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June 21, 1973     The Superior Express
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June 21, 1973

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/ Kan., for the weekendito drill with the Naval Air l~eserves. Mrs. Johnson and Russell went along to visit with friends. Overnight guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs.-George Lautenschlager Friday were . Mr. and Mrs. Abe Gleasner of h for the fuel Waterloo, Iowa. They are IN to feel a bit cousins of Mrs. Lautenschlager I Lng the old and were on their way to town I~ut not California helping their ~SUmeeveryone daughter and family move gmypart to ease there. ' _ . Thirty relatives anu iriencLs gathered at the home of Ethel ..... Mart on Sunday to help her ~mactures say celebrate her 80th birthday. unportant to Those present were her me rest of their children, Mr and Mrs. Harry lula. Ruegge of eyenne, Wyo., Mr. m mind, I had and Mrs Chet Marr and Kirby about giving of Oak'and Mr. and Mrs. weekly farm Maurice Biltoft of Nora. Others Farmer- present were Mr. and Mrs. Don ~ aska, a realHasselman and daughters of ~" Gretna, Neb., Mr. and Mrs. Jim Comstock Loren Drohman and daughters, West Virginia Mrs. Edna Hineline and Mr. ana recent jour- Mrs. Forrest Marple of Nelson, his paper Mr. and Mrs. Merle Shafer of P stinking up Edgar, Mr. and Mrs. Darrell said he had Ward of Oak, Mr. and Mrs. of ,an onion Melvin Hineline and Mrs. Kate tn ' intn hi~ Devore of Davenport. ........ A recent visitor in the home of ..... Mrs Vendia Harper was her oz me goas . " . . . ., ........ mece, Mms Jenette Mumzck of u~Vtl, sazu ~ .... ..... venver, olo. :ae The rea program be ..... at the Davenport Library ~wYStW~°starting Tuesday, July 3, from ..... 9:00-10:30 a.m. It will be held a wnm oz every Tuesday at the same time for the month of July. said, was a to make his Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth bad." Buckles and family vacationed - at Itafca State Park in Min- nesota last week. Janet Buckles tram I've is attending the Covenant Cedar what would Church Camp near Hordville, stalled. Neb. this week. Pastor Andris the tram Grinbergs is a counselor at this r passengerscamp. .~ eight-foot Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth m roof of the Buckles and family enjoyed a Used in suchFather's Day picnic in Deshler Lt I never at the park on Sunday. i reach the Five Methodist youth at- feet to t_h,e tended camp at Camp Comecac ~,ast week sat Cozad from June 11-16. They the doubtingwere Tracy Tegtmeier, Kathy It didn't Keim, Martin Spurting, Gary spent Grone and Alice Voigt. hours Davenport Public Library went Johnson v Avers Satur- were Mr. and Clarice Mr. and and Gary of Mrs. Bm of Lin- Mrs. Wayne Harold A~a Mc- and Mrs. New Books "Scenic Wonders of American," by Readers Digest. A gift from Mr. and Mrs. Homer Adcock. Memorial Books "Decorating Ideas-Under $105" in memory of Mrs. Wayne Jagels, given by Davenport Woman's Club "Pearl Buck's American", given by Davenport Woman's Club in memory Miss Livings. Adult Books "Lady of Quality," Georgette Heyer. "The Peter Prescription," Dr. Lawrence J. Peter. and at- "No Pat Answers," Eugenia of Judy Price. of Mr. and "Elephants Can Remember," to Agatha Christie. "A Collection of Poems," place at Alfred Tennyson. returned "The Story Bible," Pearl S. grand- Buck. Children's Books stay. "Disney's Wonderful World of Knowledge," Volume 8. "Here Comes Tagalong," from San Anne Mallet, stay for a "Peg Leg Pete," Mel Ellis. of Colum- The Davenport Library's summer reading program will with begin July 3. and will at the 8:00 p.m. The best way to get your share of the wealth of the to Olathe, country is to work hard for it. went to "convention, M.D.," Frank G. Slaughter. there she "The Mallen Streak," Mosier, Catherine Cookson. deteriorates from the cutter but with GX Preserver feed Which are normally lost can be cut Your alfalfa and add lp of GX Preserver. It will ferment so the heat will not burn up nutrients. Cost is only $1.50 per ton. When you see the first bloom, gotten a tested 21 per cent rver is a patented product. Yours tOday from DON FOLLME R Phone 225-2277 Nelson, Nebraska :AI3AM - ' $ GRAIN COMPANY Phone 879-8351 SUperior, Nebraska A'I DAL GRAIN COMPANY Phone 879-8366 'perior, Nebraska " - ..... =~.,, and Barbara of Superior and meeting (May 14, 1973) as may be reviewed at the Thursday, June21,1973 ....THESUPERIOREXPREBa~A ':" ~i~ak.~ Mr. andMrs. Bob Amack of printed. (These regular Superintendent's Office after Sacramento, Calif., enjoyed a meeting minutes were Thursday, July 5, 1973. winter hardiness, quality and Plans are to harvest each family gathering and picnic published in the Superior Ex- Dale D. Mooberry tolerance of wheat streakvariet separately and compare ByMrs. HomerSeefeld dinner at Lovewell Lake press on Thursday, May 24, Secretary mosaic; has good Hessian fly yields and test weights. The Mr. and Mrs. John Scroggin Father's Day. 1973.) By Roll Call: Ayes 5; Board of Education and leaf rust resistance,varieites included in the test spent Father's Day with Mr.Bryan Kubicek of Scuyler is nays 0Lmotion carried. June 11, 1973. making it useful in western plot include Triumph, Pronto, areas. Danne, Parker, Scout, Eagle, and Mrs. Harold Crouch. spending two weeks with his It wa~"moved by Hiatt and Jewell Sage: A Scout 4-agent cross Centurk, Santanta and Ga~e. Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. Dee grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.seconded by Schaaf to approve Johnston were in Lincoln to Frank Kubicek. the GeneralFund Claims (May County agent notes labeled KS 70H179; in- Farms located in the south corporates leaf rust resistance east part of Jewell County can meet their grandson, David and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Zink of 1973) and Certified and Non- By Darrel D. Hosie of Agent with the early maturity look at the wheat variety test Darron Dillon, of Phoenix, Burlington, Kan., spent Certified Personnel salaries New Wheat Varieties of Scout; has better straw than plots located on the Ralph Ariz., who came by plane for a Tuesday afternoon visiting Mr. (June 1973) as submitted by I have had a lot of questions Scout, a resistance to shat- Becket farm. The plots are week's visit. They were all and Mrs. John Scroggin. Superintendent Dale D. this past week on the four new tering, outyields Scout by 10 located five miles south and supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Allan Sole and Mooberry and to issue warrants wheat varieties and how to get percent and is more winter one-half mile west of Dentonia. Dick Sutton and Bridget. family and Mr. and Mrs. Homer to pay same totalling $49,364.51. seed. Those wheat variety plots Kathy Marr, who has em- Seefeld attended the Rock Swap By Roll Call: Ayes 5; nays 0; Four new wheat varieties hardy primarily for western areas, provide an excellent op- ployment in Manhattan, Kan., in Beatrice over the weekend, motion carried, have been released by the Trison: A Triumph-Bison portunity for local farmers to visited her parents, Mr. and Mr. andMrs. LarrySeefeld and ~ LocalBills Kansas Agricultural Ex- cross identified as KS 65274 ; has compare different wheat Mrs. Chester Mart, Tuesday Stacy met them there so Alexander Motors, Inc. $ 5.00 periment station. They arethe earliness of Triumph and vatieties all grown under the and Wednesday. Tye, son of Mr. Deonna, Barbara and Colleen B &STireMarket 1.38 Cloud, Kirwin Sage and Trison. the better milling and Idread- same conditions. and Mrs. Douglas Marr, came Sole could return home with Bill Morris Ford 1,467.47 A limited amount of foun- making~ qualities of Bison; with her to visit his grand- them to spend the week. Bill Morris Ford 2,114.26 dation seed will be released to outyields Triumvh, is more parents. Sunday supper guests in the Certified pay~-oll 33,.1.~.~ ~ certified seed growers this fall. winterhardy, and stands better, [[.} Mr. and Mrs. Farmer Cor-Levonn Peterson home were Coast to Coast ~.44 Persons wanting seed will have will primarily replace Triumph ! man were Sunday dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. Enos Mazour of John Dahlgren 155.00to make application to thein the southeast, but will be in the Albert Ahrens home.Clay Center, Mr. and Mrs. Gambles 55.76 Kansas Crop Improvement useful in any area where an Wednesday afternoon Mrs. Kendal].Peterson and family of Gas Service Co. 289.62Association. Persons who have early variety is needed for a A son was born June 8 to Mr. Mildred Herman and Mrs. Courtland, Kan., and Mr. and Debra Hansen 26.00 grown certified seed before will specific purpose, and Mrs. Allen Ostdiek of Clay Artha Scroggin attended Mrs. Art Peterson of Oak. Ideal Market 2.80 have first priority in getting Center at the Mary Lanning U.L.C.W. in Davenport. Mr. and Mrs. Harold An- Keith Eiel Motors 176.05seed. Application blanks for the Local farmers interested in Hospital in Hastings. Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Chester Mart derson and family were in Gary Kile 10.40 new wheat varieties will be comparing wheat varieties are Mrs. Hubert Ostdiek of and Kirby were Sunday dinner Stromsburg over the weekend Mrs. Pat McCord 112.50available at the county ex- encouraged to visit the wheat Lawrence are the paternal variety plots on the Albert grandparents. guests of Mr. Marr's mother, to attend the Swedish festival. Mullet's 9.92 tension office later this sum- Knowlton farm. The plots are Mrs. Ethel Marr, in Davenport Mrs. Albert Ahrens and Mrs. Nobles Plumbing 287.31mer. in observance of her 80th birth- Farmer Corman were in Non~ertified Payroll 6,572.29 A brief description of each located one mile north of Jewell Hastings Wednesday for Mrs. Red s Tire Service 176.63 variety: on the west side of Highway 14. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Waddle da~lva Snyder arrived home Corman's medical check-up. SafewayStore 16.11 Cloud: A Scout 5-ngent cross All varieties are identified with of Lexington are the parents of last week from Bible College in ~sears, Roebuck and CO. 383.09 tagged as KS 7016; similar to signs, a son horn June 10. He weighed LaMirade, Calif. She will be Proceedin-ngs of- sidiescompany 4.33 scout in high yield capability There are nine varieties in- nine pounds and has been spending the summer with her Board of Education Superior Express 118.30 with the leaf and stem rust cluded in the test. All varieites named Brandon Scott. Grand- parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vern Superior Floral 30.00 resistance of Agent. were planted on Sept. 27. All parents are Mr. and Mrs. Snyder. Superior Public Schools Superior Light & Kirwin: A Parker-Bison cross plots received 40 lbs. of 18-46-0 Howard Moranville of Mitchell Ralph Sears of Montevalio, DtstrietNo. 11 WaterDept. 966.92 listed as KS 6623; has Parker's starter fertilizer and 60 lbs of and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wad- Ala., and Mr. and Mrs. Ed NuekollsCounty Superior MachineShop 30.05 igh yield potentiai and Bison's nitrogen, die. Meckett of Lincoln called on Superior, Nebraska Superior Motor Parts57.09 Mrs. Edith Scroggin one day Regular meeting: Monday, HerschelUnderwood 12.50 last week. Mr. Sears is a cousin June 11, 1973. Valley Building Center 297.64 of Mrs. Seroggin. The group Members present: Leslie Whitney Insurance called on Mrs. Leonard Alexander, Darold Hiatt, Agency 1,428.00 Scroggin and where Mrs. Bruce Donald Meyer, Joe Schaaf, Woerner Ford Tractor 141.10 Scroggin joined them. Marshall Vale. Members ab- WinebarPlumbing 63.74 Monday supper guests in the sent: None. Out-Of-Town Bills Chet Malt home were Mr. and Administrative staff present: Anderson Machine Supply 29.00 Mrs. Harry Ruegge of Dale D. Mooberry, superin- Baum Iron Company 31.42 Cheyenne, Mr. and Mrs. tendent of schools. Ad- Blue Cross-Blue Maurice Biltoft of Nora and ministrative staff absent: Shield 579.85 Mrs. Ethel Marr of Davenport. David W. Watters, secondary Business Supply 32.90 On Thursday afternoon Mr. principal; Charles W. Denson, DelmarPublishing 2.87 and Mrs. Harold Crouch, Mrs. Elementary Principal. Barbara MeLaughlin and Mark Educational Service and Mrs. Lila Reiber of Edgar The regular meeting of theUnit No. 9 61.00 were guests in the John Board of Education, District Hastings Welding 40.43 Seroggin home to celebrate the No. 11, Nuckolls County, TedL. Hollinger 16.75 38th wedding anniversary of Nebraska was called to order by i inMcoln Telephone Mr. and'Mrs. Scroggin. Mrs.Vice-president Leslie Carol Lowery was also a guest. Alexander at 7:30 p.m. in the ProtexSystems, Inc. 41.05 Mr. and Mrs. Milvern Board Room at the High School. TOTAL CLAIMS $49,364.51 Grummert and family of (This regular meeting notice It was moved by Vale and Glenvil were Sunday guests of was published in the Superior seconded by Meyer to adjourn her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Express on Thursday, May 24, themeeting - 10:10 p.m. By roll Ferguson. 1973, as well as a notice that the call: Ayes 4; nays 0; motion Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hanson tentative agenda might be carried. and family and Mr. and Mrs. secured for review at the The next regular meeting of James Hanson of Oak, Mr. and Superintendent's office after the Board of Education will be Mrs. Dick Hanson and family, Thursday, June 7, 1973.) held on Monday, July 9, 1973, at Mr. and Mrs. Hans Christensen, It was moved by Meyer and 7:30 p.m. in the Board Room at Mr. and Mrs. Mads Christensen seconded by Vale to approve the the High School. Also, a ten- and Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Hale minutes of the last regular tative agenda for this meeting for Reg. 3 for 3.25. Men's polyester/ cotton t-shirts or athletic shirts or briefs. Something they never have enough of. Penn Prest to never need ironing and cut for comfort. White in shirt sizes 36-46, briefs 30-44. for Reg. 3 for 3.2S. Boxer shorts of cool, comfortable polyester/cotton Penn Prest for no wrinkles and to keep their shape. Now's the time to stock up and save. Reg. 2.00. Beautify your bath and shower with sale towels from Penneys. All sheared cotton terry. 'Spainlsh Tiles' is a woven jacquard pattern. 'Pansy Parade' is a print. Hand towel reg. 1.15, Sale 97c Wash cloth reg. 70c, Sale $$c Oblong mat 24x36" Reg. 3.99. 'Parfait" bath mat ensemble of machine washable 100 per cent DuPont nylon with latex coated polypropelene back. In a tremendous assortment of coordinating colors. Fringed oval 24x36" reg. 3.99, Sale 3.39 Standard lid cover reg. 2.69, Sale 2.28 Reg. 1.29. Famous Toddletime® quality. Pinless, easy to fit. New born 30's. Reg. 1.49. Toddletime favor- ites. Daytime 30's. 1.26 Reg. 79c. Toddletime extra quality. Overnlte 12's. 67c We know what you're looking for.