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June 12, 2003     The Superior Express
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June 12, 2003

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In recent days members of the national media have shifted possible. Bill is keeping a low profile and Hillary is looking their attention from Martha Steward to I-iillary Clinton. human to millions of voters. She is coming across not as the shrill, Hillary's first book, "It Takes a Village," was designed to domineering woman who tried to hijack health care and profited polish her tarnished image following the 1993 health care fiasco, from inside information and her husband's position to make This book is designed to gently get us all past the scandals of illegal profits but rather as the forgiving wife who can be trusted Bill Clinton' s presidency and clear the way for the couple to return to care for an America in crisis the way she cares for her family in to the White House in 2009. crisis. The book should be called "Living Fantasy," for we expect Compared to Hillary Clinton, Martha Steward is an angel it is an attempt to transform the "smartest woman in the world"into and it appears the national media won't rest until Steward is in jail. the "warmest, most forgiving woman in the world." We don't doubt that Martha Steward acted on a tip from her President Gerald Ford once described Watergate as "our insider friend and so- l a small amount of stock before the price long national nightmare." The Clintons have become a self- dropped. In most situations we would term that "smart trading." In her case it is insider trading and illegal. imposed nightmare that simply won't go away. Those seeking to prosecute Martha Steward are working Bill Clinton himself has been mentioned for so many pos- outside the spirit of the law. We believe those who wrote the law sible post-presidential careers - television talk show host, secre- directedit toward company officers, like those at Enron, whoused tary general of the United Nations, Supreme Court justice - that it their inside information to sell massive amounts of stock. Not the must make his overgrown, narcissistic head spin with delight, boss's girl friend who owned a relatively few shares of his But what the Clintons really want is eight years in the Oval company's stock. Office for Bill and eight years in the Oval Office for Hillary. The attention has cost Martha millions, it has given Hillaran After this week's concentrated media circus, it looks more $8 million advance and may send her to the White House. One of the largely Unrecognized powers of televi- tions). What little history many of us know we gained sion is its impact on the teaching of history. Television while being entertained either in front of the television potentially could be an effective history teacher but or while attending a movie showing. showbiz history is often )ffthc mark. Television is part One can argue this is better than no history; but of the entertainment industry and producers' first prior- teaching errant history is misleading an already poorly ity is to sell. Historical accuracy is not among their high educated population in the field of international and priorities, national affairs. Few today seriously study history (history is not That's why it should be stated clearly in the film's even a required subject in many educational institu- introduction that eventsdepictedare not factual history. 000 Editor: going south out of Formoso, I wasin your fine town, Superior. I have been tossed around in sometimes without their head It is my desire and I'!i do so now, letters to the editor, so now it is gear. Please, Let's Be Safe! to thank you people at the Supe- my turn to toss a few things Now for the dog problem. I rior Express and the fine people around, have been on the receiving end of of that area for support of our First is child safety. I see par- a dog's teeth. In my own yard at, documentary film "Korea, We ents driving around town with that! The owner is fully aware of Called It War" that was shown at small children on their laps, driv- the incident and still is not trying the Crest Theatre. I wish I could ing with them sitting on thetrunk to keep the dogs at home. The name every single person who of the car and driving at high dogs were in the yard this morn- was in attendance at the theatre rates of speed with the children ing! and thank you personally for with them. Also racing down Oh! Again I forgot...! your support but that is impos- main street with the children in Did you know the tree board sible, so I'ii just say, "thanks" 'he car. cannot plant new trees in the city again to "All" of you, you made Whentheyarerearrangingthe park? The trees will be destroyed ourvisittoSuperiorahighlightto gravel on the streets, dotheystop by vandals I thought the park remember. I have never been and think where the rocks are belonged to everyone, not just around a friendlier group of ending up? The rocks could be the vandals. The city has to keep people in my life. hittingothercarsorpeoplewalk- the restrooms locked. What is the My old buddy, and former ingorwindowsatnearbyhouses, use in having them? squad leader, Loren Renz, and Oh! I forgot, theydon'tcare!! Why do some property own-Esther, hiswifeshowedusagreat With all of this, we also Have ers refuse to mow to the street, time while we were there. I need youngsters riding around on 4- Doesit make them feel good? It to make mention the people who wheelers. They do have head gear sure doesn't make their yard look fixed up the pick-up truck that on, butthat won't stop them get- good. Loren Renz and I rode in at the ting hurt by a speeder. Doyouknowwhat"Formoso" parade. A special thanks must The 4-wheelers need to stay means? It means"Beautiful Val- alsogotoayounglady whoworks off the main roads that have more icy." at the Express, Tonya Paddock traffic, especially now that har- Vickie Stafford who wrote a great article about vest is almost here. They have Editor: our film being shown at the Crest been seen on old 36 and also It'sbeenafewdaysnowsince Theatre. And speaking of the Animal advocates have been working extensively lately try- ing to protect the prairie dogs and now it sounds like we need to be protected from the prairie dogs. News reports indicate people who have prairie dogs for pets have become sick with Monkey Pox. Now two) questions come to my mind: Why would a pox that resembles small pox be called "monkey?" and why would anyone want a prairie dog as a pet? I wouldn't want either pox or a prairie dog pet. I remember my father and grandfather fighting the prairie dogs in the pastures near where I was raised. The prairie dogs would burrow deep into the ground. If you saw one prairie dog hill, you knew many others were nearby. Farmers dealt with the prairie dogs using poisons or traps, and when all else failed, prairie dog hunts were held, not to be confused with coyote or jack rabbit hunts. This was a target practice outing. Prairie dog hunters say shooting them was an art, since they were quick and bobbed their heads in and out of their hills. This may sound cruel, but this was the way it was and is in farm life. When a pests invade and damage the land, you deal with it. Prairie dogs appear to be among the animals best left in the Crest Theatre, it was a pleasure to meet and work with the theatre staff. I could go on and on but I'll close this and I'll say for Eva, my wife, and myself we will never forget you. God Bless you for being the great people that you all ale. Denzil and Eva Batson Editor: If Martha Stewart should be put in jail for obtaining advice on how to make money in the stock market, why shouldn't' Hillary wild. Opinions S Clinton be put in jail for obtain- ing insider advice from her hus- " band, the President, when run- ning for the U. S. Senate? Or when she used his pull to make money on cattle futures back in Arkansas? It seems when you're a left- wing politician seeking to grab power and control over people, it' s not only legal but noble. When you're simply trying to make a living and happen to be hugely successful at it--no coercion or fraud" involved--then you're a criminal. Member Nebraska Press AssoclatWn PRI~IWNMWG NEWSPAPER MEMBER By Gloria Garman-Schlaefli It has been said: "Fathers have their noses to the grindstone, their shoulder to the wheel and their hands on their pocketbook." Roles have changed over the years but fathers have always been known for "carrying the heavy load." A Jewell County newspaper columnist, Mamie Boyd, wrote in a June 1963 issue of the Jewell County Record: "How times have changed. It used to be Father's Day. Father used to be head of the family--looked to and revered and yes, sometimes feared. His word was law and his judgement final. Now he is dear o1' dad and will stand for anything. He allows his children to give self- expression, even when self-expression may break his heart and his pocketbook. And mother--she still wants the old fashioned chiv- alry expected from Father, while demanding that she is an indepen- dent women with equal rights, which Dad recognizes." Mrs. Boyd concluded with, "I hope you appreciate Dad--not only on Dad's Day, but every day in the whole year." Forty years later I share her opinion. Happy Fathers and Dads Day. Superior Publ~hing Company, Inc. 148 F-aM 7T1/rd Street, PO Box 408, Superior, Nel~raslm 68978 By Bill Blauvelt It is being so difficult to find time this year to garden I have decided to enter the livestock business. While I haven't found a direct market for my production, I'm sure my activities will benefit a local business, Arlen Mickelsen's Superior Industries. Earlier this week I interviewed Aden for a story we expect to publish about his purchase and future plans for the former Wheeler' s building. With customers throughout the United States, Superior Industries is in the custom sprayer assembly business. This year the Kansas Department of Health has ordered several custom sprayers assembled' in Superior to join the fight against West Nile Virus. Since talking with Arlen, I've hit upon an idea that should encourage his business and help eliminate any guilt I might feel about not gardening. I'm going to raise mosquitoes. With an active mosquito popu- lation I won't be tempted to shirk my work and steal off to the garden. And the enlarged mosquito population will encourage the sale of sprayers. I've never consciously raised mosquitoes before but a USDA brochure available at the Nuckolls County Health Fair, provided all I need to know about the project. According to that publication, mosquitoes have four distinct life cycles, the egg, larva, pupa and adult. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs on water or moist substrates such as soil and the interior walls of treeholes, cans and old tires that are likely to be flooded by water. Most larvae hatch within 48 hours. The larvae and pupae live in water. The adult mosquito emerges from the pupal case and rests on the water's surface until its body dries and its exoskeleton hardens. With only 48 hours needed to hatch mosquito larva, I have been thinking about potential breeding locations. Prior to reading the article I didn't think there were suitable hatching places near the newspaper plant but I was wrong. Follow- ing a rain, water usually stands for more than 48 hours in the roof drains and in the lids of empty barrels awaiting Outside the warehouse building I have old tires and farm machinery stored. I knew the tires made for good breeding habitat but on inspection I was surpiised to find how much water a reinforcing plate on the three-point blade holds. It was sufficient to make an excellent breeding source. At the garden I have more machinery, barrels and buckets. And the driveway water holes I tend to put off filling as long as I can drive around, also will make excellent breeding chambers. The very best spot for mosquito production may be around my home. At the back door I found the bucket I had used to transport sweet potato starts to the garden. The bucket contained six unplanted sweet potato plants and six inches of water. It has set there for nearly two weeks and close inspect revealed mosquito larva. Water was also standing in the gutters and garbage pales. . Just aci'oss the street, it appears the now closed city audito- rium, has clogged gutters. Less than a block down the street is a large pile of abandoned tires. There are puddles of standing water where the gutters on my home dump. I found a garbage can lid had crevices that were holding water. Another can was missing its lid. The cans will almost certainly have water in for they were positioned to catch the rain running off the garage roof. Now that summer is here I feel sorry for the neighborhood cats. What if they should become thirsty while visiting the editor's home? To make sure they have water, I keep a partially filled waier coniai,cr in the back yard. Since I don't change the water every day, it call bc a dual purpose cat waterer and mosquito breeder. I've surveyed the area and have the raising strategy mapped out. It will be easy the breeding stock is free and has a long life. Female mosquitoes lay eggs every few days and can live for weeks. While I try design an improved marketing plan, I'll have to stay inside by the air conditioner. Wouldn't want to risk contractit)~, ~'/,:st Nile Virus. www~eem E-msll su,oedom~ @ldlld.nel Thursday, 2B Subscr~tlen rates: $20 per year or three years for $54 payable in advance in Nebraska. NA TtOt~ year or three years for $57. 40 (includes sales tax) Other states $28 per year or three years Seventy Years Ago Mrs. Everett Meyer. Girls to Mr. president of the Superior Board ceive Bringing President Roose-and Mrs. Harold Hammett, Mr. of Education. velt's conservation and refores- and Mrs. Glen Ohmstede and Mr. Larry Smith, A Ruskin High voted l tation right to the doorstep of and Mrs. Glen Sunday. School teacher, has been chosen service contract Superior, Kathryn O'Laughlin Pvt. Darrell Thayer will report as an outstanding secondary edu- land Area McCarthy, Kansas congress- to Camp. Kilmer, N. J., for over- cator of America for 1973. woman, has announced a refor- seas asstgnment. Mr. and Mrs. James Biltoft, estation army camp will be Joan Hiatt is a member of the Ruskin, were honored on their black openedon theWhite RockCreek graduating class of the University golden wedding anniversary, whih in J~well County July 1. Hospital, Omaha, SchoolofNurs- A six-memherjury was called The Brown-Eekberg Corn- ing. for duty in Nuckolls County. It Bob Ti pany has decided to close its Louis"Dutch" Meyers has ac- was the first such jury to serve mental Superior department store. A cepted a position as staff an- under the newly reorganized dis- be half-time closing sale is in progress, nouncer for KFOR, Lincoln. Mr. trict county court system, pal next school L. T. Brodstone left Sunday and Mrs. Meyers (Janis Crilly) Twenty Years Ago "on a trip abroad. He will visit have moved to Lincoln. More than 300 BRAN Ill bi- into the several months with his sister, "Just for the record," H.M. cycleriderscampedin CityPark. The Lady Vestey, at Dulwich, Crilly reported, it was 27 years Scott Ordich, who attends the Andrew l~enk( London, England. agothathegotouthisfirstissueof United States Naval Academy, The Superior Chamber of The Express. Annapolis, Md., will leave for a lic Diocese of Commerce and other civic orga- Among the 1,080 receivingsummer cruise naval indoctrina- assist at the nizations are planning a day of degrees at the University of Ne- tion from San Diego. entertainment for July 4.braska were Arlo Doehring, Gary Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mazour, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Griffin Jordan, Sally Bargen and Nancy Nelson, celebratedtheir60thwed- celebrated their 60th wedding Sorensen. ding anniversary, way anniversary. The Rev. and Mrs. James Ella Summers completed the lion of a Fifty Years Ago McCbesney are moving to Curtis, quilting of her 300th quilt. It be- dow for the Inductedintothearmedforces where the Rev. McChesney will longed to Mrs. Delmar Boyles. One May 25 were Vernon Kimminau, begin his duties as pastor of the' Her first quilt was for Mrs. Cecil Engineers Richard Jensby, Robert MethodistChurch.Mrs.McChes- Blackstonein 1956. stake the next Kathman, Richard Kitten, Allen ney is the former Joanne Larsen. Ten Years Ago theLostCreek( Grummert and Howard Enge-The Dairy Queen and KurlyThree Nuckolls County insti- ment berg. Leaving June 23 are Jack Kone will no longer serve 5 cent tutions are among the beneficia- Long, RichardMeyer, Raymond drinksand5centconesbecauseof ties of the estate left by the late Vestey Bird Driggs, Junior Etter and Robert sugar and other price increases. Clarence Roder. Brodstone Me- Superior Whartman. Thirty Years Ago moriai Hospital, the Nuckolls proved the Boyswere born at Brodstone ConstructionofSuperior'snew County Foundation and TheKoening as Hospital this week to Mr. and public service building has be- United Methodist Church of Su- The Mrs. Adolph Eitzman, Mr. and gun.Leslie Alexander waselected periorandtheBillyGrahamEvan- Rock, will Mrs. Sol Briand and Mr. and president and Marshall Vale vice- gelistic Association will each re- racing Sunday. United Methodist Churches Lutheran Church Schedules for Sunday Schtx31s and Worship Service 2()1 South Center Mankato Harmony: Wo:~ship, 1 ! a.m, Ml~kmto, K~n. Sun, Sob., 9:4S a,m. Church 785-378-3308 Ionia: Worship, 9:30 a.m. Res. 785-378-3766 Sun.Sch., ]0"30am. ~i~ Steve Little, Pastor Odessa: Wo~hip, 8:1S a.m. Sun. ~h., 9:30 a.m. : ~t~! ~ Sunday Esbon: Worship, 8:15 a.m. """ Sun. Sch., 9:30 a.m. Worship .................. 9:00 a.m. Burr Oak: Worship, 9:30 am. Sunday School ....... 10:30 a.m. First Baptist Jewell County Catholic Churches Sacred Heart, Esbon E. Hwy 36 Mankat0 Saturday on first, third and 785-378-3655 fifth weekend ............... 6:30 p.m. Neolin Taylor, Pastor Sunday on st~cond and Sunday Services fourth weekend ............... 10 a.m. Sunday School ........ " 10 a.m. St. Theresa Worship :. ................. 11 a.m. 320 N. Commercial, Mankato Bible Study ................ 7 p.m. 785-378-3939 Wednesday Sunday ................................ 8 a.m. Discipleship Training 6 p.m. Fr. Allen Scheer, Pastor Olive Hill Centennial Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod) N. Dekot8 Street. 8ulN~rio~, Neb. David Watters 402-S79-3137 Saturday Sunday Worship .......................... 6:30 p.m. Sunday Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Worship Servlce ..................... 9 a.m. Worship 10:30 a.m. Sunday School-Bible Class ............................... I0 a.m. Located five miles south Paul Albrecht. Pastor and two miles west Wo,shW web us ~a ~e ~aoacast of Superior ~ sun~ on KRrS Rad~ Proclaiming Christ Since 11176 Reo~ coJ1for adde~ml worship and Bible slud~ ~dtles, First Community Church Of Church The Nazarene " "~ Oak, Neb. 740 E. Seventh Phone 402-225-2284 Office Phone 402-879-4391 Sunday Sunday Sunday School ........ 9:30 a.m. Sunday School .............. 9 a.m. Morning Service ..... 10:45 a.m. Evening Service ............ 6 p.m. Morrdng Worship ......... I0 a.m. Children's Program ....... 6 p.m. Sunday Prayer Dtnner ......... ~..~.....~...~... 6 p.m. Meeting ................ 6:00 p.m. Jim Dresser. Pastor Prayer MeeUng. Children's Ministry and Youth Group MceUng ....... :.. 7 p.m. Bible Centered Denis Payne, Pastor Nondenoml.=tlonal Tral~porUttloa and Nursery Lutheran Church (ELCN Highway 14 North, Superior, Neb. Sunday Sunday School ..... 9:30 a.m. Worship ............. 10:45 a.m. Rev. Daniel Hays ' Lutheran Vespers. KRFS, 7:30 o.rrL Holy Communlon, flrst and third Living Faith Fellowship Word of Faith Church 315 N. Central Phmte ~'75~.,~114 Sunday Worship Service ............ 10:30 a.m. Evening Service ................... 5 p.m. (except 4th and 5th Sundays) Wedneeday ChrlsUan Development Night Adults and Children .......... 7 p.m. Rock Solid Youth Group ...... 7 p.m. Radio Program, KRFS AM Sunday Momlng .......... 8:30 a.m. Patsy Busey, Pastor First Presbyterian Sixth and N. Central Superior, Neb. Phone 402-879-3733 Sunday School .......... .9:15 a.m. Fellowship Coffee ...... 10:30 a.m. Worship ........................ I I a.m. Rev. Mark Dlehl, Pastor Our Redeemer Lutheran Church mgelical Lutheran Church in America 505 N. Kansas Superior, Neb. Sunday Mornlng Worship 8:30 a.m. Sunday School ..... 9:45 a.m. - Rev: Daniel Hays Webber United Methodist Church Churc] Webber, Kan. Office 785-361-2664 1 18 S. Coral MankatO, Res. 785-361-2070 785-378"; Sunday Sunday School ." Worship ................... 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship Sunday School ...... 10:30 a.m.Thaddeus J. H~ Pastor Joyce Beam 785-378" Calvary Bible Evangelical Free Church 99 W. Pearl, Jewen, Kan. 7ss 40 llmml Wayne Felgal. Pastor Wednesday Youth Group ............. 7 p.m. Sunday Sunday School ..... 9:30 a.m. Sunday Worship Service 10:45 a.m. Family Bible Hour ..... 7p.m. Allltllated wit h I1~ Evl~l~l ~ Church &Amertea Church of Christ 564 E. Fourth Street Superior, Neb. Pastor Jim Stark Wednesday Evening Youth and Adult Bible Study 7 p.m. Sunday Worship Servlce ............. 9 a.m. Sunday School ........ 10:15 a.m. Evening Servlce ......... B;30 p.m. A lot of kneeling keeps you in good standing with God. Little Blue Christian Fellowship Old Pleasant View School 7 miles No. of Nelson Sunday Worship Service ............ I0 a.m. Wednesday Adult Bible Study .., ........... 7 p.m. Children's Bible Study ...... 7 p.m. Pastor and Mrs. David Sellers North Fti' Phone 78 located eight ml Burr Oak and t~ st~dl Sunday School ..... Worship ................ Kenneth srrdl "Where The Grace ] ,un=elic,d Super=' 42a ~. Fllth Sueet. Of lice 4~ Home. t Grace Place children's Ciub ......... Sunday School ......... Moming Worshlp ....... Prayer Tlme ............... Ail~llaled wlth tile Church st. jose b' SuperiOr, Rectory Phone 40 Dally MasSes .... Saturday .......... Sunday ............. Nelson-SundaY Father phlll~ Baptist in America s.r ST. PAUL LUTIIERAN Hardy, Seb. Church 402"~ Phone 402-279-3205 or 402-236-8825 Pastor be~ Sunday Worship ........... 9 a.m. 8 .u~ud~ Sunday School and ~s t~ Fellowship Hour ...... I0 a.m.Church at studY'~ Worship ..... Jewell 'I Met, lzm MontrO e Met.lzm 448 N. Kanmm Street Terry Superior, Neb. Jewell "Ir SWlday Sexvlee Sunday SchooI:':'S'"~ Morning Worsla~F .... Kids for christ" ., School l .... 9.30 a.m. Worship ............. 10:45 a.m. Mornin= WorshiP'"'i Rev. Dorthea Falrbanks Fellows]qip H~ ,