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June 25, 2015     The Superior Express
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June 25, 2015

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8A THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS Ti~ursday. June 25, 2C15 Soaring egg prices will impact many food prices By Du~ne l,ienemann Nebraska Exlen_~ion Educator Faihcr's Day is ju,~= a day away as ! wtile this column article. ! thought at'Klut duintl a bil on Ihc history of this day that we ate to htmor ou r ral hcr.~ and grandt'alhcr,~, much hk we dn with Mother% Day. [tvwe~'r, I have never found as much emphasi~ pla~:etl on this day as v,. do to hcmor tlur n$uther.~. And Ihal b, jusl fine. it ~UCillS Ihal mo.,it dad-,, don't really cxpecl mudl+ and in the ~gricultural worLd lher is farm work Io hi., d~lne, cows to ~ checked, ckltlrc~, are always waiting --and who ha~> Litll for Father's Day? Don't gel llne wrong, I think all of us need to h~m~v the c~mlrihulions thai our t'a- Iher~ as,d lurefai.h=~ made and Ihe _',~L~,'ritllC~ they made o our fanlilies, t~tilr i.'~ qi~,nl.tlflili.'-; ltTid t~,ur gl~a.I coun- |r~ [ d, salute my father and all tathcrs ~ut IDet! I wtluld bet that if you asked mosl Ialhers what they wanted for i:adlcr's Day, they would say "Oh nothing/" Bul it you pushl.'d them, they would ill@re than |ikely say "You k nnw wh at ? A g~.K'al farmer's h~cakfasl ~..ould be g~lcx~!'" I know that really appeals to me. aqd [ wo ulld wager a lot of m,'n like me. Nothing secm.~ Ici I"g_-aE a ~.lli~J hearty hrcakl'ast_ My mouth ~.'ller~ thlnkhlg ~1 bacon, hash-hrl~wn~, t~asl ~itlt jelly and perhaps parleakes. ~ al'lIc~; tw I:tcneh toast and t)l' course ~,' itt'i a gik"~d helping I.ifegg_s! II docs0+l seem to matter if they ar~ scr;,n~hk-~d. hard I~,ilecl or ,iv~ easy - eggs hi,eke hrcakta-~i! LltfforliJnaLe I). this I~CIle~.'t t~ltxl pro- vzdcnnllcf.~ Ihdl llhr,.- pTllce ill' i.'[7., v+tqlLd icll,l%.-~l*,C ltlll~, J Lttth_'. I1 at all. 1 hi') v...w ~r~lig! .~ur. The co~t ofoverhat,lmg henhouses or reduc ing fl ~k s,.,as h as contri hiati.~ to higher~l! prices in Calil~m ia moslly I~au.~ it dIx~se chicken t'armcl's out el'husill.essor gi'lrally reilucl:d the llmm- ber of liens and Ihcrcl'ur eggs avail. ahte. "]'he wxult has lx'n mort: ex- ~nx~ roe egg farmers, wh~ liave spent millions of dotlar~ zo TiRxJil-y their op- eratiOl:,S. =nd uov, vorl~l;mel~ a!~ .'4ee- irlg that reflected irl hint[el egg I'a'-icex. lhllt here ;(Iqlt~ a~l~,llicr "'scalc lactic-'> Durhl~ ih~ pa~t several weuks+ owners tt~ IX=LIIIry I]=~:k-~ hi Washing- =~m a.d Or~m Iv,~u Io,~t all o1" Ihcir h~rd'~ Io hll~hl_~ pathogenic avian I1~ ~pr:id h) ~ild birds. The chickens> GLncE~ and lUlrkeys heeamc illil~:ctcd ~ hell[ Ihc wild buds came into tun)act wild Ihcnl outside. Thai is nile reason most coinilli]ei~llal egg farms keep their tlogk~ l/ndLxllr.,i. As it tiirns 0nil. Calitof e ia xt art .~ u elfldn" ~ make ~o~ ~ i~ick~n farmer,;. "l'llat'~ tl~cause whal ,~ouai, ls g,~cl in a I'xilllliea] ;idv,rtisenlni is iiltl:lli I!K=t~r niallll~flnltl i11 the l-al wt=rtd, The Ihe~lr) illO.M animaJ righls aetivisl~ m,c is thai all animals should Ix" attic Io run I-n.~.', In praglice, thoulgh, Michl icqLllllrelnl;m~ call expose pellhry cr~ li~ ilil~ll." x1~1]~c~ ;llld vxrK)sr~ ct)n- ~uil~rr~ flu higher urll~-c., It ;,Iso iem, es u Iragih: hlll'~]lll.'h-~ 111 ;i ViCaxiOtiS 5ilUa" Iltm xhl~ii[d ,i %t~l ~I ~.'a.-a., ,~.-elrlario at- I1%. filial il It;ll~! lh ~trg'l i.lniilt;il u~ ellare I;iw Iili'r; ~ tile .,llalll."~, egg l!nlar kl.,t ',i~. well a~ all the Ddlef ~talt's ',xho t~'ulittgd I_roi~ the lulg ;'t]]ek~.'rll Iiirlll~ In C;.,,lil0rma. vul- llil.-ntl-qc In t rl.'t,'~;. A ~alllpl~ ,fir hagwonB hag~ u~ well a~ :i le:lf branch wur Iwuuglil k, nle hi~! wl.~k. Nollli,g c, inergcd iz%ml Ih~ old hags hut ]~lkinl_:. c~o~cly at the c~Llat bran ch. une cu t[ld see nov.' bags 5lightly llnoving and Ix.ring l=.|rmed hy larvae. I will have a videll:llit7 I~ZrLLltl. Jr" ~.t3ll. h;,l~'l_" L'Oinl~lelely hlighl t~l)lK t~.'iid~,, lilti~t ptr.c. ~lTpll~l." Hit') l,nlilCcl tn ihL" ~11~ h,>,~,ofnearly .ll)ntilht~.ltl;hLckel)~;, aping,rupee in lhcnll. Prlining ulil in- likety IDle culprit is ~h~:,t sit-is[ mag- ~!,~tl,i%.. IcMit~nl~ ,:[loDe lhu Ifi~ It11[ Rrvei-lnll~ nlirlhlFn K.:tll~a~ %%urc 'l~,'i.'[lllL'd I{> l,'trP, d,k't |l~,;~ilrig. Suwriiw ()hser~alions Riuk Disii~. N()AA Ohst.rvrr Pn.'ip/lulhm i>rem,pitaLiort fltb> ~,cck ............. I I...~-~ I>recipttalt0ti lilts Inonlh ............. ~...~9 Prclpitalll~n i11. M3::,' , .............. ] [ ..~J I)rc~:ipt!,lll~m thl~+ year .............. 24.67 ,.'l%l,igc lur Jullc ........................ 4.*)2 .-%~cll,.ge I~ .lilly I ................... I.4.54 Temperd Iwri> I iil~h h~r thL" ~,.l'k ......................... t..l('~ [,o~, t~r the l~l'k .......................... .~'~ I)alll) I ligli~ alitl I.ov+~ Jutl 17 ................. 1{2 57 Juili... ] i'4. ........................... I{.% ~ Julin 1~ ............... 77 _~} JtHl 211 ........ I';5 Ol JLllle 21 ........... ~)2 71t JLII1L" -~-~ ..................... ~,i~ ?(I Jti|lL" ".'4.. . . ~)0 ('ill For rh cJ,iil.% l~,c,ilhl;r hlrCl.Li%l ~ll,I,.L ~c~Itlit't l~ullcttli~ titmi Ilic N~lhouu.1 "~.'~.';llh.~.'r %1">1~.'e ()llitr ;_tl "[t,ahtlii~S r%'a,itk, t,,, .ik' ii1% llC,L~ h~ Ilki.' Ih~.> .fu',x'el~ ('l+lilil~, P,.L'O~rd"., I',LL'CI"kIL~k page. ,+__=. SUPERIOR LIONS CLUB UTAH PEACH , AND PEAR FUNDRAISER [orders due by Wednesday, July 291 Pick up date will be m~d-Augusl o~ when peaches are ready _ Peaches Proceeds go to community projects s34 per20-Ib. Lug ro order or roe more ,nformat, on comae[ Pears s34 per 36-1b. Lug ANY SUPERIOR LIONS CLUB MEMBER: Vicki and Jim Perrie, 402-879-3896 or 402-879-5767 Dan and Terry Scott, 402-879-3925 or 402-879-3501 Brodstone Memorial Hospital 520 E lOIh P O. Box 187 - Supe6or, Nei~, 68978 Phone: 402-1179-3281 5 12 19 26 CO~d T,~ T Y,OU~I LOCAL ~HY~iC4~ r~ I~F El~,ni. TO ~~E ~,J~CIIAL~ C~'~C~ &'~D SERVICES T I~ ~r C~cli lkr~. ~ .~. LI.U 5ca~ MFIL m'~y 3.D Fut F~kll~ i~'n~r~ ~, ~ ~'~v T~ Dr P~i~ri 0r A