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June 14, 1973     The Superior Express
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June 14, 1973

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r I = or pick on consumer in LI P r" --- '1 think we can fix it up, Mr. President, C [F F E2 S S but what kind of ?raw did you have working here?' aga] nsl inflation? BiiiBla=:'~;g;= EditOr ~ ~ ~ ~ By Jerry Martin The Nixon administration recently floated what appeared to It ltr I Publilhed Weekly by /~:AlX~. ~'~ be a definite trial balloon suggesting a steep increase in the m = e Superior Pubtlshlng Comp~my, Inc. [ ! J,"J}'~,l..-~.~,~..~ I federal tax on gasoline. d ~'P'~ m E.t Third St. \ \~#Ot.V.,~/ / The amounts mentioned varied, but range from an increase of one to 10 cents per gallon, compared to the present four-cent- " Sul~rior, Netraska .78 ~'~__~WSP~R~'/ | ~ 197z :~[..~O~'K~WI~lS73 a-gallon federal levy. [ iRASKAsS0IAT odv.nceSubscrlpttnr'ltesSS'OOperyUrpaylblelnln Nebilska and I~s, I~.00 per yet: ~~~ l~ ~ ~il ~ J~ ~lll ~i~ /i~_r'~ ~q~~ Although the proposal was never formally offered, it was ~1 subjected to a quick and justified round of criticism. This trial m~h.r.. ""- ~" ~ ~ ~~7 # ~I~ ~ ofbalioonthe gasolinedeSerVedshortage.tO be deflated.Every one.centWhy shoUldof thethefederalConsumergasolinebe expected to carry even more of the burden in the battle against inflation? We thought the idea of fighting inflation is to reduce the cost of living, not increase it. IVa t e rg a t e, 5 0 0 B, C, Yet the temptation to clip the motorist for a few billion more bucks is undoubtedly strong in Washington, particularly in view ok of Nehemiah, Chapters 8 they realized how many of God's laws tax brings in about $1 billion a year in extra revenue. Thus, an S~~ report is _Jziven about the they themselves had broken along with. li]![ lti|a lit /L~ ~?,~ bringinCrease t10 cents per galln in the federal gasline tax wuldin another $6 billion a year. That is the classic b.. dconfession of national sins thew leaders, i .eL IIIIIi I F / bureaucratic response to national problems. ' m's Water Gate, 2,500 years But it ended for the good of all - When government is confrontedby a problem, any problem, =L concerned. A national reform was ~ I~t~ ~ it always seems to find only one answer : squeezing more money ~t:~. aS now the varticipants were decided on, and agreement reached for ~ r/ ~ ~ ~~ out of the people. __ - Although the federal spending ceiling and other steps have v.ernment officials. But in that everyone.., politicians and average done some good, America is still caught in a chronic inflation t * " " " 9 "t, the confessmns were CRlzens ahke.., to obey all of God s i spree. We also have a fuel crisis, largely caused by en- :ir Jl laws thereafter. A happy celebration ~ vironmentalist objections to developing the energy resources we Came about when the Jewish was begun, giving gifts and feasting, have available to us. To suggest that an increased federal gasoline tax would help Jllafter 70 years of captivity in because everyone felt so gladthat " either problem is ludicrous. Raising the price of gasoline for the returned and rebuilt the righteousness had prevailed anns average motorist would not help in the fight against inflation. It l: tes of their capitol city. One laws were being enforced again, wou]dHigheraggravatepricesit. on gasoline would tend to discourage motorists from buying more. But the problem of a gasoline Iw)s the Water Gate Might that be true again today. lrneeting shortage should not be solved by imposing a sort of indirect uss theWaSfactCnvenedthat the clergy,at this assembledln mid-September,at the plazaallin frontthe peopleof the rationing, enforced by a higher price that would make it more difficult for the average citizen to operate his vehicle. It should be solved by developing additional production capacity, an ........ P'zens WaterGate and requested Ezra, their dirs. Vt[lU vtvtn-tt~_t: t= u ....religious leader, to read to them the law sol)eying the Jaws t/o(] of God which He had given to Moses. So expansion that would also increase employment. In addition to Moses a thousand years Ezra the priest brought out to them the inflation and a fuel crisis, the country also is trying to develop additional job opportunities. Raising the price of gasoline won't !~' TWo of ~th~== .......... =~m,= l_wsa"... scroll of Moses' laws. He stood on a produce jobs, it will lead to fewer jobs. ~ gh,.~ ............ wooden stand made especially for the tie. noc smm.'" ancl mou snm[ occasion so thateveryone cov/d see him The best way to fight inflation is not to squeeze billions of l ". _r_ae rrn ominent again_, as he read. He faced the square in front '~ ~ ~ ,Tt~ Cl~ri=*on S~r,~ Monitshoulddllars flatlymre rejectfrm theanyCOnsumergasoline throughtax increasehigherandtaxeS'concentrateCngress Wate,- ~,.....,;,- of the Water Gate, and read from early rIIk=.._" - ~r=t~ -l=Za~. m r .... on reducing government spending. That's the major villain o nmg until noon. ~--"~'~-~'~Th ~er event, the people broke Nehemiah 8:1-3 causing inflation. Until government spending is reduced, the Weeping and confession when The Living Bible fight against inflation will neer be won I ~j~ ,'J[A,= eirnew Ideal Cement Company's devastating Republican River New hope gasohol 71 e / rl~..~" water pipe line has been Superior plant took over his flood, responded to the plea for Ell v v completed, and water comes to duties here last Thursday. He is assistance which followed the ~0f town today for the first time Ron Wallis, who comes from the Rapid City, S.D. flood. A drive using grain as a source of production mass trial is worth the from the new well. A ceremony Ideal's Portland plant atfor both funds and supplies was been kicking around for support from everyone, resident of Nuckolls county, was held today at the north edge Florence, Colo., where he has launched here early Sunday rnore than 30 years. However, before that kind of money died Wednesday morning, of Nelson, in observance of the been assistant manager, when details of the destruction tWing that time it has been is invested, we 'should know it suc- The Burlington railroad's event.. ........... An open house was held onbecame available. Merlin Peck request to stay orders of the t~en ~kcnem pummner oz me Sunday, June 9, at the home of volunteered to donate a semi- d as being too costly to becessful whether it will help or hurt the state railway commission and Humboldt Standard, and a Mr. and Mrs. Pleasant Woer- truck to haul the items to Rapid the Nuckolls county district to mrmer ~upermr newspaper ner, honoring them on their 30th City and the Superior Jaycees - fuel supply. restore trains Nos 14 and 15 man, fell and broke a nip at his wedding anniversary, conducted the drive. th . . If Nebraska farmers are to raise the between Table ~k and Mc- plant in Humboldt one day last Wayne Patterson, 19, son of Vernon Johnson was selected e cost argument is dean ..... y y n " . millions of bushels of gram requwed Cook was denied Tuesda b the week He owned the Superior Mr. and Mrs. Frank Patterson president and Leslie Alexander wymg to find plac [o for the large scale production of supreme court Journal, and left here about 22 of Superior, was hospitalized vice-president of the Superior .mdance of fuel the problem gasohol, they must increase their use The formal opening of the J. years ago. . Monday after being overcome board of Education in the ?g enough fuel to meet the of fertilizer and irrigation water, more E. Portwood Store in Nelson Ten YearsAgo . by a lack of oxygen whilereorganizational meeting held was held last Friday and Rev. and Mrs. James l~c~ working at the alfalfa last Monday evening. | whatever price, acres will be cultivated and the grain Saturday. Chesney nave been Vlmtm$dehydrating plant west of Superior voters will decide I t grain interests are once must be harvested and moved to the The Superior Kiwanis Club past two weeks at the home of Superior. Tuesday whether or not the marvelous benefits of plant. Each requires more fuel. and the American Legion teams Mrs. McChesney'.s ..!, Miss Sandra Hansen was Superior is to have an adequate will nlay a donkey ball game Howard Larsen, and w tn omer chosen as the 1968 Shorthorn building to house the present year it was THE WAY to It was announced last year that a Tues lav June 22- relatives. Mrs. McChesney is Lassie QueenofNebraskaatthe fire and police department d from gasoline and reduce grain alcohol plant would be built near "' ' the former Joane Larsen. They Nebraska Shorthorn Cattle equipment as well as wovide Fifteen YearsAgo are moving to Curtis, where Field Day and picnic Sunday at for the future growth of the year it is the way to end McCook. the plant wasn't built because Two young men from India, Rev. McChesney will begin his Neligh. Her parents, Mr. and departments. tun shortage a contract for natural gas to operate it Raghaven-Kothandapany Sel- duties as pastor of the Mrs. Arnold Hansen, and her Pleasant Woerner of Superior cohol will solve or ease the couldn't be obtained., ..... varej and MaPmrao Bhag- Methodist Church, preaching sister, Joyce, were also in at- has been named the new wantrao Patti will make his first sermon there Sunday tendance. Nuckolls County Veterans |] sis, the quest for from $15 to It just may be possime mar more reel their home with Nuckollsmorning, June 16. The first annual QuarterService officer. dollars tobuildaNebraska will be consumed producing the county farm families for 17 Stanley Lillich, son of Rev. Horse show, sponsored by the The St. Paul Evangelical enough to give the idea a gasohol than will be produced, days. Selvarej will stay at the and Mrs. A. Lillich of Byron, Nuckolls County Saddle Club, Lutheran Church of Hardy will Glenn Ridle home and Patti at has been selected as one of 27 washeid Sunday at the Nuckolls be observing its 100th an- the Ernest Buresh home near students from American County Fair Grounds at Nelson. niversar-y at the church and J. G. McNamee narrowly Oak. . colleges and universities, for a Three states were represented community hall Saturday and Regents on abortion ,caped what might have been Mr. and Mrs, Chris TordrupEuropean study project, and there were198 entries in the Sunday. severe injuiress last Friday were honored guests ate family sponsored by the National31 classes. Trophies and six The living residence for the evening when he was thrown to reunion given in their honor in Lutheran Council. ribbons were presented in each clients of the Mid-Nebraska Univeristy of Nebraska The meaning of the last phrase isn't the pavement after he hadSan Francisco on ..M_,ay 31, by Receiving degrees at the class, Mental Retardation Vocational stepped out in front of a car five of Mrs. Tordrup s nieces, commencement exercises from One Year Ago Service Center has begun Under strong pressure to as definitive as it should be for it seems driven by Billy Aldrich. Mr Mr. and Mrs. Harry the University of Nebraska The hearts of hundreds of operation with eight residents ions at the N.U. Medical to be whatever the medical staff McNamee received broken ribs. Blackstone observed theirSchool ofNursingandCollegeof Superior area residents, many and Mr. and Mrs. Steve Shonk- failed to do so. chooses to make it mean. However, Twenty-flve Years Ago silver anniversary Sunday, Medicine at Omaha Sunday who remembered thewrier as house parents. took what seems to us the regentshave let the Medical Center A new business building is June 8, with a cooperative were Miss Barbara Ann An- going up in Superior on lots just dinner, derson, daughter of Mr. and Grassroots George Says: position that there are know they want abortions curtailed north of the Master Market on A former Nuckolls countyMrs. Pete Anderson, and When aborti-n is necessaryand that they want an accounting. Central avenue. It will be the man, Ward Henderson, suc- Margaret Frances Hurtz, " . new home of the Frank Jones ceeded Niels I. Nelson as daughter of Dr and Mrs C T Congressman Bill Sherle of Iowa reports that the Pentagon a line must be drawn No solution whmh calls for Furniture store, ar e " " " " " a cultural statician in ch g M of De " has made ]2 movies showing servicemen how to brush their gri _ ason Su_r~or. teeth. That makes the tax bite hurt even more. between a complete ban promise on abortions m going to De William H. Hill received the of the Federal State Crop Mr and Mr~ J-B-Wun- 1011 on domnnd .............whllv satisfactrv and many are degree f master f science in Reprting Service fr "" k " derhch and daughters are new """ _ _ Cahforma . .... retailing at New Yor " _ . Superior residents, moving i y adopted last Thursday by dissatmfied with thin one. . University's 116th corn-The D & S Cafe on West Thira from from Scotl - and, S D Mr ~s Says the Medical Center However, it shows the regents are mencement exercises June 19. street, was sold the first of the ........... " " : ......... wunoerncn wm manager oz ........ the Good Samaritan Home. crn or prescribe abortions determined not to let the Medical Mr: and Mrs.. John P; weeg m Mrs. Joe ~w~rnuna oz " mill Christensen of observea upermr, wno wm [ate .... Protect the life and health of Center become an abortion "- their 45th weddin" anniversary possession ...... ot me place nextnurseMrS" Wunderhch,will also be aem,~lm,edremsteredat " or to meet the mnumum something ]t was fast beconung with as Sunday with a family reumon, Monday. th-- t.:._.. ~- a nears of a conservative many as 30 abortions performed each foHow,ed by open house. ...... Today (Thursday)is a big -" "u" iveVearsA,,,, Catholic Church i rmed A new superintendent for the IPresbyterian Church ! teaching program " week rrea ~o[tmeyer, a l~e-~un$ day in the history of Nelson, " "" Services I Keto i~ Q leg w. F. $la.y [ 5tha'Bl'm " '~ uietn re trns to the lslatlve amber Rectory Phone:. 879.3735 Rev. R,W. Caskey, Pastor jI The Lord's Day ". has r two percentage points off the state s personal income tax rate, Senator Roland A. Luedtke of Lincoln, chairman of theSt Joseph's ChurchII Church School ..... 10:00 a.m. eturned to legislative chamber where ..... to Jan 1 "-Superior I/MorningWorship..ll:00a.m. V ",ante a re, um;,-~a . . . . Judictary Committee, said the governor "snuffed out the life _sen. ators spent fwe months wranghng over t means that when Nebraskans file thew 1973 returns " " ,, i ! The a i~ blood of penal and correctional modermzatlon by applying line M ssSchedule EveningWorship...7:30pm Of poacy Lssues oo,.lv .,=~t v they will have to pay 13 per cent of their federal [ / item votes to appropriations for reformatory-type facilities in Saturday .......... 8:15 p.m. Wednesday .~.,,~ . ,..,.,=.j .o_... ., ear _ I come to assess what happened during those ; , m**s liabilitvtothestatemsteadof 15percent. Lincoln and Omaha and an adult diagnostic and evaluation Sunday ........ 7:00a.m. PrayerMeeting..7:30p.m. I -,, oneth" - '="'~,"forexampie, you owe Uncle Sam $1,000, the state is due center at Lincoln. . ~ [~ " xrate was trimmea, o rag. , " tead of $150 rs tmtlmelyit nne-ltem veto of LB I The Nazarene iil, r e .nr|sTI[ i I of thew last acts, the legislators adopted a bill cutting ,.a ers be~in seeing the difference before long in "The governor is fond of the word 'irresponsible' when he applies to the Legislature," Luedtke said. "History will record I Church of .... iI | __ the withholding on then'_ pay checl . But they w dl have kickwefem mat me governor's unnecessary 'meat ax' approach in his I [ CALLFUI "rl, AitFJ T HOOfeD at the 15 per cent rate .for a )out a.nal .-y_.ear ann m os[.mxPaY 256 will win the prize for the most at 530 E. 4th St. ] [ .................... an e a fatr-sizea ret aatterun mey ve men. melr. returns, irresponsible act of the 1973 legislative session " -' tor ' TOGETHER UKE ~-, c xpect_m.~,_ ... Exon, who at first" called the legmlatwe rate cut Luedtke, like Warner, said he would try again right off the [ ~4o East 7th l " , Pas "lltL:~/DON~I' ~ UKE Gov. J. J ...... . l'tics " decided at the .... "irres nmble and P~.tY partman po t , bat in 1974 to get approval for the projects he says are necessary I Rev. Ted Dodd C P, APES . TI4 Y l?o ...... last minute to mgn me am, to achieve penal and correctional reform. Hopping through other major developments in this year's I Sunday I I Channels4and13..8:00a.m. I I Sunday School .... 10:00a.m. I i ~q:..~a m I STt~P One reason was that he had successfully, s~ved ~effa;a sess,on: t make Sl llcan[ cnailge$ In u]e ~t~te ~u i MorningService..U:00a.m. I I ~X~i~iml I 01 ! legislative attempt o gm An abortion bill called as restrictive as possible was I NYPS ............. 6:00p.m. ] ] Ev _nin Worshin 7: n m | RUN to schools program. The major school aid bill, sponsored by Sen. Jerome Warner adopted. It's certain to be challenged in the courts and is ex- ] Evening Service... 7:00 p.m. | I ........ w~==-~aa,," -- " ..... I of Waverly, was passed with 35 supporting votes, but when two pected to go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, which had l Wednesday Midweek l I I decided earlier that abortions during the first three months of !Prayer Service ..... z'oop.m. I at t erupt s wer e ad o%Tes t yYef t h :sm ;e t Vemrri pregnancy are legal. t Exon s veto Y On another matter of interest to women, the 1972 ratification i necessary to overturn the governor--were counted, of the equal rights amendment was rescinded after some of the' ' The bill would have lowerecl,, prope y taxes and increased, most lively debates in years. United Methodist Centennial Lutherani ext ear, the sales ann mcome mx ewes. Capital punishment was returned to Nebraska's lawbooks. sta~.~mg ne vernorY - and the leg~'slators-, however, did endorse a $20 A motion was passed accepting Hiram Scott College Church Church ,,mli,~ ff~d~ition to the previous $35 million per year program; Scottsbluff as a gift to the state. A bill to do the same thing ha 448 Kansas Street ( Missouri Synod) ........... .... heduled only for me 1973-74 scnoot passed but fell to a veto. "a-" to Ninth and Dakota Streets The extra money, pre.~-,,: o-?-;- .....~_ year, will come from federal revenue snaring mna~. Memorial Day was returned to May 30 and Veterans u y Superior, Nebraska -that Exonit wouldcncededbe difficultwhen ~he cutannuncedback fromhe waSthe newsigning$55 themillionbitl back.Nv" 11. Both hadbeen legislatively set'on Mondays a few years Dale D. Doerr, Pastor level and that there won t be as much revenue sharing cash . A bill for a constitutional amendment calling for a partisan Rev. Max O. McCamley .............. (That's because the state had 18legislature missed passage bv a single vote. . . availaDte after mm y=~. " .... i nl " Major fuel distritribu'tors were prohibitecl trom Sunday Service Stmda Sc" " y nool... 9'15a in Church School ..... 9:15 a.m. B ..... " .... discriminating against Independent customers. ....... Dle =tasses9" 15 a m to have the state pay half of the local school operating expenses. And the senators advanced to next May's primary el.ect~on worsmp .......... zu.:3u a.m. Services, .o:~ ~ ann-' "-; :'xu:3u ^''" a.m." " Nursery Provaded ballot a proposed constitutional amendment which would rinse Communion at both Services The governor made another senator angry w~th h~s vetoes m legislative salaries from $4,800 a year to $8,100. the last days.