l+inda H utch in~m attended 1he aLumni I~nque[ al R~kin. Linda gradualed from the high .~'hoot there. |.ornu Witton joined Terry and J anice McCulcheon. Sha~e and Coltrm McCutchcon, Krys|al. Chad a~,d Jaz.myn Wulf for Sunday dinner at a Superior cat' . This community has i' ~,~ i v~d from i The Superior Dairy Queen ~oon~ ~e Happy Time PreschOOl monthly reading ~ogram. Students who parlic~ated in the program are {back row, from ~t) Allie Jeffery, Kylle Meyers,Ella Meye,Matin Woemnr, Jazmyn Wall, Gracie Kussman, N~n Meyer, Kno~ Saathhofl (front row~ Emersyn McAlistor, Katherine Coffey, Avaleigh Isaaeson. Blakely Chadw~ll, ~raytin $~obennek:her and Jacob Hamilton. "I Never fry a kite near power lines. The best place to fly one is in an open field where no power lines are near. If your kite gets near a power line, let go of the ktte and contact your local utility provider. Superior Utilities 402-879-4711 In ioi