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June 26, 2014     Superior Express
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June 26, 2014

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Thursday, June 26, 2014 THE SUPERIOR EXPRESS 3B Area students earn degrees from KSU Nearly. 3,000 .students completed degree requirements from Kansas State University this spring. The graduates . ./ are from 98 Kansas counties, 48 states i i~i~~? !: and 43 countries. !i ) De se= edincludenearly2,,50 bachel !s .degrees, more than 550 ....... ii ... master, sdegrees, more than 175 doc- ....... ~ torates and about 25 associate degrees. .... ; ~ Area students earning degrees include: i"'..; . Jewell - Damon Bohnert, bachelor ....... i:;iY !:(' :of agriculture; Ali Wilson, i : :: : ' ' bachelorof science in family studies ................. :i" .V. and human services. ::: '~ ~: ~= ~ Lebanon- Jesse Roush, bachelor of f!::' science in feed science and manage' ment. Courtland-KesleyAnderson, bach- elor of science. . " Repul~lic - Jason Ritterling, associ- ..... ate of technology and bachelor of sci- ence in engineering technology Scandia - Derek Barrett, bachelor ii'I' ' ! of science; Sha, lynn Luring, bachelor " " of science.. ?. .. : Superior- Samantha Myers, doctor :.:. ,. of veterinary medicine. ' Ft. Kieffer teaches a lesson to a group of children at Mankato Community Vacation Bible School " inSalina.Refreshmentswereprovided panied Cliff and Glermy Barnes to Courtland, Apryl Webster, and Penny. " by the Feldmann family Fairbury where they had supper at a TurnerwenttoNarkatoattendach se The next meeting will be at l l a.m. fast food restaurant before attending makingclass.Accoraingtorennym Y " ~~~ on July 16 at the food stand for the theJayhuskerracesatJeffersonCounty leamedalotands .ampledmmyd ffer- ant types ot goat cheese, gater renny Jewell County Faro Speedway. Both Keller and Kyle Ord .................... .4 ...a This nroun waits for the games to start at the Mankato Community Vacation Bible SchoolPictured (from left) are anO Apryl toureu ~ave s vm~ymu mm = r :. - '~l~ ' participated in the race? This was , ; .... tin,, ~,-ilitu Nolan Grout, Caden Slate, Thadd Hinkle, Eli Vanes, Bracken Shulda and Jordan Thronson .. : t Keller's first time to drive in me ......... Nick Kelle ""'ana'-Kaet--Buntmg" re- . bUrr UaKBy Glennys Barnes Javhusker_ . races He. finished two heat ' Y ir ia facility.. Graveside services will be at l~o,lt,,,~,~~o ~,=~u~'A~'~^~'~ ~,~= The daily. . creel, limit is eight,li withhina , races m the non-wing 600 Outlaw Dl- turned from .the w. .k d.m V rgm.,, the Mt. Hope Cemetery at 10 a.m. __ . , .... ..possession hmlt of 24. A va d fis g . Last Sunday and Monday Gary and vision, starting at the back each tinge Neb.,where eyvis!.t . [cK's. a nuY Saturday. Williams Funeral Home, Red ][ 8.11t, D l[lfl "ru dllay !lcense requ eo.,.mr a ay person to ii : - Penn Turner were host to their son, because of his be_ing.a.roo a..e.m'tver;,m ano where lcgp.a -nc)patea m a n.o Cloud, is in charge of arrangements. Kansas bullfro season is less than take, catch, or uu ogs, except :: RichYd Ko lmatm, Burden. ThetbefeatureracetorUalSalViSlOnr euer .gmnngcontest pmcex seconam The Northbranch Friends Church is twoweeksawav clforthoselookino persons exempt by law Item naving ppe .... ci .... " Turners' randson, Joshua was hit by another car flattened tlae.conmst .m ms nrs! tame oLpart~, hoslang a farewell reception honoring for the ultimate summer fishino chal- such hcense. Ko lmann, gas attending a football a back tire and damaged the rim so ne patm. g. u u~..g.~eanernoon~unaay, Ken and Lila Smith Sunday from 2 lenoe thisisit.Julvlthrouohi!~ct 31, Considered by some as a delicacy, c2;at Hastings College. Another was unable tofinish, had D..ann,ana, L!tly e pm. m 4 p.m: Everyone swelcome to an erscan attemp tocatch ese four- ogl shaveaota so , d xture , " randson, Robert Cox, traveled to luck in uae wmgea poe uuuaw t)lvi- w s .ea me mm m at m%,u atteno ann wtsn r en ann Lua Well as le ed amnhibians with severaldiffer- ..... ,. ...... .... i i: [-lastings with the Turners and sion.Hefinishedbo h.eatracesbutm ott=nery r l. tma2a-t nr anoL"e,nny they enter retirement, en, techni ues . nsn. e, popular way to coo . mem ls to :::(:: : : Ko lmann Monday to watch prac- the feature race me chain roKe ca+us- arn , Jesslca, ana.,u_ryra.., , ee NineSv,'mnerfirstcousinsandtheir Bullfro' s may be taken by hook di.p the legs in eggand then ,mto a tie~ffpe il"lE the car to stop. AlSO attending me MRnnlng were also visitors, i ne DUII- ~. , __ ~."'-. sat .... .a.. ..~.^ qat,,r and lino clan not oi'o l.w~m and arr~w mixture ot nour ana corn mea , sea- --""A..o Elliv~r wag in Wichita last races to watch dee Ord racing team tings returned to their home in Bill- amules met at wat O~lUa x.~.~._ua~ soning salt, and pepper. The legs are : =~i~=i ....... : = = [='== := ....................... . .... oa ror VlSlung anl lunCn, ln IHSt U[ ~[US~IJ~W, alt|U a llu~ lllu~t att~.~,u week and had a nice visit with her wereDlanaandJeffOrd .KatieMason, rags, Mont.,Men_day_ .... ....... eoYsins, grandchildren of the late bow to arrow, andthearrowmusthave enfri'edtoagoldenbrownandserved ml era eats ~unaa evenm aVaitavuth~waa , up no, ..= i. 'i: wnrk. nn his oic- daughter and grandson, Erica and Paisley, Jerzie ann r d,... y, . _y ._, .............. ,.-Charlie and Esther Spooner, were as a barbed head. fyou re really up for a " h,e~'~mvm..tV~ntinnBihla ~001 Kalmen Edwardson; her mother,Thomas,.Oi~taanar~ooperuro,~oms ur~n~s~wt~a,,~a~Y,c~'~t,;~ follows: Cheryl Fogo Hlllman; Gerry" challenge, bullfrogs can also be taken I' ' m,~llut-qer, a~n~ i ,.. Sch etJOlKa uraa ~morca, bternu.=~ w...,=,~, ou,., ,~=.uu wn, t~o ... ....................... Carolyn Barrett, and Tyler and Kendra andMaxm .., 7_ " _ ...... Figgins, Red Cloud, Glenny Fogo by hand The best method is to walk | . [ es ling, Caaen ann wyatt t~rey, arise atrenumg were ~ue~ar.~ ~,mta~m ' " " a i ht d :: : ..... ' Jam , . ........... qhan, ~odv K/latHe and Barnes, Peggy Fogo Wilson, Dixie qmefly through the water t n g an.. | let us design and print ' 17rlond. hln M@alg Last Tuesday Cliff and Glenny RlchardCox smessageatme~.mas~ anumen~, ~.\%.y,_.S~.~.s.-_-.Z-7~f FigginsWilkerson, Clay Center, Neb., shine a bright light along the baru< untll I aeoloredbusinesseardforyou [ ~" "~"~~'~'~''"'1[" ....... R~me~ were in Salina for Cliff's six dan Church on ~unaay was enutleO Uella VOlKer, Mason, ~wix~ na~u ~v~o~- ~^.~-~=~;,.~,i.~l ,~,~,i~ l~,d"l,-,,d Do,~ ~,~i,-aolc, winoevesao~ar Temno- I I ........ -- ' ' ~---..'~';k~,-~l< u--~ The,, attended a" T- "Gone as Far as You Can Go." His gan McMains. o~- -'=LL'-"~%~'~-."J'~"..~"-;~'"~'~,'-,'~ ,~q~, Kl'md~ed b~the liohrtrf~o~'s cantina I Superior Publishing Co. I June30-July4 , ......... v- : eat- and- selectedscri ture reading was Genesis Bella Volker was a supper guest at owuuw o,y ........... v,, ......... :" : , = . . ' Zonda- taco salad, ,,mea,,,qe tld ball game in which their gr gr P" " " ach four "' e home of C J Anderson Monda-' Bowman, Salma, and Jason Spooner, grabbed or netted. I 148 E'lh=ta Street, Sulphur, N o.. 402-879-3291 I . ,*~ y" 1-' el-' - .-h;IAr=, Th~mag and Jerzie Ord, 218-14Gounasaplanrare o m .~ ~. t....~;h, I I bits oatmeal cookie ovonino found the lives He is trvin to lead us to untold evening. CJ and his family live in me ......... . Tue aYliSWn d i ii P.rkoo ; 'gesesb' c on"theroad, istimeto blessings. Wene l to keep on track .to houseformerlyo c, Pihe abY? amuPt " .... ..___ f// g'~lWl-Ilr~/-i~lrIe'l~eTriFlrr il ".I '. rice,9.r .' ,p . app ' . ." Suneriortowatchgreat-granddaugh- avoid disaster Poor choices may omy arot t~osand:.y.. ,g_ _ I on'lee UOpllOS [ II Ul'IJLIIK1 11"11 _ II :., ... weanesaay - namnurgers, potato *=~r-t'~l;,,;aanAPnielov('lrd nlavsoft- cause a few vroblems at ttrst Out k we Alyssawnowinoemmesamec|assas I .~Aar Puhliialii~o Ca_ I I~ r"C~7~-~.~..~.~ II " wedges, apricots, fig bar b aH ................ : .... continue to make those poor choices, Bella in the fall. I " --" III 1 r"r'lU A 'lrT) I I rhUrsdaY.'smthered, porkchps' KellerOrd, RedCloud, LoriBames, we can get in big trouble. It takes Elsie Carper, mother of, Wanda I =~a~'.~v~.~,Ol I|1 ta~ xx~z-x~,. II .. p.otatoe's, m!x.e.u vegetaoles, Smith Center, and Renita Volker were maturity to know .the difference be- Frasier, died Monuay at a aanna care .... - -'- ....... II a II .. Manaann orange gelatin .......... -' .... uests at a fish tweenthosethin smatareiawmttoao " " , , " l{ !'11 "lfflc ' 0rl' 'lr K fl \' ndence me .unutou u,u.u=~, s . = ,L Friday - closed for Indepe fry at the home of Cheryl Hillman and those things that are not good for j[ . .. I/ " ............. " II i. Day.. , . ,. " .......... T[aursdav Followin the fish fry the us to do even though they may ' | l/' t l / II .-. a__ II . Meats aenvere oy vt w auxu- o, .gtg w ere treated cake and home- lawful. When God's plan for us be- [ II.l bll, J.I.IlPl, [ II upen y, june ou - rrluay, July II ..... " iaryi .... . ., aa-de-icecream AttendmgwereNick, comes difficult for us to follow, we t . . / II - - ' II " I~ ,,,, , , = '"Kelley and Raef Bunting, Billings,' .s0m6timesg.ooffon'o,~r_ownnotwait- . . ~,rC~,llA l;ko t-la nl,-, l [[ NI~ Works, lVlankato, Ken )] -,i /1 ,~.~[ "~.~T il~ldr ~ . ...... Mont; David and Lon Barnes. Smith mg to see where Uod .s plan !s~g [ ~'V~ VV~i- 1 ~b~l- 11 "l- II~ll~l~" I~,J t. Jl Ll~l. Jl LJL~. | ~1~ ~.~ ....... ....... d " " ~] ':. :.:":~ ~ ~'~'' ~" Center Diana Jeff, Kvle, Paisley, usWhenwestartmarangaeclslonson r -~ ~ , l " - ....'' ' ' 1 anent , ' ....... JerzieandRemlOrd, Kaue Mason and our own, because we are mp [ evervone for tne carets sent / # . SteffenBames, ruralGuideRock;Corie with God's timing, we may m ss some I J _ l I Illl- IIm= =l_ . 111onml meeting W~ llelU OUllUa.y at . , .... ?'~O nY2 at JeweIl Trinity Church Barnes, Austin Manchanthasouk; of Gods blessings. When we have [ ~''1 ~lg on n11r znnlvorsarv, / I /lll~ l~l~l It [aeK .... r ....... , . " -- ,,,~ ..... ,',,:-:- ...... ,~ -,~-,, ae far as we can up we need to i .... , , . . . .") , There were seven members, oneleaoer, ener, r atsy_u t, ..... p .... ....... .2 .... ....... I .I ! ..- .... :(.*:".. two' guests and four parents. TheroU ,ooperura, r eaL.mua nane ano ,eaveoenmuu! " i %mU .... : [ rT ...... J __.-Jr lti.....t1_-- H ..... ..... | [ J 'h .::i, - eallquestionforthemeetingwas'What Kristi niuman,, mnla. t.oay, enlta, an~moveonwlm~ ~ ve DeJo-'a [ llOWar llUlYlblrLIlU l-lgrrlrl ru' / i .... , , ll llIIIIl iwl :~ .i . is sonaething you are taking to the Mattie and Bena VOIKer, nee rimes, , ,unaay artemoon ua , Y , kIl=, ,, . . [r I " .- - . - ., , ' " " r the meetin wasJessicaBames, BrynieeandGregMan- ' , I . - P.Arrv-llltsneclm fair. Music fo g .... , ----- ---. _ . . I .Men: Days II ,. I!I 785-378-8600 FmnchFries, FountainDdnk. Harvest Special of'Future Past [I Honoring Rev. Ken and Lila imitla II[ = 'Th,,.=a~,, h,ne 26 to Saturday Iulv 12 Of Future Past is the most recent |1 ~_._..- -1 ___ lr .... e~lt'~ _ . . I| " - ~ " : ..,=*o,--1,, .11~.~ .Y' J J / installmentintheX-Menseries.ltfollowsthe II ~un~y, june 2 to ~ p.m. II I Carry out Only TT ~ ..~ ~. ,"~n .... f~n stoff line of its predecessors. The movie is II 11 I - taamourger wlm 1TleS Ul , ' set in b0th Ule fulure and pasL The movie II Northbranch Friends Church III o_ 11 7R.RRflfl t- " " " 25 fdlowsLogan(W01ver )asheissentba II ...... \.- .;, ,. _., IiI v,.,.,2,...Ld yvvv ,U U[U ( curly tries pD. in time by Professor X and Magneto to stop ' o norancn, r,.an. // |,,,,, u, pen uai y, 11 p.m., ts OR an event from hal~mng that led to the Cheesebur er with fries ORto ~nti~l~'or*~dlt~l~llld:lLqlg~WRV ' ' .... I I ( I I I " I ,/// gurly fries $5.50\.',\,, .... , All July - Deluxe included) ' mt, m-a3- o profanity and intense scenes. + " ~ | E SHOW Tuesda Onl S ec,al r~......--r~,.t f),,lul Mankato, Kan. o785-378-3172 OPEN HORS Y Y' P ~/t~" ~.,,o.,,~ v,~.. v.. ~ ~~) ~,-~-'~'.~--~/] m,...,~J..=.. =...-~ ~Ja from 5- 8 p.m. July 18,19, 20 How to Jtl' lJ " IPiZZa 5pecIlll IBUUU . Train Your Dragon 2 : Jewell County Fairgrounds Arena _ 119 E. Jefferson, Mankato, Ken. 785-378-3201 Aug 1, 2, 3- Earth to Echo Mankato, Ken. ~ Buy one pizza at regular price, :6 t4 $ ' Registration at 8 a.m. ~ Show Starts at 9 a.m. get second pizza for 5.00 Trophies for fii t plae. Double cheese, $1.59 extra Thank special thank you to the military personnel who folded so precisely the American flag so dear to Gene and to youwho played Taps - I've never heard it better. Thank you to the ladies at the VFW who prepared the best luncheon. Lastly, to all of you who took the time to stop and chat with Gene, honk your horn, or wave on the way by. I hope you know how much C, ene appreciated'that. . . And.for those of you I forgot to mention - We want to say thank you to all of you who were so helpful to Gene these past couple of years - the hospital staff, the support staff that came to his home, meals on wheels, and those of you who surprised him with food, to the Buffalo Roam who when asked to, would bring his favorite burger and fried mushrooms, to you who took him to appointments, to the postal service who made getting his mail easier, to the attorney and staff for alloftheir assistance, to the person mowing his law.n that made the call and stayed with Gene until it was time for him to leavehis chair on the comer, and to those who transported him to the Melby Mortuary. Thank you to all the staff there that was so gracious to all of us. A special thank you to Steve who took the time to write a tribute to Gene when he could not attend the funeral. Thank you to the cemetery staff and a From Gene Proctor's Michigan Family, Perhaps you sent a lovely card, Myma Proctor (Mrs. Max A. Proctor) Or sat quietly in a chair, and all your nieces who you held as babies Perhaps you sent a funeral spray, and watched grow into adults - If so we saw it there. Alisa Valden (Arnold) " Perhaps you spoke kind words, Tanya McCue (Michael) As any friend could say. Erin Firment (Dennis) Perhaps you were not here at all, And their children who you watched swim Just thought of us that day. and play in the Mankato City Park Whatever you did to console our hearts,Everyone should be blessed We thank you so much whatever the part.with an Uncle Gene 215.14 & 26.14 Door prizes for ALL exhibitors[ 50-50 Drawing. Check us out on Facebook at for entry forms more information or ca~~ Tracy Quackenbush at 402-879-5781. I I I I I II I I I II I Friday Evening Wings and Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza Starting at 5 p.m. Saturday Evening . Amber Beer B ittered Cod, , Crab Cakes and Fries Starting at 5 p.m. Also serving items off the reg /!a imenu :. 26.14 GRILL I | I I I I ~'141 HUNT BROTHERS P|ZZAr 119 E.-Jefferson, Mankato, Kan. 785-378-3201 J ? All events held in Mankato City Park '.( Mankato, Kan. o_ Tulsa Boogie and Roots Rock by Paul Benj~ i~Band, ~.. .;_ .. : . ~.~.: :.+~..'~+:~-.. ' - Tulsa; Okla.. immer Bring your lawn chair and join us the last Friday evening of the month for music in the park. O Ill I There will be food vendors and a beer garden on site.