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June 8, 2017     The Superior Express
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June 8, 2017

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Offices located -'.t [ I [ E. Main, Mankato. Kansas 66956 t4g E. Third gtreet Nebraska A feature of The Ex Thursday, June 8, 2017 Price 50 Enten~d into !t1 mail at Mankato, Kansas, and Superior. Nebraska deadlltne tam Descendants visit Civil War veteran's grave e, lection In the It~)s, Wilbur a~ BetTy hediedAug. [9, lUSt. After his death his wife, Adia Haness Axle]l, ccmtin- Thur~da), al noon was the d~adhr~ ftzr caaSidates f, rcity and~'htx~l Imanl eleetion~, to file or withdraw far the next pnmary electitm in the coumy, which will be Aug, l. if nted~. J,ly II will be Ike deadline far voters to regisler to ~ote in the primary. Sept. 1 at noon will beth,:deadline for p0t~tiul e,mdiclate~ to file~r with- draw for cxtensioa disn'ict posilions, Oct. 17 will he the v~er registration deadline for the genentl electior which w,II be hem Nov. 7 The following candidates have filed for office in 3ew ll County. m.'cording In CartaJ, Waugb, Jewell County efer~ and election of~oer: ~:iri Slate. USD 1 i')7 School Board l~`,silion 2: Kenny Mia~r. USD ]07 Schonl Bt~rd Positron4: Lori Yelkett, USD t(t7 School Board Position 6: Darrell F. Bohnert. Jtwell C ity Mayor: Gayc Daniek. Jewell Cit~ Cou~il; Derek Bird~ll, fewell City Council: |aVemm PelveS. Formoso City Mayor: Dorothy E. Sjolandet. Fonrm,so City Council; S~san L. Abel. Mankato City Council: Nei[ (Sam} Becker. Mankato City Council: Lyle R. Daunet. Ma.nkato City Councih S1uatrt Jtnmm, Mankato Cily Council; Marvin Loomis, Mankalo City Council: and Jim Ro~s, Mankalo City Cou~tcil. Jewell County Cinema beard dilmmm painting theatre floor "lTa: Jeweil Counly Cinema. ln~ . Ix,ard niet May 22 al ~ike ChdMian Ch un:lt. Mankam. Pres klenL Chris Kk:is presided. M 'm het~ pre~nt weqr~ Chris KIo~.~till Klos. Li~G,x',dheart. Phyllis Chnslu~ and Thadd Hinkle. Under ,:lid business. Chris Klos ee- L.tired an e-mail t~,m B lin, da Jeffery .~taling that .~e will paint the theater flt~`,r aher clx.~i let ~ out. Chris all- r~mr~'cd he wiJl ~ officially retired, after the .~'mlJ tern1. Chris wiii speak to Bdlnda ai'~:lut she and Jill al ~`, paint- ins the oulside trim. Di.~ussion was held tm needing to "even tip" the floor in the halhr(mm area. Chris ;aid there is .~`,me flooring ~ft over. Under new husine~.~,Thadd Hinkle was to Ol'g'n the Iheatet I'Rmt 1 r) a,m. to nu~m on the Saturday nf Menn~rial v,ce kend. Jill prlh at theTllreshir~g Bee and il d~'i ~d thai JCC wtmld n~`,t ,~11 ~ny. thing tins year. Chri> will s~.~ to cleati- illg tl~' ce~.|isig tans. and l~hlyllis aid Maz, kato Plumb,nit has a tall ladde r he k'an tl"~'. -Ill<.' Ileal rt'gb(iJ-r i'n. eltng q. ill beat 5-.;'(| p.l:l:l.'~H1 Ju[) 2-], at t~|e M~tnkaLo Cln~'isttaJ$ ('lHirch. t, weather Belt) Becker. wc'athe+ ;=b~er~er h`,r Mankatu. t ported. 35 p r ' 't p ital it',:, f,or Ihe v,',eck. Kermy Garsl. ~ tother ~b~er~ er I or Iewell. repoIlL",d 126 for the v, oek and 5.57 lot 11~ |nn~l:ith t~l May. B~ktr were attending a social evem at Ih~ VFW Hall in Mankato aml ~p- pea,~ to be silting with Lorelta Wil- .~on, aim:l of Mankato. L.o~t,a was vis- iting with Ihe Becket, coacemin~ an individual bur~ d south of Stuben. Darlene Walker and husl~nd Don, also of Mankato, we're aim sitting at 111e table. Darlene ~id her grandfather w~ s buried eat1 of what was long known as the John Ether Scott farm. Darlene went on to shat~ her ~ory with the Beckers and Lo~ua. At this time Sam Becket, ~ of Wilbur aml Betty Becket. h vJ pun:hesed the John Elmer Scott farm and knew m:ithhtg abottt the b, rial ar~a. AmtwM 19'93, Sam started ~earch- ing. to an avail, his furm fro'the burial area. A~ time went ~, land farther to the earn of the necker (Scott) land, which wa-'i once owned by Brad JwJy was so|d to u~hers. Thb kind was I~- Lure und had never been fanned, A re 'lativety new granite grave ~one was fimnd in this pa aure by two ac- qu:aintances of Sam who entre hunting and looking to purthas~ the land. The ~ntleatan ' ",Lslmd Sam who had #acad tee grave stortttMtm but Sam could nol answer their questions. Abe r find ing the stone. Sam learned it was the huria] ph~ of Samuel Axtell, the grave he h~ been It~t~ing for all this time. The P~*.'k ~ had been Ioo~+ ing gltrest Of ll~.~-~e the actual sit'me was k~='ated and E',KI never owned the land the burial wa.~ on, ttmstqnent]y that explained why they had never- been able to find the burial site. In ~arlet~" s n~lter's Bible I~ fol+ hm'ing article was found: *'Samuel Newell Axtett. Ix:ir0, July 28.18 ~L uml MolLie Ann Dtnnishm. hum Jan. 21. Ig48. were roamed in 11 68 elt:l~ to Leeslmrg. Pa. Bulb had heen raimd iu this area and the couple r -,-- Mattie Dennismn sturled their married life then:. Later that same year they moving to Athens, Ohio. After the hinhofthetrfi rst tkikt. EvaLena, on Nov, 27, l 868,at Atlmns, Ohio they moved to Taylor County. Kentucky, near Campbellvitt . where their ~e~ond child. Milon Algurmm. wasl~rn Jan. 24, |87 i,on hi.-~nmther's birthday. Five rm~tks later.June. 187 I, the motlmr, Maltie Ann, died arat Samuel was left with his two small ehiklren and a small boy, Abe~am Lincoln, the .~>n of his brother, Sii '~.'" Samuel h~k his family to Iowa. near Sioux City. "I'her~ he left Lincoln Axlell and at some later date moved,-m to Mankato, With his t~ chiklmn he tot~ up a homestead ~ar Mank~to~ Samuel wed in Ihe Union Army and was in the Battle of Bunker Hill. ll~ 1879. he died leaving hi~ children altme with nt) :lo.~ relatives in Kansas. Sam~l alSmremly was sick and neighMv men had been .~laying with the family at night. But the night of his d~alh, the II'mn w~3 was expe~ted h+ ,~tay had left. Samuel knew be wa~ dying and begged the man to stay. After the n ighhea left, Samuel told Swnt,el A.rtell his children, EvaLena and Milon. who were now 11 amd 8. he wnuld leave them hefo~ morning and they must not be afraid+ He instructed tlmm to make a bed on the fltx:ir by his bed. When he no longer was breathin~.t hey were to cover h:im with a sheet, put the pet cat outdtmrs, lock the &~r and walk nearly two miles across country to the home of Untie Rice who was a distant relative. Bill P~ets came ~me- time after the children left and found thin the dog had almost dug his Way under |he doter of the dugoul- A Dr. Crew of Mankato took the children iuto his home where they m- mat ned as ~rvants in hi s I~msehold till they wer~ of age. Milo~ fared t~irly well ms king as the ~.1~" s wife lived. After that, he was not alh)wed [o gO tO ~lv.xd. and was often wit~tu! sltoes e~ ~ in the winter, EvaLena went on to marry Jt~2 Senmnbaugh. She died Ma~h 23, 1945, ut FreeLy:in. Ill, Mik:in ~mained a~mnd Mankam r~:isl of hi.~ life. He took his f~ti:l:lily to Colorado in 191 I and returned to Kan- ~s in I<)17, All the years of hi,~ mile in Kan~s were lived it, Jev, ell County, He owned a thml weSl of ] utell Cily, und laura tmm in Jew ll City where ued to live in their hortt~ in Jew ll. She died Jan. 3. 1958. Milon and Ada had six children of whi~,'h two of the m were F ~ll~r Axt ll Queen and Newel l Axtell. Astimepassed.Ne~ll Axtell found the ~x-ave of Samuel Axl ll and placed a granite grave stone at the burial site. Darlene Oue # Walker, daughter of Emher Axtetl Queen. went In the .rewel[ Coumy Counbuum and found the fi~llowing in formation; *'There is a small burial pER located in NWNE or" Section 9 in Jewell Cou#ty. The pk~ is located on R R~md east of Highway 14 in Washinglon Township." The eL'cords go on to state "This burial she was originally fee, ted. The wtxx~tl end, s madcing lhe~jrave site ; are now completely gone but chapels- stuns can still be s~,en near the Axtell marker. The site is appmximmety 61) feet from the road and near the east I'~sture fence line." Other information on the small burial plot i ndicales Samuel A xtell was I~m in 11 40 and died in laX1. There was a short granite marker in pasture. Huwenon TA or SA. age 56 years. death about i913. unmarked grave (km~wn by later residents ottly as Gr, mdma' Howemm. and believed 1o Ix a relative of Perry. W/lliam u~d Ross Howe~on), Negt there are three unmar~ed graves and are believed It`, be 1he children tffjames 1'. and Alk' John.~m who lived in Section 9 in the lal 18(A)s and early 19~Xls. May 25. 2017. Sam Beaker rod Jigmne f:recm;m ret'i ited Ihe grave silent-Samuel A.xteli, The ;e;t pa.qar,: fence line is r~v, g~m . and in Limit opinion the burial plt:ll is nmre like 260 I'txt ort'~rlher fr~nn R Road Ihat la3 .'s 1(`, the ~:inh. Tl~re are iwJicalions there may Ix: ~z~ gra~e ~ in thl ,mall burial pl~ thant ImlsC lhal ha ve been recorded. cmmty o =, District magistrate judge township clerk candidates to be interviewed day w ilh ~y, lm mi s~ioners Ste,~r G g'~te. Mark Renting and Keith Rot ~nt. Coda Waugh, cx~t,nty c lerk.wax ~1 tl~zr the meel~ng. The minutes of lhe ,M ~ 3(1 me,'mtg ~ere approved "]'ru~ls Garst. ~c~lid wa,;te director, re~ icwt.~ I1~ Intmihly telx:irt for May. He di~'nssed working on permits. Sltat:inon M ieL an'~bulant~ direc- tor, reviewedlhc hilling repnrt ft,-May. 'arlu Waugh ~id Robert Wal.~,n teIephoJned L,O ",ha) he ~ould serve as Siix-lair To',n~,hip Ct rk. The Ix:lard al'~,r-~ d the ap[h.~lult:llent. Joel f:l k,m, 2;c,~.'~;~ I "+upl.'q:inl lldenl. d i~,c w, sed road and hrld~:c r '~ ir~. The *2ou'=mi','~ iorlers rcp~ ~ncd n~d <.+~ulcem~. L~nahl Ja ~+b~, silerifl, ,aid he had to repla~' the radio in hb, cur. Daphne ManmnF. 4-H program ~:t~ordinato:, dt.~u* ~l |he fuir phtato- graph CZqltest a~d aid il'a.~' have a cal ~ory Ior the hesl of Jewell County. She ~L,ked if II1 wmning photo could be displayed IZl lIR? omntis~,ioners" or'tire for lhe monlh of August. The bunced. The I'hh Judicial Di~lnct is corn- pissed of Cloud. lew ll. Li,~coln. Mitchell. Republic and Washington k'(UlnlleS. The r'~ rm|n selo+'n+xl wil~ sit in Mankat. tn Jewetl Counly ('a~didales for lhe vacancy are Kevm L. Phillq~ of Mankalo. wire is a lau, ~t--r in prival pracl~e: and Kay M. Prat|u:r of Randall. who i- al.~:l a law- yer in privale practt~e. A di~tricl nta~- ~.slra[e jwJg lUUSt he a graduate of a high ~:htxd ol,~ondatT ~chool or the eqLii valenl, a tesidm~l o|'Jew t~.Connly at the |hue of tuking Ihe oath Of office aml nlaintain J w 1[ Counly [ ',i&'ncy while l~,lding s~h office, a lawyer admilted to practi~e In~ in Kansas or p~s a ~nification examinatitm given hy Ihe Supreme Courl within 18 nlouths, as provided by K S A. 20- 3.'N(b) and K,S.A. 20-337 The 12th Judicial, Di~rict Nomi- naling Cumin ission consim~ of Justk"e Cateh Slegall 0.'~ the nonvoling chair: Dana E. Brewer a-.~ J. Bradley Lowell of Con ordia: Carol K. Good of Bazaar@, Jerry L. H m'ison and Dwighl L. Dani lsof Beloit: DanielD. Me~ of Lincoln; Tan~er M. ,tohnson of Counla~d: DalTell E. Millet and Rick Diamond of Mankato'. Douglas G. Simms; o[ B l,ltville; Regret L. Th- ompson of T.'~:andia; and Bruce E. Meyer of Palmer. Small quake shakes area A ~mall earthquake ~mk ~zrth- central Kan.~a~ a litL~e betb~ 3:3(I p-re. Saturday. "Fh quake c~gislered a mag- nitude of 3.<) and wah cenlerg~ ap pr;,ximal ly three mite~ t>f Mankmo. "[his was thesixlh quakerelX~ned in Kansas a Lwo-day The uth- ers we~ in Sumner and Harvey coua- tie.~ and registcre0 hetl.Neen 2.6 and 3.3. ucco~ing to the USGS. which r~:urdcd numerous quake~ i, Jewell County in April. This was the first in the otulnt)" sino~- a 2.g qtmke on May 23. Tile USGS retx)rted a lolal of 0ir~ Kansas earlhquatces in May, nearly a tk:izen in AFail. seven in March and six in Felx~tary. There were rm relmrts of damage or injury from Saturday's quake, atx.'ord- ing to 1~ Jewell County Sheriff's De- partment. Descendants of Samuel Aueteli -- {Irom lett) Donna Queen C0~m, Rodrmy (~J~en and Da~n~ Walker --visit~l his gravesite north or Montrose recently. sF mURL n. RXTELL AboJt 30 years ago, Nevwll ~otlt~l, ~'-dn,6son oi Samuel, replaced the pile of stones that previously marked the grave with lids headstone. County board okays new township clerk appointment ]'he Jewell County tkrad met M~m- day with ommLssioncrs Steve Greene. Mark Renling a,d Keilh Roe present. Carl a Waugh. t.3.zt mr} clerk.was p~esem ft~T the meeting. The minule.~ or the May Y) meeting v,'e~ aprm+ved, Lovewell State Park planning several special events this camping season Increased populations should result in solid fishing Sdvaol i out attd ~ummer vacation Ume has begt~n here in north central Kansas. Kids and paints are all ltx~,k- ~n~ fi]rM ard tO sxm:le summer fun in the sm'~ whelher it be ou the baseball and ~fftball fields, at the swtnnr, mF ]xml, or al the lake. l.~wcw ll Slate Park ha~, several .slx~'ial event.s lined up I-or Ihix ~um. mer. Camp I~:ists ave m Walleye 1 c- ~rical. Dell and Sharon Fmlaym:in. F~dkxttt Ncb.: WilV0w ek, ct ricaI.Gury and S~nja Keeling. Sulx~ior: Cedm- Poinl ele*:lrieal. Curti~ and PegjJy Wat~c~hl~-st, Ath(>l. Marina owr~z~ ate Jana und Aar<:in Coil who a.~ -~ rving blntakfagl, hmch ~nd s~pper a~,01: w nlt tel hntt iake ~,up- phi. The Kids Fishing Clinic; ,'ill be held Sunday. Registration will he lira- lied ttt 50, age 7 In 15. The following Sunday (June |g) is a "Float ~otlr B<)aK'* conical, Entrants w~,li design and huild a cardhoanl boat. SIX~ i rtcalkm~, wi;~ he a:'ailab] in early June. Briag it to the Somhwimt~ Beth for the ctm~t and see who~ hoar cmt fltmt tlu'ough thedesignaledcczJr'se with- out sinking. "1~ txmt'.~"captain'" musl he aboard to f-mi~. AI~ a pnire will be given for the best &'comleel vest|, July 4, as h~ been the case for many year~, there ate wa individual J uly 4 lm)iday fireworks ullowed in the Lovewell Stme Park or Lovewell Wild- life Area, Last year special permission from the Bureau of Reclan]atum was received and a firewra~s display was held, The Lake As ~cialion is again fund-raising for a similar draw for 2Dt 7. The disptay i~ tentatively set for July I hut a~ has t',e, en Lhe cast in the past, Molher Nature- could have an- other plan. ,L~wew ll Fun Day will h ~ hrld Aag 5 a,:id will feature the Sand Ca lle aml SculpLure Contesl. lh e'.'er i~+pu- ]ar co-ed mud vniicybalt to|imanltnt. kid~ sand t~easure hunt, and ilte ~m 'kt ~peamissors tnumament. o Feeling like Christmas',' Aug . 19 will he 1he a nnual Campgnl,~nxt Chris~. ma~, ~:ontcsl ~ilh c~alpsile decoralmns and holMay lUUl. Final evtnl l~r ~he 2(11"/ .~ea~)n v,~l~ 11 held Sept. ~0. a 3D Arcl~e~ tournament and Free Park EnLrance Day. There ate new ink.q <.'anal fishing regula0o,~,s and Lo~ew ll Refuge use changes. The inlet will be ctt~cd R, fi',;.hmg fn+m Sept, ]5 through April 1.5 ca<.-h y~ar. ThL'-se change~ were made 10 110:1 the annual management (If water bein~ Nought it~l(:l the re.~,o, oir each ~,pring during the walleye ~, season. Someehang~ have aho bum m-.~,le Io the l.~w ~ c~! Wildlife Area Reluge. The area northeah[ of 1he Lover, ell State Park office ,nclwJiug lhe Inlel Cana[ and extending .~outh i|; the Bu- reau of R~.~clamalam headquan r~ will be closed to hnnting yeax round and closed lo all activities Sept. I Ihmugh Man:h 3 I. The land an:a p~viouslyclo~J to hunting wi|] now he ope~ |o an ex- panded special hunl p~c~gram. Appli- cations fur the special hunts are online and can be found al http:// ksoutdoors.comKDWPT-Infu/Loca- tions/Wildli Fe-Areas/Norlhwesl/ Lovewetl. Camping changes There are changes i# the annual tamp and 14 day camp permit formal. Primitive campers will need to chu~k in at Ihe