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June 15, 1972     The Superior Express
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June 15, 1972

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6A ii!i!iiii!!iiiii!ii!i!!iiiiiiiii::::ii::iii::iii!::iiiii!iiii::::::::iiiii!ii!i for FAST ACTION use the ;,;o;,;o;;.;o;,-.;,,o..O o,,o,%%,...o;,;.;,;.;,-..o,,-,.o,- oO. ,o.o,,. .....,..,... ,. EXPRESS CLASSIFIE.D AD Say it Where They See It ...In The Express Classified Ads lPersonaJs CUSTOM SWATHING of all The Superior Express ROTO-TILI.I.RS for sale or " kinds. Call or see Dave Be.ale, Phone 879-3291 rent. Pedersen Lumber SECRET... Lose water weight, Burr Oak. Phone 913-587-4227. PelbdYwaterbIat'pills,PUffineSS'only $3.00etc" X-or 7-20-4p Classified Rates Company, Hardy, 16-11-ffc money back refund. Deuel AERIAL SPRAYING in the (Pyable in Advance) Garageand Pharmacy, lnc. 1-20-I0c Superior and Davenport ONE WEEK, per word. &. Breezeway Sale TERRIER PUPPIES. Two areas. Phone 8?9-4304. Conger ............ female, one nude, Mother a Aerial Spray, 436 Converse, Mini m um charge ................. 90c. good mouser. CaJl 913-753-4361 7-16- tfc TWO WEEKS, per word ............. 11 Sat. June ]7th - 9a.m. toSp.m. evenings or 913-753-4469 Minimum charge ............... $1.65 Debara, Loisann & Karla Tuley anytime, la-24-1p 8---Help Wanted THREE WEEKS., per word ...... : 16c 1%miles south Republic, K an., Minimum charge ................ $2.40 School 4--Strayed B 0 0 K K E E P E R - Children, young girls' adult ACCOUNTANT for Class I For Additional Weeks Add 5 cents Per Word clothing and misceileneous CATTLE STRAYED to Roy Motor Carrier, Must be Jensby farm. Owner may aggressive with executive CARD OF THANKS, 20 words or less $1.00 Farmers State Bank have by identifying and paying potential. Please send resume. Additional words, per word ........... 5c of Superior expenses. Phone753A252. Personal interview by ap- 4-23- fie pointrnent. Ray Peake, Peake Offers Transport Service, Inc., Box CLASSIFIED DISPLAY, per inch... $1.25 Experience and Complete STPYED FROM my farm 354, Chester,Neb. 68327. 8-24-1c Subsequent issues (minimum four), Farm Nngement Service east of Superior, one steer, per inch $].00 Farm and City Has Lazy B over cross on right ASSISTANT HOUSEPARENS ......................... Real Estate Sales hip. Phone S?9-3g7 or see John to work with the ban- CLASSIFIED AD DEADLINE--8:30 a m. FARMLOANS Todd at Blue Crou Serum Co. dicapped in an established 4-24-1c residence. Good income, in- Wednesday Contact " teresting work. Contact Mid- Arlo Doehring  Nebraska Vocational Services. BLIND ADVERTISEMENTS--Advertisements 17-ffc SUBJECT TO THE WIIL of the voters Tuesday, the old Superior Fire Hall may 6---For Rent DanDeLong.PhoneS.45t0. running blind under the name of The Express . replaced. The old wood-frame building which also contains the police department I$ 8- 24-2c must be answered by letter. Answers must be large enough to contain the fire and police department equipment and four ve WE RENT garden tillers, called for within 10 days after the last insertion. 20--Poultry parked outside the building. Western Auto.Phone879- 3156. $100.00 WEEKLY possible There is an additional charge of 75 cents over the 6-13-tfc addressing marl for firms. Full and part time at home. cost of the ad for this form. BROILER CHICKS. Vantress TO ALL who joined us on our songs for the 4-H 170 ACRE pasture for lease. Send stamped self-addresd crcss broiler chicks hatching 2&--Notice double anniversary, we Mrs. Robert Starer " through June. Lloyd's Quality express our thanks for the many present to help Lloyd Bergen 6-24-tfc envelope to Home Work Op- WE LOAN carpet shampooers Hatchery, Tenth and Kansas, portunities, StarRt. 2, Deming, 14a--Sale Calendar FREE with Blue Lustre Superior.Phone879-3636. 20-fie GOING OUT of town.'Wil] ken- lovely cards and gifts. Itwasa any knitting special day for us and will be cream bars were FARM HOUSE. Phone 8794297 N.M. 88030 8-21-4p purchase. Also rent electric nel your dog. Phone 879- long remembered. Mr. and Mrs. refreshments by Mrs. or see John Todd at Blue shampooer. $1 a day rental. 3945. 26-1-eow-tfc David B. Thompson, sr., and Hinds. Cross Serum Co. 6-24-1c MAN OR woman interested in THURSDAY, JUNE 15... Slusher Furniture Store, 21--Feed and Seed Mrs. Velma Hyrde is leaving Superior, Neb. 16-24-1c L A D I E S' Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Baldwin. light hauling Sunday mar- Superior and will sell her C O W C H I P 36-24-1c Thieves 7--Wanted nings. Dale Steele, Rural Route, household goods at auction at trounament Wednesday, . Box 6E7, Clay Center, Neb. 518 East Fourth Street at e p.m. WHY SHIP you grain DeKalb Seed June 21, at Lawrence Cotmfry OUR SINCERE thanks to our Ban net EXPERIENCED Mechanic for 68933. 23-3p A complete listing is in this out of town when we can do Club. Tee-off at 8 a.m. Lun- friends, relatives and neigh- q general motors dealership, issue. Andy Montgomery is the your custom grinding, mixing, Pick up your seed at cheonat noon. 26-24-1p bars for the cards, memorials, Burglars broke ro]li, pelleting and deliver the building north of Top wages, paid vacations, auctioneer. 14a-24-1p your feed. Bring us your Clabaugh Appliance on 32Refrigeration expressions of sympathy and Petersen Oil retirement plan; health plan; 10--Work Wanted flowers, food, offers of help, glass windows and benefits. Plenty of work. FRIDAY, JUNE 16 ..... grain, we can do the rest. Monday and Thursday, other kindnesses shown us Company service during our sorrow and loss of Ruskin, May 25. Contact Herman Eck, Beloit EMPLOYMENT WANTED. The children of Mrs. Louise Farmers Union Cooperative evenings, Wednesday SHARP'S REFRIGERATION, our loved one. The family of The thieves got Motor Co., Inc., Beloit, Kansas.23.7.3c 41, FUlldependable.time preferred,comtrucflon,man, goods,SnavelYantlquesare selllngand collectors'husehId .Mill' Superior, Neb. 16-50-tfc and Saturday afternoons Air-Condition & Heating Arnold Piepho. 36-24-1p dollars truck driver, farm help, items at aucflon at 231NaUod, GOL4J.' STAR brightens and or by appointment, or at Service. Business phone 279- the box SWATCHING AND Baling. For anything considered. Please startingat6:30.Thesaleadisin freshens carpets and house west of the 2125, Hardy, Neb. Home phone checks for hire or on shares. Mike cal18794661,anytime. 10-24-1p this week's paper. Andy izphqlste economicanv. Use schoolhouse in Ruskin 879-4441, Superior, Neb. 00l00--IN Wallace, Burr Oak, Fan. Phone Montgomery is the auc.tioneer, lnd shampooer free 6r rent anytime. 32-13- fie. ews alumni electric shampooer at $1.00 a All who 587-2731 or 587-3647. 7-21-15p BRING YOUR motors tm 14a-24-1p day. Walt's Furniture Store.  were asked to rewinding and repair to ARNOLD HANSEN 34--Plumbing JollyereenCiovers Although his cover the FURNITURE TO refinish. Pohlmeier Electric Motor FRIDAY, JUNE 23 .... 16-24-1c Phone 226-2191 Ruskin, Neb. The Jolly Green Clovers 4-H Petersen made sUre Contact Mid-Nebraska Repair atWinebarPlumblng& The household goods and NEIGHBORS wILL admire RHOADS PLUMBING and club met June S in the Methodist was cheatedoutd Vocational Services. Terry Heating Superior. antiques of the late Elsie your vinyl floor beauty when STOP IN and let us help you Heating. Goulds pumps and church basement at Davenport. Madson, Phone 879-4510. 7-24-2c 10-24-ffc Canncn wfll be sold at auetion at Seal Gloss acrylic finish is with all your seed needs for Ritchie waterers. Darrell President Alice Voigt called the Four tires were 517 Dakota Street, Superior, applied. Slusher Furniture. the coming year. We now have a Rhoads, Hardy, Neb. Phone meeting to order. The 4-H Wilson Places STUMP REMOVAL and all starting at S: 30 p.m. Thesalead RADIATOR REPAIR. Bill other tree service needs, is in this issue cf the Express. 16-24-1c full supply of Earl May garde 279-3840. 34-37-tfc pledge was said. Roll call was seed, NC-plus, Frontier and "' answered with "What you've in Morris Ford. 7-2-ffc Contact Brewer Tree Service, A9dy,,Molltgomery is the 19egYAMAHA0oranestreet Prairie Valley field . seed. 30a--Musical [nstr : been doing since school was ASupericr Hebron, Neb. Phone 768-@160. auctioneer. 14a-24-1p - TRENCHING, back hoe dig- 10-5-ffc and trail cycle. Clean. For Farmers Uv, J.on Co-op Mill, . .......... out." Junior leder, .J0y. e Wilson, _ Becwar gave a demonstration girtH, etc. Also tree trimmLug information contact Jim Nelson Supeor. 21-13-ffc. NEED A portable spin-dry on drop cookies. She also told Junior and removal. ShoreyTrenching 1S--Opportunities at879-4136. 18-24-21) 23---Used Cars Hoover. Free home demon- June 13 at 1:30 in Christ's It was a Service, S0 East Second St., Steamway washer? See the all new about 4-H Fun Day wMch wig be Saturday. -- THERMO GLIDING glass door, strations every Friday. Coast to Lutheran Church basement, sponsored by the Superior. Phone 879-4018.7.26.Uc. Carpet And MENsemi.drivers.NEEDEDyoutO cantrainnowaS 8'x6'7"cmplete with screen, '69 CHEVY SPORTSMAN (all Coast Store, Superior. ,-tfc The Mothers of the members time of 51.9 was WELL DRILLING. LeRoy Upholstery Cleaning train to become an over the opening. Phone r- 4432. windows), six-cyclinder, road driver or city driver. 16-24-2p stick, positraction, tinted can also attend. Girls should winningUme Maruhn, Red Cloud, Neb. Excellent earnings after short windshield, W.C. Mirrors, first 36--Card of Thanks bring 25c and a large darning Douel of Phone 746-3373. 7-40-ffc Carpet Instal latlon training on our trucks with our 1972 SINGER zig zag. Full size class condition, new tires. See needle. The next meeting will be Wilson ' driver instructors to help you. head, monograms, zig-zag, evenings or weekends at the OUR SINCERE thanks to June 12. Omaha Davenport Daisies at Adams Wanted For application and interview, buttonholes, sews on buttons, rear of Stowers Hardware, everyone for the many cards The Davenport Daisies 4-H KemyCarte cal1402-345-5320, or write School embroid's, etc. $42.00 or six Nelson. 23-23-Ze and gifts for our 25th an- Club met June 7 at the but placed Aerial Spraying LOREN BOMAN Safety Division, United payments of $7.00. To see call niversary which made this a Methodist Church. Mrs. Oscar The first two Weeds, Insects Hebron, Neb. Systems, Inc., 2615 North 11 8"/9-8388. 16-24-1p 23e--Tire Repair special and memorable day for Tegtmeier was present to help advanced to a and Grasses o+eow-uc residentStreet' Omaha,trainingNeb.,will take68110"placeOUr 1972DIAL 'N SEW. Le new, in us. Thank you. Evaline and the members practice their Minnesota. Superior and Davenport Areas with actual on the job type excellent condition. But: EldredHinz. 36-24-1p training, originating in In- tonholes, blind hems, em- Fast and Expert OUR SINCERE thanks to all 10% off : Conger Aerial Custom Baling dianapolis, Ind. Approved for brdders, patches, darns, etc. Flat or" neighbors for helping On Everything in Spray V.A. benefits. Over 700 Izam Assume balance of I.00 or ! J. R, Conger, Owner and Pilot I will do hay and straw sportation companies haye four payments of iB.00. To see, T I RE R E PAl RING andWithtothethefarmladiesWrkwholaStpreparedWeek Today through Saturday and served lunch. It was very hired our graduates. 15-23-1c can879-8368. 16-24-2p Truck -Tractor -Auto greatly appreciated. Mr. and Open 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Phone879-4304 436Converse baling this summer. Wire tied - 1968 HONDA 450, excellent :: ,c 16--Misc. For Sale shape, Must sell, Can 8?9- Mrs.BrueeSU]es. 36-24-1p e Gene Overcash Saddles ; bales. 3531. 16-24-Ip B & S Tire Market THANK YOU friends and KEEP carpet cleaning # relatives for all the cards, * Blankets * Pads * Bridles STOP THAT LEAK Lyle McCammon problems small--tree Blue 16-FOOT LARSON boat, 75 h.p. Superior, Nebraska letters and visits while I was in IF YOUR ROOF LEAKS... Lustre wall to wall. Rent motor, trafler. See at Trailer tfc the hospital. A special thank  Halders * Lariats * Reins * ; electric shampooer $1. Chard Area, Lot 2, Lovewell Lake ,, ...... you to the Superior Rescue Unit, DON'T CUSS CALL US Phone879.8562 Superior, Neb. DrugStore. 16-A-lc weekend or call Cmeordia 913- 24---Real Estate the doctors and the entire All Work Guaranteed ......... 243-3070. 16-4-1C e Brushes * Mad Belt Buckles : In Roofing Business 13 Years 10.21-ffc KES MAD while you wmt hospital staff for their won- FREE EbFIMATES Bill Morris Ford. 16.49-tfc 1965 14' RUNABOUT with FOR SALE: A beautiful Ua'ee- derfulcare.BoydBurge. 36-24- lp : trailer. In excellent con- ----dwelling, carpeted, E" 0 Leather : Pete Bureman 14--Machinery SUPER KENE wall paint dition. See Steve Harms, two baths, central air con. I WiSH to thank my neishbon " : Roofing and Kern (31o enamel. See Davenport, Neb., or telephone ditimdng, two car garage at- and friends for" their cards PhoneJAT-2873 FOR SALE. MM used  all the new colors at the Deuel 365-4187. 16-4-2p tached to dwelling, walking andletterswhileIwwsapatient Two Blocks Westof SafewaY " power unit for $1,40, and Pharmacy. 16-3fc distance to stores. Oran King in Mason, Mich., General : 1401 I Street--Beneville, Ken. MM used 670 Super L.P. TRUCK SEATS rebuilt and Agency. 24-24-1c Hospital. It was nice to be . 11-tfc Tractor for $2,0. Superior- KIRBY Vacuum Sweeper sales recovered. Bill Morris Ford. remembered. Marvin Harper. DeshlerCo.,Superior. 14-23-3c and Service. See Marshall W. 16-22-tfc LOVELY four-bedroom home 36-24-Ic I v.,e ,-- .,,o Sp cia Cesspool and Septic Neb. 16-16-ffc " SCRATCH PADS for sale at T Kiekhaefer. Phone 879-4394. WE WISH to thank Dr. Howe ! Tank Construction Used Tractors Superior Expreu. 16-17-8V 24-21-ffc and all the hospital staff for the care received while in the FOR SALE. Four-year-old hospital and to everyone who Also Cesspool and Septlc Tank 9N Ford tractor Sand and Gravel =. three-bedroom house with full sent cards, grits and visited , Cleaning 2 8N Ford tractors with basement and attached garage JudyandTamiMikkelsen. M ff|  loaders Call Davenport 364-2821 collect for all your Gordon Harper, 770 Louden, 36-24-1p U e r Derowitsch & Son Woerner Ford sand and gravel needs. Superior. Phone879.4387. 24-17- Believille, Kan. Tractor We will deliver to your i0b. ?A-17-ffC  _.= 1 Phone JA 7-2860 (Call Collect) e a c e m e -ffc Highway 8 East Superior, Neb. TO Serve You K p II : I Bergt Bros., Inc. 24a--Mobile Homes  Blauvelt 1962 70 > I ....... " .  Station ; Have yo r own Formerly Bondegard ano and Gravel  ... "/ Live Bait l I outdoor liv,ng room KILE KAMPERS Nu-Wa, --"J_ All Makes * " I n- service :"-':way 14  Parm Seed--SIt :, -. ..- ........... PlresTone llres with  mixed concrete sa. a  . -- ,- _. . _. orm, menor, t'none aw-.  ........ 24a-18-ffc. upen / uays -acn week | A concrete patio can contribute much tO the enjoyment VERNON E. MOHLER  | f outdoorliving. And it's $o simple to have with ready $12 95 J ' '.mixed concrete. Delivered ri=ht on schedule, ready mix II II | makes the job neat, quick, and of top quality, lngredi- If It s Really Good, It s DeKalb J ents are scientifically proportioned, precisely mixed to : | the exactrequirementofyoutjob. Thi$,plus good "00JU|ltJ00|ltlJ00 "*'*"" lb Seed :  | pleasure,  COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE , , | Make outdoor living more fun. ,dr : ! Call us tday';,:  * Commerc,ai Buildings. Architectural, Wall PanelsSteeland Trim Corn Sudax Sorghum Forage Gd June 15-21 i! ": e Farm Bui|ding8 .Alfalfa .Wheat @ Heptachlor Bill Morris :" J 00/ALLI00Y BUILIIINGCERTI00R Your DeKalb Dealer "- VALLEY CONSTRUCTION, Inc. DAVID DEMARAY l Superior, Nebrala 865 East Second Street Superior, Nebraska =)-fie Phone 587-3527 Burr Oak, Kansas